Brain First

Love is a whisper, that opens the door to your heart, with a key formed in loneliness. To find that key, requires truth to illuminate the trust that forms from respect. To be equals, means you find in each other the values shared, from a journey into desire. It is desire that forms into love, it is purpose that forms into passion. It is a decision, that accepts the invitation into soul; because in that choice, we become alive inside, where miracles are found.

To “cherish the wind”; is to understand how fleeting and unpredictable life can be. To breathe that wind, is to open your heart, and let being human rise to become the hope you will never lose. The essence of humanity is formed in “male and female” joined as one. The destiny shared, of time shaped by truth; because we did choose to care. As one identity becoming two; joined by life.

It should never be: that life is less, than a true miracle in you.

earn your truth!

When democracy lives; it shares with us all, the rights and the freedoms that give we the people equal standing in our relationships with society. By the justice formed in laws we do create for ourselves. Originally this USA could not do “pure democracy”/ because the tools were not available. Simple as that

today those tools are here to stay, and we may use them to create the truth of what democracy was always intended to be:

NO RULERS/ only the laws, we create, decides.

When democracy dies: it strips from us all our rights to decide for ourselves/ because those who do want to rule us claim to be superior; and create the obstacles which impede our freedom to decide. As is the end of manufacturing/ destruction of all resources/ pollution and poisoning of everything/ mutilation of nature as is “DNA”/ EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION, to play god/ extinction surrounding us all, as is true by the evidence.

As a nation: we do not “know”/ because media is served up as the basis of your knowledge; and universities tell them what to say. Businesses are attacked/ claims of expertise rules now, as with covid/ indoctrination of every child, as is the religion of universities taking control over life and expounding “evolution is god”. Failure everywhere, as the terrorists are found in universities, government, and all forms of leadership throughout this USA.

The struggle to return to “democracy rules us”: is a reality of change must occur. That reality begins with redress, our first amendments law: of we the people are the owners here, and today we demand to know/ to investigate/ and to decide for ourselves, if we have been betrayed; and if we demand change, as is needed by our own vote. To rule this nation as WE THE PEOPLE, are a democracy here!

The foundation of all law is: “we decide and we enforce”. Which means: when confronted by those who refuse to obey what is justified and fair to all/ criminals are to be prosecuted. Identify them, and work to divide and separate those

who serve our democracy; from those who don’t.

Humanity shouts: I live longer because of “university changes”/ therefore I believe. But truth asks: is destroying an entire world, and all life that would have come in its future; worth your price?

IS COVID REAL?Life expectancy and healthy life expectancydeath rate

HATE, is a critical decision to judge/ rather than to care. To steal rather than to share. To kill, rather than respect life or planet. Which means: you cannot negotiate with these terrorists/ failures to life and world. The only method of aggression that is familiar to them is direct threats: to their own life or possessions! As with Ukraine; once again, the foundation for stopping war is simply: deliberately demand EITHER you, the leaders: will stop/ or this world shall target each leader, whether governmental or wealthy: with death. Identify to the military of both sides: that they shall allow for this/ war is then over; and the mutilation and death on both sides is done. IF YOU RELEASE a weapon of mass destruction/ “one for one [same for same] shall be done to you”. THINK; DON’T OBEY. Accept the truth, this war ends/ rather than believe you have no choice. IT IS THAT SIMPLE, when the world says NO!

If they refuse, to end that war: begin by offering a sizable reward, along with “negotiable items”/ which will not end, until that leader is dead. The price goes up, each month; until collected “by someone”. Who, does not matter/ if you have proof (such as video).

The worst disgrace of human existence; is a terrorist!The cowards who have failed themselves, so they turn against life and earth to demand: no one else, can have what I lost; as death walks in. The cursed add to their terrors, to their eternity; as Hades closes in: by destroying more lives, “including life that is not human”. To claim revenge; is to hear their cries: that you must be judged guilty, forever given away, to hate, as it claims you. The world of humanity must do better, for all life/ but a fool lives inside; where the cursed go. Where eternity drowns in torment.

LIFE, is the greatest gift/ but then you must do something with it, or it does become “a passage to nowhere”! Consequently what you choose, is dedicated to where you do wish to go, with your existence, expressions, and experiences. There is never a decision allowed: to judge someone else, because it is not your life to judge. However, when one or a few gather together to make war on others; the law of living requires that they be stopped. Miracles are more important than pride/ life is more important than power: the decision of law is, “life itself must be protected”, even if a few individuals are lost. Because of their own choice!

Values shape the decisions that we make, for ourselves or our world. When the values accepted by others, change the journey of our own lives: the legal method is, “we go to court”. Thereby seeking the eloquence of law to serve as moderator; in the decisions of society now decide: what will be fair? Reality demands; healthcare billing is one of those values! Critical issues of what is fair, reside; as the beginning of what may soon become CLASS ACTION: to determine and justify: if society demands limits and boundaries upon this business; or not? My position is: what is fair, should determine the cost/ what is true to this society, and all its people (including doctors, etc) must decide the price.

THIS IS: “YOUR TURN, to prove to the world WHAT WOMEN of this earth; CAN DO! For life, and world, and child; defending the truth, all women are equal to men! Before the final collapse, of all we depend upon to survive. If you do not.

CAN YOU ACCEPT THAT CHALLENGE, or will you hide and run away? It is, YOUR CHOICE, either way.

It has been said: “when a nation is dissolving, and about to be dismantled”; as “new owners war against current owners (covid being the great disgrace), plundering as they go/ as leaders betray the citizenry (trapped by lies, theft, more), with delusions and fantasies (university knows): hate (always hiding in the bushes) then gives that nation over to its enemies”. It continues: because the people all say, “we want what we want/ for free”; and are unwilling to pay the price, to return that nation to “truth decides/ NOT you or me; as best we can”. Democracy does mean: “we the people”/ not “university is god”, as media, courts, and fools insist.

Because as history knows: when you let your enemies counterfeit money and create debts which can never be paid; using illusions and fantasies to complete their delusions of power. As has been done by every tyrannical ruler throughout history, to achieve complete control; by removing freedom to induce slavery (you have no choice). You, as society itself; gets war, or the poverty of knowing: rulers stole your life, and rape your world, leaving only hate as they consume every valuable thing, with lies (money/ numbers, without reality): for themselves. In this USA, that has already been done, to near completion. Using “covid” to complete their destruction of power to refuse/ using “reverse mortgages” to insure the children are denied/ using play money, to enslave them and assassinate every child; because without resources (as is the result of every war)/ the future is dead. Worldwide, universities led with: “debts don’t matter, all we need is numbers/ no reality; as of course begets; derivatives ”. And the people said HURRAH, we get what we want. But what you earned is nothing (numbers lie); and did not care; because the majority are thieves, and every theft is an act of war (intended aggression to do harm); just like the leaders; give us what we want; by taking what the children need. As the numbers you are paid with; no longer own a reality, beyond destruction or death; other than disrespect for life and world & the constant disgrace, of forcing your own child into death. With what you did do: is let the criminals lead you, to HELL; because with so many people, the historical option called war: opens the door for all weapons of mass destruction; another university gift. kill a billion people”? Still 7+ billion to go, and they continually multiply. But kill OFF; the resources, chains of life, poison everything you can, destroy the earth: and they all are forced to die.

WHY is that important? Because the entire historical answer of men, to every problem; is war! To end the games, and bring reality back! And now the university answer is: “let the machines kill them”. Because truth knows: at one percent rise, another 80 million children will be born this year. The world dies/ and media lies “as is greenhouse gases”/ instead of all the heat you release!

And all the people shout: you can’t scare us, “we can’t all be wrong”! Even though I merely report the evidence is real. Your future is very bleak; as is what you chose.

And all the people scream: “nothing I do matters, so I DON’T need to care”. Yet if only one in every one hundred people are doing something tragic to life or planet: that is 80 million people doing the same thing, “to life and planet”.

Do you do that once a day= 29.2 billion times per year, across this earth. Does it matter now?

And all the people say: DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ you can’t make me guilty of anything: I WON’T CHANGE! “I want, what I want/ and you can’t take that away”! Turning away from the reality: as 8 billion people, each “using one fire, for food or heat, etc; per day”: that equals 2.92 trillion fires using oxygen, emitting poisons per year. Want to eat something: requires 2.92 trillion “living things”, for just one meal a day for a year/ or one drink; to feed and keep you alive. Making your choice to continue population rise: extinction of all life on earth.

How many pounds of rubbish, poisons, resource losses, habitat destruction, extinction of species, cost to the planet itself; as 8 billion humans on earth; do whatever they want to do? The universities answer with: “lets make biodegradable plastic”; which then turns into microscopic particles and poisons; entering life itself; just like nano machines and more. The universities answer: lets mutilate genetic biology which is nature; we are gods. The universities answer: lets bring the same fire here as is on the sun; but cannot conceive of “how will you extinguish that”: answer, with lies and fantasies. But, you are believers; and the cult cannot question its universities, as gods. And media screams: ALL YELL HURRAH, and the people shout “now we know”! So reality does not matter, until it is too late, and truth is whatever you want to believe: as fools do.

As failure mounts; the addition of separate military forces within Russia, signal an end to Putin and his criminals. As the force needed to combat Putin becomes real. International forces: can aid this effort with the clear words. WHEN this stops; the world will demand, not only Putin pays, but every “rich Russian”/ particular those who profited from war: taking away every ruble until the debt is done. “because: yes we can”/ is real.

Confusion creates havoc (trapped by; “we knew better but did it anyway; as is fool”); because “right and wrong” falter and die/ opening the door to every lie (formed by want) that can be found. When confronted with chaos: the critical choice is, to return to nature rules/ reality searches for why/ and decisions are made based upon what we do know is true. Always choosing “life first”/ NOT wait and see; or it cannot be proven until destroyed. Truth creates consequences: knowing, is enough to understand: we CANNOT let this be WRONG. FAIR AND JUSTIFIED; meets freedom, to discuss what is true, as liberty does not invade the individual life, more than it must.

believers (not religion), stand in the way: because they believe whatever they want, to be true”/ and it almost never is. ONLY the evidence/ and only by the unbiased investigation that uncovers everything, as best we can: describes what we can know as a fact of our existence. FAITH in the truth of what we have discovered, is the essence of knowledge and understanding; which begets wisdom, and that teaches religion.

The believer locks out the world, to prove you can’t change me, anymore! The believer also creates a tunnel vision where living requires them to escape their jail: to prove I have measured and judged, “what I believe is true”, and therefore, intend to play god, as the righteous do. The believer wants, and builds a lie to establish that want, as the method needed to get what they want. The believer knows, “same as me” builds an army; so hate expands belief into the propaganda of history.

Religion is: STRICTLY, how did life begin/ and what happens when you die? These are things which cannot be proven, “beyond all doubt”; and therefore become as religion is. Everything else is “a rule to live by, a story to tell”. You may in fact; believe anything you want; but only truth can survive.

As for me: “I believe” Christianity, is best; as JESUS highlighted the crucial test between love and hate {therefrom changing this world}; proving this is the truth. The construction of evidence, provides a purity of purpose, that I will not deny; establishing direction, by choice. He, even providing a guarantee, “that love as truth” will not be forgotten, even eternally {therefrom, changing the people who believe}. IF, that is your one true desire. While the old testament offers things like Noah’s flood: which is proven true, beyond doubt; by the fossil fuels we burn, exist by no other, alternate evidence of truth. It is otherwise, nearly all; merely the basic record of people who learned how to write. DO YOU, “see the difference”?

As for me: Christianity lost its way, when shouting “remember the cross” which is an excuse, for believers who cannot defend anything they believe: the murder weapon is a threat (stay away). Accepting your faith in true respect, for all the miracles of life that exist; is an alternate path, away from hate; to being born in the light, that love does exist here, and we are born to live that love as our own version of testifying to the value that is “life given”. With endless configuration of the complexities that life and body are, throughout this earth: NOBODY gets to say, “I/ we know”. That is a lie. How babies are built, how bodies construct and automatically control movements, standing, talking, hearing, seeing, learning, smelling, tasting, sex; EVERYTHING speaks, to the truth, “ain’t no human knows, or understands”. The universities lie, in order to play god with life and earth; and have threatened our own extinction. Because they wanted too.

The shape of motion, dictates what destiny can become/ as the consequences of those decisions, identifies how law works within you. In this day, in this America: this nation is spiraling out of control; because the fools say, “we know”. When in fact, none of us “know”/ because only truth reveals truth. When the evidence proves what is true/ only then does understanding what that evidence, proves this direction can become; begins. It takes wisdom, rather than knowledge to change course. Chaos is the result of motion, that has no discipline or order: fantasy exists instead in this USA. The result of university is god, the cult of religious (we are superior) delusions guided by evolution: is, the coffin of the damned/ chain of the dead. Wisdom demands: there is only one true way back to life. Instead of the “superior ones deciding everything”/ we do become democracy once more: and establish the law of our democracy which is LEGAL, first amendment:  redress of grievances; the legal right and authority as owners, to set aside our employees, and prove: “WE, WILL decide for ourselves, NOW”. BUT: if want, pride, or power; is all you have left: extinction follows. Truth decides, or life and world fail; as is the evidence of world threat, after world threat, after world threat, and so much “university decided”, more. The spiral of death, will not stop, unless you choose to change the shape and truth of who you are. LIFE FIRST, no more lies, fantasies, delusions, or cult worship/ or death comes; as proof of what you chose. Make your decision!

REDRESS MEANS: you may bitch and scream, until the law we make for ourselves, to govern this society is chosen. THEN you WILL shut up, and obey the law this is “our will”, as a nation or world. VOTE MEANS: no exceptions will be made/ no re-vote shall be taken/ NO changes allowed. That law decided shall remain as the enforced decision, of this nation or world. IF, you fail to get 51% of the vote in favor: there is no law. IF, you get 51% of the vote in favor, that law is enforced for one year/ and then you will re-vote. IF, you get 61% of the vote in favor/ then you will re-vote in five years. IF you get 71% of the vote in favor that law is enforced as it is/ with a re-vote in ten years. IF you get above 90%: the law remains as it is, for fifty years. NONE will be changed, unless you get a higher percentage of the people in favor of change, as proven by vote/ than did make it a law. ONCE ACHIEVED: you will enforce that decision, on your employees; as constitutional (this is, OUR government) reform.

Reality says: one percent world population growth of 8 billion people is 80 million more per year= the entire population of this USA is added, to our world: every four years. Demanding to be fed, and more. How is that not news, this world needs to hear?

US federal debt of 31.7 trillion: is just what the federal employee overspent above taxes already being paid. Real, all of us; US debt at $96 trillion, is far worse. “their intent”: let the children pay! not alone;   divide by 8 billion to see what each human face is worth?Derivatives market public debt of the US from 1990 to 2022

The constitutional demand is: ….provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty…none of which is being done with debts that cannot be paid. An insurgency against the nation itself, an open rebellion against the foundation of truth by our actions. A critical loss of democracy; and a functional demand for redress of grievances: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOW/ as is first amendment law.

The greatest cost to any society, “is only one voice decides; only one version of [their truth is heard], gives the army of rebellion, their great escape (we own you now)”/ that does not happen unless the court system of that nation is truly corrupt.Fox News settles defamation suit for 787.5 Million and in collusion to mask over the truth, and conspire to replace the government; with their own version of who should rule here.

The direct constitutional quote is: article 3; section 1; “..the judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their office during good behavior…..” NO, lifetime tenor or any other facet of rebellion against democracy shall deny that as true! No greater need in democracy exists: than judging the judiciary/ and replacing those who fail their oath to us all.

Propaganda teams of cult worshipers, being trained by university delusions/ and more than one hundred years in studying us; to rule the livestock. Offers, the manipulation of hate rules here. As is the incessant violence of media/ the constant reminder, your solution is a gun/ and the portrayal of “give us your gun” and that will solve the problem; as is the making of a fool. By choosing to fund NON WORKERS: the leaders choose to open the door to massive immigration, “to fill their gap” for workers. Claiming we must! BUT reality knows: the real intent is to create an army to dissolve America itself; by causing financial ruin among those who did build the nation. Which does include “wall street [laundry town, where the plunder, rape, and murder of counterfeiting assets, by those at war against america occurs. Where lies decide, the blood stained sewer, which screams: “get more”.].” Another absolute lie hidden by delusions, orchestrated by greed, to destroy democracy: as is hidden and denied, by media. The money/ numbers without reality (can’t be paid), are merely a fantasy. The players, counting their trophies; while America itself, has been counterfeited into near extinction. THIEVES/ anarchists; in charge; and every single one, trained by “university knows”.

When weapons exist only for one side: genocide occurs. HOW is that not the enemy in our midst? NO POSSIBLE reality offers this kind of extreme attack; as does this US courtroom system allow. the ONLY purpose of that attack, is to control all news, attack government democracy, and society: to form and support:  the new “Nazi, regime”; coming.

In a nation falling apart, due to the extreme theft (counterfeiting assets), lies (claiming no inflation here), cheating (debts which cannot be paid), betrayal (sacrifice every child), terrorism (mutilate nature), failure (gamble with our entire planet), foolishness (claim knowledge that does not exist; as is evolution), back stabbing (give away the nation itself, as hate does), and disease of universities in charge (lets get trillions, by releasing covid/ and selling a vaccine, with no assurance of anything/ but greed): (every leader has a diploma). The mental illness spreading, is the cost of what has been done; to destroy this nation, and its citizens/ the curse of hate as is “university”. The consequence of that is: the fantasy of weapons, is not so delusional/ when someone is shooting back. Making the unfortunate reality, at this point; apart from a true change in leadership/ the cost of more people with guns: but people with NON-LETHAL ammunition’s. So as NOT to be a murderer. But bear in mind: if the police who do come believe you are the murderer/ they will shoot you too. Weapons for life, by defense; should then be painted: non black.

like fox or hate it:  every opposing view must be heard/ to weed out  “only you, can be heard/ as is the university way”.  Or as has been the truth of US courts:  financial genocide (kill them all) is their purpose. As is the truth of US COURTS:   all is silent, when confronted with Constitutional law/ BY REFUSING to question the universities:  even when an entire world can be lost: proves the cult “university is god”;  owns this nation. because in that silence they steal the purpose of democracy, which is to give us all a vote, and a voice. Cowardice is not an answer! NOR is hiding from the truth. one trillion dollars=$10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people before taxes.  “below, $6.2 trillion equals= $62,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers; before taxes spent.”  SO WHERE, does the money really go:  evidence (the purpose of a free press) not talk/ not your beliefs/ nor your experts:   reality not delusions.

U.S. full-time employees unadjusted monthly number 2021-2023 Projected federal budget for 2023 19 percent of americans don't work

The summary is: “it seems apparent”, that the foundation elements of man are, “you cannot destroy my world/ you cannot be that wrong; we will fight”. Whereas the foundation elements of woman are: “you must/ we must, acknowledge the critical truth of disasters that are coming/ and then work together to resolve these consequences legally, before they are a blight or plague to our lives”. Do you see the difference? One pushes, which is necessary/ one pulls, {balance} which is also necessary: which means we must work together as male and female; because anything less will not let us all survive.

The crisis of universities play god with life, earth, energy, nature, weapons, poisons, oceans, child; literally everything of value. While screaming: you can’t stop us/ chaos (the religion of evolution) is our god. Reflects the truth, as with all tyrants: the more chaos they can create in everything, the more they will insist you need us to play god now. And make every decision for you!

Now or never; because life will be lost. Which means the believer must surrender want; and understand the literal truth is: we must let the honesty of evidence decide for ourselves, if we can in fact still save life on earth. It is not a guarantee, no matter what you believe.

No balance/ no sustainable life! The relationships of male to female exist as love, only when our hearts combined, will balance each other. That is how you earn the partnership of life and living; to shape a home, by our truth/ NOT your truth. Love exists as the decision we share/ but respect gains trust, because you chose to care. From trust we build hope. From hope, we elevate ourselves into the dimension of life claimed by souls united; the place of joy. It is unfortunate but true; people who do desire love/ “must search through many frogs, so to speak”: because the vast numbers of humanity can only want. Like belief, want leads to everything animal; not human being alive. Life must decide/ not want; it is an elemental truth of life.. Passion exists, when truth leads beyond self. Sex is not a key, it is a chain. Those who build their lives with chains, will regret it.

Heart is, “the delicate structure of freedom; granted and given by the eloquence of our own individual steps, to enhance the beauty of being alive, by the grace of sharing that adventure with you”. Love is, an understanding of essence, as the decision to participate creates the acceptance of caring is sharing with you. While respect builds the body of our lives, with the values of what each does bring/ it is trust which binds. It is hope, which defines our home. It is truth that elevates us into soul; when being alive is the wisdom required to find joy. Soul is a destiny, created by truth; but intertwined with thought, as reality governs with law. Peace and law shape each other, with duty and the dignity of order. Justice understands, that value knows what fair play is. Finding a life which will share the journey of your thought, identifies how far each will travel along the path of life, before reality turns, and destiny recalls: our own truth, must come first. Happiness is the gauge by which we learn to accept: life is formed from the values, of your own truth. But enhanced, into the realm of happiness; only when the values of our truth, shared; are exchanged within the decisions of our lives, as if we were one. Life is not a game/ which means “want, pride, and power” steal lives from their chosen path, to define chaos instead.

The path of life, expands to become a home; when we share the eloquent message, that I have cared about you. Respect identifies that truth, with a foundation of hope; to conceive of love as our trust becomes the framework of duty. We share our existence as family, shaped by the home we conceive of/ rather than the house we find ourselves within. We share our future, with happiness; when peace and harmony are the ways of life. Never forgetting, truth cannot be lost. The value of our own contribution to both this world, family, and self; is then defined by the order of what we know to be true. Balancing love, with life, remembers this: that death has no substance/ and life has no eternity without GOD ! Therefore we must fight for our world with law, and we must fight for ourselves with hope, because love needs a home, and a destiny; to survive. As is, the essence of soul!

If you cannot be kind and fair/ then you cannot feel alive; as is the truth of existence beyond time. Without respect, you are not alive, “in the value of miracles”, which do shape the soul.

Your time, is the environmental display of your life/ the essence of what you chose within the decisions confronting you. Existence is a framework of realities designed “by the universe” of what would you do/ what could you do, if given the right to create a life, living under these circumstances? That is: your life. Where truth decides, life survives/ love lifts that into happiness, as best we can. But where want (ME, damn you: me) controls:  life will sink into the mire of chaos, because without law; there can be no peace. The destruction of everything, “continues unabated”/ as led by university knows. As is evidenced by every threat of extinction we face!

Life asks, the human world: are you, going to save our lives/ or not? Because no game exists here; every threat of true extinction matters. NO going back! Only truth will let us all, survive; “as best we can”. Only a courtroom can prove it. Or defend true change!

The difference between “government by law/ and government by rulers” IS: the courtroom. The difference between democracy and corruption is: WE MUST RULE OVER THE JUDGE for ourselves. Providing oversight; to insure our laws are true to their purpose. In this USA a judge is allowed to remain a judge “during good behavior”/ not more or less. Power wants them “protected”; so that corruption can be increased. Pride wants them “bribed”; so the game belongs to us. Democracy demands: if you cannot understand or accept; “plain, fair, and clear”/ you cannot be judge.

And the world says: “we can do nothing against armies/ leave us alone”. But failure is extinction, because world war is with weapons of mass destruction/ no going back. A “million man march” cannot be ignored/ but a billion woman march; can change a world. Make them accept LAW FIRST, not war. Can you not organize that across this world? Indeed you can: say to the few who command war: WE THE WORLD tell you NO/ not anymore. Obey the law, or as a world we enforce it on you.

TELL THEM: “WHAT THAT LAW LEADS(worth fighting for): IS”/ BE PLAIN. Is not failing, the worst you can do? Does not law of life, change this world? YOU LEAD or the world will die.

The human animal cannot think beyond want; “me, or us”! But hate can, life becoming a battleground for fear (listen to me)/ pride commanding I win (look at me)/ and power surrendering judgment as I did (do what I say). Love instead can add, life becoming a passage into truth (the essence of thought_), where living is hope, and hope changes our lives into destiny. When accepting truth leads now, offer a different view. A change for life.

The animal shouts “science”/ but reality counters: whatever you find, “arrived here first” without you. Making your claim mute. Superiority screams: we will believe whatever we want! But reality proves; only truth survives.

The final judgment is: unless every law, which governs existence on earth is sustained; extinction is certain. The separation of truth, from life; grants only what is valued to be love, shall be kept. Less, is thrown away.

Life among the living; does not include death, “either by chaos (hate kills) or time (physical body, dies)”. Life within the realm of thought (I know, I exist), defines energy (I have freedoms) as the body living in me (we are joined, as one). Therefore our search includes: the law of peace (is truth) and harmony (is respect). The composition of love, shares value, but remembers        GOD comes first.

Unfortunately, the majority of people, simply fantasize about what (our CREATOR means is; “beyond our comprehension”), who (you cannot know; simple as that/ no religious text exists to answer that question), when (you are willing to accept truth, and identify yourself by respect; only then, is soul to be found), why (NO reward is offered, for searching with desire for eternity: either love “invited”, is in you/ or it is not), how (participation lets each one identify their own boundaries and limits; which in turn establish a destiny), or where (happiness serves life with joy, therefore it is a blessing to share, and be shared, with someone who cares) GOD can be found (only where truth opens the path, that lets you in).

In contrast, people are always Believing in whatever they want, has to be right; but alas, it is not. Because only truth survives, which means eternity is, at its core essence: “truth”.

In democracy, the entire purpose is to create a society that does not need leaders; only employees. Therefore the constitution was put in charge of every employee, and the laws which govern and support the nation are formed to give them the direction and authority “to do this much/ but not more”. Power always seeks more/ pride always attacks a law, to create rules (now we can act)/ and want constructs the lies that are constant in every society. Because the end result of it is: men want a game, more than they want peace and harmony to govern our lives.

Democracy as it was centuries ago; sent leaders to make decisions for us; because there was no other option. Democracy enhanced; now knows that the law itself is enough, and that in fact an absolute minimum of rules is necessary to insure freedoms remain. LAW governs us all, because it rules over us all: every single one! But rules seek to govern each individual, with claims of boundaries and limits; that can be applied only to you: thereby stealing freedom, with claims of liberty. Freedom is an individual thing/ but liberty is our combined decision to enforce this is needed to protect us all. Such as “we all drive in one direction, on the same side of the road”. That is needed. But beware of much more; because like a disease rule making spreads, and is quickly pandemic.

The same is true of world law, and world policing: what is essential MUST BE CLEAR. But what is truth and consequences identify a cause; which we must protect ourselves from “you being wrong”; creates a rule, applied to leaders or more. It is simple and plain; to establish a peaceful world based upon harmony for all. It is not simple and plain: to remove weapons from the hands of those who cherish them; because men want war, but only when they lost the game. And now want chaos, to take back all the winners claimed. Jobs will be lost, endless amounts of unemployment (military no longer taking everything they can), manufacturing lost (don’t need bombs). But with a different view; what we know is true, remembers it is not the money that matters, but your decision to participate in what life needs that counts. Change will mean: the game is dead/ because the money is removed from power. That leaves us all with: do you want harmony, respect, and peace/ or do you want war, destruction, chaos, and death? Both are well known realities: choose?

But understand this: power is a want/ pride is a want/ and that means whatever drives your want, becomes either your friend or your enemy. If want is “friend”/ you become righteous. If want is your “enemy”: there is a traitor inside, who fights for your soul, because what you want is to find hate; without selling your soul to hate. Which then becomes; “a temper (fear me_) release, that most cannot control”. Or just barely, because that temper means: you are losing your heart.

Unfortunately want does not demand reality, making fantasy just fine/ don’t need truth, producing lies for you/ isn’t going to judge you, its all those others who can’t measure up; or more simply “want, just wants what it wants”. University leads! But while that seems great to an animal: being human requires more.

Life survives only by laws governing truth, to produce the consequences called our reality. The desire for love, elevates itself on respect, and a purpose that honestly aligns with caring; so we do share, what is fair. Love searches for thought, because we need to balance desire with truth. Love identifies hope, because we need to create the order provided by disciplines; to govern our own lives without want. Those who want; live “with their voice inside”; always referencing “do you want this, or not”? Love lives with truth inside, limiting the consequences of reality, by understanding the boundaries of respect. Want has no real respect; which means “it lives to steal”, instead of share.

The question to be constructed is: DO YOU CHOOSE NATION AND WORLD/ OR, do you surrender these, to a leader who controls rats and mice? THERE IS A CHOICE: an army full of weapons, can turn on its leaders; making them obey (we will not attack) instead. LAW LEADS, not men. And that eliminates the command “go die, or be mutilated/ because I said so”!

The army of the past, could not know why we are at war: so blind obedience was the force. Today the military can in fact know why; and then it becomes an individual choice, “to kill a world/ or defy a leader”. Because our duty is only to defend. But the nation must also choose, and defend its own/ or accept; “this man plays god, by our own choice”. To let him! Same is true of universities, and more. Truth says: it literally is that simple!

Any leader NOT held, specifically to defense/ becomes a tyrant (leader/ not military); as history has proven time, and time and time again: DID THIS. While the people are used as a sewer; bankrupted without a cause: such as with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and more; inflicting damage NOT value. Even to the greatest military offense, in all of history: the US exploding 2,000 nuclear bombs, to shout FEAR US, to the world.

THE DUTY of every nation of people; is to insure their soldiers do not die, or pay the cost: THAT IS NOT TRUE DEFENSE. “ONE human being” against a nation: WHO WINS? CHOOSE.

The only power a leader has; is in who will obey him or her/ everything else is money and mercenaries. Take away the power “to spend your money”; and that goes away. Identify and prove: WORLD LAW AND INTERNATIONAL POLICING; is our answer, as a world called “we the people” now decide.

And this world says to me: WE DON’T have to worry about nothing, this world CANNOT DIE, and religion offers, the same. YET reality asks: should you worry about what one million people are doing around this world? Because in a world of 8 billion people that is only one person per every 8,000 people! Or, should you worry about weapons of mass destruction; extinction in the hands of less than ten people choose for you. Or should you worry that biological diseases like covid; are now within the realm of millions within the universities decide; to threaten or not? When should you worry, that in fact this world has changed? Before they mutilated life forever, or after? Before a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire is ignited; just like the sun, here on earth? Is it when population crowding has removed every food and water source, making war your only solution? Or is 140 degrees in the shade enough to change your mind; due to climate change? When should you worry:  before the end is certain/ or after? Choose!

The answer of men is war; but kill a millionpeople in a year/ and with just a one percent increase in population: 80 million more to feed per year. There are still, 79 million more mouths to feed over that million lost; in that year. Nobody dies/ nobody lives; it is that simple on this finite world. You demanded to play god: find a solution/ or go extinct, as cannibals warring for water.

LAW is, an order of the heart; as it reflects the identity of those who create it. ENFORCEMENT, is the discipline shaped by courage, that forms the backbone of every society on earth, throughout all of history. BALANCE is the keystone, for what is, or is not fair and justified by truth in the honesty of life itself. While LOVE, is the measure of what we do in fact treasure most, the value of happiness, joined to hope; the essence of our truth as one life shared.

Truth says: “you may not believe whatever you want”/ life or death for our world is too important. Reality says: “you may not believe you know”; when in fact it is media informed by experts, that told you what you now believe. Like prey to predators; their disguise is your danger. VALUE says: only truth in evidence, brings knowledge; but the understanding rather than belief: constructs wisdom. Therefore we must conceive of the laws which define honesty in consequences, as our hope. We must choose; to keep our world, its nature, and its future SAFE from all its predators, no matter where they are found. University delusions: prey upon life, as they attempt to prove they are now gods. The law of life, says: NO, they cannot be/ extinction is their choice. Which means: we must identify, “a fantasy too far/ a failure too great to allow”.

Critical to our world, is the truth of life; every miracle is sacred. WE CANNOT REPAIR OR GO BACK;  and we all know that is true! Defending the planet from those who would take it away; by playing god with our existence. Nothing is more certain of our extinction; than those who declare “they are, the superior ones/ who make all decisions”.

The most tragic disgrace/ the greatest form of disaster throughout all of human history is: “I BELIEVE what I want to believe; let the evidence be damned/ I know all I need to know”. That is not religion (life starts/ life ends)/ that is pride, and the power to say, “I am god”.

When that is not enough, “to fight their fears”. The human animal responds with: IF I can prove you are worthless, manipulating, guilty, perverted, a criminal or other/ THEN, I need only hate you, “for making me think”. Proving “to me: you, are the enemy”. Make no mistake; those wanting power, will try. Truth however knows: the evidence is, the evidence/ and that has nothing to do with me. Truth is, what it is.

So the “FILTHY rich” will scream: YOU CAN’T stop me. But reality will prove “numbers are only numbers, with no meaning left”/ and limited capitalism will solve the rest. Take control over your bankruptcy; they stole your money (Life’s work and resource for the future); to claim only greed.

Stand up for your world; or it will die: “soon”. You cannot hide, or run away; from a dying world. The evidence proves each true threat is real. the list is very long.    WE MUST, STAND UP FOR OUR LEGAL RIGHT; AS A WORLD! TO DEFEND LIFE, SELF, SANITY, AND EARTH;  AS EQUALS. None are gods; all are former classmates:  same as you or me. EQUAL!

Because believing in whatever you want, as university leadership does do; is more fun than accepting: ONLY TRUTH survives as, the proof: life is sustained. We all live in a world being redefined by “university imagination”/ not truth as is the laws of energy, nature, world, society, biology, disease, happiness, hope, love, respect, and everything else with value: that they have attacked to destroy. By playing god: by choosing “chaos built life/ rather than miracles. By cursing the laws which govern: energy balances life and earth. Creating weapons of mass destruction, which includes climate change, pollution, resource destruction, population disaster, poisoning life, oceans dying, and more. By saying we don’t have to care/ when in fact we must care or die. All lies die, leading to insanity, heartbreak, and suicide; or more tears than you can find. Choose for life/ stop their death, of our world.  PROVE, what is true in COURT! “before this entire world: let the evidence be REAL; which does include the cost of being WRONG!

And the sheep say: “we want what we want/ this ain’t fair”. But reality says: the human body for example; makes an endless supply of complex, purified chemicals, along with sourcing those chemicals from complex methods; to produce the elemental forms of a living body of life. Even a small contaminant, or a change in that process or its timing; produces death or catastrophe. Yet the universities say: CHAOS created life, and created their own factory line of mutilation to inject that chaos into nature, which is genetic structure. Asked to justify that: their response, “evolution will just make something else in a billion years or so”/ therefore what we do, does not matter! As to “fusion”; the liars of universities say: “not enough gravity to support a million mile long flame of fire; just like the sun, so we don’t have to worry; it will just extinguish itself”. But like so many things multiplied into extinction; they are simply WRONG. Which does make your choice: life, which is to stop the onslaught of our extermination/ OR, death to let them continue killing off, everything this world is. A choice; until we pass the point of no return! Do you know: “when that is”? Etcetera/ etcetera/ etc, and more.

The world screams: “I CAN’T do nothing/so DON’T tell me nothing”; I WANT my freedom from fear. But reality replies: if you continue to refuse to fight for your world, doing nothing/ then this world dies and extinction is certain; so the only hope life on earth has: is if you change! No one is asked to believe, nor have they ever been! But each is asked individually: TOGETHER, we can enforce “A COURTROOM”/ where we the people now decide, by our own choice. Proving, let the evidence be true! What we will allow those who claim to know: IF THEY CAN OR CANNOT risk our lives, our world, your children, or the future. IS LEGALLY OUR RIGHT to decide! 

LAW IS, the truth, of who we are as a world/ it is not, “whatever leaders want”. YOU, must decide; if the universities are your “god”/ because reality knows: their decision is, “to prove they can be god”. While the evidence will prove: “only Satan,” can they be. Gambling by mutilating nature; shouting chaos is great/ gambling by trying to ignite atoms on fire, shouting we don’t need to control “the same fire as on the sun”/ gambling no one will care, they stole all the securities and left you bankrupt; to play their games, fantasy is great/ and a “thousand more”.


The elegant hope, is for the grace and truth of life, to construct a decision which allows earth to remain alive. The constant threat: those who want to want, will win their delusion of “no consequences for us”; and life becomes extinct. While the fool says, “he is lying; nothing has changed/ this earth cannot die”. The evidence of your reality proves them wrong. Just as your own life can be taken in an instant; because reality matters. Our world covered by 8 billion people, with the fantasy “university can play god, with everything: without endangering our lives”; is clue enough. Stop believing & GO TO COURT, or go extinct: your choice.

I have accomplished everything I set out to do; you have your chance for change, and you do know why! These are “the most powerful words ever written”; because they allow the message of changing this world; to be real. Nothing is left for me: to do. Wake up, or die!

My demand throughout the years has been: prove what is true/ prove what is not true/ prove the cost of being WRONG (which for fusion (just like the sun)”/ is a nuclear fire which cannot be extinguished. Which for biological chaos, is Armageddon. Which for population rise is the end of drinking water or Apocalypse. Which for end of ocean life is WAR, as billions starve. Which references weapons of mass destruction has no return to life potential. And a thousand more. Or more simply: DO NOT BELIEVE/ prove in a court of WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE; not with fear or obedience; but with truth and reality can be found with evidence shaped by our own need to know.

It is, the basis of truth; that only the evidence does matter, based upon its relationship to law. That law justifies or denies the evidence, which then isolates the truth to conceive of a decision constructed by the elements of thought; before time. Or more simply: life is at its core, a relationship with thought, and thought is at its core an element of energy focused upon the destiny with which we design our decision. Forty plus years later; I have done, what I could do for you. The decision to validate truth by the consequences of evidence, and the reality of knowledge as best we can; in a courtroom, so that few can argue or decide differently. Is entirely up to you. But the law of this world shouts: extinction is at hand, and failure has no second chances. Your decision is NOW or never/ because the cost of your consequences will soon be forever.

Life requires each: to participate in defending our home. As a democracy, in this America: that means the constitutional law we depend upon to insure the securities of what we chose for life and nation; remain intact; have been betrayed, in all ways and means. Life requires us all; to participate in defending our world, because we have no other. Therefore WE CANNOT allow the few, to be WRONG; thereby devastating our own lives and future. These things require confronting those in powerful places: with the news, “YOU ARE NOT more than the rest/ NOT government or its court/ NOT superior; but are merely employees who are accountable to WE THE PEOPLE decide now.

WHO ARE, in fact: subject to the very same law, justified by constitutional intent: as every other citizen here.

REALITY STATES: you are not allowed to change constitutional law; because of “university is god religion”/ as was done with covid. NOR does it allow our employees, to create extreme debts which cannot be paid. NOR does it allow our employees to counterfeit currency/ gamble with life or world/ destroy the chains of life/ or assassinate every child; in order to hide what they have done.  AS IS TREASON!

That method in America is first amendment redress of grievances: IT IS THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY; as forms the proof, WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE. By our own demand; the authority which will now decide for our lives, nation, and participation in this world. IT IS A DUTY. Identify yourself, as one who cares!

The curse of universities; is to destroy all that we depend upon/ so they can replace it, with their own superiority over everything, by “imagination rules now”. Reality has proven them wrong with threats beyond our ability to survive. Yet the cult of worshipers, cannot conceive of truth; because they believe what they want, is all that matters. Shouting “not in my lifetime”; which does mean; they each, choose to assassinate the future. Media enforces that, with “believe/ fear/ obey”; the universities are god! Women hide, shouting we want what we want. And this world dies, because the consequence of arrogance, identifies chaos/ apathy, shows the descent from life into death/ and disrespect, is a declaration of war against life and earth. Values shape desire; respect identifies purpose; and love conceives of truth through happiness: each being crushed by fools in charge of our own destruction. To your shame/ death is stalking you as a world gone bad. Change or be extinct; because the evidence is true. While the universities lead, reality says: all but a few shout “hurrah”; because human want fails truth.

And the people shout: “want/ pride/ and power (me, me, me) are worth more”. Which forms the barrier, that establishes failure. CHANGE eliminates “me, me, me”; to demand we are in this together; because the end of our living world, is that serious and real. The consequences have been avoided for decades, as fraud and fantasies, eliminated reality. But truth always wins; as the law defined by limits: either keeps us alive/ or demands we will die. The universities, and their cult all scream: “we DON’T have no limits; we CAN do whatever we want; truth and its consequences be damned”. But reality says: that will be your death, the curse which sends our entire planet into extinction. Because you just didn’t care enough. My message has been: go to court and prove what is true, false, and the cost of being wrong; BEFORE extinction is certain and cannot be undone. Your choice, to obey the truth and remove all lies; as best you can. Simple as that. You march for “whatever”/ yet not even a whisper can be found; for life on earth. A cult (university is god); you surely are.

In contrast: the human body is a miracle of bones which make themselves, muscles which grow in a specific order, wind themselves around and attach where they belong, with sensations to know we are alive. Organs which do what life needs to be done, a brain which comes pre-programed to keep you alive and free. Disciplines formed by truth, order formed by laws, balance so that you survive; and values of existence that give us hope for life and happiness. Just to name a tiny few of the gifts which prove miracle. Yet the cult says: its all an accident, a form of chaos; and cannot be proven otherwise. To their shame, and yours for letting them teach you “hell”.  Because you want, what you want: for free.

the liar says”; you can always go back/ when you know for sure! But reality says: that is absolutely not true, as every individual decision forms a path/ while every herd forms a road (we can’t all be wrong).

Alas, your cult is warring “with consequences”, against life, world, child, and nation; having taken control by establishing anarchy (they deny all order, refuse respect, curse your claim of knowledge; to create their own fantasies). But:

Just like life, the direction you take is your reality. Reality is a truth, not a fantasy; and it always does have consequences; unlike imagination says. Like death, there is a moment of no return! Love allows in life, for repentance; but it is not free: CHANGE is required/ not sacrifice.

Instead of delusions, as are “university born”; the foundation of all living things, truly is a miracle beyond our own conception; without question that is true. Making thought (more than self, lives here)/ not bodies: the fundamental truth of what living can be. Life is not a game, it has consequences, born out in truth by the evidence of reality. Life is not a want, but exists within law. Therefore the law decides if you can survive, and truth decides if you are allowed to try. The elevation of life, ascends within respect; nothing less can open the door. But spiritual existence recognizes truth decides, not self. Therefore the identity you must create, to achieve an invitation; lives within truth, as your own decision for love, as life/ OR, as death in hate. These are not hard concepts, and express, the experience called hope. Animals are left behind; liars (especially those who lie to themselves) are discarded; the grace of truth (the foundation of survival itself), calls only those who are committed to truth.

And all the people said:“don’t tell me nothing/ you can’t make me guilty/ and I won’t do nothing: so it ain’t my fault; people are choosing to allow this earth to be exterminated. Yelling, I AM INNOCENT/ I didn’t do nothing”. And that, is certainly true, not a single finger did you lift, to save your world; and that, is not an excuse. Not even, when reality proved to you: “your university cult” is trying to ignite a nuclear fire, which cannot be extinguished; just like the sun. Not even, when geneticists are mutilating nature on purpose, to cause Armageddon(nature in chaos). Not even when the people at CERN; are causing earths magnetic field to stop. Not even when every chain of life is being broken, proving this earth will not survive. Not even when weapons of mass destruction are about to be used. Not even when poisons are being dumped by the trillion ton. Not even when ocean life is nearly lost to extinction. Not even when the loss of trees, will let earth’s atmosphere accelerate (venus said to be 700mph), and no longer be governed by earth’s movement. Not even when all of our food supplies are being sterilized, jeopardized by disease (as are you), or a population count out of control, which cannot survive much longer. Cult leaders releasing biological disease, and stealing all your money. Not even when currency itself has been completely dismantled into fantasy; so you can rob, rape, and ruin life for the future. Plus a thousand more. “no, how proud you are: didn’t do a thing”/ is forever true for you.

And the people said: WE CAN’T, no power! So, I reminded each one, for “forty years+”; that your option in this USA is to GO TO COURT, and prove first amendment redress of grievances: is WE THE PEOPLE, WILL DECIDE NOW. But greed, selfishness, lust, gluttony, hate, disrespect, and human sloth “won” the day. Is that not so?

ARE YOU NOT responsible; for every resource lost, a future dead/no resource=no life:  your garbage mountains/ a climate overheating, by your choices (no ice/ no cooling in summer; death follows)/ using more oxygen (fire) than the planet releases/pollution everywhere/ the curse of leadership instead of life decides/ “want, pride, and power”; the three enemies of our existence/ more children than you, or this world can feed: MORE as is, “the power” of you. “what is value/ respect”?

Or, as religion says: “we can’t do that/ that is against our government”; we believe the universities; [evidence don’t matter/ they are gods; “THE NEWS would tell us, if they were wrong”] the constant of cults. Or the universities student: WE CAN’T; in debt up to our ears, we NEED that diploma: WE MUST believe, our future demands it! So they surrender their future, by surrendering their world instead; to death. Enforcing that with, looking at me:   “YOU, are the enemy”(as all people scream; when confronted with what you want, is not enough to survive. Including some who loved me; to search for vengeance Which was shouting, “you can’t make me fear/ WE CAN’T all be wrong”. But relying on, “its only news, not truth”. Alas, the enemy is not me.)”; even though, I only present the evidence:  and from the beginning said: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE.

Why? Because this earth is not filled “with hearts and flowers”/ but includes predator and prey, as is the prelude (choices must be made) for love versus hate; with survival required by all.

THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS EXTINCTION!    but, “none care enough”.   IS:  Cult of believers.        The absolute minimum work, being: you could at least inform the others of my sites; so that maybe they could do something for life and world and child; even if you can’t.

The distance between life or death for our entire world; begins to shorten/ as our world, and everything on it; continues to die. ENFORCED COMPLIANCE OF TRUTH/ rather than belief in lies: is an avenue or road, which presents the most devious of humanity, an opportunity to weave extreme delusions. In contrast to that:  truth is its own savior/ as reality cannot avoid the law of life. Do NOT; “let the lawyers into redress court”:  ONLY the evidence, without the expert. As humanity says: “we believe”, to lies, theft, failure, and fool. Every single one; facing the very same fate. Because you refuse to do the one last thing: “GO TO COURT: prove the cost of being wrong”/ that might, save life on earth.  Only truth can survive! Your world is filled with “university lies”/ and all the believers scream: “we want what we want”. Alas for life and earth: truth will decide!   OUR LAW, is OUR CHOICE.  NOT theirs!

A cult cannot question, [its leader]/ while a human, being alive; seeks truth, with questions; that elevate respect for all that is living! The values provided by a world that gives us all; “a life”. Sacred means: “do not touch this”/ while universities mean: “to invade it all”. Gambling they “can be gods”. So the critical question is: “NATURE or university”? [Choose.] Because you cannot have both; nature is dying because of universities. Which means this decision cannot wait. Truth asks: WHO then are you?

IF YOU REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE, OR HIDE from REALITY; in what is so clearly: RISKING OUR WORLD, on fantasy theories (see below)/ then YOU CHOOSE TO BURN; and have contributed to extinction/ as does have eternal consequences for you! NIF is making changes to prove “yes we can”/ but have NO comprehension of how to extinguish a self sustaining plasma: Because they can’t. EVERYTHING IS FUEL, just like on the sun”!  Fusion was proven wrong in 2012; at NIF;  and does not exist. PROVEN by real world atomic energy itself”:  is created by positive proton spin; balanced by bonding, negative dark energy into confinement of that spin; electrons outside to present time as controlled energy by law.  THE SUN BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS;  AS IS SO CLEARLY PROVEN BY complete ENERGY RELEASE.  As is so clearly defined as true, by an atomic bomb.

THEIR CLAIM: 180 million degrees at 500,000 psi! Their reality: they have proven absolutely nothing about their theories of the sun. WHILE REALITY PROVES, BEYOND ANY DOUBT: that a nuclear fire is, what powers the sun! Their claim: “not enough gravity to sustain the fire”: wrong is a SUN ignites; releasing “energy and radiation, like an atomic bomb that will not stop”. REALITY proves: solar gravity is the result of that fire.

The foundation of everything is: that life relies upon the truth of laws, as does this universe. Humanity as a university driven cult: uses arrogance to destroy the sanctity of all living biology. Uses apathy: to change the climate and destroy every resources everything. Uses complete disrespect for the energy of the sun; to believe they can be gods too: discarding law/ defying truth, denying life. Leaving a world dead or dying as the result/ every child destroyed; because this is one finite planet, and there is no other. Everything used today/ is something you cannot use for tomorrow; because nothing is balanced, disciplined, or orderly. Proving chaos was chosen by those who came out of the past: in a battleground of want/ cursing everything as proof of winner/ and judging life not worth saving. “let them die, and go to HELL”. Is the cost. So, NO you cannot hide from the truth/ nor run away from a world that is dying/ nor refuse the duty to fight for this world with law. Because there is no escape, from the choices we make. Either this earth is worth fighting for/ or, you chose to let it, and every living thing, die. Stand up/ sign your name/ push them into court: and define the cost of being wrong, by proving what is true.

YOU have a choice: STOP being a cult, and question your “expert leaders”! Who have no possibility “of looking inside the sun”. SO, “they believe”, and claim like religion does: “that we can’t be wrong”.

LIFE says: “you can always tell a believer: they want what they want”/ and refuse the evidence so it does not interfere; “with what they want”. The difference here is: your world will die, because of your want; NO going back in time. Ignition, just once; proves what will be true!

ONLY truth matters/ ONLY truth decides/ ONLY truth can save this world from those who want to play god; but cannot, be more than Satan. Your choice: “truth, or Satan (destroyer of worlds)”. CHOOSE/ or go to court, and decide as a world: no second chances! LIFE or death; is the cost of being wrong “with nuclear fire”; just like the sun.

So the question is: are you literally, “not a game”, WILLING to bet your world, every life, and every future life; “on a university expert”? Ignition happens in a second; and if it does not extinguish itself;

ALL LIFE IS DEAD. BECAUSE, it is a nuclear “lets burn the bond in atoms” just like the sun, fire! As reality proves true. NOT as “science fiction” predicts. ASK THEM: 

“WHAT SELF- SUSTAINING PLASMA;   on FIRE   ” MEANS?  “their fuel source is an atom: because the energy they want to release:  CANNOT BE FOUND anywhere else”.

the worst of many: link/ next scheduled NIF attempt “March 2023”. NO, THEY DON’T:  “want to lose their job” or pride, power, etc!  MAKE THEM PROVE “THE COST OF BEING WRONG”. MAKE THE PROVE, “THEIR THEORIES” ON HOW THE SUN WORKS/ AND WHAT IS THEIR EVIDENCE OF FACT!  It is literally NOT too much to ask! From the people who say;  “sure life built itself one piece at a time/ by accident”. When you know:  YOU DO NEED, nearly every single piece and part to be a living body of life. Can’t build a heart in parts and pieces/ need blood and vessels, organs, brain/ need lungs/ need muscles/ NEED IT ALL. yet these are the same people who say; thermodynamics is irrelevant: the sun has a 150 million degree core; which means all the fuel is on fire; and we know the sun uses fuel “by radiation” which heats our planet.

and you know that is true! Regardless of the lies. (search[ below])

The most powerful words in human society are:

“whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation!

Or as we the people, coming alive; CHOOSE for life, and earth. By enforcing OUR LAW on the leaders: WE, then do become the rulers, without exception:  for ourselves, for our world! BY UNDERSTANDING: therefrom, THE LAW decides. NO ruler exists.

Which leads by its foundational choice of  democracy by law is: WE THE PEOPLE OWN this nation:  thereby forcing first amendment redress of grievances, “to OPEN THAT COURTROOM” we need to survive.  Choosing therefrom by the evidence; for ourselves. Enforcing a moratorium on all extreme experimentation; UNTIL WE DECIDE for our own lives and earth.

, WE, rule OUR world.” As humanity ITSELF;

 united by our choice,  as a world GOVERNED  BY LAW. 

created, presented, & chosen:  FOR our own, “we the people decide now”;  vote. TO PROVE: “THE LAW”, shall in fact, rule us all! “the only war”; to gather leaders, as a world:  for trial, who fail us all.

Money buys only weapons and mercenaries; “limited capitalism” ends that. So the “devil” wants a robotic army/ and a cult wants: “believe/ fear/ obey”; as proven by covid. But truth says: without weapons of mass destruction, our only true enemy is a leader; who fails our law. Because law itself, can rule the rest. Therefore law: justified as fair to us all, IS the essence of life becomes: “your choice”.

Leaders choose war, and the people pay. Leaders create debt, and choose inflation hidden or not/ and the people pay. Leaders declare covid/ and the people pay. Leaders worship university/ and the people pay. News leaders propagate “the universities are god”/ and our world faces extinction by the evidence of our reality; and are mute beyond cult worship: because none are allowed to question the universities! So, the people become extinct, inheriting the soul of Satan; as their reward. Because leaders chose to allow universities to gamble our entire planet: by trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Fusion was proven wrong in 2012; at the national ignition facility in San Francisco. Burning THE BOND in atoms IS WHAT THE SUN DOES.  “they lose their jobs, pride, and power”; to be found WRONG!

Ignition means: 4 million times more energy release than TNT; “so says the scientific papers”. NO going back. A one inch candle flame (all by itself, NO tnt): becomes 63 miles high; Just like the sun! Don’t let them lie, same energy/ same result. NASA claims: one million mile long flames on the sun! WHICH IS, 4 times farther than the moon to earth.  Universities claim: they need not worry, about controlling the fire: “not enough gravity here, so it will just extinguish itself”.  WRONG IS EARTH IS NOW A SUN.

DON’T BELIEVE: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PROVE WHAT IS NOT TRUE/ AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG. IDENTIFYING exactly, how the universities intend to control “the same fire as on the sun”. Which burns your skin in summer: FROM 94 MILLION MILES AWAY.   “view the evidence of failure, below.”  DO NOT FEAR, do not believe or obey what you are told: GO TO COURT, and learn what is true.

No matter who you are/ no matter where you are/ no matter what you are: ignition of a nuclear fire: represents the same sentence across the globe, to every single one! Either the fantasies prove true; “want wins”/ OR THE REALITIES GOVERNED BY TRUTH, take control: EVERY LIFE ON EARTH DIES IN FIRE, by radiation first, if not oxygen starvation instead. NO EXCEPTION/ NO GOING BACK; ALL OR NOTHING. Simple as that: “same as the sun”!         CHOOSE, “or forever hold your peace”; because all time will end for life on earth.

In honor of valentines day, the quest for something more, than just being as an animal is.

LOVE IS, “A RHYTHM”, shaped by caring, created by respect, identified with sharing; it is the disciplined expression of our experiences formed by the destiny of what we do accept to be true. Trust binds us, hope builds the structure of our lives. The cherished sacred path between male and female, completes the decision that becomes our heart. While the essence of life itself, is shared to become our soul as one.

The difference from the survival of life/ to the discovery of being alive in the conceptions of thought, as the passage beyond time, self, and want: identifies your truth. While it is hope that keeps us all alive/ it is truth that creates the passion of being alive. Value is the source of true passion, but trust is its only decision. Want creates the liar, “screaming me, me, me”/ pride creates the games, and its trophies/ power curses the future, by measuring you, as a toy to be used or abused. Beware of these, as an animal lurks beneath.

Mental health is simply: “accepting, you cannot have what you want”/ turning from want, to truth decides for me. No amount of food, drink, sex, or drugs; can replace loneliness: Only a honest friend. While I have had friends for a time; the foundation of my own life resides “with the truth of miracles”; the evidence, of our CREATOR. That search, trusts only truth. Truth provides: life is divided into three parts (1) the essence of thought as is life (2) the essence of me, without lies, as is identity (3) the living, as proven by the truth of my own direction. Each is a component of time, and each as is the elevation of spirituality; is an independent “friend”. The warning needed: truth alone, keeps you safe; but my anchor “through troubled waters”; is JESUS. The guarantor, we were not abandoned/ the witness of truth as seen by love versus hate. It is, “your choice”.

The ascent of “life over time”; is a battleground, where truth eliminates “animal”; so that you can achieve discipline, order, and balance; shaped as existence “beyond time”. While the journey is not dull/ it is stripping away all that does not belong to eternity: want, pride, and power will end; or you fail. To achieve this and not die: REQUIRES, “every decision of life, shall be made”; so that your “own new, body of life” can be revealed as your own creation for living. The gift you chose, “as a creator of love defined by self”, to bring into eternity! If you have no gift, entrance is denied. Even so: if you then, give your life to GOD honestly: acceptance requires, your final “body of life”, becomes his to choose. This is no game; accepting the consequences of your own choice is required; even if that proves to be “a complete surprise”. Value belongs where it belongs.

And the world says: “you ain’t perfect enough”! And I reply, that is true! But the end result of life or death for our planet/ our everything; is not dependent upon me. IT IS, dependent upon you, as a world choosing, rather than believing what you have been told. GO TO COURT AND PROVE THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG. Because you cannot go back.

AS FOR YOU: LIFE DEMANDS;CHANGE OR DIE.TRUTH DEMANDS: humanity is the problem/ therefore humanity is the solution; or you die; extinction will begin! THAT IS “entirely you/ NOT me”; choose. I did my job: man is done!


this is, “a whisper in the wind”, which will not be heard: unless you participate to do so. It joins www.justtalking7.info  as information to be used. Keys, to a new world; to keeping this world alive. Ending the delusion: It is, human release of heat, causes climate change.

The men have chosen: universities shall ignite nuclear fire/ establishing a self sustaining plasma (can’t turn it off) which they call fusion; but is clearly not. Claiming they know what happens within the core of a sun; which clearly they do not. Claiming they can control the fire that by the standard of atomic versus chemical energy release is at 4 million times more; add it up a one inch candle flame equals? which clearly they cannot. Gambling this entire world; by igniting the same fire here as is on the sun; which clearly they will lose.

And the world says: “we want what we want/ and don’t give a damn about the consequences/ university is god”. But reality says: prepare then to burn, as a world on fire, “with million mile flames”! because they are not god/ which means,all or nothing: NO going back in time!  Therefore accept you lose this world, and the cost of your failures, your life, your choice: are, for an eternity, “beyond imagination”, for every single one! But the very few, who had a brain, heart, and soul;  by proving, to fight for this world. Again, “all or nothing”!  Your choice.    “a nuclear fire, BURNS the bond in atoms”/ in a very similar sense to a chemical fire burns the bond between molecules ; to release the energy, instead.   EVERYTHING IS FUEL, “just like the sun”.

The critical life or death moment/ is whether you can crawl out from under the cult of universities are god worship; and find a brain: has come. Because the reality of trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”; sits in its last days of STOP THIS OR DIE. the greatest catastrophe of human history is: “the university diploma”/ we sit on the edge of our own extinction proves why. NO balance, means no life.

Critical understanding is: that in order for atoms to achieve a balanced state, in the disciplines necessary to retain energy, and release it in a manner that allows for time to exist. There must be a compliment of energy sources combined into one atomic environment. Or more distinctly: YOU KNOW, that extreme energy is released from an atomic bomb: the scattering of energy, once the bridge has been crossed. Therefore kinetic (push) energy exists within the atom/ reality insists, because of a (known method) called sustained spin; as no other method exists. Which makes “fusion” impossible.

That energy, created by spinning the mass of a proton; without significant abrasion; is kinetic (positive, in motion). “like a rock being twirled on a string/ top spinning; so on”. In order to sustain that motion in place for later use: THERE MUST be an opposite (negative, dark energy; resulting in potential) balancing force surrounding the motion, to hold it in place. Otherwise it will simply dissipate into chaos, and be lost. So the atom is formed by binding the motion of a mass spinning (heat)/ into the enclosure that is a neutron holding (cold): and that forms the basis of atomic energy, wherein time uses the transfer of motion to an electron as the method of disciplined measurements now control, by laws which balance the whole.

The curse of death as is called “Satan (destroyer of worlds)”; are those trying to ignite the same fire as on the sun here; claiming on this world built entirely out of fuel/ that they can control that fire; as if they were gods. By claiming “they know”/ when in fact it is, all fantasy and delusions. More distinctly: insisting they need not control a nuclear fire, “because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”.

Unfortunately, as has been given in the recent past (with people looking); in order to stop them/ YOU MUST UNDERSTAND, how the sun actually works; at least in the barest detail possible. OR more simply: the sun is a place of nuclear fire, because the initiating spark, “rubbed two protons together/ creating a friction that then removed the neutron; which allowed that motion to be transmitted onto other atoms nearby”. Once a self-sustaining plasma has been formed; like the sun, so long as there are atoms to break the bond down and release the energy enclosed/ there will be NUCLEAR FIRE; just like the sun.

As with laws of universal thermal dynamics (proving the sun core is not hot): that heat release demands a rise from the sphere underneath: because the pressures demand it (like a candle flame). Which controls the fire by limiting the impact of heat on the surface of the inner sun. it now must break atoms apart, and vacuum that fuel from the surface into the flames; which controls the fire.

Breaking the bond which sustains a negative force which is cold (like a black hole from which it originates)/ is the pull of solar gravity. What is elementally cold, returns as pull into the core of the sun; and limits the overheating of a sun/ until what is vacuumed overtakes the cold/ and the inner sphere then releases much more fuel into the fire, which will then become a supernova event.

And so, it is proven true: that your university gods, are willing to gamble your world (everything);  on their fantasies, delusions, and theories without merit/ as is true of so many things threatening us all, with extinction!

More, you do not need to know. MAKE A DECISION/ SAVE THIS WORLD/ DO WHAT YOU CAN legally DO!   the correct choice: “whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation or world”. In this USA that begins with 1st amendment: redress of grievances: our legal right, to intervene as owners of this nation/ in what we believe to be, “a failure”. Democracy, as it was meant to be! Rather than, “traitors: allow television to sell counterfeit US gold coins, and more; for years now”. Proving how little those in power respect; citizens/ and how blind they are to reality, truth, or value! They want, “reality dead”; to declare their fantasies rule now; no consequences for us. The unfortunate reality: “like a sinking titanic, this nation shows all the rats sitting on high places”; baiting life to destroy its connections with living. A reality spread across this world, by cult universities (we are gods) and their priests of news media. Blockaded and refused by power and pride;  life or death of our world, rests with you.   

THE CRITICAL TRUTH IS: CHANGE means; you will take away their job, pride, power, and all they want to do. TO STOP THE INSANITY, CULT WORSHP ENDS. And that brings out every lie, every liar, every failure, fool, thief, traitor, and terrorist possible. YOUR RESPONSE: no you CAN’T! TO COURT, we must go; where reality and the cost of being wrong will then decide.     where, “WE THE PEOPLE, DECIDE NOW”.

A foundation of life is: YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM TRUTH/ you can only hide from yourself; and that means you do refuse to repent, and accept only truth can decide for life. Proving even if you do run away from reality; truth knows your truth. Your life cannot be changed: UNLESS you accept the decision “to be yourself”; as truth defines. Love lives/ hate dies: choose.

 Next big test at NIF where increasing energy is now over 180 million degrees Fahrenheit/ at 500,000psi (pounds per square inch)_ slated for March 2023. Their statements:


no going  back.  NO the claim “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire” will save you.   THE FIRE IS: THE ENERGY SOURCE OF SOLAR GRAVITY.  which will pull you into the fire “rapture”/ not what you thought. Which will burn the oceans as fuel. Which will kill everything within a thousand miles instantly with heat and radiation/ and cause the skin to boil, for those on the back side of earth; as they die of oxygen starvation due to the atmosphere being ejected into space. While the declared million mile long flames of fire on the sun; pull the moon into this earth, and thermal heat differences cause earth to explode.         so who cares; RIGHT/  “let them do whatever they want”: RIGHT?         WAKE UP OR DIE;  RIGHT?


that equals:  a 4.78 megaton nuclear bomb exploding “in a billionth of a second”: onto their ENCLOSED TINY;  NIF target.


ALL OF THAT ENERGY, enclosed in a basketball sized environment; with 192 lasers/ UNTIL atoms ignite, and prove:  WHAT 4  MILLION TIMES MORE;  really is! So, lets guess: are the flames on the sun really one million miles long? 

CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR/ TURN OFF THE UTILITIES/ GO TO COURT, AND MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR LIES. along with all the other “university plays god” terrorist sites around this world.   LET THE WORLD WAKE UP/ ain’t no going back. BECAUSE THIS ENTIRE PLANET IS MADE OUT OF FUEL; AS IS “BURNING ATOMS”.

So, “feel lucky today punk”/ or are your religious: this is the eleventh year since their first attempt 4/1/2012.  Maybe you want to wait after all, “its not the twelfth year; so your safe, right”.  WAKE RELIGION UP;  DO IT NOW; THIS AIN’T NO GAME.

A chemical fire, burns the molecular bond held together by electrons; destroying the order, and changing the balance; to reduce the measured energy in the disciplines of what is called time. CERN; is another betrayal of life on earth, by subverting balance and order; in the attempts to create atomic disarray, and its coming aftermath, of atomic failure on earth. Same as GENETIC MUTILATION OF ALL LIFE; by the evolutionary zealot, believing they can play gods. A WORLD GONE INSANE. BY the cheerleaders of a cult; shouting NEVER question your gods of universities. BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; as with covid (let them steal your money, your life, your nation, your face, your future) instead.

There is nothing so true, as the cost of what is, “truly valued”; when it is forever lost. This earth stands at that threshold: it is no game! “Humanity the cause/ humanity the solution”; no second chances, last choice. Life, or death.

NOTHING is more descriptive of that: than the threat of igniting a nuclear fire. “burning atoms/ just like the sun”!

Reality will prove: it CANNOT be extinguished.

Make them prove a hot core in the sun exists; & does not use fuel. Because: THEY CANNOT: see through their own claim of million mile long flames, exist on the sun! HEAT, is the evidence of a kinetic response: which means to PUSH OUT, as is radiation/not “draw in, as is gravity”. FORCE them to define an atom; by its energy! Make them prove where the energy is in an atom, “is anything other than sustained spin”. Because WRONG; ENDS LIFE AND EARTH; with one ignition. Make them prove, ”their fantasy element: graviton” exists: without lies, and that means in the real world; NOT computer claims. Make them prove what gravity is; as is known by a black hole. Make them prove a spinning atom can be combined with another spinning atom: or proof of their “magic”. Make them prove a molten core; does not become unstable (it ain’t the earth; where cooling through the sphere is possible). Make them prove thermodynamics are not involved. Make them prove they are not hiding the truth of: 4 million times more heat than chemistry on fire. THE COST of making a candle flame 4 million times larger!

IN THE REAL WORLD; the energy contained in an atom spins: two spinning atoms pushed to touch each other, create fire from the friction; and that spreads to create its own self sustaining plasma. SO IT DOESN’T GO OUT. The balancing energy is then released as solar gravity! “just like HOW the sun, really works”.


Make them prove their numbers are not delusions: Its the sun, NO GAMES ALLOWED! Where ten million degrees establishes how; our planet is heated, from 94 million miles away. Make them prove a supernova event: establishes MORE FUEL HAS ENTERED THE FIRE; to make it grow/ just like on this earth. impossible, if all the fuel is already being used in a hot core. And when that sun becomes unstable, by overheating the sphere: it then explodes as thermodynamics applies the law. Make them prove their heaviest object in the solar system is made out of hydrogen. Make them prove their claim of fusion which is: TO MAKE HELIUM in extremely large quantities by that fire. When in fact helium is a rare element, and almost nonexistent in their claim of “sun facts”. SO WHERE IS THE HELIUM; across this universe; because if every sun makes helium; then it must be: is the most prevalent element in this universe.

MAKE THEM PROVE CHEMISTRY; IS NOT the result of how the balancing of energy called an atom: is not the kinetic energy of motion (supernova effect/ positive energy_)/ wrapped and isolated by the opposite energy of “dark matter”; as is the result of pulsar ejections (negative energy). HOW those kinetic particles are wrapped, in what direction it encounters the pular ejection, and to what degree it is completely confined, or not; to become distinct shapes, which establish elements; is wrong. Because if a balance does not occur to contain kinetic motion as is the atomic energy to be released/ then it dissipates, and cannot be sustained; ending time itself.

Before there can be a future: there must be change. Establishing the final biblical predictions of : those who kill this world, shall be thrown into the fire of HADES/ and that nation directly responsible “immigrants and all”; at the very bottom of the pit; where even terrors die, to become the weight of every tear of life and future life as did die by their own hand. Because you didn’t care; and gave away your world: to fools, who cannot even get beyond the brainless delusion of evolution. To your eternal shame.

The core element of this work, this life: is to understand, those who have failed us, “claiming they are superior”. By the evidence have proven to be: the clear threat of extinction, as a consequence of their claim. The cost of being WRONG; our law (we decide), must lead us now/ not “our leaders”; as is a true foundation of democracy.

The beginning of world peace; by taking control with LAW GOVERNS LIFE, and WORLD. Not employees, or their weapons. RECOGNIZING: while order and discipline are required for defending a nation/ an army ordered to attack another nation; HAS NO such obligation. “there is no duty, to be mercenary, killer, or thief”! THE DUTY of in nation fighting is: to separate both sides, in order to facilitate and protect; “within a courtroom of law, we all decide/ not just you”! IF SOLDIERS TURN from war INSTEAD; to order the general to stand down; AS IS THEIR RIGHT. Those leaders become just another man claiming to have power/ but does not. NO soldier or citizen should die or be mutilated: for the pride of tyrants and fools”.     NO THREAT exists;       that cannot be returned:  TO YOU, as leaders; failing society!   AS AN ENTIRE;  ARMY OR NATION, KNOWS.   LAW IS, THE WEAPON, of choice!    Remembering, whosoever makes the law/ then rules the nation or world.   WE THE PEOPLE own the law of our lives and world/ not rulers.  WORLD LAW, brings leaders to trial; for justice!  Armies do not:     CHOOSE.  

Which includes CONTROL over leaders; who assume forcing business, or any other part of society; to be their weapon. Can be tolerated:   NOT SO:   REMOVE the leader instead! Government describes truth, as the union of who we are as a nation; therefrom “governed”. THE EMPLOYEE, by oath: describes whether justice by law, rules or not. LAW shows no favoritism: as is truth in unity: OR treason exists. Traitors are tyrants/ not leaders. Religion has no voice; life decides.

NO NATION/ NO LEADER: HAS THE RIGHT, TO GAMBLE “their university gods”; can control the same fire as on the sun! IT BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER; FROM 94 MILLION MILES AWAY!   WAKE UP.     shut them down!  FORCE TRIAL, and then decide for yourselves.

NATURE which is genetic structure and integrity; gave us life. THE EARTH as it was, kept every single living thing in balance. We survive, by the laws that establish what is true, in all things, including energy. BUT it is man, and his university animals, gone insane: who believe they can do better. Than our existence, as a living Creation, formed by miracles! LET THEM PROVE IT; because all the evidence of their work is: EXTINCTION comes for us all.

STOP screaming: “me, me, me/ now, now, now” and understand: the future is decided by your truth, NOT your want. Want is a fog/ Pride a drug/ Power a fool. By what reality will humanity allow;  RISKING THIS WORLD OR ITS LIFE“?  STOP THEM;  or you chose/ to let the others play god”/ and you will pay when they fail. NO games, truth decides.  NO excuses/ NO going back, as is NO second chances; anymore.  GO TO COURT:  FIND TRUTH AND LIE: AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG;   a prison cell, will teach them to  show the world/ so the world itself can understand; what is true. STOP THE INSANE, or die.  If, “your gods” fail to make you understand/ or come up with lies:  you will remove every possession they have, and turn them onto the streets penniless and naked. NO job/ no means for a job; “finished, as a proven fraud”.

LIFE AND WORLD, SIT IN THE BALANCE; demanding you will choose.

Stand up and be counted/ sign your name and be recognized: WE CANNOT wait any longer. TRUTH MUST DECIDE, no more believing whatever we are told. Simple as that. A world COURTROOM: “best we can”; then a vote, no game allowed! WE THE PEOPLE, CHOOSE!


QUESTION THE GARBAGE DUMP; OF FOOLS, IN CHARGE: or die, because they are WRONG! And the reality is: THEY WANT THEIR JOB, MONEY, PRIDE, AND POWER more; THAN protecting life or world.



as is:   A WORLD TRIAL; only real world, evidence allowed

THE LAW of democracy; “we the people decide”/ IS THE LAW OF REDRESS!

THE LEGAL RIGHT, to intervene,

TO PROVE, rather than believe. Because there is NO GOING BACK!   a bomb is VERY different”/ than a fire!


BEWARE: they hide the truth, in “made up words”/ to keep you blind/ using IRRELEVANT math, to keep you believing they are superior.


The cost of being WRONG; “on a thousand threats, HUMAN caused”;     IS EXTINCTION!

In every war: all sides, and all humanity MUST adjust to their new reality/ because War does not allow, for what you want. THIS IS A WAR TO SAVE OUR WORLD. Traitors are not welcome, failures are not tolerated, fools should never lead. Reality decides by what truth will, or will not allow. ONE WORLD/ ONE HUMANITY/ ONE FATE.  no second chances, anymore! Now, or never.

“LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD”;  depends upon YOU/ I am discarded. “the animals, want what they want”!

If they cannot prove me wrong with reality, established by known truth. THEN I CAN BE CORRECT, and the cost of failure is: INCINERATED/ NATURE HAS COLLAPSED/ THE FUTURE IS DEAD, AND how much MORE: threatens YOU? Is your bribe worth it? FACE LIFE, because death stalks you, from the shadows; of a university cult.

WHY? Because the final account proves: “they believe what they want to believe/ rather than let truth decide”. CHOOSING, this benefits me today; “to HELL” with tomorrow, I want what I want, RIGHT NOW.

The most critical TRUTH OF LIFE, in society is: that the real power of people is formed “in our hands”; BY MAKING THE LAW, OURSELVES. Not voting for someone to vote for me/ but creating the law, installing that law as fact, and enforcing that law on us all equally; which includes those called leaders.

IN THAT truth of life; we can easily remove the power of money; and give to ourselves the decision of how to divide resources and realities of living: by using limited capitalism as our source of control. By enforcing with constitutional change; that our currency SHALL BE TIED directly onto the population of our nation (citizens here). And removing the ability of our employees to make changes we do not approve: by installing ALL TAXATION collected, shall go to the specific purpose for which it was designed. “there is no one pot for all”/ which lets them decide. There is no making debts that we must pay; that power is removed. Instead government officials; shall be in charge of enforcing the laws we have made/ and investigating whether or not our truth, has been carried out. The courtroom belongs to us all; and if the judiciary or lawyer fails us/ we will remove them.

The cost of life is: the curse of human animals, has been devastating on this earth/ and the debt is due, and it must be paid in order for us all to survive. It is, that simple; or we go extinct. To prove this must be so, and establish the boundaries and limits that must be approved and accepted: REDRESS COURT must exist. To prove truth/ to prove lies/ to prove the cost of being wrong. A moratorium on all extreme experimentation across the world IS REQURIED. Until we the people of this world; decide what is in our own best interest to allow or deny.

The reality of our lives, is very simple: only truth survives, and all the universities offer is fantasy (yes we can), delusion (no consequences for us), and imagination (any lie is better than truth); none of which can stand the test of time. The reality; we face extinction, because yes you did/ create a world filled with consequences/ because, you followed and believed; while they “your gods”, chose to lie. EVEN to the death of this world by fire. EVEN to the death of nature itself, by genetic mutilation; and when asked “WHAT HAPPENS THEN”; AND their answer was: “evolution will just make something else, in a billion years or so”. Those truly insane fools; believed that was enough/ ok. Because they were sure, “we won’t pay”. Proving without question: “the cult itself, and all its worshipers; are truly insane”.


REMINDING ALL, ONCE AGAIN: THAT WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW; RULES THE NATION, AND THE WORLD. When enforced as WE THE PEOPLE will decide now; by our vote. One citizen/ one vote; same for all.  “may the best choice, be clear“!

Reality says: this earth and all its life, are doomed to die; because of what the cult, and their universities have done. As male: Truth demands it. BUT I was joined by female in life, “To balance the curse of war”:  who requires of me:  “you shall surrender NO hope”. A reality of its own, so far beyond what truth;  as man in charge requires/ that the very nature of my life is now; “what GOD can or will do”/ has nothing to do, with male; and I seem to becoming, “proof of that”. OR, maybe not; life is so different/ and I am without reference to the laws which govern my own existence. Utterly turned “upside down” so to speak.

So, in a real world sense; being changed establishes “every discipline, order/ etc” has been replaced with something new; that is thoroughly beyond my understanding as the male I once was/ or whatever it is, I am now, it is not “male in charge”. So, I will hope for you; but you must change or you will die.

And the world of men says: “we want what we want”. But, one of the many realities, that will not go away is:

8 billion people standing in a one meter square (touching each other)/ is a line 8,000,000 kilometers long. Add it up: IN REALITY; how long is 8 million kilometers? Each eating one pound of food a day x 365 days a year for what most want to be 100 years of living=36,500 pounds of “living food”/ that you personally need to survive x 8,000,000,000 more; without adding a single one more. And all that life, you intend to eat: needs space, food, water and more too.

Your reality as truth is now; fails to survive. Your reality, as a world; with change, “by the hand of GOD “ may be allowed to survive; IF YOU prove RESPECT. Simple as that. Surrender want, or die.

Just so its clear: my life has been so completely overturned, that decades of living are now obsolete, and in fact being disposed of. Which has become: “ten thousand, changed; I don’t know”, realities to be faced. While eternity has been settled for me; time is now, a complete conundrum; “without answers”! So, don’t come here, the past is over.

I functionally feel like: “thrown naked in the street (it is NOT a pleasant feeling); not likely to turn out well; at least its dark, with none around: but that means you continue to fail”. Once again: let no male or pretender, come here for anything sexual/ the GOD of life says, to tell you “the darkest pit of Hades” will be your reward. Again; not me warning you; as I have very few options left; another “learn what female, means”.

While all the rest of living, remains basically the same; no warning beyond sex is needed. As to female, I have no clue; my ownership of life and body, as it was; has failed. Not female/ not male; don’t know: from time defined by discipline and order/ to none of it, as I have no clue.

There is a final word, to this work: each decision we make, establishes our identity. What then is true, becomes our life. None can escape what is, their own truth; but the value of our own contribution, to love and life; “covers much”. Destiny remembers.

originating site below.


ORIGINATING COPYRIGHT TXu 2-344-686 companion site to www.justtalking7.info 

The single purpose: is to aid and abet the values of life; found below!

The secondary purpose: most needed here:

is to stop, “a tiny few people” from controlling every conversation throughout society; “liars can claim anything”/ truth decides by the evidence of our reality. Every failed society is wrecked by this method. Media tells you what you think. AS is: no effort to understand covid: ONLY “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”! Universities, are the experts, which cannot be questioned. Leaders of men choose war (take what you want from them:; when hiding their own failures: with “fight, fear, or die”. Intellectual leaders choose bribes; “lie, cheat, steal, betray the future; deny reality. “let the children pay”! Which is war, by divide  (give to the poor, who will obey/ give to the cult worshipers, who will fear and believe) and conquer the middle by destroying their rights, and committing them to slavery through poverty. NOW, “you will repent; accepting, the universities (the elite/ the superior ones) are god (we have a book; as every religion claims)“/ or be judged: die.

Which means: stop believing “leaders”, and start thinking for yourself

. AS DOES begin with: there was no pandemic; until media made it so. there was no evidence, until healthcare claimed: “the only problem was covid;colds, flu, everything disappeared in that first year; but covid”. OTHER disease was brought back 2 years later; “to prove their vaccine worked; BELIEVE”.Therefore the evidence hides in the diseases they chose to hide; change in deaths. There was no legitimate right to trillions of dollars, the risk to all: for their vaccine!  Which was: PAID to a very tiny few: proving until all leadership was governed by university diplomas: reality would not allow.  THE CLAIM: “we won”/ has no validity in covid, where reality does not prove what was true. WHAT IS TRUE; is the universities,have been making & mutilating diseases, and experimenting with vaccine: to sell. Which gave them the power;to dismantle lives, business, associations, society, more; “even stealing your face”; by your fears    they chose to create.

This primary service is then: an old school/ old world: members meeting people who are willing to talk, in places scheduled for real world discussions. Meetings identified by people who are willing to meet strangers! Known: By displaying our “badge”: for the realities of real life/ real communication/ real you!  YOU agree: to be kind and polite, providing respect: accepting display of this badge is, the acceptance of that demand.

There are 5 distinct services suggested. Each begins with:

an invitation to talk.

for the purposes of: strangers meeting strangers

The foundation of this business structure is:

we remind you: that you CANNOT, meet a friend/ UNTIL you meet a stranger first.

Each service is a different, independent part of the business.

serving people who desire to meet people, for common conversations; copyright Txu 2-083-110. is this a foundation of what you: desire to share?

Potentially serving people who desire; to be recognized “still living today, not trapped or other: while being invited to meet people”

is this what you desire ?

serving people who desire to create foundation conversations

which are more complex than just screaming at each other

or letting someone else decide for us. By going beyond, what we are told “by leaders”.

As is the slogan: seeking solutions among ourselves.

is this what you desire ?

Serving people who desire to create critical relationships

that are complex and personal. From the beginning of knowledge,

an understanding will arise: so that we may both know

what our future together might become.

With information defined, that suggests; “what our living”

will be like. How the future of our respect, for life and world, may unfold.

is this what you desire ?

Allowing; as is to aid and abet

the guardians of children

to create the rules for themselves

in order to balance and create the opportunities

every child needs, to create friends.

The heart is built and strengthened: mentally, physically, and with hope, by the work and interactions of a child. Making play of all kinds; a vital role in their future.

is this what you desire from this service ?

Your decision is: TO ACCEPT THE RISK:

TO become a member here in the type and kind of participation you choose.

FULLY KNOWING; this service intends, to provide the opportunity for you to meet strangers/ and for them to understand: you will accept respectful attempts to be a friend or find a friend. Or at least participate in a short polite conversation.

if these are valuable efforts which you will support: and accept the risks involved: then become a member. IF NOT: then simply refuse to become a member. 

The secondary reality begins with:

Common beliefs, governed by wants; turn society a herd of animals shouting “we want what we want”. Common beliefs governed by the power of experts: turn democracy into; the failure to understand what pride is doing. Pride is: always an enemy; someone has to lose. Common beliefs; that universities “Know; therefore choose”/ awaits the evidence of life, to prove what is true. That evidence identifies: our world is dying/ our nature is being mutilated into chaos/ our planet is threatened, by those trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire; just like the sun, here on earth/ our future has no resources, which means only war is left/ and humanity itself has no respect for the truth: THIS IS A FINITE PLANET, and there is room for no one else; as is the result which finds our world now faces extinction. Because of choices, without respect: that were made, by universities, plays god.

And the herd shouts: “you cannot make us fear”/ the universities are god and savior to us.  WE BELIEVE, “reality does not matter”; no consequences for us!

BUT reality shouts back: truth is truth, and it is a fool, who never learns the difference between life and death (even for a world); is built upon the laws which govern what is real. The animal wants;  but a human being alive, is required to think, for yourself.

THIS SERVICE IS NEW: if you wish? Small investors are welcomed/ up to the point where the business has been established: under these terms and conditions.

Frequently answered questions.