There is only one government, only one authority immune from prosecution in this USA; that is the constitution itself/ and it bows down only to one authority which is the certainty of change by that law which governs us all. EVERY CITIZEN is equal, and there are NO exceptions. Because as the current screamers prove: the animals cannot be controlled by justice or rights or rules/ there must be limits and boundaries to keep order and discipline; by balancing OUR TRUTH with that law. REAL GOVERNMENT MEANS: RESOLVED BY LAW/ NOT WAR.

SO: No you may not simply scream, when not faced with the punishment of war; as is death, mutilation, and starvation and more.

PRETENDING IS BANISHED; if you want to scream/ then go to the war you protest: NOT here. Or shut up, and work within the law/ so that peace is possible: or you are just like the rest: fighting to war/ by discarding peace! CHOOSE WORLD LAW AND DEFINE IT, BY ENFORCING LEADERS SHALL OBEY OUR WE THE WORLD LAWS; or face the consequences for breaking down our peace. THAT IS, YOUR ONLY SOLUTION!

The pretenders are exactly like those who protested the Vietnam war: when the safety of a game is over/ they disappear into “cracks in the wall” to hide. Proving “the mob” has no value. Because they fight for nothing, but a lie. So war begins: because a lie is not enough, to change what must be changed; as is hate.

The constant of human life is: that people want “an EASY ENEMY”/ to prove they don’t have to fear. By grouping their hate “onto something simple; such as color, or a face type, or other simple reference”. Shouting “this is the enemy”/ when in fact it is only hate that consumes you; and that comes in all forms of humanity without reference to color or other elements in view. Hate is a universal human understanding: you do know what it is, but being hidden; it attacks/ so you stay away. Hate wants war: because there is no better disguise for what they do. Making the constant of peace or war, about hate, and nothing else. REAL LAW removes they cloak, and demands truth; identifying hate. Therefore ANY and EVERY MOB; exists only to hide the hate, and enforce war instead of peace.

What is critical to human existence however is: that groups are groups because it limits the competition to just us in our group. Whereas when you mix every group together/ NOW the competition is far more severe; and hate will grow. A failure to respect our own realities of existence here on earth. “Like it, or not”.

Which leaves us with: THE LAW MUST be universal, described by truth to be the best we can be; upheld in court to be as justified and fair as equality and truth will allow. Because it is the tool we defend ourselves with. As with all tools however; hate will try to create a mob, a disguise, a war, or a rule to corrupt whatever can be corrupted; as is this day of hate, as run by “university knows, and their delusions/ their media owned propaganda/ and constant of political puppets to ruin life and earth. As seen with covid: no evidence is required, only the claim of universities are god/ PAY TRILLIONS, and do whatever we say, including MUTILATE YOUR OWN GENETICS. Because the universities cannot be wrong; so says their cult. While no responsibilities are accepted: for releasing the biological weapon of covid itself; because they do want to prove “they control it all”/ especially life; and with their belief in evolution, “lets inject chaos”; & their fantasies, we can take control over the same fire as on the sun (flames a million miles long; by their description); they prove themselves:  “god/ called SATAN”.  BUT as Destroyers, of earth, the “lake of fire” unleashed. To your eternal terrors; the cost of being WRONG; is beyond your imagination.            so the people scream to shout we are not afraid/ when in fact the word coward does apply.

And the animals all say: “we know what we want/ and we know what we don’t want; and we won’t believe anything, that is not what we want; so you are a liar.

The intellectuals all say: “you cannot convince us of anything, because you have no proof like a university diploma is”/ we want like the courtroom EVERY SINGLE DOT, and every single spelling, and every single possibility discussed in detail; because there is an excuse in every one; NOT to believe anything we don’t want. Not even the evidence of a dead creature is enough to prove anything; unless we say it is. So you are a liar.

Religion of all kinds offers: THIS IS NOT everything we expected, you have not “dotted, or crossed every tee, and placed every period; exactly as our religion predicts”. So you must be a liar/ because what we believe is “this book is all we want”. So, you must be a liar.

And leaders all say: we cannot be wrong, because then the people would despise us/ and we lose our job, power, and pride. Our purpose to guide the propaganda, corrupt the law for power, and establish pride by claiming “only the expertise of a university knows anything; so the people can obey our rules/ or we can blame them. So you must be a liar.

Which leaves the last group of human discipline; which remains afraid of being wrong/ refusing ridicule or gossip or being cut from the herd. Who then say; you must be a liar. Even if the evidence is complete and true as best we can know. BECAUSE WE BELIEVE “the universities simply CANNOT be that wrong”!  Because they lead our lives, and we have no say. BUT redress puts we the people back in control of democracy itself; and that means we the people DO HAVE A SAY.  if we unite as one people in defense of ourselves. investigating WHAT IS TRUE/ THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG; as is our duty!

the living know:  “only truth can decide, from the evidence of our reality”/ because anything less is want, and want will always believe what it wants to believe. Even love is subject to that reality: so truth alone must decide what is real.     or there will be consequences beyond what you expect.    it is that simple!

So, I tried and tried; but humanity said, “all that matters is stuff, pride, power, and want; as is “full throttle” greed. Offering only ridicule or gossip as their true response. Or they ran away to hide; refusing law, because that does not offer protection, unless the whole of society fights with you. Unfortunately for humanity and earth: truth will always win. Nothing less can survive.

Our very finite planet will fail to keep us alive: without true change in humans. Because the truth is: every form of game you play is about taking all the resources you can get/ just to throw them away, as proof “I win”/ you lose.  And that, does not include the absolute failure: of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect so rampant on universities:  that our extinction is literally in view, “from a thousand” different sources. Each of which, is enough: to cause our demise; because that is what people chose. to your shame.  And humanity screams:  WE KNOW what we know/ but you only believe what you have been told by your cult of university worship/ media saturation. AS is while it is true that coal has problems/ it is also true, that natural gas needs roughly 4 times more oxygen to burn cleaner. and you are using more oxygen than this planet can release. NO easy answers exist/ and that is the truth.

Reality says: if the law is insufficient to our needs/ then it is the law that must be changed; as reality allows it to be. NOT by you or me/ not by groups or hate or claims of privilege or superiority; but by us, as we the people enforced.

The claim of trump and his nazi party is: “we will turn back time”/ IS SIMPLE; they cannot. FAILURE as it always does; ENDS WITH WAR.

The claim of biden and his insurgency of rebellion: as is we don’t need no damn truth, we can want whatever we want; and make our fantasies come true/ is a lie.

The claim of leadership in Israel is: we will have revenge/ for all that went wrong when evicted from this land; by these people who caused our genocide. But as biblical realities impose: these two groups have warred for thousands of years; and get what they get, because they both chose it to be so. No sympathy; and instead of war, destroying life and property. THEY NEED TO RESOLVE IT; by simply meeting on the battlefield; as was done a thousand years ago: “face to face”/ among those who hate for each side. With international forces waiting to enforce: you stop only when dead/ or a true compromise has been reached.

LAW REQUIRES:  THAT WE IDENTIFY, WITH ABSOLUTE CLARITY, as best we can: the most simple method of deciding how to identify: what our society can or cannot do/ for life or world or others.  the amendments are short for cause/ another example is the biblical ten commandments; short for cause, so the foundation comes forward to achieve that order as we need to discipline our nation; along with  REAL AND HONEST courtrooms to balance the claim of some who will always test the limits of what we can do.  ending the travesty, disgrace, and destruction of fools;  such as is found in extreme university experimentation.  worst of the worst:  trying to bring the same fire here as on the sun/ as is trying to prove they are gods, instead of human.  no greater fool exists, except those who believe; no brain at all.

Truth then says: that throughout the decades of my own work, the one constant is: universities CANNOT be questioned/ not even by the law, or courts or judiciary or anyone; because they are the “experts”. So they must know. And media enforces: “believe/ fear/ obey”; as the saturation of propaganda demands.

But the evidence replies: we are surrounded now by “a thousand different threats” to our own extinction/ because of changes that have been made, and a refusal to accept the consequences of what “universities did do”. Because the reality of those consequences were hidden by all those called expert; letting a few create doubt/ but enforcing WHAT WE WANT IS FINE; to hell with them that say consequences exist. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; end of story.

Today however as reality and its consequences identify truth: things like the water crisis of Mexico city, are realities of truth that the universities were in charge of/ and failed to address: because that, would ruin the game of imagination is all we need.

Same is of course true in this USA; where when questioning the water survey people of IL; as to why did they not warn the people when water supplies would be in danger. With all seriousness their reply: WE CANNOT OR WE LOSE OUR JOB, and since it was such a good job, with little or not responsibilities, and a “big paycheck”. They were more than willing to let the crisis of water loss be true for perhaps a million people; with no further options in their own reality/ because of changes made by a few.

How many people would have chosen their same path? Answer MORE: than would admit to it. While reality knows, rather than believes: we face one crisis after another: because a few did change what they could, each demanding: I WON’T CARE/ and don’t you do nothing to change that. But alas: nobody cared, and the consequence is: now we face our truth, as it was chosen to be. Truth, is truth; and lies won’t work anymore.