Lets examine the reality of government employees; and what they did do, in this USA. Both state of IL and federal.

  1. NO ONE gave you the power to bankrupt us all. Deliberately creating debts which cannot be paid/ counterfeiting assets, which don’t exist/ removing every asset to foreigners, to hide what you did do: or anything else government controlled by traitor betrayal has been.
  2. NO ONE gave you the power to create war/ denying it was war. Failing the option of peace, that is WORLD LAW decides now.
  3. NO ONE gave you the power to remove all resources, pollute an entire world, dump trillions of tons of toxic waste around, under, over, into, and near water sources. As you have done. As is the result of 60+ years of dumping. “so where did it go”? Sources say: toxic injection wells were scheduled to close from over capacity decades ago. ++++++++!
  4. NO ONE gave you the power to assassinate this very finite planet, in all the ways you did do that. Insuring every child literally “goes to hell”/ and becomes extinct.
  5. NO ONE gave you the power to believe in universities as god/ corrupting every courtroom/ indoctrinating every child in the religion of universities are god/ denying reality/ destroying ocean life/ participating in global warming/ cursing the entire food supply, by opening the genetics to pandemic levels of disease/ mutilating and crucifying life which is genetic nature.
  6. NO ONE gave you the power, to risk every life on earth, by believing the universities are god/ and thereby worthy of being trusted with the genetics of our very existence. NO ONE gave you the power to risk every life on earth by believing the universities are god; and providing the means to ignite a nuclear fire just like the sun. here on earth creating the means to turn this planet into a sun: same fire/ same result/ fantasies for claims of expertise; not reality.
  7. NO ONE gave you the power to sell media into the hands of a very tiny few; who now control everything media is allowed to tell us/ propagate among us/ or entice to believe; the universities cannot be wrong.
  8. NO ONE gave you the power to claim covid: when that truly began with 30 people in China getting sick in one week/ and the entire world is threatened the next week; with a biological disease created in laboratories of the universities. Proves conspiracy/ collusion/ corruption of the evidence/ denial of our rights to decide for ourselves/ the removal of freedom/ the overthrow of democracy/ the curse of liberty, which is to remove our assembly of people so as to defend ourselves by discussing what is true; demanding truth in evidence. And every other source of NAZI (WE WILL overthrow) leadership is in power now.
  9. NO ONE gave you the power to claim the universities cannot be questioned in court; they are not god/ and all the evidence points to the realities of a dying planet, and a cursed to hell life on earth: DUE TO UNIVERSITIES RULE now.
  10. NO ONE gave you the power to install your religion over government/ as is evolution; the primary elemental cause in allowing genetic holocaust of nature itself.
  11. NO ONE gave you the power to remove every asset of manufacturing or resource/ that is the basis and reality of how our society creates for itself; the things we need for living.
  12. NO ONE gave you the power to deny the truth, and claim the lie: that we are not in trouble as a world. Pointing to so many things which threaten with extinction. Just one is: at 8 billion people; even a one percent increase in population is 80 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED EACH YEAR/ every year+. THAT MEANS: 80 NATIONS MUST MAKE ROOM FOR ONE MILLION MORE PEOPLE EACH YEAR/ and all their needs. As is nothing leadership has done in the last fifty PLUS years: even remotely suggests; that we can survive. ALL OF IT, IS EVIDENCE OF DELIBERATE SABATOGE; the intent to take all you can get/ as traitors do: by letting the others die. Sacrificing their lives/ for your own greed.TREASON IS: DOING EVERYTHING YOU CAN, TO INSURE THE NATION YOU SERVE, WILL COLLAPSE/ SO THAT THEIR ENEMIES CAN TAKE CONTROL. “LAST STEP” IN INTELLECTUAL INSURGENCY: make them attack each other/ with civil war. As is the media attack of division/ cursing each other with separation. Stealing from the nation and evicting them with covid. Denying truth and reality as with endless trillions of dollars: TO THE VERY PEOPLE WHO CREATED THE DISEASE MANIPULATION. Denying reality in every construction of lies and liar that can exist. Proving so horrendous/ so vile, evil, and cursed: AS TO CONDEMN THE FUTURE to DEATH/ by the evil you do. As is the translation of Satan on earth.YOU; chose to risk our world with global warming. YOU chose to risk the collapse of society, with covid. YOU chose to risk all of nature with genetic mutilation; as is the crucifixion of life itself. YOU chose to risk the world with weapons of mass destruction. YOU chose to destroy the oceans; “with horrible decisions and the curse of human leadership”/ which will prove to be catastrophic. YOU chose to let species extinction escalate into “millions lost”. YOU chose to let habitat become ruined. YOU chose to let universities play with nuclear balance, of our entire planet. YOU chose “ten thousand things” by university is god/ and the politician is merely a puppet under their control: to prove extinction is coming. To your political shame, each and every one who said: I won’t care about consequences/ I won’t share the decisions which decide life OR death/ and nothing will make me respect this world, or any life in it; but mine. As is the subsequent truth; assigned to you; and all those who followed screaming “university is our god”. While the judiciary screamed: you can’t question our god, called universities/ “they are god”; to your eternal shame.Reality imposes “limits and boundaries” on all of life and living/ because freedom alone does not guarantee truth, respect, balance, disciplines, order, hope, or a future.

    Reality imposes “limits and boundaries” on relationships; because we cannot tear each other down, if we do not go beyond this point. Thereby questioning the truth of trust, and accepting its reality; rather than our want identifies what will come.

    Reality imposes “limits and boundaries” on business, medicine, universities, society, and all the rest; because we are not gods, and we must accept the best we can do, is the best we can do; without endangering the rest/ or causing them harm.

    Reality imposes “limits and boundaries” on government, media, courts, and so on; because the end result of people who can take advantage over the rest; are often found doing just that. So the limit of constitutional direction as intended to govern our employees; is given in the US preamble/ and the boundaries of what these employees are allowed to do, is sanctioned by what follows, as included in the “virginia bill of rights & declaration of independence”. ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN DISCARDED; for universities lead now. Which is treason, the leading edge of insurrection and rebellion against this nation called USA. Because as a cult, where all its believers question nothing of universities in charge; you fell into the abyss or sewer of want. To enable extinction, and sustain that path, against every life, and every future life on this planet. None of which is legal use of democracy.