dead weight


THE QUESTION IS:  WILL YOU RISE, or be carried (dead weight)/ OR BE LOST AS A WORLD?  this is not a game; evidence is real.

BY LAW, NOT WAR/ BY TRUTH, NOT JUDGMENT OR BELIEF/ BY THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AS BEST WE CAN DEFINE AND DISCOVER; CHOOSING TO KNOW, RATHER THAN FEAR/ CHOOSING TO UNDERSTAND, RATHER THAN OBEY/ CHOOSING TO LET TRUTH DECIDE; rather than let want decide for us. The first step; to a future we might survive/ if we are lucky, and mercy comes. Because every foundation, of life and world, needed for living: is under attack. NOT a game.

The constant of men throughout history is: whosoever gains the most, wins! But the reality of life is: there are no winners, only those who enslave, by any means possible/ and those who do not. The constant of university is: whosoever controls is god/ and they want to control everything, by using [deception/ denial/ delusion/ and fantasy to confuse and ridicule] as payment to themselves (we tricked you/ the trap did work). Covid is just the beginning of your fear and beliefs. The leaders say: OBEY, and the cult says: no one is allowed to refuse; as covid proved true.

YOU CANNOT TAKE OVER A NATION, with intellectual war”/ UNTIL YOU MAKE THEM AFRAID OF “SAYING ANYTHING”. By using irrelevant conversation to destroy what common sense knows is true/ with the arrogance of filth and sewage that intends to take control by delusion, deceit, fantasy, and the disease of words such as evolution. INTO THE MAZE of intellectual war; results in: they are now in control: because they control the propaganda/ and practice in all ways: to defeat you/ by studying your response. So they can prepare deceit and defecate as needed; on you.

But once you have let them “play god as experts”: NOW your only way out, is to bring them into court. EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE OF PROOF; that is the truth of their ways/ the reality of the price we will pay. And then evict the curse of death from our lives and world. By proving: we will not accept less than: LIFE, sanctioned by nature shall not be touched (no more beliefs/ no more obedience to lies or bribes) AND WORLD shall not be used for your games, or your purpose of fear (none of them); COME FIRST.

NO MORE CLAIMS OF EXPERTISE: YOU WILL PROVE, in a court of law/ so that the best we can do: IS ON DISPLAY, without media deception.

  1. EVOLUTION:  “with more than this looks like that”.
  2. NATURE WILL NOT BE DESTROYED; by your mutilation or playing god with life.
  3. YOU CANNOT IGNITE THIS PLANET INTO A SUN as is self-sustaining (just like the sun) plasma and every other truth you lied about.
  5. WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WILL NOT BE USED in a world overrun by people
  6. UNIVERSITIES DID NOT BANKRUPT THIS NATION;  where nothing is true, and numbers proved to be the greatest thieves of all.
  7. DESTROYING EVERYTHING THIS NATION DEPENDS UPON, was not a universities driven reality; as begins with indoctrinating every child to believe: “university is god/ and cannot be questioned: as the courts accept/ even when life itself/ even world: is literally endangered. And a thousand more.
  8. Make them prove: their claim of expertise, allows for saying male and female are the same, in any possible way! As they do with claims of transgender or other: as is the demand for money, from us.
  9. Make them prove at CERN they have expanded the periodic table/ with nothing more than a computer claim. Which is no evidence at all.
  10. Make them prove artificial intelligence is not an enemy.
  11. Make them prove robots capable of being weaponized/ will not be weaponized.
  12. Make them prove their complete disrespect “of everything called common sense (taught by life)” is warranted.

When the “great sewage tank” drained: it was the universities that rose out, from all that shit: to reveal parasites (credit to enslave)/ worms (politicians who eat your life with debts)/ rats (who lie, cheat, and steal)/ disease (propagating believe, fear, obey, with media enforced saturation)/ death (destroy their ability to know right from wrong; with frivolous excuses)/ and “university is Satan”/destruction (let none stand in the way of money; as god counterfeits whatever he wants; to kill the future, destroy nature, and defy life on earth) as the new way of life on earth. The cost of GREED (the greatest storehouse of STUPID AND VILE; as is humanity itself/ throwing away this world for numbers_ that have no reality; POOF, all gone) beyond measure, as humanity fell into their own fantasy and delusions, of we can play god too. Choosing no respect for life or world/ choosing we refuse to care about this world/ choosing “we are gods; all we have to do IS LIE, AND STEAL THIS WORLD, from every child; assassinating them all.

In this USA; the dead walk among you; as a living example of a brain without a clue/ a curse upon us all/ cult worshipers nearly one and all; due to the indoctrination of every school child with the disease of university knows. A failure at every level of life and truth; spewing vomit as is every intellectual maze and puking hate, to keep you from realizing what is going on. Distracted with filth; but entangled with choices that have no value or worth to life or world.

HISTORY SHOWS US; the war with money, as was the Jewish intent to take over Germany prior to world war 2; by controlling the banks/ controlling who got to own the property being foreclosed upon/ who controlled life in society with control over every resource/ and who was pushed out, because world war 1 left them destitute and without a future. Making them easy pickings for “money is god; over you”. History shows us how that turned out; as a bad decision/ recognized by people who became overwhelmed by their own desire for power now. the elite/ as with universities”; Having mastered deceit: one of the methods still being used is “let Christians aid the Jews; its your duty”.  As all Jewish people simply abandon these (let them pay), and collect your money; waiting to see if compassion will open the door to foreclose on you.  IT IS like trying to feed the starving of Africa/ which simply allows for more children to be born; which then destroys the planet which could not feed their masses already. because people want/ rather than accept the reality of truth;  as is “POPULATION CONTROL” FIRST.  [while that is a decision for all women: the most likely solution is an “IUD”/ as is known to work, for years/ is reversible/ and not known to have severe side effects. WHICH does remove the pharmaceutical interference and money].

HISTORY SHOWS US: the intellectual war, as was the Jewish intent to take control over what is now called Israel; was far more effective. Instead of a war with bullets or money will decide. They attacked with the delusion of: we will give you what you want/ if you just give us control over the property; and assign your titles over to our corporation who makes life for you “EASY”. Shouting its all good/ this is great, you are free, money is easy now, everything is wonderful; let them have it. Which is exactly what Palestine did; over thirty years. And all was well, until they all received an eviction notice; and the ships quietly floated in with tanks and machine guns to take control over the land; as OWNERS now.  The very same is true of immigrants coming here; need to be paid for by THEIR GROUP that is here/ or from where they came; because illegal means: YOU DON’T have a right to charge us, to pay for your own decisions. YOUR GROUP/ YOUR DEBT. The world is now full; and that means, this is our LEGAL WE BUILT IT (good or bad), home. That is true of Israel and Palestine war: a war that has lasted literally thousands of years/ no sympathy: LET THE JEWS who are here, and around the world pay for their own “group nation” intent. Not our bill. Ukraine is different; because it was not their choice; either hidden or on purpose/ they were merely invaded as are we.

BUT AS HISTORY PROVES TRUE: the Jewish nation was evicted from their homeland of thousands of years/ and left without a country, as every group would do: THEY WANTED A NATION to claim their own BACK. Same as is true for a world overrun by immigrants today, only not as organized and determined; but they will be for war. Because it remains true: WE HAVE OVERRUN THIS PLANET WITH HUMANITY; and as rats in a maze with too many rats; trouble will come. The only method out is law; but humanity wants what it wants instead; as is the constant male trait of human existence: WE CAN TAKE WHATEVER WE WANT! If, we kill them first. As will soon be: the beginning of HELL on earth; “kill a billion people/ STILL 7 + BILLION to go; and they keep multiplying. So you stand on the edge of complete chaos; because you are running out of water, and will war. Which proves you run out of food, and will war. Which proves you have no future left, because everything is destroyed: and WILL TURN TO CANNIBALISM: to drink blood/ and eat each other; which will be the final insanity that cannot be overcome. As the disease of death overtakes you. As the final assault of biological warfare is unleashed/ and atomic weapons fall over this entire earth. IF, THE MUTILATION OF NATURE, as universities play god; does not take you first/ OR THE IGNITION OF “FIRE JUST LIKE THE SUN” DOES NOT INCINERATE THIS WORLD; into a sun; as universities intend and try everyday; to do. You are: the most stupid, and most insane, despicable people every born in the history of earth: because this is what you chose/ letting universities be your god.

That same intellectual war has been going on here for the last fifty years/ with the same damn results as did Palestine share with you: “its all easy/ give them your title/ be happy, as media insists you are”. Let the children be cult worshipers/ let the fools lead/ follow every liar and thief, with bribes for you; “your own special robbing hood”. As the values of knowledge: as is truth, life, nature, world, happiness, common sense, and every virtue known to exist: are trampled underfoot by the most deceitful creation ever born/ as is “university”; the dead weight of a world gone mad.



STOP THE INSANITY OF FOOLS, and use world law to enforce: NO MORE OF THIS.




AND CHOOSE LIFE AND WORLD COMES FIRST; building back the future/ before you are DEAD, because that is what you chose.

and the people all said: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, to hell with you. As they collect their bribes, and sell their soul to death, arrogance, apathy, hate, and disrespect. “their choice”/ their fate; can’t be saved without change. Simple as that.

As for history: back to world war 1; the French and others just wanted to survive/ so they banded together, and made it a world war instead of a small war. The Jewish group just wanted to survive/ so they tried to take what they needed; as is the constant throughout all of history. The Germans just wanted to survive, but learned to hate in the process of being overrun. The Palestine people just wanted to survived but found themselves without a legal claim and the courts ended so they could not; and attacked, because hate is hate/ and recorded history proves “hate between these never goes away”/ so they war, as always. Immigrants just want to survive, and find themselves OUR HOME now; as is the cost of war throughout history. Or more simply; the way of men is to fight for money, with the game of money/ and since only a few can be rich and enslave all the rest: war is the end result, again and again and again. because life is not a game/ but money always ends with war. Because men make it into a game, and the majority will always lose; so they immigrate to escape the slavery/ but find themselves without; and war. Screaming, IF they see an opening: “US, OR THEM”.     the reality of every group.

The cost of living, for this world: is very simple/ the law will rule, by letting the honesty of truth decide for us all. OR, there will be chaos and insanity, as the world itself goes to HELL AND EXTINCTION. Because we are too many people on earth; to survive in any other way. Which will require dividing the nations into smaller, group ethnic realities of individual choice and responsibilities.

And the world says: “we have no choice/ because it is true”. The struggle however will be: “as fair and justified for value and life or world” as it is possible for us all to do; for each other.

While some argue: that life is enough, and you should need no more. The reality of our time is, as with all time: we do all have needs which must be met. Therefore the quest for a valued life, requires those needs to be met. To have more, is a matter of balancing life with society and earth. To have less than needs met, will endanger war, and its terrors to the living. You do know what is fair: but it comes within the limits of/ FROM THE DAY WE DIVIDE to establish “this is ours/ and that is yours”. There shall never be a day, when that is not true: international forces shall insure it/ and if there is genocide to one group. Then you shall be bound to the guarantee: there SHALL be genocide for the group who proved to attack. No mercy/ is no mercy. Each group responsible for their own: divided/ as hate is divided and separated from you as well. Making this world: as each group provides for itself/ with mercy given only to those who are responsible to the rest.

This is part of: CHANGE OR DIE, because you are too many for any other way/ the earth too damaged to allow failure to go on. CARE/ SHARE/ RESPECT; which is sadly unlike anything your “fools god; of university” has taught. The journey back to life is long/ the journey to extinction is short: CHOOSE BETTER, than your want; or you will be allowed to go extinct.

It is, my job: simply to bring this world the message: if you do not change your ways/ then you will face extinction after HELL is released; because that is what you chose.

I am NOT; your savior/ your guru, priest, etc/ not your leader/ not your excuse or complaint/ not your expert or other! I am: “merely the messenger”/ and you are its recipient.

I know not what you will choose/ only, that you do have a choice.

What happens to me now: is unknown/ I have no clue. Regardless; not perfect/ but sufficient. I did do, what I did do; for life and world and child. Simple as that: I brought to this world, “its message”/ what you do with that message, is entirely up to you.  “it is not up to me”.

YOUR CHOICE EXISTS: “to rise or fall”.

My choice is: that different needs different to describe a new life on earth. Which puts women in charge of the law we need to survive as this world, as a changed planet. Not because they are better (they aren’t)/ but because they are different, and men have had their “thousands of years” to make improvements to life and living and world. The evidence proves they failed/ and their answer of war, is friend to none.

So, if asked by: an organization of women WHO ARE trying to make a difference for life and world/ then I will help them. If not: for all intents and purposes; I no longer exist to you, I did what I could/ “good or bad” it is what I did do. Your choice/ your future/ your eternity: whatever it is! A lifetime for me lost, because you would not care; but also values gained inside. Every truth, comes with decisions that do have consequences as well. Realities unknown. I will hope for the best, until there is no room for hope. For you, as well as me.

Even so: this USA is now communist: as is only a tiny few make all the decisions/ only a tiny few will control all the jobs/ only a tiny few will have all the money, along with their army of insurgents to mop up the rest/ only a tiny few control media/ only a tiny few control education/ only a tiny few are leaders; and every single one is indoctrinated by universities to be their cult priests. As is give us everything in homage. As is a communist election that is no election/ orchestrated by media to propagate the idea, but in a nation turned beggar and bribed: there is no real decision to make. REALITY KNOWS: that whosoever “tells you what to believe”/ is the actual power behind the door: who does make the decision: as is university, and its many forms of “staffing”! POWER knows; these are proven to be under their control; as covid proved without a doubt. by trillions spent/ by enforcement:  “of NAZI” there shall be no more democracy; as enforced by the puppets of our government. While every politician knows: buy a few electoral votes “and you’re done. but don’t worry; soon the robotic army will keep you under control or dead! and lest we forget: the Apocalypse: war for water, comes quickly now; but you are believers; “go ahead fall asleep”/ the universities, and its media are your saviors; ain’t that so?  While the world itself dies, from human apathy and its beliefs. While the children are being lost to insanity, some I am told literally trying to be “cats and dogs” for attention; the parents having no time to love them; because of the burden of “inflation/ another tax on top of the 80% being charged to us now; the result of covid. OR those poor children are the first of what taking the covid vaccine did do to life, (they are the smallest bodies) as would be Armageddon begins. Either way, the dead weight of covid; is responsible, along with those who created that biological weapon, released it, and then sold us their “cure”. As is, a consistent con: throughout all of history. To your shame, each and nearly every one.

So that there is no confusion: I DO NOT claim to be physically female, in any way other than “breasts/ that grew themselves here, without ANY help from me: I have NO control at all, period”. Just how it is, nothing more: why I do not know/ how, I do not know/ how far they will go, I do not know. However I do claim that spiritually, beyond the recognition of time; I found the door of female truth; opened it/ and became trapped therein. A reality that is not a participant in this world or this time/ and my work distills the evidence to prove: my education does go beyond yours, in ways you do not understand.

IF the day comes when by miracle/ NOT surgery or any other method of change; beyond what nature/ or spiritual intervention itself can do: to prove REAL CHANGE as is evident by the body being changed, fully and functionally; on its own. THEN I will tell you so. Otherwise, male is male/ female is female; and the line between cannot be crossed; because they are truly so different as to be considered “from completely different planets”, so to speak. Different dimensions in fact! How this will end for me: I do not know. But I do know this: if it had not been for female spiritual intervention in my life/ this work would have ceased; and in all probability confronted men with fear provided by things you also “do not understand”. SHE provided the work, as presented in Revelation 12 (a new life; law not leaders) & 17; 3 (control over the beast of man)/ which kept me working for you.

So, lets review you, the dead weight of living without a brain that works: the greatest tragedy of life is “a university”/ because there are so many who want control over life, society, and world: to play god over you, that every form of value is negated with the truth of their disgrace as a criminal organization intent upon taking control over the world. To do that they must CONFUSE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE/ because then people turn to believe/ fear/ obey; instead of reality truth and evidence. As an example of that intent to confuse: we look to the current claims of transgender or “we all have a right to be ourselves/ why can’t we all just get along and be friends/ who can say what is true/ and so on”.

People hide in belief: so you cannot confuse me anymore/ I have decided this is what life is; and there will be no more discussion; because it is what I want; the prison door is locked/ to keep you out; and I won’t let you in. to protect myself from confusion. People turn to fear as a means to identify who or what is attacking them; so they can run away and hide from that threat of punishment or death; simple as that. People obey; because they surrender to the threat of fear, and do not want to believe in what they are being told: so they retreat to “you are in charge, of me”. These all become cult zealots, because the end result is; they are manipulated into accepting; “university is god”/ so that life can be easy for them.

The claim of transgender/ homosexual/ lesbian/ etc: is the intent to bite society, and make them release their judgment of what “common sense” describes as true. Because common sense is the means of letting this world teach us what is real/ as opposed to “the universities” telling us what is real. Can’t be gods unless you remove common sense; because in the real world; fantasy and delusion are a fraud/ whereas in the universities world; they are the epitome of imagination; “their heaven”. Where nothing is relegated by law/ and everything is possible because truth has no consequences if we learn to disguise it with lies. So the real world realities of male and female; as is obviously true: with blanket developments proving this is male/ and this is female; are destroyed by the imagination of “university is now god”/ and you will obey, what we tell you to believe: fear god will evict you, from this herd; if you do not. So people of the cult (never question a leader) surrender reality, and believe what they are told, under threat.

We then look at: “we all have a right to be ourselves, whatever that is”. Which is actually true; because it is your life/ your decision/ your eternity: it is not mine. You must live your truth/ just as I must live mine; and I don’t choose to participate in judgment, and the consequence of “playing god”/ as is potentially horrific. So you just go your way, and I will go mine; and if you don’t interfere with my life/ I won’t interfere with yours. But the foolish rarely leave that alone, and they want to be included in life as if they were the same. Disrespect for truth; you chose differently, not same. That of course does not true to be true;  and that is where the intent to control and manipulate: YOU HAVE NO SAY IN YOUR OWN LIFE OR SOCIETY OR WHAT YOU THINK; comes into play, as if a game/ with universities control now. Who defend and protect every form of conversation that is intended to confuse and take control over society: because that is where the power is/ the pride to prove we are gods over you and will decide/ proving NOT you. Apathy toward the living. Making life into a game: gives them the power over rules/ instead of laws as is: this is male/ and this is female and its a “package deal”. No exceptions; don’t have it all/ then you are what you were born. Simple as that: but universities “turn and twist that into chaos/ because it suits their purpose of a maze to confuse; so you cannot tell them they are wrong. Even when they are; its called arrogance. 

Why can’t we all just get along and be friends; is a simple concept/ that has no basis in fact. Because the reality of life is: WE CHOOSE, “love/ hate/ or animal” for ourselves. Love and hate are complete opposites and can never be friends; just as the realities of “water and fire” are NOT the same. Love is the beginning of “being alive”, where joy originates and life is a blessing to each and all within that respect for life itself. Love and hate will never be the same either; so these are not friends, hate will not allow it/ they need enemies to survive. So even if you haven’t seen hate in decades; it still simmers, because they refuse to let their enemies die/ keeps loneliness away, but that too is a choice. HATE is the “rotting corpse of death”/ past the point of no return, they are the “living dead”. As to the animals, we can be friends; but every behavior beyond “love has value and respect”/ or hate has violence and abuse with disrespect and the destruction of justice: all other aspects of behavior come through “the animals”. Which means they cannot decide what is a foundation upon which to build their own lives without want. Want is not a friend, it is an abyss; which sucks you in/ and never lets you be happy; because there is something else to want. Pride lives in want, as the foundation of sand claimed “winner”/ which then disappears about as fast as you claim it for a trophy. As your garbage mountains and junkyards do prove true. Truth says: “this is a finite planet, and every life is finite in and of itself: which means simply; I only have so much to give, and no more”. True for each and everyone. Which is why getting into small groups is hard or impossible; because what is then shared with you/ makes the other friend lose what would have been their time or treasure with the one you took. Same is true of dating; “I once had a young woman join me for lunch/ but I was just divorced: simply was not ready to try again”/ but it was kind of her”/ once had a young woman offer a “lovely time”/ but after 15 (intercourse or not) or so, “I am pregnant (all false/ I checked/ not wrong; no pregnancy)” episodes; I just couldn’t do it; no trust left; as with all things, only so much time or energy [world comes first], and no more. But many times what seems obvious is not; too many problems to properly respond/ just couldn’t do it, even though I wanted too. Same is true of friendships; only so much time, and no more: never assume, calmly ask instead: because simple belief is always wrong or a failure to life, including your own. Or more simply: in a world that locks itself behind closed doors/ and rarely comes out: “time is short”, to be anything other than “an acquaintance”. Alas, people leave, it is their lifetime. People get married and leave. People have children. People die, and so on:  life is unpredictable/ as is my own story. Get up, learn, accept, begin again; “this is the only life you get; participate”. As best you can; even though I do not; beyond this writing/ it has been “all work and no play”; ear trouble, saw to that. But not without some rewards, for me too. Never look to those who have more; accept “this is your life”/ not theirs. Their life is not yours: be honest with yourself and your living; every miracle is a gift; just do the best you can. No one actually does better than that/ regardless of what they do, they cannot exceed the best they can do: just like you.

Who can say what is true? One of the most destructive failures in human history/ courtesy of “university knows”. Tragically the illusion of a university is: that they have contributed more than we know. They have not, and media saturates life with the delusion that they are more than we know; with lies (covid and its vaccine), fantasies (we can ignite atoms on fire/ and not become a sun), delusions (we can play god and inject chaos into nature “like evolution”_), failures (we can steal all the work/ the currency of society; and replace it with numbers, that have no value at all), foolish (nothing matters/ throw every resource away), and blind (the world is not dying/ nothing has changed; we WANT whatever we want; to hell with you or the future; we are gods in charge of everything_). However truth says: the fraud of these things ends with the end of life by extinction and hell/ because every truth has a consequence/ and every consequence has its own truth. Which means every lie will be revealed; and the evidence of truth shall overwhelm the tragedy of “university”; as the evidence already does.

Foundations exist as the method upon which we build our relationship with life/ without a foundation, there will be trouble, because life is without meaning; until you accept it is a miracle with a purpose beyond “being you”. Hate defies that with: THE ONLY thing important is ME; or “mine/ mine/ mine/ now/ now/ now; winner/ you damn loser as is the edge of judgment; you”

the miracle of life is love; and love is beyond self, we arise with the value of respect, the dignity of justice and equality of purposes, the happiness of fair play for all; as we share and care for each other in the midst of miracles, as is our gift to assess and determine what life and living should be, “for me”. Having found love, we lose loneliness, and accept the desire of living is to be loved within the destiny beyond self as is true of family and home.

Animals simply play games.

But unfortunately; humanity is tied so strongly with their desire “for an easy life”/ that they do throw away what is important to living. One such example of that is air conditioning; the isolation of life from society itself/ the beginning transformation which is “the television tells me what I think”/ the end of physical fitness and the value of a society that mixes together, to create relationships. So they can know each other, and participate in “romance”; watching over the children for themselves, as we develop the bonds that breakdown gangs. Because nobody is completely left out. So you spend your money for energy/ overheat your world/ deny the children egress/ become fat and lazy, undisciplined and without order; as is the destruction of what is true in you. Letting the universities saturate your mind with their delusions through media propagation of felony theft: the destruction of your independent mind, by their manipulation. Added to that are the costs of comedy/ the realities of letting “fantasy in cartoons” mold the mind into believing could be true/ the endless “get a gun” to solve this problem; on either side/ the curse of fear in healthcare; as someone gets the money; if you fear. Someone has power over you if you believe: rather than know. So advertising is used to profit, “from inciting you: to know”/ so that you demand, to be inoculated with delusions of a cure. Inundated with the tragedy of criminal conspiracies: to steal it all in a courtroom with lawyers blindly wielding “a legal ax”; to chop off their head. No justice intended, only greed.  “dead weight”/ a society rotting under its own choices: because you would not rise, to protect life. as will soon be lost.  Armageddon comes;  as nature is destroyed by university playing god, and claiming evolution/ not terrorism as is the truth.

Instead of people attending “A Christian church”; to sort out the differences between love and hate/ value and respect/ miracles and lies/ IF NOT their purpose: then you are in the wrong place! You have television now, to indoctrinate you on perversion, lust, want, delusion, fantasy, disrespect, and the destruction of all that does have value. Media no longer exists to inform/ but to evict what the universities do not want you to know. As is truth, where society together decided in the past. As is justice, where the belief in fair play existed; before the criminal organization called “university” took control. As is fair play, before corruption denied democracy, and created as always in a male dominated world: the curse of tyrants/ the tragedy of traitors/ and the failure of our living world, by participation with terrorists as is: “university genetics/ physics/ etc”. This america is dead/ having killed, what used to exist that did have “common sense”. Only the cult remains; as universities turn into Satan. Apocalypse [war for water comes}.  HELL comes; as insanity from overcrowding and no resources finishes the last of respect, and war at every level of life begins. HADES [THE IGNITION of “the bond holding atoms together”  turns a million degree fire/ with radiation so extreme it will melt you in a second/ as million mile long flames and the release of solar gravity from that fire: draws the moon into crashing into this earth.  and more, as the evidence does prove will be. without true change!  and yet; GLUED TO THE COUCH/ HIDDEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS/ RUNNING AWAY INTO GAMES AND DELUSIONS or whatever it is;  humanity chooses extinction. because they did not care enough to investigate/ even though the evidence is overwhelming; and we cannot let the creators of Satan here on earth BE THAT WRONG.  you refuse to surrender your pride, to accept CHANGE. to your own eternal shame and disgrace.

Not even greed changed your mind: as reality knows, “every debt is a tax increase on the young/ every bit of inflation is a tax increase on the old/ and every resource stolen from the future is an assassination of our future. Not even added to a tax rate of around 80%; “add it up/ property tax, sales tax, social security was spent long ago (making that just another tax), all of it”. Plus every life that deserves respect; which is not human/ a world driven into the abyss of your want; to become the end of life on earth. Because you did not care enough; even to investigate the evidence. Because media didn’t tell you to question your “university gods”. Shame on you.

Regardless, it is your decision not mine.

beyond the dead weight of “university knows” is:

I remain, as intended: living within the miracle of life, the essence of diversity as is provided on this planet earth, and sustained by the value of respect for all that life truly is.

Regardless of you: it is my own journey, to search within the developments of destiny; to discover the essence of time and its truth as is eternal life; for those who are accepted as love. Within those boundaries, are the dimensions of gender and so much more. Creations which divide to assert: we must find the truth, before we give our love as a value to someone else. Therefore boundaries and limits are the methods of knowing and understanding what time will allow; as law becomes our truth/ the destiny of what eternity, will allow; as truth becomes law.

Each boundary is a door; that leads to the more elaborate realities of truth within you/ thereby moments exist; when we do believe, “something more true” has been learned about you. Without these limits of life exposed, there will be no relationship; because trust does not form. Without trust, you cannot bond together as one. Romance exists, when two people of the opposite sex; find within each other what they do actually trust the other one to be. No lies exist, at least for now. Discipline goes hand in hand with inner happiness/ order walks hand in hand with respect/ balance is an understanding of value exists here, and it is my wish to participate with love. These are the things of trust, and trust binds us together for living and life. But there is also sex for the majority, and if you are more in love with your penis than your wife/ she will know, and feel abused. If you are more in love with shopping than your husband/ refusing to help, never offering respect for what is being done/ discarding his time, for others, “even children”: he will know, and feel abused. The distance we are able to travel with each other hinges on never judging each other. Because once you judge the other, respect will disappear/ and then the relationship will die; leaving you only two separate people with few options that are desired. Never forget to open the door: to we must let truth decide for us (not you or me)/ anything less will fail; as is pride is “a terrible thing”. Never forget: the one who must do the actual work/ owns the final say; but there should never be “a game of winner or loser” in any relationship called life. Simple as that, listen to your children; but don’t forget your role is to help each one understand: so they are prepared for their own lives, as best they can. Remember each other “first”. AS to my own divorce (2 yrs/ no kids): reality proved, “she wanted a normal life/ and I was committed to this work”; she wanted what she wanted, and what we did have “washed away”. so be wise; and understand, the need to accept reality/ rather than want, is an absolute truth.

As to eternity, our critical relationship with dimensions of the law that gives to life its existence/ are formed by the truth of what we created as our own identity. Just as groups form together here on earth; the identity of trust forms together beyond time. What we trust, then becomes as if our home.

So we ask the question: if dimensions separate us, and limit our interaction between each other as with boundaries: how then can we expect to become family as if just one who lives with all? The elemental construction of our own ability to work with forces beyond self; are why. Because force, without true control causes chaos: you must prove the ability to accept the responsibilities and acknowledge truth decides, not you; so that all are safe. Before boundaries are lifted, and limits are lessened. Love exists at whatever level you exist at. But life knows: if you cannot or do not obey the law that allows eternity to exist/ then you are a danger, and will not be given the keys to more than what your life can be. Therefore: we learn discipline has value/ order is the truth of law/ and balance makes the existence of fair play, a reality of respect formed from love.

Of true interest is: that discipline shares the heart, and creates the messages that come and go between us. Order shares the force of life, and builds upon that foundation. While balance serves as the home we have created within ourselves to share and care about love; the existence of “living beyond self”. It is not love, if “only you”, cannot find the miracle: of this gift called life. Therefore we must search beyond self, to identify what love is. We must gain in knowledge, the comprehension beyond time; that is an expression of love; called eternity. The experience of that understanding; creates a decision, to accept the foundations upon which loneliness will end/ or not. Those foundations are love, life, truth, law, respect, hope, happiness, value, and the quest of heart itself: as is, to become soul.

Soul initiates: when love escapes the boundary of time, to join with “another heart”; so that each can experience the joy of being alive. Within that joy, “our Creator lives in us”; as is soul. The developmental transition from time into eternity; conceived by thought, and established by truth: to trust what has been given is forever. Therefore we come to the dimension of life discovered by: truth, trust, and thought; to become “souls that share”, within the boundaries and limits love creates.

The opposite forces labeled as gender; both divide and attract: in the element of time we are “like different sides of the same coin”. But in eternity we are the rhythm of hearts that beat as one. Because we share the same truth, within a boundary of caring, that cannot be destroyed.

“it seems to me”; that I am now a spiritual participant in the life of female soul; so that I can hear the rhythms of her life; and find the message; that has been delivered. While that may or may not be correct; it is the fundamental most likely to exist; as developments in thought, are beyond my own existence. It is however an intimacy “the existence of trust, beyond the concerns for safety”, that does not exist without the fundamentals of respect. in construction however, the elemental change required to understand “female”/ is no game; and I am not in control. Intimacy requires a shared trust, that develops from an understanding of care; proven by respect for the same values known to exist in each of us as love. Reality requires the question: since the spiritual world contains only incorruptible truth; “female is female”/ did I become spiritually female, without exception/ or did female take some element of male to be her own? I have no answer; not allowed access, life and living however has “truly changed”. Utterly without a clue, how it turns out: I would never have guessed “change me too”. I suppose this is how many women feel, “owned rather than free”/ by any number of factors life adds to living. But I will not be sad; rather “looking at my hand, finger movements, eyes, hearing (all slaves to my life in time); and all that life as a miracle gives (to give back, is fair; I know, the spiritual woman inside, tries to save this earth/ from your destruction)”; so, I will hope instead, letting love decide. “it’s complicated”. In a world that has so very little love, value exists. Yes I know; you will ridicule and laugh, certain “what a fool”. But I tell you for sure, as reality will soon prove true: that the consequences of your own decisions will “call you a fool (a thousand threats of extinction surround you)”. Life cast aside for nothing more than greed. I know not what eternity will be for me/ but I do know: that in her efforts to save this world, and its females; “I am more pawn” than not. While I don’t believe that will continue after death;  I cannot say for sure. what I do know however is:  “without love, life is not worth living; beyond the moment when hope runs out”. So, I will hope/ until reality proves, there is no room for hope left. Have you never considered “each organ in your body” is its own separate living experience and expression/ different than each other organ, and more; all of which serve the same body of time. “Life lives with life”, and it is to our mutual benefit; “that we love each other” as one body, “serving the same orchestra”. Thought ties life together; it is “a spiritual thing”. Elements of time, craft the environment of our choices: “nothing has been free for me”/ decades of nothing but work, pain from tinnitus, isolation for most. But it is absolutely certain: “I could not/ would not; let this world die without a fight of some kind”! My job became:  the message, the evidence will prove:  “change or you will die as a world”/ but greed and pride overruled that, and you refused to listen. While I had always thought; the day will come, when I can “live a normal life”/ that has proven not to be so; another “don’t bother to believe”/ truth may have other plans. Decisions were made, realities were tried, choices failed: the spiritual woman entered 18 years ago, and gave me back my hope for you. At least with women, there is a chance life on earth can survive. After a ten year search: it is clear nothing about men can hope for life to survive; they will do, as they have always done; for thousands of years in recorded history. Reality proves: men will not replace their leaders with ONLY LAW decides now/ nor will they accept a new way, beyond what they already know: because they want what they want. AND POWER always demands power, and uses hate to insure men know fear/ and create armies to defend themselves against the others. Hate refuses law, and law requires leadership to enforce it; so the circle continues to revolve. Removing hate ends the cycle! Therefore separating hate from society/ is the appropriate means to justify a new way of living on earth. Anger is recoverable (there is a reason/ “might survive”)/ hate is not, “the living dead: it is a decision, that lacks all forms of respect for life or world”.

I do owe the spiritual woman who joined me: I had not considered women/ they run away, and fail to take responsibility when they don’t. But: they are different, and that could not be more clear! DIFFERENT is the primary tool; for a new way to arise/ a new life and living, to be born. 

This is: due to the spiritual woman who: Balanced my ways, and I began again. 6-7 years back: she took control, when I decided to stop; as a lost cause. I do owe her; “she accomplished in me, what I could not do alone”;  because life or death for this world; does not allow “stop”. Little is more serious than extinction! But I still have no clue; where I go from here. However it is also true, that spiritually (all things true); and in some ways physically; “the invasion of female” has begun in me. I can feel it is so; although that too, “i don’t know why”.   But it is fair to say: “perhaps she cannot do, what she needs to have done; on her own either”?  A photon [formed and sustained by environmental spin, throwing out debris]; represents the optical magnification of energy released from electrons altered in their orbit; changing from dark to light the environment of space. I DO NOT AGREE, but this is her decision:  “there is a key to life and death in the above description”; the mark of desperation; because you are so close to “forever lost”!   Perhaps, in some small way, “the view” into “disciplines of a spiritual presence here” will result/ it is a quandary, because the spiritual world is not allowed to participate directly: “so, I would be used”. It’s complicated; I don’t know. As that would lead some who are not invited to believe: “they can get the gold” so to speak/ if they just obey the rules. They cannot, to be invited you must be true inside, to love and respect/ the values of life and miracle.

Humanity rebuilt; over the centuries past, when JESUS came, and literally demonstrated the differences between love and hate. The value of love/ versus the curse of hate; remains the same! Making life a choice of living, rather than a fate to be viewed only by death. Making the evidence of eternity, a valued state of truth, by the consecration of love. Today the evidence of hate is overwhelming once again; as life stands on the edge of extinction; do to human failures once again. Because there is no respect, no reality of truth; as has been hidden through the cult of university knows. In JESUS day: love rose to the test of life beyond self, by accepting the decision: we are owed better than this. There are no centuries to pass before that recognition of truth; but you do have communications so far beyond what was then; that it matters not. The choice is yours; the change must be ours; but there is no going back this time/ because the damage already caused is severe.

While religion looks for: “a recreation of being crucified”/ that is not going to happen; nor are you going to be “gods”! You were given everything you needed to do better/ and for nearly 2,000 years humanity did do better. Fear overtook you with the atomic bomb/ arrogance overtook you with university religion as is evolution/ and the apathy of nothing matters but me, as is greed: became your statement to life and world; for more than 70 years or so. As “too much power” to destroy; seeped into your decisions/ and belief in universities are god, became your chant. The baseline chant of hate is: “chaos is our god/ same as evolution”. But because chaos cannot survive as life; hate serves itself (keeping alive), with the human animals it preys upon, by destroying what does have value; peace, justice, fair play, love, life, hope, courage, more! Love is not a game, the destruction of love: is a horrific thing, eternity will prove to you, who are guilty. The question of life or death, then divides upon how much love is left to bring this world back to the living, by being ALIVE. As is the evidence of love and life, a world that will survive.

I still have no clue; where I go from here. Perhaps, “if I ever get done writing”/ things would adjust, and I could be at least “somewhat free”.  Because my work, is done. To return, “similar to you”, as life would allow/ if the world at least had a chance to survive. To know that is true: YOU MUST accept the responsibility to work with truth, respect, value, and understanding of what the cost to be wrong is! So there is no delusion, or fantasies allowed/ no theory or unproven fact to be discussed:  only law and its truth.

The cost of life is determined by your own responsibilities/ your duty to life or world; as dictated by your own decision, that erects the boundaries and limits of what you will or will not do, as a human being “determined to love/ hate/ or want”. The boundary and limits of love are explained by: “I would not do that, for an entire universe; it is not fair or justified or of value”/ the boundary and limit of hate is; “I would do that, to prove I am god over you”/ the boundary and limit of want is: “for the right price, I would sell my own, heart, family, or soul”. Harassment/ ridicule/ over the line of safety/ and disrespect are all methods of trying to trap you into hate: thereby an excuse to return that hate. While it will not prove protection always, as the living dead don’t care: the realities of respect for all, does evade most human animal predations/ treat each as best you can: but be firm and clear/ walking away if possible. Within these limits that your own discipline provides; your life exists as it is proven to be. Within the boundary of law; the disguises, manipulation, temptations, traps, betrayal, terrorism and other realities of human behavior are hidden/ or in prey, they all run away with fear.

The only compromise is: those who fall into war with the military, and are forced to comply with things they cannot accept; because it does come down to “you or me”/ in a world that has ceased to be fair. Ptsd is the result of: going beyond the limits and boundaries you have set for yourself/ and realizing or believing you are responsible for that. But the cost of war are: that we are not given a choice for love to any real degree. And if trapped inside the cauldron of hate as is the decision to war; survival is your only ticket out. It is fair and accepted: the responsibility to survive beyond the hate of others/ is not your fault, when it was not your decision.

IF your decision was hate/ THEN your only true choice is to cover over that truth, by adding the repentance of real world work, to prove that love “will own you now”.  Love rejects pride, in order to rise from depression. Because pride is an inner voice that will hold you down/ if you do not accept the price of removing it: which is let the people say, “whatever it is that they will say”/ do not defend your life from a tongue, or a hidden voice. Give it no power over you. To rise beyond the moment of your time; is to accept respect for all life, living as is required for survival in peace through justice, and honor this world with the value that is brings into us all. Beauty will not keep you alive, or make life worth living/ unless it is “the beauty you, yourself contributes to life and world by your own existence”. Beauty is on the inside only, and it is not for sale/ you must earn it with choices made. Which grants: life is now what we could contribute by our choice. A value given by me.

IN A WORLD THAT MUST CHANGE ITS WAYS/ or die; of the endless decisions to be made/ a very simple one is; using the elevators more wisely. With some minimal redesign you need to consider loading and unloading free energy from weight redistribution; to unlock roughly a 25% gain in energy reduction; by using torque information off the motor. To operate a “simplest way” block and tackle like arrangement on a hydraulic cylinder: which contracts when weight is assigned to it from descent of passengers; by pressurizing a gas canister/ and letting that pressure aid the rise of an elevator with the force it can apply when extending under gas pressures. The design fits in small spaces, is well known/ and by extending the primary shaft or a secondary shaft off the winch drive is relatively easy to install. This does take a bit of design work and electronics but over time will pay for itself, and add value. It will slow the rate of descent down/ dependent upon how much energy you bleed off; but living is a decision/ not “a free lunch”.

A centrifugal clutch on a flywheel operating on descent/ with a magnetic clutch to apply pressure of flywheel energy on the way back up; when speed is achieved (do to matching resistance); could be useful; or could be used to generate electricity; as flywheel power;  which would then be used.

Simply recovering energy transfer, (as is done on some cars with regenerative braking) on descent/ into the storage or alternate use of electricity (such as powering a rising elevator; either directly or through supplemental motors is a means of recovery). counter balance pulleys are a means of attaching to the system/ but do represent a slightly increased risk. adding a simple pressurized gas setup (to recover energy) to current strictly hydraulic elevators should be done.

Reality says: that functional sloping of the track; will allow an elevator rise to create a gravity fed movement of people from “block to block”; in very congested conditions. A pivot point between coming and going cars/ one aids in raising the other (people got on); will limit energy consumption. Leaving it on the second floor landing; leaves the sidewalk and stores; mostly open. Including a walkway on the second floor (which will aid in utility options) adds another entire selling venue to that building housing that service.

Insofar as the elements of: “what or how GOD intervenes or does not; in our lives as time”. I remind you; that living is about training for eternity as best you can; with what confronts you as a choice. Truth survives/ love is honored as a choice of value/ trust exists only through respect; which binds us together as family greater than life on earth. My life was determined at 9 years old, due to the Cuban missile crisis/ a reality information says, was the direct result of things Kennedy was doing. Stopping weapons of mass destruction/ threatening our world; only increased throughout time. Even so, several things in my lifetime suggested “an intervention”; but I would not be considered “normal”. Reality however knows that I am basically normal; and it was tinnitus (the direct result of my nephew dying from a brain tumor) “choices made”. Which was followed by a blood clot which almost killed me; but cost maybe 30% of my physical ability. Which established: the only choice left, “was to study and prepare/ write and wait, until a moment when pride would stop; as was 9/11” a month later I began to write. The spiritual woman described: added to my life, after the decision “war is useless and will fail”/ fear is a friend to no one. So I searched; and the joint venture aided and abetted my entire purpose; as work changed to a more balanced state; accepting change is needed. So I would honestly say that spiritual intervention does occur (how often I don’t know_)/ physical intervention does occur (how often I don’t know); but as for me, the reality of bringing this message or “change or die/ the evidence is clear enough”. Is not “the norm”; so what it means to you; I don’t know. What I represent is: life is about your choices/ your truth, and the desire, respect, hope, and love; that makes you; you. So the expectation of intervention is errant; if you do not participate beyond simply self. At least; seems so to me.

Depression is the cost of wanting what you cannot have. Pride is the cost of choosing to win, rather than be equal, with fair play as is justified for life. Power means you chose to let people: “life cry”, and said I am superior; as is playing god with life. None of it is love. Rise again, and do the best you can; discarding the past, so you can do better. That is your job.

I have helped you understand, if you spent any amount of time reading this. I have provided options for you to use. I have warned you of consequences. I did the best I could; even if it was not perfect. I am not perfect, and neither are you. The end result is; whatever the end result will be: based entirely upon what you choose to do. Even as a world. I am not responsible for your decisions/ only mine; as was to say to this world: that every threat must be identified and caused to vanish from this earth without doing harm; as best we can. Because this is “our home”/ and we cannot let the tragedy of “university plays god” take away life or planet, as they are doing to us all. No game exists/ no mercy exists if you won’t investigate and prove what is true; no second chances exist if you simply do not care: your choice. But it is also every living thing, and every future living thing, and the entire Creation of our world into a living earth. I would not be you; if you fail this world. There will be consequences beyond your imagination. Not fear/ just truth.

Not your enemy/ not your friend or savior/ not your excuse: just plain and simple “ME; as is, whatever that becomes; in a future beyond my control”.              James Frank Osterbur 3/10/ 24

when humanity as a majority WILL NOT listen to what is important; all that is left, “is a whisper in the wind”: searching for those who can still hear, and think for themselves.

“if a light” can be found: it is these, who will turn it on.