Humanity hides in numbers; so they don’t have to deal with reality; claiming with these numbers, I am safe.       but compared to these numbers, which are in competition against you: and can be used to claim credit to buy whatever they want; that you try to buy. how safe are you?

So lets review: www.usdebtclock.org

as of 2000: assets were claimed to be 88.7 trillion

today: assets (currency claims; in one form or another) were claimed to be 619.7 trillion

a change in assets in this USA of 531 trillion dollars= an increase of 23 trillion per year for 23 years. if we just use 330 million citizens divided into 23 trillion per year:  that means, our employees charged us, “with a hidden tax. of $69,696.96” per each year/ per citizen, babies and all. OR , more simply: if you did not make an additional “70,000 per year you went behind”. so we remove those who don’t pay tax, and leave the tax to be paid by 50% of the people that means: it was a hidden tax of $140,000.00 per year per taxpayer, for  each of 23 years. payable by the elderly.

but lets review:

population claim of this USA is roughly 330 million people (children and all)

so 282.2 million divided into 88.7 trillion in 2000= 314,316.00 each

today 330 million divided into 619.7 trillion (currency and derivatives)= 1,877,878.00 each individual life, babies and all. “you got yours/ somebody does”!

OR, if you still don’t get it: 330 million people in this USA claim to own “if divided equally” a total of one million 877thousand, 878 dollars EACH ONE. So what is your dollar really worth? And who earned that much more than you? YOU CANNOT compete, to buy anything of real value: because the dead weight of cult worshipers; claiming the universities are god: STOLE YOUR LIVES. With media insuring, “you don’t know”. And as with covid: THEY DO WANT YOU ENSLAVED/ AND THEY DO TAKE OVER YOUR LIVES AND SOCIETY. AND THEY DO ENFORCE; you will obey/ OR WE Will take away your work, your rights, your freedoms, your world; and imprison you in poverty, and starvation: to enforce our will. As they did do with covid; a biological warfare agent: THEY RELEASED on us.

So lets review debts: because everybody but the rich, get to share these.

As of 2000: US TOTAL debts were claimed to be 27.3 trillion dollars

divided by 282.2 million people = 96,739.00

today US TOTAL DEBT is claimed to be 97.556 trillion dollars

divided by 330 million people = 295,624.00 dollars of debt to each and every living person, babies and all.  OF COURSE, if you only include WORKERS WHO PAY TAXES;  the debt is much larger. Or if we just look at debt today averaged over 23 years of:  “let the children pay”; then each year the debt has increased by $70.25 trillion dollars= $3 trillion a year per each of 330 million people:  unless you like them, never expect to pay. but then you do, expect them to pay you right?  one trillion dollars is equal too= $10,000.00 per each and every one, of one hundred million people. So, if only 50% pay taxes that means the debt increased by $60,000.00 per worker per year for the last 23 years.  SOMEONE has these numbers/ and intends to take your resources by spending them. But since that is only debt/ and inflation over the last 23 years is so much higher:  or, one thousand dollars of buying power in 2000: now requires 6 times more= $6,000.00 instead. That is of course after the initial [one thousand equals $314,316.00 valuation prior to 2000]. HOW? well it used to be “put one dollar in the bank and they multiplied that by 10. / whereas put one dollars in “wall street”/ and it would get you fifty to gamble with. SO, HOW does wall street make you rich? “they buy and sell things which don’t exist; by claiming it could”. How do they control it: “only the rich, are offered “50-1”. While the elite of board of trade: has taken over the computer trading; “with software, that allows: we know first”. But the critical cost is: what government employees can choose, for us. SO THE SOLUTION IS; to take that choice away; with laws they cannot change. WHAT IS the benefit:  to pay the debts incurred by our employees: they add inflation: to produce more numbers: so they can pay old debt “with new numbers.” Stealing the value “of numbers”;  you used to have, by reducing it to 6 times less. OR, what you can buy, requires 6 times more. But then comes the debt they added, which is not paid equaling: $97 trillion dollars OR ADD ANOTHER: $970,000.00 to each of one hundred million workers; to cover that expense.   because our employees failed to respect:  THIS IS OUR WORK, OUR LIVES/ NOT theirs to do with as they please.  So this is communism: government employees decide/ resources are ransacked to give them whatever they want (as is laden with universities lead/ universities teach_); and to hell with every child, or life on this planet.

So the question CALLED LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (WE THE PEOPLE WILL JUDGE NOW)/ AS IS CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT  LAW is:  WHAT DID YOU DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY YOU STOLE?         past time for the real story to be heard:  since covid is  “basically the cold”.   “and you thought the universities were here  to help you:   so they stole your money, and you shouted we believe.COVID's economic costs

Yet media says to you: “inflation is little or nothing” and they have it entirely under control. Media reports “the national debt”; but does not explain that is only:  THE AMOUNT CONGRESS , “president” SPENDS OVER TAXATION. Yet to gain more numbers to spend on whatever the leaders want: they do create inflation: to rob you of whatever they need. To spend: same as you, who throw away all resources into the trash.

So how much are your numbers really worth: in a place where divided equally: every single human face in this USA has $1,877,878.00 each individual life, babies and all. One million, eight hundred and seventy seven thousand, eight hundred and seventy eight dollars EACH. OBVIOUSLY “as media reports; no inflation here”. RIGHT? BUT not to worry because every single face owes: 295,624.00 dollars of debt AND THE UNIVERSITY ELITE; BY CONTROLLING THE COURTS, GOVERNMENT, MEDIA, SCHOOLS: EVERYTHING : ARE PREPARED TO ENFORCE; YOU MUST PAY OUR “university caused” DEBTS.

the universities scream:  OUR NUMBERS ARE GREAT/ THEY MAKE THIS WORLD WORK!  but of course the reality is:  those who get to play with the numbers get anything they want “as emperors”/ while all the rest get to work as slaves, because money is just another term for enforcer.

While both trump “who added 400 trillion to counterfeit assets; in four years (his army is the extremely wealthy: DID YOU get any real money_)/  and biden (his army is the extremely poor; they did get money, etc) who  spends; as fast as possible, to build his invading armies. BOTH SEEK TO ATTACK THE MIDDLE CLASS; AND ARE INTENT UPON REMOVING THEM. THE METHOD:  “money is god”; take all you can get.  So that the lies can remain hidden with bribes. as the universities preach: numbers don’t matter “we can have as many as we want” (only the slaves have to pay)/ and anything to distract is considered “great”. As is the purpose of media” to whisper lullabies, and pleasant dreams”/ not truth.  Media tells you nothing of value: as is, all your foundations of industry and economy have been traded to other nations; your money is destroyed of value/ and the insurgency is overwhelming now: so they want your weapons too. “to make this EASY”; AS IS the university way. they don’t inform you of anything! as is:  Israel exists, because they created a corporation (sounded Palestinian) to buy property from the Palestine people;  with Palestine people running it. And then rented that property back “for easy money”. so at thirty years all the Palestine people said: this is great, and I need a new roof or whatever; LET THEM DO IT. but then ships docked with tanks and machine guns to evict every single renter legally; and take over the nation; as the Jews spilled out, to become the new owners once more.   WHO IS NOT “LIKE YOU”?   YOU, know nothing; as media propaganda leads to disgrace and misery;  a nation lost, and a world destroyed: by universities did this.

IT IS A CRITICAL TRUTH; to understand, “it no longer matters if this world should die/ because whatever you believe eternity is; will then take control”. Compared to a few decades in time/ eternity is then everything! Every life on earth is a miracle; created by thought/ or it does not exist. Humanity corrupts that; but does not change the fact, there is nothing here beyond the Creation of life as does exist.

EACH, will face their own human extinction/ because the body of time, CANNOT be eternal. Which does leave only truth, as our consistent value: to be judged, “alive/ discarded, as animals are/ or dead”. I have faith in the laws that identify truth; as the power to understand: “only thought” can create life. But that exists within the foundation of forces; which can then build what thought creates. JESUS is the guarantor: that we were not abandoned, but do own the opportunity to create for our contribution to this universe: “the love that is our own”. WHAT else would you choose to live with “for an eternity”? Love is then: the quest beyond time, for what can come next.

SO THEN WE TURN; to recognize, that the young and the unborn DO CARE, if they world should die. And we do have a duty to “let them survive/ by the choices we make”. But the end result of today is: “ I CANNOT save this world/ and neither can you”. Not even we can save this world; because it is so far gone: one tiny thing, can now be cause to destroy us all. Therefore as we the people we have the option to call for truth, and let law decide our future/ or this world falls into chaos, and everything will be lost. Proving the most critical truth to you or me is: “what we did, or did not do”; fully understanding, the best we can legally do/ is the only thing we can legally do; and everything else is just chaos come early. So, I challenge you to: push for USA constitutional 1st amendment; redress of grievances as is the law. To take control over the courtroom of our nation; you don’t have to risk anything:  JUST MAKE THEM TAKE ME TO COURT!  TO PROVE:  even though they don’t respect the constitution/ that they don’t have to obey the law;  “like everyone else”. even though they are “just like everyone else”.  First amendment redress of grievances IS THE LAW!  there is no other interpretation/ because WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS GOVERNMENT/ and “we the people” created the constitution as our law over ourselves and our employees. Who gave their oath, TO OBEY IT.

More distinctly: again, this is not looking for trouble or heroism:  THIS IS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, AND THE ENFORCEMENT OF OUR DEMOCRACY. BY DEMANDING THE LAW SHALL LEAD US/ and NOT be overthrown by “university experts” who claim they can do better. demanding, that I will happily pay the tax/ WHEN OUR EMPLOYEES PROVIDE obedience to the law, that is both first amendment redress in this US constitution/ and fifth amendment redress in the State of IL constitution. so that we confronted with the tragedy of failure:  WE THE PEOPLE DO, have the final say, over what happens now. Refusing to pay taxation, “UNTIL”/ is demanding LAW COMES FIRST. OBEY YOUR OATH to us all. Demanding a courtroom: to prove you will provide the law to us/ or explain why not: so it goes directly into appeals before the entire nation or state: is fundamental to our own duty, to our own democracy. Simple as that.      so, lets review.

Therefore, let the truth of our constitution is our government, become real/ by evicting those (push them & push them again) who claim the “universities are the expert” and cannot be questioned: so they are the government instead. So say “your former classmates/ NONE OF WHOM, proved to be “gods”.

 And prove, that redress is true: AND shall not be discarded “by a clerk of the court”/ as is treason.  US SUPREME COURT   redress 1 and redress 2

  What is true/ IS letting democracy have its day “in the sunshine”; of what now becomes our last hope. Because the threat of extinction is real: “because this is A LIVING WORLD”/ which means, IT CAN DIE.

the dogs of filth and disgrace, have descended upon our world; hidden behind a universities diploma: they ransack and rape the very existence of life and world; invading every aspect of our lives, and our world. To play their game of deceit as is: “they want to be gods”/ and enslave or destroy the world; just to make you cry; which is why they curse nature itself, poison life and world. While they are many, and spread throughout this earth; all hiding behind that mask of illusion called university. It is not a war, as the dog packs want/ that will defeat them: but truth. That truth begins with the acceptance of reality; because without reality to guide us all/ their fantasies continue to rule. BRING THEM TO COURT, AND LET TRUTH BE YOUR GUIDE; accept the price, or this world shall be lost!

Since the puppet patrol cannot simply add another number to the end of assets or debts; when trying to get a bigger loan. They simply “adjust inflation: everything is now worth more/ even though its just numbers”: so as to collect more money (more numbers) from the public, by taxation and other: which is stealing from the elderly. But then that is fair, because all debt, that cannot be paid: is stealing from the young.  ITS CALLED “CHANGING THE RULES”; so the losers never win/ and to insure; “rulers (leaders)” always do. To create a maze, confusing the prey; so they cannot defend themselves. Until frustration yells “to war”: which now ends in disaster; because the secret society, knows/ and propaganda as with covid proves: you will fail. [this link did contain “images” (above the line) taken from the sites still left. those were removed “not by me”] The cult of the dead has prepared to take control; and is ready: they have been baiting you. LAW IS your only choice.  BECAUSE LAW REMOVES THEIR CLAIM OF AUTHORITY, and confronts those who took an oath: with their own reality of “breaking the rules” set into place BY SOCIETY ON THEM.    WHICH DOES give we the people:  A LEGAL RIGHT; to prove redress of grievances:  is WHAT PROTECTS our democracy,  “from the insurgents (we know better)”; trying to take that democracy away.

The purpose: to hide the truth, of lies upon lies, upon lies, upon theft, upon lies, upon lies and more. Alas media is losing its grip; and must turn as Nazi did: to creating division and separation, for war: so as to insure nobody unites as a nation should, to stop the liars, and thieves; worse.    some degree of assistance is at www.justtalking7.info 

Those who call themselves rich: will all proclaim “you can’t touch me”/ I can buy. Which is how history worked. So, to change that: limited capitalism is used to divide and conquer the rich/ removing all but what is agreed too; by our vote. As bankruptcy requires, so much currency per citizen/ and that is all. Even so, they will still have more; as is correct. So the reality is: we must divide the money, into “this kind” divided equally, per citizen: is only for food/ while the other kind is only for other things. YOU WILL work 15 hours a week, “fair”/ for that food currency! Because food and water, decide life or death. There are other things: you can do as well/ if agreed by vote. As democracy proves: WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here/ and shall not surrender the final vote of our own authority to direct this nation.

But not to worry with a population rise of 1.16 that is only an additional 47.8 million more people in 23 years. WHAT could go wrong? Right?  Just add another 6 million more in border crossing:   OR AT DIFFERENT LEVELS of our reality:  at just one percent: the entire population of this nation is BEING added to this world: every 4 years or so.  BUT hey;  media does all your thinking for you.  Now ain’t that right?

BUT lets review: a one percent rise is easy math: 8 billion= 80 million more to feed, water, etc. 16 years later; that all wan to drive, hot showers, hot food; everything you do. But 80 million times ten= 800 million more/ and if the percentage increases; population rise can easily be a quarter of a billion, per year; in four years/ another billion. So when it is said: “the end comes soon”/ it is not a joke. Because reality does rule; even though the lies of media, play games and “whisper lullabies”.

There is nothing so humanly vile, as the constant: GIVE US MORE, as is media propaganda/ when in fact: the only thing we can do: is limit ourselves. As with overpopulation/ the problem is humanity; the solution will never more be “just give us more”. As every increase in population already is: a demand for more; over the next 16 or so years as each does grow/ all demanding and needing more. heat release, pollution, resource losses, death and denial and weapons “are the solution”/ as is the way of men.   80 million more “minimum”; means starvation and war/ along with the end of water resources, and a complete descent into HELL; as reality takes control, over the fantasies and delusions called “university knows”/ media leads.     reality knows:  THERE IS NO TRUTH IN YOU, as the evidence does prove true.  While women shout:  “this ain’t our job/ we don’t have to do nothing”;   except die, and be ravaged or eaten.

But don’t worry: aquifers cannot run dry, right (and turn to rock)/ food supplies are “never ending” right (to hell with nature)/ what could go wrong with mutilating nature and wrecking all its defenses (alas “covid” comes again)? HELL, we all know men don’t turn to WAR as their answer; right (its just weapons of mass destruction)? Don’t worry, “you can eat your children”/ they won’t care; RIGHT (that is what you chose)? WAKE UP, TO YOUR REALITY! FIND A DAMN BRAIN AMONG YOU, (your game is dead) and stop worshiping the universities as god: did they NOT bring us here? Indeed they did.

Reality demands: get out of your vehicle/ do everything universities taught you to do: absolutely differently, they are now: a proven tragedy/ take back your nation/ identify what is true; and become a “living human being”/ instead of the animals universities taught you to be. Share the future or die; simple as that.

And still, all the people say: “we want what we want”/ make this go away, its all your fault for not making us do; what we needed to do; same as throughout the decades. And all the people say: NOW/ NOW/ NOW…NOW; even though I repeatedly said: “its too late now”. So a pacifier is placed, until reality comes. As media continues to shout: “university is god; believe, damn you believe/ FEAR damn you fear/ and OBEY whatever it is they say”. Because after all: who else could save you; from the people who brought you extinction. Everything possible must be done; because anything less is worthless; but the world says, “I want what I want; greed is my answer”. Because in the end of it all:  “they are all, believers” in whatever they want to be true. Even though, clearly it is not.

The ignorance of men scream: WE KNOW, what we have to do/ its the law of this world: WAR! BUT, women know it as a different reality: the loss of law, MEANS the ravaging, rape, and ruin of everything we need to survive. Because, the leaders of men want war (predators want hate); and the reality of war, to prove superiority (Yes we can), by cursing all of life into the ground. So, with nothing to lose in truth, but fear: the question is: WHY be afraid?

The answer: “men choose genocide (never bother us again_)”. But in the case of women: the tables have turned, from “saving life”/ to ending life by overpopulation; which makes you, and every child less than valued. Unless raped, until you have no value left. As is: the final gateway to HELL. The universities elite know: and they plan to kill you with disease/ or a final plan is, “we can escape into space”. If we prepare.

As men, and all their universities shout: WE KNOW what we are doing/ we know when to stop/ and what to do to sustain this world; and appreciate life; “we are like gods”! But the evidence of your world shouts back: YOU DID NOTHING FOR THE FUTURE OF LIFE OR EARTH/ so damn little, that you do stand on the edge of your own extinction. PROVING YOU KNOW NOTHING, and make decisions that are even less, “than nothing”/ as you curse the world itself. The consequences hidden by fraud, failure, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, and more:  “are coming into the light”. To convict you:  “the only god you are like is called SATAN (destroyer of worlds)”.

IT IS, better to stand/ than to hide. Because a dying world, leaves no one behind. It is better to do what you can do; accepting the cost will be what it has to be/ good or bad: because that is “the best I could do”. It is better, to work for life/ than lay down weeping to die; blaming the rest because they did not do/ what you did not do either. It is better to say:  “I am here” for life/ than bury yourself in a grave you dug.

in case you believe the USA is the only one.  hard to say who is the biggest liarMoney

It is hope, that searches for value. It is belief that closes the door on value, so that the security of believing whatever it is you believe; can lead you to whatever it is you want your belief to be; “good or bad”. So the basic choice of living is: to hope for a life worth living/ or to believe that what you want, is enough to give your living a value; which always ends with “if I were rich”.

To the young: it is not over till its over. But unless you are willing to fight for your own future as life on earth: it is over. So rise from your grave, and do what you can by the law: because without the law, there is only war; and its gravestone; as is the earth is now dead. Retain hope, because we must. Pray to GOD who did create every miracle of life/ universities want to destroy. Accept what is true, and let that truth decide what you can do; because none of us, “is a savior”. We must be saved; or life itself will fail on earth. EVEN SO; the only critical truth that exists is: WHAT HAPPENS when you die, and what will be the eternity of life or death; as truth will decide? I say to you, as JESUS said to us all: that there is “another life” beyond this one: for those who love, and prove that true. Nonetheless in this world, we must protect ourselves first; because if you die/ how can you help anyone else? Be brave; it is worthless to be less. Be humble, life is a gift to each one/ not a right. Be fair, because only love is worth having; and it is not found, unless justice exists.

It is fair to say, and fundamentally true: that having searched for value in this state of IL and nation called USA; that democracy no longer exists. The insurgency that reeks of “Nazi”; is functionally in charge. The rebellion against democracy continues unabated, and within the true threat of anarchy. The curse and disease of universities in charge of everything is a constant. The failure of nearly every courtroom, jury, and functional elements of justice; have been destroyed. The sewer of government has overflowed as with covid, proven true as the takeover intended: to rob and ruin what was “a far greater nation” than what “universities in charge, did do”. Nature itself as is genetics; is under attack/ energy at all levels is under attack/ ocean life is being exterminated/ poisons by the trillion ton are being released/ water resources are fading away/ resources in its entirety are being destroyed without a cause/ the money is nothing but a bribe, so as to remove reality; and “let Satan” kill this world. With weapons of mass destruction (extinction), global warming (a far greater risk than you can even imagine)/ releasing the atmosphere to accelerate “as on other planets (where the wind turns at 700 mph_). An endless rise of human population/ human decisions to invade and mutilate removing all forms of defense from our food supplies/ the very chains of life itself, being destroyed in massive genocide by human demands/ habitat destruction/ species extinction/ media propagation of “horror: don’t worry be happy”. Fools that want war, not law. Hate growing throughout the world. Armageddon coming as is: nature in chaos/ due to universities playing god. Apocalypse as is: war for water. HELL as is pure insanity: there is nothing left/ we know, “we are in fact going to die; and there is nothing left we can do”. Even HADES threatening: as is the ignition of an atomic fire; by the cursed rotting corpse of humanity trying to create the same fire here “AS IS ON THE SUN”. Which burns your skin in summer from 94 million miles away/ and has radiation, which would kill you in an instant if we were closer. The reduction in oxygen content of our atmosphere; which must remain at levels which let us live. Constant source of pollution’s which cause cancers, the horror of humanity on earth, every form of failure that can exist. Which includes in this USA; the demand to curse and transform every single form of manufacture that is the basis of our work; lost. Ruining sea ice; a habitat where a large percentage of the base food supply for life in the oceans begins its life. Endless trawlers tearing up the oceans, destroying entire “fish nations/ so they cannot repopulate” with pollution’s everywhere. Aquamarine farming to introduce disease of all kinds.

Everywhere; the lies and cheating and stealing that is: “money without meaning”/ the counterfeiting, the cheating, the whores, the robbery, the blatant playing god with life; that is “universities in charge; for the last fifty plus years”. As the population worshiped them into a cult; and they became “Satan on earth”/ by the foundation of failure; as seen above.

You are so clearly NOT MY government/ not even my world, “so to speak”; as the reality of “constructing devil” proceeds into death, and its gravestone: “we refused to care/ wanting only riches, selfishness, and lust instead”.

Arrogance: curse of the thief (you owe me)/ apathy: overwhelmed by the constant rhetoric of media, introducing “you cannot escape our lies”/ disrespect: worst of all, indicating true betrayal of life itself, submerging into terrorism. Nonetheless it is bankruptcy that begins “life, world, and nation” have at least this one last chance to define and accept truth and reality/ instead of rebellion with anarchy. Bankruptcy means: WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE, by investigating to prove what is, or is not true/ and then isolating what is fair, as best we can. Using limited capitalism as our guide, to demand no more games: the currency is now tied to the population count/ and there shall be no debts at all: until at least 25% ‘IN REAL MONEY” has been collected for this specific choice/ that is not allowed until the people understanding they will pay; say yes we do need that. Or more distinctly bankruptcy comes with the removal of power, which includes the banking industry. As was the ACTUAL cause for the previous US civil war: you chose to bankrupt them/ while it was banking which made them slave owners. And Lincoln did not say: “you can’t have that money back”. So it was war. DON’T make the same mistake; as is you know how that civil war turned out. War is never better/ it is chaos instead of law.

This USA is run by religious relics of the most horrifying stupidity that has ever been on earth. People who believe “they can play god” universities cannot be questioned (cult)/ because they found the tools to interfere with life. CLAIMING CHAOS is how life became living; SO WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE/ in fact “throw in every form of garbage that you can”; so we can declare whatever comes out that lives, “is our own creation”. But all you get is the destruction of nature itself; as is warranted by fools in charge/ the curse of the worthless who follow them to their own death. And of course so much more; that the world itself stands on the edge of insanity, and then extinction: because fools want to be “all powerful”/ and will soon expand hate into world war 3. to your shame, and your extermination from this planet of life. As is your reward: for claiming “I am rich”/ when in fact, you are the poorest generation who have ever lived. Throwing away your world, life itself; for what is worthless, and vile. Worshiping “your chosen SATAN”; as the university is god. Will prove: the corpse rises to infect you, in a pandemic beyond your dreams of insanity.

As for truth itself: “metals will not save you/ numbers will not save you/ religion will not save you/ the stock market will not save you/ armies cannot save you, their threat is extinction now/ the earth cannot save you; unless you help it survive. Which leaves us with the reality of our own existence: as it is with global warming: EVERYBODY CONTRIBUTES to the rise of earth’s temperature. Because we are so many people/ we do release so much heat; simply because we are ALL alive. SO The critical truth is: WE MUST ALL CONTRIBUTE TO SAVING THIS WORLD/ or we all die, because you (the vast majority) didn’t care enough, even to try. You wanted to be rich. But today: our existence depends upon sharing what truth demands of us all.

We cannot survive without law governing our world; laws simple and direct that we the world DO UNDERSTAND, completely enough to enforce our law; on ourselves and each other. CHOOSING WHAT WE KNOW, can help life to survive, and sustain this earth, so we can continue to live.

I DO RECOMMEND PRAYER TO OUR CREATOR; because as any sane person knows: every living example of life itself, and even this earth and all it gives to us so we can remain living. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHAOS or an accident of any kind. BUT CLEARLY IS THOUGHT DID THIS, and in that thought; we can understand: THIS IS SACRED, and ought never to be touched, or mangled, or crucified, or mutilated: OR GAMBLED, or risked; OR ANYTHING THE UNIVERSITIES DO. In their insanity of playing god, and destroying our world; as is the evidence of their own truth. CHOOSE! Because your games are dead.

The death squad will attack: screaming “we are gods”/ we will do whatever we want; without restraint. Because after all they now have “your trillions” in payment for their release of biological weapons against you. But you will stop them; by refusing to honor those trillions/ and returning to what is real. Let truth be your guide/ and nothing less than what is real: the consequence of being wrong. CANNOT BE ALLOWED.

THERE IS,  “no other way”/ to return to truth decides now.

redress is required/ limited capitalism is required/ world law is required; and much more is needed just to survive as a world; fighting to remain alive.

And the world shouts: “we are like gods/ so damn proud we cannot be defeated/ we know everything”; because the universities “expert” leads.  Alas: the evidence proves extinction: because that leadership was wrong; theft, lies, failures, fool, tragedy, starvation, war;  “too bad”.

However truth replies: you are just like the people who shouted “the titanic cannot be sunk”/ but on april 15, 1912: IT DID. Because arrogance (we cannot be wrong) was in control. “the iceberg” is dead ahead/ and you are running at full speed, and without true change; completely unable to turn. Because apathy and disrespect are like quicksand; they will swallow you alive.

As is: “the cry of every believer” YELLING I KNOW: because they no longer care about the evidence (arrogance)/ they no longer need to care about the truth (they are their own truth, as is apathy)/ and they no longer need respect for an entire world or any life on it (because their world is “self”/ and nothing less); which includes us all.

There is no destiny beyond truth, no life can survive without truth, no brotherhood or purpose of life or world, beyond what truth will allow. Therefore the reality of every believer is death: because want does not survive. While religion offers belief: to stand in for what we cannot prove true, as people want that truth to be. Reality again replies: that there is no explanation for life or even world, beyond thought. There are miracles of living existence, and values shaping our earth by law; which proves that thought does exist; as truth demands it must be so. But people want what they want; which leads to pride and the games of men or women; which leads to power and rules to become rulers; and the cost of people who now gamble with this entire world and all its life. Because they have no respect to care, want not to share, and believe they can be gods, if not already so.

So the question is not: how do we fight, with those who want to fight. But how does information become acquainted with life and living; so that each can decide for themselves: what is true in their own heart.

The cursed yell failure. But reality says as the advertisement goes: that each day our lungs take in 20,000 breaths of air/ or a seventy year old exists because the heart has pumped over 2.5 BILLION times. Yet your universities gods say: “we will do better/ by crucifying life through genetic chaos”. Their brain is dead/ and are “truly insane”; as with so many other things as well! While media reports “one in five dies of a heart failure; give us your money”/ but account for no “old age”. Failing the truth: if none die/ then none shall live; because this is a very now; finite world of our existence. That must be shared to survive. The endless propaganda of media, and in particular television: which inundates the watcher with constant demands: “BUY/ BUY/ BUY; and of course “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”; GO AHEAD: BE ENSLAVED, credit is great: DON’T think be damned to the consequences; “rejoice”. Then beg: because that ends with “I know”. But you do not know anything, you believed: and then you feared, so now you obey: other than the university purpose of what media, by the invasion of “university experts and thieves” have prompted them to say. They want you dead, and have gathered every horrifying disease and poison; to find a “ vaccine for themselves”/ so they can clear out this world, of too many humans to survive. And keep it for themselves. Or as is the purpose of “space travel”; they know, and are looking for an escape/ if the tricks don’t work.

The law of governments is: YOU CANNOT BANKRUPT US ALL/ but of course they do, as greed is an abyss, and betrayal requires an army who wants to be paid. The law of society is: YOU CANNOT TAKE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES, AND REFUSE OUR RIGHTS, DENY OUR FREEDOMS, OR STEAL AS CRIMINALS DO! Yet every ruler, and every government does do exactly that; with very few exceptions: and they will be attacked with war/ by those who did. Because the army must be fed, or it will turn on a leader: and the easy way out is: make them war/ which turns society from the ruler, to the cost of death instead.

The law of life is: NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT, TO MAKE MY DECISION FOR ME/ I AM RESPONSIBLE, therefore it is a decision that belongs only to me: even if I am wrong. Because even eternity sits to judge: what is true of me/ or you.

The law of this earth is: NEVER HAS THERE BEEN ANYONE, who can claim to be “GOD” / by truth! Because you are absolutely unworthy, and without “a grain of salt” to back that up. THEREFORE LIFE AND EARTH ARE SACRED; which means “never gamble with what you cannot repair or survive the loss of”. But universities throughout this world: DO exactly that, claiming they will be gods; and can do anything they want; without consequences for them. Few can match their lies, theft, or betrayal; in all of history. “insane” beyond comprehension; world of the dead/ rather than life.

The law of being “human”: begins with the critical decision, of “love versus hate”/ which side do you belong on: because they are opposites, and cannot remain as one beyond the limits of time. IT IS “one way/ OR the other”.

As to the majority response of “I want to be an animal”: letting want decide for me, whatever pride and power will allow. Without a living world/ you will die to life and eternity; casket closed, a rotting corpse all that is left of you. To which the majority reply: “dust to dust”/ you can’t make us afraid; only religion believes we can go on beyond the grave! WE AIN’T BUYING/ TO HELL, with you! As is their right; their life; their eternity; their decision: ain’t that so? But what you do not understand is: the universities are making all these decisions for you/ and leaving you with nothing to decide for yourselves. Propagating anything they desire through media; controlling your lives, money, everything through government/ corrupting the courts to remove democracy/ denying law as is the constitutional government of this USA; hiding it in a maze, you are not allowed to untangle. Forcing taxation; but it has no value/ as the reality of the money supply; comes simply by adding another digit to the claim of a bank account that is entirely fictitious. Even you; can have a trillion dollars in your account: just add some numbers/ because it does not matter: until you want to cash your numbers in. and unfortunately: so many numbers exist: not even this entire earth emptied of everything; could begin to supply your demands. So its fraud, plain and simple.

I prefer truth: unfortunately the evidence is all bad/ the reality of universities lead is all bad/ the cost of government in all ways, “is all bad”/ the reality of immigration is all bad/ the traitorous acts of denying what needs to be done as is media; is even worse than bad/ courts are bad/ schools are bad/ humanity believes what it wants; as is bad/ the future is critically bad/ and all you have is a bribe to keep you from asking questions: while we wait for your house of cards to fall down. Bringing world war 3/ if not before that all of nature fails/ they ignite atoms on fire, which is “same fire as on the sun”/ endless starvation which leads to the extinction of all species/ war beyond insanity for water lost now/ and “a billion more”. Hurrah, the universities lead: now ain’t that so? Because even if they don’t technically lead: they do reside in every single bit of information upon which your government relies. They did teach every single representative of government, courts, media, and control throughout society. They are “your gods”/ as covid proved true; letting Nazi take control, to your shame.

Want to survive? CHANGE all these things and more. But find redress is the law/ and make certain nobody gets to claim “that ain’t the best we can do”; to FIND TRUTH for ourselves.

Where are the young, particularly those in college: to fight for their own future? Apart from being trained as believers/ the reality is: this site and my work is commonly banded from “university networks”/ so it cannot be accessed on campus unless you do not belong to their network; which rarely exists. In all ways propaganda exists:  “so there is only one brain”/ and it cannot be yours.

And they all SCREAM: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT TOO! But, it will not be so; as barely is there enough resources of any kind left; to include the future of this world. And that is only the beginning of what extinction will mean.

I DO NOT ask you to believe anything. I DO ask you to investigate; and prove what is true/ identifying the cost of being wrong. And then using your own brain to decide what YOUR CHOICE: for life or death/ is going to be?

And the liars all say: WE DON’T need no damn reality of his/ he is worthless, and without value. A contaminate in our lives, that should be evicted.

The thieves say: WE CAN take all we want/ and they cannot stop us; because corruption is rampant. And the delusions of every crying, whimpering fool, insure the maze of failure remains on our side. Why would we give that up?

The traitors: do you want to pay for what you did do/ OR SHALL WE ENFORCE; the children have to die, because of what we did do. Because “they are dead anyway”/ as every threat can prove.

The terrorists: DAMN THEM TO HELL/ we want them all dead/ as is the underlying purpose of all, that “university knows”.

The politician: we gave you what you wanted/ you owe us, for all those lies. After all: we delivered you to the criminals of healthcare; hiding in back rooms; where extortion lives. We robbed you of everything a lifetime did do. We killed the future with guile and the plague of greed. We made you eat our shit; as with covid. “we are great”. The universities are god: and you WILL BOW DOWN to them; as we surrender everything you own; to their disease. Giving away NATURE itself, to their chaos.

The media: we did what we were told to do; you can’t blame us/ it is the owners fault: we just wanted a good job, “like you”. So what is you enslaved yourselves with our temptation; you chose. So what if we created division and separation and the purpose of civil war. So what if we were fools, and traitors; supporting terrorists in their vile pursuit of extinction for all; WHO GIVES A DAMN. We want what we want.

The courts: we are the superior ones; so we are allowed to take away what we want/ and leave you as slaves; without justice or rights. Where the courtroom is a graveyard to everything fair or vital to a nation. Where thieves sit in judgment; so as to ruin a nation with lies, and disgrace; formed from deep rooted disrespect.

The universities: “how great we are/ just like gods”. A cult without costs; now ain’t that right: “or we discard you with the trash”.

The schools: mimic, memorize, repeat/ never think. As is blatant indoctrination: to demand “university is god”.

The military: don’t blame us, we just prepared for HELL/ and never considered law rules instead. HELL, war is great; so says the fool.

Which leaves the living few: who recognize the duty of protecting life and world from the invasion of blatant arrogance, disrespect, and apathy. Who must do the best we can; with what is true. Who must remove the religion from government that is cult worshiping “university as god”. And stop their pure insanity from destroying life or earth.

As for me, like you the living: the most critical decision of our lives is, unfortunately a sacrifice of what we could do/ in order to do what we must do. For a world that is literally about to die. Even you can multiply 8 billion people by one percent rise; to equal 80 million more mouths to feed each year. That alone is enough to cause our demise; as both food and water are lost; forever gone. Because of choices made. Even you can undertake the examination of consequences for being WRONG; as universities so obviously are; as proven by the evidence of our reality. Not the fiction of their foolishness, and pompous disgrace; that is playing god. And the world says to me: YOU CAN’T PROVE IT, SO WE WON’T CARE!

BUT REALITY REPLIES: THAT A DEAD WORLD CANNOT COME BACK, to a living world of life remains here. So you must “FIND A BRAIN” among you; and recognize this is no game; and dead means; YOU TOO. So the question is: can you give up the desires of your heart; to heed the truth of evidence: which does not allow for anyone to simply walk away; without a true personal decision.

Those who find their heart: “will sign their name”; and understand, “me too” is a decision, that will enforce the best we can do: is to provide to ourselves: what is called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. As is the law, giving you the people legal rights: to enforce democracy on this nation. By taking control away from the employees of government: TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; what the future, what the evidence, and what the cost of being wrong. Is going to be. So that as a nation or world: we make the decision: that only truth will allow. For life and world.

Unfortunately, never sacrifice: has limits and boundaries too. A world facing extinction is one of those. Even if you don’t wish to believe: the cost of being WRONG IS/ you will never decide anything again, and neither will your child, or anything important TO YOU.

As for me; from the Cuban missile crisis on, I have spent my life in time; for one singular purpose: this cannot be! Which as time crept on; became an entire landslide of: you cannot do that; our world will die. But I did not comprehend the greed, or the arrogance “of selfishness”, apathy for truth, or disrespect for life. When it became clear “the evidence will not do anything/ greed controls. I looked at religion; which said “we cannot go against government employees”. Tried to find people who would care; but could not: all screaming I want to be rich. Studied to use the law, as the law is its own army; but corruption had taken control over that. Used the fraud of complete corruption and the conspiracy to bankrupt state and nation; but nobody cared. Decided the only method is to defeat the universities with knowledge and reality; but “they all ran away to hide”. Faced the truth of “only war is left”’/ but since the best it could do was cause world war 3. I searched for: “what would women do instead”? And found an answer there: that is, ONLY LAW can save us now. But it remains true; regardless of the sacrifice, life or death for this world: remains entirely up to you/ as you are: your own worst enemy. Destroying life on earth; for bribes that will vanish into “thin air”. Proving “fool”.

We have come to the fine line between living and dying: as reality looks around this earth to understand: how every threat is increasing, and there is very little time left; to turn this around. YOUR DECISION, it is not mine. I cannot “save a single one”; I guarantee it; it is true. Just “the messenger”; sent to say: you are surrounded by threats of extinction, and will not survive as a world; unless you change; to let truth decide/ not your want. It is that simple. CHOOSE, because there is no going back in time; and death is death; even if it becomes this entire world will die. That too: is entirely up to you; as I did do my job: within the framework reality left for me to do it. By providing insight, so your enemies did not shut this down too. Your decision/ your cost: better or worse! Your price to pay; it is not mine. As throughout the decades: I will say to you one last time, “[prove me wrong] and I will change”. But no one ever did.

No, I truly do not know: how all your decisions will turn out. I do not know if women will find a soul, and participate for the sake of life on earth. No I do not know if there will be “tragedies for me”. No, I do not know what even eternity can become for me; as male or female is not certain. But I do know; this is no game, and there are no delusions about sex here: only the question of real world miracle change or not? Absolutely not up to me; no clue. I do know: that the end of life on earth is close by; if you refuse to change. Just like you: can investigate the evidence, and find the very same result; because like death of every kind: in a single heartbeat, life can stop, and never return again.

no, not perverted/ no not pedophile/ no not a game or a trap or a delusion or an insanity for me/ or a fantasy; or any other thing that I have been accused of over the decades. Just plain, respect for life itself: finds a duty, that cannot be turned away: when the entire world is dying. I DO PRAISE GOD for all the miracles bestowed on me; in every way. I DO accept that JESUS led the way, to my own salvation from a world; that fell into the abyss; as is evolution. Providing the key that is eternal life: “loneliness desires love to share its experience and expressions with”/ and we can ask to participate in that”. Not your leader. But I will help women if they organize into a reality of choices that intend to “work for this world to survive”. To create the law, and find solutions.

And all the people say: WE NEED A LEADER TO ORGANIZE US/ OR, we have an excuse; because we cannot stand against an army all by ourselves.

Reality replies: IT IS THE LAW, THAT MUST LEAD YOU: THE DECISIONS OF SOCIETY, THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF DEMOCRACY; that entitle you to enforce what is already your leader, as proven by constitutional demands upon our employees, in this USA/ and this state of IL.

So the reality is: you are already organized, and the law is your leader; and the only thing missing is your own democracy; the essence and truth of WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation and state. But you hide instead, and run away from the law screaming: I GOT bills to pay/ I want what I want/ YOU DO IT; because I don’t want to pay, “absolutely nothing”.

Because greed controls your heart; and the prey animals all say: “so long as I am not being threatened today/ its a good day”/ and all the predators say: so long as the prey are plentiful and unaware; its a good day/ and all the hate screams: so long as the slaughter house door remains open, for what fear will push inside; its a good day. Leaving the truth of life itself, standing alone to demand: none of this will remain. You live within a lie, and know it/ you are living in the vomit of people who steal repeatedly from you; and know it/ you are failing life and world, not even responding to all of nature thrown into chaos/ not even responding to the people trying to ignite this planet into a sun. Shouting “GOD” WILL save us from everything we do wrong; cause that is HIS job; AND WE can do whatever we want. Because we don’t have to do nothing. While the rest of the indoctrinated (university is god) all scream: “dust to dust”/ take all you can get; right now: to hell with the children or life or earth. You fail life and earth; earning you the title of “worst, that has ever been”.