The claim of the dead is: “universities know best”/ and they have taken control over life and nation by destroying the currency and creating debts to enslave us all. Thereby giving themselves the resources to attack, manipulate, control, tempt, bribe, rebel against, deny, disrespect, fail, cheat, lie, steal, terrorize, and betray this nation and the world; killing by assassination, the entire future of life and earth; by what they choose to do. Such is the reality of cult worship particularly in this USA, as was demonstrated by covid: you threw away your mind, to believe/ obey/ and fear the cost of making a decision on your own. SHAME on you.

Everything that is wrong on planet earth; can be traced back to “universities KNOW” better. By examining the consequences of their choices: we now know, “this is Satan/ not savior”.

They made every weapon of mass destruction/ enemies to this world/ no going back, in a world filled with failures and fools; taught by universities.

They attack nature at its core genetics; which build every body of life/ declaring themselves to be gods: when in fact, they cannot even identify the most insane lie of human existence; but made it their own religion as is evolution. LOOK AT YOUR FACE, and understand how complex simply talking is/ simply eating is/ simply breathing is; and know by the evidence of reality based truth: none of it, is so damn simple as a “university brain”. None of it, is built one damn piece at a time; YOU DO NEED much more to survive; “all at once”/ or you die. SHAME ON YOU.

They attack the planet itself: trying for decades now to ignite a nuclear (lets burn atoms fire) FIRE, just like the sun; “with million mile flames, according to university”/ a length of fire 4 times farther than the moon to earth. CLAIMING, we don’t have to worry, “not enough gravity here/ so it will just extinguish itself”. Or more simply the entire physics program of universities everywhere IS PURE FANTASY AND DELUSION. AS IS einsteins theory of relativity or energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. A dead man’s theory, WHICH IS SIMPLY: energy is equal to mass times speed at a constant. Which is simply the most simple equation possible of kinetic energy; or “if you get hit by a baseball/ its going to hurt; because your body will tell you that; universities useless drivel”. But they shout “nuclear weapons (destroy it all)/ biological weapons (kill it all)/ chemical weapons (curse them all)/ propaganda without shame (LIE YOU BASTARDS LIE_); as is “nazi (not a German thing/ men wanting power or war, and using propaganda to get it)”.

TRILLIONS of tons of poisons/ trillions of tons of pollution/ trillions of tons or garbage (throw away the children). Endless crucifixion of life by genetics; curse every form of living/ deny every life its food: open the door to pandemic disease throughout every grass and every chain of life; by adding chaos to genetic nature.

Cursing and crucifying the oceans, destroying its life sources, (poison everywhere) and living existence from everything. Destroying all drinking water sources; turning aquifers into rock/ stealing the work of every human being; to force war with counterfeiting, and debts which cannot be paid. Filling this earth with humanity; which is enough by itself, to produce our extermination of this world.

Cursing every form of living nature; by attacking it all; which does include “tagging it” so the very last can be found: to create extinction (no escape) the human hunger, which is coming quickly. Indoctrinating every child: with believe/ fear/ obey; the universities are your god; as HADES begins to open its door, to terrors eternal as your consequences mount up.

THE LIST IS “forever long”/ and it is unlikely this earth will survive. I do suggest to those with a tiny fragment of a brain left: that you do PRAY.

Nonetheless; the insurgents of universities in this nation especially are known for their rampant attack on everything we need to survive or retain our struggle with freedom. Nothing in the history of this world; is so damn parasitic, “as a university brain”/ invading our lives with horrors and hell: coming for each one. And the cult led by a courtroom of corruption and conspiracy; controls and removes democracy “in every second” of every day. Because their lies, and the maze of their own intellectual war: is against us all/ stealing, lying, cheating, betraying life and world and nation. Because the universities own them, and they sell their soul. With very few able to stand.

They do build an army against us all: intensifying competition from every side.

EVERYTHING THAT WAR CAN BE WITHOUT BLOODSHED WE CAN SEE; IS BEING DONE, by universities controls this. As the intellectual battleground of creating a maze; to make this society accept the delusions of fools; becomes inundated with the curse of “university knows”.

What did they give you: trillions of dollars for them to spend so you could have the crumbs in exchange for a dead nation?

Robots to steal your job/ computers to deny you any privacy at all, and are used to steal your entire world/ medicine without fair play as is the curse behind closed doors (does not include doctors)/ where the administration of medicine WARS against all life; “put on a bandage/ YOU OWE US YOUR HOUSE”; put on a splint/ YOU OWE US YOUR LIFE”; proven by stealing, and enslaving; everything you can.

Too many people coming across the border: LIES TO PROTECT THEM instead of us/ because UNLESS THERE IS REAL POPULATION CONTROLS, there is no end. Which means all this is: is feeding the army, that will attack; because when the food and water is gone/ LIKE YOU, they have no choice but to die.

Get the dead meat out of government; it is rotting/ and the disease of fools is spreading. Get the curse of death out of media; as the cult leaders cannot stay. Get your life back: by understanding: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE NOW/ never again “what you want”; or our entire world collapses into extinction.

Because “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY” is not an answer. And the universities are more Satanic, than savior. As proven by the evidence of their consequences over these last fifty plus years.

DO NOT choose the scourge of leaders who brought us here; to the life or death decision of our own extinction: do to universities consequences are real.

DO NOT follow the scourge of fools; who cannot think or shout more than I WANT WHAT I WANT; that day is dead. And will never return.

MAKE YOUR OWN LAWS; AS SHORT AND SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE; so that we CAN all defend ourselves and our world; from all attackers. REMOVE ALL EVIDENCE OF “UNIVERSITY LEADS”/ destroy their curse of experimentation, and claims “we will decide everything”. DENY MEDIA its throne of belligerence and betrayal: own the distribution for ourselves/ letting the public decide “we are the editors”; and no individual, which includes NO DEAD HEAD GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL will be found to control it. WE WILL DECIDE, what is in our own best interest to know and see. This society dies; by media influence/ and universities indoctrination of every child/ the insurgency of failure that is “their courtroom, for organized crime/ not ours”. And all the other HELL, that is universities led us here.

WAKE UP OR DIE; simple and plain/ YOUR choice; but it ends very soon. And there will be nothing left but tears and destruction; if you refuse! MAKE YOUR OWN LAW. In this USA, that is legally done, with the authority of first amendment redress of grievances. DO NOT LET THEM DETER YOU; it is our own constitutional authority to DEMAND: WE ARE, THE OWNERS HERE! And today, having no faith in those hired to do the job/ we must decide for ourselves: THE FUTURE of our lives, world, and nation. Because there is no other way.

I will never lead you; the tragedies of your own choosing/ SHALL NOT be blamed on me. I did do, what life and humanity let me do. To your shame; it was little; because of you. I NO LONGER argue with “believers”/ it is useless. I will only argue truth, and what is, or is not real; as the evidence can prove is distinct enough for a decision. STATE your claim: distinctly, and without want, pride, or power/ nothing more or less.

My only participation in what is now nearly hopeless; “a world about to be lost”/ IS I WILL ONLY HELP women who are willing to fight for this world: BY LEGALLY CHOOSING LAW. Participating only, to find and refine the law, that will then lead. NO MORE LEADERS/ the law will lead our world, our lives, our nation, our future; or I have no desire to help you at all.

“women”/ because after a ten year search for solutions. IT DID BECOME CLEAR: the only solution of men is war/ as is historically proven true. That will become our extinction; take a look at the truth/ evidence is clear. The end of life on earth; as is what you chose.

And the cult worshipers say: “university is god/ they gave us everything”.

REALITY REPLIES: WHAT, real value to life and world did they give/ that is more than a toy, trinket, or trophy for them?

They gave you currency numbers, and “debts don’t matter (the slaves have to pay)” / by robbing you of reality. ITS CALLED STEALING as rats do; crawling through holes, and in the dark; so you cannot see them do it.

They destroyed your infrastructure; ONLY a university plan or fantasy gets the money/ imagination rules a fool.

They destroyed your businesses/ resources/ border lines/ property ownership/ inheritance/ manufacturing/ cursed your children with indoctrination (lets steal their brain; as cult religions do)/ deny democracy/ corrupt the courts (only we matter)/ conspire to overthrow this USA: by the insanity of removing everything a nation or its society depends upon. Throwing away “critical common sense”. Denying truth with a diploma {that the rest of us have to educate/ so THEY can take our job away}. Giving every form of power to a tiny few/ locking the gate to “we all have a say”; to prove ONLY the universities will decide. And a billion more curses on life and world; courtesy “university knows/ and the cult who worships them: betray”.


Answer: made overpopulation possible/ without restraint. Answer: made computers the single most destructive device beyond a weapon in the history of this world. Answer; created global warming/ a dying world. Answer robots; “let the war begin”; one push of a button, and they turn on you. Answer: more grain more threat: because to get that increase/ EVERY FORM OF DEFENSE the plant was built with, has been destroyed. Leaving the entire species of say, corn “A GRASS”: OPEN TO PANDEMIC CHAOS AND THEN EXTINCTION; which includes rice, wheat, oats, and more. In one single catastrophic moment of failure: because men want what men want/ but threw away their brain. Answer: THEY CURSED YOU WITH GRIEF. “best hope you got”.


Reality says, in this USA; the critical truth is, that the serpent of failure which is “university knows”; has been driving this nation into the ground, to bury it whether alive or dead; in the cost of currency inflation and debts so extreme; you cannot dig yourselves out, and will create civil war. As the end of America becomes real.

They do that by robbing you of all securities as has been done; and turning the masses into beggars; who cannot survive unless they beg. As is being done; stripping you of ownership/ destroying the foundations of our survival/ and denying all options for a job or other means of taking care of yourselves. By transferring every decision: to only the cult of university elite shall decide. As emperors, they now own everything; because the currency is worthless, and they own the government, and they own the banks/ and they own the schools/ and they own the propaganda/ and they own the military: because you bought it for them. As they continue anarchy and rebellion against all authority but their own. Demanding “we are god”; as nature, life, and world collapse at their feet; do to the truly vile stench of their delusions.

Reality says: we must declare bankruptcy in order to take back control of our lives/ to demand redress of grievances, as the LEGAL CIVIL WAR, to end these games and return our lives to what does survive as truth allows.

Redress means: WE THE PEOPLE; WILL DECIDE NOW/ because this is our nation, and we are the owners here. Even if the nation or state has been reduced to rubble due to the extreme disgrace of fantasies ruled our lives; and the end result of that is “we were fools”.

Authority means: we have a choice, TO STOP THE TRAGEDIES, RIGHT NOW! And take back our own decisions, as we the people; or let them finish HELL comes for you. Oddly enough, there are many who do not understand; want is not enough/ and pride is a death trap; so clear as day or not, the decision itself stands in murky waters.

But lets assume the cult of death, has not consumed you all; and even a little actual life on earth; still exists in this nation and world. We must hope, because without hope life has failed; and death is all you have left; as is suicide.

If we are too survive: the critical foundation is: we must make our own laws/ we must decide what is fair to all (no revenge)/ we must examine truth to understand how we got here, so as not to repeat it/ we must take charge of the propaganda machine called media, as we the people will edit now(before broadcasting to all). We must provide to the military their own bill of rights; so as to allow them to defend us/ rather than to obey without question. We must protect and defend each other, as if this legal war; was life or death of a nation; because it is. We must provide to each other, as if we were friends. And we must accept the limits and boundaries that will return us all to life/ rather than hate and war, as animals would do; as men have done, when they sink into hate rules now.

Love or hate is the truth of life; one direction or the other, is all there is! But humanity is allowed an additional choice: “we want to be animals, with love and hate, instead”. Unfortunately for you; that day is dead, as your want did bring you here to the edge of extinction; and your only real choice is now: LOVE REBUILDS LIFE/ OR HATE WILL DESTROY LIFE AND WORLD. One, OR the other; is your future. Because damage done, is so severe.

While it is clear; that as a herd of animals constantly being moved to another paddock or maze; TO KEEP YOU FROM ESCAPING, the delusions of “the cult knows best”. That you have no brain to even conceive of life beyond: the cult of university decides. It should be absolutely clear to you: THAT NATURE BRINGS YOU LIFE, the chemistry of man destroys that life, and the attempts at playing god over all of this earth and its life: are SATANIC, BECAUSE UNIVERSITIES DO try to destroy it all, claiming “no matter what it is from real life”; that they know better. Such as is trying to ignite atoms on fire just like the sun/ ON A PLANET MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF FUEL! EVEN YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT WRONG MEANS: the fact you let them do it, proves you are by all methods of thought; DEAD inside or dying from the arrogance, that is believing you can do better “with universities as god”. SHAME ON YOU.

Or, in far more simple constructions; the easy way to identify what is wrong; can be understood by the grain elevator, not far away. While it was once a method for providing assistance to this farming community; with two elevators to compete with each other for pricing. It is now one elevator; that ships roughly 2 million bushels of grain each week, all year long. Which means an endless line of trucks/ which means an endless amount of heat and fuel and resources used to transport: one million bushel 2 engine train OR, each legally loaded truck with 800 bushel=1250 trucks and all the road repair that requires; per train. 3 engine train; pulling 1.5 million bushels/ OR 1875 trucks, and all the fuel they burn. While that is a lot of drivers; in a world that threw away its resources; you are foolish beyond compare; 104 million bushels a year=130,000 trucks, and all the fuel they need, tires, etc. WHICH is better? Because this elevator ended rural elevators in the area; so that everything can be trucked back here. But that was caused by your government selling off the track to Canada in exchange for debt; and numerous tracks were abandoned. Numerous jobs were lost, a tax base for small towns was ended, along with other support elements. And the end result of it is: that a very tiny few decide what they will pay in exchange for shipping this grain: because your choices are now very limited as well. ONLY one left; for a very large area of production. Trucks are said to be coming from 70 miles away: 20 miles is an excessive distance; if you must.

For that matter: IT IS useless, and extremely wasteful: for train engines to idle (2 or 3 or more at a time) for hours upon hours waiting to get loaded, so they can move on. Major amounts of heat and exhaust are released by all that fuel/ engines are rebuilt based upon hours running/ and NOT one real benefit to anyone is created; just a cost to those who live by those tracks. Real world solutions require: that a train be located by an electrical hookup, so as to shut the engine down; or much smaller engines used for the minimal heat or air conditioning needed. BECAUSE YOU KNOW, global warming is real, resource depletion is real, pollution is extreme; and therefore it matters.

SEE, how much you can DO; with very little real world grief: a million bushel bin can be set up in a month or less. It ain’t no big deal. Demanding change in the railroad industry; “simply prepare for shutting these down”; adds up to millions of gallons of diesel fuel every year. WORLDWIDE?     THEREFORE, IT DOES matter.

CLIMB OUT OF YOUR GRAVE; before the rotting corpse of UNIVERSITY LED leadership; BURIES YOU AND YOUR WORLD. DO: WHAT YOU KNOW, YOU CAN DO! Start there.

But, the end result of it is: small elevators were not working financially; so this was the easy way out; and truckers want it too: BUT EVERYBODY needs a job, not just you.  Like everything else in a globally overheating world; with every possibility for a future denied: the corrected choice is elevators rising along the track at no more than 30 mile intervals, so as to reduce truck transport. Or more distinctly: choices for the future INCLUDE what is best for the world, and what is best for the majority of the people, and what will work into the future; because the gift of “university leads” is HELL ON EARTH. Which must be changed to survive. You cannot have what you want/ you must let truth decide what is best; and that includes “this entire society has failed”; the future is dead, because of you! CHANGE is literally a child’s only hope.

THE SAME IS TRUE OF EVERYTHING: PRIDE SCREAMS “WINNER”/ AND POWER JUDGES “they are fools; trample them”; and want SCREAMS, “GIVE ME THE MONEY/ let them die”. As reality proves true: how many things come from China, or around the world; just like this elevator. Proving to take control by a tiny few; has a price. Transporting “everything, from extreme distances; OVERHEATS THE PLANET” and fails life everywhere. Giving to a very tiny few: the power to make you cry.

proving university leads;  IS A DEATH TRAP. Because they have no brain; and want EASY/ as with all the poisons, pollutions, and a DAMN SEWER they turned this world into.  IT WILL DIE/ AND ALL LIFE WILL BE EXTINCT;    UNLESS THERE IS TRUE AND SUSTAINED CHANGE.  because the evidence is real, and that is where it leads.