WE NOW assemble the elements of reality to assert: there will be change! BY COURTROOM REALITIES OF LAW. THE VALUES AND TRUTH OF WHAT WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND; UNDER THE CONSTRAITS OF CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT; as is the reality of rule as a democracy. First amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: FORMS THE BULKWARK; of organized “LEGAL civil war against our employees”; who gave their oath to us. THIS IS, “the law” of what they would do; to prove our democracy exists as we chose it to be. Establishing the extreme failures of fools, who have led us to the edge of extinction; by their decisions to worship: arrogance against all life/ apathy against our entire planet/ disrespect, for all humanity/ counterfeiting against every currency/ poisoning by the trillion ton/water shortage and destruction everywhere; causing the Apocalypse (war for water)/ polluting by the quadrillion ton/ destruction of every resource, forcing the assassination of every child and life on earth/ death of every living chain/ super diseases/ mutilation of every life in nature; Armageddon/ extreme experimentation, which includes destroying the atomic balance of this earth (CERN) AND trying to ignite a nuclear fire (just like the sun); in roughly 50 world wide experimental machines; at trillions of dollars spent: to turn our world into HADES. Plus more, beyond your imagination.

So we then turn to weapons of mass destruction: citing these “claimed to be your saviors”/ knowing they can kill our world; stand at the door of mass extinction, as pride and arrogance, and the thirst to prove power; removes the sanity in leaders/ in order to play god. We see the threat disappear, as apathy increases and disrespect forms the graveyard of fools: both those who lead and those soldiers who follow. Recognizing not only is this military/ this is world destruction, which includes the destruction of “300 foot tall massive tidal wave tsunami’s hitting the beach to destroy everything along a coastline. From lets say, the destruction of a nuclear submarine. Or a nuclear bomb exploded in the ocean: to wipe out entire naval fleets; with a single wave. The consequences of endless fossil fuel heat being released to curse this world with heat we cannot survive: so the dead inside turn down their air conditioning to multiply that effect. While geneticist and their accomplices from around the world; contemplate how they will attack leaders and others; “by simply mailing their disease” around the world. Unleashing a HELL that is beyond terrifying; by its cost. While chemicals form the basis of horrifying fears, when unleashed throughout cities. Proving there is no place to hide; not for a single solitary life on earth. As extinction will prove true. Along with the destruction of every tree; which causes the atmosphere to detach from this planet: ending as 600+ mph winds. All hail the universities; who lead all life. As is the evidence in this USA; providing the same basic elements of leadership that were in China a hundred years+ ago. Only the superior ones decide/ only the superior ones control/ only the superior ones own/ only the superior ones rule/ only the superior ones communicate/ only the superior ones get to play god with life and world and the future; as is what they, the universities; have done. Didn’t work for China/ won’t work for USA; demanding civil war; along with all the media influences that are deliberately directed to create civil war between groups now. As is all that can be done to end life and world: is being done; to your shame. The worshipers of every bribe allow. As overpopulation insures; you cannot escape your truth.

SO LETS TALK; FIRST YOU BUILD THE LAWS WHICH REMOVE ALL THESE THREATS! THEN YOU INSIST THAT YOUR LEADERS SHALL IN FACT OBEY OUR “WE THE PEOPLE” LAWS; or be treated as, proven traitors to your people. Because no leader of any kind: is more than “a former classmate” of yours. NOT ONE capable of playing god; with value/ only by hate; as is Satan on earth.

INSISTING REQUIRES: THAT YOU ACCEPT THE COST OF CHANGE, which is a few might die; by the leadership who surrounds themselves with hate; as their own means to enforce fear. But I say to you clearly, as a world wide truth: one death per every 8,000+ people: equals one million people! And that is a price you must pay/ if you must; because unless it is you or yours the death of one person, in every 8,000 people will not even be noticed; as changed. So decide: LIFE FOR THIS WORLD, ENFORCE YOUR LAW. PAY THE PRICE, and insure every leader knows: THIS AIN’T NO GAME. Or go extinct, because they will soon kill this world; as is plainly the evidence in so many ways; you have no choice but to die.

TAXATION IS HOW LEADERSHIP RULES OVER YOU. By making fear their weapon/ by making the military and policing believe they have no choice/ by producing obedience or we will take away what you need to survive. ENDS WITH TRUTH: WE WILL NOT LET YOU BREAK OUR LAWS/ that makes you the enemy of OUR NATION; “it ain’t yours”/ its our nation; and we will now decide what the future is going to be.  That is: the primary purpose of redress: to control democracy for WE THE PEOPLE owners, of this nation. Which is why the leadership of hate demands; it cannot be used to control the leaders of hate, power taken away, and pride that screams, “we are gods/ you are slaves” (more so, than you imagine). BUT LAW IS LAW, AND WE HAVE RIGHTS!

BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; YOU SHALL NOT EVADE THE TAX/ people are working for you as a nation/ and just like you they need to be paid too. BUT YOU SHALL INSIST; WE WILL NOT SUPPORT TRAITORS TO OUR NATION/ we WILL NOT be betrayed by fools who steal our securities, destroy our future, deny our freedoms and rights, solicit civil war, gamble with nature or world or life: claiming to be gods instead of employees hired to obey the decisions of this society/ NOT their own version of playing king or queen over us all. You will review the tax; and establish FAIR PLAY; AS WE THE PEOPLE NOW DECIDE; for ourselves. As in this USA; the tax rate is over fifty percent, and that is not enough for leaders who spent well in excess of over one thousand percent more than they take in. Claiming debts don’t matter: which means, you owe them nothing. NOR did they (nor their associates of universities rule) access any possession legally, that they claim to own.

And leadership says: KILL HIM! But they are intellectuals, and that means “they will search for deception/ and demand they must be hidden; by hiring someone else, as hate provides”.

However I remind each one: that you have no future at all, without true CHANGE/ so you will stand back, or the coffin will enclose you; in the prison of your fears.

To the world itself: I have offered “useful invention”, as a means of supporting that change/ and if you let them kill me; that will disappear, as I leave behind no real clue of what that could be. Your world is already descending into bankruptcy, and you will need that support; to survive without killing each other. Do not believe, as it is “only an idea”/ until proven true. But as is my words: merit is real.

The leadership of power, revolves around two specific techniques: “serpent or wolf”. The serpent slithers among the cracks and holes in government organization; selecting hate to produce its fears in order to control you. By understanding: WANT DRIVES humanity, and PRIDE makes them believe it is a game: that power can control. The serpent is patient; and wants control over the currency, and the choices; so as to bribe whosoever they please. In this USA that means: they have almost complete control, by university manipulation of their puppets and mice or rats; as the case may be.

Leadership of the wolf is: we will hunt you down, when your scent is identified; never letting you rest, until you surrender your life.

The serpent needs “only one; by using deceit, deception, temptation, manipulation, bribery, and more”/ “like a disease to inhibit and control by fear, producing belief. Which when cult status is achieved (never question your leader); proves nearly complete, “robot control”. While the wolf needs a pack of predators to prove fear by weapons and immediate pain.

But both are vulnerable to the reality of numbers: because once fear has been conquered: THE VIEW IS, WE ARE, THE SUPERIOR ONES WHO CONTROL THIS ENTIRE HERD. And can trample you.

Being HUMAN ALIVE: seeks law (redress), not war. Because there is no room for the destruction or methods of men; and their games to play; anymore. Democracy means: by our vote, we will change what needs to be changed/ and remove those who stand in our way: because we easily can, as the owners here. The critical foundation of change is: MONEY IS POWER, in EXCESS. Because people want it, and will make decisions that hate allows. CHANGING THAT IS: ‘limiting capitalism”; by our vote. To remove excess power, and keep this nation free to experience and express among ourselves.

So we ask: WHERE DID, the curse of all this failure begin?

Answer: in this USA, where evolution took hold over life and religion, schooling and government; to curse us all. WITH NOTHING MATTERS, its all a game of chance, formed by chaos. WE CAN DO CHAOS; which humanity then screams; MEANS WE ARE “gods (the superior ones)”. And so the descent began, weapons of mass destruction proved fear. And antibiotics provided obedience. But the cult itself formed around; when Reagan gave away the nation to “universities decide”; and they formed the tragedy of currency counterfeiting and took complete control over media; to insure that, “the people cannot know”. And humanity saw: THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS; and attacked universities to get it; providing cult worship for a bribe.

And it worked, for fifty years: until now, when the consequences of robbing and stealing/ cheating and betrayal/ rape and pillaging/ destruction and death; of the future, and every child. Has begun to appear, as a cost nobody wants to pay. So they hide, and pretend the world is not dying: so they can choose to be terrorists; who defy this creation of life, in order to scream, “we are gods”/ and nobody, is going to stop us. LET THE CHILDREN DIE; they have no future anyway; as is an open statement proving: “you took it all away”; from your own child and ; this world of living with miracles. And as time progressed: ALL the children screamed, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT TOO; and joined in. Each demanding “not in my lifetime”; as their way out of responsibility to life and earth. Throughout that time: only the very tiniest of numbers could be found, NOT screaming “MAKE ME RICH”! Even though that requires: make the rest live in poverty; as has begun.

So, now you pay; or you go extinct!   Your choice.

And the world shouts: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and WE KNOW WHAT WE DON’T WANT; and what we don’t want, is all you offer. Because we are BELIEVERS, and we believe whatever we want to believe; because that is what we want. And scream: as religion does, “WE DON’T have to accept anything we DON’T WANT; because our “god”, will save us from that.

But alas; truth is truth, and without true change: you have no proof of a future that will survive “any length of time, at all”. While all the evidence says: HELL IS COMING; because of what you wanted, and did do. Regardless of known consequences; much like your money, which you sacrificed your lives to get/ and is by the standards of any reality: now completely worthless; and will cause civil or world war. BECAUSE “THE HERD; ALL OF US” deciding together/ CAN BE WRONG. All of you shouting; “I can go buy a car with what you call worthless; or anything else I desire”. Because you stole the future, from your child, and your world.

And the people say: WHAT, ARE YOU going to sacrifice; in order to change life, and disciplines which cause men to do what they do; so we can all balance this world for life, and living; by law?

Reality says: “whether he wants it or not”; his life has been changed, “trading places”. His world of experience and expression; has been changed “to female in charge”. His existence has been changed: to experience life, as if female instead: in the ways history proves were WRONG. His future is: in the hands of female; and he cannot escape: Or control one single thing of what it means to be controlled by women who now, have changed places with this man. To prove: if women will do better, or not!

And the world says: “HE IS, a liar”/ wanting sex, wanting to be female, wanting whatever he wants; by taking it from us. With women as his target.

But I reply: that while this redefinition of my life; is a complete surprise. I thought: all is good. BUT, It remains true, that I did give my life to this work, and body is not an exception. I DO NOT accept the life of an animal, nor do I anticipate being treated like one; as that is unfair. That is my choice. But I have “traded places”; by the spiritual woman predicted in Revelation 12 (inside) and Revelation 17, which is taking control of a man outside. As is me. It is a strange life, still changing; but no control, no options, no hope to be other than what she lets me be. Reminding me: throughout history, MANY WOMEN experienced the very same thing; as do I. And not one “deserved it”. SO SURVIVE! I just hope for the best, as I am certain; so did so many women from the past. The warning to you, remains true: NO MAN or delusion of man or men; shall come here for sex of any kind. Or the warning is: YOU will find yourself, thrown into HADES.

As to all other realities: as the evidence does prove true! MY DEMAND OF YOU IS: GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG, AND DILIGENTLY QUESTION YOUR “University gods”; because they are destroying life and earth and time; killing your child to play god with their games. So when they question the validity of me/ as is a proven test, over fifty years: how I did spent my life in time! QUESTION THE TRUTH of them instead.

YOU FACE EXTINCTION:  believe it or not, that fact is true.

CHANGE OR DIE; simple as that/ your choice. Running away, to hide;  changes nothing. Claiming you have something better to do: than SAVE YOUR OWN DYING WORLD/  is a lie.  you do not: PROVE, WHAT IS TRUE; because you cannot afford to be WRONG.

Humanity claims, through its leaders, and its wants: WE CANNOT ALL, BE WRONG! NOTHING bad can happen; NOTHING has changed; NOTHING will change; because we got what we wanted, throughout these last fifty years, and more. Religion claims: GOD won’t let anything bad happen; we are, believers.

So we start as a world: by investigating fusion (lets ignite the same fire here as on the sun). COST OF BEING WRONG! We expand that to understanding: genetic mutilation is destroying nature itself/ as is their intent; to inject chaos “the evolutionary way”. COST OF BEING WRONG! We identify every other threat of extinction that exists; “true or not true”/ and when? And then with reality to govern what is the cost of being WRONG; the ability to survive population growth: “hits the wall of reality itself”, to prove this is A CHANGED WORLD. NO LONGER anything we want; because the consequences of what you wanted; are proving to be real. NO escape for you either: UNLESS YOU DO CHANGE. And even then: no guarantees, unless you turn back to, the road to death.

I am not perfect, never been: shocked that I would be changed too! But this entire world lost, is a price too high; and I do not argue with whatever truth needs to be. Your claim is “universities are god (perfect enough)/ but they led humanity for the last 60+ years; and we do stand on the edge of extinction. EVEN YOU, can understand this is a finite world. EVEN YOU can understand the math: that is 8 BILLION PEOPLE, standing at one meter apart each (touching); represents a line of humanity that is 8 million kilometers long. YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED! EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION NOW GAMBLES WITH LIFE AND PLANET! EXTREME WEAPONS WILL MAKE YOU EXTINCT! YOU CHOSE TO ANNIHILATE YOUR OWN CHILDREN BY RESOURCE LOSSES; just look at your garbage mountains. Endless pollution, poisons, EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SURVIVE surrounded by death; YOU CHOSE TO DO, BY YOUR own WANTS.

Yes you can ridicule me. But you cannot escape your truth, any more than I can escape mine. It is, what it is.

the spiritual woman, in me: sent, to help this world; by allowing women their own say”;  BY THE LAW YOU WILL KNOW THIS IS TRUE.  Has torn my life apart, “everything”. Simple as that, she is now the owner, I am the passenger: I don’t know why. How or why or what that has to do with you and this world; I do not know. However it is still true: that the change you require, is only a little less dramatic than mine. Truth decides/ world by law not leaders/ reality includes the future, not your greed, selfishness, and failures/ no more playing god/ choose LIFE, AND PLANET COME FIRST; no more gambling; no more filthy sewage as is “university leads”. Back to life, back to respect, back to miracles not sewage leads, back to truth and the investigation proving what the cost of being WRONG, actually is. NO more cult worship, no more treason or terrorism, or stealing, cheating, lies, manipulation, tempting or playing games with truth nor value. What is love fights back, and what is hate becomes separated from the rest; to establish peace on earth.

To establish and prove: ALL WOMEN, are now truly EQUAL, in every way of life and society: treated fairly and with respect.  That is, “a warning” to this world; and it is not negotiable; no excuse is accepted/ you will do it.

JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, for ALL;  not the current “want, pride, or power decides”.  By limiting extremes which allow it: as with limited capitalism. So we all have an equal or justified say. IF THESE ARE THINGS YOU HATE/ then you will fight against them. BUT IF THESE ARE THINGS WHICH YOU KNOW; BRING BACK LIFE AND PLANET AND A FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN. THEN YOU WILL WORK WITHIN THE LAW, TO CHANGE WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. PROVING “you signed your name”/ and made a difference.

As to me: not a clue! Not now, not the immediate future, not in eternity/ utterly changed; but still no clue, what that really means, now or forever. I simply don’t know.

elements” of truth allow: that if I were a female/ then some degree of value would have to be exchanged; from spiritual to physical woman is shared. I am not, which removes that. Proving it is not man who provides this reprieve from “human choices”; to save this world/ has been removed, by overwhelming my life and changing it; by her design/ not mine. The elements “gems of value”; presenting realities of knowledge, critical construction of understanding, and foundations in wisdom; are then elevated to what the spiritual woman did do/ through, the control over me; for this world. I regard that as simple and plain; “a messenger”, proven true.

I do not say, that fifty years of work; provided nothing to this challenge; “help, this world”. IT WAS, a very long, and very demanding education; preparing “to be used”/ didn’t know it at the time. My work “I signed my name”; does exist. But it was not significant; until the spiritual woman entered my life in time; as of roughly 18 years ago. “its complicated”, I am after all, at this time: “her presence” in this world. I don’t know how that ends either/ “its me/ its not me/ its her/ its I don’t understand; its a thousand things of I just don’t know. An endless ride through the complexities of human existence; complicated by tinnitus and other medical issues. But its also learning and truth, love and discipline, experience and expression beyond time for me, and a thousand benefits I cannot explain to you: Because that, is how my life is.

The reality is: that by entering into the spiritual world of female “just to ask a question: men can’t save this world”/ women would NOT tell me, what I needed to know; so I found another way!

I found an entirely different kind of world, an entirely different kind of forces involved/ and foundations I could NOT understand, completely different: “everything changed”. Proving, that I just don’t understand, and won’t. “the spiritual passage” I had come through; was sealed in my presence; proving I will never go back that way. And I am trapped in a world; not my own; NO comprehension. IT IS complicated; and I DON’T know how it ends or continues to change; or whatever it will be. “no longer just me”. NO, I don’t care what you believe; but life says, tell them; so I do.

OR, more simply; maybe she will be done with me soon, and “throw me back out”/ or not/ or this is forever/ or not; _______________________? I DON’T KNOW!     Regardless, my job is done; up to her/ believe it or not, I do not get to choose. “LOST ON A DIFFERENT PLANET,” without even a compass or point of reference or language or anything familiar. It is a very different world; believe it or not.

As for you: CHANGE, or all the evidence says; “time is short”/ for this world; extinction will come. So says truth itself; because you chose, to let universities lead/ and play god with life and planet; to your shame.