The disease of “university rules/ from the background; by educating those who do”. Is becoming evident in all things true. NO REALITY is their foundation of operations/ only want decides, and that is not sufficient to survive.

So the truth is: we all, “either live and do what we must to live/ or we die, and that ends our time on earth.” there is nothing in between.

So the reality of that is: the more who compete for everything needed for life, in all its capacities: the more that will fall between the lines, and find nothing; which always ends in war, starvation, poverty, and slavery. The great failures of life and society throughout time, are all based upon the truth: somebody wants to play god/ or claim god gives them the power/ or someone else did something they judge as against god; or whatever else it tends to be in order: to kill those who oppose the tyrant. As is seen in Iran today, and throughout history.

So universities wanting to make their mark as superior: have always sought to claim the opposite ground/ and make their stand by the indoctrination of lies in support of they are gods, don’t defy us, or we throw you away with debts you cannot escape. Same basic thing; the only difference is, in a time of plenty where the ravages and rape of every child have not yet completely destroyed their reign of terror. They don’t have to prove their religion, or superiority by killing people. Instead they claim realities don’t matter, and we can do ANYTHING we want. Until of course the resources are dead, and there is nothing left to do but war, cannibalize, and die. But hey “its a free ride” till then right: and all the people scream “not in my lifetime/ HURRAH”. BUT truth is coming, in every conceivable way.

Reality sees the border filled with people; and knows the population increase of this world is not less than one hundred million more people to feed above deaths per year. And they all want to go somewhere; and the universities say: “MORE for us to educate, and provide our superiority too”. So its all good. But each needs food, each needs water, each needs housing, resources, work, realities beyond what you can provide; including sewage/ each brings hate, in the realities I AM MORE than this. Because they are, but unlike the cult of universities are god religion/ reality knows this is a finite planet; and this world is full of people. Which means extinction is next; because we are so many, that nothing will survive.

Which does bring us all to this day in truth: which is NOTHING YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY UNIVERSITIES; is without consequences. And all those consequences are now waiting to consume you, life, and planet; from this world. Because that, is what they chose; and you chose to follow, worshiping RAPE EVERY CHILD/ AND STEAL THEIR WORLD. To your shame.

But hey don’t worry; the more people they can bring in, the more people the universities can teach; and since the universities are “the government by default”; “let the people pay is the constant/ let the student be a lifetime in debt, is a purpose/ and let “the wizards” behind the curtain; prove they are in fact THE GOVERNMENT; because as a cult that is exactly the power they have taken for themselves. GOVERNMENTS ARE; “whatever the rich and powerful want/ or whatever the weapons can control, by fear; or by inferring they “are gods servants” therefore MUST kill you; “because they know”. EITHER YOU FEAR, BELIEVE, AND OBEY; or the cult is dead; and the people are then free. Merely people denying other people, their rights, their needs, or their justice: because whosoever is rich, in a man’s world; decides all those things

So the question is: you going to surrender the world/ or your wants? Its a question with life or death consequences.

So the question is: are you going to let some children survive/ or none? Its a question with life or death consequences.

So the question is: are you going to do what must be done for life and earth to survive/ or war, and cannibalize each other; until death consumes every single one. Its a question with life or death consequences.

So the question is: are you going to stop extreme experimentation to let our world have at least a chance; to survive? Its a question with life or death consequences.

So the question is: are you going to stop those trying to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun” or be incinerated? Its a question with life or death consequences.

So the question is: are you dead inside, literally without a brain; and cannot demand a courtroom to identify what is true/ or are you alive, with at least a tiny portion of your brain left outside the control of media and the cult of university is god? Letting the final consequence of your life be: to demand a courtroom, whereby we the world DEMAND TO KNOW; what is the cost of being wrong. And what must we all do to change enough, not to become extinct? Its a question with life or death consequences.

And the cult looks to their leader gods of universities: and scream, WE BELIEVE/ even though it is clearly the cost of your following that cult; that has driven our world to the brink of complete destruction of life, and even planet by the error and lies of “sure we can burn the same fire here as is on the sun; its just one million mile long flames”/ as is proven by measured 12 million mile solar flares by your universities. After all that is just 4 times farther than our moon is from this earth. HELL, what could go wrong? Answer the question; or be incinerated. Simple as that.

And the cult screams back: WE BELIEVE, there ain’t nothing to fear/ but those other damn people on the planet, who ain’t like us; cause we are the best; nothing bad can happen here. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.

But alas; you are now “all people from across the world”; same/ same/ same in every hole, in every corner, in every part of everything; same.

And the universities: cleared out all your tools, and people who knew how to use them/ all your manufacturing to make things for life here to use/ all the resources required to let people be free, to explore what they could do without “the cult”/ all the realities of life needed, by poisoning the water, poisoning everything, corrupting everything, destroying democracy by universities rule with rules, destroying home ownership, giving away everything, forcing extortion upon the nation with healthcare, destroying a foundation for life in public schools/ using that addendum to indoctrinate every child, denying religion with lies, breaking apart every association or value of community, cursing the world with weapons, massively multiplying the population, mutilating disease into super disease, creating and releasing biological weapons, enforcing the human livestock to collect money for themselves, altering the food supply to make it vulnerable to complete collapse by disease/ destroying the sanctity of life throughout the planet/ mutilating nature/ crucifying the ocean life/ polluting everything/ discarding the young/ totally incinerating the currency of many nations (just ash in reality, nothing left)/ trying to ignite atoms on fire, on a planet that is made strictly from fuel. And of course, “much more”. How great could they be? And the cult screams; WE BELIEVE. And the universities scream: BRING IN MORE IMMIGRANTS/ curse them all; because when the people; fear, they turn to their gods of universities; and GIVE THEM POWER to do anything they want, without restraint. And they want to play god until this whole creation is dead. As is the plan: of those who know, NOTHING ON EARTH SURVIVES, unless there is true change. And that means the universities lose their power to rule. SO DIE, because pride always says “never”.

alas, the universities believe I am their enemy/ but that is not true, unless your purpose is to die a horrifying death for this whole world to perish.  instead, REALITY INSTEAD OF FANTASY/  TRUTH INSTEAD OF DELUSION/  CONSEQUENCES INSTEAD OF IMAGINATION;   must rule, and that means “no more believing the universities are god”.   a courtroom decides what is true/ and the price for being WRONG.       HOW, is that your enemy:  unless of course, you actually believe you are gods.

THE SCIENCE of life is: that we should never simply believe anything; because belief can lead you into an abyss of tragedies and consequences which cannot be undone. Therefore SCIENCE demands; that those who command our attention and obedience to whatever they say is true; must then be subjected to the understanding and examination of what can be proven true. And when the thing in question is: CATASTROPHIC TO LIFE AND EARTH, if their conclusions are wrong. That too must be investigated to insure, what is being taught, is in fact a value upon which we can depend for not only life, but our eternity as well.

Here, those who want you to fear/ who want you to believe/ who want you to obey only them; because they are “the superior ones/ the children of god” so to speak; will argue, NOBODY gets to question their statements of “god, as a university or whatever image they project; says you must believe”. Because then we find out, that their god: is in fact themselves claiming if not to be god/ then children of god/ or the power of god/ or whatever gives them the control to maim or mangle or cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, of whatever it is; that the failures of life demand to do.

As it is with government and religion; so it is with universities as well: “the officials who proclaim themselves to be “government, gods, or whatever power allows them to claim”: the reality is they are only people, who were former classmates in schools, just like you and me. THAT IS NOT a value, which grants superior anything. It is merely a job, which traitors expand into power for us/ not you. But that cannot exist; unless the rich make it true. Because power is money to buy/ and the control over resources, is the pride of power using violence against the rest; to make you beg, or die.

For that primary cause: the reality of we the people, SHALL make the laws which govern us all/ by electing to vote for ourselves, on the laws and rules which then control and govern our own lives and nation or world. By limited capitalism: we take away the money, and reduce the rich; to a value appreciated by life/ but restrained from being our ruler, to any degree unnecessary to survival. By using the law, we vote upon what is war/ and when any form of defense shall extend beyond our own borders. By using WORLD LAW, we create the enforcement of every nation, by applying the force of all nations: to govern this world by LAW, and thereby to collect leaders who get out of line, and fail our world. To our COURTROOM; whereby they will be judged by the law of we the world demand you, a leader/ every leader: shall in fact, follow and obey this. Removing every weapon of mass destruction by law rules now.

Even so: the greatest threat of our lives: hides behind university doors, where every form of reality is being crippled and destroyed by those who want the power to rule. By instructing those who become leaders, “to believe only them”. The manipulators, mutilators, liars, thieves, cheats, whores, failures, fools, terrorists, tragedies of life, and even “satan on earth”; as is proven by the consequence of evidence, proven true; of what has gone wrong, with our nation and our world. Establishing we need the science of NEVER BELIEVE; but always let truth decide by the evidence, what we can depend upon as our guide to life and survival. While that is not about religion: “we must decide what happens when you die”. IT IS CLEARLY about those who believe anything they want to believe, because they simply want to believe that; as cult worshipers do. Being led by the cult of fools, who accept anything a few people claiming to be the elite of universities say; is pure failure, led by delusions, and consumed by fantasy. NO person is worthy of being simply believed: but every truth, that is clear, and by the evidence of real world values established by confronting belief with knowledge, understanding, and then wisdom. Is a step beyond belief; where we can at least consider the value that then becomes our own. Learning is not; “whatever the damn book says”/ it is the ascension of facts, which then grant a path beyond ourselves; lets us see into the future; as wisdom rises beyond self.