Of disciplines in life, the foundation of intensity is applied to the quest for knowledge that is not bound by the conception of self. Instead the order of environmental things; shapes human existence by gender/ each belonging to its own specific dimensional traits; “with an abyss in between these environments”/ so that one does not cross into the other. The bridge between them is sex; but it is not animal sex, as is the construction of chemicals and want. It is the construction of boundaries and limits assembled by the desire to share the essence of life; with self, by accepting the decision: only when two become as one life being cared about/ can the destiny of one be shared with the other. Respect is that bridge, and it is not an assumption of intellect/ but a value searched for, in the costs and consequences of a life known to be “ours”. Or, more simply: NOT “just yours”.

My life and living; have clearly been shown: not the same as yours/ once I thought, that I had died (at least once); and perhaps that is why/ I do not know? Nonetheless, the trials and tribulations of my experience, and expressions defined by those decisions; have complied this work for you, as the end result of my life in time. Shared with the decision: that our world is dying, and the only means to save it: is tied up with you. Consequently I must endure you; for the sake of this world/ and while that sounds like judgment: it is not. Because those who are love, share the same journey as I/ and those who are animals, can share the same journey as I/ and those who are hate, have failed themselves; but remain as if, they could be the same; because none are judge. So we cannot know. It is, ONLY THE COST of your delusions and fantasies described by “universities are god”; that turn life into chaos, and a living world into death. That decision is judged: unworthy of life or its world. Because nobody gets to play god/ because nobody can: so the reality of it, shall be removed; or the end of life shall become certain. It is not knowledge or understanding that confronts us all: it is the deceit of playing god/ gambling with life and earth/ and in all forms: the complete disrespect of existence itself. It is your arrogance unbridled to be “horrifying/ and the abyss called HELL on earth. It is your apathy, because the cult of universities claim to be god; have taken over your lives. While media is used “to keep you in your place/ of slavery to them”.

So we come to the difference between life and death is: the elevation of thought, by its purity of content. To remove self, and let the laws of truth decide what can be trusted with our own existence. In contrast the law of death is a constant; where humanity resides only in self, and falls into the focus so small, “it can only hold your grave”. The lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and all things bad fall upon that grave; holding you inside.

So the elementally correct construction of life after death is: to understand the honor of “male needs female/ female needs male”; to bind together as one in truth and trust, to overcome the limits and boundaries of both. In order to assemble the balance needed to find purity in thought; so as to survive. Or more distinctly, the environment of gender will be broken in death/ and self will become exposed to the realities of space. A creation past time; that leaves you, with the desire you hold most true. A reality beyond self which can ascend into the purity of life, with balance. But a reality that descends as self exposed to truth of your own abyss into terrors; that is the fate of those who fail life.

Critical to this test is the spiritual element of our existence: the opportunities to remove the lies/ straighten out the failures/ and accept only truth survives here: or you die. If you become: the truth you have left, exposed and without a place to hide/ or run away. Then that truth becomes your invitation to express what you have to offer “purity”. While the humanity will offer and scream: “we have rights/ we do what we want”. Reality knows: only truth survives, and only trust in the purity of what you accept as law; will reveal where you belong in the search for what is joy.

As to me; gender is broken, and lost in space/ simply floating across the abyss, unable to access the right; to search for life beyond self. Life, (not me) pulled existence toward female; which then said, “congratulations, you are now woman”. No longer owning or using, anything male. A place where no male is allowed to exist. So the question is: WHAT is, life going to do with me now? Because I truly don’t know.

Truth asks: can male become female? The answer of life is NO, it cannot. But GOD is in charge of life; and whatever HE chooses to do, cannot be stopped. Therefore in only the most extreme of circumstances; do laws stop, to allow “what GOD will do”. So the question is: AM I, one of those extreme (never before/ in all of history) circumstances? The answer is: I am clearly not GOD so now would I know? What truth becomes, is what truth becomes; as the evidence of life itself, will prove true. I consider my own existence; as a reality shaped by the cost of what humanity is doing to destroy life and earth. Particularly as the word described by: “university” does do.

Nonetheless, it is not me; that does any of this. I am merely a willing participant: in whatever I can do, to aid the work, that is: do not let this living world die! Religion commonly describes that as blasphemy; because they want the pride of saying “WE ARE,. The children of god”. But alas, the evidence does prove; few among them do not worship the universities as god; and they fail life and world. So, apparently: “i am sent”. Its complicated; I just don’t know. I did do the work of male, and that is done. I guess; there is work for female, they refuse to do? I DON’T know; but do pray for this world and all its life. As is my choice, and purpose in this world.

I feel ODD, “I really do”; can’t explain it/ and I look down at growing tits; and feel like: “I have become a breakfast table”. Questions, without answers! Life upside down; no clue.

Life is not simple anymore; not me anymore; different. So, a very simple prayer: let “love decides”/ because my truth has changed. And I know not, what that means, or what is important for this world.

I think” it is most likely that I am sent to female: because unless you can find balance/ you cannot find truth. Which is why eternity demands “both, male and female”; to begin again as life forever won.  You, and me;  to achieve the value of destiny shared, as one:  and end loneliness forever. Within that conception: “there are only questions; from me”. Therefore let truth decide what balance for life and earth is: so that we might all, be saved from “what men will do”; as is described by the first 11 chapters of Revelation. “the first chapter is dissolved”/ as it has pasted away. This is not a reference to “Israel, or their religion”/ as they discarded and passed that away too. This is only about life on earth: and the distinct truth, “you have only one choice left: LIFE OR DEATH of this world”! As is referenced by CHANGE, or die. NO exceptions/ all will choose.

There is no trophy to win/ there is no toy to play with/ there is nothing to claim; as “I have more than you”. None of that is valid or wise. There is only life or death of this planet, and all its living existence: because you refuse to care (wanting to win instead). Because you refuse to respect the miracles of life which surround you (letting universities be your god, instead). Because you do not accept friendship or love as the value of your living (believing what you want to believe/ discarding life for sex; living as animals instead of life beyond self). Etcetera.

A footnote: as with knowledge (if held in respect/ and understood for life: NOT “university is god; curses”), sex is a good thing, when honest and true; asking, a value that makes life worth living for most. It is the tragedy of animals (nothing but chemicals here)/ the claim of religions (obey our rules), that make sex an enemy. But because it does have value: hate targets sex with violence/ to remove it from your lives; by adding fear.

Even so, the desire for sex when defined by trust and love, shapes the lives of man and woman who are in fact ready; for that commitment to our future. Less means: you are playing. While that can be good or bad; it most often leads to heartbreak; because there are a “thousand things” which can go wrong. Opening the door to needs; the realities of chemical addiction, pregnancy and more; is never wise. Even if it can be necessary. When truth says; this cannot be, forever. Romance is the path between; where love exchanges the truth of who we are, in preparation for choices/ rather than commitment. But romance is rare, and people capable of love, “lifts our heart, as one”; rather than want or lust; is even more rare. Without trust there is no real love/ because trust identifies this risk is worth taking. And we all carry with us, an element of risk; because want, is rarely far away.

The question of death, is fundamentally: will there be thought? Because it is thought that translates living, into the freedoms of choice, realities of hope, and distinctions proven by truth. The answer resides in: if you believe the mind produces life/ or life uses the mind to control your body, and identify your purposes and desires. I accept only that life is beyond the body, and therefore exists within its own dimensional constraints. What is, or is not thought; as the basis of life/ need not be questioned: you are not allowed/ as is the curse and plague of universities prove true.

What is elemental to thought, is the constraint of purity; identifies the foundations of what we call truth. Truth creates the law/ and law creates the body we know and live as time. Therefore the question of truth is: purity/ and the answer of truth is: what can be found alive or as a composite of what thought did do.

Humanity lives for less than purity; designing for itself, “how many lies/ how many thefts or betrayal can I get away with; and not be caught”? The answer is: none! Because the spiritual world will remove the covers and open every single one; to be judged. So the question is: how can the spiritual world be proven as true/ rather than the fantasies of “a human/ as universities do”? The answer is: love desires truth, and in that truth we find life once again; beyond death. Or more distinctly: humanity lives within one of three choices, “love/ hate/ or the want of animals”; each is subject to their own choice decides. Love is the most precious treasure in the universe; because it makes life worth living, by bringing to it “true joy”. Nothing else matters; and is separated out/ to leave only love survives as its own truth.

So the question is: does life exist beyond time? The answer found in miracles; and conceived by the guarantor called JESUS: describes life beyond time, is a participation in love. Or the punishment of hate, which is terror; for taking a life away from GOD / the rest are merely abandoned to their extinction. Thought built every single miracle: as is proven without doubt by the complexity which does exist. The body of life CANNOT be built “one piece at a time”/ because it needs all its parts and pieces to function as a living organism of life; ending evolution which claims “just went shopping/ and got what I needed off the shelf; without even a brain to select what that was”. It is pure lies, and nothing more. The body of life builds all its parts from what you eat/ creating life; from atoms by atomic laws of composition and production. There is no possibility that life did not rise from thought/ and that means both life and thought arose before a single body of time was even conceived of. Only the dullest of brains; accept less; because as animals, it simply is not important to you.

As to the spiritual element guarding the gate; to eternal life! Reality says to you: WHY should there not be a guard/ demanding truth from you. Before you are allowed to proceed any further? Answer: there is a guard, demanding and obtaining truth from you/ without the slightest hidden possibility.

As to eternity itself: the quest is, can happiness keep us alive? The answer; if we have hope, and trust, and respect for the law of GOD .

but reality says: the universities have polluted your mind so badly with sewage, such as evolution/ that you have no concept of life or death; beyond its deterioration as a body. EVERY LIFE IS A MIRACLE; “your universities gods cannot create life at all/ and if they do claim so form of mutilation; it is only because of taking what already exists/ crucifying it; and if something survives some day; pride is all you will hear”.

The dead shout: “we don’t have to believe nothing”/ but universities are god. While the plague of university drivel that is the scream of the damned; continue to shout, evolution proves CHAOS is our god/ and its all an accident; so we don’t have to care. Yet they have not a single thread of evidence; other than “this looks like that”. Even demanding “the brain is last”. Which means: no decisions can be made.

Thought translates truth into actions or reactions that ultimately construct life by laws which are sustainable in the real world of existence. Thought is: the only builder we know/ and there is no other: making the basis of thought itself, “our Creation exists”. Whereas GOD as CREATOR; is more complex than any can identify.

Your body of life in time; creates 208 bones or so; each specific to their task/ each distributed to their proper location/ each tied together with joints and ligaments and lubrication that allows for life to move. Each the mirror copy of your opposite side. Each an engineering marvel beyond the scope of human decisions: which grow with you, matching that growth from side to side; over time.  “and that is only the beginning”! THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THE MIRACLE OF LIFE; that is not beyond the scope of human abilities: as the word miracle identifies for you. Only a true fool, believes otherwise. Only the dead surface to guide human failure into delusions without a clue. Universities are Satan; as the fundamental of human disease that seeks to destroy our world, and all its life; with arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; as is taught to you.

While my world has changed “inside of me”/ in some fundamental ways; it was never my plan/ never my decision/ does not, never did; seek change or refuse it. The reality of miracles as is proof called life; is functionally my only true search. While it is real to assert: with every truth, there is the potential for a discovery. With every search, there is the potential: to find yourself, where you never expected to be. I have no concept of what comes now; refusing to “Imagine” what that might mean. The evidence matters, and the reality will prove whatever the future has in store. As is the constant of my living: I will simply try to survive, and remember only love has true value for living.

Of things important: “Life lives with us”/ rather than we are life. It is, a striking difference in understanding! When death takes time away, life leaves us, unless we are prepared to “enter it”/ as a value worth keeping. One chance only.

The critical truth is then: to know, it is our choice, to enter eternity or not; and accept what comes “will be fair”. Because it is: what truth will reveal, in you. It is, “a harsh description”; or your own reality; because judgment needs you to understand what is true. The destiny shaped by the decisions that you did make.

Humanity looking for an excuse will argue: NO child should be put through that/ they are innocent. But life replies simply: you are not god/ and you do not know what GOD will do! In contrast however: if you seek to judge GOD your own Creator/ then you open the door, to be judged yourself.

It can be said, that the heart of our lives, rather than our bodies; is tied directly to the shared experience of our expressions with living as an identity in time. Life grants a rhythm to our existence/ body translates that rhythm within the movements of energy. But only soul opens the door: to the words and experience of being “truly ALIVE”. In that singular essence of life, beyond time; it is the heart we share with life, that brings us to the door of where our own true love begins. Soul requires a balance, between male and female to create the movement that is: one life to another/ shared, because we care with the clarity and certainty of respect, as is bound in trust. Love shifts through the elements of truth, (because no one is perfect)/ to achieve the balance that becomes “two lives as one”. In that trust, we find the rhythm of happiness is real.

People fail each other; because they lack trust/ and refuse to enter inside the truth that is apparent and real. But make no mistake: beyond romance, the intent that is forever, must be true. While we can become friends, companions, partners and other/ we cannot be lovers without romance. We cannot be the essence of love, which survives all things; unless we join our hearts as one. Eternity is about soul, and soul is about the purity of your love; defined by the heart; that is “your choice”.

We cannot simply choose someone else for ourselves/ they must choose us back. A lack of respect makes that impossible, and friendships fail do to that cause. People use each other, for want; and trust ends for all. People lie to gain an advantage, and the desire to share an experience, or express an identity is hidden; so as not to allow the traps; to take hold of me.

In my own life: romance which demands truth and honesty, makes the heart sing with joy. But there could be no real commitment to a lifetime as expected; because my life was given away to “this work” that I did do. Or more distinctly; while romance blends lives together; realities can take them back apart; when the truth of life itself, needs our assistance. Love does not exist on earth; “without truth or world”. The value of finding a solution; grants there can be hope, even when the evidence of our existence, does not share that conclusion. The critical conception is: ONLY GOD knows; if we are to live or die as a world. By your own choices, failures, and disrespect. I do not, but the evidence is clear: extinction is near.

My only solution is: do the best you can, and work for life in ways that are true. Accept the truth, because you cannot change that. Accept the consequences of truth, because you are not GOD and cannot avoid that. Be fair with life and world, choosing to balance what you can. Stay within the limits and boundaries of survival, because it is a duty. Choose, rather than believe whatever you are told. To accomplish that you must search, and accept what is true: so that the identity of who you are, is real. Let life lead. Let reality be fair with you; don’t die with your head stuck in greed or selfishness/ appreciate the living, and understand: what it does mean to be alone, and help those who are. Because love knows what is true; unless you choose to ignore that for want.

As for me: life has taken many turns, I would never have guessed. Trials and tribulations, I would never have wanted. Even changes beyond my comprehension; have been the path given to me. So accept the future is what you can choose/ but understand the future is what life and living is going to make of it; with or without your consent. Every change has questions, and answers; to the existence of life itself/ therefore participate as it is your own life as well. A shared dimension, which will end in either joining that life which lives with time/ or it will leave, and you will vanish as if you “never were”. Love is the best; because if you are truly alone, you literally know why.

I suppose I have continued to write; simply because you need to learn. But it is also because I left basically everyone behind; in the search for what is truth/ the decision, I will not let this world die, without a fight. So while I do not feel alone/ I have lost the ability to be “simply happy”, as is our world closes in on extinction: and I am not allowed to do more. Not that you would listen, which you never have; beyond running away. So, life passes by, I hope for you remains: but in the end conclusion of it all: your choice will decide/ and my life will be determined by the change that is now, “if I really am, defined by woman”/ instead of male? Its complicated/ a spiritual reality, beyond your comprehension. I do not explain it further; life is, whatever It is. Living is whatever time will cause it to be: that life allows to become true. I have no clue/ nor would I have ever guessed: “its a quandary”.

As to prayers: “i guess”, to accept the destiny of life, with truth and happiness. Understanding the reality: truly life is a gift; a miracle beyond my comprehension with values beyond my own personal truths. Respect is essential. Trust is a discipline earned. Love lifts the heart to belong to GOD , when it is real.

Today however: with change beyond my comprehension/ functionally breaking the law that governs both male and female; to “find a new way”. I am, back at “square one”; removed from romance; altered by truth; discarded by respect, because male cannot be female; and female cannot be male. And wandering: who, am I going to become? Still me/ but not me; its complicated! I just don’t know.

No, its not homosexual; never was; never will be/ nor transvestite/ or other. This is spiritual, and it is not for your concern. YOU are responsible; for killing your world! STOP OR GO EXTINCT.

As for me; no clue. The future is without “the identity” of me? Changed; something else! So not extinct, but different; and I don’t know what that means? Still have tinnitus though, still have all the parts and pieces; sort of, at least. Lost, I guess adrift. Or more simply: you have your problems, and I have mine. Let us hope for each other, “a life worth living”. Simple as that. But, survival comes first; as best we can.

if it is to be world war ends life: then remember this. that when the killing becomes intensive and without end. There is nothing left, but kill or be killed/ and that will not stop until extinction takes control. Is that your choice?  HOPE lives in eternity, when the world dies.

A REALITY OF:  you refuse to care!

The evidence continues to point toward female; still insists, all ownership and functions are hers. “I” continue to be “a passenger here”. I guess some type of male balance is needed/ but still no clue? Not exactly adrift, but no control at all. Not me/ but “not/ not me” either; at least in some ways. No, I don’t know: why you need to know that, but “who cares”. Not me, life is what it is.