anarchy 2

To: state of IL and US IRS and COURTS!

Internal Revenue Service P.O. Box 931000. Louisville, KY 40293-1000.


dated: 1/16/24

FROM: James F. Osterbur www.brainfirst.info/anarchy/

2191 county road 2500 E ST. JOSEPH, IL 61873

RE: demand for constitutional law, to be upheld. “tax payment, must sustain the government we chose”/ not its takeover by insurgents; or cult worshipers.

OUR EMPLOYEES IN GOVERNMENT; MUST OBEY OUR LAW! It is not optional, or subject to their approval first. Which includes the judiciary. The claim is original jurisdiction: the people have a legal right/ but we do, require a legal courtroom, to prove the facts & demand LEGAL participation or punishment. Which cannot be invaded by judicial discretion: Because the constitution rules here. AS WE THE PEOPLE: Proving democracy itself! OR, “a nation lost”.

The critical purpose:


MUST BE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE/ as what is at stake here is literally: THE INVESTIGATION TO PROVE, by the evidence/ by the cost of being WRONG: as best we can: what will be, THE DECISION, for life OR death, of our world: for us all! NO place to hide. By our own decision then/ NOT theirs! Or, more distinctly, ‘OUR CRISIS”/ IS ABOUT ALL OF US: NOT, “some of us”! We must all decide/ we must all participate! OR life itself, does not survive.

The critical truth: WE THE WORLD SHALL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES! THE CRISIS OF “surrounded by threats of extinction; are real”! Thereby; Doing the best we can: to insure, WE KNOW/ before that decision is made.

The national purpose here is: FIRST AMENDMENT US LAW, “REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”. We are a democracy, and this is our constitutional LEGAL right: to investigate and decide for ourselves; as WE THE PEOPLE. NOT forced to submit too; “the cult of human worshipers”, and their religion of “university is god”. “we can do anything we want: mutilate nature/ poison the earth/ ignite atoms on fire/ alter and endanger every food and water source/ overpopulation.


The legal authority/ the critical TRUE demand of DEMOCRACY: to accept the duty & prove “we the people” are owners here,. That we do OWN, and ACCEPT: the final say; IS OURS! The critical responsibility to establish for ourselves; what DEMOCRACY IS! TO PROVE, our decision for: our future, our nation or state, our world, shall be. IF THIS WORLD LIVES OR DIES, from the imagination of fools/ as is true. So says the evidence. OR DO WE GO BACK TO REALITY AND TRUTH “to defend life and world”, instead, of playing games. “to the death”!

The insurgency of an army (universities rule now) in direct defiance of our law, and liberty. Are directly and with intent: trying to take over complete control of our government: by establishing the cult of universities know better. Their method: through religious indoctrination of evolution and other diseased defiance of reality; pushing only imagination and fantasy matter.

REQUIRES ME, to take a stand for this state and this nation. Through the only means allowed to me: which is upon the Nazi style takeover of our government; established beyond doubt: 2019 with covid.

IS: To refuse paying income tax; UNTIL YOU OBEY THE LAW, which is our first amendment right to redress of grievances. THE CONSTITUTIONAL MEANING: WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW!

In order for the people themselves TO UNDERSTAND AS BEST WE CAN: EXACTLY, what is TRUE about the decisions being made for us. By employees: who discard our constitutional government/ and declare themselves to be in charge instead. We must: initiate and participate, in the critical test of finding truth, and identifying the cost of being wrong: by the only method we can support “this is, the best we can do”. As is an HONEST courtroom of law/ using that forum to call for witnesses, and present punishment to all who lie, or fail to understand: this is no game.

I DO NOT REFUSE TO PAY THE TAX/ I REFUSE TO SUPPORT AN INSURGENCY AGAINST “LIFE (mutating genetics/ as is believe), WORLD (pure apathy against every threat of extinction we face), AND NATION (the absolute takeover; disrespecting everything we need for our survival. Funded by destroying every security of money (as is stolen work), business (as is options made by us), resource (as is the foundation of work itself), future (all that the children do need to survive) and everything else possible for our own defenses, a a nation”. REMOVED from us/ by traitors hiding behind closed doors/ where treason lives.

I REFUSE “NAZI” takeover as was covid/ creating the legal parameter which does challenge the cult claiming: “the universities as god”. Proven in court as true: Because the courts continually said to me; “you cannot question the university/ as is translated; they are god (can’t be wrong)”.

Not even when trying to ignite an atomic fire/ “just like the sun” here on this earth. WRONG IS; OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN! As is: “their claim of fusion, which is unsupported by all the real world evidence”. NO fantasy theories allowed: WRONG IS: And we all burn; EVEN YOU!

Questioning “the universities, found only cult worshipers”. THEIR CLAIMS: proven false in 2012 at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Proved useless! THEY CONTINUE anyway, because they want the power (listen to me), pride (yes I can), and money (to hell with you). ASKED: WHAT IF, it doesn’t just extinguish itself? Their answer: “not to worry, not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. GAMBLING ALL LIFE AND EARTH/ YOUR LIFE AND CHILD; on that assumption of fantasy and its delusions. ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THEIR PRICE! NO, GOING BACK IN TIME: ignition of atoms is a sun here/ destroying nature IS A PANDEMIC we cannot control or remove from life. No water is no water; WAR.

NOT even that: was enough to unseat the throne of universities rule here: OVER THE COURT, POLITICIAN, MEDIA, RELIGION, PEOPLE/ the constitution (WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS: is dead: unless POWER wants it for themselves. Because the evidence, plainly proven true; or reality of consequences SO EXTREME AS TO CREATE ANOTHER SUN : BURNING YOUR LIFE: “does your skin not burn in summer/ from 94 million miles away”. AND THEY ARE TRYING TO BRING THAT FIRE HERE/ AND UNLEASH IT; claiming they know/ “we don’t even need to control it: cause not enough gravity here. WHILE TRUTH SAYS; IT IS THE FIRE ITSELF THAT PRODUCES THE GRAVITY. PROVING THE COURT, is worthless; only the university diploma has a voice! Which is the destruction of democracy!

THEIR CHOICE, WE, the people have no say: NO infrastructure sustained/ NO resources for a future/ NO protection of a single child/ injecting genetic chaos into all of nature which is genetics BUILD every body of life/ discarding life in every ocean/ refusing every warning “to STOP THIS”. CHOOSING ONLY= TO Steal it all, and create a MAZE WITH MEDIA. To CONTROL, MANIPULATE, TEMPT, AND DERAIL all human participation with PROPAGANDA.

TO refuse reality; by THE intellectual game, of “media tells you what you think. Their cost: BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY; while the reality is like (the prediction of a book; 1984)”/ no individual brain allowed. THERE IS: NO prediction defined by REAL WORLD evidence; that we can survive our future, as chosen by those who lead us all. Refusal to accept WORLD LAW, for peace on earth/ real world change required for global warming/ REQUIRES: not rulers for war and its chaos: BUT FOUNDATIONS which guarantee, “we did the best we could” for our world. THEIR CHOICE: NO protection or defense of any kind: an insurgence against us all.


  1. WORLD LAW, AND INTERNATIONAL POLICING: OR THERE WILL BE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION RELEASED/ because this world is now overrun with humanity. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. Because there is NO GOING BACK/ it is a once in “a world” decision. With no mercy possible for failure. WITH only a tiny few making that decision for you, or me; as is the constant curse of men and their wars. How can you doubt? When universities around the world; have been collecting THE VERY WORST of biological disease and poisons. MAKING them; “even just one” can release a plague now.
  2. Global warming: one degree too high, and life does die/ proving you cannot retreat from the end of our planet; as the cost of that failure overwhelms the earth. RISING water/ failure of crops/ destruction/ melting sea ice is WHERE: one of the most important base food groups, that begin the chain of life in an ocean starts. NO ICE/ NO FOOD. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. Past the point of no return: we, nor life on this earth: cannot survive. So we must choose: NOT to be further WRONG.
  3. Human overpopulation: the math is at 8 BILLION people a one percent rise in the population count IS 80 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED each year added. OR 80 NATIONS must make room for a million more; EACH YEAR. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. We eat other living things, to survive. They need other living things, space and habitat, to survive. Without the chain of life now endangered/ there is no future for our world. Humanity already stands: as more than one person per acre of agricultural farm ground. Other life, has needs too!
  4. TRILLIONS OF TONS OF POISON AND POLLUTION CURING OUR WORLD; as your GARBAGE MOUNTAINS RISE; from condemning your own children to HELL; because you made it impossible for their future to exist. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. The subsurface containment areas for these worst poisons/ are mostly being used far beyond their expected “its full now” state of prediction. Even though that is horrifying/ the plastic pollution and everything else chemistry has made: ADDS UP/ 60+ years later, what was not a severe problem/ NOW is.
  5. The end of WATER; because overpopulation, poisons, pollution’s and pure failures did nothing to protect it for life. The end of food: because genetic mutilation ends the chain of life, and opens the door to plant pandemics/ the plague of disease/ and the horrifying consequences of humanity playing god with life. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. Every living thing requires water/ aquifers drained, turn to rock. A single earthquake opens the door to poisons. To obtain more grain: the genetic defenses which protect species plant life; are removed. “factory livestock farming” is all a disease needs to overtake, while geneticists are constantly injecting chaos: to watch life itself be crucified. Claiming to learn what this does/ but injecting the single cause that will be: every life has now, failed to survive.
  6. The end of ocean life; in a sea of chemical and pollutant sewage/ where trawlers take every last living creature; so that entire “ocean nations” cease to exist. Destroying every habitat; and preparing to make more than one Billion+ people STARVE. The evidence proves extinction if you fail. Every year the demand is for more/ every year the cost of that is a dead ocean. Every year: humanity chooses for cannibalism; as there will soon be nothing left. So war will occur, and be horrifying. Just like the plague of human generated chaos; now turns the oceans into “chemical sewage: proving life must die”.
  7. The end of habitat/ end of species/ end of atmospheric stability, the planet loses it grip/ end of atomic stability with CERN, the magnetosphere ends; volcanic core stops/ end of our entire world/ end of ozone/ end of life: by the three constant elements of evil: “arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect”; killing our world. The war of men: “yes we can/ no you can’t stop us now”. Each of which is found in “university knows: WEAPONS”. The evidence proves INSANITY; proves extinction if you fail to remove; “what universities have become as is: Satan” on earth. Satan functionally means: “grave digger”/ extinction, and mutilation, and cannibalism (nothing left)/ creator of HELL, insanity unleashed; and all its horrors. NOTHING is done for life/ EVERYTHING is a game to play god, and disrespect this living world. The cost: EXTINCTION. THEIR gift to us: is chaos, for letting them play god.

THERE IS: NO PLACE TO HIDE, FROM A DYING WORLD/ AND THERE IS NO FUTURE BUT HELL; WHEN EVERY RESOURCE AND FOUNDATION FOR OUR SURVIVAL/ FOR EVERY CHILD AND LIFE ON THIS PLANET: HAS BEEN DESTROYED BECAUSE OF YOU! The answer of men: war/ but look at the result; and KNOW, you can no longer rebuild what they destroy. BECAUSE YOU DESTROYED THE RESOURCES, and put absolutely NOTHING back for life to go on! Look at the millions or billions they will cause TO IMMIGRATE.

The critical truth is: CHANGE, or in an instant/ all choice will disappear, and what was life on earth: now becomes the living dead. Because there will be NO escape/ NO mercy/ and NO second chances; “because you cannot go back”.

Religion will not save you/ because as you have proven throughout the decades: your only contribution (doesn’t matter which one) to saving this living world was “GOD will do it”. Even though the enemy is you. ALL shouting: “I got things to do/ bills to pay/ I WANT WHAT I WANT, and I DON’T WANT nothing, but what I WANT. Period!

The cause: SUFFICIENT, TO DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION, CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: the legal right/ the legal authority/ to describe for ourselves: our need to KNOW what is true/ the cost of being WRONG. A foundation living: in the call for redress; which is “those who lead, HAVE CHOSEN OUR DEATH; BY HELL. And we MUST know what is critically true/ BECAUSE WE CANNOT BE: THIS BADLY WRONG.

TO ESTABLISH “THE PUBLIC TRUTH, BY INVESTIGATING THE EVIDENCE; as best we can. THE reality of trial, must begin: AND THEREFROM to create within the outlines of our own courtroom, as both state and nation: the critical legal DEFENSES we need to remove civil war (we give up on you): and decide for ourselves, by searching the evidence/ demanding untainted with lies. And cursing those who do. The reality of this nation (these people are herded, “by NAZI (THE THIRST FOR POWER”: into the slaughter house. As was German society in both wars; and countless others throughout history)”. LEADERS declare war!

Reality proves: these people, in this state and this USA; DON’T believe in government or its courts; because justice, fair play, and realities of equal treatment have been replaced with organized CRIME. THE REBELLION TO REMOVE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; AND ITS PROTECTION OF DEMOCRACY! REDRESS IS OUR DEFENSE, against “war is our only solution”:

And the courts, officials of government: stand against it, TO PROVE ONLY POWER RULES HERE. [as HAS been proven by case after case presented by James Frank Osterbur],

PROVING the judiciary absolutely refuse, to obey constitutional law; or submit to the test of WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW. As is US first amendment redress/ and fifth amendment state of IL. As follows: DEMOCRACY MUST BE DEFENDED BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES! Or the insurgency of hate will take control and demand “they are the government” instead. Removing from us our very foundations of life; so that beggars and thieves and civil war (the excuse to kill you) is all that is left. The state of this world, is no different: true patriots to life and world MUST DEFEND US ALL; an international effort, where only the best are allowed to participate/ as our DEFENDERS OF LIFE AND EARTH

THE LEGAL DEFINITION OF TREASON: IS TO REFUSE THE CONSTITUTIONAL DEMAND OF LAW, rules here. Proving instead; WE ARE the government (as is anarchy and its rebellion)/ AND the cost of insurgency: which is choosing to FIGHT AGAINST THOSE WHO DEMAND THAT LAW: MUST BE “OUR GOVERNMENT”/ as is democracy, NOT you.

As is corruption of the courts (the constitution discarded as the trash, in all cases)/ collusion as found in every courtroom (law does not decide, as proven in every case)/ and conspiracy to deny “redress law” (no democracy here); among all leaders of our state or nation: Because you, are just an employee/ NO such decision is allowed. And that is treason.

Critical to the survival of this democracy is: the constitutional contract, between “WE THE PEOPLE” and our enforcement of government, as is: those employed and sworn to uphold the constitutional demands within that contract; which thereby unite us all as one nation. SHALL KEEP THEIR OATH. It is a foundation of that truth: that each candidate SHALL in a room alone: describe what that means to them: so we know. Or they cannot run for office.

Among the most critical in that definition of law, that is our constitutional contract is, “the government”/ IS THE DEMAND; THAT WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN FACT; THE FINAL AUTHORITY OVER THOSE WHO ARE HIRED TO DO THEIR JOB, AS DIRECTED BY THAT CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.

“the government”: is not our employees! The government of this United States of America is the US CONSTITUTION; and there is no other claim. Which includes the courtrooms of both state and nation as declared in article 3: they may decide “anything judicial”/ UNDER THE CONSTITUTION which they may not touch. Because change within that document and its subsequent state constitutions: is controlled by enforcement of ¾ of states agree to ratify that change.

Therefore we look at the truth of our situation, as a state of IL, and a nation: to find our constitutional law is abandoned; by university professors who believe they have a better way. Which is by its very existence of an invasion into the lives of this nation: by corrupting the courts an INSURGENCY AGAINST CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; the basis in fact of our DEMOCRACY; “being warred against”. By taking control over media, to manipulate our elections: our everything of value to our future.

WE, then continue the construction of evidence: which evaluates and declares the truth of our situation, in real world terms of life or death; for the future, for our living, for every child, even for this world. And find the university leadership (they guide the politician/ and indoctrinate them as is schooling; according to their cult of: “university is always right”; mimic, memorize, and repeat/ never question) not only in contempt of our constitutional government: but focused on anarchy, and rebellion instead.

Continuing down this path: we then focus on the preamble of the constitution itself, which reads: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”

THIS IS THE OUTLINE, FOCUS, AND DEMAND SET UPON THE EMPLOYEES OF OUR GOVERNMENT; AND IN PARTICULAR framing the work for, THOSE WHO SWORE TO US THEIR OATH OF HONOR; that they would not deter or in any way discard the foundation of our democracy: which is, “we the people are THE OWNERS, here”!

And this is: OUR DEMAND OF YOU, which identifies the composition of what unites us, as one nation or state; as each state, and its employees; fall under that oath as well. The IL constitution merely ratifies and expands these choices. THE PREAMBLE RECOGNIZES AND STATES THE TRUTH: TO WHAT WE HAVE AGREED; which defines what then unites us, AS THE LIBERTY, TO CONTROL OUR NATION OR STATE: and declare “united in this cause”/ protected from “rulers”; by the foundation which gives us the final authority: which is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. “we will decide now”!

The amendments act to define AND identify; “rights and freedoms of the individual”. While the rest of that document presents the limits and boundaries: which control what an employee may or may not do. These are modulated by, the preceding documents which formed the army, who then built the nation. These: “the Virginia bill of rights & declaration of Independence”; are primary: to form a more uniform understanding, and solidify: what was worth dying for! What is being removed from our lives, or added in: to protect our future. From the failed state of TYRANTS (which means; you are nothing/ we are the superior ones who decide EVERYTHING). Critical is: the truth of our situation as a world and a nation! To discover BEFORE we have no choices left: it is too late. What reality will allow/ what is the cost of being WRONG/ and what fails value to us.

The critical test is then: do you as our employees, obey your oath of office, and participate in the best you can do: to honor and respect with honesty and truth: the decisions that guide us as a state or nation?

That answer is: for the vast majority, a resounding NO.

WHY? Because the cult of university, and its worshipers; have declared: “university is better”; serves only itself, and no one else. WHY? Is the cult of university elite in charge of our government; changing constitutional law in every way they can; CORRUPTING THE COURT, attacking every foundation upon which we depend? To destroy our democracy; gives them power; BY TAKING IT FROM US. To make you beg: gives them pride. To manipulate you with propaganda occurring constantly: “to prove they can TRAP YOU IN A MAZE”. Because the cult of universities: controls every aspect of our educational system; everything. Proving to be, as a society cursed: the indoctrination point of “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY” what we tell you; “is god”. And the people choose without question: as is proven true, with covid.

Where the state of IL, where I live; was inundated with “NAZI thirst, for power”; the initial phase of “hitler worship”. Rather than democracy rules.

Taking over schools, taking over business, taking over every organization of people who could conceive together of “what is happening here”; functioning in every way, to dissolve liberty and freedom and rights. To lie and cheat and steal and betray and terrorize this state, and without doubt this nation: under the claim of a pandemic that was never proven true. Under a mandate of wearing a mask: that could not be proven true to help. Because that mask contained larger holes, than the claimed virus was: so the hypothetical virus could simply go through. The mask merely “a habitat”; for the virus to concentrate; and then latch onto your breathe; while breathing, so it could work its way inside. DID THE STREETS, BECOME LITTERED WITH DEAD BODIES? NO! OTHER THAN your gullibility and disgrace: there is no proof their vaccine worked. As with all con-artists throughout history: ain’t nothing better “than a believer”; because the evidence don’t matter/ truth is discarded/ and whatever they want “is called true”.

CURSING humanity and the living instead: with a claim of safety, utterly unproven. Forcing children to be genetically mutilated. Forcing the nation itself into further bankruptcy. Counterfeiting currency to cover debts which could not be paid, and more all under the claim of a pandemic: that remains unproven, for a world. The cult collecting TRILLIONS/ millions forced into failure and escape: while the Satan of university rules: bought “automated equipment; to mass inject genetic chaos into every living thing nature built. Because the term pandemic which means: massive death or costs to life WAS DECLARED. From a few dozen people in China suddenly becoming sick: to three weeks later, THEIR CLAIM: THE WORLD IS BEING KILLED; ITS EVERYWHERE/ GIVE THE UNIVERSITY TRILLIONS: WE ARE ALL DYING; but the reality of the evidence showed only the very sickest patients in nursing homes were on that list.

WHILE THE NAZI takeover of media: infiltration of “University Is god”. Turned and controlled; public conversation and beliefs into the propaganda of fear, needed to establish a complete takeover of society. Trump OK’d spending 6 trillion dollars for one hundred million vaccine shots: WHICH IS $6O,000.00 PER SHOT! As is OBEY, damn you OBEY; a song and dance BIDEN carried on. OR, as was throughout the nation: ACCEPT what you are told to BELIEVE; “no evidence is needed: the emperor (hitler) has spoken.

None of these things: are within the authority of our employees, who took over control of society to declare themselves as if: “hitler”. Cursing our democracy, and losing their right to make any decision over our lives. Yet the cult worshipers of “university is god”; believing they had no choice; as media took control over this nation. As is the version of a “NAZI takeover (we are in power now)” proven in Germany, is horrifying. Was in fact: our leadership IN THIS USA; is guilty of, doing the same! WHERE is the difference?

THIS IS: THE BEGINNING OF ARGUMENT/ but it is in no way; “the end” of what shall be challenged. We CANNOT survive as we are/ our world will die. We must choose: what can survive our population count, not a game.

ESTABLISH REDRESS AND I WILL PAY THE TAX, and walk away from the courtroom; done. Their life/ their work/ their solution. OR TAKE ME TO COURT AND PROVE; the law of our government; which is constitutional redress: does not apply to you: because you overthrew, Constitutional law. Or as trump declares, “I am to be, the dictator now”; or biden, “we will overthrow you/ the army is growing”; as both create the division of fools/ the curse of men, who deliberately divide; thereby leading to war. Focused on just one thing: “yes I can/ NO, you can’t”; as is functionally, the reality/ the insanity, called rape. In a courtroom so corrupt with power and pride: that REVENGE/ DISGRACE/ AND THEFT is all you can do; a nation lost. Which is: The start of civil war; “we give up”. OR, This cannot be stopped, OUR LAW has ended. As the scrounge of media saturation; the indoctrination of every child in education, is used; to divide and separate/ to incite to violence (find your enemy). “ Because they can, as one hundred years of university studies prove: can’t stop us now”. 24/7/ 365 the propaganda (believe/ fear/ obey) exists; with clear access/ and critical controls: as is “entertainment” of all kinds. Does your television NOT have endless stories of “good against bad/ solve it with a gun”. Prove how easily people lie; don’t trust? Tempt, manipulate as seen with covid, control as produced by “Nazi” here.

As we look to our reality, the claim of taxation: we do find, income tax 10-37 percent (average 24.8%)/ social security (which has been spent/ not saved) 12.4% IL tax 4.95% local sales tax 9.98% property tax 22% miscellaneous tax roughly 5% (I think). Added up: our employees charge us on average 79% of our income/ for the work they do. But that being not nearly enough: leads them to debts we cannot pay (guaranteed_)/ counterfeiting assets, to hide the reality; which media fully supports/ and claims of “debts don’t matter”. But truth says: INFLATION is a tax, that spends your money in secret (media hides)/ and debt is a tax, that demands more; because it is already spent: you pay. And because they take everything and more: your securities are now worthless. Unless, you are the slave, PAY DAMN YOU PAY/ “the universities: merely counterfeit more, for themselves”; to prove they don’t pay nothing. You owe the universities: which claim the only “student debts” which cannot be moderated/ because they”never forget or forgive”: the universities are “the rulers” here.

HOW, did this happen? The universities diploma CLAIMS to be superior/ therefore demanding 4 times more on average. But since that is unsustainable/ and they REFUSE to take a reduction to make living possible for us all: THEY STEAL, LIE, CHEAT, AND PRETEND “to be gods (no consequences for us)”. To prove that: they sold out the nation, covering the deceit and betrayal; with delusions, and propaganda by media involvement; to overthrow our nation with fantasies and a maze (can’t catch me here) of intellectual war on us all. The curse of every leader: who now needs a war, TO COVER the criminal acts of betrayal/ they chose to do; to an entire nation. LAW ENDS THAT; removing the decision, to prove: “this is not nations/ but criminals” who damage our lives!


More distinctly: this is for the people themselves to decide/ IF THE WORLD OR EVEN THIS NATION OR YOUR OWN CHILD; can in fact survive the consequences of what has been done; by universities play god with our lives and world! IF YOU SAY; WE DON’T KNOW FOR SURE? Then your only choice is: to use redress of grievances, as the method most likely to provide TRUTH AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG. For ourselves, to then decide: if you will change. Because wisdom knows: YOU CANNOT BE WRONG/ OR EXTINCTION WILL COME. Because the evidence has already proven: “the universities are wrong”/ and cannot play god, anymore. UNLESS, you are willing to die, a HORRENDOUS death; by the things they have already done.

THEIR FANTASY WORLD: of creating genetic chaos, because they just don’t care; and believe life is as simple as evolution ( their evidence; “this looks like that”). Trillions spent of your money. They are willing to ignite “THE BOND IN ATOMS” ON FIRE, “JUST LIKE THE SUN”. Gambling this entire planet on their imagination; that “a million mile long flame as seen on the sun” WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF (their only plan)! Trillions spent of your money. Trillions of tons of poisons and pollution’s don’t matter. Resource losses don’t matter. Nothing matters: but what they want/ because they believe “they are gods (the superior ones who make all the decisions, and instruct every government official; because they can’t be wrong)”. Reality however proves: a Satanic conclusion to their disgrace; of pure ignorance and failure. And the cult of their worshipers: “get to go along”; where only terror can be found. “your choice too”!

UNLIKE; the insanity of animals, who feel a need to test the limits of life and body. THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES; for those who continue to play god. Past the boundary of NO RETURN (like mutilation; “blew your arms and legs off”/ this AIN’T NO GAME: KILLED LIFE with genetic chaos), you will die now. EXTINCTION is real. “but your money is not”/ because a promise that cannot be kept: has no value. “it is only a number”/ and cannot be more.

SUMMARY: democracy says, LAW NOT rulers. TRUTH says: the currency shall be tied to the population count/ and no debt shall arise without critical public choices for repayment made US constitution article 6.1 [NO authority; to bankrupt us all/ state or nation]. WOMEN shall try, BECAUSE WAR is historically proven to be; “the only solution men have”. The only solution “universities have”: is lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, fantasize, and hide the truth. As reality does now prove true. The solution of religion is “believe”. But that lacks value/ and faith replaces belief with: “only the truth can decide”/ not what you want. Making the conclusion of what: YOU CHOOSE/ WE DECIDE as a world: TO DO, OR DON’T DO/ the treasury of your life, by the decisions of your values; on earth. The identity that follows you into eternity.

“the university diploma says: TO HELL WITH THAT”/ WE, are gods! But evolution proves you entirely wrong, and without a single reason to trust anything the universities say: THEY ARE after all, no more than your former classmates in school. Life is separate from body/ as proven by a body that is left behind; EVEN if it looks as complete, as though it should be alive. WHAT is “an accident” about your body? Nothing exists: WITHOUT everything it needs to survive! Which means you cannot build a body one piece at a time; as is the basis of evolution. Got an entire body without a heart; YOU GOT NOTHING. Can you build individual bones and transport them through the body, making them grow uniformly so life can move/ you CAN’T make blood; but claim “some bacterial virus can”; who is then your god. HOW PATHETIC YOUR DELUSION IS! “evolution lets them claim”: we can do anything to genetic nature; because life is all formed from chaos; evolution’s god. THEY ARE KILLING NATURE; (genetics are nature) and gambling our entire existence on their fantasies.

Only thought can build life/ and only the force, that puts energy in motion; can bring it to a living state. “E=MCsq IS NOT the formula of energy, this starts motion/ it is the formula for kinetic energy this is the result of motion; with speed declared to be a constant. THERE IS A VAST difference.

Universities declare: the sun has a molten core, from which the entire globe operates with heat. BUT REALITY SAYS: IF THE SUN IS ENTIRELY ENGULFED BY FIRE/ THEN IT BURNS OUT; because fuel is being used, as is HEATING earth. University knowledge is: “Nothing but fiction”/ theories without facts of proven truth; same as fusion. REALITY SAYS; the energy of an atom, EXISTS in the spin of a proton nucleus in that atom: [anything that has mass and speed/ contains momentum (kinetic force)] at speed beyond your imagination. PROVEN TRUE, because we know the energy is stored somewhere; and reality says; THE MOMENTUM OF SPIN is: the only possible place. Proving once again: the universities are WRONG. While they gamble our entire planet existence on their delusions. Proving once again: “the university elite” use imagination/ not truth; to describe fantasy rather than fact: “charging trillions, to endanger us all.”

Poisons don’t matter/ throw away every resource/ kill this world: we won’t use every biological weapon against you “like covid”; “WE promise”. After all once we create a vaccine to protect us/ then “THE WORLD” is a better place with so many less humans; now ain’t that right? OR, with AI and robotics; we will just round you up, “for the slaughter house”/ now ain’t that better?

WE ALL: stand on the edge of our own extinction. WHICH MEANS: LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR WORLD, now rests with you. The universities cannot continue to play god or lead life: the evidence proves threats surround us all. Beyond them: Humanity is the enemy/ humanity is the solution to saving this earth: reality not fantasy, YOUR choice/ but no going back for a second chance. That is over: WHAT then do you choose? Because reality says: Life will not allow you to hide or run away, from a dying world, not a single one/ not anywhere on earth: therefore CHOOSE, your own truth/ and accept the price of what you chose. Because it cannot be changed: “true is true”.

I James F. Osterbur, DO hereby certify: that a copy of this was mailed to those below/ while some “lesser interests”, got a shortened copy; directing them to use the web site as www.brainfirst.info/anarchy/ for the entire and complete copy. MAILED BY US POSTAGE, paid in full: on this date 1/16/24

Internal Revenue Service P.O. Box 931000. Louisville, KY 40293-1000.


Supreme Court Building 200 E. Capitol Avenue Springfield, IL 62701

1 First St NE, Washington, DC 20543

Supreme Court of the United States, Address

il governor 401 S. Spring St. Springfield, IL 62704

 The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515

United States Senate Washington, DC 20510.

parliament of religions 70 East Lake St., Ste 230 Chicago, IL 60601

Memorial Chapel at 1901 Sisisky Boulevard, Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801

Union for Reform Judaism 633 Third Avenue New York, New York 10017 US

CARE USA headquarters are located at: 151 Ellis Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303

Catholic Relief Services P.O. Box 5200 Harlan, IA 51593-0700

United Women in Faith Church Center for the United Nations 777 United Nations Plaza 11thFloor New York, NY 10017

The Salvation Army USA 615 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 | 

The Carter Center 453 John Lewis Freedom Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30307-1406 

US news and world report 1050 Thomas Jefferson St. NW. Washington, DC 20007,

AP 200 Liberty Street New York, NY 10281

WLS-TV 190 North State Street Chicago, Illinois 60601

BThe New York Times Company 620 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10018

3Scripps Corporate Headquarters … 312 Walnut St. Suite 2800. Cincinnati, OH 45202 

Freedom House Washington, DC 1850 M Street NW, 11th Floor Washington D.C. 20036

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freedom-inc : 2110 Luann Lane Madison, WI 53713. CONTACT LOCATIONS freedom foundation P.O. Box 552 Olympia, WA 985071442 E Lincoln Ave. #440 Orange, CA 92865 / P.O. Box 1069 Kennett Square, PA 19348

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national org for women 1100 H Street NW Suite 300 washington, DC 20005 un women 220 East 42nd Street New York, NY 10017 and as I see fit