wake up


IT IS, BEYOND COMPREHENSION; that life is of so little value to the vast majority of humans/ that they agree: to the degradation of life and planet itself. The curse of fools; so utterly devoid of respect or the value of life itself: that they let the university monkeys play god. With genetics/ energy/ everything; including your own lives as nations are invaded by the parasitic relationship that is “university knows”; and has taken control over this world by claiming to be superior. To your shame.

And all leadership says: THROW THAT MAN IN THE TRASH/ he is nothing; because the university is their god, and as cult worshipers; they cannot question the leaders. Who do refuse to be questioned, regarding truth or consequences for being wrong; because the “house of cards” will fall down. Otherwise REDRESS would be used by the people; in defense of their own lives.

So lets review that:

the human body builds itself/ repairs itself/ uses the chemical concentrations of other living tissues to assemble “a million different concoctions”; to enable our bodies and lives to exist. Comes complete with “sight, sound, touch, taste, speech, movement, smell, balance, identity, choices and freedoms; applied by thought, or at least the evidence of a brain. That has been given the opportunity to live “for a hundred years: by determining if you desire love/ or want “an animal life”/ or demand hate: YOUR TRUTH, and no other. And the universities SCREAM: WE CAN DO BETTER/ so they are allowed to crucify life, and as with covid; mutilate the genetics of a human body/ to shout WE WILL MAKE SOMETHING DIFFERENT: just to prove we can. Cause that is what gods do/ and they claim to be gods (so superior/ you are just trash).

While at the other end of universities playing god; is physics and chemistry. Physics being WE WILL PROVE we can be gods; by bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. A FIRE THAT IS BY THEIR ESTIMATE; with flames one million miles long/ because they have measured visible solar flares at about 12 million miles beyond the normal range of that fire. SO IT IS TRUE; they can and will ignite AN ATOMIC FIRE; here on earth; or be stopped. BUT IT IS A LIE; that the flame will just extinguish itself, or not continue on; because it generates its own plasma and gravity; as has been proven by reliable methods of truth.

While the parasites of human existence: gorge themselves on every last particle of human existence that is “this america”/ and how many more. Fools lead and have led to the extinction of this USA; by invading and claiming “the universities are your savior/ and you need nothing else but them”. So they have been destroying everything life needs: every chain of life/ every environment of existence/ every habitat/ every ocean/ the atmosphere/ the water/ the atomic balance of this planet/ EVERY GENETIC LIFE AS IS NATURE ITSELF/ the infrastructure/ the business/ the economies/ the currency/ creating weapons of mass destruction so you can’t survive the inevitable war. And a billion more puke and vomit methods of destroying this earth and all its inhabitants: as is equivalent to SATAN on earth.

WAKE UP OR DIE; as extinction is on your door step/ and cannot be turned away; WITHOUT CRITICAL AND TRUE CHANGE; BY YOU/ A WORLD OF HUMAN; devalued into animals. CHANGE AND LIVE/ or walk away and die: “your choice”.

And people say: “WE WANT, what we want”. So lets review: there are absolutely NONE, who understand how the body works! Simple as that; because as the universities taught, which is correct: OUR BODIES are made out of atoms, which bind together and form an identity which you can use. CAN YOU DO THAT? Our bodies make chemicals that are used to build organs and skin and eyes and everything/ down to different compounds which form the seals and valves and orifices which make the body work. CAN YOU DO THAT? Our bodies regulate heat and provide cooling, create taste, and form itself into a mirrored image of one side equals the other side; creating sexual organs and identities that are gender in equal amounts; so that we can each at least try to balance life with love. CAN YOU DO THAT? Add in a quadrillion other realities of body/ and then look at this entire earth: AND RECOGNIZE; this ain’t no game/ and nothing less than thought, can do any of it. So we, the body of life; call it miracles/ while the universities call it evolution as is the body of death, crucified by the plague of human arrogance, apathy, and disrespect. To their shame.

Humanity, screams, “healthcare saved some of us”/ and we WANT that to be true/ so our universities are fighting to make that even more so. BUT REALITY now evidences the fact: that overpopulation is an absolute certainty, that will make us and our world destroyed to the point of extinction: BECAUSE THIS IS A FINITE WORLD/ and if nobody dies/ nobody lives; is a truth.

So instead of a free for all, no consequences for us: universities excretion of failure. The truth is: without limits and boundaries for all of life, there is no future for any of life; and as such the world of predator and prey does exist. But YOU ARE NOT intended to be animals/ YOU are expected to be human, alive in the truth of what thought can reveal to you, and each of us; as a reality born in the wisdom: LIFE IS A GIFT. Thereby we should respect the value and precious nature of what has been done for our living on this earth. INSTEAD; UNIVERSITIES DESTROY THAT, in their cult worship; of evolution, the dysentery of fools; who literally claim “chaos which builds nothing/ builds life by accidents, without a brain”. And you let this pandemic disease be indoctrinated into your child’s life. While a few in religion shout: “not so/ but offer nothing else of substance”; as is above/ and purely obvious, if you have even a tiny brain in your head. WAKE UP; you pitiful cult worshiping bag of bones; start breathing life back into your soul; OR ITS GOING TO LEAVE YOU, and there will be WAR, in the HELL and HORRORS, you deserve. Because that is: what the evidence will prove true.

A brain means: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS/ NOT simply believe whatever your television says. TRY IT, you might like to be human!

The “DEATH WALKERS” of universities say: that they cannot learn how to make diseases better/ unless they experiment and destroy what exists. “like building a bridge”/ can’t fully know what works, until you make it fail. BUT LIFE IS NOT A BRIDGE; and once it fails, you CANNOT PUT IT BACK TOGETHER. Because all the laws of life; can turn into chaos; and evolution will come [which literally means; to TEAR IT ALL DOWN; leaving nothing alive on earth] THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG! ARE YOU WILLING TO ACCEPT THAT GAMBLE? BECAUSE THERE AIN’T NO GOING BACK! Past the point of no return: this world is dead! LETTING MONKEYS, by their own description; DECIDE for you: that nature is less than are they? And “they can wipe away every tear”/ WHEN IN FACT, THEY ARE THE DISEASE invading this earth.

Apparently the vast majority of humans in existence: all believe they are “better off” without nature invading their lives. To GIVE THEM: both short and long term memories/ the sensations of feelings/ the ability to run or jump or talk or listen/ the mental capacity of being born with the ability to operate the human body you were GIVEN; and more than anyone can even conceive of. Because genetics are nature, and nature is the foundation of our lives, our living, our happiness, two arms that work, or legs that work, or skin that heals, or eyes that focus, or any other thing of life and beauty that is human. Because the vast majority BELIEVE; “the universities can’t be wrong”/ as is the foundation element of reality known to be CULT WORSHIPERS. And you know it, because you are it: believing any and all the death walkers (or dead skeletons; who look like they are alive/ but sold their soul, to die) say.

And that of course does not include all the damages that you do know, or can realize from the evidence of minor things. As is WHERE did all the money go, in this USA? Answer: review covid, and learn the realities of life; when a university elite (WHO PAID THEMSELVES: WHATEVER THEY WANTED, AND USED MEDIA PROPAGATION: a curse on life; TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY AND RIGHTS)_ decide to be “the hidden government”/ behind these puppets of failure, and disgrace. No, not every single one: but examine truth, and find as with taxation. That failure not only cheats us with trillions spent for covid/ BUT an 80% tax rate (add it up) or thereabouts; which means by the time you pay utilities and insurance; you get nothing else, UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THEIR BRIBES.             WAKE UP OR DIE.

Oh wait, I know: you are tired of “a uniform face/ or a tongue to eat with/ or the ability to breathe/ or the fact your feet work/ or hair in the right places/ or sex organs, you get to use/ a babies that look like you/ or the fact you can recognize someone else. Or just the ability to cry; because soon, that is all you get to do. As HELL comes through the door, and Armageddon (nature in chaos) is unleashed, in “university is god/ the sewer of death”; cannot be turned back. Because YOU did not care/ about one single thing; but you. So they killed the earth with arrogance/ and preformed the crucifixion of life; by disrespect joined with you: AND YOUR MONEY. Or more correctly what you stole from the future; in order to kill every child of life on earth.

Yes sir: “the worlds smartest generation ever”/ OR, is that just another lie; propagated to make you BLIND.

But you don’t care do you/ because the only thing important is YOU. Even though a 1 percent increase in population means another 80 million more mouths to feed this year than last (and they grow, needing more): EVERYTHING. While the pandemic of experts lies, cheats, and steals: to force toxic pollution, and collapse of every drinking water source (aquifers fail, sink and turn to stone; when the water is removed/ never to return)/ failure of every resource (no work/ no life)/ overheating of the planet (just a few degrees is the difference between life or death)/ the atmosphere in jeopardy of detaching from the planet (causing massive acceleration; like on other planets in this solar system)/ removal of oxygen concentrations; to you can’t breathe (every semi truck consumes roughly the same amount of oxygen needed per hour/ that one hundred and twenty people need in 24 hours) YOUR economy car uses about what 30 people need.

Every life force of nature that we depend upon for eating or diversity is being mutilated or forced into extinction. Every seed is being sterilized (removing female from the seed), and reduced to disease prone rather than resistant; for an entire species. Extinction of species everywhere/ habitat destruction everywhere/ urban sprawl everywhere/ people faced with tragedy everywhere. And yet: even with the universities education, being in charge of it all/ you still regard them as gods, which is constantly reinforced by media; as they steal your money, destroy your nation, discard your future, and lie continually about what is true.

One example of that is the biblical Noah’s flood: which is proven true, by the fact of fossil fuels. A reality that by its physical existence: could not have occurred in any other way. While a host of other physical evidence does exist as well. But your cult gods don’t like that; so they lie, and they know they lie/ because they want to lie.