the game


of things most vile, is the reality of animals, who are fed, and now want to play. There is only one game in male existence: “I take/ you lose”. But when winners “win too much”/ they do become bored with the game; and seek to prove their superiority by playing god over life. That requires death to prove it is true. As is the constant among leaders of all kinds; such as nations “Russia & China and more”. To prove they can make you cry, by wielding power through hate to make you fear “me”. When the fight is too strong; people shrink into beliefs that allow them to escape, at least within their mind.

And all the people say: WHY DOES GOD let them? But pure disrespect, arrogance, and apathy spread throughout the earth by the cult of Satan as is “university is god”/ answers that question without compromise. You chose.

So, as China prepares for world domination; as is the need for more resources they do intend to take. There primary adversary at this time is USA; and the consequence of that is now “a Chinese immigrant invasion”; to hide all the spies, traitors, failures, and fools who know how to fear/ not doing whatever they are told to do. Because they will invade Taiwan/ and they want to control it completely; thereby ending any threat to their domination; by taking over this USA as well. Leaving only weapons of mass destruction to stop them. So the critical test will be: WHEN, not if/ that destruction will occur; and how far will it go? Because hate is ready, to assume power over this entire world. And this USA is ready to capitulate; (CAUGHT, IN THE UNIVERSITY MAZE OF DECEIT AND DEATH) because there is little more than fools in charge. And history worships the fool; as “yes we can”. While hate, always thirsts for more; and will gladly kill to get it.

As to every other aspect of men and their games: it always comes down to the physically stronger/ subject the physically weaker to fear and obedience. As is the constant of history, and the tragedy of female; because they cannot.

We then look to the future, and find only two sources of truth. Hate will consume this planet/ weapons of mass destruction or enslavement by terrors will occur. But they will fail, because nature itself will be lost to the chaos of university and its witchcraft. OR, the value of life will arise, the games of men will end entirely; and all female will be treated entirely as equals. Because we choose to refuse the game of men/ and replace it with the realities of justice, all life agree is better, than what men on their own did do.

I for, the last decision as male; for my part; discard you as a failure to life and earth. You did not rise for life or earth or money or threat of incineration or child or anything other than greed; from which “mob” arises.

What is female demands to take over, and while they are not perfect/ and I am unaware of what they will do; it is not male. Those who with only the tiniest exceptions/ did absolutely nothing of value. As is your epitaph of men, religious or not.

I leave you with one final piece of advise: the only way you will stop the Chinese is with the truth, set into place by law/ so that the military KNOWS WITHOUT DOUBT. That this is what shall be done. In the event of a major attack, all understand as war. There will be the return of weapons, designed to eliminate the very rich/ and the very powerful who lead: until they are gone. If a weapon is used to destroy the fleet; as is simply detonating a nuclear bomb. There shall be another used against you; to create the tsunami needed to violate and destroy major cities along the coast. One for one: you go first/ no mercy will exist; and no relief for any citizen from any nation; “found to be, in the wrong place”. Both acts are probable end of the world events, because hate is hate.

DISCIPLINE IS MANDATORY: “SAME/ SAME”; it is your only hope for controlling the crisis and surviving as a world. Insure every army knows! ORDER IS NECESSARY; you will insure the best possible coverage and investigation of where each and every leader is: so as to respond quickly/ and end their life. “in a man’s world”, nobody leads without “the money”.

The alternative however is: “the cannibalism of life”; because war as is the evidence of every conflict defeats life and survival, and there will be nothing left but hate. Not water to drink/ not food to eat/ not resources to rebuild; nothing but hate either way it goes. Better to end with: YOU CHOSE THIS/ we did not!

TAKE AN HONEST LOOK; and understand overpopulation leaves you no choice but war. That is the future you chose/ And you refuse every threat.

IT IS A WOMAN’S DECISION to regulate pregnancy/ not ever men; AND MEN WILL respect that fact, or your world is guaranteed to die.

It is, “the unfortunate fool” who hangs onto the past, believing it will protect them from the future. It is not so/ reality will decide, and if you are not prepared to accept change as truth demands of you. Then lies will overcome, and fate will take control.

Truth examines the soul, and identifies the heart of your respect; for life/ or hate, as the individual chooses that to be. Only one direction is life/ the other is “forever death”; by your own choice. Critical to the consequences of every life: is your pride/ because pride stands as “maker of the games” men play. Leader of power and want, but failure to life and truth.

CHANGE is the critical choice of this world; as truth demands it to be. Nothing less will keep this earth alive/ nothing less will return you to at least the possibility you might survive on earth.

Humanity has surrounded itself, “with as much glitter and gold” as they could claim; whether by good or bad. Because they each believe; it is better to be rich/ and that will give them slaves (money is an enforcer) to do their own work. So the question is: are you happy? And the majority says: I am comfortable with my success/ happy enough. I get what I want, to hell with the others.

But your world has changed, like it (biden supporter) or not (trump supporter). Death surrounds you, as truth identifies with evidence that will not be denied. The end of everything is real/ and that includes nature, earth, water, life, child; more. So the democrat says: “we want what we want/ protect us from what we don’t want; make life easy” (give us bribes “its all free”/ from the rest). And the republican says: “we want what we want/ protect us from what we don’t want; make life easy”. (let us steal from the rest, they deserve nothing).

But in an overcrowded world: NOBODY gets to be rich, without warring against the rest. So the university solution is robots will be your slaves/ pay us instead. Because the end result returns to history, and asks: WHY DID men worship gold? As it is only a metal, and regardless of scarcity; it has limited uses. So rich did not mean “a metal”/ but it did produce jewelry to shout: I HAVE MORE/ AND WOMEN will want me now, when I give them what they want. So the curse of men is: “to rise above the rest and claim superiority is this trophy”/ the curse of women is: to accept the jewelry in exchange for sex and the toys used by men, as their trinket of conquest.

We then know: that too change the direction of this world: we do need to remove the throne of men, from which they proclaim themselves to be “god” over us. We then know: that too change the direction of life on earth, the trophy, toy, or trinket of “claiming women” MUST BE removed. To accomplish that is a decision for women to make; but it is not to enslave men further, as some do. LAW INSTEAD OF LEADERS, removes the throne. LIMITED CAPITALISM, removes the toys, trinkets, and trophies of money. Ending most of the prize that buys hate; to make them fear. But there is still women to decide: how best to become EQUALS, and not other than that.

Of reality and truth: comes the statement, “without a purpose”, there is little cause for living. Therefore we must each seek our own purpose, and identify the desire which creates that purpose beyond the rest. So as to understand what drives us forward into our truth as life, identifies this!

Each owns their own purpose. Mine has been: “a world in danger of dying/ cannot be left alone”. My desire is: that love proves the value of life and living, by all things combined in the miracle of our existence. A reality truth demands and proves; is nothing less than “a CREATOR” did this. As no human being can conceive of it, nor can any other living thing.

As for you: the purposes of most men are simply animal: “I want/ I don’t want/ give me what I want; or I will take it.”

the purposes of women other than to manipulate and control men; so as not to be abused, and still get what they want; is a desire I leave to them.

If we examine the realities of men, by their design: 3 primary elements arise: type A (screams LISTEN TO ME)/ type B (whispers; leave me ALONE)/ and hate demands, I am god/ I don’t need no excuses. BUT then comes sex; and the constant addiction that is penal ejaculation; CHEMICALS, that must be mastered to be an adult male. Some never do, a critical curse/ and as such fail life and living with tragedy instead. BUT THEN comes women; the elemental rise of life and living above and beyond self; as is “the addiction of value, called love”. Alas we add into that an endless discovery of games that women play; in order to control men, and the cost of betrayal as comes with rape, ravaging, and the ruin of lives.

Lets suppose you decide to live; because death, hell, and extinction; requires nothing from you but to continue as you are.

LIFE SAYS: as is the fundamental of this day: that money does not matter/ as nobody in this USA has been paid for the last fifty years or so. Its all been counterfeit money; used to rob the young of their lives and future. That has now turned to rob the old as well with inflation; but the end result of it is: you are bankrupt, but continue spending as if not. Because what you believe as a mob, is all you need to steal and war against each other; by using money as a weapon, instead of a friend.

So lets ask: what if we stop the war of want, and make money a friend instead of an enemy called pride, being used to attack each other, with power?

Answer: we review the truth of what we are doing, and make decisions as if we were actual people, being alive in miracles: instead of animals feeding at the trough of insanity. The mob of predator pack dogs; all screaming “me too”; at the smell of death for each prey killed.

To do that, REALITY REQUIRES THAT WE DO IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE PRICE OF OUR DECISION WILL RESULT IN THE CONSEQUENCE OF A FUTURE OR AN EXTINCTION. A FAILURE, OR A DESIGN BY WHICH WE ALL BENEFIT INSTEAD OF “JUST ONE”. Which is the primary difference between friend or enemy. An enemy takes it all/ while a friend seeks to share it all, or at least most; because he or she knows, that love cares, and we all benefit when we all care, and therefrom share happiness with joy.

So what we do to bring happiness to our lives, what we do to instill friendship rather than hate: illuminates what our own futures can be. But there is a catch: because every group is like a family, and every family has a different view of what life should be, on how we can be happy or as friends in our environment of time. Which does require segregation; as all nations used to be. As life used to be; before the insane attack on universities: by the mob SCREAMING MAKE ME RICH. Which literally translates into: I WANT SLAVES, TO HELL WITH YOU; I WANT SLAVES, GIVE ME SLAVES.

So the elemental path forward is to remove the demand for slaves, and find within ourselves the values of what does sanctify and protect life itself, from those who hate.

The foundation of history is: that men chose to attack for money, and those who were successful at getting things for other men were called leaders. And leaders hired hate to instill fear: so these others did not take from them. By making certain nobody believed; they could do this to me. Which led to tyranny; the rules to push down all belief in “fair play” or justice. Which led to the consequence of letting crime blossom in order to control it with policing: as leaders design: which is power by the leader over you.

WHY DO; people want slaves? They don’t want to work, but they want to claim superiority for the work; so they can shout: “LOOK AT ME/ LISTEN TO ME”. And they need a game, to win: in order to do that, or nobody cares. So hate is used to enforce: you will do what I say/ and I will claim the prize you create. As is the basis for all male dominated leadership in this world throughout history.

Requiring: NOBODY gets to claim superiority, because we removed the game (we decide not you)/ and controlled the money with limited capitalism; so that we all share the responsibility of what our future is going to be. Hate is then separated. Anger is then resolved or removed. Solvency, is dealt with as work (do you part) or leave; or, we will remove you to “a distant land”. Which then requires an elevation of teaching that is not as it has always been. But in fact teaches those who will compete with us; so they can participate correctly. And the world says: HELL NO/ we don’t want that competition, we want what we want; and cannot get that, when everyone can do the work.

So here comes the division of values: to participate as equals who share the work that needs to be done/ that we choose to do for our society and its future: or not, so that we can continue to claim the prize, “I am more superior than you”. Grabbing all that humanity throws away as trash; to destroy the future of life and world; “as it is today”. That ends, or you do! The only method of ending it: is to cooperate with building for us all; NOT just you. To find happiness as a society; NOT to separate and divide society into winner or loser.

And that requires: a realistic acceptance of limits and boundaries and realities that do benefit us all. Rather than just one or two.

So we then come to the barrier of life over death: which is, TOGETHER WE DESIGN THE LAWS, that will govern our world, for peace and truth decides now/ THE LAWS that will govern our society, for a future to be found, giving a new breathe of life to each child. THE REALITIES OF CHOICE that will make us happy with each other as friends/ instead of enemies as is the current day; separating all, to divide and conquer the world with hate.

To build for us all, with faith in friendship, by separating hate from our lives; to push them all; into an environment not easily escaped. Letting them be whatever they will be, to themselves. War torn areas come to mind; as hate created these: ringed with true defenses, and real world punishment or death.

No more billionaires/ no more owners of everything/ no more rulers or rules beyond what must be so. No more playing “king or queen” by demanding listen to me/ do what I say. But zoning to remove those who “want this”; to your own area of the world; as is NOT HERE. And so much more; because the foundation of life being shared is: that we share as friends, because we do accept the same values in our lives as true.

No more excuses/ no more immigrating out to leave the mess behind; and spread that same disease elsewhere: YOU CREATED THE TROUBLE/ YOU WILL FIX THE TROUBLE YOU CHOSE; or die. Because we are not responsible for you. YOU ARE responsible for you and what you chose. Elements of “true unexpected” cost will be modified by all nations contribute to an insurance fund for such things: with clear decisions to affect what and why and how.

While life and living allows for: greater elements of value to surface in a disciplined and orderly treasury of love, balancing truth with truth, and defining reality with honest decisions that will grant justice. It is from this point forever true: “that you may not, have more stuff”/ as resources give us life and the potential to live. War does not; as the evidence always proves true. There is nothing much left to rebuild with; and will require change. Because that is what men chose.

Women do hold great influences on men; because at the end of what has value/ and what does not. The critical differences between male and female, are fundamentally what we desire most. Because these expand life, beyond self; and that replaces freedoms, with the limits and boundaries of thought; between ourselves/ where love exists. The question is then: can women influence men/ to tear down hate; and remove it from societies around this world? The answer should be simple; but it is not/ as hate wears a disguise, but anger does not. Critical differences exist.

I, do not know: “the end result of me or you”/ only the foundation of knowledge, created by evidence, which does prove true. You will be extinct soon; without change/ that is certain. Nothing about the price of being wrong; is a game.

As for me: the question of female remains, and only the spiritual world itself, knows the outcome. You “have no clue”. I do not, as realities of evidence do not exist to prove the consequence of my existence will go either way/ or even to a different conception, beyond my ability to understand: I simply do not know/ the disciplines of thought will decide.

Thought is the ascension of life, “beyond me”. While being human is the creation of time will judge, “not me”. The critical environment of gender is not “a decision”; but a relationship with force. Even so, that force is elementally controlled by NO human being. Thought shapes life, life then responds “with freedom; as limits and boundaries of law, design”.

What is constant here in time, however: is “the spiritual woman inside (I opened the door)” is now in charge, and I cannot escape that fact. She offers to help women do the best they can; “for life and world”; by using me.

The primary element of that work however is: TO LEGALLY ENFORCE THE LAW MUST BE IDENTIFIED AS TRUE. THAT HERE IN DEMOCRACY OUR RIGHT AND AUTHORITY: TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; what we will allow or not, for our government and our society to be. SHALL BE INVESTIGATED TO PROVE ALL THREATS; AND CONCEIVE OF HONESTLY: WHAT THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG SHALL BE. That is your job, it is not mine. Reality suggests: ‘”here is no other way”, because we must prove to the vast majority what truth is: to demand CHANGE.. BEYOND OUR OWN DECISION AS HUMANITY ON EARTH: we have no other option, because we all must cooperate/ or we all must die as a world. There is no “let them do it”. Our world, means life or death will be: all of us chose by vote. THE LAW OF LIFE/ or, its alternate, the chaos of hate.

I cannot resist, she is: the stronger one, as I begin to learn what that means, to living and life. Even so: a new life, is not to be dishonored. The essence of all things spiritual is truth, therefore truth itself must decide, what eternity is to be. Without truth, there is no hope for you: let that be your guide.

The constant of human, however is: unless you surrender pride, you cannot know thought or truth. It forms the boundary line of change.

The constant human feeling is: unless we are loved, there is much less value to living and life. Therefore the primary purpose of living, is to find love, and understand “its joy”. Unfortunately, hate interferes and causes chaos to erupt into love, by designs deliberately intended to remove love; “so you, can be like them”. Or, more distinctly: as the saying of hate goes: “If I can’t have it/ then neither will you”. Arrogance, apathy, and disrespect are the hallmark traits of hate; rarely are they disguised well enough, not to appear in some form; in public.

There is no greater love, than between male and female/ or between parent and child: but both REQUIRE an acceptance that is not born, but given. If you fail to give your child “true love”; as found in no respect here/ then the curse is, that you will fail your child and life itself; because there is no value in you. In the majority of nations: it is women who decide if they want a child/ and men are now commonly considered “an extra”; let the nation pay, let the sperm bank deliver. Or as is commonly done: “TRAPS are set”. Rarely do women ask or accept the decisions of men; until they realize, a child needs more. Which does make that decision: their own/ unless restrained from an action; “within the first forty days or so”. Be certain/ and be decisive; your child deserves at least that much.

If you fail your romance, once given honestly: then living has made that so. Because even with love, we still must survive within time; and the choices that we make. I was married once, for two years: while it is a very complicated story; the foundation of it was: that I could not leave this work/ and she could not accept this work, but wanted to be “the same” as all the rest. We tried, but could not: costing us both. So in that regard, I will tell you that divorce is sometimes necessary; it need not be the fault of either at “bottom line realities”. But it is never easy or fair; “love is a commodity, that walks away, with whomever you gave your love too”. Hard to replace. But never less than valued.

Lives and tears are interwoven with truth, some things are not long term meant to be; even though your own heart desires it. Some women are left behind/ some men are left behind; some women are abused, and so are some men. Or more simply: nobody can guarantee what their lives are going to be. Certainly true of me, never would have guessed. Even so, reality still decides all things; and the truth of “spiritual intervention” is real; even though it seems to me “putting pearls” on a pig so to speak/ or turning a hoof into a rose; “just nothing to work with here”. I guess: men just need to learn, and I get to help! Nonetheless; as with all human existence; you just never know what tomorrow is going to bring. So, enjoy your day as best you can; understand that happiness is born in moments, and kept as memories. Want fails life by creating games through pride, and that turns into winner/ loser; and that turns into tears or revenge or arrogance. So live your own life with values, discipline your own heart with respect, identify order and balance it with love: so that when the moment comes, love will be your answer. Always remain open, so as to meet someone/ remembering they “know people too”. Always be aware of where you meet; preferably in public, with spectators, with options so that you can leave. Remember people do stalk; but if you believe you must buy a gun; buy non-lethal bullets to put in it: so hopefully it is never a choice between life and death. But stop and surrender; because most guns are stolen by the trespasser, and you want to survive too: “its a surprise”, but there are some things you can do. I did make some simple videos to explain some. On www.justtalking7.info/websites/

love and hate are not similar: they are complete opposites.

All is not fair in love or war/ nothing is fair in love but truth: nothing is fair in war whatsoever, period. If you are at war; you are experiencing hate in you.

Be fair, it is our best weapon against abuse: thereby it is a choice/ rather than a revenge. Take away the weapon. But if you must realize abuse does not master itself, it returns unless pride is gone, and true change is exhibited continually. The original purpose of this website was to create “relationship awareness” as is consistent with choosing for a future; still worth a look, if you wish. The lesser version. 

The extreme failure of university “knows”; is everywhere. The one constant of life in this USA IS: that the universities failed us all, in every conceivable “life or world or living way”. One of the relationship flaws is: that everyone should date everyone else, without regard to “groups/ not even gender or reality”. Lies never last, they are discovered or get worse. Increasing the competition for every person seeking a relationship. Instead of working to build a relationship between those who are given to be “like each other”; so that things mesh with honesty. Work ethic, religion, expectations, all of it fail; when mixing groups together; and most of these relationships fail far more often than “group identities”. Because “same/ same” is important. Segregation is useful for separation into groups. It does not endanger the other groups, because the other groups are FULLY CAPABLE of providing for themselves; a suitable teacher. Is that not so? Or more distinctly: it is again presented to you: that groups do need to be separated into “different nations/ dividing larger nations up”; so that they can take care of themselves. And if they don’t; they can be separated out until they do. As is the case of overpopulation: or more simply, “one group cannot tell the other group what to do”. However “one world” can tell each individual nation: what their duty to this world is. Yes I know; you are believers/ so nothing matters but what you want. To your shame. CONTROL IT, or die.

There does come an end to everything, “not eternal”. Love is not eternal, but can be regenerated by the desire to be happy, balanced, and whole within the framework of law governs this. What eternity is intended to be; cannot be described as it is: a very different world, that has no recognition within time. But what we can describe is: where every miracle of life on earth is a distinction of thought, placing life, where and how it belongs. It is absolutely certain that eternity lives in ways that are a miracle. And it does not matter, where you fit in that definition of life and living beyond the consequences of energy.

Humanity of course, knows not the value of happiness; because hate intervenes in everything we do. The destruction of crime/ the insanity of disrespect/ the curse of arrogance/ and the disease of apathy; are only a few of the constant corruptions defined “in a man’s world”; of what not to do.

So the question is: could women do better? A reality of choice: because men have chosen extinction, by all means necessary and certain to provide hell and then death by cannibalism and worse. The cost of being WRONG.

It is impossible to say what women would do; I do not know. But it is certain that women alone cannot do what needs to be done. Therefore as equals: we must join to become another world. Where happiness governs the purpose of life; and a future is not discarded by fools in charge. That requires laws which are honest and true to life and world/ and it requires enforcement of those laws by international sources; which CANNOT be allowed to be controlled; by more than four years for anyone; but a tiny few who will be elected; for a second four years so as to create a continuum.

No more voting for someone to vote for me. No more destruction of law; by lawmakers instead of us all. Control over the judiciary, without exception. Employees who are hired to investigate; if our laws are being carried out as intended. No more religion in government; as is this USA; wherein university controls everything; a tragedy to all. True education not the vile stench of indoctrination; to university is god.

The currency is tied to population count. Limited capitalism defines the limits and boundaries of power or pride allowed to each one. The value of life is bordered by the truth of what we pay: NO MORE, let government (the future) pay. If you cannot afford it/ “the patient dies”; as is nature in charge; no more extending death to claim a payment. No more simply believe whatever a doctor says; along with the end of debts incurred for medical education or other; by defining it ONLY as a percentage of income; by the job that is consistent with your training. No more irrelevant details to be taught; only what is actually to be used, and of value to life and living and a future.

All of that and more: establishes, there will be a multitude of people no longer employed by failure.

Which means: we will share the work, and provide work to all; so that each does his or her share; to create value for society. Which means: the days of personal wealth are largely gone; because we all need our share now. Some do more/ many do less: the result is limited capitalism requires a separation of AT LEAST 3 TIMES more for the best/ than the least; and that is your wealth; displaced as where you live, and with values created by society. The opportunities to share time with those you have promised to love. It is “a different world”/ that shall not be contaminated with things like: “its just business”. Because it almost never is that.

AGRICULTURE; must be returned to what is sustainable/ NOT as today, what does create value; without “the witchcraft” of genetic alterations which put this entire world at risk. BEST METHODS will win, and all industrial manufacturing will point and produce for the small farmer first. As “pulling weeds” will return.

THE SEA must be cleaned up as quickly as possible; all things ended which contaminate it: and you must accept, that dead human bodies will be turned into fish food; so that we hope life in the oceans can be saved. You will stop all trawlers; and make them clean the oceans instead. And for the next three years; any and all excess grain will be used (no ethanol) to bridge the gap a lack of fishing has created.

Etcetera and more. As is every city MUST be redesigned to remove vehicles/ to remove heat: as much as possible. things such as using the downward motion of elevators to power air conditioning; must be visited. heat generated used for heating water or more. All public transportation revisited for value. realities such as no more kitchens; restaurants instead , everything possible to stop global warming: Etc. and a whole lot more.



THINK FOR YOURSELVES, AND RISE TO BE HUMAN AGAIN. NOT subject to any leader or his hate, fear, and horror of beliefs.


Reality says: that those in power shall not relinquish that power/ to let anyone get close enough to do them harm; as is the cause for corruption in the courts. Unless they are truly confident; in their ability to destroy the testimony of any witness that might come. Such as claims of a spiritual woman inside.

The critical contest of defining “a new world”; still requires that you give to them what they want; or they can still remove the claim of testimony; something is wrong.

So then I have provided information they wanted/ in exchange for time. But contrary to expectations: the real world evidence of “a spiritual woman inside” as predicted by Revelation 12 & 17; is absolutely true. And they have not been able to simply destroy that claim of my reality.

What may or may not come next; is entirely, “not my doing”; as everything male; which did this work; has been tossed aside. I have no clue: I just needed to ask a question of female; male cannot save this world. To be confronted with “you shall learn what you need to know/ nothing will be given as to how women think”. So the end result of that is: a dying world is worth the price/ even though it is way beyond anything expected.

The question is: what is life and earth worth to you?

Because there is no going back.

So: does life move forward, into the spiritual realm of female; that can never be changed back? OR, does life move backward into male once again, never to inquire of female again? Do we work together? Is this world to be saved? Will life and nature and earth be destroyed; because you just would not care? Or, is something entirely different going to happen? As I truly do not know.

It is that simple: I don’t know. NOT your savior, “that is certain”.

Religious “waiting for everything to be perfect”?


IF YOU DON’T HELP SAVE THIS WORLD, AND KEEP ITS LIFE FROM BEING FURTHER MUTILATED: “eternity will forget you, and your needs existed too”.

Not a game; real world extinction stands at the door.

Whether you believe that or not

the evidence is real; and YOU ARE being asked to investigate AND PROVE:


And people say: YES, WE WANT THAT/ but we don’t want to pay, or be identified; so hate can attack us.

Proving that want is not enough!

Instead: truth requires “that you stand up for life and world; sign your name to the demand for change” and accept the consequences shall be whatever they will be. Because a dying world is worth the price of saving it.

even if:  it is more, than you ever expected to pay, “like me”.  IT IS a choice; but the purpose cannot be larger, than for life and world.

unfortunately: if you know that you are not going to stay/ then you should not interfere in the search for a long term relationship. Romance is not enough, when a lifetime is needed. Living comes first, because love is not enough to sustain the heart;  when a world is dying.

this work is now functionally “dead”/ male has been removed!  YOU, are in charge: of every living thing that does exist, or will come into existence:  IT IS ALL IN YOUR HANDS!  An entire world:      choose.    because if you do not care/ you do not live.

 And requires YOU, to finish it.     ONE WORLD/ ONE LIFE OR DEATH TO US ALL/ ONE FUTURE; because without change, extinction is certain.

None will escape.

BY LAW, we may begin again/ UNLESS you turn back.

Regardless of your need: “male” shall not return. He is done.