Brain First Means

This is called “brain first”; an information site.  Secondary to this work, is the realization: that simply to believe is not enough. In order to survive as humanity on earth; we must recognize and respond to what is true. of the variations in that for this USA, I remind you: that one trillion dollars=ten thousand dollars, per each of one hundred million people.biden

Because the elemental task of all human beings, is to recognize: we are NOT animals/ as the universities demand. But the very essence of miracles within us all. LOVE IS, assembled within the respect of miracles, as governed by the truth of our own reality. Conceived with trust, the eloquent discovery of heart begins; the rise beyond simply self.

In contrast; the universities demand: there is only self, want, power, pride, lust, cheating, stealing, corruption, mutilation, sinking into the sewer of fools, and the failure of nearly all intellectuals as they covet and worship their claim; “we are better than god”. TAKE IT ALL, before we die; LEAVE THEM NOTHING.

INSTEAD of a cult; by using your brain, we the humans who are being alive, in time and the acknowledgment of truth: rise up, in the grace of understanding; to assemble the truth, that we truly are MIRACLES OF LIFE. WHO DO, literally live among the miracles of life and earth; as do grant our existence, freedoms, and recognition of realities so far beyond the conception of human intelligence; that religion calls this Creator, of all life and earth; “ GOD ” . as human intelligence “the claim of university”; fails on every level of life. With threats of extinction surrounding us; and their only real claim to fame is evolution “its all just an accident of chaos”. When reality knows; “literally trillions plus more” of individual components in genetic nature have been aligned; in an order so disciplined, and so balanced for life itself; that individual species arose to reveal: so far beyond us all, as to prove GOD was here.

While the biblical story of JESUS examines the evidence: “no, we are not forgotten”. But remain, as a conception for love, is an eternal need.

That is an elemental description of thought so far beyond an animal; that “like the human animals of universities” they cannot grasp it. Therefore as a herd, who cult worships their leaders; they cannot even question the cause or purpose of being more; than animals, who are either prey or predator to us who do live inside. Therefore we abandon the livestock of their intellectual carnage/ and accept the value of life is to construct the journey, to meet “our soul”.

therefrom: “brain first” recognizes, to achieve any level of transparency in this work of life versus body: we must remove the blanket of university knows/ universities play god. And assemble the “courtroom version” of lets look at the evidence and determine what is true for ourselves.

reliance upon: “whatever the media told you to think/ or whatever the book universities rely upon to be their version of god”; is not enough. Brain first; allows you to construct the values upon which your own truth survives/ and intends that you should review as a society: what you do, or do not know, that can be relied upon as true. THAT PRESENTS US ALL, WITH A NEED FOR CONVERSATIONS AMONG OURSELVES. So that life and human; is not herded into the slaughter house door. But contends with, and rises above an animal; to achieve the value that is: NOTHING on earth/ NOTHING that exists; gave us life. Therefore we must search, to assemble or rise above the lesser things that are alive; and accept the values of love and respect, which are so truly evident by what the vast majority did receive as a body, as thought, as brain, as realities we cannot replace or rebuild or pretend; “this is anything but a miracle”. As universities do, with their curse of evolution or other.

The body NEEDS ALL ITS PARTS AND PIECES to survive; at the VERY SAME TIME; or you die. There is NO building it one piece at a time. And every single human being animal or not: KNOWS THAT IS TRUE. Which literally destroys evolution at its core lie.

So brain first: the conversation of society freed from “constriction and domination”. Of those who claim to be superior.

To LITERALLY ASK you to participate in understanding the truth of what you have accepted as true. To pick apart the cost of being wrong/ and identify the realities of what can be called true, by the evidence we do accept as our world taught us this/ NOT you.

University experts claim: religion has no value/ and so they teach, for the money; that religion is to be for fools. One such description of theirs, includes: “NOAHS ark”.

But while religion “fantasizes about how that could be”/ reality demands: by looking at the fossil fuel record alone, as the evidence. Even though much more exists: WE KNOW, a world wide flood of massive proportions did exist . The reality of plant life being gathered together into one giant mass/ and then buried under hundreds or thousands of feet of debris. Can only be done in a giant flood. The reality of animal and living life, being gathered together and buried under hundreds or thousands of feet or debris; can only be done in a giant flood. The reality of gas deposits being buried under hundreds of feet of dirt and debris; announces that this whole world was full of life. PRIOR to its death under an ocean of water. NOTHING WE KNOW OF, can gather and bury life/ kill and destroy the realities of living; under a mountain of debris. Other than, as assigned by the evidence we use, for fuel; and know as “fossil fuel”. Which means our planet, and all its work of MADE BY LIFE, did DIE. Leaving only those who managed to stay afloat.

The video “fun with noah”; made for you explains the basic principles of how that was possible; even for a few to survive.

The tiny brain of universities; argues “can’t be”. But the reality of planetary existence in space, KNOWS. If a large planetary object, was to come close enough to this earth. The resultant gravitational pull; would in fact cause extreme changes in the water supplies on earth.

As to forty days of rain: that only exists, if this earth was enveloped by a fog in those days. Which produced a rain forest of immense growth. A greenhouse effect; established by so much volcanic heat; as to put that water in the atmosphere. OR, as is the reality of life and earth: a much bigger sun/ clearly evident; because it does burn fuel. UNLIKE the fantasies and delusions of university fools. WHO DO try to ignite a nuclear fire (burning the bond in atoms), here on earth; to make this planet into a sun. nothing so dramatically proves SATAN on earth/ than does this intent to INCINERATE LIFE.

and while you conceive of the possibility; “university graduates are not god/ nor is their book”. Consider the truth: that it is the universities diploma, that has taken control over governments, media, banking, EVERYTHING. Who then set the price for covid, giving to themselves complete economic control over nations. And IT IS, their genetic expertise, that released their biological weapon; called covid/ which did so much real world, economical damage to this world. And threatens us all, with the variants they released, and installed with their claim of safety; called a vaccine. NOT TRUE, as real world vaccines are formed by its relationship to nature. While university claims of a vaccine, are formed in a lab; giving rise to the claim: The people of the dead.

It is the universities diploma: that sets the price for healthcare/ and seeks to destroy and enslave YOUR entire lifetime “for an hours work”. Creating the serpent; which slithers inside; to create havoc “among the living house”. NOT individual doctors ( who are given a half million dollar debt, and enslavement themselves) to get their degree. But the vile sewage that lies beneath the surface, where you don’t see; the true enemies of life and value.

NO YOU CANNOT claim every diploma is bad. NO you cannot claim every geneticist is horrific/ a tiny few are in fact trying to help; but only a very tiny few, are not fully owned by “SATAN (lets play gods)”. YES YOU CAN claim, that physics is a venue for the SATANIC ATTACK; of destroying our entire world.

And when you are all through, understanding what you have lost “to a diploma”. Then you need to acknowledge; what you lost to media propaganda, as the plague of disrespect/ violence/ mayhem/ chaos/ be vile, not polite/ be a curse, not a friend/ be a traitor, not a man or woman; but animal. Just like the universities say.

The curse of the damned: “university controls everything”/ has been the predominant cause for hate and violence that exists through all facets of life. While they lie to you about “we are friends”/ hidden behind closed doors; they create biological weapons/ control governments/ destroy resources/ confuse and propagate terrorism/ mutilate life/ indoctrinate children with their religion of we, the universities, are gods; and a long list of vile subterfuge that has allowed the diploma to steal every single penny of value from our currency. Corrupt and control the judiciary. Destroy economies. Defile every form of business. And in all ways conceive of becoming the rulers of all life and earth; which ultimately leads to their purpose for weapons of mass destruction/ “YOU die”. After all, with too many people proving extinction is coming: “somebody has to die”. And after all, “they are the superior ones”/ RIGHT? So what; that they changed life and earth to prove they could: with consequences so far beyond what they can control, as to be: HELL (unending chaos)_ is coming.

Your water supplies are ending; poisoned as well/ life in the oceans is on the brink of collapse; never to recover/ resources are thrown away/ climate and more cascading into HELL on earth. A; 3 infants born per year per one hundred people, over deaths: equals a quarter of a billion MORE mouths to feed/ and they grow. One infant per year per 100 people= 80 million more x 365 days a year= 28.48 billion pound : eats at one pound of food per each/ per year of existence; plus water, resources, heat, more. Where is your brain? 8 billion people x 3 feet per each person= a line 240 billion feet long. Divided by 5280 feet = 45,454,545 miles long, “of living people. 1,818 continuous trips around the equator. Oh wait, I know: you gave it to the universities in exchange for joining their cult; as is “never question your leader”. After all, if just the “new additions to world population” were to come to America this year; that would only be an additional 1 out of 4 (hundred+ million people). Hell, you don’t need food or water or resources or housing or anything; after all, “university knows” is all that matters. A fantasy led by delusions; but hey, reality requires making decisions that are not led by “I want what I want”. And who wants that/ right. Well, don’t worry: civil war will fix it/ after all media knows “violence sells/ drama gets attention/ fools lead/ and failure loves a victim; “it ain’t just me”. To your shame.

Find your life back, and if you are VERY lucky; GOD might allow you to stay alive on earth. Instead of extinct, as universities playing god have done.

Their game is dead: they did not “get away with anything they wanted; for free” (nor did you_)/ as consequences will prove true. Fight for your world; go to court and prove OUR laws, WILL rule now.

And after it is all “said and done”; if we are allowed to survive. Then we must accept the task of honestly learning about what it means to be fair and wise between male and female lives. As love replaces hate, and truth replaces want; to become a world ALIVE, instead of dying as it is today.

Because the end result is: about half of the population cannot be employed as you do things now. None of the air plane rides you love so much will survive/ nor the endless vehicle traffic/ nor throwing away every resource/ nor lumbering for the next fifty plus years/ nor healthcare as it is/ nor schooling as it is/ nor governments as they are/ nor city planning. Or basically; only about one percent of what you wanted, will survive the removal of threats. In order to keep this earth alive. It is a choice: LIFE (which means, NO you can’t) OR DEATH (which means, time will be very short; as is extinction will begin).


Go ahead; the cost of being wrong, is beyond your comprehension. So reality will teach you, but truth will not let you survive. Nor will eternity allow this humanity to enter (you then chose, to kill this living creation of life); more than a very tiny few. To your shame, the price is extremely high. “to be a believer” in universities are god. Reality will teach you that very soon.