The environment of love, is a freedom, to conceive of purity in the values of life and living as miracles do exist. The reference being: “I have been born, into the creation that is ALIVE in you”. Or more distinctly, it is with love, that we arise into the grace of being free, because you care/ and are willing to share that expression with me. Making love the joy of life itself. Because we know the difference: between isolation, defined by; nothing but “I” exist/ and the realities of we know exist, and I am happy, because of you. Therefore the freedom to release insecurities, and accept the bounty of being loved; is to recognize, I am who I can, or came to be/ because of you. In return, it is my gift to you; that you may be free as equals who share life, conceived by truth. Without truth love dies, because love is dependent upon trust, and trust dies when truth fails to survive. So the constant of life is: that in order to love, we must find trust; and in that trust, there must be truth; in order to keep our desire, as a destiny we learn to share; alive. But truth will know: there are different levels of love, just as there are different levels of truth and life; and the consequence of that is: even if love exists, being human means we have a choice, to share a journey beyond self; or not. For some, the experience simply costs too much; because another life has taken too much; and therefrom the expression of trust, becomes a reality “too high” to reach. It is rare, to bring that element of living, “back to life”; because love is a reality given: which means you cannot simply take it back. If not returned to you honestly, it is gone; because you chose to give that love away. The unfortunate part being: “the most valuable treasure in the universe”, can be hard to give back; unless you are true to love, and live within the freedoms that are required. Truth in trust, rarely survives in time; because the elemental breakdown of being human: is to fail from time to time; to whatever degree that exists within you. And then forgiveness stands between “truth and lie”. If honest repentance exists (I will do better)/ then it is fair to love again, as the ascension back to freedom (I trust in you) begins. But if no repentance exists as is evidenced in want, and all its categories of lie; then love cannot begin again, because trust will not return; no forgiveness is possible. Because you stole the love I gave to you/ when your choice was to lie; as is (you want what you want, and remain stubborn to the truth, that I have needs and desires too_ which are equal to yours). Love elevates the heart, to hear the rhythms of how we may share our lives as one. To keep ourselves alive “as is heart”/ we become the harmony of thought, that lives within each other. Or more distinctly: to share destiny, is to create the path between us, as if there is no door. An opening to each other, shared by no other/ or an opening shared by those who are called family, for the grace of caring about more than simply “us”. That is an elevation of levels, and it is a conception in purity.

The foundation of love is desire, the elemental choice; “buried in loneliness”, that must be dug out to become “our hearts beat as one”. Or more distinctly, the search for love, is entangled in loneliness; because to exercise its purpose, as is to share life/ and therefrom care about each other in the blessings of happiness. We must understand the difference, “that no life, but I: makes”. Therefore loneliness is not a burden, but a lesson in the disciplines and order of thought. To balance that lesson with life, requires that you do understand what happiness is!

TO ACCEPT, that life is cradled in the expression and experiences we translate into existence as a freedom of soul (the passage of life, into life). We must understand, that thought conceives of every heart as if it were “the wind”. While we hear it stirring, or feel it on our bodies; the primary influence is whether it makes us hot or cold, in the values of our own existence. That does require an acknowledgment of Creation; as we then seek “to capture the wind”, that is both heart (foundations in freedom, because of you) and soul (critical elevation of life, beyond self). As miracles do, to truly RESPECT the value of life; we must understand its death: is a transference of time, into eternity. For those who are alive in soul.

Respect is then the basis of being free. While freedom is the basis and formation of foundations in trust; as have been presented from “me to you/ you to me”. Without freedoms to choose how we will proceed in this relationship, life becomes a gamble/ and relationships can produce an abyss of want, rather than life cherished within each other. Respect demands truth; but truth demands, there will be needs met first. Because if you don’t respect survival, as is required of us all: then you won’t respect our need to share the work, and care for each other as the basis of our lives as one. Respect does not allow: “that I do all the work/ or you do none”; so to speak. Respect recognizes: the more I help you to complete what you need to do for life; the more we have to share at the end of the day. Which makes the demand for sexuality possible; because “too tired”, is literally too tired; even if desire exists.

So then we return to desire as our gift to each other. As the soul we share between us, of life to life; that is built upon truth. The elemental ascent, in being human: “is time”. The critical construction is true desire to shape our lives together as if we were just one, not two. The foundation of our existence, cannot be divided; unless one or the other choose to make that true. But if they do, let it be mutual: so that life can be free, even if you inherit loneliness because of it. The foundation being: in order to achieve truth, you will experience loss. In order to express love, you will identify the value of each being free. Freedom is then the critical destiny, that serves both souls, in order to release the greatest degree of happiness that is possible to do. Which then becomes the level of our truth.

While it is true, that love like death; tears at the heart when you know; this is the end of that experience or expression. It is the soul which reminds us; eternity is not for the faint heart-ed, but those who are willing to survive. To do that, it is fundamentally and functionally necessary: to give your love to GOD first. Because it is your Creator, that governs all things eternal. And your love (the foundation of every heart; both literal and defined) is safe, when GOD is first.

I do not know is GOD intervenes, to help you find “an eternal love”; that is not for me to know. But I can tell you, that my life has been influenced by those who were met; both good and bad, as reality insisted this would be. The end result of it all: is that I now write for you this message of “change humanity, or this world shall be extinct”. Looking back, the things I needed, the lessons I learned, the realities of choice; the constant of a dying world, and the critical fact, that I could not simply let this world die. “I believe”, on a personal level at least with my own life: that the elements of my education, foundations in life, were formed by some level of intervention that aligned with how I then acted or reacted in order to achieve the value that I have managed to sustain. My ex-wife was “a doctorate education” on many levels; tears for both/ others taught a wide variety of things, including “love is not enough; some will fail regardless of what you give”; as is NEVER try to “save someone”; it is forever true, “JESUS already did that”; or they are lost. A woman and her children let me understand better; what “personal family” would be. But even though I told her, “I cannot stay” from the beginning; there were tears. My only real choice: this world cannot die, without a fight. And of course a long line of people who preferred to be animals, rather than alive. As is “want, want, want, want,,,,,,want”. Some who loved and reached for life, some who did not, some who hated; and all the rest. Family who judged, but still retained some love for me; and for the most part I suspect, “a fairly normal life in many conceivable ways”. Journeys into the extreme unknown, not included.

Love shapes a life/ hate shapes the death of a soul: people shape an identity, by the interactions and relationships which define our decisions. Good or bad, they all had a say.

As to me, I would not have guessed, “teacher (prove you have something to say)/ messenger (it is my work)”; as is the basis of this work. I never had a clue: “elements of change in me would exist”/ beyond the development of male. I never would have guessed, “spending the vast majority of living alone”/ but, I never would have guessed the extensive education that was needed; there was no time for someone to join; I needed it all. I never would have guessed; that you could not care, for life or world/ not even child or the future of an entire world: never would have guessed you cannot respond to people mutilating nature, or trying to ignite atoms on fire. Truly surprised to find you are a cult of university is god worshipers; to your shame.

I did do, “what I” could do; it is what it was, end of story. Imperfect, less than what could have been done perhaps; but it is what I did do; and the truth is, “nobody does better” than the best they did do. Did you do better, for life and world? A lifetime leaves room for errors, but also to learn, and do better as time goes by. So, I will offer love was spent because living needed it, life was sacrificed for a world (I would have done other things; had not extinction “present truth”), respect was offered to you, as a message: constructed by the evidence of all the consequences you chose; and turned down by all. Because want, is all you got to live for/ and it will never be enough to survive. Your world is dying, and it will be lost; unless you change.

Because life is, the direction, the decisions, and the identity, of our own truth.

whether by chance or whether by intervention: the roller coaster of humanity constructs what our time shall be. Just a guess, “some intervention existed”;  as I certainly cannot “talk for GOD”. Even if I can be given the work; to grant you this message: “change or die”/ because this is a world in need. A world walking to extinction, by choices made.

And humanity says: THAT DON’T affect me, I don’t make a difference: SO YOU CAN’T BLAME ME! But as always; you are wrong, as is proven by a line of humanity that stretches over 8 MILLION KILOMETERS long. Divided by 40,075 km; circumference at equator=200 continuous circles of humanity, unbroken at the equator; by water or other. Proving beyond doubt: what you do, matters too!   MASSIVE CHANGE, means as predicted “bankruptcy comes” because that is truly what you chose/ and it is elemental to your survival. Because only when faced with your own reality,. by its truth; will  you produce a response beyond wanting:  EVERYTHING you can steal, from life or world or child.  as would be evidence of a war (just like the leaders of men) who offered:  “YES WE CAN/ because they (your child) cannot stop us”.

The “news”; offers, the combining of two nations, because their leaders want what they want; and are prepared to steal it. China offers, this nation claims all things; because the end result of population control was: terrible decisions were made, which now have consequences; “because the women are not there”. So they backed off, and are increasing rapidly: and as always, more people need more things; and they do intend to get whatever resources they want. Refusing reality, to claim “we have a right”. War or “your capitulation (as slave or sacrificed)”; is their solution. Because as always our group is more important than your group. Same as the rest of the world, throughout all of history. The rest of the world reeling from LIES, CHEATING, STEALING, BETRAYAL, TERRORISM, FAILURE, FOOL, WHORE (only money matters), ENDLESS CLAIMS OF SUPERIORITY, the disease of UNIVERSITIES IN CHARGE, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (your only choice)/ and the cost of those who play god with life and world. All of it used to decimate and destroy the future of all life and this earth. Because that is the choices you made; under the cult claim: universities are god.  every nation claims:  THEY CAN’T use weapons of mass destruction/ SO THEY MUST BEND, AND DO WHAT WE SAY;  as they all prepare to make that statement false/ and end life with the destruction of our world.

Then there is all the separation of unity, in America to produce civil war, and the destruction of life and nation, by claims of superiority; as is only the universities must make every decision/ THERE IS NOTHING left for you. We are your gods, and media enforces that 24/7, by 365 year after year after decades gone by; covering over every lie, denying every theft, producing the disguise of sanity, to hide the pure destruction of this whole world. While unions scream; “we want to be thieves just like you”/ and politicians scream, “yes we can”; so long as nobody reveals there is nothing left of truth or reality here: LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE/ STEAL YOU BASTARDS, STEAL; as the claim of government dies, the biological weapons of enslavement are used, and the curse of all that universities can be; becomes true, to the end of this living world. As humanity forms its war zone, and the prey learn to trample the rest; while predators are simply waiting their turn, “to make you die”. And all the children are mutilated into believing; “this was inevitable, and predicted”. A prediction however reveals the choice of humanity, was in like kind with their evidence/ rather than their truth. It is a decision; NOT an enforcement by any other force, than is human born.

Failure to respect life or world/ fool who presents mutilation of life as an answer/ terrorist “lets burn atoms for fuel”/ traitor, all we need are numbers and propaganda (the nazi did it/ WE CAN TOO) as is covid. So; “changing, ten thousand more”, and we turn the corner back to life/ rather than extinction. And all the people say: THE PRICE IS TOO HIGH, WE DON’T WANT TO DO THAT/ WE WANT TO STEAL THE FUTURE, and sacrifice every child; JUST LIKE THE UNIVERSITIES TAUGHT US TO DO. To hell with them, they are worthless; and cannot stop us at all. Is that not so, when the evidence cannot be proven wrong? Indeed it is.

As is the mountains of your garbage (a billion lives thrown away, for lack of resources; because of you)/ so is the reality of your lies, stealing, cheating, destruction, disrespect, denial of truth, descent into chaos, failures, fools, traitors, and terrorists who lead those who so clearly WANT to follow. To your shame.

And humanity SCREAMS: WE ARE THE WINNERS; as leaders offering hell by war will do, TO DISGUISE TRUTH/ claiming; DAMN YOUR LIFE TO HELL (or more simply: DON’T YOU DARE, reveal our secret lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism and more: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ NOT truth;  just like leaders do, when aiming for war to hide their truth), to hide reality from view, by distractions the people want to believe! So they too can SCREAM: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; let the children DIE, because we are taking all that we can get! LEAVING only a few behind, as the living; because want, “governs the dead”.

Alas, the claim of “killing me”/ if in fact, these words become “truly public knowledge”;lacks authority, as the truth of our world extinction literally draws very near. Your claim fails to produce fear; as we all must die, regardless of the time.

do you see the difference?  Life dedicated to life/ versus humanity dedicated to want, hiding that with beliefs, they are willing to kill;  “so their beliefs (we want what we want_) cannot be disturbed”?  Until chaos overrules/ because women would not stand up for life or world.  Leaving men, to do what men do, as history proves true: which is war.       Alas, you cannot survive; their decisions, AS IS the predictions of “your last war”/ as is  biblical Revelation 1-11

If we ask: WHY is this so? The answer returns: because the herd refuses to take responsibility of their own lives/ and as a result scream, “BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE”; because a herd that does not believe all the same thing; “trips over itself”, and cannot trample the enemy. So a leader must make the decision, and in humanity that is called a cult; because you dare not question the leader. Instead the herd is warned; FEAR AND OBEY; or we trample you too.

In contrast, to escape the clutches of a cult: it is necessary to stop believing (what you want is enough to survive)/ and accept having FAITH in the truth will decide for us, thereby leading us to life. “see the difference”?

So then the elemental task of every “living human” being alive in the values of our existence as time: must ask of themselves, to make an informed decision (let the evidence decide) about what is true. And then accept the task, of removing what is not true, so as to survive into the living, we call time.

And the herd shouts: I WILL NOT be responsible for failures or liars or anything else that confronts us/ I WON’T DO IT, because that makes me responsible for my decision; and it ain’t no game. Truth is truth, and its consequences are real. But playing the game, all people play: sets me free to do whatever I want, be whatever I want; because it is only a game; and you cannot hold me guilty of that. Its just a game, and I intend to win.

Alas truth knows: that running away from life, is running toward extinction; and no excuse is allowed, of ANY kind. Nor for any reason: your world needs you, and if you hide and run away instead: that means you are a “deserter”; letting life die, to your shame.

The rhythm of life is: “that we must lend our voices, to the sounds of who we are as a world”. Because if we don’t, then the failures of a leader will overwhelm us all. Arrogance (liar), apathy (cheat), disrespect (thief), and disgrace (BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY); are the results; as is proven in this USA. Where universities lead, because “Reagan” gave them control over the currency/ society shouted, “WE FOUND the money”/ and he then ruled over the selling of gold as did secure that currency; discarding debts, and changing life in this USA. Liars ruled, as is “we won’t care”/ cheats ruled, as is “we can play god”/ thieves ruled, as is “you owe us, whatever we want”/ and the believers refused to accept the evidence, “because they wanted what they wanted; and played the game.” GREED swept the nation into a sewer/ SELFISHNESS erupted from its disease/ and the CURSE of universities in charge took control by instilling obedience through media; OR FEAR what we can do.

Today, as fools in charge prepare to prove they won’t be “scared”/ because you CAN’T release weapons of mass destruction (even though they all whisper yes we can). Reality looks at covid, and all the pandemic diseases hiding behind universities door: and recognize, they already have released a biological weapon, and have more waiting for an excuse.

But then we turn back the clock: to the Cuban missile crisis; and realize: “our world is lucky, to have survived this long”. Because there is always an asshole spewing disease on the rest. It wasn’t the USSR who instigated that crisis: so says the evidence of “Kennedy” putting weapons on their border; which did come first. For those who did not recognize it: HE, intended world war 3, to eliminate the other who held atomic weapons. When in fact, it is the biological weapons; which are far more severe: as every horror they can create truly is “the Armageddon predicted”.

As a world: WE HOPE, FOR ONE LAST CHANCE TO INTERVENE; before the “devils of death”/ take us into hell and then extinction. Open your eyes, and see what is true.

As a world: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT LEADERSHIP; which will guide us into the laws shall lead us now/ because we cannot trust people, and we are too many for any other way: the price of our resurgence as a living world, will be too high. As a world: we must install the law we all agree on: shall control. As we the world, shall in fact: control the enforcement of that law for ourselves. Making policing as has always been true (some of the best of humanity this world has to offer for life)/ some of the military as has always been true (some of the best of humanity this world has to offer for life)/ and some of the politicians as has always been true (some of the best of humanity this world has to offer for life). Because in the end: in order to achieve a peaceful world, truth must decide/ NOT want. In order to achieve harmony in life; the games forcing life to compete must end; and hate must be divided and separated from the rest. Choosing NOT to release so much fossil fuels/ Choosing NOT to exterminate the chains of life/ “and a thousand more”; which you refuse to do. Because you want someone else to do it; “so you can shout hurrah” and then discard them in the trash; as is “that is all you get”.

And the people scream: WE DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYONE, who claims the spiritual world is part of his or her life/ WHEN your reality claims; YOU DON’T even know if in fact you are “male or female”; as is the delusion of insanity; “there ain’t no middle ground”.

But reality responds with: there ain’t no middle ground in your lives either/ because only LOVE (the basis for life) OR HATE (the decision for death); is all a human gets to choose. Yet the masses do belong to the middle ground of wanting what they want, without searching for what is life; as animals do.

I respond simply: reality will prove what is the final result of life in me/ or “me” as a body of life (female)/ or returning to “house of the living” (male). I do not know, just as the eloquence and true miracle of life itself; is not for me to know either. “not my job”! It is plain and true: that I regard “becoming female entirely” is highly unlikely/ as that requires so much change as to be impossible to construe; too much is wrong as male exists, and cannot be included “in female”. Nor can it be altered in the delusions of a fool. However I also accept: it is plainly true, that MY CREATOR can in fact do whatever HE would choose to do, with this body/ as it is HIS creation not mine. I am simply resident here, “a renter” so to speak/ HE is the owner, and may do with it as HE chooses. So while a complete change that is not “ugliest woman on earth”: would be evidence of all that I write to you. I have nothing to do with that, other than: accepting honestly, “my life and body, are YOURS”. Not mine, and I will be happy with whatever you decide; as GOD of life: “visits even me”. I have no prediction; it is not my decision to make.

But the question begins: “if changed into female”/ would I then start all over as if “young”? Would I then be the predicted “bride of Revelation 19: 7” in which case all memory of being male is erased? WHAT would that be; which means the elemental integration of what female is, must be added instead. “its complicated”, and unknown. As while I can be “the back seat rider” in a vehicle beyond my control; I have no say in “where this journey will go”/ it is female; and at this time, I remain as male; more than not. Or at least in the 50-50 range of life and living. I DO NOT know? It is a complete mystery. No clue at all. NONETHELESS, life in me knows: that male and female are equals, even if “it is a different life”. I have no real preference; only truth to decide.

OR, if I should die at this “definition of life”; without further change/ then I enter the female dimension as “somewhat male”; and apparently become a toy or something. Completely disintegrated, or something. Used as a tool? Or, just plain, utterly without a clue. What is true, fails to inform: what the future will do. I could honestly not be, “less informed”. Its a mystery, and since its “female in charge”/ I have no access to be educated in that realm of existence! I belong/ I don’t belong/ I am without a clue. A complete surprise; as my entire life was dedicated to learning, and being prepared. Alas, no more of that’s. Best I can, that is all I got; no purpose in complaining. “not up to me”.

OR, MORE distinctly; what is true is, that every part and every piece and everything that male used to be: is destroyed, ruined, shredded, torn up, and however you would describe: NEVER going to be that again; FOREVER lost. She, spiritual woman; is in charge; simple as that. So maybe, the day will come when I return to freedoms as “a changed man”; reconstructed to be more aware of females. Even letting women be in charge of life and living; as is the basic element of change that is needed to resurrect this life, from its extinction. As is my current reality. NEVER would have guessed, “I needed to be changed too”/ or how this might influence life on earth? Another mystery to me? OR, it could be completely different; as I have no clue; it is a mystery. I HAVE NO IDEA, “WHAT, the future holds” for me? Not now, not eternally: utterly removed to “a blank slate”. Only some of the education is left; but that is the same foundations, for both genders. Time grants “some memories”; but that is of time itself, as presents us with the realities of both love and hate; or animal for those who fail.

I would have to say: “this is not what I spent my life for/ it was never a purpose of desire or design of my life or living; to become so completely torn apart; controlled by female”. I merely fought for life and world to survive/ but finding that had failed. Then turned to female; “just to ask a question; WHAT would you do instead”? The critical answer apparently is: be in charge of men. I do, feel used, abused, without rights or freedoms, restricted beyond justified, and completely controlled. Which I suppose to be honest; is how many women throughout all of history; have also felt; went wrong with their lives do to men. Mine is NOT “bad”/ but it is surely different in more ways than I can count; so to speak. I hope for the best; that is, what is left.

Upon recognition of this fact: it seems to me, that all conceptions of “JESUS in me”/ as would be considered with “the son of man (who delivers the message/ so that JESUS does not need to appear)”; are now removed. As all trace of that life “shared”, now appears to be gone. The end of the first eleven chapters of revelation, as depict humanity is destroyed by men. Removed to become as stated at its beginning of Chapter 12: that it is spiritual female, who then comes; “bringing a new (child) way of living”; to reconstruct and resurrect life; from the cost of human delusions. It is in fact “a good sign” for life and world; but it does remain a prediction, which must be preformed by those who are alive on earth.

I honestly “feel OK” now; disregarding “used or abused, etc”. As the reality is not simply “female in charge” just to prove; because she can. But removing all conceptions, that the message I have delivered in somehow connected to me. Other than “mailman” so to speak. While it is true, I had to be educated to do it; that male has died, and is no more. So whatever is to come; I accept as somehow; “fighting for life and earth”; even if it is by “different ways”. Still not a clue; but today, I understand the cause. NO desire to claim participation, or knowledge; beyond “delivery of a message” is here. I did my job; even if reality says “poor”; I did do the best I could, life is reward enough. The information given; to refute “university knows”; was enough; and that came “from male”. Even if tinnitus, and more; is a cost. Spiritual woman “made it better; as, a new way of living”. By law/ not by men.  Became how life and earth can in fact:  be resurrected from the human choice of extinction.  Explaining that however, REQUIRES FEMALE participation; as a great deal of work must be done, in order to assemble the law:  which will rule, for “another thousand years”.

I still have no clue as to my own future, now or eternally; it is not my choice/ but understanding now, why I must completely start over from the beginning “essentially”; is no longer a quandary of “I don’t know why; it is no longer important”. But a reality serving to separate “me from my teacher, and his work through me”. None should doubt. As is the description “son of man”: who could not have done the same; were not all men invited? Why me, is a mystery, I need no answer for; I am grateful for the work. Which says “thank you” to GOD and to JESUS as well. I will include, “the spiritual woman in me”; because she brought the message, that “women being different”; can orchestrate “a new world”; by replacing leaders rule, with law rules now. AS we design for ourselves together; a world shouting “YES WE CAN”. Simple as that.

I guess; that I will be grateful; as “starting over at 70 years old”; will certainly have some new things to teach. Whatever truth decides for it to be. However long reality decides that I can, or need to stay. It could be interesting? Only time will tell, what is true.  I still have, “absolutely no clue”!

The question is: “how do I build a life”? The answer, requires that we find a desire worth keeping/ a purpose worth doing/ a love to share, because caring is worth the price/ respect for all things, turning away from hate/ an ability to survive, as best we can/ and the education needed to acquire an understanding of who truth accepts we can be.

I have no idea if; truth allows for male to continue/ or female to rise beyond the limits and boundaries of “this point in time”? No idea, if another life will share my time, or care about me? No idea if you survive or die as a world; as that is your decision it is not mine; I did my job, there is nothing else for male to do; as that life is gone. No idea what kind of life will replace it; as I clearly seem to be starting over. So, I will desire “value exists in living; so long as the body can survive; without critical assistance”. I will accept the purpose of life is to honor the miracles we all inhabit. I will choose honestly for life and love. And try to be fair and justified to all (although, sometimes that will fail; a bit, when things are overwhelming). I guess the work I know is survival enough. And will learn as best I can, in the journey to define what truth for me, is now? Best wishes to all, as best we can; however this world will not survive, unless you change; with “truth decides”/ not your want. It is no game, and the evidence does prove; the consequences you escaped in decades past: are all now coming to “fruition”. To your shame, they convict you of extreme greed, selfishness, and disrespect for life and earth; “as universities lead” and play god. So, I do not expect to join you; in your disgrace.

Reality has now proven, “that I cannot escape, spiritual woman control”; and whatever life will be from this point on. IS, going to be decided by her. Whatever that is, for life or world or me.

I should add; that life for me, was functionally as free as it could have been, even going beyond the limits of time and body. Apart from my ex-wife. Life was destined to be educated by the journey’s necessary to do that; but I was only asked to accept the education, learn the disciplines, identify the value of order, respect, and balance; it was never “no rights or freedoms” as it is today. The difference between accepted as friends, one teaching the other. Versus female over male; which demands control over me; a reality given the facts of my ex-wife and I; should be noted among females as “maybe you need to take a look at yourselves”. And understand why. Nonetheless, freedoms and rights, are less than love and duty; and the elemental task of fighting for a world. Which I as male, clearly failed at. So it is only fair: “we do this her way”, whatever that is; because this living world must not be lost. Can’t save you/ that has already been done. But together we can present a new life on earth as the means of changing what must be changed in you: if you are willing to pay the price for resurrecting this world; from your arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and all failures of truth to decide. As were thrown away by universities lead.

I am NOT good at “less than free”/ but I can do and accept, whatever it is that is needed; as best I can. That is the end result of me; NOT perfect by any measure; but determined life is too precious to lose a world.

My ex-wife; when discovering that what we needed our lives to be “was different”/ and recognizing she would not accept the risk of “real love trust”. She then wanted what she wanted, and wanted me to “bend, change, destroy, or whatever it took” to change into what she wanted me to be. Because she assumed “all is fair in love and war”; as her excuse. Of course that only applied to her/ not me; consequences followed, and the lies, manipulation, threats, and so forth; came to an end, in divorce. But it should be added; that all sex stopped, when with a single threat of pregnancy during marriage; I recognized “she could not be trusted, with this either”.

Instead I learned, that she could not be happy with me, “until I was someone else” and even then that would not make her happy, because she did love me; and what she wanted would no longer be me. Nor would I “want me, as life had then failed in me”: Divorce followed. Another element of “women do need to examine themselves, and what they do to men”. It was not her fault for wanting what she wanted/ it was not my fault for needing to remain “me”. WE BOTH MADE THOSE DECISIONS, and let the truth die between us. You can’t live on lies; it won’t work. Truth need, and real desires will surface.

In contrast to that; is the truth, that I tried to leave/ and she fought hard to make me stay. And I truly did not desire to make her cry, so I did; trying to lessen the blow; which made her try harder to make me stay. And we did each other harm, by not accepting the truth; “this is as far as we go, at this moment in time”. But in conflict to that; was the truth, if she had let me go, “to be free enough; to make my own decision”/ then it is real, that I might have asked her to stay. At the beginning; I had caused tears before (can’t stay), and I did not want to cause any more harm. But it was a bad plan; as only truth can decide: if this will be of value for each one. The end result of it all, was “her life, as best I know; was less than perfect”. And my life had a huge gaping hole, in front of the door; no female ever was allowed to cross again. I assume we both recovered in time. But even so: reality would prove, I simply did not have time or energy, as my need for an education would rule. The end result: “it was, very expensive for us both”. But, life can be like that, and was.

Yes, I know that is a bit of a blog or diary or something personal; but there are lessons in it; and at 70 years old it is a duty to teach, in aid of those who are young, and willing to learn.  May you find something of value, for you.

I was told, that she suffered a major heart attack at about 62 years old, and was not expected to live; I don’t know how that turned out for her. But unless she had better insurance than the majority have: it would have bankrupted her and her family/ as is the evidence of a failed state, where the power of universities control it all. To their shame. NOTHING in this USA is valid or true to life; it is, as you chose through greed, “only want, and its failures to life and world; survives” for most. But a cult of “university is god”;  is a cult, and followers dare not question their leaders. Even when it poisons their lives.

Making the decision: “all I need to know, IS WHAT I WANT”; is a critical and tragic reality of human existence. Because want is not truth, and only truth can establish a future that you chose, with value and a life worth living. Some argue: WHAT ABOUT YOU/ you chose truth, and your life has NOT BEEN, “what we want for ourselves”! While that is true in the primary living of life; the end result of my life is: I made only one true decision, “to fight for life and world, as best I could do”. I did that, and while the fight lasted at least 40 years longer than expected; it was my one true choice. Established during the Cuban missile crisis; which proved, “humanity can end this world”. So, yes it was not what you wanted. But it is the purpose I chose. Even to this day; although it is true as well: I really thought “I would deliver the message of change or die, as the evidence predicts”; and find my life back. THAT was a complete surprise, to find: no; that will not be true. Just how it is.

It is, “the test of women, to look inside”/ it is, the test of men, “to be visible on the outside”! It is the decision of both, to understand, that we cannot remove the freedom, “to be honestly who you are”. Because that kills the value of being us, as life chose for us to be. Love understands that, and accepts the boundaries and limits of what true respect, for each one, does mean. Truth builds trust, and trust opens the door; to love beyond the rest, as life becomes “just one”; between two. There is no other way.

The lessons are: if people must cry/ then they must cry; it is not up to you “to save them” from their tears. Life is just like that, because want or true desires cause tears. Want manipulates/ desire creates the measure of your loss; either way, we must live the life we chose, or need to be. Even if there are tears. A short term separation: aids in the ability to know what is or is not true, for you or the other. To make an honest decision, without manipulation; forces us to choose the life we will then live.

Every decision produces a consequence; young women want to be secure in their future, and it is men they consider to be partners with that; you should expect it, and all that goes with it. Young men want sex, you should expect that, and all that goes with it; recognizing for both; that while it is “easy to open that door/ it is very hard to close it: bedroom doors have locks; I want, and so on”. Young men need to exercise the freedom to find their lives, and their work, for the future, before committing to marriage: so they want to avoid being tied to what cannot be changed; you should expect that. Young women intend to tie them down, particularly in high school; as does represent the easiest time to find a mate it is likely you will ever experience; because even college has more “loopholes”. The consequence of that is: if the world was a more secure place (society owes you a job; we all need one, and we know it. The reason that does not exist is: people WANT to be rich/ and you cannot be rich, without making slaves.) for all/ then there would be far less attempts to; “make a future out of what you can get”.

NEVER, is their a right to assume: anything but truth is fair! NEVER is their a right to believe, that you want, is more important than someone else-s life. NEVER surrender the very best of love to someone else; it is, the foundation of your own life, and it is the key to your own soul. NEVER change yourself, when someone tries to make you; because that is not being true to yourself. INSTEAD love will ask for change, and love will give back change for you; as we proceed in the journey of our lives as partners sharing equal rights and freedoms with each other. WANT is not love, LUST uses, abuses, owns, measures, judges, abandons, violates, you and more. WANT is a thirst for power, and pride is the trolley that measures how much power you believe you can take. Power is a judge, and if they call you worthless to them: then violence will occur/ at whatever level want did create. Choose none of that, but understand this: that want and pride are the two greatest enemies you can face, apart from true disease overtaking your life, by destroying your body. Do not judge another, that is their battle to dismember, and hold life itself as valued; rather than own want or pride or power. It is a choice, but accepting: what other people decide, say, or do; about you does not matter; is a real world war inside. Because those things matter to “A HERD”/ but they do not need to matter to life.

Life is an environment, NOT a body; surrounding the force that gives energy its motion; it lives within thought as the basis of existence. Thought lives in love as the foundation of being ALIVE. Those who fail to search for life, become “as animals do”; and fall into want, pride, and power. It is a decision every human being alive will make/ or every human who just wants “time is enough”; has made. a body produces your time/ a life examines your truth.

truth defines living as: “the law will allow”. want defines living as “yes I can”. the tragedy of pride is: arrogance, apathy, and disrespect”.  the consequence of power is, “yes you did; as judgment proves true: you played god”. Whereas the truth of law is:  “we have shaped our destiny with value and respect”/ our lives with honor, the decision to participate by sharing and caring with love.

letting lies lead, results in theft, which results in violence and shouting, which results in tragedy and disgrace, which results in playing god and war: to hide the truth of what you chose to do.  CHOOSE the limits and boundaries of who you are, as a living human being alive in this creation of miracles; and keep them true. because anything less, will be tragic to you, and more. as is the disgrace of universities, and the media which enforces “university is god/ and cannot be wrong”. even though they are merely your former classmates, who were truly “never gods”. BE FAIR WITH LIFE, or lose your world to death. just how it is.