Life, is a guide to the realities of existence: both with and without someone to love. Few are those who have an existence so complete as to not know loneliness is part of our living, as a participant in both time and space. Within that grasp of reality, comes the question of: what value do we assess, to other life? While hate judges nothing but a game of power. LIFE offers LOVE is the only thing that matters, and how we treat our own expressions of love; to share the foundations of our care. That love defines the relationship of our respect, to the dignity of what we value as precious.

Humanity is constantly valuing “something the others want”/ as their treasure. It is, what animals do. But life knows that it is love and only love that presents us with happiness and the hope of what life and living can be. Therefore shared means, beyond loneliness, because of you. So we ask of truth: WHY, should loneliness exist? Is there a benefit to being lonely? The answer understands: as with death, when separated from who, or even what of life, you do love as precious to you: it is then, that reality proves; the value you shared. Without that understanding, as does lack in so many individuals; love fails to honor its passion, which is “to be equal and fair” in all things.

Love makes us equals; because love shares all things with grace and truth and time living in the value we do earn inside, “where love is stored”.

It is unfortunate, that every life we love; cannot be treated equally. That is our situation in life, not to choose, but to recognize the limits and boundaries of “who we are”/ do not extend beyond self. But it is beyond self, where love surfaces as truth, and becomes its own journey into heart and soul.

So the dimension of love is not to be shared with this world; but extends beyond time and self, to become an essence shaped by our own truth; as two become as one distinct existence in the destiny called love. This is where love becomes free. And it is freedom, which alters time into truth.

Happiness lives in heart, where the rhythms of our own desires shape the expression and experience that is one made out of two. But it is soul, where love “trusts existence”, to enter the eternity of what family comes to mean.

Disciplines shape our lives, because truth shapes our desire. Order rises to ascension; because the respect for value beyond self, knows trust lives here. Balance forms the barrier, which lets us be free: to share as living shouts, we are alive; in the caring our own hearts create. Thereby a journey begins; where family joins as one living experience beyond time or self. As love replaces self with truth.

In these developments, the critical question of removing self, to become as if owned by truth; is a journey of its own. The spiritual quest of truth cannot be undone; it is, what it is, as you have chosen for this dimension to be. What is MOST valuable to you; then becomes the essence of where your truth must go/ and self identifies the creation of who you must now become. But it remains true; that self must dissolve, before eternity will enter. Just As; time must leave, before self changes into your truth.

It is the construction of these elements which align with the dignity of being who we chose to become. But it is truth that demonstrates what we can become; within the values we have shaped with our lives. The value: “war cannot save this world”; ends with man cannot save this world. The most critical value of my life has been: “this world must not die” without a fight/ and that became, “what would woman do”? Which oddly enough, is now spiritually fighting to control me. Thereby removing self, to become only truth decides now.

But the problem is: that I have entered into the spiritually defined, female dimension, and cannot escape. Where the costs of “historical male behavior/ towards female”, in this world; have consequences. No clue how it all ends, or becomes “forever”; or why? I literally just “wanted to ask a question”.

It is a quandary, I cannot answer/ male and female are simply:   TOO DIFFERENT.

Yes, I know: the righteous, and nearly all others are screaming “they know/ they know; he is a fool”. But the truth of it is, I spent my lifetime “on the edge of what being human can be, in the journey of life”. But it is also true, that when turning to ask “what would female do”/ I must have dropped off the edge; because life has dramatically changed. Its not “transgender or any other perversion”: it is an elemental redirection of thought, in the finite patterns of what “changing time” can be. Truth is functionally dependent upon the direction of your heart; but time is not: and I live between those dimensions. “its complicated”! The end result for you however is not: male and female MUST join as equals, in order to survive. Because without true change in you both; nothing will survive the choices you have already made.

And the people yell “fool”! But your own “truth by the evidence” proves extinction comes quickly now; as you continue to live in lies. Once again: only truth survives, and you have very little; as university plays god continually, proves to be WRONG. MY DEMAND; has been for the last nearly 50 years; “go to court, and learn what is true/ identify the cost of being wrong: and make a decision as we the people for yourselves”! But you prefer lies, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and failure; as is elementally “Satan leads” the cult; of believers in “university”. The evidence of your own truth however proves: extinction will come, “in your lifetime”. BECAUSE that is what you chose.

As for life and I, we share; but as for time, we do not/ I seem to have become “property”. As is another consequence, of what men did do, to many women throughout time. I know not when that will end. “its complicated”. The distinction called time; reflects the freedom for you to choose your own identity, and even change it, if you desire. The reality of me in time, no longer holds that freedom/ nor is allowed to change desire as if living in time. I am restricted, by whatever female is going to change in me (her decision now_); it is not optional; and thereby becomes an ingredient of “our world/ not mine, anymore”. A balance point between life and death/ between male and female;   owned by “ GOD “,   if you can conceive of it. Or more distinctly, as a property, I am given to “spiritual female”/ that she may try to save this world; from men whose only answer, as a majority; is war. I may not functionally interfere (as has been proven without doubt), in that; as I clearly failed/ and it is now, “her turn to try”/ for these last 6 years or so. That too will end: if you fail life and earth as humanity on earth. IT IS NO GAME, your time to live is ending on this planet/ by your own choices. Believe it or not!

There is a word of warning: my life is not entirely controlled/ little things such as, “forgetting cats(needed for mice), if too focused on life and death issues, if they don’t show up for food/ not caring or concern, for kittens if they fear too much”. Or more simply: if women, don’t care enough “to show up” for my help, or fear too much/ then you might be forgotten. Or I might be removed; as is the case of not needed here, anymore. Fear won’t save you! I can’t save you either; but as is the evidence of my work on this site and the other www.justtalking7,info I do, have the potential for helping you. But you must choose it, for yourselves. THAT IS NOT, “by my own design”; believe it or not. MY WORLD IS; “I just don’t know”, male is a complete wreck now. Lost without a clue, in female owns this world; NOT me, at all………! Everyday, life and time, are overruled, by female in charge now; no exceptions. I don’t know why?

More simply: YOU must decide, “if I am, love/ hate/ or animal”; needed or not:  as reality proves are these are the only real world choices we get. NO, I am NOT trying to lure you; “numbers matter”; I am one/ you are “how many”? No, I am not going to attack you: this world of life is far more important than that. However I DO need you to make a commitment to life and earth and survival of us all; by changing what needs to be changed; so we can all remain as life on earth. IF a cult worshiper of universities: I say only to you, question your leaders, and where life will end; as the evidence says: we will NOT survive this/ not even as a world. Prove that is not so, and truth will thank you. However if you cannot: ;then accept the duty to let truth decide for everything life is. I do not judge you; some things have value as is what I use right now. The evidence however is against numerous choices made by “university knows”.

The dignity of life, is not based “upon you”/ but the honesty of me.

Dignity is based upon understanding: “it is not I/ you” that knows anything. Instead the constant is; that alone truth knows, what the law will reveal, and it is the purity of that knowledge, which keeps both law and truth alive. To understand that, is to understand that purity governs eternity, and it is for that construction of life itself, that only purity may enter the sacred grounds of life itself. That reality offers you the truth, but only you can make it as pure as you can be.


As to this world, the need is simple: either change or you will die as a world lost to human failures, fools, apathy, arrogance, disgrace, terrorism, and betrayal. Greed is not enough/ selfishness is a fools decision/ pride lives for a game, and fails/ while power exists to shout, “I am the superior one”. Your disgrace is obvious, but your want bleeds you dry; letting you believe life is just a game: and whether you own the most trophies, toys, or trinkets is all you need to be living in time. Reality proves NO. but as with all cults, universities stole your brain, “with imagination, and lies/ theft and terrorism/ betrayal and failures”. As media propagates let the fools lead; let the war begin, as they cultivate separation and beliefs without substance or value to our existence. As with this world; trump and biden represent failure; as they both believe in games (winner); not truth leads instead.

So then HOW, do you remove the power; so that this game of liars will fail, and you begin again as life, absolutely in need of sustaining this earth as nature made it?

The answer is bankruptcy of a nation and world. But not as power rules it/ as people rule it instead. A number has no power at all, because it is merely a number; “disciplined imagination”/ but still a number. What does have power is: the worker/ the resource/ justice and fair play/ the needs we must honor/ and the honesty of our lives in society/ which then grants to all the freedom and rights of being who you do individually, desire to be. Love builds/ hate destroys/ animals live as predator and prey: so choose? Who are you?

As to bankruptcy as a people: the decision is simple. To stop the flow of lies/ to end the delusions of power and pride. We stop the numbers from proceeding to control our lives. Limited capitalism: we vote, as needed: to establish limits and boundaries that control us all.

As to the current flood of failure that is currency based in this nation, as with all nations. It is the government employees, who created the nightmare of theft that is our disgrace. But they are not without some degree of reality: as defined by medical issues (let the government pay), wars (let the others pay), fears (make them believe), failures (never question your leaders), and so on. So currency MUST be fixed immediately in rebuilding a government: which means the currency itself is “constitutionally affixed”/ making it extremely hard, and ONLY A DECISION that the people themselves will decide: can fix. Constitutionally affixed means: each “dollar” is tied directly to the population count (the only way), and cannot be changed or exchanged in any other way. Constitutionally affixed means: that government employees shall no longer decide the debt/ but the debt is limited by the people themselves, and cannot be altered or increased unless we the people approve that decision: by presenting the means to repay that debt/ along with a 30% DOWN PAYMENT to prove, this ain’t no game/ and you cannot escape your decision. You chose/ you pay: the future does NOT belong to you. Only when the future is the recipient of more than the work, can you consider long term solutions; with fair play governing what can or cannot be done. In that way, we do dignify our own existence in this time; as a people who were being honest with themselves, and their child.

Being prepared to make the necessary changes: NOW.

To accomplish the simple task of bankruptcy itself, you simply stop playing games and demand a public, open in court: accounting of government. It is simplified with REDRESS of GRIEVANCES; AS THAT IS FIRST AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL GOVENRMENT LAW OF DEMOCRACY ENFORCED.

But even without the law, a people who decide they do want “truth to decide/ no more lies”; can enforce the fact, this is their lives too/ and you cannot play; to their leaders. As is reality, NOT imagination; which then becomes a threat, UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE DO; control that bankruptcy for ourselves.

To remove the threat: we do employ limited capitalism as our “weapon of choice” against the claim of power. Tyrants live by the force of murderers they employ; and without money to do that; they have left only the threat of death. But every military is built upon one simple principle: WE THE PEOPLE are your army; and we will now decide is their weapon of choice. A ruler is after all: “nothing more, than any other individual”. Simple as that. If the choices are not consistent with social needs; then the reality of being ruled, has changed to failure and its cost which is tyranny. You are your own army against the tiny few; who call themselves rulers: as a nation influencing each other, you decide to obey/ or not.

Limited capitalism: sets the limits and boundaries of what anyone can have or claim as their own. Which in national terms means. Once tied to the population count WE NOW KNOW; if divided equally, every single person who be entitled to “this much money”. But that does include children and people who do not work. So we begin the divide with EVERYBODY GETS THE SAME. But then comes the money allotted to “non workers” in society/ and THAT is divided up, between those who in fact do more for society as an economic reality/ and those who do less for society as an economic reality. Starting with there shall be a 3 times difference; between those who make the least, because they contribute the least/ and those who make the most, because they do earn the most, by providing the direction and jobs which keep us from losing our grip on survival or happiness as the case may be. That grants, a certainty; to the distribution of changing this, for ourselves. Remembering merely the claim of a diploma adds nothing. PROVING what you did or did not do for society, is key to claiming more for yourself/ OTHERWISE, the excess remains divided among the many. So then if your bank account has “the base rate chosen” it remains same/ if your bank account proves you have nothing but debt; whatever property you claim goes up for sale “TO THE CITIZENS HERE”. No citizenship/ no ownership; regardless of how long you have lived here. NO jumping on board now; its like insurance/ and you don’t have any. So then the things which are for sale/ shall be granted the inclusion of the percentage that is “what you did pay off for real; at the moment this occurs for us all”. That is, what you have left as yours. All other elements of value; such as gold, silver, and the like; are then to be used to buy whatever is to be sold. REMEMBERING there are boundaries to ownership/ and limits to income; and they shall be enforced. ANY GOLD, etc: that is not used to buy property during this time is confiscated/ as your payment to rebuild what has been broken. It then becomes the foundation of how we do pay our bills internationally, and they with us.

And the people say: “that is an abyss/ we might not crawl out of”/ it is frightening! Reality however replies: there is no resolution to lies, unless you are willing to pay the price of confronting the problem/ identifying the realities involved/ and paying the price for fixing what is wrong. Otherwise: lies and liars/ thieves and traitors/ failure and fools; death by the cost of being wrong, is all there is. Extinction follows, because hate will consume you/ and war takes control. Followed by cannibalism; because you cannot survive the cost of that war/ nothing will be left. WORLD LAW, AND THE REMOVAL OF ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION IS REQUIRED (which includes ending university delusions and disasters); or more simply WE THE WORLD, shall decide for ourselves, the law that controls our leaders/ and our own relationship with this world. By respecting the limits and boundaries of what is fair to us all.

That, of course opens the door: to examine all other failures and threats that are threatening extinction and chaos “are at the door”. Today, at least we have hope; these might be realistically resolved, and replaced with time on earth for life. If they are not quickly abated; only death remains. That is what truth says; believe it or not/ because your choices are that vile. As this site explains or links to more details of life or death is now.

Of endless changes that must be made:

  1. deciding what is fair and critically true; as to ownership of corporations, universities, religion, bonds, policing, busing, transportation, military, everything is functionally capable: IF YOU LET THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOU. AS IS WE CAN IDENTIFY WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED FOR OURSELVES. WE CAN LIMIT AND IDENTIFY, WHAT is our best result in dealing with these problems. WE CAN vote to change these things: because we are the government; in this democracy! Allowing another periodic vote to test whether we did all get it right or not. BUT NOT allowing change unless the percentage of people voting for change; has exceeded the percentage of/ or number of people who made this our law. In other words: A GREATER PERCENTAGE, than did create the law must agree to change that law or it will not be changed. For example 70% said this is the law. Means the law cannot be changed unless 71% of the people agree to change it. Votes occurring based upon the percentage change required 70% should mean roughly every twenty years or so/ and all law should respect that limit to decide if this is in fact enough for us all to agree: this is fair.
  2. Altering the nation and world to understand: ONLY “HIGH RISE” BUILDINGS shall be built for human occupation now. As you have exceeded the reality of resources for anything else. Engineering to take advantage of all resource recycling/ energy recycling/ pollution control, and other forms of our responsibility to life and planet shall not be avoided. NO new single family or minimal housing shall be built or rebuilt: life needs the space/ NOT YOU, unless real world business requires that should be so.
  3. Stopping vehicles, replaced with mass transit or you don’t need to go; your work is here/ insulating buildings/ turn off the lights, and let darkness return/ remove lanes in highway traffic for mass transit to exist. Build under the highway/ under ground tunnels for all utilities; and let the roadway be on top/ add a second story if your utilities need it. Let every village sustain itself, and move in every direction that allows for that to be done.
  4. Separate groups; because zero population rise MUST BE ENFORCED/ and you cannot do that, with mixed groups: they will only blame the other group. Consequently to identify the problem, and construct the solution: there will be limits and boundaries for us all.
  5. CHANGE YOUR WORLD; as is like the elevator in Royal IL and all other forms of conglomeration of power to just a tiny few. OPEN THE DOOR FOR EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE. Recognize; that when moving grain is equal too. ONE TRAIN moves a million or more bushels with ease/ while to fill that train it takes 1250 trucks traveling the same distance; to move that same million bushels of grain. The world cannot survive your claim for a job, or you don’t care. REALITY CARES; CHOOSE FOR BETTER, AND SURVIVE.
  6. The list is long, and you failed; for the last fifty years and more. CHANGE or die.
  7. BEAR IN MIND: “as any gardener/ farmer knows; once you open the ground and prepare for seed to be planted: THE WEEDS are certain to come. If you do not correctly alter their chances to steal what you have worked for/ they will take it all.       NOT A GAME, FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD!NO, I do not have any ulterior motives. NO, I am not your leader or your savior. At 70 years old, it is not my job. NO, not your :”guru, enemy, or other”. NO, I am not searching for sex, or companionship or other. I CHOSE, to spend my life in time searching to help this world survive/ I did the best I could; and what is true, is now simply true. I did my job. If there is more, “I guess a different connection to life” must exist? No clue, not my choice. My choice was: this world cannot die, without a fight/ even if I did that, alone. I have not charged you a penny /nor have you given to me, a single penny for this work: just how it is. Inventions to assist you in your endeavors however would be charged “for me, a small amount”; for women “all same”; much more. But you have to participate in that as well; or I won’t bother. It takes “many women” to make a difference; or it is worthless to do more work for you. Bear in mind: female is NOT better than male/ “just different”; and it is different that we need the most of. Lots to change, little time is left.