real life

Real life: is not the game people want it to be.

In real life, we are faced with freedoms and rights, that simply come and go. The difference between young and old is: to the young everything is possible. To the old everything comes with a price, and consequences which might include an unexpected surprise. While I do NOT accept the idea, “that GOD “ controls our lives, because WE DO NOT KNOW, what “GOD” IS or is not doing/ at all: period/ no he ain’t your pal, ETCETERA. We do not know; end of the story.

However in my life; it is absolutely clear, that I made every decision that was mine to make/ but the path that I chose included “people, places, and things” which redirected and influenced both life and living; which then became the identity of my existence. Whether these were influenced by “GOD” or not/ I cannot say; but the end result of it is; “this is me, and it was my intent to do what I could do; for the sake of this world and all its life”. Whether you believe that little or much is irrelevant/ because it does not matter at all. Only if a difference was or could be made/ only if the purpose was true to my own heart and directed by my own soul: did I do my best. None do better than that; even if you accomplish nothing: you did try. And we must all be happy with that/ because like you, I am not “savior of this world”; that has been done. JESUS testified: that eternity was possible, through diligent and true love: making eternal life possible, for those who accepted his evidence was enough; in this world of miracles.

But that is me; and I am not like your politicians of today who continually scream: “me/ me/ me/ me,,,,,,damn you me; and don’t forget if you want what I want: then the power, can be us”. But of course it never is, because selfish is selfish: “never shares”. So power arises as is “nazi”; to consume the others who did not agree: and take their stuff, for your reward.

Nonetheless, when young, we are not ready for all that cannot be. And when older, we are not fully ready for the cost of what can be. And our journey towards the purpose we decide shall be our future; cannot be kept unless desire is pure enough, to keep us from finding fault with our own lives. So the cost is: bodies use chemicals to arouse “life needs a person of the opposite sex/ and nature endows us with the decision; this one/ or not”. But chemicals are not enough to create a companionship of value/ they are however enough to produce chains, which are hard to break. So be careful with sex, as there are many hidden costs. With love, sex becomes an intensity of desire, that shapes our lives with trust. But if truth fails, so then will trust, and love will begin to die; because lies, theft, betrayal, and all the rest: cannot hold us together. So then there is divorce: which is heartbreaking, because when you give your love to someone else: they do take that love with them, and leave you empty or nearly so. The warning is then: NEVER give the very best of yourself, to someone else: “it literally belongs to GOD”. Because if you do, without a fragment left of love; it may be impossible for you to recover what has been lost. Or as with me; even with a fragment left/ it took decades to recover the trust needed to begin again: it is no game. The one who take it with them: then has a duty/ but few accept it.

Love needs to be cultivated from infant on; to be truly happy and at peace with life. Most do not receive that kind of love/ many fail to find true love at all; it is the price of life. Like so many things: “life is not fair”/ simple as that; but humanity made that decision/ and it remains true today; that you will not listen to any advise, unless it comes with what you want. Want being “next to god” in all the things you do. Want is an abyss, because it can never be filled for long; and if it does/ then pride sits on top, and power to make the rest cry has been found.

Reality says: we must accept the life and body that we are given; by choices made from our parents, and their “family history”. We must accept the cost of decisions that we have made for ourselves/ and if severe enough; we must accept the reality of what other people have done to us; whether by accident or not. Because in this world, that is our truth of life on earth. So the critical construction of time, then becomes: WHAT can we do, with the realities that govern our existence? That is up to you, and it depends upon the path you take as an individual. Or the road you take as a participant in the herd of humanity; as it decides that want is all we can do, that makes life good. This then becomes a relationship with predator and prey; and as such becomes the foundation of armies, and the groups they represent. Every group is structured to say: “you are/ OR you are not; one of us”. So that the focus of the herd, can then spot an intruder who does not belong/ and may even trample them. From small groups/ to armies; this remains the same. Focus applies hatred, and violence then comes from that focus to chose hate (which identifies death)/ rather than life. As animals: this is to remove those who cause us all to be sacrificed to a predator: because when motivated by danger to move as one. Those who do not belong, cannot do that/ and cause chaos to erupt, thereby destroying the army of us; causing violence and death to be the result.

On an individual scale: people who do not believe they truly belong want guns (yes I can). But when large scale groups or even small ones believe these others cannot defend themselves; genocide (we want it all) erupts. And without significant weapons; the weaker group dies. So to retain balance among groups; weapons must be maintained, at a level that creates a level of fear in those who would attack; as history proves, lurks in the shadows; behind every closed door. The pacifist fails; because human animals who want more than they have form “dog packs”: who will attack whatever they find as prey/ just to prove they can. Needs do not matter (dog pack)/ violence (yes I can) does.

So then we have the living: who are searching for life in Creation itself, as a reality of “being ALIVE” in the gift of time. We have the dying or dead; who are searching from the grave of their own selfishness and greed; to encounter and betray those who can fall victim to their disease of hate. And we have animals; who live all other animals on earth; can show signs of love and hate/ but cannot choose either because they fear love is not enough/ and hate is a grave they don’t want to stay inside. So most betray themselves; to be animals, and believe that safety in numbers; is all they then need to survive. It is not altogether wrong; as life shows us with every war. But the truth says: you then fail your own eternity, because you chose less than life, as a value beyond time.

We then turn to freedom: the right to choose, whatever it is, that you do desire to achieve in your life/ the purpose of your time on earth: is then to be? While love is, the only true desire; the unfortunate truth is, very little love exists; because the young train themselves in schools and other places; to believe nobody can be trusted. And without trust, love cannot be shared. So then love is a life in time with few rewards; even though love exists, the door is commonly closed; because the cost of trust is someone failed. And that “makes me poor too”. Hate in contrast needs only a victim; but it ends friendship, and sucks the life out of you; because a grave cannot give you anything back. So the vast majority live for “an animals life”; claiming both love (yes I want friends; EVERYTHING) and hate (fear me, and my revenge)/ and become unable to think for themselves; as that would put them outside the herd, which they joined to protect themselves, by surrendering choice. As does become “the dog pack”; for those who no longer want to rule themselves.

Everything includes hate; so love cannot accept “your everything”/ because it fails life. Further identifying love and hate are true opposites; and can never “walk together inside” as animals do. One direction or the other, is your only choice; and if you have not truly made that real world choice; by the time you die. You will enter eternity as an animal; who cannot continue, but will dissipate into “forever gone”. No mercy will be found; you chose.

WHAT THEN: is critical, for a life that does search for love/ because in my view: “nothing less matters”; it simply is what it is, because it cannot be more.

Love requires:

  1. ONLY truth decides, not love: because only truth survives existence. Therefore it is in charge.
  2. Reality CANNOT be avoided; it is what it is, and if you cannot tolerate what It is: then DON’T do whatever it is that causes you to be stained; as is too much debt and so on. ACCEPT truth decides/ not want! Try to be educated in the real world costs of any decision; and understand “things can go wrong” which requires more time spent. Because time is what matters most; for love to blossom.
  3. Love needs you to listen. It is primary to the understanding “I do care”.
  4. Love needs you to speak your heart/ NOT your anger. Because we cannot evaluate what is wrong, unless we open the door, and take an honest look at what is failing “justified and fair play”.
  5. Love needs you: to let time be your gift to each other/ perfection is for fools; time shared, is for lovers, friends, foundations built in trust, and all that life can be. Because without time shared; we are “just strangers in the night”.
  6. BE HONEST with your life, your future, your existence, your choices: admit to who you are/ or change it, to be what you desire your life and identity to be. Which means REMOVE PRIDE, and do not accept power; or its judgment against other life. The righteous fail the living, and that has a cost to your own eternity.
  7. The summary: let your life be about love, but understand only truth keeps us alive. As for me, love could not decide/ as my soul understands: this entire world can now die, taking all chance for love with it. The consequence being: life or death for our world comes first/ which means love could not. But remember this: that hate uses any disguise that works; and do not let the “curse of the predator” guide you with lies. Or the traitor, steal your heart: simply put, “if you are not dying/ then you are living”: do the best you can. Removing hate, but remembering forgiveness comes with repentance (I will try honestly, to repair, and never do that again).
    1. you must face your own truth; and be disciplined enough to change what is not working for you; “without screaming, this is your fault/ not mine or ours”. If your marriage is not working; its because you want what you cannot have. Most of the time; sex got in the way/ because you wanted “what you wanted most”. If work got in the way/ then you must confront that with honesty; so that it can be settled with communication: STOP, so we can, do this.
    2. You must face your own reality; as is the case of a young mother who gets a divorce. NOW reality demands money, time, and everything else; which you do not have. The critical confrontation is: NO, you cannot buy someone to pay for your needs with sex/ not even old men. YES, you must depend upon your family and parents to help you survive the interim between now, and when you do find someone, “who will love you”/ and accept the burden of your children as his own. BEWARE of the man who tries to think of some way for those children to pay him back; as perversion is surfacing close by.
    3. You must face the people; who are liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, whores for money, terrorists, “and all the rest” as do participate in hate as is one form or another; one of the critical tests is: major debts cause people to collapse upon themselves/ and turn to hate. To steal is to say you owe me/ so I am allowed to steal; as is a common excuse. Liars say; I have a right to get what I can get/ and if you are too gullible to know; then you deserve this lesson in hate. Traitors wait until they believe this is “the best I can get”/ and trade you in, for their reward. Cheats are predators disguising what they do; because they believe you will be a prey. Whores consider only the money is life. While terrorists cannot stop trying to play god on or with, anything or anyone they can.
    4. Children will test you, at some point along the line: just to see if they can. Let them win, but remind them; winners make life a game/ not a family. People will test you from time to time; stealing/ lying/ cheating/ etc; because they want more for themselves, and stepping on you is how they seem bigger to themselves (look at me). Remember the simple rule: hatred wants revenge, so be careful what you choose/ as some realities of life are not worth the price of proving they were wrong. Your purpose or your own desires; can be attacked or betrayed; because revenge never cares. What is more important MUST win. What is true; must choose “whatever it is, you desire most”/ because the courts are corrupt, and the values of society are plainly corrosive and wrong.
    5. Religion exists as the desire of some to prove they are the superior ones; same as all the rest of the world. Even so, generally they are of more value than the rest; because at least “they try to try”. And convince themselves of whatever they believe, has to be true: because they have a book (books can’t be wrong; after all “they were written by men”)/ just like the universities do; as they form their own cult; same as religion does. Even so: if your life is impacted by society lies, etc/ then the rules of religion will help you identify how best “to start again”.
    6. Society MUST face its own truth; this society in this USA, and no doubt around the world: absolutely refuse! But you cannot escape your truth, and it is as simple as: “a thousand threats, any one of which can make this world extinct”; now exist. One being: 8 billion people is a line each standing one meter apart of 8 million kilometers long. Growing at one percent by roughly 80 billion more per year/ or a quarter of a million more mouths to feed, water to find; PER EACH DAY. Over deaths. You can’t survive any of them! Wake up or die, because too late: is too late.
    7. You are; “like a child”/ who wants so badly to be loved by his or her parents; that in a desperate attempt for affection. They will try to pretend to be a cat or dog who does get your attention. Because parents can be overwhelmed, and realities of living can be harsh: ending with “the child is being forgotten”. But it is simply true: if you comfort that child, they will transfer their affection to you/ and leave the parent behind. If you cannot be “significantly spending time here”/ then you must not do so; because it will only bring more tears. To grow up as a world: YOU MUST STOP trying to be what you are not/ and accept the price of truth is: among so many other things, BANKRUPCTY IS YOUR ONLY CHOICE. To return to truth, so that you can let truth decide; by removing the fantasies and constant delusions of “university is in charge”. A life to pay for/ or a death, waiting to prove HELL is what you bought.
  9. Of subsequent interest:
    1. time, is not a living thing/ it is a measured thing. The difference is: the moment of life/ and the moment of death: mark its beginning and its end. Everything in between is a matter of choice, not life. The difference is: that choice sets the time of your own existence/ rather than time which sets the existence of a universe. The difference: identifies “life, from death”. Or more distinctly, the difference is life is separated from time, by the element of your choice.
    2. So the critical question is: WHAT does a choice mean? The answer: “we design ourselves, with impacts based upon what does exist within the dimensional boundaries: the body of, our lives as time. So the question is WHY? Would we be required to identify ourselves, in an arena of experience and expressions; that are consistent with our own desire, and its ultimate purpose as a living choice we can make for our own self? The answer is: that eternity desires life, but not hate/ and the reality of animal is not welcomed here. So that only those who belong are invited to join those who become as best love can be. Eliminating the tears of tragedy; because you wanted something more; “than the best reality will allow for us each to be”.
    3. People however use time as their own personal game; to believe their own personal beliefs; to compete within the boundaries and limits of age; and its final declaration of stop now; as is death. Because the end result of so many lives is: “we want what we want/ and we know what we don’t want; so we do run away and hide; screaming MAKE ME RICH; so I can have more”. To hell with the whole world, I alone matter. As is the personal declaration of so many humans. Unfortunately for you; time is ending for this earth: because that is what humanity chose. Because it is a finite world, and cannot tolerate what you have chosen to do; as the reality of limits and boundaries is about to teach. Truth decides, not your belief. of things to know:
      1. reality allows, that post traumatic distress: is about being caught in a trap, and forced to make decisions that you would not otherwise have made. Or more distinctly, the stress comes from recognizing: you are a prey/ or have become a predator; therefrom recognizing animal inside. Rather than human. The critical distinction is: when joining the military, they force you (as best they can)/ to accept your compliance is mandatory, and there is NO personal choice for anyone who is joined to you in this endeavor of man versus man: kill or be killed. That does include ptsd simply from basic training, and its resultant displacement of lives wherever they send you: with people in charge: some of whom can be found sadistic/ or tragic to life. Being caught in this kind of trap is nearly as damaging as trapped and surrounded by, the mutilation of death. What is critical: is to understand, that there are situations, such as were presented by both the Japanese and Germans: which cannot be avoided, as is we must stop this disease. While designation is a nationality; the reality is the people in both nations were attacked by things they could not control: and the majority were then forced to “live or die”. By the constant of men: which is power wants control; and when in control, hate intends to consume the rest; so they know: FEAR ME, AS IS the claim I am your god. The only method out: is to remove war with world law, and its enforcement by international policing from all nations on leaders. BY OUR LAW/ not theirs.
        1. As to the people who experience ptsd: the foundation of influence comes from the truth, “you know, this was a mistake; your life has made”. But that is not the whole story; and it is the foundation of believing, or being forced to believe: “the military has a right to control”. It does not; and those who make these decisions to attack/ share the greatest burden of all. To defend, IS as if the predators attack; and that grants immunity to the cost of what has been done by you. But if you attack beyond what is necessary to defend: that includes your own decision to participate; even when there are costs to refuse. What is military is separate from society; but society sends you, and in all ways shares your burden of choice. It is no game, but as a soldier: it is clearly NOT “just you”/ as is, you would not be in this situation: “without the rest” putting you here. But they rely upon leaders too/ and in reality: WORLD LAW IS INFINITELY BETTER!
      2. Of substantial consideration in the living of life, are the elements of escaping: what is “our own individual truth”. Or more correctly: you CANNOT escape truth/ it is impossible, and baseline stupid to try. You can drink your way into lies/ you can try to steal what you want with gambling/ you can eat your way into oblivion, a body lost/ you can ruin your life with addiction/ or you can even lose your life, by burying yourself with work and the want of perfection: but you cannot escape what is true. Because truth never goes away! To survive truth, you must confront what is true, and make resolutions of value/ which direct your own truth to a different destination. That is your choice. What has already been done/ cannot be undone: but you can cover it up with new decisions that try to begin a different journey, with a new desire that is life/ rather than death. As it is with addiction: “just say no” is NOT enough/ instead it must be: NO, I will not/ that is MY decision, and I will NOT trade the value of my life, not even for an entire universe. ONLY TRUTH DECIDES, not want/ or even me, as reality has proven I can be wrong.
        1. As for religion itself: there is no such thing as “a perfect book”. The bible for instance, as is true of all religious books: was written by men, and contains errors and insertions by men, in order to keep men in control. It is the language of men which is not perfect/ it is the reality of communication, as created by men, within their own memory. It is your hearing the words, and then interpreting them with your own delusions or beliefs; showering the outcome with whatever fantasies you chose to create. NOT perfect at all. But it is the best men did do; throughout history; to define and create what would be helpful to others. And it does include “elements of value, that are beyond the concept or purpose of men”; which means an influence “beyond our time” can be found in places; which supports “religion/ rather than men”.
        2. It even creates a list of predictions; such as revelation which identify realities already found. As is the first 11 chapters; represent what happens if men turn to world war once again; a final time, headed for extinction. It also contains chapters 12-22 which identifies, “that the spiritual essence of women” shall come forth with “a new life” on earth/ providing a different solution to war. And then in chapter 17;3 is found, that this spiritual woman; overtakes “the image, or reality of man/ as is a beast to so many women throughout history”. Predicting bankruptcy will soon follow: because the world lives on lies, theft, and betrayal of the young. Etc.The value of religion is a constant, as proven by historical stability. The value of a university is transient; as throughout history men have shouted the exact same thing (we are gods): yet it rarely proves true, to any degree/ and as with this day; “their claim of god is in fact Satan” on earth now. The means to destroy an entire world exists, in numerous threats; all of which are courtesy of “university knows”. But their cult (never question your leader)/ has no brain, as is the constant of all cults; and has grown with greed, to an enormous cancer on life.there are a few simple things to know:
          1. without thinking when young; in a cold room, hard to warm legs/ I put a pillow between the legs, believing if they fit together better, I would be warmer. I was/ but it gave me bowed legs. Which does establish: they can be pushed back; if under the right circumstances. The primary lesson is: THINK before you act/ because consequences don’t just go away. Also if you set one leg in front of the other; that can provide the same relief; try/ insist on bed clothes, with socks; when its real cold.
          2. I once nearly drowned; because a friend could swim so much faster than I: I decided if I took in more air, “I could supercharge the machinery; so to speak”. What happened was the oxygen saturation, from breathing too much; locked up my body, and I was unable to move it for several minutes/ so I sank, and then came back up, and sank and so on; until a friend pushed me out. No point in trying to breathe under water/ it won’t work. The primary lesson: don’t do that/ or you can drown.
          3. Don’t be a fool: tried to buy beer from a man who was criminal “with a lot of beer”/ and I knew where he lived so I gave him a small amount of money. But no beer later on. Calling him up, “to his surprise”; he then offered me drugs and guns instead. A path to nowhere good. The lesson: people who try to control the young rarely succeed/ and nearly always endanger them instead. The same is true of extreme punishment; as is the case of alcohol, cigarettes and more: you ain’t god/ and you don’t get to choose for the others. There are much better ways: but that removes the tyranny which the: righteous, pride, and power want. As to the drug called alcohol: keep in mind it can surprise you. Keep in mind: if you agree to stop, and find a little voice inside your head “demanding a beer/ etc”: THAT, is your indication of addiction. So stop for yourself, and make it real. The foundation of courtroom failure is: particularly found in alcohol: that punishment is monetary (the rich buy themselves out)/ but the poor cannot; and that ain’t fair. An alteration of power, intended as always to prove “I can make you cry”. No, I have never had a dui/ and long past teenager.
          4. Never believe the ads tempting you to use credit: they want slaves, and you are it/ if you accept. Real credit is only used: when justified by such things as a house to live in. in this America: lies, traps, traitors, terrorists, tragedies are everywhere; as universities create as is said of prisons “a university to teach; how to create a maze, to entrap the others”. With 70% or so; never attaining the job they got a diploma for. Beware of what you believe; and that includes people in general.
          5. The young are never ready to deal with “life’s big issues”/ and that means: real world strife. But as history will prove true; the young rarely listen/ and most of the old will refuse to care.It is of interest that one hundred mph means you are traveling at 150 feet per second/ imagine what it means to stop? A 200lb man Jumping from 30 feet up: REQUIRES that his or her feet/body, will absorb roughly one ton (2000 pounds) of energy: in that half second of impact: you want that to be you? Livestock is raised for money, and in doing so: they are better cared for than if they were free to roam. While it is true we do eat them as predators do: it is also true billions would not have ever taken a first breathe; if we did not. Consequently “good and bad” meet in the middle; where predator and prey benefit each other; even if it seems, and is violent. Or more simply: nothing is so simple as, “easy to understand”/ all of life requires work, to know wisdom.
          6. It is the constant of life and living: that those who come first, have sacrificed and kept working; no matter how hard it got/ for those who maintained their own possession. Because the competition “has been eliminated”/ whether right or wrong; or it was never there at the beginning. But hard work, when resources do exist: allows for survival/ and survival plus hard work grants the second generation with some relief. But it is not until the third generation or beyond that a value has been realized for many; that makes life a bit more easy, and happier than those who made the money possible. When immigrants come: they want what the third generation has/ because they don’t want what the first and second generation did: they left that behind, “for more”. The consequence is: we don’t want to share, because then we must work hard again too/ and that is not what we want. But the immigrant and others say: WE ARE HUMAN TOO, and you can’t make us your slave/ we have rights; and we want more. So the line is drawn; and as time goes on: armies are raised, who look for a leader to say “now is the time”/ we take what we want. As both sides say: we are better off/ if they are dead. the critical step: “yes we can, with war:  take what we want”/ versus, “nazi: we must fight, to get our lives back”. Trump promises “nazi”/ while behind Biden (working the hands of the puppet); they promise, yes you can: while the truly diseased scum of life on earth; prepares to steal, rape, and destroy whatever is left. Reality however knows: war mutilates and destroys/ rapes and ravages/ ruins and denies that easy life to all, but a tiny few who orchestrate; “kill them/ while these few, steal all they can”. The world is full now, believe it or not/ because the life we eat to survive, to live, to know miracles on earth: need things tool So the end result of that is: because different groups are meant to participate with each other, more than the rest, “like families do”. There is only one solution left to any on earth. IF AND ONLY IF YOU CAN reduce population rise to zero or less. Then it is necessary to create numerous more nations of approximately equal size: for individual groups to inhabit: IF AND ONLY IF YOU CHOOSE WORLD LAW TO RULE this world. THE FIRST LAW OF A NEW WORLD ORDER, SHALL BE: MALE AND FEMALE SHALL BE EQUAL, IN ALL WAYS AND MEANS/ NOTHING SHALL BETRAY THAT RIGHT OF FREEDOM AND TRUTH. WHICH INCLUDES RIDDING THIS EARTH OF ALL SEXUAL TERRORISM/ SLAVERY. Because if you don’t/ you are guaranteed to fail! “without the GOD OF LIFE “ TO HELP you; alas, you are already dead. Because controlling individual groups which can be identified; is far more easy/ than when all are mixed together. And we all know: there are people; of every kind and group: WHO WILL NOT obey the reality of law/ as is for one instance: zero population rise. That means to sustain order, and create discipline, and balance our world within our reality: groups are divided/ and international law controls; “as an open book, to the world” forever plain, and forever simple, and clearly by the law we choose: justified to do, what must be done. The reality of life, requires this world to create for itself: a world language/ to do that requires “let the deaf, mute, and blind lead you”; because they do understand what it takes “to live and work, with a minimum of language. Each nation contributes; but in the end “disability, is a knowledge earned, that will serve us all”. Which is why intermarriage of groups is wrong (mixing the identity)/ unless REAL LOVE (a value to all_) is actually true. Limited capitalism will control society. Thereby a dedicated “no more than this (by national vote) for anyone” shall exist/ but make no mistake: those who earned their place, and built/ rather than deserted shall have first choice; and shall not be degraded where reality proves this is earned below 3 times more; than “a new face” working. Population control gives you a chance to survive. World law makes it possible to survive. Locking permanently the money to a population count; keeps the reality of society simple. Removing debt potential from government; is mandatory. And limiting all military to what is required for a defense; along with a soldiers bill of rights; which does make it a volunteer army. Is critical to our future. “just to start”. Because less than truth decides now; is the end of life on earth.
          7. It is fundamental and true, that happiness comes only from love, and love is sustained only by truth. Therefrom trust, hope, and justice become the place we share. But reality intervenes, to prove that love cannot keep this earth alive; “because we are too few”. Simple as that. Even so, as with my own life; decisions have been made, that would not have been: under any other circumstance but “our dying world”/ which ends “forever” an entire living planet; “because of you”. So, to those I would have cared for and helped; “I would say, sorry I was not there for you”. But the end result of that is once again: life on earth, just didn’t allow, “for what I would have chosen to do”. The living must then dig deeper into themselves, to find what is true comes first. To understand: life or extinction is your only choice/ and this is no game.
          8. And the world says: “we want, and you cannot take that from us”/ “we play, because we have no conversation to sustain us/ we judge, because it does give us something to do”! Examining that, we find humanity searching for what time can give: “things to want/ people to play with/ and things to do”. So the critical truth of a changing world is: HOW do we alter “the facts of life”/ and make society into something else that will satisfy these specific things? Things people want, are trophies, toys, trinkets/ but survival first, followed by sex; are most important. Critical change offers instead of prizes to get as is the result of pride/ we must look first to what can keep us all alive. The answer to that is truth, because only truth can create a foundation for living, and a place for peace: so we must elementally begin: by “going to court, and demanding what is true/ until we are satisfied this is “the best we can do”. Particularly defined by the consequences of being wrong; because we won’t survive that as a world. Humanity then seeks out judgment: “aha; now we know/ we are right, you are wrong: and we can then play god, with your life”; as is power. But as with the return to war every twenty years of so/ humanity is never right, and you have no authority to play god even if you are. Not your life/ but it is our world, and that is where the difference resides. To understand sex: is to understand, this is a journey between two people of the opposite sex: who join each other in the rhythms of heart, where trust allows, that we can share the expression of “just one life”/ because caring is real. Within the framework, the elemental essence of love and being loved; arises from the dust, and becomes the blessing of this world. Unfortunately; few experience that/ less express that: and the foundation of human sexuality is based upon the chemical addiction of bodily influences. Which fail to touch the heart, which means no commitment or values shall arise from “simple sexuality”; as is animal lust for the chemicals. To redefine that definition of love versus animal: requires a commitment to value, not lust. A state of essence/ rather than time. In the fundamentals of human existence: we can and must teach in every level of schooling and more: the critical truth of how to create a conversation with each other. Listen to each other. And define a friendship with each other; so that even better things for justice, hope, truth, and dignity shall create a society; the whole world would wish to join. In the fundamentals of survival: we must examine by truth, what we can do for life, and peace, and justice, and the values of living with hope and happiness; so that a new world order can erupt; from what history proves has failed time and time again. because there are a few who will instigate hate/ and spread it around like a disease that it is. World law is the answer/ international policing particularly framed to encapsulate the leaders/ and provide support when critically needed. Truth not want guides the path, to a future we hope to survive. From a curse that guarantees our extinction; as is true of this day. As to sex: it is functionally true, that until boys understand their penis is not a toy/ but a tool, which can be greatly valued/ or a weapon of tragedy: dependent upon their choices. You have no men/ some never grow up; because they are always looking for another “chemical high”. Not a valued relationship of life shared with life. So it may be true: that physical tools for boys to achieve their “maximum chemical high”/ EARLY on. Will in fact change the relationship of men to their penis; and the world might be a better place. When addiction does not lead. However it will change their relation with female too; and it is hard to say: “without experimentation” what the real world, vast majority of consequences will be. Men can easily “build a tool”/ it is a very simple reality. While as I understand it: women already have their tool, “to replace men”/ but you have to ask them, what real world effect that has on life, and living with each other. I don’t know; not a woman: their domain. Life is a choice/ time is a measurement/ sex is an acceptance, that can ascend into soul; if both hearts are true, and accept trust. BUT BEWARE, if you have a liar, thief, etc/ it will break your heart; at least a little. Because only truth can justify love.While you are teaching: to change men/ teach what women want and don’t want; as well as what men want and don’t want; and if you are honest, the world will change as well. Because real world happiness, begins with male to female relationships.
            1. Women desire truth: treat me with kindness and respect/ don’t take over my life.
            2. Women desire happiness: the most important thing, is love me honestly; as comes with never make me fear, or let others make me afraid.
            3. Women don’t want: anyone who “forces their way in, not as a kiss or any other version of; you are in charge”.
            4. Women don’t want: to be used for some damn rubbing post, so you can simply play with your penis.
            5. I leave the rest to them.

            Men desire:

            1. choose me, and only me; as someone to be cherished for who I am.
            2. Let me, cherish you for who you are; which requires time, not chains related to sex.
            3. DON’T make me choose you; “in a half second” of time/ that ain’t fair. We must agree, to not be owned by each other. Because freedom is happiness/ and love will bind us together. NOT ownership.
            4. Don’t try to buy me, I am not for sale; not for sex, not for any form of submission, don’t use pregnancy. To commit to each other requires the respect that is making my own decision; just like you.
            5. Let men fill in the rest. Believe it or not: love is, the place where truth becomes our home. Because the value of trust, hope, and respect cannot be found outside of truth. 
            6. The lesson of a heart is: that unless we both choose this journey as one/ we cannot enter the grace and truth that is love joined as one life to be shared. There are “ten thousand reasons”; to love or not love someone; but it is the journey that decides. Because true desire builds a path, that cannot be shared unless we are “the same”. While romance is simple, and love between people can be plain and true;   but, the honesty of life in time is: we must participate as if, there is only one life to live: and what is true in you, will decide that destiny. I spent my life on one single desire: this world must not die. There was no room, !The rhythms of our heart means; “I am bound by the feelings which we openly share in trust”. The foundation built upon soul means: we are anchored in that truth, to seek the miracles within; as only love can express.
        3. In real life, as history proves true: men have always been men. Their purpose is to overtake and control other men/ and they use war as their only real solution to anything. Because war removes law/ and that allows for chaos to rule; until the cost of that chaos is too much to bear now. But the new generation never fails to repeat; exactly the same thing, as history proves true/ NEVER LEARN= men. So life must turn to women; whose only real solution is law/ and ask: can you do better? Reality does not know, as women have never truly been in charge. But what we do know is: world war is lurking within the shadows, and men will choose it; even if they don’t want it/ because that, is what men do. As to artificial intelligence: very little can be gained/ but what it will do, is gradually terrify with another round of insanity, as is what universities do to weapons. And men want: to make other men fear with/ as history repeatedly proves true. Regardless of what the “preachers of no we won’t say”/ the reality of men is constant: and whatever weapon they can create to do more harm to the others: will be used. As history proves true: the demand for another hitler looms large/ as men want what they want, and women want what they want; even if its not war. It will be war/ because that: is what men do. As well as constantly try to enslave the others to do their will/ as is all military intent, since the beginning. With television: depicting a fight that requires a gun 24/7 365 days a year; the manipulation and propagation of “they deserve to die”/ is merely the culmination of “a hundred years of university practicing: to make you believe/ to make you fear/ to demand you must obey” as is the constant of men wanting to enslave. As is the constant of your phone and more: demanding YOU DON’T need to think, learn to search, or do anything that might enable you to make your own decisions! “just let us do it; so that your life is EASY”. AS IS, the constant of every trap! Now ain’t that better/ until the result is: you can’t do nothing/ even when your life is about to be sacrificed or ruined or destroyed: university demands chaos for all of nature, the world, lets ignite atoms on fire/ poison the earth/ pollute everything, exterminate all life/ reduce all existing life to “just one thing”/ and everything else that universities playing god “everywhere” ; demand to do. But don’t worry: in the breeding ground of LIARS CLUB the diploma rules: they are certain to make you feel at ease; after all, “you can’t think for yourself”/ that is not allowed in any cult.REALITY KNOWS: that women are not to be leaders, to effectively rule this world. UNLIKE MEN, the foundation of society is law/ and the purpose of law is to create justice and fair play. MEN CHOOSE WAR; to remove law and create the chaos of “I WANT, to be a predator”/ which other men say NO too. Or as with Israel at this moment in time: hate wants to kill/ and needs an excuse. But the end result of it will be standing in the graveyard of their own design; because hate saves not a single one/ and unfortunately, hate was attempting to overthrow government: so war was exactly what hate needed to unleash war. ONLY LAW SAVES OUR WORLD, because hate is the relationship of men to their wants. Hate initiates war (now we can kill them), as with Israel, and the Ukraine is at war because Putin the leader had no respect for them (saying we can take what we want); and they then drag the rest inside their war/ because the end result is: if you don’t fight we kill you anyway, with genocide. And if you do fight/ then all the rest who refused to fight will know; if they don’t you will kill them; and the war of mutilation and tears begin. Until leaders are forced to surrender; so the rest can stop. Which means: past the point of no return/ war will control. So the purpose of women as leaders IS NOT, “to lead” as men do/ that is worthless as history proves true. But to isolate what is fair and justified, so the law can rule; and humanity can be at peace. Even so, having done that: then requires that hate shall be eradicated from the majority; so that true happiness can live among us, as friendship rules. Hate is not that hard to identify/ and it is sufficient harm to life and society; to demand, this is removed from our lives. Corruption of the courts: REQUIRES AN OPEN DOOR/ AND REMOVING ANY JUDGE OR LAWYER THAT DOES NOT FIGHT FOR JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, among us all. Simple as that, and the nation remains at peace; because we do have an answer/ and we will choose what is fair, by protecting ourselves from the historical constant called thieves, traitors, and terrorists. THE LAW IS YOUR ANSWER; but make no mistake, that media propagates hate with endless realities of failure, that cause injustice to begin. Their claim of an expert decided this for us: simply means the universities cult claims they are god/ and as reality now proves without a doubt: they failed life and earth/ and are tragic to us all. With only a few exceptions.We literally do have very few choices left: the world of we won’t care/ take all you can get; will soon be extinct. And that removes the foundation of leadership, which is to create by controlling resources however the people want. Literal supply and demand/ based upon what is true, to the future of this world; must replace pure arrogance, greed, selfishness, apathy, and disrespect; as is the basis of this world, under universities control. We cannot is literal; because you chose to destroy it all, as proven by your poisons, pollution’s, extinction rates, loss of habitat, garbage mountains, and so on. ON THIS VERY FINITE WORLD. With too many people to support, as is the historical constant of war. So we must find a way; to help each other/ so we don’t war. We must accept the realities of our planet, and repair whatever we can. We must use the law rather than leaders to decide what is fair. And we must obey the limits and boundaries of what can be done; because more than that is the end of our world, and all its life go to HELL (chaos/ order, etc; is lost). We can be happy, with the removal of hate: so that love and the blessings of life find a home. Hate pushed together; as is Only here/ may you exist: without exception/ is fair. Contained by whatever means are necessary, stops the spread of failure. As to the rest, we can build what will make us happy, if we stop playing games/ and let truth decide, not want or money. Truth is the basis of survival, and the blessing of what freedoms can be. There is no solution in leaders; because they can change the realities of life, by trying to influence: where they should not go. While some limited degree of value can be found in leaders; very very few are able to refuse power, and choose for life. As is the current reality of election in this USA; you have lost your way, and cannot find it back: without truth comes first.

          The cause is simple: the baby boom generation claims they have the money/ and won’t back down. But what they have is “a traitorous lie/ of nothing but counterfeited money and debts”. Until reality comes as is bankruptcy/ or more correctly: redress to identify what is true/ the last straw of power is to control government, as best they can. Because government gives them their bribes. They support Israel “as an insurance policy”; democracy failed.

          That will not be found: without redress of grievances/ as could be initiated with the link “anarchy”. No you cannot go back to what life was; it is impossible; you changed that with universities rule by playing god with life and world. The best we can do: is try to save what is left, from ourselves. Dividing into groups, limits primary competition “to ourselves”. Creates boundary lines, which allow for individual traits among each group to be identified. And so on; because as a majority of human animals prove in history; anything less, generally fails. Yes you can go on for a time; but failure is a fact of human existence; which leads commonly to war. And the truth is: you simply cannot allow war/ or our world can die; if it does not from so many other problems; it is horrendous. WE THE WORLD OF HUMANITY MUST TAKE CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES; from all leaders. We do that with law rules now/ not you. We create the foundations upon which we will depend, by fully investigating what is true; and then deciding for ourselves: what our reality can allow. Once established by law, we can enforce for ourselves/ because WE DO UNDERSTAND the laws we did create for ourselves/ THEN WE DO NOT need leadership to make these decisions for us. THE LAW DOES THAT, for us all, and we enforce it; with international intent. BECAUSE AS ONE WORLD THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, as if just one.

          We begin with, “the laws for all of us, we the world”/ which govern leaders and life and world: as is the reality your decisions now affect us all. NOT nations, depicted as “we the people” or individuals, as is distinct within boundaries. But the values, that define: YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO US ALL. For the sake of our planet/ all its life/ and the future of every child. Resource sharing/ population respect/ pollution controls/ social responsibilities/ ocean truths/ global warming (no exceptions)/ universities experimentation/ military constrictions/ and when international responses are warranted. To bring these leaders to court, or in some other way identify “this group” shall be warned or remanded to respect us all: OR there will be consequences.

          Or, more simply: this is a decision, for the world to become more like family/ definitely not perfect. Confined by: if we say something/ then the consequences have to be judged against the benefit; and sometimes, you just have to remain mute. Because transference removed; can result in divorce or other situations; which could be worse. People judge, even families; people believe, even when there is no evidence of real importance, people want as is a constant. But the end result is: to be family, you must choose “this person is worth more than their cost”. Our world is going to be like that: we must elevate what is needed for this planet to survive/ for life to go on. But the end result of that is “a lot of imperfection”; a lot of forgiveness as best we can; and a lot of communication where and when it is needed. Because we have no choice/ we are “family”. The best we can do or did do; is the best we in fact did do, and it will have to be enough: because failure is a greater cost, a greater loss; than pride.