There is a day: WHEN REAL WORLD DECISIONS MUST BE MADE/ because the fantasies of failure; can only turn into lies, and catastrophe waits behind that disguise. Real world evidence; IS NOT A GAME. Real world consequences; remove the delusion of “imagination is all we need”: the universities way. As anarchy and deceit stands ready: to finish the destruction of life, nation, and world; by their disease: “we can be gods”. But alas, Satan (destroyer of worlds); is all they can or do, offer.

TRUTH LIVES/ LIES DIE; investigate with redress: so you know the cost of being WRONG.

this USA joins other terrorists nations; providing weapons to those who want genocide or destruction of the others/ once again. DEFENDING your nation, means staying within your borders; and driving the terrorists out. defending other nations against an attacker: is cause to provide weapons to prove to all: NO, you shall not.

This work is done: but you are not. For roughly 45 years, I have confronted, talked, presented evidence, to a wide variety of people; did what I could do, “as a human life”: to say “there are consequences for what you are doing/ catastrophe’s so grim, as to cause our extinction”. Yet all said to me: “you are nobody/ you can’t do nothing/ media will tell us anything we need to know”. Courts refused to listen/ as did all other forms of leadership. And yet they all; tell you the opposite of things you do need to know; ending with a world on the edge of being “forever lost”.        WAKE UP, or die.

So I am done: your world/ your truth/ your choice/ your eternity; as clearly I cannot save you/ and every attempt to warn you is turned back with arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect. Because you are believers.

Nonetheless: one last time, “the worst of the worst of the worst”, are those trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. Simple as that, claiming they don’t need to control the Million mile long flames of fire; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. But if you had a brain the size of a mosquito; you would know that fire is not controllable; and ignition will simply turn this planet into a sun (lake of fire, biblically predicted). So religion says: “its meant to be/ but it is not; because this is human caused/ NOT from GOD”. AND ALL the rest say: the universities cannot be that wrong/ or media would tell us. They claim of me: that I cannot know/ and yet “just one man; as would be Albert Einstein” is who they claim as responsible for many things. He was of course wrong; as is E=MCsq is just the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant. So wrong, even though it did lead to an atomic bomb. An atomic fire as is on the sun: is highly different, than an explosion. However; we know it is an atomic fire, because nothing less can establish the heat we receive from 94 million miles away.

So you either stop them from proceeding; by turning off their utilities (all of it)/ and investigating the cost of being wrong; their claims of knowledge as is pure fantasy. Or you let them gamble with every life on earth; ending it if they are wrong. Because a nuclear fire, “just like the sun”/ is not going to be put out “when atoms are its fuel”. Solar gravity comes from the fire itself; as we know you cannot contain the energy of an atom; WITHOUT an opposite energy to balance that force. So there is “for every action there is a reaction”/ applied to solar gravity. Even when “the universities” say no. “its a law”! But alas: “you are cult worshipers”/ and have no brain of your own.

And media or the power to control what you believe: COMES primarily from “university control; where the money/ control over the currency and all governmental spending; is found”. Do puppets not have controllers? [basing every decision off; “university experts“.]

So we ask: WHY, are they determined to ignite “the same fire here as on the sun”? Particularly when fusion is already proven false in 2012 at lawrence livermore? Answer: they want to be hero’s/ they want to win; they want what they want; and claim “its worth the gamble: blinded by want/ to create more heat”. Or we will die anyway. But the problem is not green house gases/ the real problem is the amount of heat humanity does release: it is that simple. So the answer is “you”. But the reality is: they are not gods/ only devils. And they will lose their gamble; because delusion and lies are not sustainable. Killing this earth!

And the world says: “we want what we want/ even though human population rise, consequences for choices made: now forbids it. So you do have to choose: LIFE BY RESPECT FOR ORDER AND DISICPLINE, letting truth decide for you/ or, the chaos of university plays god leadership, which has brought you to the door of literal; life ending, extinction. Because this “reality of threat”; is no game: “choose”?  THE IGNITION OF AN ATOMIC FIRE;  happens only once, because a self sustaining plasma is the result; a 4 million times more energy release (like an atomic bomb); occurs, and it will not be put out. Genetic chaos will not be turned back: the end of life/ beginning of Armageddon (nature in crisis) will produce HELL.  “a thousand threats surrounding us all”; with no second chances; once we go past the point of no return does in fact exist.  making this  “now or never” to investigate the cost of being WRONG. AND STOP the insane, from trying to prove they are gods. But can only prove  “Satan, is on earth”.     REDRESS IS THE LEGAL ANSWER.  The proof of our law/ NOT “your law”.

And the world says: YOU can’t be, from GOD , as a messenger to us/ because the universities have convinced us all: “we don’t believe/ using evolution as its wedge”. Religion says: YOU can’t be, a participant in Revelation 12 & 17:3 because you ain’t perfect/ and we want, what we want; to be perfect. But reality says: truth cannot lie, it is only what it is, and no more. So the evidence of your own truth is: extinction is far closer than you think. Investigate and prove every threat/ the cost of being wrong: and you will then know, that is true! Don’t believe: search to understand. As for me: life continues “to turn me inside out”/ as living proves, I have no control over what is to be? I don’t know why, or why me? Nonetheless: HOPE until all hope is gone. Simple as that.  NO going back:  CHOOSE, rather than lie; even to yourselves.   Let truth decide, not want!

Congratulations are of course in order for the nation: that ignites this planet into a sun. The most extreme depths of HADES: terror beyond imagination; as (destroyers of this Creation) will await you.  All hail “university”.  Their gift to you; the cult who worshiped most; and made it possible. Nothing can take away your prize;  “winners”!

Truth demands: once again, that only WORLD LAW, “the governing of our leaders”, by laws we create as “we the world”. Removes war and weapons of mass destruction; because only law can do that by international enforcement as we decree it must be. MAKE THE LAW, not a protest: DEFINE IT CORRECTLY, and it will stand the test of truth. but do understand this:  those who play god, will always be wrong/ and the price we pay as a world; can even be as predicted  our planet turned into a sun“.  because pure fantasy of university:  is not enough, to guarantee their decision:  “we don’t have to worry/ not enough gravity to sustain the fire”.   Reality says:  the atomic fire produces the; solar gravity/ not delusions or imagination.

The premise of motion is: that its result cannot be more or less than the sum of energy being spent. At CERN; the force used to create a 14 trillion volt, “speed of light” crash between two opposite flowing “energy trains”. Is enough to form a small “warp hole” in space. Because the consequences of pushing out electrons to create an aurora of energy surrounding its separation from the proton mass being used to detonate that explosion: IS those electrons are now freed from their atomic register of influence/ and become an escaped into space, as time reshapes them into a web formed funnel. Which first flows out/ and then flows into the planet itself; to accomplish a dynamic energy pulse against the atomic balance at the core of our planet. Or more simply: they are the ones causing a magnetic crossfire; which can at its worst concept: be used to stop the nuclear balance that sustains our hot core. Ending life on earth, because it is that core that makes this planet livable. So is the cost of being wrong: worth their game of delusions and fantasy/ as is we can play god, with this. All hail “university”?

The intellectuals all say: WE DON’T believe, using ridicule, gossip, disrespect and ridiculous arrogance;  to prove that! Arguing IF you are from “GOD”/ then convince us, “its your job”. But that is not true; it is only my job to bring you the warning: CHANGE OR you will die, an entire world lost; due to you. THE EXTREMELY CRITICAL MOMENT as is now upon us: which will allow for the ignition of an atomic fire “just like the sun”: is here. NO GOING BACK/ one second too late, and you have no choice. SO THE WARNING IS: now or never; just like your answer is now or never. HADES which means: you will answer to every life you killed, “insects and all”; in the terrors you created, inside of you.

So, look at the sun; feel its heat; and understand what being wrong really does mean to this earth: as it is “an atomic FIRE”. NO going back. Ignition is life or death of our world: simple as that. So are YOU:  WILLING TO BE WRONG? Because the price of being WRONG; will be paid in “HELL”; BELIEVE IT or not. I am not your savior/ not your leader, guru, etc. I am just “the messenger”; simple as that. I guess; “must have just been available for the job”, at the time it was needed? Don’t know why; but your job is to prove what is true, because your world, your life, your child, your future; will soon be lost! And these are the consequences of choices you made. It is not mine.

There is literally NO HOPE; unless roughly 3 billion women and girls become “no pregnancy here”. For the next ten years, plus an additional billion more are made;  pregnancy neutral during those years. [everything has consequences/ such as plastics] So this earth can heal of so many people. With clear and certain guidelines for the future. Making this world: a future dependent upon women/ or we die. Men and their universities have instituted threat after threat to cause our extinction; and all of those have to be dealt with effectively and with purpose; as a world knowing: the very survival of this planet now depends upon us. Failing that; there is no hope, because nothing we can do: will repair what has already been done.

the reality of failure throughout this world is so severe, and so distinct with evidence of: human life ending world! Believe it or not: 22 million people in Mexico city suddenly without water; matters. 3 days till death: matters. WATER IS A REALITY; no delusions or fantasy can ignore. Attacking the US border matters as they have no other recourse. Fighting matters (we cannot support you all)/ as results in war. And there are many cities around the world soon to face the same reality; no water! People already here, in this USA; soon to scream: you can’t kill my people/ so they attack throughout the nation; it matters, as is civil war now exists. But it is “every life, With every gun; etc: for itself”/ as is an apocalypse; hell. Israel believing it is under the umbrella of US protection; is suddenly without support/ and finds their mistake is SERIOUS. Russia decides to take Europe. China decides to take all of Asia; and that will include N. Korea at the close. Which does not even include the ten thousand threats of human led delusions; as is “university plays god with life”. WORST of which is: “lets bring the same fire as on the sun here” to this earth, and ignite it/ no we don’t need to worry; “not enough gravity to sustain; an atomic; million mile long flame” as is a candle flame suddenly growing into 62 miles long”. So, no: I feel no personal compulsion, to get more than I actually need. Because the point of no return is likely to be “Christmas of 2024”. I could be wrong/ but honestly; rarely am. Its Change and face reality: or we all die, as weapons of mass destruction are unleashed! If not simply incinerated first/ nature fails; etc. Feel free to participate, or hide and run away; as is the constant of human decisions. But understand: “want is want (animals)”.

Unlike the universities chant, “we are god”/ media propagates, lies are all we need/ and the cult worshipers scream, you can’t stop us: reality does prove, you will never defeat the truth. Every lie fails/ every thief destroys his or her society/ every betrayal comes with a cost/ and every terrorist fails life and world itself, with extinction comes now.

Trump wants to be hitler; we will kill them all. “to create a world that no longer exists/ and cannot be brought back”.  Or as reality puts it: once you lose control/ “the rest is history, will end”. The atmosphere cannot be “re-attached” to the planet surface once it lets go; as the loss of trees and more will prove is true. Some demand it remains attached due to electro magnetics; so prove it:  air in a room with a magnet/ how much does it take to revolve that mass?  you  have lost your options.  Reality decides: the only question is, could you survive/ if you really try? NO, OTHER planet has an in sync atmosphere. Averaging 700 mph instead.   Then consider:  CERN;  creates an intentional 14 trillion volt collision/which releases an incalculable  amount of electrons to alter the nuclear/ magnetic  balance.  Even, of this planet.   Playtime, is over: or you die as a world; because the universities “will never be god”.  disrespect is deadly!5.5 quadrillion tons

But Biden or his protege (just puppets for the university) will open the gates and 22 million plus more; plus another 50 million from all over the world (got to go somewhere) will flood in within a year; and the water supplies/ food supplies/ housing supplies and everything you need to survive will be permanently lost; because too many people are a fact/ not a fantasy. HELL is a certainty.

While biden will buy you a little time; with letting millions in/ his method is the universities way: with counterfeit money, theft, and endless lies of delusion in debt, currency, and so on. Wall street being completely fictional; will suddenly fail. And reality will proceed to install communism as the universities answer; as is their intent. But with all life and world built upon “a tiny few experts”/ and nothing for the masses but slavery as is counterfeiting money. The nation called USA ends; and the world stands ready for world war 3. Because life is not a game: the claim of nothing matters; but what we want, is over.

Because as with universities leadership, and its cult worshipers leading the way regardless of politics: humanity has been taking more than this earth can provide for decades now.  STEALING from every child, their future! The end result is entirely predictable; as is “you ended the supply, of everything/ and must now die”. So the war is on, and it will not end until extinction arrives. As water supplies and realities of “this FINITE WORLD” take over life on earth. Because humanity would not stop its population rise/ or accept limits and boundaries are all that is left. No end to want; right? Unless of course they incinerate you first with ignition of an atomic fire: the price for being wrong. Not to worry though; as did not religion promise a “rapture”; people flying off into space/ of course they did not expect that would be into an atomic fire; which melts their body with radiation, long before the rise; but belief is great/ right. as universities scream: NOW you have to let us play god, with your lives too:  “go ahead, bark like a dog; to prove you agree”. As failure (some degree of thought) is more than you can hope for/ fantasy rules completely.75 million casualties of War

less than one years population rise today.  WHY? Because the real battle is with greed, pride, power, want, hate, revenge, manipulation, control, playing gods, and so on. YOU refuse to surrender these; claiming the game is more important to you, than truth.  It is not!

option A:

USA,  Amendment I     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 


 finding fault, as the judge of our nation or state:    WE THEN GET THE FINAL SAY:  TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: WHAT WILL GOVERN OUR NATION OR STATE.  BY OUR VOTE AS WE THE PEOPLE. BECAUSE THAT, IS WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS!   it is our inherent DUTY to protect that reality of our nation or state; from all invaders; who ultimately betray us all; if OUR LAW is not being kept.   THE US SUPREME COURT, AS WELL AS EVERY OFFICE IN THIS LAND:   FALLS UNDER OUR  OWN AUTHORITY, by its subservience to that constitution; and our own redress to assume AND ACCEPT:   the responsibility, CONSEQUENCES, and authority:  called  WE THE PEOPLE!    it is not a title, it is a valid definable   truth of law.

LAW REQUIRES: that you do understand the consequences, the reality of evidence, the participation of actors and who they are. Elements of cost for being wrong: as is turning back the clock on decisions that have been made. RECOGNIZING LIFE AND WORLD COME FIRST!

In this world of endless “university caused fantasy (reality don’t matter) failures; such as lets lie about money”; the one certainty is the college educated thief resides over all. The internet being just one example of that; as is opening the door to betrayal. Or more distinctly we can start the repair by simply putting into place an intermediary for transactions over a limited amount/ creating boundaries for romance: as is you can give someone your money, but only through a bank they must visit physically, in your presence; in order to collect. Stopping any transaction internationally: with clear safeguards that must identify the participants with accuracy. Stopping the US communism of a university insurgency; and a million more.

Realities such as criminal noise trespass; which cause distinct and real harm to some; while all the rest say hurrah. IS NOT justice or fair play.  GOVERNING is about all the people; and balancing the law we need to protect our lives; from all forms of invasion. While giving the truth of our situation; its due, for both sides. Servants; as is the best we can for life and world. NOT servants to money (as is little more than legalized gambling, or war).

WHAT DOES BENEFIT OUR STATE OR NATION IS A JOB WE CAN DO; as is the essence of taking care of ourselves. Has nothing to do with USING government:  by letting others take everything humanity needs for itself or a future for each child; away. THAT IS FORBIDDEN:  As is a foundation of democracy, deliberately conceived in the preamble of this USA. PROTECTING OUR WORLD, protecting the humanity of  ourselves: the right to be free from undue harm or influence.  as is the example of covid: [FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY(the university is god); without truth or evidence, OR OUR OWN decision].  IS THE JOB of each governing nation; TO STOP.         Democracy means:  WE THE PEOPLE, own the final say for our state or nation; by REDRESS, “all, under constitutional law”. NO exceptions!  NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION, as is the universities and their cult followers, who believe “anything”/ as cults do.

The only direction of respect & value: within constitutional guidelines, IS TO LET TRUTH DECIDE FOR LIFE, and WORLD/ NOT money or any version of destroying resources or damaging this earth: without a true and significant, to the future as well: life value! NO claim of theory/ NO claim of anything: ONLY THE EVIDENCE, and then our vote; when truth and consequences are known.     ANY deliberate version of manipulation or control over society; in these matters: will be considered treason, and dealt with accordingly.

Truth, is found by investigating, and removing: each layer that covers what is not true. When you can honestly say: “this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; as best we can”. Then you have arrived at what is the best we did do. VALUE AND RESPECT are elevated the same; from the delusions and fantasies of some; into the cradle of life and living, that then finds both heart & soul.

option B: their choice.

IT IS, “A LIARS CLAIM”; that nobody is hurt by the fraud of government spending: that has no reality in life. EVERY PENNY; is intended to claim a resource or a labor or a title; because you did your work, as best you could. Government “university educated” employee fraud: spends what cannot be collected: by promising what we cannot pay as a state or nation. They succeed:  only by destroying the future; claiming let every child pay. Selling us out, to hide what has been done. Rather than resetting the reality of money with truth: as would be: PAY YOUR OWN DAMN DEBT; make a better decision that is valid. Stop digging a grave for me.  STOP, destroying the future.  Ogahalla Aquifer Depletion

What matters here is NOT the claim of last drop/ but the reality of mass desertification throughout the high plains; as each farm or other no longer has water to drink or use/ because it is NOW dried up/ which can be millions of acres; and a dust bowl to life.

As to the insidious insurgency of university born communism, destroying our democracy; by ending “public participation” so that only a tiny few “can own it all”. One of the fundamental elements is: that all things computer threaten our lives; by combining everything into “just a few control it all”. Thereby one hack on a few: is all it takes to ruin the lives and living of millions. They use data on each one of us to take control and manipulate their intended takeover of life in america. But we can stop them by removing the ties which bind; and taking back our own control over life here. Or if you must for the time being; once again: by using the old fashion ram; in front of what comes in or even out: which cannot be erased. Everywhere a password is created: you get a record of exactly what transpired/ along with keys to remove it. In addition anyone changing passwords: is to be watched closely; in sensitive jobs or with access to things that are unfortunate at best.


But then we search the future, and find HELL ON EARTH; has begun; all the players are in alignment to war. Because once the mob has been released, there are no humans/ only animals. Because nothing matters but war/ and the cost of thieves, murderers, and rapists. The intellectuals will release their biological weapons [from behind closed doors]. The power of insanity will release its atomic weapons [AI; at work]. The pride of hate will find chemicals; to be released as war on you [plain hate]. Armageddon is at the door [biological chaos; the result of evolution], of humanity and earth: which lost its collective mind; and worshiped universities as god [SATAN]. No water/ no food/ no future [ALL FAILED TRUTH AND REALITY]; because you threw your resources away; and unfettered by reality; chose to believe “there are no laws/ we are free”. But life exists by law; and your criminal intent; lies/ cheating/ betrayal/ thievery/ terrorism/ rape/ ravaging all of nature and world: MORE. Now comes back to prove what truth is. NO SACRIFICE will save you. LAW OR DEATH: CHOOSE, because soon it will be too late to go back. Just like igniting atoms on fire/ once IGINITION occurs: ALL LIFE ON EARTH, along with its future: IS BYOND OVER. As you have entered into HADES (eternal damnation). Because that, is what you chose to do.            WAKE UP NOW! or dig your grave.Upper atmosphere oxygen depletion

the claim is: we will never run out of oxygen/ the reality however is: we live within a VERY LIMITED RANGE OF oxygen levels needed. EVERY FIRE/ MOTOR; CONSUMES OXYGEN; and in a world that burns “quadrillions of BTUS released”/ that is a VERY critical issue.

You WON’T gain anything as Christians, by supporting Israel: these are very different religions/ not the same at all. The only thing literally shared is the book of Genesis.  

Following Israel to war [is a war crime extended]: OPENS THE DOOR TO CHINA wins all [pure arrogance]/ as they wait for you to die first. Failing Ukraine [attacked without cause] to allow Russia [hate expanded] entry into world war 3 [extinction]; is for fools/ get over the idea of money in this USA [you are bankrupt]; it is all a lie; CHOOSE LIFE/ not money. STOP the universities from finding their vaccine [anarchists]; which allows a biological attack against a world OVERRUN with humans [world terrorists]: ALL SAME/ NO EXCEPTIONS. Discard trump, and his new “nazi party [NO GOING BACK/ THIS IS REALITY]”; who intends to “outdo hitler”. Discard biden; who intends to destroy the middle class [it ain’t all FREE]/ democracy itself with corruption & lies. Find a brain, IN YOU: AND INVESTIGATE FOR TRUTH/ LIFE/ EARTH: FIRST, no more want! 

     USE REDRESS,      because this ain’t no game!

     Support only truth!                    and get off your damn lazy good for nothing ASS.   wake up.           BECAUSE:   IF YOU WERE ANYTHING LESS THAN A FAILURE;  this world would not be living in the sewage of HUMAN CAUSED EXTINCTION.

The liars, the failures, the traitors, the thieves, cheats, whores, fools, and terrorists; all exist by, using media; to manipulate the concept of existence; by pretending “this can happen” if we just look at “billions of years” and believe therefore “anything can happen”. Reality however states: time has a beginning and an ending; when the energy has been consumed. Our sun is not a billion years old/ and neither is this universe; as no proof exists to claim either is true. The sun consumes energy to create its atomic fire/ as is the heat you experience on earth; simple as that, not free. Therefore it has an origination date/ and it has an expiration date; and these include size reduction as time goes by. Size matters, because heat matters/ which makes living on this planet uninhabitable. Global warming will be proof of that. As to the universe: their entire theory rests upon their claim: that nothing is faster than “light speed”. Yet we can mathematically prove: that atomic energy (sustained by proton spin)/ is faster (prove me wrong), because the energy released by an atomic bomb proves that to be so. As to the claim of “red shift”/ that is measured in planetary orbit/ not galaxy change; and bears no reality for universal measurements.

THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ it does not belong to  “the employees”, but the law, formed by the determination of WE THE PEOPLE: democracy is that, they swore to keep.   WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT AND DUTY;  to investigate, if the evidence does not prove compliance with that demand. AS IS, OUR GOVERNMENT; is now in trouble; and our future could be in doubt.      OR, more clearly put:  NOT THEIR “government to decide”/ OURS!

Reality proves:  NOT “their money to spend; OURS/ or NOT THEIR RIGHT TO CREATE debts (another tax) to create”/ or inflation (another tax)  NOT THEIR RIGHT: to curse us with. the overthrow of democracy, to demand OUR obedience to their fears and beliefs; as was covid. OUR MONEY, OUR SECURITIES/ OUR FUTURE/ OUR RIGHT TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; not yours.

A reality of law includes: the constitutional demand for privileges and immunities of the people: DOES INCLUDE, you shall not bankrupt us all! The clear intent of article 6: all debts contracted or engagements entered into;…..shall be valid: MAKING IT A CRIME; for our employees to do otherwise.




On a planet soon to die, from all the devastation of men/ the running away of women: sacrificing every child; so that you can play the game of “winner”. By making others “loser”. The critical truth here is: time has run out for the devastation of people who refuse to care. Care or die!

To assemble even the beginning of change as is needed to survive; YOU MUST BEGIN/ accepting the price of life is, discarding what you want; to understand “only letting truth decide can keep you alive now”. Because the consequences are grim, and the realities are even harsher.

So, I will tell you plain [like me or hate me is completely irrelevant]; I am NOT “the decision”.

: YOU NEED to present this work to the world/ so that at least a few will help you identify and create: the investigation of facts, that will present and acknowledge what is true. So that you can have an actual CONVERSATION OF CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG! Discarding pride, as a price for trying to survive. Requiring us all to understand: IF WE DON’T accept, “we cannot let these people be this WRONG”/ then we do deserve to die. Requiring us to accept: we cannot be this wrong, and sustain life on planet earth. Its not a game, it is no longer a choice, we must do what we need to do in order for this earth to survive. Or we go extinct, as this living world dies; in the hell humanity chose for itself.

Demand REDRESS in this USA; invite the world,{the legal constitutional right, to enforce a courtroom, investigation of truth; as a democracy: that WE THE PEOPLE, will decide now}; proving the game is dead.  Proving CHANGE OR BE EXTINCT;  because the evidence is clear,  “truth or die”.

as it is the whole world under threat of extinction. Accept the knowledge, and change what you do: whether you like it or not. Because that is: the price of continuing as life on earth. The price of keeping nature alive/ and not being consumed by “the same fire as on the sun”; as is university experimentation.   THE SUN HERE ON EARTH; which burns your skin in summer, from a radiation created 94 million miles away. USE YOUR OWN BRAIN/ MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION/ STOP BEING OVERRUN WITH “university knows: who brought you here”.

Reality knows: that all versions of media, are responsible for presenting that information/as we cannot possibly do it independently for ourselves. WORKING TOGETHER, with respect for the information/ NOT YOUR WANTS. Grants that we will at least “know the enemy”, of our lives. It is you: but more importantly it is the decisions that have been made. NO MORE MAZE OF DELUSIONS; absolute simple as it gets/ plain so that all will know: real world information, that allows for truth to decide what we can or cannot even do. REALITY KNOWS: that the living within universities, will be absolutely necessary:

as they use to be”. The people who would take an idea, “whosoever identified it”; and then work to maximize that idea in ways and materials, that benefited life and society. NO fantasy allowed; we decide/ not them.

TO benefit; OUR OWN DECISION, TO START OVER WITH RESPECT FOR OUR WORLD. Because the insanity has already gone too far. WORK FOR LIFE AND EARTH, not self; or there will be no self, because life and earth died first.

For child, for life and earth, for a future: unless you let truth guide you/ the end of our world, is truly “very near”! Because the foundations you depend upon, are nearly dead.

BY LAW, NOT WAR/ BY TRUTH, NOT JUDGMENT OR BELIEF/ BY THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AS BEST WE CAN DEFINE AND DISCOVER; CHOOSING TO KNOW, RATHER THAN FEAR/ CHOOSING TO UNDERSTAND, RATHER THAN OBEY/ CHOOSING TO LET TRUTH DECIDE; rather than let want decide for us. The first step; to a future we might survive/ if we are lucky, and mercy comes. Because every foundation, of life and world, needed for living: is under attack. NOT a game.

There are CRITICAL MOMENTS in life, and in this world: ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS IS: when Mexico city runs out of water (as many cities will soon)/ because that is what you chose. 22 million people cannot survive without water. As is: Where universities lead, in all manner of ways and things. BEFORE THE AQUIFER IS DEAD; you must make decisions for life. These are limited to reality, and truth.    And it is a “world problem”, you cannot escape.





Open your eyes: because the intellectual does, and he or she knows that the overpopulation of this planet means a crisis in everything/ as will be hell on earth. Not enough water, food, patience, anything but war until extinction. As you chose to do: with “I want/ right now: to HELL with the future”.

The universities are built upon “noise and chatter”/ deliberately trying to confuse with a maze of tunnels you are expected to go through in order to find what they are talking about. But it is like distorted mirrors, which do not give you the correct reflection of life. Like saying numbers don’t lie/ turns out “biggest liars of all”; as real world debt and inflation have bankrupted this nation; like so many others throughout history. Demand critical knowledge, not fantasies, theories, or delusion. A perfect example of that is evolution: which reality proves, “you cannot build a body of life/ just one piece at a time”; pure ignorance says “this looks like that”. Thought asks: where is your truth/ stupid replies “a billion years”/ but they have no proof at all. As truth proves; life is thought, and it is not less than the function of thought, which brings chaos into order; with values that identify what is true, by the law it creates.

So they try to: build a rocket ship to escape/ but failing that, they want a robot army to kill you at their command, failing that: they have collected every biological agent/ disease/ weapon/ whatever (as was covid; used for collecting money; so they could terrorize; to destroy nature) for killing off humanity;whenever they find a vaccine or method to stay alive for themselves. Its called self preservation/ and non-intellectuals do it, by finding places they believe will let them survive. “neither will survive”/ as extinction takes control. OUR ONLY CHOICE IS CHANGE; “massive, no you can’t” only truth decides for life and world/ no wants allowed. But you hide and run away.

As you have for the last fifty years. What you believe is worthless, truth, by the evidence: decides.

soon, the last methods and means needed to war against life; will be done/ and as China admits too: the creation of millions of robots “for war” will soon be underway (easily changed). “just like in America”/ where AI is invading your military. but hey “what could go wrong; right?”

there is NO GREATER PLACE;  “for the worst of humanity in existence to hide”; than behind, the power hungry;

closed doors of “university is god”.  How is that not true?

To establish what is true, and the price for being wrong:, in a thousand threats to our very existence!  WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG! but NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN


just like the sun; AS IS, their claim!

prove: THEIR CLAIM;  we need not be concerned about “this fire” becoming a sun/ BECAUSE there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. Claiming  “fantasy elements” they call a graviton exist on the sun; claiming the delusion; that no consumption of resource occurs on the sun; claiming fantasy after fantasy after fantasy; “as, the equivalent of;  two year old mental toddlers might”.

when they don’t even know what gravity is.

CLAIMING FUSION/ which, already proven, by scientific methods, in 2012, does not exist.

POWER however does not release power/ it attacks and proclaims YES WE CAN: to keep you away. To keep the job/ to protect the money.  But if you cannot attack this first: then demand:  the universities PROVE WITHOUT DOUBT, that their claim of evolution has any substance of value at all. because other than “this looks like that”/ they have nothing.  Because: EVOLUTION is their excuse for genetic chaos, injected into all of nature.     STOP believing; and demand truth by the evidence, we CAN prove; not your diploma.

 The world said to me, for decades: DON’T teach me nothing/ DON’T tell me nothing: JUST give me what I want to know/ that’s all. And then it was: “this is all your fault”; because you should have made me do, what I should have done; even though, reality proved, that would not happen. Today, you are told what you need to know; BECAUSE this world is dying;  and I will not accept any conclusion other than: you chose. The cost of that decision is: whatever you chose/ not me. As I did do, what could be done; for life and world/ as best I could. NOT perfect, but that is, the reality of me.

and the world of the dead SCREAM; YOU cannot defeat us, because we have the weapons to exterminate all life on earth. Which means you must now choose obedience to your fear/ or risk losing this whole earth, and every living thing that is alive or coming. And they are correct, because these threats exist. But they are not alone: and OTHER endless threats add to them; making it impossible to resurrect this living space/ back into a world that will survive: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE. CONSEQUENTLY WE KNOW; that they kill themselves and everything they want. When they try to kill us all. Death screams back: WE CAN DO IT/ we can survive. But reality knows: they cannot, unless YOU LET THEM CREATE A VACCINE only for themselves/ so they can release DISEASE ON US!  Our whole world dIes; an impossibility, with their choices/ BUT NOT with their weapons against us. They will die, but belief lets them kill us; before they know.  So, to the living world: LIFE SAYS, that you are condemned to extinction; WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE OF VALUES AND WAYS/ realities of choice. TRUTH SAYS; this world cannot be killed, unless you refuse to let truth decide; with clear judgment: “we cannot let these be wrong, anymore”. Their weapons, bought by stealing our money [the sign of a tyrant]:  must be taken away: no other path to peace or life or world, exists. World law removes their argument/ and confronts “their armies”, whether by intellect or war of another kind. LAW DECIDES, NOT YOU, is our only answer; and it does not exist: until we the world makes it so, by our vote. To identify yourselves by truth of law/ is to fight back against the hate.

In this world of “traitors, terrorists, liars, and thieves/ fools, failures, cheaters, and hate/ the curse of the “university maze” is particularly gruesome, as reality is cast aside for fantasy/ truth is depicted as a delusion/ and the imagination of what is called “devil” shapes the fate of life on earth; by installing fear/ believe/ obey; through media saturation, and school indoctrination of every child. Your world will soon be dead; because want overruled law/ pride overruled truth/ and the thirst for power, overruled “every chain of life” that exists to keep you alive. Throwing the future away, because you want “to be rich”/ even though you know, the others must then be poor; because of you.

The total insanity of a very tiny few; who are in positions of power; to do great harm in government or universities and more: are given to the reality of people who surround them: “to let this world die/ or STOP a fool, who says, I won’t care”. Because too damn late/ is literally too damn late; and our world will die. True of the lie called fusion/ the genetic mutilation of nature/ weapons of mass destruction; and so much more; as is the reality of our world; as filled by traitors and terrorists who do want life, and world; to be dead. “lock the door/ declare a moratorium/ do what you can do.” BEFORE, they do what they can do.  “that, is your choice”; for life or death of our world.   let truth decide, not rules.

DO NOT, “get lost in the maze” of university deceit: “NO ONE is entitled to threaten a world with extinction/ and that is the truth, which controls what is justice and fair play”.



The law of killing this entire CREATION OF GOD:

IS equally severe; to those who participated/ or refused to care.

HADES [eternal torture] will not.

This earth is dying because of global warming (survival means; NO you can’t). the ocean life is becoming extinct, because of you (survival means; NO you can’t). the habitats of everything are being destroyed, because of you (survival means; NO you can’t). the atmosphere will become detached, no trees left; and accelerate beyond life survives (survival means; NO you can’t). the oxygen will dissipate, and leave you breathless (survival means; NO you can’t). weapons of mass destruction will be used soon, because overpopulated demands it (survival means; NO you can’t). the theft of everything, from nearly everyone; in a war against human existence/ nature/ life/ child/ and planet; because of want, and pollution, and poisons and resources and more; (survival means; NO you can’t). the universities led you to extinction; and yet you still worship them as fools; “but that is what cult followers do”/ as are you. Proven true by covid: the biological war/ to remove nature itself from life; by adding genetic chaos; a horrifying failure of fools. But then we see in physics the reality of “believing in theories without substance or truth”; the intent to ignite this planet into a sun”; by burning the bond in atoms for heat. While the radiation alone will kill you instantly. In the race to be “the greatest Satan of all”/ the scream is: NOBODY can beat that. “winner”/ and yet the people, nor their leaders; will investigate or think for themselves; because that is not allowed in cult worship, as is “you have no right” to a brain. As is; “let us, do all the thinking; just believe/ fear/ and obey; as “good slaves” do.

In an intellectual war: the foundation of control, IS TO MAKE IT TOO EXPENSIVE, FOR YOU : TO QUIT. However reality says: what is really at stake is, the claims of the wealthy, and all the promises they hold against us all. Because all money: is just a promise, for something in return.  and when it promises SO FAR BEYOND WHAT CAN BE DELIVERED/ IT IS JUST A DELUSION!  A REAL WORLD ACCOUNTING IS REQUIRED;   IN FRONT OF US ALL, “WITH ALL LIGHTS ON”, AND NO LIES ACCEPTED.

And the people say: THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT/ WE BELIEVED WHAT WE WERE TOLD: “its all their fault”; we are innocent! But reality turns back those words to convict you: “of believing in lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and want; because you chose to sacrifice your child for greed”. Which makes you equally guilty with your cult leaders; as they could not do, what they did do/ without your acceptance of that delusion “we can all play god; if you believe”. So, you sold your world. You feared death, and want everything now: so you sold your child. You obeyed the people of the dead, who brought you into this world surrounded by threats of extinction; and remain screaming “we believe in our gods of universities”/ never once investigating the evidence of our reality; because “media sings you to sleep”, and you accept that as enough. To your shame. There is no going back in time/ no turning nature back to life/ no escaping water shortages or weapons of mass destruction/ or a world overrun by humanity/ certainly NO TURNING OFF A NUCLEAR FIRE; on this planet where everything is fuel. No accounting for a brain, that is completely worthless to life or world; because pride hides the truth, so you can scream “winner”.

your only solution:  A TRUE ACCOUNTING OF WHAT IS REAL/ THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG, ESTABLISHED BY TRUTH. in this USA;  THAT is accomplished by the law, of first amendment redress of grievances:  the authority given to WE THE PEOPLE; as our right to intervene in realities: that must be investigated, before the nation is defunct and destroyed; as is our current reality. demand no taxation will be paid UNTIL THIS LAW is provided to all the people for their own decision. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO DEMOCRACY.

DECIDE, FOR REAL (NO GOING BACK) IF:   YOU CAN ACCEPT THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG/ AND UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A GAME;   which includes all their lies; to keep you from understanding what it is they are really doing.  Such as with:  “no don’t worry”/ its just a small risk;  NOT like an atomic bomb, with 4 million times more energy released than chemical fire/ or radiation that will vaporize you in an instant! ITS JUST FIRE”/ like solar flares on the sun, said to be 12 million miles long: HELL, WHAT could go wrong?   NO, don’t worry, “the universities are god”/ right?  BET YOUR WORLD/ EVEN YOUR ETERNITY:  RIGHT? even though, they disproved fusion at Lawrence Livermore Labs in San Francisco; in 2012.

I offer you the evidence “found by universities”; that says, there is a sun circling another sun, in a galaxy far away. Since that is either a planet that has been set on fire; or a sun that has been captured; highly unlikely. It was most likely a place very much like this one: before its inhabitants, “tried to ignite fusion (let’s burn atoms for fuel)”/ as their solution.

https://www.brainfirst.info/brain-first/     well worth a look as you go down this page. 

So the critical conclusion of: WHAT CAN SOCIETY DO, TO RECOVER ITS OWN DEMOCRACY? Becomes, we must be willing to surrender the promises which cannot be kept. That includes “every billionaire” and more. Or more distinctly AS A SOCIETY: identified by “limited capitalism”: the vote to determine, the limit of income per year/ and the limit of property claims in total! IS DEFINED BY OUR PERIODIC VOTE.

OR in the case of thieves who have stolen our currency and created debts we cannot pay: that means as a nation. We will decide in REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO TAKE CONTROL OVER OUR NATION AS WE THE PEOPLE.What anyone is allowed to claim or sustain as their own “financial worth”. Because the end result of thieves took control, and insurgents claimed our government, destroying the foundations of this nation.

Either we accept the responsibility of determining what is FAIR AND JUSTIFIED, in the bankruptcy proceedings we initiate and control. Because if we don’t: our enemies hiding in plain site, will use this intellectual war against us: to finish “destroying our world”/ as they have in fact been doing. IT IS A CHOICE, and you will remember; it is not free.

I have searched: for life in this humanity (sometimes failing myself), but finding over the decades; “the potential for love”/ lives in the shadow of the valley (you cannot see beyond) called death: their weapons, “believe/ fear/ obey (as is hide me, from truth)”. The place as predicted by psalms 23 of the bible; where freedoms are dissolved, life is sacrificed to idols and images without value; until truth takes a stand against the abyss of wants; consistent with cult worship. Your refusal to stand against the death of life, by claiming “the universities cult, is your god”; is testimony against you, as a failure to life and living which cannot be sustained; not even as a world. As is proven by the evidence of your own truth. It is belief, that stands in your way/ greed that focuses on and creates “garbage mountains, and all the rest”/ the tragedy of pride “is an image”/ and the curse of failure by the power of that belief, which strangles your life. The cost of belief is: binding yourself; within the prison walls: which allow no truth, or evidence inside. Because you chose: “I want what I want/ and this is what I want”. Even if it is a lie.

A shadow, hides from the light; but is always close by. Life searches for value/ death searches for hate and its power called fear. While pride: shuts out the world, “to yell WINNER”. The quest to understand “living”: resides only in those who respect this world of miracles, where knowledge identifies truth.

THIS WORLD is governed by “the righteous”/ because they want to make the rules, which then give them the power to manipulate other people, and steal their freedoms. So they organize and hire “governmental leaders”/ who promise to give them what they want; in return for their money & vote. The rich follow with more money, to claim: we want laws to favor us, so we can take control over society itself, and all resources to make them our slaves. And the “governmental leaders” promise; you give me enough money to buy the votes I want/ and I will give you your laws. Which greatly favor the few. NO, blaming the leaders; as if they were “isolated from the rest”/ until they turn to tyranny, as is: “fear me/ because I make the power of a vote; your enemy now”.

The quest to become true, as life designs and creates it to be: stands apart from hate, to recognize that in this world of time, only the law is our friend. And it is those who enforce the law, with justice; who become our ally. What is fair play, removes the cult: because without fear, there is no need for belief/ and the consequence is, no need to obey. But in every lifetime, there is a challenge to law/ corrupted by hate rules with money/ and weapons to enforce fear. Removing these requires world law, removes the majority of weapons; so they do not endanger all of society or more. Requires the removal of primary corruption by establishing OUR JUDGMENT over the courts, by the authority to remove a judge and change our democracy as needed. To limit the influence of money, there is “limited capitalism: let all try as best they can/ but let the treasury of man and woman; include those who did their best for life and society or world. By their own periodic vote; these limits are set, to insure all have a say, in what their own future shall be.”

THE CURRENCY MUST be tied to the citizens population count! The only currency non citizens are allowed: will be different. The vote remembers: it is not the number/ but the spread between low and high income or possessions; that will determine who is rich or poor. YOU SHALL NOT REMOVE; wealth below three times more/ as most have earned it. You shall NOT allow for government employees to decide the debts, or sell, trade or other OUR PROPERTY to foreigners here or abroad: if credit must be found/ you shall create a 25% deposit of funds; before you begin. And you will insure: there are NO OVERAGES, without critical public only acceptance of that price: overage means: ALL WHO “RUN THE COMPANY” in any form; are excluded from bidding again; under or as a part of any other company or corporate name. You will hold healthcare accountable for its pricing: and examine CHANGE. You will examine WHERE the money went: with clear decisions to get back what we are owed: starting with “universities did this”. LAWS MUST BE BUILT upon these decisions: locked inside constitutional government/ BY DISPLACING OR IMPRISONING those who failed our democracy, with anarchy: “we will not obey, the constitution”.

The world of the dead, leads you into the shadows, to hide from truth and life/ “it makes you lay down in the valley”; so you cannot see beyond the fears/ it beats you into submission with belief that you cannot stop their violence; and for that humanity obeys, and turns to the cult for protection; as it has always been.

Banks and other “lending institutions of all kinds” are considered irrelevant: and WE SHALL review and decide what they shall have at the end of this change. Wall street; shall be declared dead: and will only reappear as local funding forums for local business and industry. What is DUE to foreign interests: will be decided after a fair and legitimate accounting is made. If you don’t OWN IT/ then it goes for auction: citizens only. YOUR legitimate claim is the percentage you currently own/ nothing more. GOLD AND SILVER, shall be reclaimed to create an international funding base: so that we can continue as a nation. HOWEVER it is not taken! YOU WILL be required to BUY PROPERTY with those metals: ONE TIME ONLY, for business/ one time only for a home you live in; ANYTHING left is confiscated/ and you will put it up as a total (in secret) before the auction begins. No adding in or taking away. But it will be the preferred method of payment; and as such will be given preference.

But extinction and the horrors of all the universities have done wrong: IS SO FAR WORSE, it is beyond your imagination. CHOOSE, but no going back. ONE WAY/ OR, THE OTHER; is your only choice. Because these are the consequences of those who led.

the core of it will be: that the more violent will scream NO/ because they fear losing “their excess”. While the more honest will declare YES; because we know, we simply cannot be wrong. But it will be the young who truly decide: without a world, or its resources/ there is no future, for a single one of us to live.

When the constant changes, as the weather does prove true: little time is left, for making a different decision. No, going back; life or death.

HUMANITY THEN TURNS TO DESCRIBE: THEIR CHOICE, identifies with THE LAW THAT IS A GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACT, WITH “WE THE PEOPLE” OF THIS USA. Establishing a primary legal right: to enforce compliance with our own need to know. As is the result of evidence undeniable in its threat to our world. IN THIS NATION/ this USA: all the foundations required to investigate and determine WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG; exist for life and world to examine for themselves; as is our right.

No more “believing/ no more theories/ no more university is god/ the evidence alone, as best we can; will produce: what humanity, by our own vote: will decide. There are NO EXPERTS or media or religion, to claim superiority: only truth/ only the cost of being WRONG.

Media coverage, and transmission to a world exists. Fundamental subpoena of university “experts” exist. EVERYTHING NEEDED TO EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE OF THREAT IS HERE, to prove by courtroom enforced; legal actions: the foundation upon which WE THE WORLD; shall then make our own decisions. And that means: this people WILL lead/ or they will be convicted of betrayal; to life and world itself.      WE THEN BEGIN:

Global warming will destroy life on earth, because of you. Overpopulation will destroy life on earth, because of you. The extinction of ocean life will occur, humanity will fight and starve; because of you. Habitat loss and the extinction of species, is because of you. The atmosphere will detach and accelerate, because of your destruction of forest. The oxygen content will drop, to a level you can barely tolerate, because of you, and every fire, every engine you run. All water sources are drying up, with poisons all around, because of you. Every food source is being devastated and opened to disease pandemic; because of you. Weapons of mass destruction will be used, because of you. Resource losses will assassinate your children; because of you. Pollution by the quadrillion ton; is being dumped on this earth, because of you. Fantasy money, has replaced all reality, because you want the children to pay, not you. Tragedies of every kind exist; because the foundation of “I BELIEVE” HAS replaced reality; due to the cult worshiping of “university is god”/ but has proven only to be “Satan”. And yet you do nothing to stop the descent into HELL ON EARTH, because you want what you want; and take all you can get. SCREAMING; “you can’t make me stop”, because media says I can, because as every cult proves: “you can’t question the leader”; they are “god”. And as “gods” you play the game; like CERN, and so many more; to curse this earth, by what you do.

Every form and type of catastrophe listed here: IS FUNCTIONALLY AND FUNDAMENTALLY, HUMAN CAUSED. They chose to war against life and planet, they attacked society itself with carnage, they refused to care about the future or its young, and the universities all screamed: “no consequences for us; as they continue to play god with our world”. But these are all; consequences: and that is exactly why a courtroom and its judiciary exist: to intervene when we must!. Because there is not one of these; costs of human behavior and its decisions; that is not serious, to far more life “than just you”.

Life, then turns, TO THE YOUNG, and says: the history of this world is war/ because the leaders of this world were men; and to solve their problems men turn to war. Their leadership is defined by what controls the lives of men/ their leadership is built upon, what makes men fear or obey. Their leadership is confined to men; because men are the military, and a weapon of violence/ has more authority than a weapon of society, as is money.

By counterfeiting currency, the universities built their web or maze of failures/ by hiding the tragedy of lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism under the disguise of media. But here in america, even that day is ending; as preparations for the final offensive are under way. As two old men are pushed in our faces by media and universities control:; the reality is, soon the universities will say, “we must take over now as experts”/ because these failed, so as the superior ones it is our duty. “the serpent” prepares to tighten its grip; as the reality of leadership has emptied the nation of what it needs to defend life, society, world, and nation. By indoctrinating every child for the last seventy years or so; with “the university is god”/ as the universities demanded it shall be so; and prepared all forms of weapons to do just that; by making you fear. Because in fear, the brain fails to accept reality, and only wants to believe, what it wants to believe.

To the young: they created debts for you to pay/ the old, believing they can escape without paying. They crucified resources and world; screaming “we are going to die/ take all you can get”; the sign of devil. They failed themselves, this world, their eternity, your lives, and the future of this entire planet. And now the terms are: EITHER WE STOP THE DESCENT INTO HELL, before reality passes the point of no return: or it will be extinction for us all. That is: your only choice, life or death of this planet, because they refused to care (arrogance)/ they refused to share (apathy)/ and they refused to accept life is a miracle when literally all the evidence proves that (by disrespect_and destruction/ the rape of your lives). You get no chance to wander what is right; because we are left with a dying world, and as with all death: there is NO SECOND chance to get this right. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. Simple as that. CHOOSE.

And then there is the truth: that by injecting chaos into nature, “in worship of their religion called evolution”; the living dead, are mutilating NATURE ITSELF. Because the genetic code is the building of every body of life on this planet earth. Destroying the stability of that code is death, by horrors: a true fact! Religion calls it Armageddon. The cost of more humans is: WE HAVE NO WATER for you to drink/ as every source turns to tragedy, life turns to war. Because without water, we die; in three days: so it will be extremely violent; as is the biblical reference for this called “apocalypse”. And then standing at the edge of world war 3: comes certain HELL; as will be the use of weapons of mass destruction/ because with 8 billion plus people: it really is, “kill a billion/ and there is still 7+ billion to go”; and more. A literal unbroken line of people touching people over;  8 million kilometers long.  And they all need food, water, and MORE!   “but don’t worry, that is what biological weapons are for”! once the vaccine to “protect only us” is perfected.

In contrast to that, is the truth: that the judiciary is NOT god, any more than universities are. Sticking their nose where it does not belong, again and again and again: to claim they can speak for god; and decide who dies or not. By making decisions, without the right! The law: does not grant intervention, beyond its words; and until you are a citizen: you are not.

IN REAL WORLD TERMS:  this is where democracy ends/ and ruler begin! as is the intent of “university knows, and plays god with life and world”.   as is, by their decision: “ONLY THE SUPERIOR ONES” have a say.   The lawsuits of James Frank Osterbur versus “state of IL and USA; nearly all prove, that the judiciary “changes the constitution to suit themselves/ by avoiding it entirely” (anarchy). The politician changes the constitution, and then lies:  to provide all the money they want to spend (rebellion). the US SUPREME court sold us out; to give away the rights of primary information “to the wealthy, and their own purposes”(an insurgency). The universities indoctrinate every leader; and turn them into “university cult worshipers”; as is the constant of covid (an attack). Healthcare creates a debt that cannot be paid: and then screams “let the government pay”/ instead of adjusting rates to reality (organized crime). Schooling reports suggest one quarter of all high school graduates CANNOT read (fraud and extortion). Manufacturing, business, industry, housing, banking, agriculture:  is either “foreigners own it or do it”:  and all forms of selling is combined into “just one operation owns it all”. thereby deliberately entrenching this nation into slavery (WAR against us all).  Computers/ university  want to control every job with robotics; removing humanity from their most basic form of survival:  (an invasion).  Genetics are establishing:  “just one line of each species” so they can control it EASY/ removing diversity in every sense; and putting nature itself “in the coffin” of their chaos (SATANIC). UNIVERSITIES are even trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”;  bringing that same fire here/ believing in their own lies, fantasies, and delusions:  but when asked, “what happens if you are wrong/ and this fire does NOT extinguish itself”. and they say:  “not enough gravity here/ don’t worry”. but they also say:  the sun has MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES ON IT (4 times farther than the moon)/ radiation we cannot survive.  Proving:  THEY ARE INSANE, and beyond the grip of intellectual knowledge.  proving “devil”, in our midst.

Until a body forms, it is not human; granting to the body of woman: you may choose/ but to society;  THE LIBERTY; you may also say, “once is enough”. Because truth allows that. However when clear human traits are truly visible “we all know, this”. Then the cost, “to say no, to that life”; to a potential mother then turns higher. As is society has the liberty to say: NO more! There is no validity to the claim of “extending death”; when clearly none benefit; but healthcare financially. My life/ my death, my decision: You are playing god, and it is the clear intent of torture, to inflict damage on me. To discard my choice.

WHAT is the epitaph of those who preceded you: NOT A SINGLE DUTY to life or planet would they accept/ GREED consumed them nearly all. Because whether attacked/ or the predator: life was only a game, and the universities played referee, while media “sang lullabies” 24/7; 365 days and nights a year ! The final choice is: DO BETTER, or go extinct forever.

It is noted: that the human game of life, is built upon pride. Pride is “the great enemy of life”/ because it is “all you”; and it demands, people must not believe whatever they want to believe about you; so concessions are made “to image”. Pride is built upon want, because the “raging bull”, rampaging through life to scream “its all mine”/ is a descent into selfishness and greed. Power exists through pride; and it confronts the others with fear to demand: obey me or I will make you cry. Choosing what it choose to enforce that belief. So, while you confront the elderly; about the tragedies of their choice. Remember “few are different”/ and those who are: accept, “whatever the people say, is whatever the people will say”. While universities are constantly creating the maze; which as the evidence of today proves true; is an abyss.

There is no place to hide/ on this planet where you will find no place to run: as the cost of being WRONG. Takes that away.

And humanity SCREAMS: WE DON’T want that. But reality replies: it is, what you chose!

People use gossip and ridicule; to deny, defraud, display, corrupt, manipulate, control, tempt, abuse, and use other people; by creating a prejudice against them. Or in rare cases like “university: to create a cult”; to be worshiped instead. Jealousy creates abuse, and abuse devalues humanity into judgment; which allows violence to occur. Because the brain wants, and pride yells revenge; at the sight or sign; of “loser”. As death creeps in.

All religion seeks the very same goal: to understand, the values, courage, and purposes of living with life; to construct the disciplines of love, and inherit the desire most likely to live beyond self. All religion has the same costs: to claim we are the superior ones; images are created, gossip is used, people are ridiculed for not “being like us”. Pride demands it, and power wants it to be so….but love is love, and there is no other way within the miracle called life.

It is of perhaps some value: to assist “people of a dark skin heritage”; with a simple cure for “bushy hair” if you want to change that. It seems simple enough to suggest “thinning with layers/ reduces the bulk”, and it then lays down like the others. It is much simpler than “corn rows” and the like; when image is altered. But make no mistake the gossiper “needs a conversation (anything different will do_)”/ or they must remain silent. So they will take anything, they can get; because an image is very hard to protect: “from a tongue”. Letting them say whatever they want: removes their control; and lets you be free. But the herd hates that, and will abandon you. So like many things: it is a choice, with consequences. A reality in this scenario of no real consequence; but people will make of it what they will; as is the purpose of gossip or ridicule. “to beat you down”/ so they can claim, to be more. Nations do it to nations as well!

And the whole world says: “YOU ain’t nobody”/ we don’t have to listen to you/ to HELL with you!~ media tells us what we think/ university is god; as trillions spent/ for their biological weapon, called covid proves. EVIDENCE BE DAMNED/ WE WON’T CARE. We want, what we want. LET THE CHILDREN DIE, we won’t share.

the cult wins its game”/ you get what you deserve; but not what you want.

The foundation of power and pride WILL SCREAM; NO YOU CAN’T! But, in this USA, the control of government is determined by constitutional decree. And whosoever denies that constitutional law: is to be found in contempt of our democracy. Therefore we will assess: the purpose of our democracy/ AS IS provided by the preamble of its declaration: “to accomplish this, we have united”.

The words are: “we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America”.

So then we ask: WHAT PART OF THAT IS NOT IN COMPLIANCE: WITH OUR NEED FOR REDRESS. TO ASSEMBLE AND CREATE as best we can: the information required to sustain our lives and our world/ from threats so severe; it can literally cause our own extinction? The answer is: we do own the legal right as citizens of this USA: to enforce our constitutional guarantee: of first amendment redress of grievances. As the peoples right/ and the employees duty: to insure our democracy shall not be destroyed by those who would claim: they are the experts, and alone will decide our fate. Anything less is treason: because this warning of failure and threat severity: captures the claim of death. IF WE ARE WRONG, for us all. The governmental employee HAS NO AUTHORITY/ this government (the constitution rules) has lost its authority (employees failing): UNLESS they OBEY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; as formed by WE THE PEOPLE, in protection of ourselves.

So I remind “love”; all that really matters is your own eternity.  NONE are “saviors”; just do your best for life and world, because eternity is watching. My work, to keep this world alive is done/ I did what I could do. But only GOD decides when enough is enough. The spiritual element of my life; “may have a different view” or whatever it is “that female might do”.

I do hope you survive as a world/ at least a few, but it is a finite world, and ALL people want more! tragedy is certain/ war will not end; HELL will come.

The purpose of democracy is: to rule over ourselves, by enacting laws which describe as best we can the desire to be fair to each other/ and justified in what we do.  UNFORTUNATELY: the war mongers who have attacked our lives and nation; are not going to give it back without a fight. It is “an intellectual war; hidden with diplomas”/ built with mazes to confuse, and drivel of worthless excuses. THE FIGHT to survive: MUST BE WITH LAW, or you lose everything. that action requires a “courtroom of the people”/ and the legal authority to demand that is:  Constitutional first amendment redress of grievances. The democratic proof: WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION; and our employees shall obey us. TAKING CONTROL through democracy is:  truth decides/ NOT you or your want.

I remind you once again: that this site can easily disappear/ so you should take whatever steps you deem necessary to insure it does not. another site: “copy and paste”/ pass along/ etc. another page  

The purpose of “constitutional government” is: to define a set of those laws, and enact our contract with each other, by providing the foundations upon which our government shall be bound to act or react, {as confronts, and describes, a freedom or right: amendments} or accept the will of the people is all that matters {as is the foundation expressed by our constitutional preamble}.

There is no interpretation that is valid: of our constitutional intent as a nation/ by any form of employee. BECAUSE IT IS OUR CONTRACT/ NOT YOURS. Therefore anything that does not correctly align with the critical functions of justice and fair play, with a reliance on “never to be fundamentally wrong”. Fails the test of being allowed to proceed here. The threat of insurrection is one of those failed tests; and with enough evidence of failure: it evicts the claim or test that allows for the entry into office; as our employee. Regardless of any constitutional reasoning. The protection of constitutional government; as does defend the purposes of democracy: COMES FIRST AND FOREMOST. And it is only a ratification by 2/3 of the states; that can realign what is fair and justified; to alter that.



The supreme court has no say: as their authority resides only and entirely UNDER the constitution, and NOT ABOVE IT.

Treason is the insurgent advance: which results in anarchy by dismantling the basis of defense; through actions that are distinctly known to create trouble, and a cause for “national failure” to fundamentally exist. Thereby we know: those elected, who deliberately disregard public debts to create an outrageous descent into bankruptcy is now; the only way out. Those who counterfeit assets, falsify documents, obtain compliance by fraudulent abuse of power/ or claim lies in the GDP to cover their thefts: are in fact guilty of treason. And must formally declare themselves: by the facts of what they did or did not do.

INSURRECTION: is the point of turning from laws that bind our nation together: into riots which then lead the people to the cost of civil war; as their only hope. Even suggesting that civil war is an option: does make the rebel in charge, guilty of treason. And those who hide these facts from public view: are aiding and abetting the enemy of this USA.

The decision is then: what is justified for the purpose of protecting the constitution and life in this society. What is fair, in reference to NO special treatment shall be offered to anyone. Which means the individual has no say: in what is or is not; the critical value of this society. ONLY WE THE PEOPLE BY OUR VOTE, on the constitution itself; can do that. Anything less; is a matter of redress: THIS DECISION IS OURS/ NOT YOURS. And that shall not govern an election/ because redress is a matter of law and rights/ NOT INDIVIDUALS. Redress, is an assertion of oath: did you or did you not, accept the role of defending this nation under its constitutional government; by doing the best you could to insure the values we put forth in that contract to unite us all. Held the authority to decide/ not you. If there is doubt: then you failed.

at just one percent rise: the entire population of this USA nation is BEING added to this world: every 4 years or so.  BUT hey;  media does all your thinking for you.  Now ain’t that right?    They wouldn’t let you fall into a trap, or die:  just to keep the universities safe?  “would they”?  Of course not;  “their BIG BRAIN” knows everything/ and of course you don’t need to know nothing;  as animals to be slaughtered, livestock has no rights. The reality: 8 billion= 8 million kilometers, of people standing one meter apart/ more than one person on every acre of agricultural ground/ with all life in the sea, threatened by extinction you have caused. YOUR GAME, is dead: consequences exist. at one percent (ONE MORE, per hundred people):  “another, nearly;  quarter of a million more mouths to feed each day”.  And population rise; has been recorded just under 4 percent in history.   SO:  HOW MANY ACRES:  DOES IT TAKE TO FEED JUST ONE, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR?  go find out.

The foundation of everything human is: “that we can only do, for our lives, our living, and our world; what we honestly can do; as is then the distinction of my own decision”. This is a world of the dead, because you live on lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, and add terrorism to the mix of complete disrespect for all miracles in our existence: that too is a choice, defined by your want to play and live like gods on earth (no consequences for me). But as the evidence of long term arrogance and apathy has proven: reality returns with truth, and the consequences of all that you did do: is horrendous. BUT, it is not your choice to simply surrender this earth/ nor all its life; to failure; even though the curse to fix it all; will prove the cost, will be high. It is not over/ till its over; and none should ever forget that. Do what you can legally do: as that is the best anyone can do. As with me, even after roughly fifty years. Or, as with me throughout the decades: “even if I wanted to desperately help a child”/ that would have resulted in consequences for the parent; and I could not take that child away. Same is true for you: no matter how much better you might be able to do. You must not “play god”/ humanity is its own enemy; and that means it is humanity that must change itself; or the best you can do, is: “what you can honestly do”. Trading places comes with endless consequences beyond what you expect. Those who want to run away, are blind and foolish; because our entire world will be lost/ you too! Our only option: is to join hands, so to speak; and live as truth decides we can do this/ as best we can.

The child does that; by understanding his or her only option is to mimic the parent, abandoning choice/ so as not to be abandoned and survive. YOUR OPTION is to use the law, that is we all decide to do this/ and thereby we the people can in fact enforce that decision upon our employees who claim to lead. But in fact simply abuse and use (we want); us, to hide the betrayal of power (judged) and pride (superior/ you are then nothing) upon us all.

And all the men said: WAR is the answer/ we can kill them. But reality knows: that each year another 80 million more must be killed/ JUST TO REMAIN at this level of population. And all the women said: YOU CAN’T tell us what to do/ we won’t listen; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT TOO. But reality replied: either accept the limits and boundaries of our truth, or extinction will come; after HELL ON EARTH has finished with you. This EARTH IS FULL; and it cannot sustain any more increase in people: as you know, “this is a finite world/ and there is no more”.

But don’t worry: aquifers cannot run dry, right/ food supplies are “never ending” right/ what could go wrong with mutilating nature and wrecking all its defenses? HELL, we all know men don’t turn to WAR as their answer; right? Don’t worry, “you can eat your children”/ they won’t care; RIGHT? WAKE UP, TO YOUR REALITY! FIND A DAMN BRAIN AMONG YOU, and stop worshiping the universities as god: did they NOT bring us here? Indeed they did.

The reality however is: that without truly “hot and cold areas to create turbulence, on the planet: the atmosphere, bands” and then becomes a river of water that does not exist beyond this banding area. Proving tragic to life and world. Because 8+ billion people release heat + everyday of every year of every decade. A living human line: 8 million kilometers long. Using oxygen beyond what the planet does provide, and all the rest your vehicle needs or releases too.

And all the people say: WE NEED A LEADER TO ORGANIZE US/ OR, we have an excuse; because we cannot stand against an army all by ourselves. Your army is the law of our society.

Reality replies: IT IS THE LAW, THAT MUST LEAD YOU: THE DECISIONS OF SOCIETY, THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF DEMOCRACY; that entitle you to enforce what is already your leader, as proven by constitutional demands upon our employees, in this USA/ and this state of IL. Removing your excuse.

So the reality is: you are already organized, and the law is your leader; and the only thing missing is your own democracy; the essence and truth of WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation and state. But you hide instead, and run away from the law screaming: I GOT bills to pay/ I want what I want/ YOU DO IT; because I don’t want to pay, “absolutely nothing”.  Either stand, or fall; forever destroyed:  EVEN to the eternal consequences of a life.  CHOOSE?

In this America, little is more true than “what fools you are”! Utterly destroyed of values/ shamed into delusions/ confused by fantasies/ overrun by the claims of university is god; cheated, gutted, and spit out by worms/ vomited upon by traitors who stole all your money/ terrorized by Satan worshipers, who want you dead/ and run in a maze of only failures live here, as rats in a university experiment; to see if they can actually make you slaughter yourselves with propaganda forced down your throat; like everything else. To your shame: the venomous snake of government, lives to deceive you: trading all your manufacturing to China, in exchange for toys/ trading your ports to Saudi Arabia/ Healthcare to anyone who wasn’t born american/ got to search the world, for someone to lead “university”/ last of the steel to Japan/ agriculture to mexico/ the railroad next to here belongs to Canada/ the water rights nearly all belong to Germany/ most of entertainment and media and government: belong to the counterfeiters. And all you have to show for a nation lost is: numbers without meaning/ because you believe in bribes, not reality. And they scream: “we can go buy a car/ or whatever we want: so its real”. But there are so many numbers/ and so much debt: “with the drop of a hat”/ your entire financial world flows down the sewer; and it is 1929- [go ahead add it up/ just from 2000 till now] facing a world that sees only world war 3: the execution of life:  in its future. Because there ain’t nothing but thieves, liars, traitors, terrorists, and death waiting in your grave. FIND OUT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! Because you don’t know nothing/ as is proven by a media; who gives you nothing but hate (make them cry/ DON’T tell them nothing, they need to know. Even, if they don’t want too know).

As all the parasites scream: NO NO NO; DON’T let reality come and take my “good life away LIE DAMN YOU LIE”/ MAKE THE CHILDREN DIE; they don’t have a future anyway.  UNLESS TRUE CHANGE EXISTS;  by making reality and truth return to govern all our lives.

WAKE UP: and find your nation back! THAT MEANS: IDENTIFY “THE LAWS”/ the reason FOR: UNITED STATES; that then, make you, you.   FIND BACK: WHAT DOES UNITE US/ and throw away those who divide and separate us into FAILURE, LIES, CHEATING, THEFT, BETRAYAL, TERRORIZM, AND EVEN WORSE;  as is covid (biological warfare released “by university”).

its called the LIBERTY TO DECIDE, AS WE THE PEOPLE”, by our own vote, as a nation/ not the insanity, of making a nation bow down to you (the university way); the insurgent, don’t like it; get out.

Stop being led down their maze of insanity and disgrace; and enforce what is true. Rather than letting the dead scream in your face/ as is, ALL OF THIS: born of university, and their diploma/ THE DEAD MAN’S HAND. Or they will finish “cleaning your bones”/ and use them for toys.

And all religions say: WE DON’T have to do nothing/ because  “GOD” is our slave, HE will clean up every mess we make/ and treat us like KINGS;  “because we own a book, men created; in their own language”. Even so:   ETERNITY IS WATCHING, and there are no second chances for this world. What you do, or fail to do:  decides your fate, as all life and earth come to the conclusion of: “its true”.

THERE IS NO LIFE, IF THERE IS NO WORLD; the gamble your leaders are playing. There is no future for nature without genetic stability; the curse of universities play god and continually inject chaos across this earth. There is not even a planet; if the universities ignite the bond of atoms into an atomic fire “just like the sun”. Their excuse: NOT TO WORRY, not enough gravity here, so the “million mile long fire”; will just extinguish itself. Now don’t you feel safe; “as a baby tucked into its covers; by media knows and reports everything you need to hear”!

While the critical curse is strictly about hate/ the reality is different groups are targeted to achieve “an enemy” we can all hate; as is called prejudice or “yes we can”. The consequence of that is: that “Nazi” is a general term used to designate the dog pack of human society; that wants to participate in that hate, and turn to predator instead of life. “hitler”, merely a designation now used to identify a leader who wants, to use murder to enforce his will on the rest. Or the world is filled with “now Israel and its holocaust against Palestine”/ because they were thrown out decades earlier; and had to search the world for a new nation; which they tried to make Germany into Israel; and suffered major casualties because of it/ as is now Palestine. Or more specifically: hate is a horde r/ and time will not heal it; because people use an enemy, to give their life a meaning. I will pay them (him, her, whatever) back. So you can’t just wave a magic wand; and make hate go away.

But you can refuse to let hate organize into an army/ and the most effective method of doing that is to remove the leader/ dogs don’t form into a pack, without a leader to lead them. LAW REMOVES THE LEADER/ because it is OUR DECISION NOW/ not theirs. But that makes the decision to control the leaders with law, an international decision: which does not let leaders inside to contaminate. Only the law leads now/ same as with religion: the book of law is our guide. As with religion, it is their own specific book; which makes them stable. Or, “now we know”/ even if its wrong.

In the greater truths of life: comes the impact of our leaders, on both living and life in this society, and in this world. Because the herd of animals, will always want more/ and they create leaders to get more/ so the leaders promise those who are screaming or voting: that I will get you more, in order to be leader. But hidden behind the headlines of propaganda; are the realities of people whose lives were cursed, and sacrificed: to the great god cult of university; as covid was used to disrupt and destroy their lives;  without any proof at all/ other than “you must pay TRILLIONS” BECAUSE we say so/ giving us access and free rights; to buy & then mutilate nature; “by mass production means”. MEDIA shouted “30 people in China are sick/ and 3 weeks later: “ITS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC”/ THAT REQUIRES TRILLIONS PAID; to “the universities: are god”.  WITHOUT MEDIA: THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!  WITHOUT NEWS SCREAMING 24/7/ 365: WE DON’T PAY TRILLIONS, and unleash the crucifixion of every species of every  life on earth>  to the great gods of “university knows”.   who live, to play god over your world!

It is, a core element of life: that it is belief that makes a thief, liar, traitor, terrorists, judge of power, righteous, etc. Because what you believe is then the authority who gives to you the right; to do the things you do. While want leads the herd of human animals to trample and distress the others who stand in the way; by whatever means possible. It is the game, of pride (what the others think of me: “I am”!): that leads to revenge, and its companion of hate. As is “winner/ loser”. The conclusion of time: is the summary of your own truth. While the essence of your own eternity is defined by what: “was your love”. Because in the volumes of eternity; “nobody, desires to live with hate”/ while animal, fails life itself. Thought is an essence, of our existence; animals behave, rather than think.

Hate does not need or want “an authority” to make the decision/ they are the judge; because “they know/ lies are welcome here”. While love makes no decision with regard to judgment or authority; only truth can live here/ only truth owns the right of authority. Animals turn to whomever is their leader/ as is the constant of a cult (we want what we want); even when its hidden in other things.

The tragedy of life: “is like my parents did do”/ asked, what is “their spiritual truth”; I answered, “change a little”. But pride took control (the herd meant more: come play with me/ a primary cause of excessive weight gain. We want to be more like them/ than you), and instead of change; each tried to discredit or find a solution; which made me less: than simply true to myself, to my desire for an eternity with “GOD”. It was unfortunate, in so many ways. Pride is an enemy/ want is an abyss/ power returns to you, the judgment you made. Failure as is a lie/ fool as is a fantasy/ traitor as is want rules now/ terrorists, playing god/ Satan as is: kill them all. Removes life, to demand death. Because you made that choice. It was a decision, with consequences. The critical lesson is: HOW BEST, to create an experience of life in society; that enjoins everyone “to play with me (I am not alone)”? begins with school, family, work, etc.

It is, an essential reality of life and living; that people have a limited amount of energy and time to participate with others. Because life is simply like that. The consequence being: that small groups form, so that time and energy can be spent among them. If not included in that; it is because life is limited by reality, and if they share with you, that means someone in the group will lose their own place and time and experience of acceptance. So they don’t invite you in; unless you have something unique to offer. “not so much about you: rather, just how it is”..

Out of that malaise, comes the inevitable criminal fraud and theft which is to use the sanctity of position: for what is corrupt, and conspiratorial: so as to provide to your own collation of partners: what they want/ while hiding the cost of that criminal act so the people who must pay, are unaware of what you have done. People become leaders: “to make the rules”.

Altering the money supply, by claiming assets which do not exist; to raid the elderly of their securities. Claiming a GDP which does not exist so as to hide the truth of what income has been raised: to lie, cheat, and steal from those who provide credit. Creating debts which cannot be paid, in order to make the children pay, instead of those who took control away from them. Are all fundamentally criminal acts of violence; to the nation itself. While the politician says: “we had to do it/ people were crying out”. The reality is: if extra money does not flow/ then changes must be made; or people will take less; because that is all there is. People hide their failures, in leadership: “by changing the rules”.

But that is not what leaders do; because the herd wants more/ and so long as the middle majority are not attacked; and receive their bribe of “let me lead”. They all look away, and hide their eyes from the truth of what they are doing to enable lies, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, failure, and fool to do. All SHOUT: WE WANT/ DAMN YOU, GIVE US WHAT WE WANT. While every child screams: YOU ARE KILLING US ALL. Because that is the truth of consequences; rather than the honor of making choices that are fair. When leaders are confronted with lies won’t work anymore: they commonly turn to war/ as the solution most likely to redirect their society; to staying alive instead.

The list, “of unintended consequences” for the majority of decisions/ is like the man who recently ravaged through the outer buildings of where I live; in a search for robbery. The breakage and scattering of everything; was initially thought to be the work of a raccoon which lived in the building most damaged (couple days to put it back together or so). Which caused me to “send the raccoon away/ even though I knew that was not common to raccoon behavior. Sending the creature away, and locking the building so he had no home; even though animals are nearly all extinct from here; and I did not intend that. Made me re-evaluate the truth of what had been done to realize: “just another thief” was here. Same is true of society itself; as there are those blamed, who are not guilty. People are treated badly; because they were not given the benefit of the doubt; when clearly, “should have known”. But sometimes; we are just not willing to believe: even when we know; “humanity did it”. Finding what is true/ NOT what you believe; is elementally the primary work of life. The critical question is: are you stealing to survive honestly/ or are you stealing “for want”? Because the cost of this was: likely to be the creature did not survive in this area, to find another home: “because of you”. And humanity says: “we don’t want no damn raccoon anyway”! But consuming this entire earth, for what humanity wants: becomes extinction of us all. As the evidence shows; will be true/ by every dumpster you fill, every poison you dump, pollution you cause, crisis or terrorism you allow; which even includes mutilating and crucifying nature itself. To your shame. Alas, “no nature/ no you”.

I will remind society once again: that lead contamination, and human misery from it. When millions were unaffected: the methods being used, were realistic. The primary cause of lead damage; is by one simple truth: until the last twenty years or so, food cans were soldered to improve the seal. Which did work fine; until people heated these cans on fire, instead of in pots (to avoid cleaning). Which caused the lead to soften and leach into the food; which then damaged the lives of those who ate it. The proper method of avoiding cleaning: IS TO HEAT THE can of food in a pot of water. “simple, as that”. Today’s version of unintended consequences: genetic mutilation, food supply crucifixion, chemical contamination, poisons everywhere, pollution’s everywhere, atomic fools, destruction of life and planet:  EVERYWHERE;  “what could go wrong? you tell me. and the universities say: “change the rules”: no problem now. just insure media propagates “what we want the people to believe”. 

So, I am going to ask: one simple question. Because through the decades, I have tried dedicated evidence, critical conception, fundamental values, the criminal conduct of people in charge, law, and everything else; that should have had an effect on humans; but did not; because “believers, can never be turned from their belief”. Which is why they believe: the argument is over; “what I want/ won”.  Alas, “only truth is alive”/  want is not. Not even if you believe.

The question is:  if time  (energy, governed by law, in use), is  our only presence or evidence of life, here on earth!     Then what is: your choice to die,     when reality proves: only truth can survive?     Can’t have both:  LIFE OR DEATH.         Simple as that.       alas:   “It is not a game”.

They are people: “just like the courts”; university worshipers, cult ridden addicts who cannot conceive of justice, fair play, or the value of any life on earth/ but their own, and of course “the cult of universities know everything”. The nation dies: as reality moves into the bedroom of sexual perversion (death walkers: “who gives a damn”) is all that the nation has left. REDRESS IS: YOUR ONLY SOLUTION!         to examine and decide: WHAT AMERICA DOES STAND FOR/, WILL FIGHT FOR:   by our own vote.

Or more distinctly: living requires us all to make the choices that will determine our future. The simple truth is: YOU MUST consider the consequences of every choice you make: because “a small battle now”/ can derail in one way or another: the foundation truth of what you desire most. Or more simply: fighting for what is yours/ must sometimes be thrown away: “for what is ours”. As is planet, nature, future, nation, hope, truth, values, and the disciplines needed to know: THE LAW IS OUR ANSWER. War of any kind, is not/ because on this finite planet: that you have already torn apart “for nothing”: 8+ billion people screaming more: 24/7/365 days a year for what each hopes will be one hundred years: CANNOT SUSTAIN THIS DESTRUCTION OF EVERYTHING. AND YOU KNOW, “that is true”.


And the humanity of this world says: WE DON’T WANT TO PAY NOTHING! But we do want to save our home, from extinction. But like every other lie of universities: THAT IS NOT TRUE TO LIFE OR WORLD: there is only one choice left.    YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL.

So the choice is: are you going to search with honesty, for what is true/ the price for being WRONG? Or not (let the world die_)? Because that is your only real world choice, for changing every threat which surrounds you now.   NO CHANGE:  means EXTINCTION is certain.

And the world of humanity says: “every excuse it can find”/ because at the foothill of a mountain of human caused garbage is here. They all want to escape what is true. But if you do: “this world will end”/ because that, is what you chose.

YOUR DECISION is: MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY, MAKE THEM DIE: FOR WHAT THE ADULTS DID DO. WHY? Because as with every form of reality in this USA; the public screamed to every politican: LIE/ DAMN YOU LIE; DON’T make us pay what we owe.

“the turds who play god” will scream: he ain’t nothing/ a useless piece of shit. While religions will scream: WE DON’T WANT NO CHANGE, we should not have to do anything. The women will shout: “we CAN’T trust no one”/ this ain’t our fight or die moment! But the evidence will prove: pay the price of survival, which is let truth itself decide/ not your want. Or you will go extinct as a world. Because all the realities of what universities chose for you, and you worshiped them for: explain you have no chance to survive, at all. Without true, and absolutely real CHANGE: TO LIFE COMES FIRST, AND THIS EARTH IS EQUAL TO THAT; which refuses want, destroys the delusions of pride, and removes the fantasy of power. and stops “the university cult”! So that you can survive; “if allowed, by mercy through respect”. This ain’t no game; the consequences are HELL (we cannot survive, our world is dying),CANNIBALIZED (there is nothing left for us to survive), INSANITY (the chaos of world war without end), EXTINCTION (everything has been destroyed, including ourselves; as weapons of mass destruction will prove true); in that order. CHOOSE!

Destiny is the search, for an environmental awareness of life is happy here. While the constant of human ambition is to “get everything you can”/ the reality of it with 8 billion+ people all trying to get everything they can: is very simple. THIS IS A FINITE WORLD, and your ambitions; apathy to life itself/ arrogance against life itself/ and complete disrespect for the miracles that are living creation. Are evidence totaling into the cost of extinction is you: as is you did this to our world. To avoid that truth: PEOPLE WANT TO FIGHT/ because that removes thought, the testimony of life itself.  To create chaos: the testimony called “I DON’T CARE/ people choose war.  Screaming: Leave me alone/ I won’t pay nothing (winner). Which is why politics become a game/ and lies turn into war: and traitors betray us all when they refuse to confront and participate in what is true. Corrupting the courts to refuse justice/ colluding with media to deny truth/ conspiring with politics: “to hide reality, in games we play instead”.  But the world is different now:  too many people to continue without respect.

That is a constant of human existence, and its mayhem of animal behaviors. LIFE REQUIRES TRUTH TO SURVIVE! It is that simple. The consequence is; people who hide from the truth, to disguise their failures, as is the historical constant of men: end up with war. Because the lies cannot sustain life/ and humanity does not want to accept their games are over: until the cost is so high, that all are willing to stop believing war is our answer. But as animals: memory is short, and the next generation follows down the very same road as did their elders. The difference of today is: you have all but killed this earth/ and threaten extinction in “a thousand different ways”. Because as animals, you just don’t care/ refusing to share/ and fail respect in every possible way. Animals rather than human alive by the grace of love: proven true, by your acceptance of evolution/ perhaps the most blatant lie, and complete fabrication of fools; as has ever been. Yet humanity wants it: to remove the conception of judgment, for what you did do wrong/ or as the universities scream “no consequences for me”. But like every form of animal decision: they are, truly wrong.

So we all as a world DO STAND ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION, TODAY; as is the evidence of our lives and our world. Asking one single question of human existence on this earth: WILL YOU/ OR WILL YOU NOT; IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG? So that at least an effort to save life and earth may begin; without the deceit driven by fools, failures, and imagination are all we need. That decision revolves around: PROVEN EVIDENCE. And proven evidence cannot be found unless we do all participate in proving “this is, the best we could do”/ and all should accept or ask for change based upon reality. So that our decision for life or death; as a planet struggling to survive, must do. Too late is worthless/ wrong is deadly and in this case Satanic/ the value of life, is intended to be happy; not drowned by pride, power, or want. But happy, as is the gift of miracles: describes you too.

So to illuminate and create the foundation for this decision as a world: the critical testimony of WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT IS WRONG, BY GOING TO COURT, TO PROVE THE EVIDENCE. DEMAND EACH WITNESS. PUNISH WHEN NECESSARY. And do that for ourselves, because our leaders are too busy protecting their lies, failures, and crisis of stupidity leads here: that they cannot.

THEREFORE IN THIS USA: THE DEMAND AND LEGAL RIGHT; TO AUTHORIZE OURSELVES AS JUDGE AND JURY: in these matters: is built upon redress of grievances/ a first amendment law of this United States of America.


ANARCHY colored          ANARCHY black

Your decision is to understand this is the law we demand for ourselves by democracy controls this nation: to prove democracy exists. Causing us all to say: we will then protect ourselves; from those who have proven they cannot do so, for us.

WE ARE, “the living”/ and that makes us caretakers of this island of life, in a universe of wasted space. Our earth is so far beyond the realities of any planetary rock we know of: as to be, “beyond imagination”. And yet “we the world” of humanity; are killing this place; because you refuse to care. You have no respect for miracles of life and earth. And you believe, “nothing is superior to you”/ as is the universities way.

Our earth will soon teach us; of your failures. Our nature will soon teach us of your tragedies in pure disgrace. Our world will soon collapse, because of all you destroyed with arrogance; and the corpse, that is “fools in charge”. Rather than life. Truth survives/ and yet nearly all lie. Work is a reality of existence/ and yet nearly all steal/ balance, discipline, and order translate the values of our heart, to the ascension of happiness, as is found in peace, through justice, fair play, and equal treatment to all. Yet your desire is hate, the power to judge and pride, making games your living, and want; as is “nothing truly matters, but me”. In death: you will know, “how untrue” that is.

Time has run out: you must change this human caused crisis, on this world/ or die. As life cascades into the descent called extinction. Truth decides/ not your beliefs.  There will be “no going back”/ no second chance/ no claim for mercy:  this is your time to change, today/ not “tomorrow”, which will fail to come if you   don’t.

In this USA: 1.66 TRILLION dollars spent by congressional federal employees is equal too: $16,600.00 per each of one hundred million workers. Does not include any other tax/ your cost of living; etc. but it is necessary to support Ukraine in their efforts. The intellectual maze of government betrayal; does not allow for identifying correctly how many real world workers there are. Www.USdebtclock.org NUMBERS mean: “we can just add zeros (counterfeiting assets to hide the truth)”/ because nobody cares; wall street is great; right! Whereas debts which cannot be paid steal from every child; a future lost. Bankruptcy bears a cost: but so does extinction, for allowing lies to lead/ fantasies to decide/ and delusion to say, “all we need is imagination, and numbers (in accounting; biggest liars of all)”. Difference in asset numbers since year 2000:    $530 trillion dollars increase.  $2.3 trillion dollars of inflation averaged over 23 years; per one hundred million workers is $23,000.00 each rise in income per year ($529,000.00 per each over 23 years) DID YOU GET YOURS: BECAUSE SOMEBODY GOT IT; much more; such as “one dollar/ can get you fifty dollars” to gamble with in “wall street”![beware the margin call]. Then we can add in all the debt spending (federal/ state/ county/ more) on top of that; most of which goes to “university spending; as was covid”. WHAT is military spending: who gets the money:  so search! And the news media makes sure: the only thing you know is federal debt (focus here): which is strictly OVERSPENDING, by congress; beyond tax collection. Real debts include much more.   WHERE DID IT GO?  90% TO university spending/ or the banks to cover and hide:   “NOW we can give the nation itself/ to WHOMEVER we want”/ buy an army/ give away a nation;  and much more:  because the people BELIEVE!  debts mean:  they are stealing from the young/ inflation means: they are stealing from the old!

Where does the gold you buy come from? “fort knox” is empty!  BANKRUPT the nation (just like trump and biden today)/ sell them out (take the easy way, like Obama, Clinton, and others) and get nothing: “it was the Reagan solution”/ let fear guide your way, like G bush jr/ and the scum rose to suffocate and control media  DEMANDING say hurrah (let the nation die); “they knew/ I told them: consequences”. and all agreed:  “we won’t care”.America Labor Shortage U.S. percentage of incarceratedHomelessness grew in 2023Bankruptcy rate rise 13 percentBankruptcy ratesBankruptcy rates

One such element of identifying our purpose as a nation is: according to the US constitution article 3 section2. 1. the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising UNDER this constitution….[they have NO given power OVER the constitution itself]. That is the law. Ratification of the constitution; is by constitutional demand/ ¾ of the states/OR the people through redress of grievances can change it by ¾ voting majority.  WE ARE THE OWNERS, and it is our contract, with each other, that unites us all. BUT judicial oversight cannot, nor can ANY congressional action!

IF YOU CAN GATHER THAT MANY VOTES: then WE THE PEOPLE; CAN by law; decide, “guns/ abortion/ real investigation of “our reality”/ and more.

As to the second amendment: GENOCIDE exists, when one side learns, the other side has “futile weapons”/ with no real chance to defend itself; as did happen to the American Indians. LIKE IT, or not; reality knows the truth. “university knows: wants you dead”.

And all the people say:  “we want what we want:   but we want to live, more than we want to die”. Which is the decision: to let truth decide!

One of the worst things in the world you can be, “is a believer”! That is NOT AN ATTACK on religion; but identifies the cost of believing as enclosing yourself behind prison walls; to keep any other construction of reality or truth out! You believe in universities as “god”/ you believe in USA cannot die/ you believe that mutilating nature will be a benefit; and ten thousand more: which are in reality, by the truth of consequences; absolutely untrue. As with poisons begun decades ago: “it ADDS UP”, just like plastics and more. The claim that nature will deal with it, falls into the grave, with each believer, as reality proves: you chose/ NOT nature.

The price of freedom, is life; and life is a gift. So the critical question is: how does living interfere with freedoms? The answer is: people want, jealousy erupts, pride follows, and power judges; so as to prove “I CAN be god, in whatever form, over you”. There is no greater freedom than thought, but that exists only in truth; because truth creates the laws of life, and the foundations of our existence follow that lead. Gender elements DIVIDE those laws and foundations; to become the balance of what we can or cannot be, by trusting in truth; as one life, rather than two. Life arises from that balance, but living is a tragedy of human want decides.

I find within myself, a combination of male and female; but not by my own design:  this is a search for answers, in a fight for life and world. An integration of time (male) and the spiritual world (female), that understands: the answer of men to every problem is war/ while the answer known to women, has to be law; because they cannot enforce a greater physical strength. So the critical question is: HOW do men live within the law? Answer: By ending the game; of who can win?

Reality says to me: that I stand at the pivot point, unable to leave; of male or female truth; to help you understand, as best I can. Because this world needs both.

NO, “tainted evidence/ theory/ or fantasies”! NO, experimentation as is “playing god”! NO, fundamentally destroying the future of life or earth: reality must decide! NO, claiming to know, no cult worshiping universities as god! NO, allowance for superiority/ which includes the take over of life and nation or world; by a tiny few! NO evading the consequences of our choices! NO allowance for leadership, LAW will decide: as we the people/ we the world demand this should be! NO, letting money decide: the best we can/ remembers to enforce that will require limited capitalism! NO, risking life; by letting universities mutilate genetics! NO, finishing: let the world die/ to HELL with every child! NO, more fantasy money or debts! NO, more of indoctrinating every child/ NONE of religious worship as is evolution! NO, “let the children eat our shit”/ by destroying every resource/ polluting everything! TRUE population controls, and reduced national boundaries to insure: we CAN enforce that on you. NO, weapons of mass destruction or excessive military of any kind: WORLD LAW instead/ we the world enforce it. “and a thousand more” as you begin to grow out of insanity rules over you. LIFE is a choice/ not a game.

IT IS, “ a VERY different” kind of life, to let truth decide! “no more sewage runs the show; because the show is DEAD. REALITY decides.

LIFE is a mixture of hope, trust, respect or lies, dignity or theft, traitor or truth. The end result of it is, who we are; because this is “my choice”/ or the cost of what has been forced. Critical to democracy is: NO MAN OR WOMAN IS “the government”/ not a single one.Because our constitutional contract with you is: you are employed, and we accepted you for this work: because you swore to uphold our decisions as a nation (preamble, ,,,). Critical to trust is: that no one is allowed, to make my decision for me/ not a single one: it is mine/ not yours! Critical to respect is: that we all understand, by the evidence we can form a true decision for ourselves/ but tainted with lies, what is evil lurks and defiles us all. The dignity of “my life/ my work/ our future”; is betrayed by those who claim “an imagination is all we need; as is the mantra of: university knows”. Critical to our survival is truth; because only truth aligns with reality to protect our lives; and there is no greater truth: than NATURE brought us to life, and gave us this world to live in; by Creation of thought did this! Because nothing less can. Which proves that evolution is, as with all intellectual terrorism (hidden behind the curtain: OF true manipulation proves; we are god); “the worst that evil can be”.    THEY HIDE, behind control of the court; to insure:  “no one questions the cult of university rules”.

As to elections: they do not work! LAW WE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: DOES. As to candidates: to prove what is true, separate them from their staff, etc. and make them write exactly what they will write for themselves: to the questions you will ask, as the public designs. These are then THEIR COMMITMENTS to the future, of this nation or state; the chain that binds them to your vote.

A PRIMARY FIRST QUESTION: would be, state your position on WORLD LAW, versus let weapons of mass destruction, and their leaders; decide?           another is:

The great disgrace of this USA is: the complete downfall of currency and respect for reality: bankrupting us all/ surging against us all/ creating an army to rebel against us all, by destroying democracy itself: yes or no? Account for “truth in numbers”/ not fantasy, as is “fake news”; distributed to us all instead. One place to start is: www.usdebtclock.org (prove them wrong).

Prove evolution/ prove covid/ prove fort knox/ prove a value to US education for us all/ prove healthcare is fair/ prove every threat of extinction is false. Prove media kept us informed for democracy; as is we the people NEED to know/ rather than cult worship of university, cannot be questioned.  STATE YOUR POSITION, AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS IMPORTANT, in each of these things.

Those who fail “TO PROPERLY” comply; with our right to know/ will be removed from the ballet; replaced by another. NO ONE is exempt, and that includes any current office holder; this is “another job”/ it is not yours.

There is no greater fraud: to the cause and truth of democracy, than the US SUPREME COURT/ and its descending demand upon the judiciary;  “only power will rule this land”.

THE CORRECT DECISION IS; does this decision we are asked or REQUIRED to make: fit the law of our constitutional decree, and its primary elements of democracy; that prove our oath to this nation? If not, it cannot stand/ but if it does, you shall indeed enforce the decisions which united us as WE THE PEOPLE..

Primary to the work of life versus death as a world: is the understanding of a choice, that will end. Because time demands it. I did what could be done for you/ without your help. Truth says: it is, YOUR TURN to make a difference, so this earth can survive/ so this living world can be saved. I help those who do that work; the rest have no value to life as a world. Not judgment: just reality.

The CRITICAL WORK: in this USA, is first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (the demand, we the people will decide now; by investigating what is, or is not true/ and the cost of being WRONG)! “our right/ our authority/ our nation/ our choice; by constitutional LAW; as is the foundation of this democracy. Enforcing that law; requires civil disobedience: our employees MUST OBEY OUR LAW, or they have no authority over us/ and have been identified as insurgents, in open rebellion against this United States of America; as is anarchy, and treason. NOT, we won’t pay the tax/ BUT, WE CHOOSE NOT to discard the evidence of this invasion, and demand proof: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW SHALL RULE. The test of that law HAS gone through the courts; and they discarded it:  which includes the US supreme court; by denying the constitution exists. A true act of defiance; “only power” rules here.

STAND UP FOR EACH OTHER: AND DO NOT LET CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: “FOR THE PURPOSE OF REDRESS”; be used to punish the individual/ instead of forcing our employees: TO OBEY our law. WE ARE, “THE OWNERS HERE”!  THE RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES;  from all enemies; which includes fraud and failure/ lies, theft, and cult worship of university; is an absolute. BY LAW: WE LEARN THE TRUTH, COST OF BEING WRONG.    it is, our only salvation; from extinction.  UNITE, AND FIGHT LEGALLY: for your nation.

THERE IS NO PROTECTION FROM PAYMENT OF HONEST TAXATION! This is DEFEND (no penalty is due) OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: TO LEGALLY IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, COST OF BEING WRONG; AND DEFENSE OF OURSELVES. TO DECIDE BY OUR OWN VOTE! IF we must take control over our government: NOW. TO REDEFINE THE LAWS, TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM AND RIGHTS. TO DEFEND against those who use power, instead of democracy:  against us all.  Those leaders, who have failed, shall NOT rise again!

They have literally as proven by every court case in constitutional law (James Frank Osterbur) and more; THEY DO BLOCKADE DEMOCRACY by leaving us only the one thing we do have control over: which is paying their claim of tax. THEY HAVE blockaded me from the courtroom; both state and federal. The last attempt; “they both abruptly changed their mind: and it reeked of a trap/ while reality proved true: “they can lock you up for years/ blaming contempt”! So, I refused.  The consequence being: no interest can be charged on any tax/ no penalty can be leveled: except at “those who have claimed to be government” but became organized crime instead; hiding behind the wall of their arrogance (can’t touch us here). But are in fact just employees; proving to be, in rebellion against us all. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:  IS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW/ and that grants that NO employee of our government: gets to decide they won’t obey it: WITHOUT proving treason.

And the people say: we are afraid! But reality says: YOU DON’T have to risk anything! YOU CAN MERELY DEMAND: that I, James Frank Osterbur/ must BE BROUGHT INTO COURT; for not filing, or paying taxes (obey the law first) since 2019. BECAUSE DEMOCRACY IS MORE IMPORTANT, than paying back the stolen currency, and fantasy debts; they use to keep us at bay. FORCE THEM INTO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: BY BINDING TOGETHER, AND PROVING THE CONSTITUTION SHALL RULE US ALL: make them prove that is true. OPEN the damn door of those claiming to protect our society, and don’t let them turn out your lights/ or the words of evidence.

For a very simple TRIAL: ACCEPT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW DECIDES, and immediately produce and participate with real world OBEDIENCE TO YOUR OATH: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; both state of IL and US federal trial. Because it is the law/ and you have no choice but treason. WHEN you have accomplished that; I WILL happily file and pay the tax. NO further issue will result [their problem, NOT mine]. HOWEVER, if it is to be a “big trial”/ then every issue of life and law and world and truth WILL reside in that courtroom; “unless the people walk out, on their future”!  Which means: you surrender your world, life, and nation to extinction.

EVERYTHING IS CRITICAL; for life, world, and nation/ our choice is NOW, or never. MAKE YOUR OWN decision; and participate in bringing the arrogant, apathetic, and disrespectful to trial. OUR WORLD/ OUR LIVES/ OUR NATION; the game is dead.

THIS is not sacrificing me/ or, I discard you forever! THIS IS DEMOCRACY, as is “we are the owners here/ and OUR CONSTITUTIONAL CONTRACT, which is the government which does unite us all: SHALL BE HONORED. The end result of that is: WE THE PEOPLE, WILL FACE OUR TRUTH; no more fantasy or bribes; REALITY DECIDES. THIS is a choice. And all your leaders will scream: HELL NO/ Because they live in a fantasy world, using delusions & bribes to keep you buried in: your grave of belief/ fear/ obey; as is media propagation of let the fools/ the insurgents, hide.

This site is blocked: from most colleges/ numerous ip addresses, which can include millions; and lacks any significant element of distribution: because it deflects “belief is enough”/ and demands truth shall decide instead. An example is again: evolution provides just one actual piece of evidence, “this looks like that”/ and built the university religion from there, indoctrinating every child with shit. MAKE THE LEADERS; PROVE WHAT THEY SAY. Because their lies, theft, and insanity of cult worship “UNIVERSITY as god”; is KILLING YOU. DO, what you can legally DO.

IN A WORLD; that probably has a quadrillion tons of toxic pollution and poisons spew n EVERYWHERE/ and a thousand other threats of extinction SURROUNDING US ALL/ HUMANITY spilling out everywhere…… “LAST chance” is not an overstatement. FIX IT OR EXTINCTION will take away your last breathe of life on earth.

There are those who live for truth (the beginning of life), and those who live for lies (the beginning of death): all those in the middle gravitate one direction or the other/ but want controls their lives. By separating: “life from death”, the world does change. LAW does that, when truth rules reality. The curse of today is: “lies win”; until extinction overrides. As truth takes control, “one way, or the other”!

The days of the dead; stand ready. IF LAW DOES NOT.

Secondary to the work of life versus death of this world/ is the truth of value.

Nothing explains real world value, better than did JESUS. Because the work of separating love from hate/ is no small thing. The hope of beyond this life of time/ there is an eternity to be shared by those who proved love shaped their care; not greed. The value of respect for miracles, which are so clearly true; the existence of life and world; is without exception, beyond the lies, and traitorous realities of universities around this world. Becoming aware of our duty to identify what is wrong/ the cost of being wrong/ and the dignity of making changes to protect life and earth; are without measure.

So we ask as well: what is the gift of “Saint Nicholas” ? Presenting the gift of WE TOO can share what we have in excess of what we do truly need, that is ours to care. Therefore the day of Christmas; is presented to each heart: as what lives to care, lives to share as love creates in us all.

The disciplines of that, form the basis of “our heart”, just as truth forms the basis of our order within the boundaries of law. Balance limits the foundations of justice, to form what we can do; to insure life is “the best we can”/ while fair play converts our decision as society binding itself to truth, into the trust we deserve; as an individual in this society. We cannot have peace on earth, without law. Men choose war, to discard law as sewage they don’t want or need; killing, mutilating, stealing, and more to prove “we have you”. The consequence of that is: men cannot be trusted with law; because as history always proves: their leaders, want war. So we do have a decision to make: world law for peace and happiness without the leadership of men. OR, discarding the evidence of war/ and the blatant disregard for peace as is leadership around this world; with their weapons of mass destruction: shall be our extinction? It is a choice/ until this is the end now.

Where: is your heart?

we the people of this world: now face the critical truth, of real world limits and boundaries; that will decide if life continues/ or extinction continues. The list is long; because the universities screamed: NO CONSEQUENCES for us/ and all the people said, GREED MAKES US FREE! But they were wrong, and reality proves: without respect, there will soon be, no life on earth.

And the world says: “we want, what we want”!

But reality says, to YOU: that having past the limits of human population growth, to endanger the planet itself/ you have no choice but zero or less increases. Because you are over one human per agricultural acre of land on earth/ and you have desecrated ocean life to the point of its extinction/ and you have attacked and destroyed the foundations of habitat, extinction of species; “and a billion more” tragedies of failure; as were led by universities know; the cult of the dead. Who chose to get all they could get; because they know, the future is intensely bleak and barren.

So we are faced with truth: make the decisions that allow for survival/ or fail; as proven by war and its extinction of life. Because weapons of mass destruction will be used/ and there are so many; hiding everywhere.

And the people say: WE ARE NOT treated fairly, we must have more; because only a few can be rich; without enslaving the future, and making every child die.

But as with all immigration: your coming here increases the competition for everything, that makes my own life harder/ and makes my own child fight to survive; because of you. But, as is true of us all: we were born. The difference in today is: there is truly no place left for humanity to spread/ as every threat reveals; our planet will die, because humanity is so many. And the people say: look over there, “its empty/ PLENTY OF DAMN SPACE”. But in reality you are not the only creatures on this planet who need food and water too; and without these other creatures the entire chain of life on this planet fails; and you die too. There is no more room for people/ and if you do not feed the oceans with “dead human bodies prepared as their food”; you will find the oceans are dead/ and over one billion more humans will scream: I AM STARVING. So what you want is absolutely irrelevant/ and what is real, facing the truth of what it does cost to be WRONG; must decide. NOT you.

The end result of it all is: that no change exists WITHOUT CHANGING THE LAW. Those in power will not surrender it; BUT they are only employees. Remove the leaders with law decides now; and our world will change. BUT ONLY AS JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY choose.

Therefore WE THE PEOPLE/ WE THE WORLD: MUST MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, because we do have to live them; and if we make them: WE WILL UNDERSTAND how to defend them from the intrusion of hate. Because we can/ because we are more than 8 billion people; and our leaders are less than one million across this whole world. Courage is required: to let our new laws/ our new we the people choices: EVICT our leaders from power. Limits and boundaries MUST BE set to establish what can survive; by separating and dividing nations into real world: this is yours now/ but you shall not come across that border or we will kill you. Because all must obey the limits required of us all/ and nobody gets to cross the boundary line; unless they do. So that these measures can in fact be enforced on us all. What you want; has no value at all. Life or death is real.

The list of realities we face is long/ the cost of undoing all the destruction and death of universities decide; is high/ but if you fail extinction is much worse. Nonetheless it is a choice; because humanity is now its own enemy. And that does mean you too.

In this USA; our constitution declares in first amendment redress of grievances: that LEGAL CIVIL WAR; with our employees, is the valid and real world choice of our nation. To confront our governmental employees with their oath, and the direction of our nation, the defense of this people, the curse of those who bankrupted us all/ and EVERYTHING ELSE; as is the need for world law/ NOT weapons of mass destruction. IS OUR CHOICE.


That makes redress of grievances our demand for the authority to NOW CHOOSE: WE WILL DECIDE/ by vote; not our employees for us; anymore. As is true democracy in action. Remove anything that does not belong; and what is left is the law we have chosen/ the direction we will go/ the limits and boundaries that we chose.

The cursed will say: “they can’t”. but reality knows that we must/ and once the law is written and true to our needs; no change will occur unless a greater percentage of people voting, than those who created the law; can prove it must be so. Its called value rules/ not men.

Its called civil war by LAW; not weapons, which can only destroy what we built. By understanding truly: YOU HAVE NO RESOURCES TO WASTE; or the world itself will die. The list is very long; and your ability to survive all the failure of “University is god”/ is small. Because it is very late, in the life of this planet; to turn back! As does require HOPE, even more than truth.

While it is very simple to “blame the politician/ government”; that is not truly the problem, as most government officials merely want you to be happy with them so they get to keep their job. The curse of government employees is: they make decisions for us/ that reality of justice, and the benefits of fair play in living; do not allow for them to make. But then comes the pride of “claiming to be the government/ and doing whatever you want”; as is the demonstration of pride, and the purpose of power. These two are the great weapons of deceit, that invade our lives/ while want itself, is the great tempter; which drives the human forward into an abyss. Pride asserts: I AM the superior one/ you are the loser. While power asserts: I AM “god” over you, and can force you to cry; by my own choices in defiance of your life. Joined together as is the most constant or common form: means a tyrant is born. Whether influencing nations/ or just one person unlucky enough to “be touched”; a tyrant means: this one, measures and finds “us/ I, worthless”. It can happen to anyone prone to jealousy. Because jealousy opens the door, to failure/ by assuring you, that you cannot compete with the one you are jealous of. Pride then says: I CAN WIN, if I make you lose. And POWER, then says: YOU will lose, if I control the game, and force you with lies, theft, deceit, and betrayal; to become worthless “to me”. So the elemental rise of hate, is born in the descent from being EQUAL/ to the tragedy of being forced to admit; someone else has more. Yet we are born with what we have, and little is actually done to enhance that as a value we contributed too. Nonetheless, people “want what they want”/ and then make excuses to assert, not only am I equal/ you are less.

Which brings us back to leaders; who fall victim to their own desires and jealousy; proving as history proves: there is an enemy inside, which can make you fall into the disease of hate; if you fail to accept: LIFE IS A GIFT, and whatever you have received, it is yours. Like it or not, has no conception; because it is, what it is.

IF we look more closely at the descent itself: this beings with “I believe”/ because inside these prison walls (to keep people out); no evidence, no truth, no conflict of interest, nothing which denies I am RIGHT; is allowed. Therefore if you decide to be jealous, or play god, or judge someone else, or whatever it is you want: pride says “ITS TRUE”/ and power now says, “yes you can” do something about this; because they are WRONG. Even though no trial exists, to the common human being sucked into the curse of failure: “they know, all they need to know”/ gossip is enough, you are convicted and judged. Which then leads to hate, as the judged fight back to complain: you DON’T know anything. And that means: “you can’t be god”. Which hate finds infuriating.

Ultimately, THE CHANGE; from want, pride, and power decides everything: to the ascension of love, built upon caring, sharing, and respect decides everything, that can be justified/ IS IN FACT, a massive leap from where you are/ to where you should have been long ago.

The critical truth of it is: do you want hate, as is the road beyond the consequences of what went wrong, into “only animals/ outside (hate rules)” are left here? OR, do you deliberately choose, to accept the individual human path of being alive inside (love is found), within the miracles from which you were born, to be more than time? It is a choice. The primary difference is: we live for family, as is found in time (you cannot choose your relatives; they are who they are)/ but each has a value of their own. Or a destiny separated from the others, by their own choice. Because freedom is a right, not to be denied: even though it is, what it is: unless liberty insists, this will/ does, affect us all. NO, little things shall not decide/ NO, rules shall not decide/ the best we can be for each other is: “I own my own decisions/ YOU do not”. Because the end result of every life is: what is true, will determine our eternity. A cost too high, for anyone else to make or bear: EACH ONE, must choose.

and the pile of sewage belches out: “you can’t prove anything/ evolution is god/ universities are our savior” as cults commonly do: “brain removed”/ alas too bad.

Yet truth replies: the evidence proves we stand on the edge or beyond of extinction by the reality of our lives; it is no game/ it is true.

As to evolution: nothing is realistically a bigger lie, supported by nothing but lies, and without any substantial evidence to prove it is true. Whereas THE MIRACLES OF LIFE; are very simple: YOU CANNOT build a body of life/ or life. You cannot build a single bone; much less 220 or so, as is in the human body, each individual built/ each individually placed/ each individually structured to be what they need to be; which grow uniformly to become “from an egg/ to the average of 6 feet tall adult; along with all the organs, blood, and everything else. To your shame; you let LIARS in/ and they played god, leading you as “university is god”/ to your own extinction. But it ain’t no game, and eternity is no joke.   OR, MORE SIMPLY: how many billion things are designed into nature/ and how many trillion things are being done by university knows; to add chaos, so that life can no longer function or survive?    ANSWER IT:  BECAUSE IT IS YOUR “REAL WORLD” QUESTION;   by the choices already made.

So, the question is: IF GOD IS REAL/ then why, what, who, when, where, and how does that impact our lives here in time; and why are we not happy, with who we are?

While I cannot tell you: what is true of GOD’S real influence here/ that decision is HIS, not ours. I can tell you this planet is “for mining” those who are true enough to love, that they can survive into eternity. Because in the human mind at least; the reality of loneliness is, LOVE WILL CHANGE THAT; and as a result, love becomes the greatest treasure in this universe. So it is conceived; that even if you own an entire universe; it is still better to have love, than anything else. But that love must be true, and it must be pure enough: NOT to contaminate life itself. Therefore only those who can meet this demand; are allowed to receive its reward.

Those who are not capable of being pure enough; but do still have love inside where life exists; can be found in mercy; with another chance to live beyond self. Where that exists; is not to be found; because like thought itself: it is an envelope of passions, which intensify as truth unfolds into freedoms.

The things we do, the realities we face, the freedom of others to choose hate; and disrupt or destroy our lives: all function to separate who we are from them. Much like the life of JESUS clearly shows the difference between love and hate. Our own lives clearly show the intensity of our own choice, that is love or hate/ and the cost of that hate is translated by what we do or do not do; as life on earth.

Functionally, our lives are not as happy as they should be: because the end result of this life is the freedom of all to choose their destiny/ and freedom does not come, with the intensity of punishment that demands change. Instead that punishment is for an eternity; as proves “life is done with you”/ OR, if the damage is done to a life that would have been present in GODS LIFE for an eternity/ then you chose to WAR against GOD HIMSELF, and will lose. Either way freedom is the tool, that separates our lives into LOVE or HATE; as you chose, for you.

As for this world; the environment of shame, that is human behaviors. YOU ARE at the crossroads of death, for so many things, it is useless to name them. YOU chose greed and selfishness/ hate and violence to each other; YOU chose to believe instead of accept the limits and boundaries of what truth itself would allow. YOU allow the crucifixion of life itself/ as nature means: the genetic information that does build your body of life/ every life on earth; grants your face, and form, and abilities; as is EVERYTHING. ALL OF IT, put at risk, BY YOUR FAILURE TO RESPECT LIFE AND EARTH: by the genetic chaos of universities play god; and will kill us all. because you are “believers”/ as is “whatever I want”!  BUT REALITY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY: As is the consequence of every threat we face, is at least 98% universities (and their supporters) did this/ and the world shouted hurrah; because media propagates “university is god”/ to their shame. Then comes all the extreme experiments; all the claim of expertise which has inundated our planet with toxic waste of all kings. The universities leadership which is: THROW IT ALL AWAY, so the factories can give you a job/ on a very finite planet. Or more simply: YOUR WHOLE WORLD, is about to die; BECAUSE OF YOU, and the choices you made as “cult followers of the greatest fools who have ever lived”. As is the evidence proven by threats of our own extinction; which have already nearly consumed us all. Weapons of mass destruction/ failure of laws/ tyrants and terrorists and insanity behind nearly, every door. But for forty plus years; I have said to you: STOP THIS/ and you screamed back: “to hell with you/ you are nothing; the university is god”/ media is our brain. So, I turned to law; and you refused/ so behind closed doors corruption did what it always does; hides the truth.

And we stop there to assemble the last true choice this nation or this world has: TO ASSEMBLE AND DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is we the people, will decide now/ as you the leaders have failed us all. With endless greed, and not a single choice; which grants the future will survive. The curse of “the serpent” sneaking throughout leadership; to accomplish greed, hate, lust, and all that goes with it/ as is the sewer of death. As is extinction for our world. 


Or if you do not like the biblical reference of serpent/ perhaps you want “the universities vampire” has dug and built its coffin/ rising out, only to insure you cannot live either. By eating your blood of life and earth. Regardless, if we have not pasted the point of no return; it is clearly shoving this choice in your face: CHANGE AS A WORLD, BY LAW/ or you will enter the last gasp of freedom, you will ever know. Finding extinction is your only hope.

And the dead weight of human misery that is “university knows”; will scream/ THERE AIN’T NOTHING WRONG HERE, we are gods (YES WE CAN), and you are jealous, BECAUSE “no you can’t”.

but my own reply is: every threat proves “yes you did do that”/ and every response to its not critical yet: is met with this measure of reality. Even though you are healthy right now; it does not mean, “you didn’t breathe in some type of virus or disease will strike you tomorrow”/ a small cut, can become septic; and with that your life can die/ your food fails you, and you become sickened. Some bastard attacks, and war (men screaming; yes I can) destroys your world. The horrors of universities around the world; each containing biological weapons beyond your imagination. The curse of insanity, the sewage of men and their wars with nuclear and chemical weapons. The curse of men who have been cursed by their government snakes. The vile and extremely evil insurgency; that is we can play god with energy, and ignite a fire with atoms/ or as with CERN; destroy atomic stability on earth/ and change the nuclear composition of what keeps us alive. While they plan their escape route; as is “lets go to mars”.

AS DOES PROVE; BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT: HUMANITY IS A CULT WORSHIPER OF “UNIVERSITY PLAYS god”. To your shame, no brain left: 24/7/ 365 media saturation of life; manipulation of everything: stole your brain. Because you do know the price for igniting “ATOMS ON FIRE”; JUST LIKE THE SUN. and you do know the price; for injecting CHAOS INTO BIOLOGY, as is the mutilation of body/ as is identified by loss of limbs and failure of the mind; AND SO MUCH MORE. Yet you let them do it anyway; because you believe: “I AM INNOCENT/ YOU CAN’T BLAME ME”. REALITY HOWEVER convicts you of complacency; the sloth of fools; when OUR ENTIRE WORLD IS BEING KILLED. And not a single one shouts: we must have REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;  the LEGAL METHOD, already constitutional LAW IN THIS USA;  to demand we will, find the truth, and make our own choices real.

LIFE EXISTS BY THE CHAIN OF LIVING EXISTENCE; WHICH MAKES OUR EXISTENCE POSSIBLE. So which one in that chain is so extremely important; that everything else will die if it is lost? Answer, nobody knows. But as with nature genetics: your face, your body, your eyes, your ability to eat, your movement: YOUR ENTIRE WORLD IS JEAPORDISED BY FOOLS, who believe (we want what we want) they are gods. To YOUR OWN SHAME, media propagates acceptance of that delusion, and humanity falls in. as is the result of this day: “the sewage (such as evolution/ or we can play god)  of universities know; has either drowned, or is drowning you with hate”. Cult of the dead.

Life is: “about the memories”, and every memory of value, begins with the life we have shared in that moment. Love expands with value, and value exists because of sharing and caring and respect. To that the fraud and failure of men and women all shout: WE HAVE MONEY. But money has no value within itself, beyond survival is shaped by what promises will be kept. So the question is: does life identify what is important to you/ OR, does survival prove, all that matters; is you.

And all the people say: “I AM alone, nearly all the time/ in one way or another”; survival must matter to me/ people; don’t play with me. So the question is: what does love do? The answer: love, changes the environment of your heart, to accept even when distant, I am not truly alone. In that grace of existence, we do find hope.

Mentally, life is about our choices, and how they shape our lives/ or the consequence of other people making choices, that now shape my life. Love or hate; hiding from reality by choosing “animal in time”/ rather than eternity is alive in me. Is the distance between love and hate; as it separates those who cannot come, from those who are invited to try “love, is home”.

If you do not want; then you will not be depressed about what you do not have; life exists, as my trophy of truth. Without pride, there is no winner or loser to be found/ living is not a game, and there are no trophies to be found. Without power, we stop measuring people, and accept the freedom of equality is our respect given; to the living/ as they do what they need to do, to survive beyond hate. Which does eliminate hate as a choice; therefore separated.

Happiness lives inside of hope, and hope lives inside of truth, and truth lives within the evidence we can depend upon, because the law reveals both justice and fair play to all; as is the beginning of trust. With trust, respect is magnified, and values begin; as forms the disciplines, order, and balance of living within the realm of what eternity can bring; as our own gift to say, “thank you, for Creation”. I am alive, because of you.

Sharing that element of truth with our parents, lovers, friends, and hopefuls; lifts our world, to find truth as is the basis of both life and universe. While love shapes what that universe for life, can be.

IT IS, the distance between love and hate: that identifies your heart.

Love exists in the value of life/ while hate exists in the decision to judge, and claim superiority. But what resides between, in the middle of these realities of our existence; are the claims of want, pride, and power. Want claims, “nobody is important but me, and what I want”/ pride claims I am “the player”; the superior one, or loser, or I want revenge/ power results from judgment, and judgment exists “because you chose to be “king” & made the rules, to benefit you; failing life and world/corruption,,”. So, “life is a line”, and along that line are the decisions that you made which enable the statement: “this, is where you belong”. Whether you are complacent with life, or worship trophies, trinkets, or toys [ME, ME, ME; as is the claim of an animal]. Whether you accept justice and fair play, as defends love/ or turn to corruption, collusion, and the conspiracy to deny others their place in this world; as is called “devil”. Whether you live for chemicals (I want to escape), or desire truth to guide you, so that respect can grow. All of it settles the description of “where do you belong”. Purity resides with love, and nowhere else.

So the question of heart is: can you find the rhythm (we share participation) of life, or not? Can you find, the miracles which prove: within this gift of our existence, I must care/ as is my gift back for life itself.

Hate is a universities scream: “we are gods”/ but it is not so, and the world itself dies because of you. Because hidden behind closed doors; are the consequences of what you did do/ the choices you did make/ and the lives you did sacrifice, to play your games.

While it is true, {we all fail, from time to time/ we all choose “me first” from time to time/ we all fail life and world on occasion, and sometimes we don’t even know we do that very thing}. The end result of it is: totaled up at the end of our time, is the truth of what we did do, and the foundations of it, that prove why. What designates: “life/ mercy/ or terrors” in that eternity; is unknown. But what is know identified by JESUS as “true to life”; finds love its answer/ the value of us. What is hate finds judgment, and measuring the others by pride and its rules; but unless you cause a life that would have been “eternal with GOD” to be lost/ eternal terror will not be found. All those in the middle are viewed as: unable to survive/ or granted mercy, which may or may not entitle you to try again; under different circumstances. Freedom is freedom/ but ownership is ownership, and eternity is “life with GOD”; ONLY purity matters for love, and whether at some point along the way you can achieve that will decide.

As to life and living on this earth; I know that the spiritual world shares my existence, “more than you can know”. What that means for you, I do not know. But it is however true: that my own decisions created my own path/ and it is that path that became this life. It was “freewill choice”/ until “the spiritual woman” took charge; because I said, “they will never learn/ let me go”. I do hope, that I was wrong. I was wrong to believe “that moment, of work; was enough”. It was not, as the continued dialogue proves true.

As to spirit, and why woman in me? That answer revolves around the truth, of searching for an answer in man, for ten years; “proving men do not have that answer/ their answer is war”; and that is extinction. So, I searched for female, in the spiritual world; as none would talk here, about “real life truth”; and found the entrance/ believing I would just ask a question important to us all. WHAT would women do to save this world? Working together for 12 years or so; that proved to be “the law is the answer/ but only truth can lead”. Failing to convince you, and my mom died; caused me to look away “into me”. But the spiritual world of women HAD DIFFERENT plans; ALL of female life on this planet is in jeopardy; and I lost that battle too. So now; she really does control me; but the end result of that, is for life and world. We are joined, but there is no question at all; about who decides. I am “without rights or choices (beyond simple things)”; and I don’t know what the future will be.

she can make me scream; an electrical shock; the eviction of male (only a passenger now, she is the owner/ we have traded places)”.  IT IS a complicated story; but contains no violence other than: her choice now.

NO, it is not a conversation of any kind; its just “life proves: NO, you can’t/ or in extremely rare occasion, yes you will”. Evidence of that was: the demand, yes you will wear a bra (for two days, I burned it after that)/ the reality however: I utterly refused, turned walked around two corners and ran into an invisible wall”. Which surrounded me on three sides; as is go back! Or, more simply; the spiritual world and I: have clarified who is boss. Which I know; requires you to accept there is a spiritual world; governed by truth, as the path beyond death. But, I will refer you to biblical Revelation 12 & 17; which predicts an intervention. So, your conclusion whatever it is: is between the bible and you/ not me. I simply try, not perfect; just try.

As to spiritual intervention itself: life and living throughout the decades, has proven to be “here”. Where “I know/ has been blinded by; you can’t”; and nothing I can do will change that; as applied to work primarily. Or in more simple terms; it seems true to be; that life can be partially directed, by things we do not understand.

It remains true: that the introduction of “spiritual female” to my life roughly 18 years ago; did result in the presentation of a “new life” for this world as predicted by Revelation 12. that new life is: law, we the people; choose for ourselves; must lead now/ not men. The prediction goes on in biblical chapter 17.3 to include this same spiritual woman is now, in complete control over the “beast of male”; but it does not provide any description of what she does with him. [I am, an example of that control] It only states; that the gifts she brings to this world are valuable/ and the religious do not like it; and accuse her of all things verse 17.5. because it is men who run and describe religion. And they want FULL control over everything.

A reality solidified by the truth; religion is fundamentally controlled by “university is god(a very tiny few decide, and indoctrinate the rest to believe what they are told)” now; and this work eliminates their power to decide; for us all.  WE HAVE RIGHTS/ NOT “just them”!

So the battle is on: to replace the power of men: with law, and then to give law as leadership over life on earth; by enforcing the law of we the people of this world; are, “including female”, now in charge. To a world that has been changed, by the truth: WE ARE roughly 8,000 people; to one leader/ and need NOT accept their leadership over our lives. LET THE LAW WE MAKE: DECIDE, for ourselves!

But life is not bad, its just different; and want too or not, I am learning bit by bit about the life defined as female. To that end; the realization of “vulnerable” is recognized as: changes must be made.

The cost of that is; as reality defines it to be; and does begin with the truth “ANYTHING that can be used by you/ can also be used against you”. To that end we do look to nature, and recognize, “it is the skunk” who defends itself with minimal weapons involved. While the chemical release can be modified to be whatever you want/ it remains true, you must be able to access it quickly and without fail, it must “shout for you, HELP {once released, it cannot be stopped}: as recognized smell can do. And it must tie your attacker to you; as chemical concentrations can do; for legal use in a courtroom”. Because the end result of defending yourself is not about: whether you smell for a time/ or clothes are damaged. BUT IF you can turn them back, and get away with life and body intact; as best we can.

Preferably: a locator signal goes off; when activating the chemical smell/ and if possible; an electric shock operates both/ along with a sudden change in posture, as indicates use of debilitating agents.

Letting smell call for help, by informing the public/ or having “smelling sensors” that can call for help; aids in the truth; if you smell of a cry for help/ they cannot easily throw you in a vehicle and get away; because your body and theirs: say help victim inside/ as smell travels outside the vehicle, and cannot be simply removed; when on you or them. the result: to warn the predator “don’t do this”/ THERE ARE costs to you too.

The simplest method of incorporating a release method is again: by jewelry adapted to that purpose/ or “a string like tube” which contains the chemical; and is incorporated into a belt/ added to a bra/ constructed into underwear, clothing; and so on. The use of it DOES require media transmission of what this is, how it smells, and what to do or not do (because it can be used for a trap as well). It should be a regulated “this is registered as : your chemical signature”; would be best.

And as always; women are terribly suspicious/ refuse to trust/ refuse to help/ refuse to take this concept and run with it: for their own benefit. Because they all say, “won’t happen to me/ I don’t want NO damn chemical smell on me/ I want to SHOOT THEM DEAD if someone attacks me/ and so on”. Statistically, that is exceptionally rare. But the end result of it is, nobody can truly predict the future; we can only prepare as best we can; even you. Facing your fears IS the best way to resolve: “what can be done”. And I would appreciate it; if you would not fear me, when asking for real world answers; just to make life more simple. Because the end result of that, would be: I never would have searched in the spiritual world of female/ had you been “honest and fair”. So somehow; my life is what it is, because you are who you are. “good/ bad/ or indifferent” a reality of life. Try to be simple; so help can be plain; and hopefully without fear, or pride, or purposes that help no one. YES, I know: “spiritual” is something you do not understand! However I am NOT asking for anything more than “what we can do, to keep this world alive”. “truth, means not a lie”. But I add to that: after 70 years, “I am not going to fight with you anymore”. Not really for you either, more than is functionally possible; I did that; and its done; “spiritually taken away”. Complicated, not “me” anymore. But not identified by life either; so who knows how it all ends. More simply: if I am trying to help you/ then try to help me help you. No attack will come, at least from me.

Fools say; “it can’t help/ you are wrong”. But reality proves true: as with the location of my own, when a skunk (now extinct from this area) sprays its small amount of chemical/ I CAN deduce from the smell, exactly where the skunk is, from more than one mile away. How is that not “calling for help”/ when the smell is identified (trouble)? It is noted; that while women might be forgiven their intent to get pregnant/ there is no forgiveness, to then plot and plan; to rape a man for the next 18 years or so, to pay you for your choice; by child support forced on him.

As for men; you should know, that women lie. That women poke holes in condoms, and then smooth the surface, so you cannot tell: there are probably men who do it to/ beware. Women use “abandoned condoms” to get pregnant without you. Because there are some who do want a child, and then of course “someone to pay”; as bears your genetic signature. So the end result of it is: no matter what you are told, or how dramatic it is: “some women lie”. Condoms can have secrets; use caution, if they are not new. And when your sperm is collected; just like buying sperm from a donor clinic: it can still be used; if you don’t rinse it out. Life is not fair, so you do have to protect yourself; want too, or not.

It should be noted: for the sake of all men; and women. That the tragedy of media infused with the fantasies of fraud that are universities driven: a vasectomy DOES mean, you won’t be having any sex anymore. Because removal of the testicles/ is the removal of the chemicals that make male participation in sex worthwhile. While the animal version is lust for those chemicals. The human alive contribution of sex to both male and female is an intimacy of value and respect, that cannot be completed without those chemicals. The curse of universities is; the claim it won’t make any difference; and yet not only does it make all the difference/ the loss of testicles presents the marriage with the failure to participate, so that the female loses too; and tragedies do result.

As for me: I have not filed or paid federal or state taxes; since 2019; when democracy was replaced by “nazi law”/ and the overthrow of government in this state of IL and this nation called USA. I do not support anarchy, or its tangent of insurrection by the maze of propaganda associated with covid. Thereby DEMANDING: THE CONSTITUTION SAYS: IN FIRST AMENDMENT PURPOSES, THAT THERE SHALL BE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; both state of IL and US FEDERAL LAW.

I do not refuse to pay tax/ BUT I DO refuse to pay for the destruction of this nation and this state; by the insanity of universities rule our lives; a religion without restraint. THEREFORE REDRESS IS MY DEMAND; OR MORE DISTINCTLY: YOU MUST OBEY THIS LAW, AND YOU MUST ALLOW THIS DEMOCRACY ITS OWN AUTHORITY AS WE THE PEOPLE: TO NOW MAKE OUR OWN DECISION BASED UPON A COURTROOM TRIAL OF THE EVIDENCE. Untainted by university hands. Because it is the law, and no further effort to bring that about is required: because the law has been tested in courtroom filings both state and federal. Which includes the US SUPREME COURT, and IL supreme court; as well as others.

Bearing in mind: in accordance with the first amendment USA; the law is: NO JUDGE has authority over our constitution. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Therefore refusal to obey the law, is in fact TREASON.

We then ask: because NOTHING is working correctly in this day/ as is the support of life and nation/ defense of life, world, and nation/ the courts are a fraud as proven by the failure of constitutional law/ millions unhappy with their lives and future/ the children are literally assassinated, because the future has no resources/ endless poison and pollution everywhere/ extinction close by, as is the curse of universities know.


The critical answer is: that we know, it is the money that removes truth from society/ it is corruption of the courts, that allows for tyranny to exist/ it is playing games with government, instead of working for life/ it is world law and limited capitalism that change the environment of human society into “WE THE PEOPLE”. Rather than they the leaders to hell.

So the critical choice is: in this USA, bankruptcy we the people shall decide “who gets what is left/ and how we will choose for our own future”; by invoking limited capitalism as the beginning of that answer; to control power/ and provide democracy first.

Beyond that first advance: is the elemental rise of what brings to life; “peace and joy”/ instead of sorrow. It is a reality of law, and it will be designed by the laws you choose to create and defend. As to the fundamentals of living: we do have the means, to test out any theory for ourselves; by establishing a “for real living” television series; to identify what works, what can be improved, and what does not work for us all.

These are elemental beginnings; and the search for answers does being with bankruptcy: TO REMOVE THE CURSE OF POWER/ CUT APART, AND DISSECT, THE POWER OF UNIVERSITY/ ALTER THE STATE OF OUR COURTS; BY “JUDGING THE JUDGE, AND LAWYERS” for justice and fair play/ assigning the law as our leader/ and using the political office as an investigator; to prove our laws are being obeyed. Giving to each citizen/ to each policing/ to each military person: a bill of rights, that proves yes you will/ or no you won’t.

And the dead say: “we won’t go/ the universities are god”! Everything is just fine for us. As their reality, as proven by the evidence is: ONLY A VERY TINY FEW, shall make every decision/ control everything/ decide what is true or not/ confront, manipulate, propagate, tempt, and combine everything; as with the internet (tie it all together, so “god” can rule it all). They own the currency (control it completely)/ which allows them to own every bank (providing funding for anything they want by removing you from the competition)/ mutilate media, by controlling the mice trained to be afraid of truth/ puppeteer the politician/ corrupt the judiciary with we don’t need no damn constitution anymore/ and crucify nature, just to prove they can; because you are so gullible: as is the evidence of a cult (no brain here).

So the choice is: TRUE DEMOCRACY, we take our chances as we the people (we all get our vote) ARE IN CHARGE NOW. Providing and proving to ourselves, what that means as the authority who will make the decisions; that lead to our law (EVERYBODY obeys). Refusing most rules, because they aid the tyrants among us. Which do you prefer? Because the middle ground, has been lost. Our world is threatened by extinction; which means NOW, or never as life itself sinks into the sewer of human university driven failures and hate.

And the people say: WE KNOW, “when we got it good/ GO AWAY”. But every thief says that, when he or she gets away with the prize. Every traitor that does not get caught, prides him or herself; as “to brilliant to get caught”. Every terrorists worships him or herself, as god; because they are going to change life itself/ and destroy what the others need; “screaming quietly; you can’t stop me”. As media hides every truth, beyond want is all you need: believe, fear, obey, and the universities will give you want. But as the consequences of every decision now reveal: you stole the future from every life/ you betrayed the living with tragedy and worse coming/ you even defied the very foundations of our survival, “with universities know”. Creating the cult that propagates death, by hiding truth; as is important to life; because it kills our world. Assigning to every human, the lesser that is evil itself: to claim and disguise, “go ahead place your head in the guillotine; nothing will go wrong”. Fear the universities will hate you, if you don’t. “believe, just believe”/ and remember they will give you what you want: IF you obey. Yet history proves; their purpose is not life. The leadership of men in every situation; always turns to war/ while the intellectual always turns to traps and poisons as their war/ and the rest are used for bait.

The maze is managed by media, to ensure nobody gets out of the trap. But the end result of it is: that hate ensures revenge, by screaming “WE, were ruined, raped, or ravaged/ threatened; by these”. REVENGE demands “justice”/ therefore as is the constant of men: one did that, so kill them all. And the military (you have no choice) is ordered, and the war (law be damned) begins. As both sides shout: DEAD MEANS; you will never cost me anything again.

Power says: YOU CAN’T stop me/ and PRIDE says: “I can kill you, and change the game”; no alternate leaders allowed. But extinction says: a dead world, kills you too! And the evidence is absolutely certain: this planet is dying/ and without change; extinction is certain. So the dead world; of lies, cheating, stealing, corruption, fantasy, betrayal, terrorism and more: threatens, “you won’t have to stay for HELL, or its INSANITY”! So then, to pride and power: you have little to gain/ truth will win.

because the world has changed; and reality now proves true: if you destroy what you have/ you will have nothing; because this earth is finite, and human population has exploded into an overwhelming reality of destruction. Making revenge the curse of human history; as proven by men. AS IS the result of “israel and Palestine” at war once again. while it is true palestine/ hamas attacked first. It is also true, they were baited to do it; because Israel needed an excuse to exercise genocide (we have WEAPONS/ THEY have few) on them. But the end result is as it has always been: Israel was thrown out of its own declared nation/ trying to buy out Germany as their new nation; when war made them destitute. But that became the holocaust, as their penalty. So the maze won, and they bought out the Palestine nation: with secrets unknown, and disguises carefully concealed; until like the guillotine; too late now. Which makes both sides want revenge; because they are men.

In terms of a world, ready to war; because there are “simply too many people” and the competition for everything is becoming extreme. A world governed by LAW CALLED WE THE WORLD: does not fight with armies or its weapons/ IT FIGHTS AGAINST LEADERS; and shapes every single attack, onto those leaders: until they are surrendered or dead. All leaders refuse: because that makes them the target! But it is leaders who cause wars, and it is the end of leaders that stops a war: when the rich are next on the list. Because there is NO MONEY, to be made with war; by anyone. LAW GOVERNS ALL OF US! Therefore world law governs leaders; as if they were equal to every single one. ENFORCING our decisions on them! NO games/ NO playing: life or death: or surrender to the courtroom of our world in judgment of you. Simple or plain!

The reality: WHEN THE WORLD SAYS TO YOU THE LEADER/ that it will attack “YOU” as the leader to war of a nation/ or you will surrender yourself to court. THE TRUTH OF THAT IS: ALTHOUGH WE THE WORLD CAN IN FACT TARGET YOU/ YOU, cannot target every other leader, or the law of this earth. Even if you get one/ “locked together” as a world: the rest will get you, and yours. LAW WILL RULE, and that includes your war on this earth/ on its people/ or its life “forevermore”. IT IS EQUALLY TRUE; that the rich run governments behind closed doors; and they will be taken to court, and removed of all their wealth (given back to the people), and whatever else is justified: FOR THEIR PART, in keeping you in charge.    SO, THE QUESTION IS:  as leaders do you stop war; and its destruction of millions, their homes, future, bodies, and everything else! RESOURCES WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE BE LOST.  WHICH MEANS: IMMIGRATION WILL FLOOD YOUR WORLD/   OR, do you let the disgrace of human existence, control us all instead?

Peace MEANS:  YOU MUST address the realities of overcrowding, and a world that can no longer sustain life. Because of what you chose to do! NO, that means YOU DON’T get what you want/ BUT YOU DO, get to live: there is no other way, but law! Everything will fail; if men decide WAR.

So eternity has the same answer: once you have vanished from life itself, never to return; there is no more revenge. ONLY those who have taken a life destined for an eternity with GOD ; are those found guilty, given to the terrors of what hate can do.

what is true of life, is true. Therefore we know, that war ends nothing but life/ by using death. And once the war ends: the exact same realities of our existence begin again as is nothing can ever be changed. War does not change government/ LAWS CHANGE GOVERNMENT; enforced by a people NOT given to bribes or propaganda, or willing to sell out their own children; as does this USA. Doing all that ends badly, leading to hell with delusions, fantasies, failure, fool, illusions, counterfeiting, fraud, and everything evil does do.

When their games have failed long enough/ and the masses now shout: “its time for a reset; because we lost”. WAR IS THEIR RESET, and when their losses are enough now: they turn back to law, and rebuild for the next twenty plus years/ being too damn busy to be concerned with the politicians; who do take advantage of that, just like they did in this USA in the fifties; by exploding nuclear bombs to threaten our neighbors. Because hate rules, when war ends: the people just want their own lives back. So they quit trying to keep leaders from being, the fraud of “leaders”.

Leadership is then dead: failed beyond repair. Which leaves us with a choice: OUR OWN LAW/ or their war on life and earth, along with its descent into extinction. CHOOSE?

As to building a new life with law: the constant is “the screamers; like dogs salivating to bite”; they want to control with their delusions, simply by screaming.

To remove that curse of chaos; IT IS NECESSARY, that you refuse them the podium, and attention they seek. In other words remove media, and end their maze; by taking away what does not work for life or world or nation.

To DO THAT: means, EVERYBODY gets to complete the sentence: “what do you believe is wrong/ and how do you provide a solution, that is fair to all”; by refusing revenge? With the internet: you can erect a website for that distinct purpose. To break down what is wrong; into its most simple form. To identity what is the value we can achieve for ourselves; is elemental to participation: because you CANNOT just scream: we want MORE for ourselves. As the results of that work become clear/ a real world discussion becomes: what is true, for us.

One such element of identifying our purpose as a nation is: according to the US constitution article 3 section2. 1. the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising UNDER this constitution….[they have NO given power OVER the constitution itself]. That is the law. Which means literally, while they can describe who CANNOT run for the presidency under the descriptions of our preamble and amendments/ they cannot overrule the constitution itself; and are subject to all its rules and demands for mediation of: what our government is intended to be; within these guidelines. Which does include the virginia bill of rights and declaration of independence.

The fourteenth amendment rules: and all questions of insurrection or felony; must be “proven without substance”/ to be removed. In all other definitions our constitutional contract as a nation united for these things: shall rule. And that does include: amendment 20 section 6; as the path towards any change.

And that does include: the critical concept of amendment 22; which is, no politician, not even the presidency/ shall hold office more than twice.

Because more than twice: gives power to the few/ instead of a voice to all.

wet planting is required in a changing climate, it is necessary to be prepared.