SO: HOW DOES THE “TITANIC OF DEMOCRACY”; capsize and sink? WHAT WAS the “iceberg” it hit, in this USA?

Answer: the counterfeiting of money/ creation of debts that have no value in reality: the insurgency of “university knows and the betrayal of media saturation”; as this is their answer for every problem:   TO: LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL; ENSLAVE. Terrorize with covid; stealing the nation, ENSLAVING with fear, believe, obey. believe in the mutilation of nature: ending human sanctity of life! CURSE LIFE by the destruction of nature/ the vile refuge of insanity rules now; by adding an intellectual maze (trap) to insure: “the people; don’t know”. And using media saturation to point in all directions: EXCEPT TRUTH, as is the universities are the enemy of our lives, and world.

AND THE CULT OF UNIVERSITY WORSHIPERS SCREAM: “WE ARE gods”/ the smartest people ever born. And yet we do stand on the edge of extinction; because these “smart people”; were taught to LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ TRAP/ BETRAY/ VIOLATE/ RAPE/ RAVAGE/ RUIN/ ASSASSINATE THE FUTURE OF EVERY CHILD/ TURN GREED INTO REBELLION/ DEFILE THE WORLD/ POISON EVERY WATER SUPPLY/ DESTROY THE FUTURE OF LIFE ON EARTH BY CURSING EVERY CHAIN OF OUR EXISTENCE/ BUILD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND SPREAD THEM AROUND THE WORLD/ KILL NATURE/ CURSE THE EARTH/ TRY TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE JUST LIKE THE SUN/ AND MORE! So reality knows: you are the dumbest, most ignorant & vile curse of human existence ever born throughout all of history instead. BUT the world depends upon you; finding a brain, in these last hours before extinction takes you, and this entire Creation of life and world: away forever. So, I cannot throw you away/ before the very last effort has been made to save your lives; by making you aware: “you ain’t gods/ only Satan” instead. A religious word meaning: to choose the destruction of life and world/ as is the reality of what you do as the cult of the walking dead. Who sell their soul, for greed and failure.

YOU THIS USA; have only one solution to remove the yoke of poverty and disgrace, as you sink into the depths of the ocean of LIES pinning you down; so the anarchists can take control/ and destroy your democracy for their communism: AS IS, ONLY A TINY FEW CONTROL EVERYTHING/ MAKE EVERY DECISION/ DECIDE YOUR FATE/ TAKE AWAY YOUR OPTIONS, AND TURN YOU INTO BEGGARS, PROSTITUTES, AND WHORES; WHO WILL SELL YOU OUT, so the robots can come and murder you down into their grave.

FORCE THEM INTO FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: which is our own authority as WE THE PEOPLE/ to decide for ourselves what is true/ and where we go from here. Examining the price for being WRONG; for ourselves/ NO BETRAYAL BY EXPERTS, who are paid liars and frauds to steal our world. No it will not be free/ BUT NEITHER IS EXTINCTION; as is coming soon.


THE POWER: to take that away and save this nation, and this earth: comes with the destruction of their power. BY USING REDRESS TO ENFORCE OUR POWER OVER THIS DEMOCRACY, AS WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOW DECIDE/ NOT YOU. NOT OUR EMPLOYEES. BUT OURSELVES; by investigating what our truth is/ and accepting; that money is merely a promise to pay; that no longer exists. THEREFORE WHEN WE TAKE AWAY THEIR COUNTERFEIT MONEY; we take away their power/ and return ourselves to democracy.


CHANGING THAT; INTO DEMOCRACY WILL NOW DECIDE: AS IS EACH CITIZEN OF THIS USA, GETS ONE VOTE. Pay the price, and take back our nation; our world; our nature; our future; our hope, as best we can WITH LAW.

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS EQUALS=  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, PER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS/  only workers produce an economy of dollars. THAT MEANS:  EACH OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS IN THIS USA;  MUST EARN:  $27.36 X 10,000.00= $273,600.00 in their job “dividing it equally”;  to make this amount of money.  do you think that is possible.

OR PERHAPS YOU BELIEVE debts don’t matter/ BUT THEY ARE A TAX ON THE YOUNG. or inflation doesn’t matter: but that is an additional tax on the older generations.  BECAUSE OUR EMPLOYEES did not do according to their oath  and protect the nation:   FROM AN OUTRIGHT ATTACK ON OUR LIVES;   through the delusion of a bank account with numbers that have no reality. YOU AIN’T RICH/ you are poor; and they sold you out to pay for all their own toys, trinkets, and trophies;  as is ONLY  a university diploma leads!

THE INTELLECTUAL WAR:   HAS BECOME THE INTENT TO TAKE OVER EVERY ELECTION, BY PLACING PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT TO MAKE  “THE COMMUNIST AGENDA COME TRUE”.  NO MORE FREEDOM OR RIGHTS; BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTACKED ON EVERY SIDE:  WITH THE INSURGENCY of people who entrap you with their lies. for the purpose of their own greed, power, and pride. using counterfeiting (as is the claim of debts which cannot be paid/ and currency evaluations which are pure fantasy, and do not exist.  THE BRIBE IS:  THAT YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT FOR FREE;   “AS IS WELFARE AND THE STOCK MARKET:  “SAME/ SAME”.  something for nothing/ until they own it all; and just like Palestine:  “this is great”/ UNTIL THE EVICTION NOTICES CAME/ AND SHIPS PULLED IN THE HARBOR FILLED WITH ISRAEL TROOPS;  AND TANKS:  TO CLAIM “ITS THEIRS NOW”.


THE LIARS SAY: unemployment is low/ but reality says, THEY BRIBED THE WORKFORCE to retire/ or remove itself by giving all forms of bribes to keep the people from competing with each other for the work. THEREBY HIDING THE TRUTH, that there is massive numbers of people; who do live for free right now. Claiming this is great. BECAUSE THE ENEMY called a university: has been preparing to replace you with robots and various other computer related demands to take over your job: so they can have it with their diploma. Removing all options for work/ so you can beg and be removed from society; and let the nation be theirs; as is the purpose of rebellion and its war: TO STEAL YOUR STUFF. “easy as pie” ain’t it/ just give them what they want: “its all free”.

Don’t worry: soon the robots will be ready/ and soon the universities expect to have their own biological warfare prepared to release as with covid. Only this time: with a world overrun by humanity/ their decision will be to remove you; so they can have this earth without you. By biological war/ once they have a vaccine for themselves. WHY DON’T WORRY, they will sell you their vaccine/ as will aid in your death. DAMN FOOL/ WAKE UP TO REALITY! IDIOT go investigating; and learn what the price for being wrong is!



Start enforcing: WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES!

limited capitalism:  we vote upon the boundaries and limits of income/ and property ownership as a nation.  to insure we all have an honest chance to gain what this earth has to offer us individually. TO PROVE;  NO ARMY shall be raised against us/ by allowing a very tiny few to have more power to decide; that we will let them have.  YOU SHALL retain NOT LESS THAN  3 times more shall rule.  BECAUSE some people earn, and support society; at least that much more/ than do others.



the intellectual war is:  they realized to get anything they want, by controlling the political parties:  they need only take over the election process/ and place their spouse or other diploma in a powerful enough position:  TO MAKE US PAY, “for whatever they want”/ as is the university gets ANYTHING it asks for.  as is $159 million for U OF I assembly hall renovation [little more than pretty it up and keep the money]  or the football stadium “emperors box” used in reality 6 times a year for $129 million of our tax dollars.   WAKE UP, you damn dead heads/  before the cult worship of university consumes you entirely.  WAKE UP/ OR YOUR DEAD;  because world extinction (university leads) will soon be irreversible, and that means nobody escapes; not even you. Just like they took over the banks/who hires/and whoever controls the power; as is media manipulation.

SO WE ASK:  WHAT ARE THE PEOPLE SUPPOSE TO DO?  answer:  DEMOCRACY means, “we the people rule over ourselves by the law we create to do that very thing”. Hiring those who swear to obey our laws, with their work; to be the government we intend to be. In the past that required “voting for someone to vote for me”. BUT TODAY; the foundation of real democracy is:  that we can create the laws which will govern us, for ourselves/ being careful not to make rules unless it is absolutely necessary. YES WE CAN MAKE THE LAW WE MUST OBEY, as is “we the people choose this” FOR OURSELVES, TO BE OUR GOVERNMENT: under constitutional intent. As the preamble, amendments, declaration, and bill of rights construct: what we can decide. With an admission to the realities of this day; as required. Sorting out the details in a courtroom: where we will grade and judge the judge/ removing those who do not comply with our order of law. That is democracy; and it takes away the power of government from our employees/ and gives it back to ourselves. “a hundred one page laws” and we are done/ for a thousand years.  needing only the press to watch over society to insure that what we chose is being enforced as our law.  Because as anyone can read in the Bible for instance:  those from the past are basically just like us/ which means:  get it right/ and DON’T change nothing. Every form of power to the people: should be established; as is bid work.  Every form of containment of power should be enforced as with WORLD LAW, AND INTERNATIONAL POLICING;  thereby removing every weapon of mass destruction. Therefore enforcing what this world needs to survive, and create a future for ourselves and every life on earth. Enforcing:  the universities SHALL NOT endanger our world, our nature, our anything/ their siege of power is over.  TO SURVIVE BY TRUTH DECIDES/ not want, as is the price called EXTINCTION.

THE RULE IS:   BEING ALLOWED TO GOVERN THE REST MEANS:  YOU SHALL NOT BANKRUPT US ALL/ as is your sworn constitutional duty.  YOU SHALL NOT GOVERN, as was done with covid:  AS NAZI taking over our democracy to prove how superior you believe you are; in worship of your cult called “university”.  THAT IS TREASON.

WE OWN the right to redefine and reorganize healthcare as a nation: taking care of ourselves/ as is another “proof of democracy”.

Democracy means: WE ARE all united as if one army: to defeat those who spread chaos/ endanger our lives or world/ and risk our future; with their insanity or demand to play god over our living or our lives or our child. The people who break “our constitutional guarantees”/ or the laws which we demand SHALL be obeyed by our employees”.

In contrast to that: is the constant of human pride that shouts: “its mine/ all mine/ pay me; or I kill you”. Nothing has changed throughout time; because apart from the intent of Christianity; the claim has always been: “I am the superior one”/ and you owe me whatever I say. Doesn’t matter if its healthcare/ governments/ universities/ or kids playing in the dirt: someone is always shouting “its all mine”/ and then playing games, they want to control; in order to prove it. DEMOCRACY is the end of that: by declaring we all have the same right: to one vote. BUT unless it is an educated and fair vote/ in a fair election: that vote is worthless. Which means unless you vote for the law itself/ “NOT someone to vote for us”; you have no real say. BECAUSE THAT VOTE: then makes law the leader/ and nobody gets to rule, by playing games, or changing the rules to create chaos. NO ONE creates more chaos, danger, and risk: “than universities”.

6 billion dollars divided among 6 million workers:  IS ANOTHER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OUT OF YOUR POCKET/ DIVIDED EQUALLY.

debt flows like water/ NO RESPECT FOR ANYTHING;  as is “university led government”.  I do not believe in leaders/ I accept the validity of law that is justified for all: SHALL LEAD.  I do not accept fears/ I accept the reality of evidence, and the certainty of truth decides not people or their wants.  I do honor and respect the values of life, world, freedoms, right to choose, courage, hope, love, and everything that makes living happy.  Which would include: separating hate from society/ let them live in their own space; with boundaries to insure “only here”.  

a word of advise is:  the claimed US FEDERAL deficit of $34.5 trillion dollars/ is just the amount the congress overspends; beyond tax collection and fees. IT IS NOT   “US DEBT”.  just congressional debt.

or fraud is what you don’t tell the people you are trying to convince “this is true”. as is “fake news”.

SAME IS TRUE OF IL recently forcing business to pay a much higher minimum wage.  THEY DID NOT actually make a difference to the poorer paid/ because cost of living will match or exceed that in short order; as rent and everything else goes up.  BUT THEY DID DISCARD, an even greater number for homelessness. WHAT THEY DID DO:  IS INCREASE THE NUMBERS THEY COLLECT IN INCOME TAX/ BY INCREASING THE WAGE.  THEREBY A WINFALL, to pay the debts they incurred under false pretenses; as explained by “the U OF I payments above”.  giving to the curse of our world: “university”:  another grand payment for services never rendered. making IL taxpayers the slave of  “university is god”.   WHAT then? answer: to help the immigrant, by giving them bribes:  so that during the insurgency/ “this is OUR ARMY NOW”.  why:  because, this nation is already defenseless/ and the curse is enlarged by placing large numbers of the minority inside:  to overthrow the military “when its time”.  Much like China does with sending people and biological disease into this nation; so that when a confrontation is made:  YOU ARE too damn distracted with your own trouble/ to provide a defense.  alas, biology does not know boundary lines/ and will invade across the world as if they don’t exist.   Or the people who burn us out, as is another army of insurgents; wanting you to surrender; to their will.      TRAITORS one and all.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT does exactly the same thing:  when they have sold us out, “giving away everything we need to survive/ including property, resources/ EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SURVIVE.  they then attack with inflation:  because it increase the numbers/ of income tax payments. to now pay the debts which are stable.  A TAX HIDDEN in the claim “we cannot control this”/ when in fact they caused this;  and to continue hidden in the sewage of failure:  we are all ENSLAVED TO PAY THEIR CURSE ON US.  because tax collection was not enough/ so they spent more, “because in the words of a university; debts don’t matter/ for leaders:  only slaves”.  ITS ALL FREE, for us! But the ride does end/ and the political parties fight: because the war of words is now overthrown: by the reality of consequences from a game; that tore this nation and states apart. the republican party “WE WANT IT ALL”/ the democratic party “WE WILL TAKE IT ALL”:    whereas democracy is, together we can build a world that is fair for ALL.  Obviously communism took control: as is ONLY A FEW SHALL OWN IT ALL, and control the rest as their slaves.                  WAKE UP, or die.

so how much tax do we pay: roughly 25% for federal income/ 5% for IL state income/ 20-25% for property tax/ 10% for sales tax / 15.3% for social security which is not separate anymore (a hidden tax)/ and miscellaneous taxes such as gas and utilities tax. Roughly at the high end: 83.3% of your income goes to tax.                     DRUG ADDICTION/ SUICIDE/ HATE/ MURDER/ BANKRUPTCY/ MORE:  ASK yourself: where do they come from? 

Then of course comes inheritance tax (STEALING from the dead)/ capital gains (STEALING from the middle class/ middle age; to keep them under control of the rich) and more. Which adds to the debt tax ( a hidden tax STEALING from the young} and inflation which is a direct but hidden tax STEALING from the old. So when we add it up: OVER ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your actual income is confiscated; BECAUSE they are the superior ones, so they get to spend, your money; “cause you are too damn dumb” to stop them. Or I retired 12 years ago, because just prior to that I added up the inflation costs; of counterfeiting currency that reality proved; did not exist. Which made staying even MEANT: I had to earn an additional: $91,000.00 per year, at that time:  JUST TO BREAK EVEN. With the damage done by our employees.

And that was before TAX WAS APPLIED, to the $91,000.00/ OR add another “80%”/ and I needed to earn an additional $72,000.00 MORE; “to actually break even”. Hey but don’t worry, as government officials told me when increasing their charges: “JUST PASS IT ALONG TO YOUR CUSTOMERS”.

Or way back in my early 20’s: when contesting with the IRS/ demanding a court room to “discuss this”. I was told, you cannot go to court/ you will not be given a date to appear UNLESS you admit to guilt. Then you can go to court and contend that it was not fair. BUT AFTER YOU ADMIT TO GULT; all that is left is an additional penalty, and NO justice. As is very consistent with their 1040 tax long form: as is INTENTIONALLY designed: to be: “A RAT MAZE”/ TO INSURE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND/ so that you cannot complain. As gives them all the power to say, “we are right”/ regardless of reality.

OR FORCING a tax court: with a ten thousand dollar nonpayment to demand a trial: they illegally charged me with a $38,000.00 penalty at 48% interest/ plus an additional $5,000.00 penalty: in the same year as that demand occurred. I paid the 5,000 to prove: THIS AIN’T ABOUT THE MONEY/ I DEMAND A COURT  JURY TRIAL.  Beginning the process: they refused to honor the tax break of 2011 for buying a vehicle used for business; and cost me $8500.00 IN FEDERAL JUDICIAL COURT/ WITH THE CEO OF THE IRS, AS A PLAINTIFF.


FRAUD, failure, thief/ traitor/ TERRORIST (AS UNIVERSITIES AROUND THIS WORLD IN WORSHIP OF THEIR CULT RELIGION CALLED evolution: inject chaos into biology, because they believe they can be gods/ by breaking down genetic disciplines and order. THEY BELIEVE pure fantasy; and risk our entire earth: by trying to bring the same FIRE here as is on the sun. WRONG IS EARTH BECOMES A SUN. and that is literal, because they are that far wrong.

The state of IL; tries to repossess a ten thousand dollar truck/ for $500.00 so they could claim I owed/ more than the $500 they sold the truck for. They backed off; when confronted with that is an extortion plot of organized crime, while using the police force, and judiciary, to collect.

CORRUPTION AFTER CORRUPTION, AS VILE AS IT CAN GET/   and society says, “this is easy/ don’t do nothing”.  DAMN FOOL, as your world comes to an end;   because you love sitting on the toilet to “wash down your numbers”.

the unifying factor in all this corruption:  “the university diploma”/ which runs the political parties, and all other aspects of leadership.  What do they want?  EVERYTHING, including slaves.

And then comes COVID;  the greatest conspiracy of extortion, our world has ever seen. they release a biological war agent against us as a world/ and then make the world pay trillions to a very tiny few. DEMANDING no  more oversight/ we mutilate whatever we want/ and do anything we want;  as is criminal world terrorism/ joined by media saturation. and university owns the puppets of government; to prove their point/ and force the cult into obedience (yes you will)/ belief (never question your leader)/ and fear (they can play god with our lives/ with endless disease and other things). FEAR THEM;  AS IS  the end of life on earth.  But until the find a vaccine for these “university collected; WORST POISONS AND DISEASES EVER KNOWN: biological war agents”/ they are just as much at risk as are we.  UNTIL they do!

it is likely: that a tunnel boring machine will produce a more viable replacement;  than a bridge.  it is significant to know: that the depth  of that harbor  is 50  feet deep. Which means  LAYING A TUNNEL (ONE TO FOUR) ON THE BOTTOM:WITH SEALED SEAMES (Mechanically locked: outside, robotic subs);  WOULD BE QUICK, “CHEAP” AND SIMPLE.

The steering/ stopping planes;  will aid in “rock defense” as well.  Shown in out position/ when pulled back alongside ship; they will add only slight resistance.  The OBVIOUS PRIMARY FIX:   DEMAND TWO ENGINES/ NOT JUST ONE. with separated fuel tanks/ that simply sit on the deck; and will disconnect properly and float: if the ship goes down.  “isn’t it wonderful, when spending counterfeit money” that nobody pays/ its just numbers. until of course the future actually arrives; and there are no more resources left to steal. or the reality of numbers that are not attached to reality; suddenly dissolve into the parasitic fraud that they are.  THE CORRECT PAYER in the bridge collapse is the SHIPPING INDUSTRY!  yes they will then charge more;  but maybe we should just build what we need here?  ALAS; there is no more foundation resources/ no more manufacturing of anything we actually need/ no more education of value to create a survival industry that works for life and nation/ no more foundation in justice or rights or government or healthcare;  OR ANY DAMN THING;   as is “University knows, and plays god”; so that EVERYTHING can depend upon them. STEALING ALL THEY CAN GET, while the rest play political games as a distraction, and preliminary to civil war.

WITHOUT THE BLANKET COVERING OF A CULT:  THE UNIVERSITY IS:  A CONGLOMERATION of people who want the power to play god with life and earth/ discarding all respect, rights, and realities:   SO THEY CAN play god with using:  lies, theft, manipulation, traps, control, “numbers”, bribes, fears, “believe this as with covid”/ OBEDIENCE (we are the experts: PAID TO LIE)/ media delusions “aren’t they great”/ political insurgency/ judicial rebellion/ the cursed who assassinate every child. THE ORGANIZATION USED to criminally consume the world into extinction;  as is the evidence of every threat that says to anyone with a brain:   THIS ENDS IN EXTINCTION!   Alas, I forgot:  you are a cult/ and cannot question your leader;  without being punished.  BLIND OBEDIENCE or nothing is your world of shame. to the curse of every living thing on this planet.

It is, a tragedy of sorts: that humanity is not required to learn why/ even when they learn how. Because human want only desires the prize/ not the truth of what is revealed: by the destiny of “searching for life itself”. The critical cost of universities is that reality: they only want the prize, to claim for themselves the trophy, trinket, or toy. Learning how, they claim superiority, and offer themselves as gods; by proving a trophy can be found. BUT THEY LACK TRUTH, and find only the cost of being proud: which is the ending now comes quickly/ without true change. It is to your shame, that this is written.

We then turn to truth, and ask: WHY, will all life die/ because humanity is too proud to live? “pride is a graveyard, the prison of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect”.

The answer is then: that this entire Creation of life is about humanity, and those few who can be allowed to enter eternal life. Having lost the rest to failure, the critical test is: whether to let humanity kill itself, as they have prepared to do; with endless horrors and terror; leaving no room for any life to survive. Or to kill the vast majority of humans; with a catastrophe so great; that very few will be left to cause this entire Creation of all life, to be lost?

Whether to intervene, “for life on earth”/ or simply let the life of this entire world, be extinguished by human failures? As is judgment: as is, “the return of JESUS”; as predicted “JUDGE of this earth”. Biblical Revelation 19: 11-16.     And the Christian religion says: “we are great”/ but reality knows: not a single finger/ not a single penny, did you use to help this world survive! Even though, you were warned the most.

OR, perhaps some sort of miracle; will aid you, in surrendering your pride? I really don’t know! Its not my job/ its not my warning/ and it certainly is not a judgment I could or would make; “just a messenger”.

GOD IS GOD, no one knows: “what HE would or will do”. However the warning given to you; is not from me. While the evidence of your impending extinction, is literal and true: a reality you cannot escape, without true change/ and in fact: VERY SIGNIFICANT HELP, from your Creator.

Today is “good Friday; a religious holiday to remember: the life that separated “love from hate”/ so that no delusions would continue to exist. Proving without doubt that LOVE AND HATE; ARE BOTH, very distinct and real choices we make for our own individual selves. A reality that becomes lost, when the war of hate; screams too loud/ and anger invades life; as it is today. YOU have failed; due to university delusions, apathy, arrogance, and pure disrespect for life and world; “the people who play god”,  Yet cannot even define evolution as the waste product, of a parasitic invasion. Which needs treatment/ not mercy of failed delusions, and pathetic fantasies. A sewer of imagination is all we need: “as is university”.  PROOF OR DESTRUCTION.

And the living dead of universities and more scream: “evolution is our god”/ so you do have to choose; because you cannot have both. TRUTH MUST DECIDE; no more lies, failure, fantasy, delusion, imagination without substance, stealing, gambling with life or earth: or just plain “grow up or die”/ your choice. It is clearly not my choice, no matter what comes/ it is, YOUR choice.

Or, more distinctly: “the primordial soup” which your gods of university describe as your Creator of life and body and mind: MUST PRODUCE MORE EVIDENCE than just “this looks like that”. PROVE a few chemicals thrown together are greater than you/ as is the result called a functioning human being; which begins without even a brain. So according to universities “a brain is irrelevant” to life. PROVE YOUR “CLAIM of TRUTH”! When comparing the reality of a human body OR LIFE: IS FAR MORE COMPLEX; THAN ALL THE BRAINS OF UNIVERSITY AROUND THE WORLD; “put together, a billion years later according to you”. What went wrong, “a dead bug” knows more?

The constant is: “university people; RUN AWAY TO HIDE/ lock the door to protect their delusions/ demand they own the nation, education, everything/ and utterly refuse to defend their theories claiming “they are gods” and cannot be bothered with such trivial things as reality.” but HAVING ESTABLISHED: life cannot be built “one piece at a time”; as is the basis of evolution in chaos, entirely by accident. The foundation of their lies falls apart; and if found in trial: to prove their theories: ALL FALLS APART, WITHOUT A DEFENSE. So they lie, cheat, steal, gossip and betray, ridicule, demand war; and everything else humanity does to “keep the truth away”.

And of course: the cult of religious worshipers, screaming; “university is our god (WE BELIEVE; FEAR/ OBEY)”/ rampages as zealots do, shouting its idolatries, and DEMANDING; “WE HAVE A BOOK”; as all cults do.

hope is required!

The realities of existence, describe the human experience as an expression of “ten thousand wishes”; which cannot be fulfilled. Therefore humanity reaches for, and takes control by wanting what it wants the most; whether by lies, theft, fraud, or other forms of disguise. A want does not desire to know the consequences/ and is therefore easy to live with; by discarding respect “for a miracle; defined as self”. A wish however is the recognition of life, by its vast discovery of miracles; that can identify who we are. It is truth, “that lives” in between these two developments called a human life.

The critical question is dignity: the rise of life ascending into miracles, which do describe love/ or fall, the descent of self into the developments of hate, or its steps down into the grave of isolation beyond recognition. People constantly scream: “ I WANT WHAT I WANT”/ as is the decision; to abandon love, in favor of time. People shout: “I loved and then cried/ so I don’t want to love again; because I don’t want to cry again”. But it is love that makes life worth living/ while time offers only a trophy, trinket, or toy, to make time worth existence.

So we ask: WHY can we not all desire love? The answer replies: we are not all worthy of love; and those who are not, become separated in this time; that reveals their existence inside, where life itself does exist. The critical question is then: WHY, would this be necessary; when we all die “same”. The answer replies: that every miracle has a foundation to be discovered by truth/ and every truth has a law, that cannot be avoided by reality. Therefore death is to be questioned: by its law? The body is proven to be a complete discard of life/ becoming worthless, and in fact dangerous to allow a “presence” here: therefore cast away for safety. BUT THE LAW of life is: every miracle, has a foundation in thought/ and every thought is the expression of a freedom, that is not bound by the limits of what time would decide to prove as true. Therefrom we ask of truth: IS life and body the same? The answer is no: because one is freedom/ and the other is merely time defined by motion. Removing the motion, does not mean; thought no longer exists; because the framework of thought, is from a destiny shaped by law, rather than existence.

As to more elemental things:  the last of the coral reefs will die without intervention/ you must pump colder water from the depths onto the reefs. you can do that with centrifugal fans on rafts/ solar panels /wave motion or whatever you like. DON’T be like “the diploma”/ ten billion+ dollars of studies, and one hundred years later nothing: FEED THE CORAL REEF/ DO IT NOW!     AND ALL OTHER THREATENED LIFE ON EARTH!         USE DEAD HUMAN BODIES, AS YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE LEFT, AND THEY ARE WORTHLESS, unless recycled.

Keep every dam; you need the water.  Getting salmon through the dam is done by:    creating a tunnel pipe on the lake bottom;  from the stream where salmon are beginning their journey; all the way to the dam gates:  you can create a fast moving stream the small fry will follow/ be trapped inside and turned loose on the other side of the dam. By simply lifting the gate a foot or so, and creating a suitable opening to let a regulated amount of water go through. YOU WILL have to put “screening” on the entrance to that tunnel/ or there will be larger fish entering to eat the small fry.  OPENED At an appropriate time of day/ at an appropriate time of year.

Solar heating of water is essential; the attic is hot, and will heat it/ adding to a reduction in air conditioning: because the attic has been cooled, while the water has been heated. and so on.

But, then there is global warming “just one threat out of thousands”;  that suggests and proves true. More global heat pressurizes the atmosphere/ which then accelerates the upper atmosphere/ which then pushes against the planet/ which then separates the atmosphere from the planet. Which then causes the same type of conditions found on other planets such as 700mph winds.  “oh well/ air conditioning is worth it: RIGHT?” after all, why should the children or life live? Right!

To learn of value, is to learn of truth! To identify, what has little or no value, is to learn of evil; and to discard that evil is the beginning of wisdom. Therefore we seek to understand, the knowledge gathered: by limiting its influence to truth; by confining every lie, in the boundaries of failure. The consequence of that: becomes the path of love, or the fate or road to be used by the herd. What is confined by hate; has no value at all; and may be isolated by their own truth; to the reality they do create for themselves.

To envision of life in eternity: we must ascend past the elements of time, to achieve the function of thought will decide, by its own truth. Therefore we do come to learn: “let only truth decide” for me.

And the people say: WHAT IS TRUTH?

The universities say: “truth is whatever we tell you to believe; as your gods”. While other religions argue: truth is whatever our book tells you to believe “is your god”. So the question is: EXPLAIN GOD so that we can know, what is true?

ALL of history, has searched for that answer; and found none, that can be evidenced to prove “this is GOD”. Because you are not worthy of that answer; as proven by JESUS, who did in fact prove the difference between love and hate is your own decision!

HE, also proved the cost of greed; because that is why the Jewish religious leaders wanted him dead: “he turned over their tables of money, and let the people gather it up: ruining their game”.

NOW, the name of JESUS is taken in vain as often as not; because you rebel against “believing anything but what universities tell you to believe”; as their indoctrination of every child has proven to be successful. Because greed and pride and power; has proven to be “your only true, goal” in living. Discarding everything else; for a toy, trinket, or trophy; requires you to believe in universities as your god. Because clearly: “we did not build ourselves”. AND THERE IS LOVE, in the presence of every miracle on this planet of miracles. So JESUS is the evidence of GOD ; and universities are the evidence of Satan; as they live to destroy as is the evidence proven true; every living thing on earth. Therefore it could be said: that GOD is the opposite of everything universities stand for. The sanctity of life/ the sacred truth of our existence/ the value of living/ the CREATION OF LOVE/ the potential called eternity/ the abilities of your own body and mind/ the creation of every child (regardless of damage done, by human choices)/ or more simply: A WORLD OF LIFE BUILT UPON THE DECISION; “TO SHARE LOVE”, with CARE. RESPECTING freedom and choice; will be our own decision to make.

The fool shouts: YOU OWE US MORE. But you cannot understand what is plainly given; which means, there is no purpose in increasing your curse of failure, and its consequences as will come in death. YOU ARE OWED NOTHING; as you never paid for the life you did receive; but seek its ruin, rape, ravaging, ransacking, lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism; instead.

Which brings us to the element of truth: that humanity itself, or its speaker called university is god. TO EXPLAIN: HOW IT IS, THAT I AM WRONG! Because if you have no answer; you have no truth.

And the world says to me: “YOU ARE NOTHING/ NOBODY/ WORTHLESS/ and we need not, give you the time of day”. BECAUSE IF, you were from “GOD”/ then you would be “great”; even if you are “just a messenger”.

But life says: it is not your job to choose what “GOD, would or would not do”: is that not true? It is not your job to choose who or why “GOD, would choose me or anyone else”: is that not true? It is not your religion that decides for “GOD, when or where or how; life will be approached” with the information of failure/ the reality of costs that explain: your evidence threatens to exceed your worth/ as life on this earth. NOR it is mine! I have no clue why me/ no clue what the future will be for either you (as a world) or me: IT IS YOUR DECISION for this world, as is consistent with religious expectation. And It is “the spiritual woman inside of me” that decides my fate; as is consistent with Revelation 12; 1-2 (a new life is delivered to this earth) & 17:3 (man is under her control). I know not how that will turn out either/ it is not my decision to make. I asked to help this world and all its life survive: and I was given this job! “end of story”, so to speak. DEFINITELY NOT my job to save you/ I cannot save a single one; and that has been proven true. But same as you; I can do, what I can do, as is testify to the miracles of life that do exist to prove: MORE than humanity understands, DOES exist here. Women are given the chance to create more for life; by offering their version of the law we must all obey to survive. If they refuse; that is clearly not my fault. THIS IS A REALITY, NOT; because women are better/ they are NOT. but men have ruled this world for thousands of years; and we do stand on the edge of extinction; because of their decisions!  SO THE DEMAND IS FOR “DIFFERENT THAN THIS”/ and your only true option is women must decide instead of men. “it is, clearly their turn, to try”!

I did deliver the message of change or die; to this world. Whether worthy or not, is irrelevant: it was my job/ and I did the best I could do: “did you”?

Truth says of me: that it is the discovery of my heart, that had not JESUS been part of my upbringing/ or in some way entered my life in time; that I would be different in so many ways. Which makes religion, particularly at a young age, a very valuable thing to do. NOT for religion, but for the foundation upon which life will build a decision. JESUS identified love, and that is where my own heart belongs; the journey into soul, is a decision beyond heart, to conceive of the value beyond self. To identify the critical need that is my own: as lives within the miracles of thought, time, body, and life itself on this planet called “home”. Much was free to me, first part of living; and later in life much was not free; because the work overrode all other details of living. Realities changed the options I was allowed to choose. While life knows: “certainly not perfect”/ it also knows; I did the best I could, in very nearly every situation. The secondary foundation of living: as was purpose rather than desire; was born of the Cuban missile crisis; which threatened to end all life on earth. The decision: this should NEVER occur again/ became my life. Regardless of the fact: nothing but greed, barely existed for the last fifty years in “you”. That is my story, and you call me “worthless”, in the hearts of most.

The decision to send a “spiritual woman” into my life: was not my own/ but when faced with the truth of evidence; it was indeed, the best of help, that I needed to finish and complete this work. As I had lost touch with reality; on the day after a ten year search/ proving men cannot save this world. And she brought me back to law; as is the purpose of this message.

I then turn to religion: which is the depiction of what does or does not happen when you die. Referencing the Christian religion, as the only significant evidence of that fact; due to the critical construction called Easter (or resurrection). While there is no conclusive, repeatable proof of that event. What we do know is: that JESUS did die on the cross/ HE had witnesses to that effect; none can doubt it. None can argue his followers intervened or did anything other than be sad/ because as with this cost to his leadership: HATE caused him to die with great harm/ for the purpose of producing fear in the rest. So they would believe/ fear/ and obey; their leaders (yes we can)/ and their religious leaders (yes we did);  to avoid the same.

A short time later: these very people who feared that death/ began standing up in front of the others and proclaiming “he had risen”, with things of value. Or they had resolved their fears, and now believed in “an eternal life” instead of death. Spreading that message of love versus hate; throughout the world, as best they could/ even after the Jewish leaders began killing them. IT DOES take a very significant event to create that change. I do believe it is fair and fitting:  to honor that cost, with such a simple thing as presenting yourself “as if before GOD”/ in a church or other. because that choice is NOT intended to be about you/ but your presence in a world that knows so little but selfishness.  “I,I,I,I,,,,,I” has nothing to do with the honesty of accepting faith. Faith is a respect for truth, and therefrom truth decides, is a foundation for living life beyond self.           I do not “worship with religion”; because when asked, “we need to talk politely of some of these things”:  they all said, absolutely not. because the end result of religion is: to accept a belief (now we know)/ so that death is no longer an extreme fear. I do not argue: because my mom lost her religion, and gained extreme fear of death. “because even a little change” proved to be too much. My dad much the same; only he entered into pride (I know all I need to know) instead. Neither result was intended; and I will not be responsible for the same in you.

Even so: what is critical to the question of “eternal life”/ or at least the rising from death (which obviously does not include “our own bodies; are you god”). Is the definition of what causes our lives to exist?

So lets understand: that GOD IS UNDEFINABLE; absolute and true. But realities are not; so we can conceive of the question: “what does happen when an immovable object encounters an unstoppable force”? The answer is: numerous things. So like evolution contending “you can’t prove me wrong/ when I demand over billions of years anything could happen”! Even though I can, because the sun consumes a fuel, and that alone proves you wrong. The initial consequence of force versus motion however is instantaneous, and we need not conceive of realities; because we do not know. We can however say: so much is going on/ it is impossible to deny the beginning of something.

Now then: the question of thought is the question of life, and the critical question of forces used to present life with freedoms of existence; offers us an environmental truth. The confinement of thought, is a distinction of force, rather than body. If the force of energy, does not leave/ then the existence of thought does not end. So then what is the critical destruction or substance of force; as gives to life its existence/ or death? A separation between force and time; as is a partition in the previous “unstoppable event” described above. I am not going farther with this; as you are not worthy of more.

Instead the question of JESUS, created by resurrection: is a reality of force, that none of us will control/ even if HE could. The critical healing of so many people being the evidence: of a life beyond our own.

We can however consider: HOW, can we live as an elemental force, that is not governed by time? As time is a distance, measured by how far we go/ WHAT then is the construction of our existence, in eternity? It exists as the dimension we do create within thought, as thought is the environment which seeks to understand and identify all that this universe has to offer. Force offers the disciplines of order, balanced by respect for the laws being used to create the path we search beyond ourselves. WHEN we inhabit law, we become an environment of life begins here. LAW exhibits truth, and truth is our environmental signature of living, in a universe which has many forces to distill our existence: between what has value, and WHY? The critical consideration of WHO, is established by these things; but destiny is established by “who we are bound too”, as the soul searches for love. Loneliness is a relationship with reality that does not extend beyond self. Therefore the heart seeks its rhythms, to honor its request: “for home inside of self”/ the place where love knows no boundary or limit, as it becomes “even one, with GOD “. in ways that are truly pure, or it shall never be.

Of things that exist in this time: is the distinction between the miracle of our bodies/ versus the temple of their Creation as our own gift of life reveals. The critical discovery is: body is our gift/ our only true possession on this earth; because all that is thought, is a definition of spirit (not of this earth). Rather the distinction of our truth, and identity. NEVER believe in the caution of “I better not take any chances”/ because that is always wrong! DO, make a clear and conscious decision for yourself: that DOES include the cost of being wrong! IT IS YOUR BODY/ “but our society”:  and it is your life and living and responsibilities to take charge of yourself. To create what is for you, as zoning can do.  The identity you chose/ rather than is allowed someone else:  to force upon you; as is to their own shame. Unfortunately we are limited in what we do: with the realities of human behavior. Human animals abound, and they have no restraint, or very little; so it is generally unwise to be naked/ although life allows for that without a price. Humanity does not; the animal; “dogs are dogs”/ when young, humps on anything it can find. In the same sense; carrying a gun falls into the same category: you are allowed/ but if you are not justified; there are consequences you will face. But make no mistake in this human world of hate and war/ theft and betrayal: genocide exists when one group has all the weapons/ and the other does not have anything equivalent. Thieves, liars, traitors, and terrorists have never gone away. So be advised of reality.

The animals rule with hate/ the universities rule with endless “rat mazes” to confound and polarize you/ the fools scream yes we can/ the failures are constantly trading a future for greed/ society fails itself, by fueling the curse that is doing nothing “until the atomic bombs fall”/ THEN they will scream and cry “this is all GOD’S FAULT”/ as they always do. While religion is owned by universities are god, the choice of a cult/ the pure disgrace of arrogance mutilates all of nature/ the pure apathy of pride drowns all sense of community and human values/ the absolute disrespect for our world; cannot be more plain than trying to ignite atoms on fire; in a blatant attempt to turn this earth into a sun; and that is only the beginning of what 8 billion people; who will soon have no food or water are doing to insure HELL will come. As is the result of “university knows/ media saturates with fools in charge; religion hides, and claims we don’t have to do nothing”. Or in simple terms: “I,I,I,I,I,I,,,,,,,I WANT WHAT I WANT; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; & TO HELL WITH YOU, because I want it all; as is MINE, MINE, MINE, ,,,,,,,,BE DAMNED TO ANYONE IN MY WAY. As is the human delusion of life and living strictly as self is all that matters. The game of death:  scream, rant, rave; while you can!

Hope is then within your own decision to step outside: the human cult of greed is god/ power is what we want. And accept the singular decision “to search for life/ and identify the value shaped by love” is my choice. As reality becomes less and less about life/ and the sewer of death by the septic waste of “university knows” finishes, the rotting corpse of humanity, by consuming life from this earth. “save yourself/ so what you legally can: but in the end, save yourself”. Be thankful that you can make your own decision: for life beyond self. As is the beginning of an eternal destiny.

HOPE is required for life, because it is the basis of happiness; and without cause to exist/ it is much easier to believe life is not worth the price. No matter how wrong that is! SO, again the future will be determined by law/ and laws are determined by those who care enough to make the decision to enforce what is in our best interest as humanity, life, child, and world! Therefore fight for law both world and nation and more; because truth in law is the value of our existence proven by the respect we share; beyond the sewer of human disgrace.

In this USA; the most direct and critical method of obtaining law, rather than rulers: is to use REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as is the law/ as is the legal right of WE THE PEOPLE; AUTHORITY OVER OUR DEMOCRACY; “owners of the final say”. By demanding truth through the investigation of what is real/ the price of being wrong; and where this nation will end, on the road that is to HELL. “it is a choice”/ but it is not without a price: FACE YOUR TRUTH; and choose life before the extinction of a world becomes irrevocably (too late now) true. SAME IS TRUE FOR WORLD LAW, AS MUST GOVERN; OR YOU DIE.

And the world says to me: “we want what we want/ and we believe what we believe/ and there is no further use in you telling us all: that the future is bleak, or the reality is extinction”. Because we want what we want.

Therefore I “believe” that the last words needed to warn you have been written/ and the reality of what you do with them is entirely upon you: and it is no longer on me. Like a train headed for a cliff; “you simply cannot get off the rails”/ because pride had blinded your eyes, a thirst for power has made you deaf/ and the curse of disrespect, as is the result of media saturation leaves you without a brain; as is cult worshiping the universities. Every truth has a consequence. Every warning has a point where you go by, regardless of the cost caused by ignoring what is true.

I will give you one last warning; “from my own life”! Tinnitus took away very nearly everything of living, that had value/ because my nephew died, I went too far; but still expected hearing to heal. IF I HAD left this home, instead of staying for harvest season, that year; it would have healed; but just one day and night proved to be too long; and all I got for tinnitus was “roughly 40 years of;  ridicule, gossip, distrust, denial, disrespect and so on”; because life was not the same any more. And since I look fine; it was very easy to believe “he must be lying”. BUT ears that scream at you is no lie/ and reality proves that. Yet people claim they know: if it is not you; you don’t know; even if your ears make some noise/ it is not debilitating; so you don’t. People however don’t care; and find excuses which include everything you can think of. So the warning is: just because you believe life will heal, and things will return to normal; and everything is just to be “ delayed”. Does not mean its true; you are facing the greatest threats of extinction not even your worse imagination can believe. And all I do is ask you to investigate for truth, and the cost of being wrong. Because the price “of tinnitus” is way higher, than you can imagine/ and that is nothing compared to what is coming for you.

The one compensating factor: I did do the work of this message, and it did not fail to be finished. What you do with the warning is NOT my concern: IT WAS delivered/ and you chose the format upon which the warning was given; I did not. YOU chose, because want and greed and pride and tragedy is all you got.

I never asked you to believe the threats: but the evidence is known to a minimal degree. THEREFORE THE WORLD OF LIFE AND LIVING AND EVEN HUMANS: DO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW. The cost of their want, failure and fraud of what exists. But all say: DON’T DO NOTHING, because we don’t want to pay; and every threat: HAS A PRICE.

The problem: YOUR DEVIL: OF MEDIA saturates reality with their fantasies and fraud, failing life itself; by empowering the universities with a cult to worship them as gods. Experts are bought and paid for/ as is media; and the people say, “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”/ so in fact you get what you ask for from both. Making you: the foundation of your future.

I remain, “realistically happy”: that I did what I could do; for a world.

you remain lost in the delusion; that your world has not changed/ even though the evidence of change has surrounded you. The cost of being wrong is extinction/ and yet you remain “I WANT what I want”; to your shame.

That proved to be “rats in a maze”/ unable to get out, due to cult worshi

I even made it “free for you” to demand redress; by refusal to pay the tax/ UNTIL THE LAW OF OUR CONSTITUTION IS OBEYED/ OR, significant proof of an error in our comprehension of constitutional authority is identified: with a judicial signature. That then does fall within the category of treason; IF IT IS A LIE.

USA: Amendment one: “THE WORDS USED TO UNITE”. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [they indoctrinate every child with university evolution religion; pure fantasy, never proven in the take over of their own religious education] or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [no choices/ no rights, the “university expert” has spoken]; or abridging the freedom of speech [the denial of constitutional law; “the universities are god, and cannot be questioned: by silence; as proven by court case after court case “James F. Osterbur”;] of of the press [the US supreme court sells us out, in absolute denial of freedom for the press; to the wealthy control all the news beyond the internet]; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government [our constitution is government] for a redress of grievances [we are the owners here]”.

ping university as god; due to the pied-ed piper of media delusions and fraud. Unless you are willing to enforce the law/ you are beyond help; as trump becomes hitler/ biden continues his disgrace of selling out this nation/ humanity fighting for HELL on earth/ and the certain extinction of adding even more “humanity” to this earth. You have no hope, unless you dig out of the hole that is “we can’t do nothing; because you don’t want to pay the price of so much failure”. PAY THE PRICE/ enforce the law/ identify what is true/ understand the price of being WRONG: or go extinct; “your choice”.

I even made it “free for you” to demand redress; by refusal to pay the tax/ UNTIL THE LAW OF OUR CONSTITUTION IS OBEYED/ OR, significant proof of an error in our comprehension of constitutional authority is identified: with a judicial signature. That then does fall within the category of treason; IF IT IS A LIE.

USA: Amendment one: “THE WORDS USED TO UNITE”. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion [they indoctrinate every child with their own, university evolution religion; pure fantasy paid for by us: with never proven trash, used, in the take over life, with their own religious education] or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [no choices/ no rights, the “university expert” has spoken]; or abridging the freedom of speech [the denial of constitutional law; “the universities are god, and cannot be questioned: by silence; as proven by court case after court case “James F. Osterbur”;] of of the press [the US supreme court sells us out, in absolute denial of freedom for the press; to the wealthy control all the news beyond the internet]; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government [our constitution is OUR government] for a redress of grievances [we are the owners here].

You want a world that no longer exists! GET OVER IT/ YOU CHOSE GREED, instead of life or world. So swim in your sea of garbage, and drown in your sorrows of HELL; or turn to life and accept the decision to say to this living world, “that we, the humanity of this earth; are sorry/ and will do better”. Or “dig your grave”/ because the southern border will be overrun; “no water”. Trump will be elected and murder them/ which will ignite all the million more to civil war; and it will spread throughout this world. As Russia has dreams of becoming even bigger than the USSR was; stealing everything as always, just like China/ and all the rest. Because you consumed everything that was not locked down or easy: and now you have to pay. The answer of men is, as it has always been: WAR. BUT this time, there will be no end; and disease will finish you off as a world/ water polluted and poisoned/ all ocean life lost; or, if the mutilation of nature does not/ or the total end of this planet by igniting atoms on fire “just like the sun”; certainly will. WHATEVER, does not come first, is the end. and the world says:  “hurrah” university is god/ “alas, but they are SATAN”. Rather than life; “too bad”/ the “titanic” sinks again; as a world being lost.

UNIVERSITY means simply:  the school children who never grew up, and found a way to play/ continually DEMANDING more power and pride for themselves; they chose to play god with life and world. finding ways to manipulate destroy, deny, and cause our extinction in exchange for their pride.  Using media as their means; to incite a cult into believe/ fear/ obey;  the children of the living dead.  Because they had no respect for life or world/ chose pure arrogance, not truth/ and drowned in the apathy of want and pride as is so constant to fools.

“if you only had a brain”!

In this “valley of death”, that is designed by university knows; across the entire planet itself. The one certainty is: that these parasites will surge to invade and destroy every chance, every resource, every opportunity to survive; that they possibly can. In order to take away and control every aspect of life and living and truth on this world. Stealing your job/ cursing your world/ releasing death and horror and hell by what they do. Because they want to prove they are gods; and they are only devil instead.

Within that reality of life is; another delusion of manipulation recently glimpsed on TV; the source of confusion and diseases found in the brain. That the  IUD (a birth control device, originating in 1909) is suddenly dangerous and breaking apart to create “needles in the uterus/ to make you die”). As indicated this is a very well known device, “a simply coil of wire” implanted quickly, with few known side effects. BUT IT IS CHEAP, EFFECTIVE, A ONE TIME REVERSIBLE reality of birth control; that is all but certain: what this world needs to curb population growth; for even the slightest chance of world survival. WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN is: power hates that, as they get no money/ and no other element of pride, and manipulation. SO HATE DECIDES; to change the manufacturing of the product; so as to make it dangerous/ so as to sacrifice some in order to remove the threat to their profits; by causing pain, distress, or even death. THERE IS NO REASON AT ALL; FOR A COIL OF WIRE TO FRACTURE AND BREAK APART. Absolutely none; if it does/ its on purpose, or a “billion to one” defect. What is important is NOT TO BELIEVE; but with over one hundred years of use: what is or is not apparent and true regarding this device can be found out; and must be found out. Because very little else offers what is actually needed for life on earth to survive.

Reality knows: if we were at war, and we are in more ways than you can believe: the bridge which fell down, would be salvaged in sections that bore very little damage; and then reused and rebuilt as part of the new bridge. Because it can/ reducing time and money. THE CURSE of universities is AN ABSOLUTE INSANITY GROWS HERE; THAT WORSHIPS MONEY, PRIDE, AND POWER; and they will as the insane always do; interfere with the disease called an expert (paid liar). Let the evidence decide what can or needs to be done/ not the expert who has no value beyond a parasite which burrows into your skin; to eat you alive/ until you die.