And all the people say: WE DON’T LIKE REALITY/ “we want what we want: and hide from truth, by running into the closet of a burning house”. Shouting “you can’t get me here”.

Reality says: you cannot make the future pay for your decisions to avoid your own reality. You cannot make the children pay, for all the poisons and pollution’s you dumped into their lives. You cannot make the children pay, not life itself: because of an arrogance so extremely evil; that your universities claim they are gods.

YOU CANNOT claim that weapons of mass destruction; are your saviors.

You cannot avoid the truth, that you killed your own children; with your GREED. There are consequences to the sewer of your evil.

You cannot live in “imagination”/ where fools go to die.

You cannot survive the failures and theft of “universities know”; as is a constant horror of the insane, who lead to: disrespect all life and world and truth.

You cannot survive “a thousand threats of extinction”/ and your ability to change a single one; is dying with your lies. Your fears of giving it all back; that fantasy of assuming belief is enough to keep you alive/ or your obedience to the dead surge of biological chaos; that is university as a cult.



ALL YOU CAN DO: IS PUT NATURE AND WORLD BACK TOGETHER AS IT WAS; before the insane curse of human arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; as is called “expert”/ made it die.

ALL YOU CAN DO: IS SAY TO YOUR CHILD, WE ARE SORRY; and then do the best you can, to keep them alive! PRAYING FOR MERCY, because GOD, OUR CREATOR; IS your only friend.

In the real world:

  1. politicians are not allowed to play games with life or society
  2. universities are not allowed to declare themselves to be gods (we know everything we need to know) as has been proven wrong “ten billion times”.
  3. Humanity lives by truth/ or it dies by lies: “their choice”.
  4. Children require resources and realities; that have not been warred against by human GREED.
  5. KILLING the very chains of life, that keep our world alive: is PURE INSANITY!
  6. Refusing the reality of what real world consequences are: is PURE EVIL.
  7. Claiming war is better than law rules us all: “is SATANIC”.
  8. THE BLIND cannot lead the blind; and that alone proves evolution is for fools.
  9. Religion is not an escape route, from life by truth.
  10. Humanity is EQUAL between male and female; BOTH are required or we all die. Pure insanity, and deliberate EVIL; is used to deny that as fact.
  11. Seventy+ years later: the poisons/ the pollution/ the resource destruction/ the weapons of mass destruction/ the hate/ the lies/ the theft/ the cheating/ the whoring/ the filthy sewage of universities lead/ assassination of life on land and in the oceans; by the corruption of want decides now: IS A WAR ON LIFE AND WORLD, that adds up: to our own EXTINCTION. Because that, is deliberately what you chose.
  12. TIME RUNS OUT, and the insurgency of human hate; says time is up/ EITHER CHANGE FOR LIFE BY LAW OVER US ALL; or HELL begins.
  13. Instead of leaders who SCREAM: for war against nations/ because a very tiny handful caused a criminal act/ or tempted others to do it, so they could SCREAM WAR. WE MUST HAVE LAW RULES US ALL. No more destroying the lives, homes, health, future, reality of millions or now billions; because hate rules over life.
  14. Instead of believing anything you are told: in a world filled with trained liars by universities play god. FEAR as is the cost of belief: that women who freeze their eggs, will lose them to mutilation; as evil merely takes those eggs for experimentation. “oops sorry, eggs gone/ freezer stopped; mislabeled, too bad”. THEY STOLE YOUR MONEY/ THEY RAVAGED YOUR WORLD/ THEY DUMPED TRILLIONS OF TONS OF POISON/ MUTILATING; WARRING: AGAINST ALL LIFE AND WORLD/ AND CREATED WAR WEAPONS TO INSURE, life will never rise again.
  15. yet you believe “the university” is your savior.Even though, it is HATE, that breaks every law, rapes every life, ravages the world, MUTILATES LIFE AND RISKS THE ENTIRE PLANET;  spews out every form of poison or pollution; and declares WAR.     “open your dead eyes, and see the future”! While reality now says, and truth agrees: you have no resources left to rebuild what they will destroy. You have no water to allow mass immigration. You will have no food or energy or habitat or life to ravage and ruin: because HATE took it all away. LAST CHANCE: LAW OR HATE; CHOOSE?


  1. Hate worships: “YES I CAN”, the intellectual game of “force them into a maze” so they cannot escape our trap/ whereas law creates and envelopes the critical test of: “yes we must”! The cost of being WRONG, is too high.
  2. HATE slithers and hides in plain site; especially wherever power can be found/ so the day will come; when they can scream; WAR (kill them all). Whereas; LOVE, as the basis of life; identifies the law must intervene, and those who are responsible shall be found.
  3. The critical difference: hate worships death and chaos so the law has no voice; WAR rules/ and that means leaders decide! Love worships law and justice, so their will be peace on earth: as WE THE WORLD have chosen for ourselves.
  4. The blockade of fools; are those indoctrinated individuals who believe their rules SHALL overthrow our laws. Producing and enforcing the maze of tyrants; who want nothing more than to be left alone, in their delusion of power and pride. By using rules; to insure you cannot “open their door/ and confront the enemy”; so as to remove the cause of failure. Which is the true cause of civil war and more. RULES CREATE TYRANTS; and the world is filled with rules, because the righteous want power too.
  5. LAWS WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES/ are defined and decided by the vast majority: WHO DO THEN DEFEND THE LAW THEY CREATE; BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT THE LAW IS. Therefore we know, WHO is stealing that law from our own possession; to create WAR against us all.
  6. So, the critical test is: ARE YOU WILLING TO CREATE LAW; SO WE CAN REMOVE ALL TYRANTS; FROM LEADERSHIP OVER OUR WORLD?         Now, or never/ CHOOSE.YOUR LEADERS, are ready to send this world into WAR! Because the hate and tyranny of “university leads”/ has fed us all into the meat grinder of fools, liars, fakes, failure, and fraud lead here. THAT LEAVES WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD; with one single conclusion; to refuse the chaos they created. AS A WORLD STAND UP, AND SAY NO: WE WILL NOT LET LEADERS DO THIS TO US ALL! As 8 billion plus people who depend upon NOT destroying everything; as is the evidence of THEIR WARS; it is UP TO US ALL, to stand together as a world who rejects the claim of leaders know best. And conceives of WORLD LAW SHALL DECIDE for us all. NOT your “claim of authority to”, war: OR your university Satan; as drags us all into HELL. You go screaming for any piss-hole bastard foolish want you have; just to say, “pay attention to me”. STAND UP FOR YOUR WORLD, AND FIGHT TO DEMAND: PAY ATTENTION TO US. Because we are so many people; no matter who you are: WE THE WORLD, which includes all of the military everywhere: can make you pay!  LET THE LAW DECIDE/  not your chaos and insanity.



    NOT WAR!

    Prove solidarity (stand as one, united): LAW, NOT war. OUR WORLD, not your, or ours: NO leader/ LAW!

    Now or never.

    Because too late, ends life and earth!

    And: for those who continue to scream WAR; let that hate be gathered up, to stand “one side against the other”

    so that hate between nations can be resolved with



    Weapons in the middle/NO MILITARY ALLOWED: ONLY HATE! Agree to the terms: agree as a nation. let “the world: sound the beginning”

    create and control the boundary line:

    NOBODY, who enters this conflict leaves/you want them dead: then do it. NO MERCY/ NO HELP; YOU CHOSE; until they die, or reach a truce that will survive.

    The question of life, is not hope but happiness. Because without true happiness we fall into the trap, that is hate.

    Therefore the question most definitive to life on earth is: HOW, do I/we, become happy?

    The answer is: want is the trap, and hate is its reward; because jealousy renews the claim of “winner/ loser/ less/ or more”. Which allows for pride to enter, and power to overwhelm with the decision, “yes I can play god”.

    The answer is:

    that happiness is not a game, and there are no players; because true want does not exist. Instead the realities of truth provide an opportunity to search for miracles; instead of death, by its fear/ and the consequent “belief you can hide/ or obedience and fear will not consume”.

    The answer is:

    that happiness comes, from the trust that focuses truth on our beginning; and creates the foundation: “we exist, because of love”.

    The answer is:

    that happiness forms from hope, as it ascends beyond time, to achieve the honor of respecting this entire world, was created “for us all”.

    The answer is:

    that JESUS is the guarantor of eternity; by proving “as no one else could or did”/ that love is the answer of life, and life is the ascension of love.

    The answer is:

    that love defends the soul, when “our spiritual heart” is attacked.

    The answer is:

    that love enables us, to trust eternity:

    because OUR CREATOR is there.

    And this whole world testifies to love created this/

    even though the testimony of men is war did this.

    Therefore we learn: that happiness is not triggered by want, but by love.

    Therefore we learn:

    that war is, the tragedy of hate.

    And the people say: “we are happy enough/ and would be impoverished” if we let your way lead. Because they know; as they have chosen in this USA for the last 50+ years: the money ALL COMES, from raiding the young, and making them die.

    The argument:

    they are going to die anyway, the world cannot survive; so why should we make them suffer in the mean time! Let them rejoice with us; “and find their gold mine, in our garbage”.

    Or more distinctly

    the raging death of universities lead us; proves they cannot be trusted with anything/ nor any information given. Raging death refers to the VERY LONG LIST OF THREATS, that will cause our extinction: completely discarded/ so they can steal, lie, cheat, and play god with life and world; as is Satanic. Because as is the constant of these last fifty years: THEY SOLD US OUT, to play their games, and take their trophies from our bankruptcy. Providing little more than covid; as our reward; as they steal trillions/ and destroy the evidence of corruption is EVERYWHERE.

  7. as is  “choosing to ASSISSINATE EVERY CHILD”/ and that means you.
  8. leading those who did the work to retire with counterfeit money; that can turn worthless in a heartbeat/ so that the infiltration of every foreigner can take control over this nation:  and change it/ by giving power to the traitors (who curse those who built the nation)/ or the fools such as trump, whose only true desire is to make the rich more rich; which includes himself. his cult worshipers believe “they will get the crumbs”/ but will fail, “rich don’t share”: another term means you chose hitler.   The game is over; as proven by those who chose revenge/ and want trump bankrupted too.  WAR WILL be your result.  THE WORLD YOU KNEW “FIFTY YEARS AGO” IS DEAD/ overrun by humanity, ravaged and raped, and ruined; “for a damn bribe”;  is what you chose too! I know/ I was there! While Biden proves; he fails the foundation of America; which is we did the work: GIVE everything to the poor “so they will vote, and love for me”. HIS answer like trump:  IS SPEND ALL YOU CAN/ AND REFUSE REALITY;  let the children be damned/ the world itself, be lost! (same coin/ just different sides). The claim of the statue of liberty SHOULD be erased/  BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS NOW FULL.  AND VERY different decisions must be made in order for anyone on this planet to survive. it is that simple;  and when the addition of just 12 more babies than deaths per one thousand people: MEANS ANOTHER ONE HUNDRED MILLION MOUTHS TO FEED/  even you know its true.  lets say one pound per day of food, x 100,000,000 x 365=365 MILLION MORE POUND OF FOOD per year/ and all the life you destroy to get it/ water needed:  once the aquifer is empty/ it collapses [TURNS TO ROCK], and becomes useless to the future (p0isons EVERYWHERE_)/ resources that do not exist/ WAR THAT CANNOT BE REFUSED.   AS IS EXTINCTION.    “SO, Satan was right/ the future is dead: without DRAMATIC CHANGE”.   and his cult worshipers all said:  LIE, DON’T LET THE TRUTH OUT/  LIE, DAMN YOU LIE;   and every leader/ every form of media/ humanity itself say;  “hurrah”.  as they dig their own GRAVE.     and prepare to face eternity; as those who deliberately chose:  TO END THIS CREATION OF LIFE AND WORLD.

    Fifty years ago, I tried to make the people in this USA understand: “there are consequences for this/ evidence proves it”. And they all ran away, or shouted I don’t care. So I picked one man who clearly understood; off his feet, and demanded WHY? HIS answer; spoke for the rest, even with fear/ but a clear voice “I am making good money for the first time in my life/ and DON’T you do nothing to change that”. An entire nation: given to believe, ALL WE NEED (the Believer) IS A DIPLOMA; to get rich! Because Reagan gave control over the currency “to the diploma/ and they gave everyone in “university” a million dollar bonus job; by counterfeiting assets. An entire population of people: with only GREED to define their lives, or give them direction/ JUST LIKE YOU. IS that not so? Only the homeless has a different take; as they wanted the others to experience their own plight. TODAY, the consequences are in view; but the people are still blind, deaf, and dumb.

    A tragedy of indoctrination; the mutilation of media information (as is propaganda)/ the deliberate destruction of politics to insert “their choice”/ the curse of fraud in money, to make you beg (presto, “it vanished)/ the anarchy of replacing the courtroom with their own decisions/ the extreme evil that is, destroying the very foundations of a nation called this USA. AND FOR WHAT?

    Answer: as with all cult activities: data collection allows the maze to emerge; that will be intended to control you, business, school, everything completely; just like they did with covid, and claiming a pandemic that did not exist. SURPRISE, “their vaccine which they sold to you for “a hundred thousand dollars each” and the right to mutilate all of nature: they shout “hurrah, we did it”. As is the constant of every con artist who ever lived!

    WHY? Because at the close of this day, in a world filled with miracles humanity does not see: the only conclusion is “animal”! Because you refuse to accept the responsibility, respect, grace, and truth of thought.

    Thought is: the path “beyond self”, where essence changes life into the values of what we hope for, in truth; time does not matter; life is a destiny. Intellect, is the measurement of elements in time, which allow you to manipulate, tempt, control, judge, violate, enslave, or trample on the others; because only self (I must die) ; is then truly, important to you.

    Leaving the critical truth, LIFE IS THOUGHT: and thought exists by the forces which do control this universe.  Then eternity will fail for you.  If your end is not “in Hades :eternal terror, for robbing a child{they failed}: from GOD”. It will then be “dust to dust”/ as your spiritual self, does vanish from all existence.

    But: THAT is what you chose. Simple and plain, no religion will save you, from your own truth!

    You could change to save the life you can:

    but fifty years later; barely a “grain of salt”; has moved.

    Making even the possibility of mercy;


  9. I have done my best for you;  “good/ bad/ or indifferent”; my time produced “the best I did do”/ no one does better than that. Even if you do accomplish little;  the best you can do for life and world shapes the truth: “at least you cared”. Sharing, as time and truth allowed.  I do accept:  mercy exists for those who live the decisions of your own heart, and plead for acceptance as soul (the universe knows; you did what you could do, for this creation of time).
  10. no, life is not what I expected it to be. no, there is no prize to be collected, or payment expected. I chose:  “this world cannot die, without a fight to save it, and all the miracles: that live”.      You on the other hand, were extremely quick to shout:  “FOOL”.    I did, what I could do, with very little help. finding NO solution in male/ I turned to ask “female”: what would you do? No physical woman would answer; leaving me to search within the spiritual world, “for their dimension”. finding it: make this work possible, and changed it to law alone will aid and abet “the living”. but the costs to me were high; and I don’t know how it will end/ not even a clue. That is, my summation of living in time; as a man determined this Creation of life and world cannot die, without a fight! While the entire cult of university worshipers, and their greed: has done exactly the opposite of me;  fighting to kill life and world, and even destroy this USA. by choosing “arrogance (we won’t share or respect), apathy (we won’t care), and pure disrespect for life and world (nothing but a game). As is you!
  11. to humanity itself:  little is more certain, than your games are all dead. the vast majority have lost/ and that means they will want WAR. Your greed is all but dead; as reality will prove the battleground of winner; ruined/ ravaged/ raped/ and even killed your world;  no place to live now/ extinction follows. as your winners continue to describe themselves as emperors, who will make you their slave; as you have no other options. because they control it all. But not to worry, “the universities have a plan”! they collected all the very worst of biological disease and poisons, and are preparing to eliminate massive human overpopulation with a disease/ once they find a vaccine for themselves. they have taken your money (with covid)/ your property (with covid)/ your inheritance with reverse mortgage and other fraud/ your future (by mutilating nature)/ your currency with counterfeiting/ threatening your entire planet with “fusion; lets ignite the same fire as on the sun: HERE”/  NOT to worry, not enough gravity to sustain the fire; is their only conclusion. while reality insists:  it is the fire itself, that causes solar gravity to exist.  but don’t worry, once according to “science”; their million mile long flames ignite on a planet made out of fuel/ the atmosphere will be ejected in “no time”; and you as is the “religious rapture”; will be sucked into that flame. Hell, what could go wrong?  all the cult fall down, and scream “hurrah; evil owns you all, now”.
  12. So what is true?  for nearly fifty years; I have said to you:   use the constitutional guarantee of a legal right as owners of this USA democracy/ redress of grievances, as is the first amendment. to investigate and prove the cost of being WRONG. as it is too late; the consequences of liar, failure, fool, cheat, thief, traitor, terrorists, “satan: LETS take what we want/ and kill the future: deliberately, because only we matter. let the children DIE, we won’t care “; and more are already opening the door, as is your truth of university leads. Because as are the believers of a cult leader; “universities” cannot be questioned or wrong;   you have no brain.

    And all the people say: “we are gods, the greatest who have ever been: WE HAVE TROPHIES, to prove it true”. Thanks to universities.

    But the one critical truth of universities lead is: DISCARD THE CONSEQUENCES, REFUSE TO CARE ABOUT THE COST OF BEING WRONG, AND DENY REALITY, so as to use “the tool of evil (money); as your weapon”.

    Money is not evil; but people who use evil do worship money, as their trophy.

    Or more simply:

    what cause the US civil war/ the slavery: “bankers; and politicians who worship money”. WITH of course the current addition of “wall street” and the like.

    What caused the downfall of this US nation: bankers in charge of currency.

    What causes war: “money (MINE, damn you; ITS ALL MINE), overpopulation (nobody cares), pride (I alone, can win), or power (I judge_)