There are multitudes; who believe if I was really a messenger for “GOD” ;I would be endlessly better, than what I am. Or more simply; I would not be “simply human”; or no flaws here! BUT that is not me, and it never was.

Biblical religion offers: the messenger to be used in these last days of earth, is “the son of man”; which means, just like you and me. JESUS offered however that HE was the son of man, within that framework of existence; or more distinctly, “teacher or savior of same”; prepared to deliver the message to be given. So, the evidence of what is true, the evidence of realities that will cause our extinction, the evidence of time is running out for our world; are all sufficient to provide. Regardless of what you believe: the cause of threats so severe our extinction is imminent without change; is real. And even you can understand that. I am merely the delivery man; that is my job, that is what I have contributed, and apart from the changes described; as were predicted in Revelation 12, & 17; I did that work.You have received the message: change or this world will be lost. Sufficient to prove: “humanity had its chance”.

Revelation is: the biblical prediction of how our world deals with the last days of “this is a man’s world”. The first 11 chapters of it are devoted to: men remain in charge, and this is what they do. With only a tiny few survive into eternity. Believe it or not: death by horrors!

Chapter 12 predicts the spiritual intervention of female in charge occurs instead; aligning with the reality, in order to save this world: “women shall now be in charge”. BUT NOT, as men do; as justice and fair play will allow by creating laws we all agree shall rule this earth. It is, a dramatic change; and there will be turmoil. Chapter 17 isolates the attempt by men; to declare “the universities” as their own version of woman prostitute. Covid is the result of that action. Whereas further down; the spiritual woman takes complete control over: what represents, “the beast of man”. As turns out to be me; offering as evidence of intent; the reality of information that is valuable to this world, from woman in charge. The cause: our entire planet is at the edge of extinction, and without true and sustained change (DIFFERENT, than man has done) this world shall soon be extinct. So says the prediction/ so says the evidence of our truth as a world in far greater crisis than you believe: because media leads you to destroy your own brain. “only the universities; have a brain”; they are the experts, who literally brought us here to this edge of death to our world. And intend to kill us all; by playing god with life.

The truth of my life is change; the reality of “a spiritual woman inside”/ is fundamentally altering life. I don’t know how it ends; “not my job”. While you scream: “that ain’t right”/ reality returns to examine the evidence of threat; and it proves, I am not your concern/ nor is whatever life or eternity can be for me. A concept of change, I don’t understand either; a complete surprise! But the truth is: I value male and female equally; different need not be bad. Time will decide, as truth is forever locked once past this world. I did do, “the best I could”, for these last nearly fifty years of work. Even if you contribute: “THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH”/ the truth says and knows; “it was the best I could do”. Even if it fails, I am not “god, savior, etc”; and as man on earth; did you do better? For life and world? Answer, it does not matter; because I am not your judge. Simple as that, and you are not mine, either. Simple as that. The evidence decides; like it or not. What is true, is true; regardless of what you believe.

NO CLAIM is made, to assume or submit that I am anything other than “just like you”; but just like you I can be taught. Just like you, I can accept a job; and do the best I can with that job; if I so choose. Just like you: the end of this world does matter to me. Just like you, the evidence must decide: what is true, NOT you or me. The difference however is: the spiritual world decided, to prove “DEFINITELY NOT; JESUS”; and remove all that had been taught in accordance with this job. That somehow, “the world of female” would be involved within me. And I can guarantee: life is NOT, what male used to be; that is now missing. Caught in the middle somewhere; lost between male and female; without a clue. “its complicated”! A complete surprise!  “it was my job”!

It is, however fair to say: that my critical, “educational elements” are different than yours. Even the functional framework, of life itself; adds in the spiritual translation of time, beyond self. “same, yet not quite”.

It is functionally true: humanity believes “life is a game”/ I know, that life is a miracle. The difference, “appears to be monumental”; as reality completes the choices we have made. Identities in truth, construct the spiritual world/ lies and liars do not.

FIND, your heart and soul: discard want.

And the cult of universities say: NOTHING IS IMPORTANT, BUT WHAT WE WANT OUR LIVES TO BE/ each dedicated to forming “their own little world around them”/ by destroying the planet for all. Each screaming: THAT AIN’T MY PROBLEM, I WANT WHAT I WANT; to hell with you.

So, with complete abandonment of truth, respect, dignity, value, the shape of peace, or the laws of life and world: the herd of humans follow, “those with imagination, who shout: WE DON’T NEED NOW DAMN REALITY/ WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES/ WE DON’T NEED NOTHING; but what we want! And we can get what we want, as these last 50+ years exhibit is true.

But as with global warming; and all the experts who said and controlled with media, the foundation response of human society; as “YOU AIN’T PROVED NOTHING YET/ SO WE DON’T HAVE TO CARE”. The price of being WRONG is very high; and extinction follows that price, if you don’t let truth and reality decide now. Instead of universities playing god. But then that is true of EVERYTHING, the universities changed; screaming, “we don’t have to care/ TAKE WHAT WE WANT; AND KILL EVERY CHILD; because they cannot stop us. As is your epitaph.

More floods will come, along with violent weather. Then droughts will increase, and the atmosphere accelerate. You will starve, because that is what you chose. Weapons of mass destruction will be used; because that is what you chose. Nature will disintegrate into chaos; as is the result of universities play god with genetics. They may or may not be allowed to ignite a nuclear fire; turning this world into a sun: to immerse those who did play god, “in Hades (eternal terrors_)”. Just to start; because that is what you chose. That is what your media led you into as the priests and religious leaders of the cult called “university knows”. That is what you signed up for; as the cult who let universities play god. Because you let them be “your brain”.

You were told INVESTIGATE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG/ IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, and do not hold back on reality; as it serves to be the evidence of what is, or is not true. But you refuse, and all efforts of the cult which controls you: are intending to insure you never hear an alternate view. Because as with all cults: NEVER QUESTION the leader is their mantra. And as their herd, you obey; as covid proved true.

I am not allowed to do more/ because the past proved you would not listen: and that means, the price of your failure goes up. So, this is what life allows, and anything beyond that point of understanding given: is up to you. Or more distinctly; it is up to the tiny few who are not contained by the cult, to worship fools. Alas you will do little better; because the cult owns so many, and controls all forms of communication. But eternity will remember, “those who tried”/ and forget, those who could not care. CHOOSE.

And the universities scream: “there ain’t no god/ BUT US”. BUT THE EVIDENCE proves: the human body is a true miracle, as is all life and planet. Therefore it is a fool, with the delusions of “shit on the brain”; who belong to the universities defeat. As is all who declare themselves to be “gods”. Satan is god of destruction/ but your reward is the chaos of HADES; or more distinctly “existence within the fire of a sun”. And universities scream: THAT CANNOT BE SO. Yet these are the people who brought you the destruction of your own world; as is ocean life dying/ planet dying off its life/ oxygen consumption, leaving you without a breath “percentages matter”/ weapons of mass destruction (your saviors)/ genetic chaos in nature, and you/ resource destruction ending the future of all life/ poisons by the trillion ton/ pollution by the quadrillion ton/ fantasy money as no greater thieves have ever existed/ the plague of fools, who tag creatures to insure their extinction (claiming to be gods, instead)/ mutilated food/ sterilized earth/ overpopulation without a prayer to survive/ religion chooses universities as their god; and more.

After all, you should rejoice, having attained your goal of being the only gods you can be: “worshipers; the cult of satan”. As is proven by: the greatest liars, thieves, cheats, traitors, terrorists, failures to life and world, fools “you threw away this living world” for nothing more than trophies, trinkets, and toys. While your shame precedes your eternity; for being so blind. YOU GOT, “what you wanted”; without a brain, as evolution predicts: DEAD, as there is no way a living body can be built one piece at a time. You need it all at the same time; or life dies. Just like now; as every piece of living is destroyed by your shame.

To your shame; only the law can lead/ and you despise it. Because you want what you want; instead of life and world in balance.

Could you read this far down? Don’t worry media is there to insure “you tiptoe through the tulips” and never awaken to reality. As is the constant: fear life and worship universities as god/ believe only what we tell you to believe/ and obey every single word, as if you were led by god. Which of course if you allow the god of destruction to be your god; then you are, led by the god of your choice. The propaganda of “we are the power now”; commonly called Nazi in ww2. While other nations had a different name; this is america, where Jews owned (fighting back) media and movies for a lengthy period of time; so we know “Nazi; is a threat”/ best. The name does not matter; as potentially the greatest genocide on this planet: was “America” kills the Indian living here; to steal their world. But, “there is no name for that”. Or to be complete: biblical history proves the Jews tried to commit genocide on their neighbors; thousands of years ago. In a world filled with threats, from every corner of history, every hidden closet of human behavior, and every type of human want that exists. WHY? Because you want what you want/ and don’t give a damn about the consequences of what you choose to do.

America is divided: because the university “kinder garden grade(imagination is all we need/ no consequences for us)- leaders”, made it that way. Media reinforces humiliate them (charge as with covid: trump accepts “it cost $60,000.00 per shot, for one hundred million shots” of their utterly unproven vaccine)/ ridicule them (believe in covid; no evidence required)/ disrespect everything (media knows, not you)/ deny (you must think for yourself), degrade (fear the world), distress (blame them), destroy (get out your gun); kill all the world with “university is god”. As they prepare the last attack, on what will be our extinction (evolution will rebuild, in a billion years or so). But, a cult is a cult (never question your leader)/ and a herd is a herd (we can’t all be wrong), so it can trample all its conceived to be; enemies (fear everything/ believe the university/ obey or die, as with covid). Even if they are not. Even if the summary of their work is “satan” on earth.

As for life in me; I did my work/ your choice to live or die as a world. I cannot save you from yourselves. Only truth leads; and your american government cannot lead, because it is built entirely on lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism; so the end will come, and you will cry. Because you didn’t care about that either. Your money is a lie, and cannot be undone without accepting the price to pay is what none want to accept/ so the lies continue; and every representative must accept they lie too/ or reveal the fraud; and accept the hate. So they lie. The debt is beyond reality; so they lie, because if not the depression will come; and the cost will be high: so they distract with lies, and the stealing continues: because the criminals own this nation. Every single one, “with a university diploma”/ the great expert of a failed state, dying in sight of all.

As for the quest to become useful, to identify respect, and participate in giving back to this world of miracles; as it has given to me, the experience and expressions of life and living/ truth and thought/ love and its blessings (as best I can). Life spent last night; with chemicals overwhelming me (causing my focus to spin, dizzy, unable to sustain stability): tits grew more than usual(they do whatever they want, I have no choice). Which releases more chemicals than I can stand; for about 7 hours or so; no I don’t take any drugs/ and it started about ten hours after supper. Nonetheless, That made me feel really disconnected from male; as if I am reassigned “to a different world” of living. This body of chemicals does not feel the same as they did; DIFFERENT. But,I am hoping life balance will return.

Why you should know, is no longer my concern; I write until allowed to stop. Simple as that.

And all the people say: “if you don’t take all you can get/ THEN you are a fool”. IF YOU DON’T WANT IT/ I DO; to hell with you, “is their song”!

My reply is: in the treasuries of life, the truth of who you are comes first. Because truth identifies value, and value orchestrates respect. Making love a creation of your own contribution, to the whole of who we can become as one. Killing a world, is your contribution to life and living; by taking all you can get, and living in the sewer of lies, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and more; as hate designs for you to be. So, I call you fool, instead of me; because your choice is death/ not life.

Happiness originates in love, and love originates in the heart that knows; I have found my rhythm to cherish life; in you. This world lives by media knows everything; thereby humanity believes; because EASY, is the tragedy of letting someone else decide for your life. It is the believer that establishes hate, because hate forms through the decision: that “life” is responsible for this. Even though that is untrue. Your decision, is your decision; even if you let someone else make that decision for you/ you chose to accept it.

And humanity SCREAMS: IF I WAS RICH/ THEN, I WOULD BE HAPPY, or at least NOT sad. But reality proves true: that none are rich without making others poor. Consequently poverty comes from the rich man; as his or her curse upon this world. A tiny few are wealthy, by choices other than making people poor/ but only a very tiny few. Poverty steals happiness; which means they are excluded, from wealth; so as not to steal their happiness over winning the game. But winners, want to win; and few are those who can be friends. While poverty needs friends, to survive.

This is a very poor world: you threw that away, with your garbage, for counterfeit numbers/ and debts don’t matter; unless you are poor. As is slave! Soon you will descend into the abyss of failure, that universities did create/ and then they will threaten you; with biological warfare (more), “to win the game they play; trying to be gods”. But they brought you here to the edge of hell/ and cannot save a single one.

That leaves law; and law will require “limited capitalism” to reverse poverty, and create a platform for rebuilding a future (such as it is). Limited capitalism: means to vote periodically; to decide the limit of income/ and the limits of ownership. So that all can identify a future. That WILL require: a job for every citizen, and more. Because we do all deserve that. Which means the rich will never rise again; and that means no army of criminals will be allowed either. As world law takes over the decision of how to rule over leaders, and when.

Your only other choice: to enter hell, and fall into extinction; as every living thing, becomes cannibalized.

And the herd of humanity screams to me: YOU CAN’T MAKE US FEAR/ this world ain’t never going to die. GOD will save us/ and more. Because the one certainty is: nothing is so bad, that it will destroy our world. SOME OF US, will live no matter what!

But reality proves; that just ain’t so. As with evidence all around, that proves you will die as a world. While religion screams: HELL NO/ but reality again shouts back: did you not choose this? And the answer is yes you did! But more critical is “noah’s flood”; proven not by religion/ but by the fact of fossil fuels. Which were life gathered together, and then dropped and buried, some thousands of feet beneath the earth surface. A reality which exists by no other method; proving this earth was full.

But more than genetic catastrophe/ more than population beyond planet capacity, or a thousand more. Are the people intending to ignite a nuclear fire; “just like the sun”. Here on earth. A fire claimed on the sun to be flames a million miles high; that they say, “we DON’T” have to worry; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will “just extinguish itself”. WRONG IS; THIS EARTH BECOMES A SUN. AND AS ALWAYS, THEY CLAIM FANTASY AND IMAGINATION, “are enough”. Reality and truth prove them wrong; investigate, and you will know that is true. But alas, “they want what they want/ and are collecting trillions across the world”. And admitting they are wrong: ends all of that. Forever!

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