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As a reality of truth: as a world or nation, our greatest enemy is fear; “which then becomes let the leaders decide”. As seen with covid; being shoved into panic/ is being shoved into the catastrophe of people believing anything they are told; and the consequence of that on life, world, freedoms, nation, future, and truth.

The second greatest enemy is “believe”: because believers do not need proof, no truth is required, no evidence is desired; they are now “gods”. Because they know, what they know; which is whatever they were told.

While the third enemy is obedience: DO NOT QUESTION your leaders/ they are your gods (can’t be wrong). As is the basis and reality of every cult, that did ever exist.


by understanding, with knowledge based in truth decides, as the evidence of our own reality will prove true. With our own understanding established. Then Constructs the value of every decision, IS OURS. Our lives, our future, our society, our world, your child: life or death as we choose for ourselves. That fact, of our own self worth; is then created, by what we trust to be true/ and what we know: is the price for being WRONG.

The fourth greatest enemy of human society is: to allow the few, complete control over our currency. As is proven by the extreme counterfeiting or claim of assets that do not exist in this REAL WORLD of life or death. As is proven true, by the extreme debts; which can never be paid. As is proven true, by the consequence of those who can give themselves any number “of money” they desire; and take control not only of government/ but industry, manufacturing, housing, banking, agriculture, and very simply; monopolize our nation. To enslave us all; because we have let them become our rulers (they own it all/ and have removed the very last competition; with covid) as is “university leads here”.

The fifth greatest enemy of life and society/ only one of the worst threats universities ever created: is weapons of mass destruction/ instead of world law, and international policing. Which then removes all weapons of mass destruction by law enforced/ along with the power of tyrants and fools, who do threaten life and world.

Just a tiny few; of the many consequences proven true: “when only a few, control the all news/ hiding in that veil of secrecy; that it is the universities who rule over us all”.

A reality proven true: by the evidence of:

nobody escapes the ruler: of a university debt”. Because they control “government rebellion”. Or more distinctly; we will replace democracy, with our superiority.

And the people will never know, until it is too late; because they are “believers”.

And the people say: what are we supposed to do/ all we have are weapons to harm ourselves?

But reality says: NOT TRUE. You have LAW AS DEFINED BY WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE THIS. Its called a constitution, which is “OUR GOVERNMENT”/ NOT our employees, but the law which unites us as a nation. Enforce it!

And the people say: what are we suppose to do, they control the courts; and remove us.

But reality says: NOT TRUE. Because the first amendment of our constitutional government is: when confronted with rebellion in leadership/ OUR METHOD OF RESOLUTION; shall be, REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Which does give we the people our legal right; to take our employees into court. And decide for ourselves if they upheld their oath of office as intended; to get the job. Our legal right, to take control under constitutional authority; and define for ourselves: what our nation shall be.

And the people say: what are we suppose to do/ they own all the money?

But reality says: THEY OWN IT, by paying with counterfeit money/ as seen in federal reserve numbers. Therefore what was bought with stolen property; has to be returned to the rightful owners. More distinctly: by changing constitutional law; to align all currency with the population numbers/ keeps life and work in check with our reality. By removing their ability to take out debts we must pay: we retain ownership and control over our nation. By changing the base foundation of this nation or world: with limited capitalism. WE THE PEOPLE VOTE; to define and determine the limits and boundaries of every person, corporate entity and more. Which does literally mean; “NO MORE billionaires” etc.

and the people say: WE WANT TO BE RICH/ damn you for taking that away.

But reality says: every child is dying/ every life on earth is dying/ every future of everything is dying: because of what YOU did or did not do.

Sacrificing every child, to play god; by saying look at me/ “I got toys, trinkets, or trophies”. To throw on top of “the mountains of garbage”, which was the future, for every life on earth. No resources/ no life. Simple as that!

And humanity SCREAMS; you CAN’T TAKE away my bribe: I want what I want.

As the price, of that bribe is: “traitor to life on earth”.

BEYOND the value of companionship, love, respect, and hope

there is destiny. The decisions which enable what is true in us: to acknowledge the reality

of who we are, and what we did do; for life or world.

While I wish for: “everything good” life can be for us all.

The critical question is: what can truth itself, reveal?

So that we the world can change; and survive as life and earth!

Beyond the range of simple communication

are the elements of an entire world, that is now threatened with extinction because of what people choose to do. Remembering this is a finite planet, and we all eat living things, in order to confiscate; the chemical makeup of biological complexity; to build or sustain ourselves. The reality of 8 billion people all competing for the same realities of life; faced with the consequences of death. Reminds each one; this is no game now.

Therefore my intent here is to cultivate and distribute

the value of “people seeking solutions among themselves”

because the reality of leaving life in the hands of those who have lead us to the edge or actual extinction for a world. Is beyond insane, and must not be done.

Those who led, lead us here to the edge of our own extinction, by a wide variety of threats; as the reality of evidence will prove; do exist.

The foundation of our current decision is:

that we MUST seek new solutions to living with each other on this earth.

Because anything less than that will end all life on earth.

Primary is the immediate need for respect, which CANNOT be done; unless we first identify what is true; of our situation and our choices. As people who will share the same fate, if we do not.

Extreme experimentation: risking all life and all earth and all that the future can be. MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. That requires investigating what is true; behind closed university doors. And making decisions for ourselves, rather than media knows all.

The ability to distinguish what is true; to understand the cost of being wrong.

Then determines the value of what we choose.

In truth

the consequences of so many people on earth; limits and defines the reality of our decisions.

Food, water, resources, climate, boundaries, weapons of mass destruction, MORE.

Are all elements that can dissolve our lives on this earth. Because leadership refused to accept “want is not enough”. Nor is lying continually about “money”.

There is no truth in money, it is just a number; and when they want more; they just add more numbers. Which is how: they have robbed the future, of a thousand years of life on earth; that could have existed; if the resources had not been destroyed.

In america you need not even question that reality; because your TV sells counterfeit american currency; practically every day. And those hired to insure no counterfeiting goes on; utterly refuse to care. Because the end result of it is: american government runs on lies and theft from the future to disguise its “pure failure”.

The critical reality is:

that universities live and work; to destroy the jobs and possibilities of those not in university life. They then lie, cheat, steal, betray, terrorize, fail, fantasize, deceive, corrupt, conspire, and collude to manipulate, control, tempt, coercive, and proceed to alter lives and world by things they should never have been allowed to do.

WE MUST, return our lives; to the living realm of human existence; whereby the value of a human being alive in the grace of miracles, and the duty of disciplines, order, and balance as depicted in the natural means of a life born within nature; can or should be.

In relation with all that surrounds each one.

Working to sustain life and living for every creature, and this entire planet

by not surrendering it to fools.

That too; requires that we conceive of, and take control over governments; by demanding a courtroom. Wherein what is true of threats, and the future will be identified; as best we can. In this America: that option is an opening door, prepared and legalized as the first amendment redress of grievances.

Whereby we bring our primary leaders/ as are our employees: into court

and demand to know. WHAT IS TRUE, and if we the people need to defend ourselves

by taking control over our democracy, for ourselves.

The primary cost and purpose of democracy being: “we rule ourselves, by the law we make which is OUR GOVERNMENT”. Our proof, “not ruled”, but chosen by law; to be free. As best we can.

WHAT WE CAN DO, “in this America”: is become a true democracy as it was meant to be. Established by; the desire that no ruler should exist. Choosing for ourselves; that law MUST RULE, so that THE PROOF OF: we have chosen our liberties; by voting on that law, we have designed and built to rule our nation: as WE this people, HAVE CHOSEN THIS, for ourselves. And the world will follow.

And the reality of rule means: TO REMOVE the primary power of money, from our lives

BY CHOOSING “limited capitalism” instead. As does means: we vote, to limit wealth/ and create boundaries; so that all can share.

Power HATES surrendering power!

Pride hates surrendering pride.

Want hates surrendering want.

Rulers will fight. But reality will win. CHOOSE.


CHOOSE. There is no going back.


You will bear in mind: that the primary purpose of intellect: is to disguise what is true, by hiding it “in plain sight”. Or more distinctly; the reason language meanings change is to insure you don’t know what you are talking about/ so they can, manipulate & control you.

That is why: what is simple, becomes complicated.

Why Latin can be used in a courtroom.

Why words are turned inside out; so as to confuse

why universities need “a billion words”/ to disguise what they don’t know; about so much.

And the young say: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT TOO.

So, I ask you real plain: WHAT do you think will be left of resources or this world; in fifty or one hundred years? Anything but pollution or garbage?

Do you expect to live that long/ or have a child of your own?

It is, the distinct truth, that we all die; because time is not eternal. Therefore the body must depart, and the essence of life itself, must define who we are/ or life is lost. That essence is the value shaped by our own thought: the critical truth of life itself. Our living is then the consequence of our own truth, as it becomes shaped by the realities we endure, or find inside as joy. Released from being alive: LOVE, is our gift to GOD our Creator; our proven RESPECT given back. Love is never judgmental (even if law is required). The foundation of soul being: while life is a blessing/ loneliness is not. Therefore eternity is shaped, by “life’s, desire for love; to earn the right to continue, as a value too treasured to lose. Love has no equal; but only truth decides”.

Hate has no place therein.

“we all share the journey into death”/ but we do not all share the journey beyond time, into life. Where your own choice, decides: the value, that shapes your soul. “your heart” is the message board of your time; “which tells you how you are doing”! Pay attention, change if you wish: because there is “no going back; into time”. NO CHANGE, from here will exist.

Accept the journey, “it is inescapable”; and do not look back.

True: For all but the very tiniest few. James Frank Osterbur.

Values The foundation of all mental health is: that I am not alone, even in a crowd. Because someone, who shares something with me/ cares enough to be my friend. And does spend time, to accept the value of my life; as is our friendship.

THIS IS the basic format from which this business does arise.


In contrast: every form of depression is: “I didn’t get what I wanted”/ OR, I did get what I wanted, and it was not enough, life is escaping me/ and I am unhappy, as age begins to prove; “this is the best I will be”.

Reminding each: you can’t meet a friend/ UNLESS you meet a stranger first.

The quest of life, is to understand: regardless of circumstance, that living is the gift of a miracle/ as is everything Created: that lives here on earth with us all. We should rejoice: “because nature built life, built us/ and not a single living thing, can we build for ourselves”. Therefrom we do live the life of

“a very rich” opportunity. Therefore obligated to try our best, to be happy!

The cost of reality is: unless we think first/ thereby letting truth decide!

We fail our own future (want is not enough): as is the evidence of this day, the price for, being wrong.

The decision to participate in living (the demand to survive): either personally or as a world. Confronts us all: with the evidence of our own extinction/ due to choices made.

Life is not a game.

THIS, Recognizes RESPECT is mandatory, because living is a value “with consequences”. Which must then be dealt with; or happiness dissolves into chaos. As is, the proven truth, “of our everything/ as chosen by university”.

Conversation is a choice: “seeking solutions, among ourselves” is a choice as well.

Brain first: searches and divides, “those who are serious” from the rest, who are not: for life and world/ or self and family.

this business service: that makes NO GUARANTEE OF SAFETY/ only the potential, of opportunity/ access: from which you make your own personal choices.

And accept the consequences of your choice: is to own personal or business risk. WE ARE/ YOU ARE, BY INTENT: “going to talk to strangers”; in an environment which requires realistic respect. That is offered only within these business parameters: that do require you to

accept your participation IS at your own RISK.

YOUR choices, are your own choices. As is the cost of being WRONG.