construction bidding

Material components to make the construction of 5 different functions or services in; the web site; “brain first” operate correctly, includes the following.

  1. A log in and password are fundamental to opening the door/ each is independent of the other; with the following exceptions. People meeting people (pmp) opens to the schedule of meetings that are provided by business interests for that purpose. But business interests are not allowed to provide the same service to any other group at the same time frame as a different group. Once the set amount of people allowed by the business has been established: that meeting time and place is removed from the list.
  2. A log in and password are fundamental to opening the door/ each is independent of the other; with the following exceptions. People needing people (pnp) opens to the same schedule of meetings, etc. As provided to pmp group/ but these are IF IT GOES TO a working phone participation. To the additional interest of being called every 24 hours, at the time they select: to insure each participant is in fact able to answer that phone call. Which indicates, not dead/ not trapped/ not sick beyond capacity/ or other. They may choose from a series of messages or groups of messages if they wish to be greeted so; by that automated phone call. If after the series of phone calls they choose, no one has answered: THEN, from the list of people who accept that duty, an automated phone call indicating the above participant has not responded should occur to at least 3 people. It is entirely up to that group, to identify a need, or create a response by their own decision.
  3. A log in and password are fundamental to opening the door/ each is independent of the other; with the following exceptions. People wanting complex discussions with other people; for the purpose of such things as creating laws, or identifying problems or whatever it is. Shall open their door to separate meetings in businesses that choose to participate; by not only offering their schedule/ but by extending the hour allotted for “meal time or other”; in an area not otherwise needed by this business. Therefore the business is required to identify: what they are offering/ how long this type of meeting can extend too: get out when/ how many people they are willing to allow in this meeting. And the scheduled meeting closes when the number allowed by the business has been filled.
    1. In order to fulfill the required complex component of such a meeting. The participants are allowed to offer suggestions for discussion/ are given the right to set the number of participants allowed prior to accepting a business offering. And then “this independent group”; may offer to accept a business setting, along with its own demands upon that group. Instead of a more random; whatever the discussion shall be; as is the default operational standard.
    2. Unfortunately; all forms of chat grouping/ forums/ comments and other are immediately ransacked by the “failed voices” of those who want to sell or deny or other. Which means these must be filtered by people hired to do that job; and then create a basic thread of what a specific discussion might become. That will increase the cost of membership, but it will not be UN-afford-able. As best can be realistically done.


4. the critical relationships group; is allowed to log in and password/ to any and all groups; as the purpose of this group is to find lifelong friendships, or at least the foundation for building a relationship. They have participated at a greater value/ and as such are given the opportunity to join any group they wish.

    1. THEY NEED; to access the fifty questions provided on this brain first site and answer those questions in a realistic fashion. Each question requires a 50-100 word statement from them, in order to participate. Within the basic category as shown by the color graph in categories. So it is not random, but a description of information that is fair to understand between potential friends, lovers, or couples.
    2. In order to join this group: once you have answered your fifty questions you must then access and judge the answers of at least 3 random people who are asking to join as well. Giving them a grade. Understanding that a grade lower than the standard set means this person hidden from view in these answers cannot join if three or more agree (not worthy now). Once you have graded your share of potential participants. Unless they grade you unworthy; you will then be allowed membership with your fee paid.
    3. The fifty questions is to be accessed by the general public with emoji answers allowed. For the express purpose of presenting a fun, simple statement to each other prior to opening the more serious: we made a decision to allow each other/ that is your right to decide. As the real answers to your own questions; once a member are sealed unless opened by you, for someone else to read.
    4. That access requires: that you are present with each other/ that you have selected a time limit for each other to read your work; same for both. That access requires a panic button: stop both from reading now. That access fundamentally opens to a page that grants a picture of you, to identify “yes it is you”/ a statement by you, which you can change/ and the grade given to you by other members at the time of membership or renewal. And it will indicate from those who date: a further grade as they choose to provide. Both understanding: this is an opinion grade, and no more. Only for reference, and without any guarantee whatsoever. ALL INTERACTIONS SHOULD BE PUBLIC until you are certain: YOUR DECISION is realistic and YOU accept whatever consequences might come; good or bad.
    5. The site hopes too: provide a witness to each member who chooses to enlist in that. An opportunity to identify who you are spending time with beyond this meeting/ what you are doing/ when coming back/ and whatever else you might wish to identify: to a small group of friends; as would then be willing to question if something has gone wrong. In case you fail to respond correctly when expected back.
    6. The most complex component of this is: opening a specific page or posting to a stranger for a specific length of time; and having control over that information during that time. The most likely form of doing that is an alteration of the “call back” button for email now; which does allow you to stop the transmission of that email for a short period of time. Lengthening that time/ or undo that transmission would provide the necessary operations. A pay one cent transaction between parties; would provide real world identification to policing interests if needed. Opening the door that way. You can exchange devices; therefore only on your own device will it appear, by your own command. But the possibility of losing your device does appear in that.

5. PARTICIPATING IN: the development of an active child meeting child for the hope of play and friendships/ activities that are based in social participation’s. Requires an authority WE DO NOT intend to service or suggest. However as a platform, for helping parents participate in creating their own basic formulas for these purposes is allowed through this site.

  1. We guarantee nothing/ we are responsible for nothing/ we are merely on this site trying to facilitate YOUR DECISIONS, by allowing your suggestions to model themselves, into a working arrangement between strangers; who do have a need to fulfill their children’s lives with “the best we can be” for us all; parents included.
  2. To assemble that requires: someone to filter through the suggestions and organize them. That requires a vote to then filter out what is good or bad about any suggestion.
  3. Beyond that are the business interests or other; which can provide the services requested. Which will include opportunities for parents to connect, prior to or after their children meet.
  4. That requires your acceptance of NO RESPONSIBLITY for anything by this service/ web business. Which is only intending to help, BUT REFUSES to make any decision for you. Everything possible for good (including anything that could be bad): is a decision you will make/ NOT us.

everything required for a “separate business”; to access and  offer its services to these groups as defined is required as well:  so do include that in your bidding; as work that needs to be done.

A FOUNDATION INTEREST: is to create the means for this human world to CREATE ITS OWN LAWS.  THEREFORE a suitable link will be added in the future; to establish:   the presentation of law, “beginning with one hundred words or less”/ that can be voted upon; in order to combine and control what will eventually become. the critical reveal of how we the people, view our own needs, hopes, and decisions in order to rule ourselves.  WITH THAT LAW.  it is, or will be very similar to “complex conversations group” needs. but for now I leave it to the imagination of whosoever can define that working element of this site.

SO THEN; these are the basic needs of this web service under construction.

The opportunities to create what is needed in terms of making this site operational for the purposes indicated: are open for bid.

You will create for that bid: an actual working example of what you are proposing we can use. Which will then be evaluated for use-ability/ and the bids however many there are: will be considered for price and “free of all legal or otherwise encumbrance” . You will provide that proof of purchase; upon acceptance of your bid. After that: you will be directed to provide to an appropriate “web master” for this service; so that he or she can install the device you have created. And then once operational you will be paid.

TO INSURE YOU WILL BE PAID: I offer to put the bid price in escrow at a bank which you will access and participate in selecting how best the bank shall control the transfer of funds to you.

NO transfer of funds shall be provided until the bank official is notified: your work has been transferred and is operational. Once that is done, then it is between you and the bank to get the transfer done. However YOU WILL insure that there are no legal or other consequences or questions to be resolved. It is to be a one time, end of story literal sale of product; for the specific purposes designed as defined. Slight alterations of content or other shall be worked out during the bidding process/ and there are NO elements of price or purpose beyond the agreed upon bid price; for this working component, to this specific site.

Anyone who can do the work; is encouraged to bid. Thirty days from the date of your proposal; a decision will be made on your work. Or if there is any alteration of that fact, such as “the work has been done”. It will appear on this site. If there is anything specific; that you feel you can do, the others cannot/ then bid on specific work; and we will take the bid from others on what has not yet been done. But there is 60 day time limit on that: because unless the site is fully operational/ it may not open. Time for bidding; begins on January 1, 2023   I will provide an email address, for this purpose; at or about the 1st of the year.

please check from time to time; to insure no alterations are required.

I DO NOT NEED OR WANT YOUR CODING; prior to the acceptance of your bid. you will send that to the web master in charge of this site/ once that is accomplished. IF YOUR WORK FAILS to meet the test, of operational to the purposes and intent of this site.  IT will be thrown away, and you will not be paid.


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