don’t care

In the foundations of life itself, is the compromise of freedom versus values known to exist. Without freedom, the truth of happiness (love) cannot truly be known. But without value (hate) the existence of life itself, has no purpose or desire. Therefore in biology we have both the freedom to express ourselves/ and the decision to value life and world, as the miracles they are.

In the descent toward death; as is, there is no value here; that decision granted by freedoms fail life and world to become the disrespect, apathy, and arrogance of those who want to “play god”; instead of be alive in truth.

None are more arrogant than university. None are more disrespectful of life or world, than university. None are more apathetic to the miracles of our existence; than university. Who grants: by changing this or that, they can prove they are “gods” OVER the rest. But as with all change; the truth is in the consequences of what that change will bring. The one foundation most desired by humanity; was healthcare/ the cost or consequence of that is now known to be: true overpopulation of humanity, and the curse of so many; that nothing alive on this earth will survive the onslaught of what humans want. As with all change university has made: “its hurrah”/ followed by, the horrifying truth. We killed ourselves.

Such is the cost of everything universities have done/ the framework of propaganda media used to solicit “the universities are god”. But they threw away our world, shouting “let the future be dead/ we will be dead: TAKE IT ALL”. And that is exactly what they have all been doing. When asked: what happens with the resources are gone? The answer: I will just go to the store and get more. What happens when there is no more? The answer: “not in my lifetime/ so I don’t care”. As is the reality of this day.

Humanity en-mass said: “hurrah, look at me/ I got trophies, toys, and trinkets” beyond what any humans have had before. Let the garbage mountains rise/ the earth itself, be filled with toxic pollution of every kind/ the nano particles invade biology and close the door on life itself. Because we don’t care/ we have “NUMBERS”; to prove how rich we are. But they have no reality, because without resources, no work or living can be done. And en-mass humanity screamed to me: WE DON’T CARE/ not in my lifetime; let the children die. I AM RICH; give me what I want. As the world itself crumbles and corrodes into eternal death; because of what you did do.

While the universities; rising on the filth of human sewage that is the curse of arrogance; constructs “Armageddon (nature in chaos), with genetic crucifixion of nature”. While the universities; rising on the disease of their own vomit/ the scourge of mental insanity; attempt to ignite “atoms on fire”/ as is their desire to bring the same fire here to this earth as is on the sun. with endless delusions, lies, and fantasies that are just plain ignorant of all things true. While the universities; plague life with poisoning the water supplies, and ending even the chance to survive; which brings the apocalypse (war for water)/ ever closer to reality. While the universities; alter life and earth with the curse of global warming/ death of life in the oceans/ extinction of all species/ and complete their apathy against life itself; with weapons of mass destruction. And the constant manipulation of humanity to war with itself; in the attempt to save themselves; from the truth of what they did do. It will fail.

The constant of universities education is: indoctrination of every child with lies/ theft/ deceit/ disease/ denial/ destruction/ descent of values/ disrespect of life/ destruction of the planet; gambling they too can play god and mutilate life; as is everything and anything to destroy our living world. Thereby making the biblical prediction come true: as is SATAN on earth is a universities truth. AS WE LOOK to find what they have done is exactly what the term satan exists to prove. Death to our living world/ IS nearly complete now. Which means the time of HELL (humanity killed itself) is near.

While we look back, to understand WHY?

The answer becomes; FEAR caused this! Weapons of mass destruction, and in particular the nuclear bomb; established, humanity can now kill us all; in just a few minutes. The gift of universities to this world/ which opened the door; to the dissolution of life, into the sewage of cult worshiping those who are expected to “save you” from yourselves. Alas, they turned into the devil instead; as every threat we face does prove true. They lied/ they cheated/ they stole/ they betrayed/ they terrorize/ they manipulate and control what you believe, or think you know through media. But what you know is whatever the universities want you to believe, obey, and fear; as with covid.

The universities want you to accept robotics and artificial intelligence are grand designs to help you: but they will be the incessant dogs of war/ who herd you into the slaughter pens. To keep you dead and dying; so the “superior ones” can live. Every form of food manipulation will end in disaster; because it is their job, pride, power, etc: and they won’t stop, until the collapse of life itself. Ending with cannibalism.

Life on earth is dying; and yet the bulk of humanity says “hurrah”/ we are doing great”. Yet look around; at war is coming, and useless. Look at what has been destroyed by the curse of men: and what tiny little of that has been rebuilt. Their destruction of life and habitat; is your disease and death by failure. Their purpose to steal or kill; is to be your HELL; because you cannot come back; leaving this earth to its extinction of life or even world. As is CERN; playing with the nuclear balance of our planet, to either ignite the core into excitement; growing volcanic activity/ destroying magnetic stability/ or causing the core itself to stop its nuclear heating of the planet; making it cold; instead of livable. What tiny little, of value: did a university bring? Answer: while some value did exist/ when you change what is true: IT IS THE CONSEQUENCES OF THAT ACTION; that will matter more, than what you wanted. But humanity screams only: “WE WANT what we want/ TO HELL with you”. And turns away from reality, to wallow in the universities sewage; as produced by media transformation of life/ into death. By shouting “we don’t care”.