HAPPINESS, is the blend of who we are, within the environment of who we can become, as love and respect identify, in our choices; because of you.

Therefore the elemental rise of value, is shaped by our relationships with each other. Particularly between male and female relationships; because these are dramatically designed to participate due to the chemical balance we can share as lovers.

There is NO making “love” sexually! Animals have sex; the common man has sex “like dogs do; humping on her leg so to speak; till done”/ women hate, being used like that. Women plot and plan and use men for what they want; as female animals do.

LOVE however is none of that. Love mixes the value of our lives, into a cauldron of chemicals: which respect identifies as a passage between souls. Love challenges human, into becoming heart; and from heart we ascend into the greater dimensions of soul. Love is the elemental rise into shared lives, a relationship far beyond the limits of time/ or the boundaries of body. Love seeks the destiny identified by the truth of where your truth does live. Therefrom trust when warranted, allows for a union to be created, and from that union the journey of our lives does begin as one. We cannot bond, what does not live “a similar life choice”. Therefore even if trust is found, and truth allows for a value to be created: unless you can journey as one, the critical foundation of “eternal love” beyond self, will not exist. Trust removes the battleground; by letting truth decide. Truth defines love as the respect we share, as our hearts have learned to care. Love seeks happiness, as the journey of our thoughts join in the miracles of life itself. Every miracle is an elevation of truth, and every truth ascends into the realities; of what your life finds, in the promise of what thought can bring into the creation of who we are.

I find in miracles “such as you or me”; that the intensity of our gift, is so far beyond what I can comprehend within the reality of existence itself; that everything but respect must be left behind. To achieve the one truth first, that is: an elemental thank you, for this gift. Times two, when love binds us as one.

The unfortunate curse of university stupidity and ignorance; as is life is nothing more than an accident/ nothing more than chaos, built without a brain, tool, resource, thought of any kind or anything else needed; by our own definitions of how to build anything. Proves them wrong, without question or doubt. But animals are animals, and want, pride, or power is all they know. Nothing else matters, because they believe this world is the beginning and end of life.

Miracles however seek truth, and truth aligns with the testimony of JESUS; as is, having proven the difference between love and hate/ the rest of the story, relies upon love and the guarantee: if you love with truth, eternity is not far away; and life will find you again.

So human existence divides; and shapes itself based upon what you are willing to believe is true. But belief is simply deciding what you want to believe is true. Whereas accepting what is proven to be true, is an entirely different reality. Animals believe. Humans being alive, within the search for truth, as a Creation of life; are different.

To believe means: I have made my choice/ this is what I want to believe; and nobody is allowed to change that. Therefore I hear nothing else/ I accept nothing else/ there is no truth, there is no evidence, there is no relationship that can divide me from my want to believe this. Because its mine, “all mine”, and nothing else is allowed in here with me. Which largely includes love as well. The only thing allowed is hate; because hate presents a weapon to use against anyone who invades this section of my life. And if that is not enough/ the predator opens the door for its prey; in order to release that weapon upon them “just a little later on”. Belief then becomes a trap, and the heartbreak it achieves; can be eternal.

Letting truth decide is VERY different than belief! By the laws we know, that do exist elementally described by nature and environment; we do become acquainted with the realities we know are dependable and safe for us to accept. By the definitions of love shaped by truth, we learn as time goes by; who is dependable and safe for us to accept. By happiness we share, our bond of trust will grow; and disciplines which form an interaction with our own, become a pathway into the order that then constructs the potential for “our home”. While we balance that with reality; the foundations appear that our own lives have accepted in our own relationship with truth; as is the identity, “this is me”. But make no mistake; the values most important to our lives and living must come first, before a true home can be built; by the love we do share as one truly honored form of life.

Marriage is intended to be; “FOR A LIFETIME”/ and that is no small thing. Yet both men and women treat it as if it were. For a lifetime, “even with children”; is a purely big decision. And if you truly feel a need; “this I must do, comes first”/ then no commitment can be made. Not even for love, if that is true. Which unfortunately means: be kind, and do not interfere with the search of another, who needs their life to find someone else; must come first. Reality proves: there is no easy way, to say goodbye. But if you cannot commit/ then you must. Sometimes people learn to change in this dimension of loneliness, and return/ others do not.


living for love, accepts that only truth can be invited here. Because only truth can survive/ only trust can bond/ and only happiness can commit. Therefrom the rhythms we do share, create the walk we will be able to sustain. Rhythm means: “in step with each other”/ as is I have time for you, I have energy to share with you, I will honor your work as best I can, I will help you because I can, I will seek to find your truth, and present you with mine. So the heart (what we can share from the inside of self) becomes a fountain, to your soul (where love rises to meet its Creator). This is the joy of life and living/ but it is also where heartbreak comes from. Because if you give what is ultimately “your own true self” to someone else/ they do, now own it as their own. If they do not return in “like kind” to you; then they will take what was yours with them, when they go. It is devastating, and unkind; and it comes with a very serious warning: NEVER give the very best of you, to anyone but GOD. Simple as that. Because love is an eternal key, and without it; you cannot enter life beyond self.

Unfortunately, our world has changed; all the realities of truth that can make us extinct exist, and are working against life and planet to destroy us all. That eliminates time, and makes the quest for love much harder; because so many have fallen into the trap of “lets just be animals; as the cult of universities demand”. Animals only engage in sex/ predator and prey; the cost, “living as the dead”.

Humans who are “being alive” in the miracles of life, the evidence of “life beyond this world”. Are not necessarily religious/ as religion after all embraced evolution; the most ludicrous lie of all time. Religions have a long list of wants, that they believe in; so you cannot change that; “we want what we want/ truth be damned; WE WANT, WHAT WE WANT.” to hell with any evidence to the contrary; “we are gods children; shout a couple words, and HE owes me an eternity.

None of that is being alive; but they are at least trying to go beyond self, to some degree. Being alive; is the essence of truth decides for you/ not you decide what is true. The difference is: the evidence must lead your path, by what it proves to be true within our reality of values shaped by happiness, hope, courage, heart, soul, respect, trust, discipline, order, balance, love, honor. These are things beyond self, each and every one. Because they are not dependent upon you or your decision: they either exist in you/ or they do not. You cannot lie to yourself, and be true. You cannot transfer your hate to someone else, and be true to your own reality. You cannot retain hate if forgiveness is real; they did repent honestly. You cannot want and be led by reality (want IS the basis of all lies). You cannot be proud, and share a life: pride demands winner/ which demands loser as well; and much of that transfers into violence. You cannot be powerful and yet find love; because power is judgment, and judgment leads to all things hate, and its consequences. How very few choose for life.