There is a distance, between life and death/ the realities between the purity of truth- and its contrasting chaos, as does destroy complexity. Life is the essence of truth by law/ while death is the destruction of truth by chaos. Therefore the difference is ignited; by what truth becomes, in the critical test of what can survive here.

Your truth is elementally, as life on earth testifies: so corrupted by the chaos of universities know; that there is no hope for you, under their control as the cult of “what is called Satan”. Or more distinctly: the arrogance, apathy, and disrespect associated with decisions, and organizations; that end in extinction. Your leaders treat this as an “infinite world”/ but it is far from that; with humanity now spread “everywhere”; or soon will be. Because the curse of overpopulation is grim and horrifying. Because your only choice will be: someone must die, and that opens the door to everything universities have done. Extinction will follow HELL.

So, I have been sent to you, as predicted in biblical Revelation. Where it divides from men alone choose the fate of earth; which is basically chapters 2-11 (chapter one/ has currently been replaced with chapter 12; where a new life begins under the direction of female in charge).


the decision is then: to align the purity of what you can know/ with the decisions that then make “life or extinction” the choice you made. Because this earth cannot survive what you have done, or are doing.

The question is then: will the majority defeat “arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect”; to identify and create a new life for this world? Or die, as extinction takes control over this earth; and closes the door forever on this living world; as an existence gone bad.  “university driven chaos: EVERYWHERE”.

The choice is yours, and you are making it: want too or not/ right now! Because there is no place to hide, and no possibility you can run from this dying world. CHANGE properly for life and world, or die forever lost! Your only choice.

As media continues its journey, with 99% “DON’T WORRY/ BE HAPPY, tiptoe through the tulips WITH US”. Nothing can go wrong, “university is god”.

While the entertainment which is nearly constant: “men at war, in one form or another”/ continues unabated, as the method most likely to instill fear.

OR, more distinctly, their purpose is: DON’T YOU SAY NOTHING/ DO NOTHING/ BE NOTHING, FOR LIFE; or hate will turn against you personally. As if it mattered on this dying planet, soon to be extinct: because you let them play god.

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE: growing up in the US agricultural community; where ear damage is, or has been extensive (few cannot be found who don’t say, I have ringing in my ears too_). Having tinnitus myself, I offer this one solution. That the primary cause of ear damage is primarily, from the higher frequency range. And it involves long term constant noise, that does not allow for the human body to recover from that noise before it begins again. as is the constant in “drying corn” in a grain bin. While that has been mediated by changing climate, and different genetics; it remains as a reality that does not need more than one year to do extensive damage to your ears. Some people more so than others, dependent upon sensitivity to it.

The best methods: centrifugal fans produce far less noise than axial flow fans do; making them far superior. But the most effective method is to put the axial flow fan inside the grain bin: so that the volume of grain will muffle the noise.

That is done by centering it in the bin; raised about 3 feet up for circulation and sump operations. Each of five legs supporting must be able to rise independently so as to allow the sweep auger to go under it easily; along with trip methods to open the screening for grain removal. A suitable funnel shape above the fan about 3 feet up for air flow; and the supports and screening needed to accomplish the job; creating an area of about 9 feet tall x 5 feet wide; where grain is held out. A dividing line, at the center of the fan is used to differential suction from pressure sides. Air and heat as needed; is pulled in through the aeration flooring/ the fan pushes that through the rest of the grain. For the initial fill, to start the drying process: fan flow can be reversed; and may include electric heaters; which are small and can fill the purpose. When the bin is filled for drying: the common gas heaters present on the axial flow fan are removed and placed in position where the duct is to provide heat for drying and easy maintenance. If the fan fails, a new fan is placed back in the original position, on the duct outside; to finish the job.

The electric needed can be placed under a metal “v” so as to protect it; ;or however you like. Those bins using a “stirrator” or the like: are required to alter the distance of travel to allow NOT through the center. A relatively small matter.

More distinctly: noise can be abated by making it travel through mass. A forty foot bin: places roughly 18 feet of mass on all sides; to quiet that noise, with roughly 8 feet or so of mass on top.

The actual cost is relatively small; due to you already own the fan. If it fails, you replace it after the bin is emptied. There are millions of these fans in America and more across the world: consequently, it does make a difference, to the community as well.

But even more so is this: that while you applaud the genetic changes which have brought to you more grain. The reality is: they are removing all the safety elements of genetics to do that. Opening the entire strain of similar genetics to a pandemic, “coming soon”. In the case of corn: which is a grass, like rice, hay, oats, wheat, and more. NO, they will NOT stop on their own: because it is their job, and you don’t want to give up a “good job” either.

Even more so, is the truth: ask any livestock man, if they can just keep adding cattle “or any other” animals, to the same confined pasture. While a few can live there without incident/ more means fighting/ and even more means: there is nothing left to eat, because what was not eaten, was stomped into the ground; and there is nothing left. Because too many creatures, cannot survive in the same place. Or on the same world; because IT IS FINITE. No population control/ means no place to live; the competition is too severe, and there will be war. And war will remove everything life needs, to become your extinction. Along with another thousand threats of change; initiated by “university knows”. YOU ARE: COMPLETELY FOOLISH AND BLIND; led by worse.

WE EAT OTHER LIVING THINGS; AND IF THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM, WATER, OR OTHER REALITIES OF HABITAT and LIFE: NEEDED TO SURVIVE! THEN WE DON’T SURVIVE EITHER. WAKE UP: BRAINWASHED SEWER OF UNIVERSITY is god; CULT WORSHIPERS; OR YOU ARE DEAD. Because this world is dying; believe it or not…..and the sewer erupts with: WE DON’T have to believe anything you say. TRUTH REPLIES; while belief locks you within the prison you create, to hold out reality and truth; IT CANNOT save you from a dead world, or the eternity you chose.

And still the people scream: THIS WORLD IS NOT FULL; WE SEE PLENTY OF SPACE, for life to exist! WE WON’T CHANGE NOTHING. But by adding up all the claims called “agricultural ground”; for every nation on earth: we do find that humanity has now exceeded “one person per acre of agricultural used land”. And all the other lives that depend upon that/ the droughts, lack of fertilizers, floods, wars, and so forth. Acknowledging the claim that is “one in every eleven people on earth” are hungry, and lack enough food.

The claim: “lungs of the earth”/ as are every forested area:  BEING TORN APART/ TO LEAVE NOTHING LEFT, “within ten years”. Oxygen depletion: because every fire and every motor burns fuel. A world overheating/ an atmosphere soon to detach from the planet itself: to become like the others in this solar system.  “but humanity screams, as they are indoctrinated to yell;  WE WON’T CARE”.  BY university is god, and its media pandemic.

Even more so: the oceans are filled with trawlers “who take every last one”/making that area of the ocean impossible to repopulate: because none are left to do so. And what tiny few there are; are eaten by predators, who cannot find what they need either; “because its all gone”/ and all they get is plastic trash.

OR more simply:  “fix ten thousand things”/ and maybe life on earth can survive. To your shame/ that is true!

And the world says to me: WE DON’T LIKE, “your claim of spirituality or a spiritual woman or the assertion of Revelation is real; OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT; AT ALL! WE REFUSE, your claim of reality; totally, and without merit! So there; “dead to us all”! LET THERE BE NONE, who say different; “or we eat them”. AS, it has basically been, for the last fifty years or so. Because hate rules now.

In contrast: the spiritual world reminds you, that nothing is so true, as is the critical construction of thought; achieves life! The spiritual world is an ascension into truth, as purity of purpose, design, and desires; allow for that. What is predicted is predicted; regardless of religion or not; it is what it is; and needs no further construct of intent. So that brings us, as a world: to the realities of evidence. WHICH DOES PROVE TRUE: this world as led by universities; will soon be dead. Whether you rise of finish the descent into destruction and chaos; “as evolution predicts”: IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU, AS A HUMAN WORLD GIVEN NOTICE: your games are dead. REALITY DECIDES NOW.      TIME TO DECIDE IS UP:     CHOOSE!

As to: the spiritual world of woman and I; that is truly NOT up to you, or even me. As reality would prove, “I did not belong there; and the consequences of that, are not yet done”. Even so; after a ten year search; for a solution beyond the grip of men and their wars/ I found none. Leaving the entire search: MUST SHIFT to finding a solution in women. Truly I had no clue; that being male would “by whatever degree truth demands”; would end up sacrificed; for that cause. It was a complete surprise; as I only wanted to ask a question; which affected them too. A reality I should have been able to find on my own; but could not. Which is: ONLY THE LAW CAN RULE OVER THIS WORLD/ not men or their rules, or their law, or their weapons. LAW THAT IS JUSTIFIED AND FAIR TO ALL; PROVING what equality does mean; within the grip of reality, by its own truths.

So the decision is: DID GOD GRANT TO THIS WORLD: A FINAL CHANGE TO SAVE IT FROM YOURSELVES; by offering you “ a new life” as designed and implemented by women? (even if, somehow my life “as a pawn”, is involved) BECAUSE MEN (as an example of change: women rule now) WOULD KILL THIS EARTH! OR, IS THAT NOT TRUE? You are abandoned: to extinction. By your Creator! Answer the question: because the evidence does prove, extinction is coming soon. Are you willing to die, as a world; because you believe “I can’t” be a pawn of some kind. Even though Revelation 17:5 clearly predicts this would be so.

No, I have no clue how it all ends; for you or me. Not even a little one; whatever is/ is whatever is.

WHAT I CAN tell you, from the experiences of my life is: that every concept of female has been changed, as reality continues to identify our lives and bodies are so different; “as to be from different worlds”. Male has no clue/ but the need to understand; has never been more great. Respect is a value achieved by truth. STOP BELIEVING whatever you want to believe; and FIND TRUTH. We are different/ but completely equal in all “human ways”; that is a truth. THERE IS NO LIFE: “without woman”. But men are needed as well, because it is a full time job; to be a mother/ particularly at the beginning. Beyond the comprehension of men.  “yes, in fact: I have become something of a mother to you”/ because you are going to die; if I don’t contribute what I can.

A reality being surrounded by the world of woman; I have been required to accept, because its true. There are other elements of female, beyond description; such as tits, which are just life changing; different, in so many ways. Consequences of strength, and other things. Even the mind seems slightly disconnected from the body (not male); as living is altered, to become changed. It is, “a weird” reality.

NO, a reality not equal/ but enough, to conceive of what is, “parts and pieces” of what is true.  NO, i am certainly NOT your savior of any kind;  but we do ALL, have to do; what we can in fact do.  While obeying the law, of life itself.

NO, LIFE must not be simply thrown away; by want! However in the case of abortion: definitions can be undone, UNTIL the conception of a choice, has been made by the fetus. Which then enables the conscious existence of life to come forth. Exactly how many days that would be: is up to you to decide. Prior to that; it is a mothers decision. Beyond that, society does have a say; but if the mother says NO/ then she has a right to insist not me. Just as society has a right to insist: then NOT to any other child, as is permanent solutions “no more children, to be born here”.

Same as old age, and other maladies of medical necessity: while none should be thrown away for “simple solutions”/ all must die prior to medical intervention: if NATURE demands it.  Because these last fifty years: nearly all said, “let them all die, I WON’T CARE/ because these horrors, ain’t going to happen in my lifetime”.” IF you are still here: you lived too long/ ain’t that so?

NO, even if the bible is from a Jewish heritage/ they long ago discarded the right or claim: that was JESUS in their midst. The guarantor we were not simply created and then abandoned. But in fact did have the option to become an eternal life. Religious or not, none proved more than did HE; an ability to understand, the true differences between love and hate. As were proven true to us all, in that story of time on earth.

the greatest story ever told, because love was its heart”.

This message is about power, the consequence of living in this world where pride and want rule all of life. Power is the ability to change what is/ into something new or different; as is now needed in support of life and living and world.

To that end: I remind each one, that our world is in danger of dying “from a thousand threats, the evidence does prove true”. Therefore change is needed, or life goes extinct/ because even the earth itself is threatened “by universities playing god”. Where arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life is held to be: “their true contribution”; for way too many, that live for hate.

This message seeks law to rule over life and earth/ not men, whose only real answer is war. Law identifies what is justified and fair, and necessary to sustain life and earth; it is not a game, “as the universities (your former classmates) contend”.

This message remembers: that in this USA and others, it is “our constitutional contract” that forms and is the government of this nation. Employees are hired to orchestrate the various needs that are involved in the business of governing as the intent of our constitutional direction provides. They swear and oath of service to do that very thing. And we the people are given the legal remedy of: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as the final authority, to intervene and investigate where reality says we must. For life, world, or nation: state, etc. OUR CHOICE/ not theirs! As is the purpose of democracy itself.

Therefore the purpose of this message: is to inform, that time has run out; and it is your duty to investigate the cost of being WRONG/ and the realities of threat that can literally take life and world into the chaos called extinction. Because these things are real, and it is no game. Realities which include weapons of mass destruction have no reset/ no second chance to say: stop, and go back. Consequently world law; as is we the world HAVE DECIDED; that our own laws shall govern all leaders of this world. And if they fail us: WE WILL take them to court to prove what is true as a world enforcing our chosen laws. That is a decision, and it needs your participation to make it happen. Before it is too late, and life is gone.

The fool says “savior”. But reality says: IN ONE SINGLE HOUR, the potential and even the possibility to survive as life on this planet, will end.

And humanity says: this has been a threat for 78 years: YOU CAN’T scare us! But reality now replies: “kill a billion people/ and there are still 7 billion more to go”. This world HAS CHANGED, resources are ending, realities you cannot control have begun; your game has ended with extinction.  OR YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR TRUTH!

It is the purpose of this message, to inform: that life cannot survive the cost of “universities play god”/ and they must be stopped from going further; without our true consent. Therefore you will issue a moratorium, and stop the insanity: until as a world, we the people decide: that the cost will be accepted/ for being wrong.

The cost of delusions like “fusion” (already proven wrong): is they want to ignite the same “million mile flames” found on the sun; here on this planet. Claiming, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ so it will just extinguish itself”. The cost of being wrong is: SAME FIRE/ SAME RESULT as the sun, here on earth.

The fool says “savior”. But reality says: IN ONE SINGLE SECOND, the potential and even the possibility to survive as life on this planet, will end.

And humanity says: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, AND WE BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITIES are gods who would not gamble so, with our lives. BUT TRUTH SAYS: THEN GO TO COURT AND PROVE YOU WILL ACCEPT THEIR COST OF BEING WRONG; is terror beyond imagination.

Or the fantasy of genetic mutilations; claiming they can do better than nature does. But with just one single “intentional mistake”; all life on this planet can become HORRIFYING; because they are not gods. And they know not what they do. So they crucify life and inject chaos into biology; so they can see what causes biological catastrophe, shouting now we know. But in fact; this method merely searches for death. And it will be the result, for this world/ if you do not stop them now. Because like every disease; there is no simple off switch. And as reported: behind universities door, in many laboratories around this world: they have gathered every horrifying disease they could find, along with every poison and more. Claiming we can be gods. But reality knows: their decision is to be Satan instead. As covid proves true: with trillions of dollars spent/ lives lost/ families and business destroyed/ “nazi resurrected”/ and other realities of failure as did occur. They DO want to play god with life. AS ABOVE where they claim they can control the same fire as on the sun: WHICH BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER; from 94 MILLION miles away. FIND YOUR BRAIN, FIRST; before you just believe what they tell you to believe, fear, or obey.

The fool says “savior”. But reality says: IN ONE SINGLE DAY, the potential and even the possibility to survive as life on this planet, will end. Followed by horrors unimaginable to the living; but true.

And humanity says: WE BELIEVE in universities medicine. But reality says: CHANGING NATURE IS NOT MEDICINE/ IT IS PLAYING god; and the cost of that is beyond your imagination, for an eternity. The game is dead; HORRORS BEGIN/ OR, YOU WILL: CHOOSE TO END THE GAMES, that end with life OR DEATH for this earth.

That is YOUR DELIBERATE DECISION!   “not simply theirs”/ and every life on this earth is responsible for their own.