The constant of humanity is a thief; wanting whatever you have/ because they have convinced themselves: the world is unfair to me/ so I want to be unfair to you. Believing in the lies, that somehow they are owed more. Claiming for instance; with slavery 160 years ago; that I/ we owe: did I or you live 160 years ago. Claiming that numbers are money, even though inflation proves they are not. Claiming media would tell you anything you needed to know; to save this democracy. Claiming an endless decision to hate; because that is what you chose to accept. So wars erupt/ society falters and dies/ people fail each other/ traitors rise, and terrorists go unpunished by hiding it with their cult of universities know.

I have had to look the other way; with many a thief; because the end result is: this can lead to hate one side or the other. People want what they want; and as for me, I Let nothing get in the way of this work. So people steal it; by not accepting the truth: our world/ the extinction of life; is more important than what you or I do. What we all need/ we all need; but the animals cannot; as their only source of expression is greed or selfishness formed into behaviors that are always unfair. Even today, that goes on; as reality proves among human beings: there are thieves hiding. Open the door, and they will be like a fire ravaging. Close the door, and they will become as violent as hate allows. Try to be friendly; and they will bring their pack; so that all can take what they can get. Not a color/ not a group; an individual decision.

The end result: life is not determined by trophies or other; but by your own heart. Do what you can; but do not give yourself away to hate. The price is beyond description. Be aware: hate will always seek revenge/ even when it has no cause.

This work “is for all life”, and exists in defense of planet: because we are confronted by our own extinction; by your choice. Hate claims you don’t need to care; because evolution “fixes everything they break”. While the animals search for all they can get; and in so doing ravage, rape, ruin, destroy and so on; because they cannot care about life. Only want. Those who are faced with “the true curse of poverty” must fight to survive; and make many poor choices. Those faced with life without friendships that make life happy; find themselves with drug addiction or even suicide. Those who believe; can hide from reality, but fail truth needs more. The biblical prediction of Revelation 18; will come true/ because all the facets of evidence to cause it, do exist. Because thieves came first; and they all had a diploma, and a better way: ME FIRST.

OUR CLAIM TO LIFE AND PLANET AND SECURITIES that ought not to be touched by others; is to recognize: life comes first/ without our planet we have no home, and will die. OUR CLAIM TO LIFE AND PLANET AND SECURITIES; relies upon drinkable water supplies (you have no clue)/ food being mutilated by people “with no clue”/ and realities of destruction that are breaking every chain we depend upon as a world to survive. WE MUST begin again; and we must accept the need of that is real; and the demand to be as fair as is possible with every citizen; is our job as WE THE PEOPLE WILL decide now. That takes redress of grievances/ both state and nation. There are no easy answers; liars took that away/ thieves threw resources away/ failures lead as thieves ransacked our nation and world/ the dead; worship power and fear. Limited capitalism is the beginning of being fair to each other.

Where destruction has taken away homes: it is the “high rise building” which will replace them; because nature needs the space you stole. All of society is needed to fight fires, and the methods I have previously illustrated deserve their test. If you war/ you die; and surrender your nation: it is that simple.

The test of law is: that all the tragedy of leadership/ cannot overrule the people themselves: we do have rights; the criminal shall not take that away. No governmental employee was hired to do anything, or claim anything they wanted to do or be: the job had limits and boundaries you swore to uphold. LAW IS OUR DECISION TO LET TRUTH DECIDE; as best we can. Therefore it is the law, which brings a nation, state or world back to life/ and it is war that causes it to descend into hell. Take your pick; no going back. Accept policing is not perfect/ and neither are you: but it is the best we need to do/ and that does not require a universities diploma to establish fair comes first.

Turn on the lights, and open every door: yes it does cost work, and no you will not like what you find. But only truth can heal a nation or world or state; and we need the best information possible; to make a decision that is the best we could do. Without letting want decide anything at all.

Without this kind of information; people mob and believe their gun is the answer. Consequently you are charged with doing what needs to be done: in order to prepare the rest for what will come. In order to demand redress in this nation; and if you work honestly for life and world; all life on earth shall benefit from that choice. Because the end result is: the money has been destroyed, which leaves leadership without the means to change anything but “to hell”. So we begin again with truth decides; as is the first fundamental of law, that is value.

Very little, of the cause and reasons given in the declaration of Independence centuries ago; have not come back to haunt us all in the very same ways. Proving the insurgency is real/ the claim of government has been taken away.

One such proof is: we are not allowed to take our government to court in order to demand constitutional obedience/ we need an excuse. One such excuse is refusal to pay the tax without a trial to demand redress of grievances. As always the court remains silent/ but this one was tax court with the head of the IRS; who decided they did not need to obey their laws. And as such filed a $5,000.00 penalty against me/ and lied about filing or I forget what exactly to produce a secondary charge of $32,000.00 for bothering them. Since they could not charge over 24% , by law/ they declared I didn’t file twice in the same year which made it 48% interest and penalty. While refusing to grant the tax deduction law provided for a work truck I had bought in that year.

But I did not go anywhere; and instead of letting me into court/ I proved this is not about the money by paying the tax and five thousand. As proof I wanted a courtroom/ and they walked away.

Or in IL; they claimed pay only $500.00 in that year/ instead of $3,000.00 or so; and they would simply take my truck of ten thousand. Sell it for $500.00 and then demand the rest as not paid and in debt. Because they could. I told them walk by the money laid out for you in full/ to take this truck; and I would charge you with felony theft, and criminal conspiracy throughout the court and policing agencies involved; so they walked away.

Or at an earlier time: I want to go to court with the IRS in this matter/ but could not gain access; UNLESS, I admitted I was wrong first/ then they would let me into court. But once you admit you were wrong; all they have to do is penalize you and never say a word.

Or at another court; when finally allotted a courtroom trial in both state and federal for a purpose defined/ after a fight. Life said to me this is a trap/ do not go; or like another man who spent two years of his life in prison for contempt; it will be the same for you; state and federal. Because there is no true oversight of any kind; its all smoke and mirrors. And another time; when federal 7th district appellate court purely lied and claimed religion and a purely made up story to deny me access/ and when advising congress and US supreme court of that; they ran away from truth, and closed the door.

And so on, throughout each level of “justice, in America and state of IL”. Ending with the US supreme court; letting two docketed cases on redress be thrown out by the secretary of the court. ONCE DOCKETED/ ONLY A JUDGE CAN DO THAT, WITH AN ORDER PRONOUNCING WHY. AS IS treason established. And more.

Behind closed doors; only power matters/ there is no room for justice or democracy or constitutional law: and that is a fact. Which means the rebellion against us, is real.

Unfortunately; liars and thieves, rule this USA. That is not an individual attack; because it is impossible to govern; with nothing but lies in money/ or purposes without a universities expert to decide. Ending with an endless amount of foreigners; attempting to take full control away from “us”/ because traitors failed us all.

There is only one way back:   with truth/ no more games/ no more lies or criminal behavior of any kind.   Redress: we will decide for ourselves; what to do now.

There was the case of a stop sign: after trailing me through the fourth change of direction/ failing to stop at one mile an hour or so; due to traffic. I was stopped and issued a ticket/ the officer clearly nervous, as I looked to see where he was while waiting; I glanced in the mirror, to find him then panicked and trying to draw his gun (not pretty/ not rich; so suspect). So I turned back; got ticket/ went to court/ and the judge took over immediately selecting the jury; and creating a $400.00 charge for me to pay, a stenographer to type his words: so I could take this to appeal court. She tried to give me a paper copy of the trial, I demanded a digital copy. She said that was what she was supposed to do, and then immediately erase the case; and then the appeals court does not accept a paper copy; so it has to be done again. but at the demand for her to email the transcript to the appellate court; I had to pay an additional $200.00 plus dollars for her to “push the button”. And since I had been done this path before and the court was useless before; I refused and let the demand for justice fail: as the reality of a financial punishment MUST BE CONSTRUCTED by the state of finances of those who are claimed to have committed the crime. A thousand dollar “stop sign”/ to someone who makes less than poverty scale; IS NOT the same punishment as that fine is to someone who makes “a billion dollars”. And we all know that is true. CHANGE is required/ FAIR is mandatory; but as with all cases of life in society; the people hide and say, “they can’t attack me/ if they cannot find me: YOU PAY instead.” so everything stays the same; because behind closed doors, without a crowd to watch. “this is the best this society will do”. As is shouting “ME, ME, ME, DAMN YOU ME”/ not you. and there is more.

Or the trial to test; human comprehension with regard to igniting a nuclear fire; claiming we don’t need to care/ cause there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. A trial instigated by a license plate out of date (my only way back into court; once the door is locked); as with all other cases/ its back and forth to court; 3 times to kill an afternoon; hoping I will go away. And then once in court; and the lawyer finding I am prepared; instantly calls for a recess/ and files for a dismissal; so as not to proceed into trial. This is “america” under universities expert does rule.

The reality: through the decades of “the law is my army”; proven false. The line of policing at the door was long; directed there by the courts; who did not like being reviewed for their own truth. IRS etcetera But with no place to hide; my parents survived, but when it came to locally demanding “excessive noise; is not a right/ but a criminal trespass: when other options exist”. Caused fear to be expressed. Same of course true for the area; as rights and realities, have no place where power exists.

Because the end result is: people who can scream “yes I can” with money, often do. And once sighted as a prey, the predator rarely leaves without his or her prey. And will come back, if they do. So fear rules society from both sides: those who insist you will fear/ and those who insist fear will consume us, if we don’t believe and obey what we are told to do. And money buys a weapon, because it can: while trust disappears, because the end result is, “look at all these predators”. So the herd packs tightly screaming all obey same. And the mob forms: at last we found the enemy in the open/ and can attack, “to protect ourselves”. But that is rarely true; and turns back to bite you; as with Nazi or any other version of people want power, and will kill to take it from you. A constant throughout history, all across the world.

Throughout this society; Snakes crawling through every hole/rats living on every shelf. Children made to be as vulnerable as possible; so when they get through public school; they can be trapped and enslaved rather than prepared. Because power and pride, want what they want; and the universities brand is: the vast majority will be slaves/ with a debt they cannot defeat; and so they trap/ because they are trapped.

But like every part of living: your answer to their decisions/ remains your answer to life and living by your decision. Which then becomes your identity; whether shaped by others or not.

We cannot fight against every thief, liar, cheat, traitor, terrorist and others; so society dies; and finds hate instead of life. What we can do is separate hate from the rest; and force them to live in their own world/ not participating with the rest. So that fair play and honest justice can be found. The tragedy of human existence is: how many people changed you? So everybody hides, and centers their lives around “self”/ becoming greedy (nothing but me); instead of life has value.

The foundation of living, is built upon what you do value within love, and how do you contribute due to the respect you own. Each of those decisions, is determined by truth and trust in the honor of living as a miracle. So universities have fought to “remove the miracle”/ and claim they are the only gods you need to have; as is a worm (eat you alive), parasite (steal where you can’t see), snake (quick strike, or kill)/ or rat shitting on everything it can find.

Removing the disguise of leadership by experts; the shield which protects them through media worship and propaganda: requires an acceptance of truth. Rather than running away to hide, from the predators you fear. Money grants them an army/ bribes creates apathy/ and disrespect pays for the rebellion by counterfeiting and destroying every security that exists. To bring a nation into civil war; by aligning hate with one group against the other; “its just conversation: as is university manipulation/ with the intent to destroy any and every form of power: that stands in their way”. As is anarchy, by its true intent.


REDRESS IS DEMOCRACY ENFORCED: BY THE AUTHORITY OF WE THE PEOPLE; will decide for ourselves now. WE WILL IDENTIFY AND EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE FOR TRUTH; and align our vote with the best defense we can create for ourselves. As is law we define/ because when we all decide; it is, “the best we can do”. As leadership failed, because as is the purpose of universities: to tear apart everything, down to its smallest pieces. The death of our democracy has been engineered by those who have systematically defined ways to tear apart each little piece we depend upon to hold our government, and our society together.

Piece by piece; there are terrorists among us fighting to destroy democracy. One such clear definition is: to remove gender identification/ and claim imagination is “whatever you want it to be”. And as life insists: IF YOU CANNOT even defend, “this is male/ and this is female”; you are so utterly cursed, that you cannot defend yourselves from anything. Because the enemy took truth; as is life is a miracle of existence/ and made their own religion of evolution your god instead with lies, and traitors indoctrinating every child; to the cult of universities are god now.

Be aware: IT IS YOUR LIFE/ JUST LIKE IT IS THEIR LIFE; and the people who are deluded into fantasy or imagination or religion of evolution or whatever it is: have a right to claim their prize. It is their eternity not yours. BUT THE LINE IS DRAWN; where they try to force us to accept their delusion is enough to change our world. Just like your decision to change their world is NOT acceptable either. So we separate, unless you threaten life, planet, nation, world, child, and so on. In which case: the law will decide, where freedom ends/ and our liberty to protect ourselves, must occur.

STAND UP, AND FIND YOUR SOUL BACK! The game is dead, and your world/ your life/ your child/ YOUR EVERYTHING; is now facing extinction; by what the arrogant (you can’t stop us)/ the apathetic (we don’t care)/ and the fool called disrespect has chosen to do.

PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN; death is death.

CLAIM YOUR LIFE AND WORLD; BACK, FROM EXTINCTION, by fools, liars, cheats, thieves, traitors, and terrorists: or end in HELL!

At 70 years old: it is an apparent constant of death/ that people shall be “removed” from what they expect. Not so much by intent; but what is clearly “beyond the age of 60 years, or faced with medical catastrophe”/ no change to the will should be allowed by law. The last years provide alterations of the mind; as reality, and less contact with others, sinks in. Because if family/ then realistically what is fair; is fair to all the same. Unless that is the case: all inheritors should be notified of that change/ or that reality well in advance: so that plans can be made accordingly. Because if your inheritors are, living a life that expects an inheritance to be provided: that should not be taken away without proper or legal notice. To advise: not what you expect. Expectations are dependent upon being intentionally made aware: that the will DOES include all family, the same OR NOT. As is determined to what legal level of family closeness is fair to expect; an inheritance. 

Any inclusions should be noted: so that all may prepare not only for your death/ but their own existence; so as not to unduly burden those who had a legally, familial conceived right to inherit. IT IS justice to know: what to expect or not to expect has been changed.

Since my uncles recent death, has divided the family; due to “one takes it all”; the consequence of that is dividing family, which will never truly heal. Proving the declarations of at 82 years old;  where only the last couple years mattered; and all the rest were cast aside as worthless; is wrong. A reality not proven true; as family living, and work; served his life too.  Proving true over decades; for him as all the rest: we benefiting from being “same”. Tearing family apart; is not wise. Realities extend;  to not trusting anyone, and the world itself suffers; because you chose not to care or be kind.

It is fair to say; my uncle was cognizant of his decision/ as the last years “of his body”, were unkind; he let want decide. But he did not grasp the depth of what living required anymore; as was the last conversation I had with him. “trapped in the circle of what was; self”; as is the price of knowing, that a coffin soon awaits you. NO depth of thought is possible, because life is no longer possible; and in the end result of that: no conceptual decisions as reflect the values or realities of a lifetime will exist. So the law of you cannot change a will after 60, or tragic medical realities; particularly without  legal notification of all parties is true. Because that does not reflect an entire life or its true desire.  Like healthcare; extending death is, recognizes:  only “the living corpse”; which no longer can survive; exists to claim the money. His life was more than that; but the end result of facing death is the same/ and it leads to decisions that are no longer valid or true. “In countless people”, as always, when a law is in fact, needed.

Terminal illness of any kind, accident or other; causes mental displacements to occur/ making what once was certain; no longer important. As the person dying is then dependent upon a new set of conditions/ and may then be more easily manipulated into changing their will; in ways that would not be anticipated (showing favoritism_), clear, “not the same”, as the others. Because even if the intent of someone dying, and now facing their own grave: is cognizant of what they are doing, it is not now, with a free mind that they do it. Facing death is not the same as living life! Recognizing only want; is a constant; and want is the basis of every lie: causes things to be changed. Love should decide if love was evident from the beginning: because a family without love ceases to be a family. Let the weak and strong, should always remain the same; because what we do inherit most, is our body, living, health, love, and mind. Since we do not get to select most of that: we are the same.

THIS IS THEN ABOUT BEING FAIR; NOT about what people want, or don’t want. Being fair keeps family alive; a task worth doing; even if they fail you. Because no matter who you are: your family is your family.

Some times, that comes with dramatic change in terms of wills; and people believe whatever they want to believe.

The same is true for us all: the bulk of our lives, and especially the first parts of life, are in fact the most significant; as we build what becomes our truth/ time then tears at that to determine what is left of value to you. The options to contest a will, grants greed to the legal elements of judiciary/ and they fight for it; same as the rest. Some should be contested/ some should not; but as for fair. Family exists to separate our lives from the rest; to share and care for the sake of each other/ so that each has a helping hand to achieve their own set of values; as best they can. It is not fair to terrorize, or destroy that work; in the mind of some, as would be “throwing the rest away”.

But as for me, the reality of it returns to the summer after my mom had died; and it caused me to understand more deeply that even though this work “for life and world”. The cost was far more important than any individual life; it was by no means the lack of love for my mom, but: “there is only so much” and we all have to choose. So what I could have done for her, I did not; sacrificing that time, for what I chose to be more important; as is all life and earth. Living, stole the excess, nothing left over; and on rare occasions I blocked further work for others; to retain myself.

But added to that was the personal potential of pain; for another very bad fall (due to tinnitus). The demand for change that was taking over my life and living; as male proved was not enough. Numerous littler details. And the young man who had been helping me that summer, did not receive the help he needed for life. I was too busy being upset (with not enough me). And looking inside; “should have/ could have/ would have” as always, fails life (insufficient help here). The cost: Rather than living “with miracles”; reality changed to allowing myself to sink inside “human (time is all we get)”; ended with nearly falling for a scam that was completely obvious/ WAKE UP.  But I did not want to think, I just wanted what I wanted.

So while I had thought I was mentally stable; I was not, and decisions that should have been made; as is consistent with my life throughout time: failed at least in part. Which ended with the realization: this is not me, and I must wake back up to accept my own limits; the decisions that I have made in truth; and honor the work that was my choice in life as time; was indeed my truth (this is all I have). Requiring an end to the delusion: of want, rather than truth. Truth is what it is, and it is nothing else; a reality life demands we all learn to accept; because it cannot be changed. The lesson being: people in their last days on earth, or faced with real loss:  are affected by the cost of what they did not do, for those who made a difference. But the end result of it is: it is elemental to life that mercy comes to mean: when looking back, even if we are separated by time, and some degree of failure; the reality of family is, “we walked together, sharing and caring as is called; same”. And in that context of our journey: love, or hate; shapes us all. Love deserves mercy/ hate deserves its chaos. Want fails to accept either, and makes living into a game. Time is the decision: we chose to create, within ourselves.

Having considered the truth of it: the last will and testament of my uncle should be evaluated for its reality; as a lesson for all.

We begin with what did change for him, and understand the loss of loved ones is a reality of age; and it does take a toll on each one differently. The change in work; began with inflation/ and then accelerated into national greed: with the complete destruction of rural america under Reagan/ destroying reality, and giving away the nation to universities (and the people said: WE FOUND THE MONEY/ and greed consumed them), which no doubt led him to find in stealing all the gold backing securities; he could have anything he wanted. But that stole the securities of anyone who believed “the debt would be paid”/ invest or lose all your money. More simply: rural america changed, as did farming; and all the people who once were friends, farmers sharing, and happy as a village; had to move. The cost of leadership/ rather than law governs us all. Or more simply, as a nation: love and life have been under attack for decades, and it does affect us all; in many profound ways.

Nonetheless; beyond the destruction of national values and peace/ the realities of family appear; as is we had value to this man. Each one, giving something/ helping as needed/ protecting family/ and providing whatever was needed to sustain and protect the things desired and useful to the destiny we all share as family. As it should be.

The caveat being: when a niece threw out her husband; because she was going through a mid life crisis (old now/ can’t change that: I want what I want/ I need what I want)/ reality sunk in, and she realized: when he left so did the money. This change” is likely to have started there/ and grew. Panic results (me, me, me)/ and all options are explored; because reality has no friends/ only love, “and who can you trust”? Survival comes with choices/ and the next question is “who needs it more”? So decisions are made.

So we come to my uncle; who had enough numbers to make a difference. While all can vouch for “it is your money/ your decision”. The reality of the will is: deliberate attempts where made to discard and deny all other family (you have no place here), but this one small group. It even goes on to pretend to give, what my uncle did not own as a participant in a trust, that did own what he claimed to have given away. No legal right means no claim of ownership once dead. Which is ultimately; the voice of contempt.

As reality of 80 years of living “with us”/ who in fact did provide to him, as much or more than these few; throughout time, did do. He was cognizant enough to know: in order to justify his claim of power “I will decide”; he threw the rest away; and that will be his legacy. He gave way, to 2 years of living “with them”; which he paid for/ was more than all that was given to him for free. The consequence being: family is discarded by the intent to justify a reason; which did not exist. Which is a shame, because he was loved; even though the last years he no doubt felt, a bit abandoned. Medical issues cause that; but, Participation is a two way street. This was, “his last words” to us.

Had he simply given away his money/ numbers; to this one group, I would have considered that little more than their reward. Unfortunately, trying to destroy any and all claims of family; is the intent to rip and tear/ and that is not acceptable. Family is more important that money, as reality will prove true.

The cost of it is simple: people make promises on their own decisions; no one asked. And that is fine, it is your life, your work, and your eternity; you must decide, what your truth is. Unfortunately, when they change their promises, and then hide that fact for apparently two years. It is because they want everything to remain the same/ as if nothing had changed:  As thieves do. Because they want to collect from those promised, as if; “nothing has changed”. Surrendering the cost of change to: “you were fooled” and, That would be unfair; because if someone were depending upon your promise; they made decisions that are changed, by you. But the greatest theft is, by far: destroying trust, because love needs trust to survive. Threating the depth of  family. When all you had to do, was admit to those who had a promise from you: I made a change. And let people make their own decisions from there. As it is with all of life and living: each must face their own fears; when these are significant, “family helps”. As is the honesty of love.

The conclusion of it, for me is; even if we cannot functionally be family anymore “measured less than money”/ we can still be friends, like any other friend or acquaintance would be.

family means: you are worth more to me than money”; so long as your are simply honest and fair! And even then, when respect returns, so do I.

After all, as it is with all of humanity: I don’t owe you/ and you don’t owe me. Each is responsible for self. And the primary decision maker, is now dead.

What we are left with is: “a promise made in the open, which includes the others when dead; is a contract”. Unless you openly change that by notifying those whom you made the promise too; allowing them to adjust. Hiding a change that steals from those who believed in you/ is a theft. Not only because by hiding that truth (you changed your promise) you assume and desire to steal or retain their friendships (removing their control or decision). Believing in death, it no longer matters to you: proves the theft was intentional. That is conspiracy/ and those who manipulate, encourage, or help; are in fact aiding and abetting that crime. Same as excessive health issues negate the ability to reason and conclude what is true; because it extorts life has a price; and people make decisions trying to buy an eternity/ or discarding those who cared. Opening the door: to this is unfair/ it is not, “the life we knew”. If, in contrast: you openly provide the information with an allowance for time; so that all might adjust or have a true conversation with you: reality exists. If those then choose, to treat you the same, that is their decision. Then you are cognizant of the fact; of your decision on their lives; and may intentionally choose that for yourself. But if you hide from the promise you made, letting others believe “help will come”/ when you know it will not. Or allow others to move in, and orchestrate the delusion that this has no cost “when you are dead”; as is nothing matters: but us. Then it proves you are living without reality, at the hands of an invader/ as death does not eliminate costs: it only defines what is true of you. It is a theft: the promise of Family exists, and you either choose to defend “them all”/ or you make judgments that are in fact not spiritually, up to you. By playing god; a cost beyond your imagination, is incurred. Money is neither evil or good; but it does have the opportunities for change. Family lives as a partnership with each one; recognizing “we share/ because we care”; or it dies, because you surrendered it. It is particularly tragic: when people choose apathy and arrogance over life. Proving disrespect is more important than value. Proving your final truth divides and separates; what had value; a tragedy of your own truth. The scourge of “I want to be rich”/ is tragic; because honest friendship is worth more.

In summary conclusion:  unfortunately, reality says to you; that of this world, there are claims roughly translated as $1.2 QUADRILLION DOLLARS in derivatives (which are over 80% composed of bad debts or 20% unworthy credit)/ which has people all over the world trying to collect. Roughly another QUADRILLION DOLLARS in stock market claims around the world. Another QUADRILLION DOLLARS; in claims of assets. Another QUADRILLION DOLLARS in bonds and other methods of banking on something you believe will pay you back. And then we come to the banking debts which worldwide are in the QUADRILLION DOLLAR range. So lets just think of those numbers as 5 QUADRILLION DOLLARS worth of human claims to resources of this planet; IS probably realistic at this time. Hard to say, as liars, cheats, traitors, and thieves are always at work. Nonetheless 5 quadrillion dollars divided by 8 billion human faces EQUALS: EACH ONE divided equally should have $625,000.00 or the equivalent of that. AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE “DOLLARS”, comes with a human screaming: I AM OWED! Along with I don’t care about you; just me. Which ends in war. OR, we all have to adjust/ because this kind of insanity CANNOT be done without compliance of the majority: TO LIE, so they can all steal! From the future.  DON’T have yours? Well someone does/ and they expect you, “to give them a full accounting” for every single dollar they hold. As do you.

But alas, this is a finite planet/ and without resources, your numbers are completely worthless. And as we look to the mountains of garbage humanity throws away everyday. The competition rising for every resource, and humanity growing by at least one hundred million more mouths to feed each year. While the end of drinking water is in sight/ nature is being mutilated/ ocean life is dying/ and there will be weapons of mass destruction used. The cost of trading family for numbers; truly is, a foolish and unwise decision. Destroying family connections becomes tragic; because the end result of every life is the “grave”. And that will prove what loneliness truly is.

The money will fail/ the numbers prove worthless:  existence itself, will depend upon trust, as completes the reality “if we don’t share or care”/ we all go extinct.

No, you cannot find security in metals (confiscated to renew “money”), property (taxed excessively), bonds (worthless as governments lose their power), stocks (will fall deeply, and not recover) or other. Because you stole too much. Which leaves “we the people must decide: bankruptcy, for ourselves”/ and limited capitalism is the only way to return to reality. We choose by vote for a new beginning. Demanding constitutional law to control currency dictated to be “so much per citizen, based on census”. Deciding all taxation is dedicated to a specific purpose; to be bid upon. Refusing government the right to control any form of debt; which includes war/ as is, ONLY we the people can declare it for ourselves. No more playing games.

Love does not judge, but life reminds us each one: that value is subject to truth, and there is no greater truth than a family that does not trust each other, fails itself. Love lives on the truth, I trust you.

It is, “our job”, to do the best we can not to fall victim; to the ravages of hate, as it consumes the life around us. Forgive those who repent, with reality; remembering we all do fail/ and it is not your job to make decisions for others. LOVE exists to identify who does belong in eternity/ and who does not; as human animals (I want what I want; life and truth, does not matter: just me) shall not come. Hate will receive the reward it deserves.

HOW do we know that eternity exists? “look around you” at a world filled with miracles (living bodies cannot be built one piece at a time; without living bodies to provide). Evolution is for fools. Even so, the guarantor of eternity “not left behind” is JESUS. His lesson: LOVE will be remembered, by proving the difference between love and hate; reality does become clear.

So how do we know “life exists”? Answer, your body relies upon the compilation of atoms, to shape and define your existence as time. But that is not life/ it is only time. Therefore we do find in thought itself, the basis for life, and the existence of life is formed by our relationship with the force defining energy. Energy is “mass times speed”/ THE FORCE that initiates that speed, is where life begins. You only need to know; “life begins”/ because force is constant both before and after time (motion) does end. Or, more simply:  the force which brings “motion to life”/ remains with love, after motion stops/ to reverse that “living truth”, into life now, has its own motion. To prove freedom exists.

As to me: my “last will and testament is: that those who are my closest relatives, down to nieces and nephews shall all inherit equally”. With an understanding; it is family, that makes family possible. Don’t destroy that for money or possessions: it won’t buy happiness or hope in a life worth living.” There is NO PURPOSE in extending death; we must all face it, when reality calls. It is a duty; remember that for me. As to why here, on a website? Answer: I traded my lifetime for this work; and I ask you to respect that.

For simple decisions of inheritance: it is my belief, that what comes from family should always return to family; without judgment (same for all, regardless: therefore “equals”). Simple as that; although if substantial amounts beyond what family provided exist; that excess, beyond fifty percent; can be used in different ways. As to decisions: each inheritor, has one vote; all must agree. IF, all cannot agree/ only then is the reality of each decision required to be reduced to its most simple truth; and you may divide based upon that truth; in this part of what your inheritance can be. If you still cannot agree: then you will accept, “whatever this is, goes to charity; as determined for the best to life or planet we can be”. IF you refuse/ then “the in-laws, and children have the final say; as to what happens here”.

And will leave one day, with this memory for you: that it is moments, which save us from time (death will come). The essence of what passion will reveal within our desires, leads to the journeys we endure. While thought is everything life conceived, can be; it is the eloquent relationships with truth that define what will become our world; as love explains what living hopes to be. Both now and in eternity. Don’t trade your life, for hate or the disgrace of want (me, me, me); let truth decide, because only love builds a memory worth keeping. Real love never lies, it is the path beyond self; into being ALIVE.

Having seen tragic consequences due to wills and things; this is my advise to you.  The question is money over family/ which do you choose? The common demand for the dead, is: I will choose. While life replies: only the living have a say. Family like life, “can live or die”/ it is a choice.

That in death we walk back into our own truth, to discover the realities of what we chose, within our moments as time. Beyond self there is freedom; but within self, there is only a grave. The difference being: as we look back into the beginning of life; limits and boundaries will be found. The choice is: are you pure enough as love, to survive, your own truth?