In every journey of life, there are hills and valleys to travel. Or more distinctly, time leads us through the various elements of choice/ that will then identify our heart and soul. Disciplines shape our response/ order drives that discipline forward into an action: and love balances life with truth. Or hate controls with chaos, violence, and revenge; as determined by you.

How far you go/ and to whatever dimension of “rise or fall” you select; or fall into; defines the creation that you have made; as your contribution to life.

Which brings us to individuality, and the decision to participate as an action or reaction to the variables involved. Love shifts all things toward building for peace, sharing the joy of how we care with respect for each other/ hate shifts all decisions toward violence, chaos, ridicule, manipulation, revenge or other similar realities. While the human animals all “want what they want/ and know they don’t want, what they don’t want; as either predator or prey”.


We then approach the question of loneliness; as divides humanity further: by understanding, this is a choice, the others will make “for us”. As they choose to play with us/ share with us/ care about us/ respect us: or turn away, to discard or judge us, by their own choices and measures against life. That causes both actions and reactions; that are fundamentally separate from survival; and decide the levels of love or hate as the basis of how this individual will relate to life and living among the others. Making friends/ or making enemies/ or just don’t care; won’t share, the result. Loneliness however is subject to the environmental awareness that is: life itself, does not come with “a companion”; and we must search to find one, or remain individually alone. In the darkness of separation, from all but life.

We begin then with: the companion that is life, which in fact does share, the evidence called time of miracles do exist. So the question becomes: what is life, and how does that relate to the existence of time in me/ or “I”, in time?

The critical answer is: while life is a constant, it is essentially unknown as a partnership. Because individuality decides “this is just me”/ or the dimensional trait called self. The critical question is then: if you step outside of life/ then you do step inside of self; and separate from the miracle which created you. Therefore you are alone, because you chose that. The partnership of living with life is: while the presence of thought does seep out from the mental capacity to rule over a body of time. The living energy that is life, does not. It exists as your opportunity to decide “who you are”? But, if you choose it: by participating as soul: the invitation to rise into thought and thereby forget loneliness is a constant. If you choose it partly; by entering into love and the dimensions of peace through justice; then the heart will define how that love is built within your life, and the living of your space in this dimension called our existence. Love guides life, to come close/ or stay away; your choice.

We then find in that conclusion of a partnership joined: the element that is “your life”, defined by “the heart of” your truth; as your decisions created from respect, will prove true; in the potential invite to become soul. It is directional, and cannot be taken for granted: as love is your choice, and the dimension you create as your living in time. Including those others with respect/ or not. Love is unfortunately; overrun by hate in this world; of liars, thieves, cheats, traitors, terrorists, and worse. Because the end result of the human herd is: they follow whosoever leads them to what they want/ and with counterfeiting of currency; debts that will never be paid/ and assassinating the future, so you can have more now. The herd follows “university is god”/ and worships them as god; even though extinction is the result. The herd shouts: “not in my lifetime”/ so I don’t care. Let the children die. To your shame.


Nonetheless, realities are realities: change is change, and without stepping back from the edge of extinction; you will fall forward into the curse of human caused HELL. As is the cost and consequences of what you are doing to life and planet by the purity of your arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life and world. As university leads, with governmental puppets, and media enforces as their own version of truth. Animals do not rise, to the definition of eternal life; as they choose “time is enough”/ and must accept their own decisions are true.

The journeys into “beyond self”; as is the ascension into eternal life/ are not for the timid or fearful; because that journey requires “all you got”; to prove what is true in you. In death if you have love: the spiritual world will force you to encounter “your own truth”/ and in that method most will arrive at their true destination beyond time. But only if your love is honest and true. Otherwise existence is simply dissolved as unworthy.

Beyond self means: literally that! Which allows for the dimensional conceptions of “if not simply me”/ then what? The critical answer is: truth decides, based upon the development of your own desires. But it is nonetheless true, that the reality of energy forces compliance with “gender conceptions”; as life itself is given to be an association of thought, with living energy, and the compliance to law that is, your chosen desire. These conform to destiny, and shape the future beyond time.

So the critical purpose of truth becomes the home you will inhabit; as your search for values; shaped by love, and decided by respect; identify the companions you may have to envelope both care and caring for you.

The distinction of my own journey; “has hit a sag” so to speak. While truth and identity were once settled and sure/ they are no more; as life turned from the realities of male; toward the need “for female answers” instead. A living world cannot be lost; for such a little thing (in the scope of life), as is gender. To my surprise; the cost and consequences of that decision: was much higher than expected. So things have changed, and I am searching for what is true now.

Of literal questions is: “beyond self”; without a true dimensional characteristic of defined energy, “is what”? The literal question is: “beyond self”; am I at the mercy of whatever female chooses for me to be? Is this eternal? And more. Each is without an answer; so far.

Reality spiritually, says to me: “i am, caught in a fish net/ dumped out to die, as male/ filleted and gutted, to be; a frozen dinner”; so it seems to me. Or more simply; I have no choices left/ I have no answers. It is not my decision to make; I cannot change anything. Found in a spiritually female world; they will decide. Whether I like it, or not; is irrelevant.

Life is life, and time demands: change is required of us all.

. Just so its clear: although my life has been interesting, and of value to me/ it has not been free or without its share of pain, in various forms. Life searches where it will, and thought searches where it must; as energy provides the substance of where truth will be formed. Even so: in the elemental truth of “where did we come from”/ I do, consider the cost of “GOD” as it was necessary to survive countless realities far more severe than anything I could know. And find myself, without a complaint; even if, I do wish some things could be better. Reality is reality/ just as truth is truth; and the environmental miracles of who we are as life on earth; required intensive “construction, by thought, energies, and law”.

IN CONTRAST; to the journeys of life and hope, governed by respect and truth. Are the endless delusions of men and their decision “yes we can” form armies who chain themselves together/ in order to fall into the abyss; of power and pride and failure; on their death march to insanity. Or more distinctly: as with every change granting more power to men and their wars/ the abyss of we cannot come back from this occurs. You cannot stop men from their weapons of mass destruction: they are chained together/ and even realizing horror is coming; unless they can break the chain (extremely rare): all fall in. You cannot stop men, from their delusions of playing god with genetic nature. You cannot stop men, from their pure insanity of believing they can be gods over the same fire as on the sun/ without any consequences for us. You cannot stop men from their pure arrogance, and utter delusions as with artificial intelligence or robotics. You cannot stop men from poisoning this earth, or destroying all its resources or assassinating the next generation. You cannot stop men from taking all your drinking water away. You cannot stop men from overheating this earth. You cannot stop men from destroying the anchors that keep the atmosphere of this earth from accelerating. You cannot stop men, from destroying the concentration of oxygen that we need to survive. You cannot stop men from ravaging the oceans, raping habitat, ruining law, destroying happiness, disease-ING life itself, or doing anything greed/ selfishness/ denial/ destruction/ arrogance/ apathy/ violence/ betrayal/ terrorism/ crime/ or disrespect will do: because its a man’s world, and that is what they chose. Even to the point of claiming: as with fusion, “we can control the sun”; igniting that same fire here/ or with CERN; we can discard atomic balance, and change this entire earth into a graveyard; formed by pure failure; to be your HELL. As they shut down the very elements of balance, that made this world alive. Or with genetic mutilation: all screaming “WE ARE, god”/ to the poverty of your cursed road to shame and disgrace enough: TO LET THIS WORLD DIE.

Nor can women control their fears; and stand up, because they want what they want too/ and demand of men: GO GET IT. Even, when that day is done/ and real life or death, choices: must be made.

WE THE PEOPLE CAN ONLY CHOOSE TO LET LAW DECIDE; instead of men/ as our final stand, between extinction, or not.

And humanity screams: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ GIVE US WHAT WE WANT; [greed, selfishness, lies, cheating, RICHES: THE GAMES men play, to prove: I AM the superior one] BECAUSE we know what we don’t want. And that is plain and simple: WE DON’T WANT TO PAY NOTHING, FOR LIFE.

But alas: “the quicksand” has formed, and you are sinking into the delusions of cult worship/ that pull even the armies into an abyss of horrors, from which they cannot: NOR can you, ever return. BECAUSE YOU KILLED YOUR WORLD. “with want/ pride/ and power”; proves selfishness and greed.

Because you have no brain: NO concept of consequences or truth, as reality proves the cult is your corpse, and you failed to get out; as death surrounded you/ shouting, “we believe”; in lies.          WAKE UP,   “piss-head”!  as is, only the most vile and worthless throughout all of history:  DESTROY THEIR OWN WORLD/ CURSE AND KILL THEIR OWN FUTURE/ AND  CLAIM;  “we are gods, because we can” cause: our own extinction so says the puke and vomit and violence,  of cult worshiping university delusions. who are willing to believe anything:  “media tells them to believe”.  AS is:  JUST KEEP PLAYING your games, with lies, and cheating, and betrayal, thieves and whores and traitors, terrorists and fools and failures;  so that you can claim “its not my fault/ for being human”.  just like all the rest; who chose extinction of this living world, over life with respect.  “same=same”.

As for me; this is not a game, not a fantasy or delusion, not imagination or perversion or attempting to manipulate or use you for anything. This is simply, a reality I would never have guessed; as the potential for “male trading places with female”/ is beyond my comprehension. I needed an answer for this world, male did not have. The end result is: “whatever this is going to be”; eternity and all. There is no “getting money, pride, power, want, or even respect from you”/ not my job. My job is: to establish the potential for a new way of life on this earth. Not by women in charge, but by law in charge, not men. The construction of that law: belongs to whomever can produce what “we the world” can agree too. In order to control our leaders with that law/ our world with that justice and fair play, for peace, truth, and happiness; as is consistent with a valued life.

I can’t really say: why, I ended trapped in the spiritual world of women/ other than to understand: I searched with my life, for an answer that would provide the truth needed so this world did not become extinct. The end result of that is this work, a lifetime devoted to “just one thing”. So they did become the most powerful words ever written as predicted; because you can use them to create “a new world for life”, by law. As is the only way this world survives. But these are not the most important words ever written; as JESUS is responsible for those; creating the acceptance, “there is hope, for eternity; by love, respect, and truth”. A reality I accept as my journey beyond self.

Even so; it appears simple: that men must learn about women, for real life to work. Therefore it seems, “i am somehow involved in that”; to the point of completely controlled, nearly everything desired or desirable crushed; by the cost of “female in charge”. A reality no doubt many women have faced. It is unfair! But reality knows life is unfair; as proven in so many ways.  No, I really don’t know how, what, why, where, who, when or any other consequence as might come. Told I have no say; so, it don’t matter. Unaware of what eternity will or might be for me; as all expectations built upon male, are gone. But certainly not female either; “its a quandary” without solutions for me. Nonetheless, I will retain hope, and accept love knows better than me.

In the composition of things: there are values in invention worth mentioning.

One of these is a method of stopping a common cause of train derailments: which is, the undercut of a track caused when the bounce of railroad wheels comes off a hard embankment/ onto the common rock bed surface of a rail line. Once the rock moves/ the wheel drops/ and that causes the train car to be displaced “even in line”; which can be monitored by an acceleration sensor; which then reports that excess movement by GPS locating; and appropriate support mechanisms. To alert the track supervisor: this is a problem here. BEFORE the crash occurs.

I claim: that the motion on top of a common car (because of wheel/ rail drop): is sufficient to provide an accurate diagnosis by accelerometer (or like sensing of motion device) of a fault in the rail bed; which allows the rails to be moved; spikes to be loosened; or failure to occur causing a train derailment. The use of a “whip arm mounting” can greatly increase the movement. Could be magnetic mount or not. Could notify the train engineer; if sufficient enough to stop or slow the train is warranted.

Using bolts/ not spikes; through residential areas; would significantly help in the security of rail separations. To deter children from pulling loose spikes. the positioning of common heat sensors along the tracks; at wheel bearing height: would be sufficient to  “signal warn” by any means possible;  of overheating brakes or bearings:

Another method of compensating for this default is: a balance ramp whereby the steel ramp being long enough to place the wheel forward at the end of the ramp when the following wheel in on the fulcrum point of that ramp. Supported “gently” at both ends. The ramp then allows the weight to be distributed across that surface far beyond the critical slice that signals the end of an abutment. Railroad crossing would benefit from the same sort of lever system; to ease the impact of weight crossing the line.

I claim: that the mediation of critical movements in vehicular force, can be accomplished, by spreading the force/ and sustaining a level if not slightly in motion, transition of that weight pushing down or pressure being exerted by braking. Slight bumps are better than large ones; which can be mediated on highways by rubber or the like cushions, or hydraulics; which then become the fulcrum support.

A further improvement; would allow for recycled plastics to protect the rail ties for longevity.


coices left/ I have no answers. It is not my decision to make; I cannot change anyth