We live in a day of: the constant delusion of men, to find someone who can make the decisions for me; “so I can claim innocent (a lie)”/ and still get whatever I want. The cult of university screams: ME, LET ME, make your decisions/ and as with all cult worship, the followers are not allowed to question any decision the leaders will make. So today the intellectual war, against life and planet is quite simple: the cult says worship IMAGINATION; and the people close their eyes, and believe. But as always when attacked by the delusion of cult leaders; who must steal, lie, cheat, betray, and terrorize to support their fantasies; the cost of chaos, the tragedy of counterfeiting, the anarchy of corruption, and the conspiracy to deny reality have all supported the extinction of this earth. While the horde is bribed to remain silent; the prey are constantly attacked; so as to prove: WE MUST kill them now, before they fight back. As with covid: that attack began with a complete destruction; to money, nature, ownership, freedom, and all things; described by independence/ to prove you have no choice.

The war continues; by the claim of fantasy which is an economy that does not function without theft, debts which cannot be paid, lies that are constant to the destruction of this nation, terrorism to create and instill fear, the “nazi power surge”, to destroy life as we know it is now in the hands of fools. And a listing of media propaganda; that will prove there are no leaders left with value; because the diploma owns them all. The intellectual disgrace; is cult worship/ and like all religious endeavors which use belief as their truth: they fail life and planet, by playing god. Rather than accepting reality exists, because of truth/ NOT by cult worship or its failures in fantasy and delusion.

The end result being: that you have no future left, without changing this world into truth decides: not your want! No child left alive; unless you change from “traitor, liar, thief, failure, fool, terrorist, bastard, cheater, devil, and worse”!

So, the critical truth is: that the human equivalent of living on this planet with animals instead of “human alive in miracles”; is your mental breakdown. The insanity of believing in fraud, conspiring to steal, manipulate, propagate delusions, betray and terrorize to gain control by fear; and establish obedience by threat; as is media driven mass hypnosis.

MENTAL AWARENESS IS: the understanding of life beyond self. Because reduced to self, results in selfishness; and that brings forth greed, and all manner of failures; because the end result of it is: you betray yourself.

The key to mental health is then to understand that life is not about self. But exists instead to identify what is true within you. Truth is not bound by self. Rather self is bound by truth: but your truth is dependent upon your own decisions, and the disciplines, order, and balance of respect that becomes the anchor which holds your heart to love. Or lets you sink into hate. The drowning of life (the abyss) is an animal; who lives by want, instead of truth.

We then begin with the simple truth: that every decision is a door. And every door we pass through, is a path in the direction of something else will now come into our lives. Which makes the decisions that you make: either a blessing, or a curse onto your life or someone else; by the cost of what you chose.

So we ask the question: WHY do people; make the decisions that they make? The answer being dependent upon the three separate choices of your existence: “to love/ to hate/ or to want”. Love invites the foundations of value, to participate with respect; as we grow into trusting each other. Hate focuses on self, and identifies how best to use or abuse you; to prove superiority by winning the game. While want uses the game of living, as the foundation of hope. Hope is: the critical construction of what, why, where, how, who, when, and if; you want to live. So hope determines the future; and it lives in what you want/ who you love/ or the dead world, of playing god with someone else.

We then examine hope: by removing focus, which is the elemental rise of a mental breakdown. Focus allows for you to dig your own grave, and fall in; if you fail to recognize that living is not about self; but about the ascension into truth. Therefore truth says; that life is not about you; but is about love. Thereby what we search for as a living example of “humanity exists by miracles” is: the value of love, grants that we shall seek justice, fair play, respect to each, honor and courage for discipline, the desire of happiness for order, and the elemental purpose of being valued within ourselves as soul, that is the balance of life itself. We thereby come to realize: that life alone has no element of hope; and we understand; it is love that gives to life its expression “I AM ALIVE’. Honoring that, becomes a path: that we find within ourselves: to enter truth itself, as a participant growing in purity.

We then conceive of the essence that is eternity; because truth is an eternal construction beyond time. As what is true, is quite simply true; and cannot be changed into a lie anymore; when time ends for our existence here.

Truth thereby becomes: “the spiritual connection” with life itself; proving that beyond time, there is an alternate experience. But it comes with “a catch”; that only purity is allowed to remain where truth resides. Therefore all that is not true, MUST be evicted from your reality of participation; or you cannot come. But that leaves the essence of truth, is in charge here: not you. Or more distinctly it divides the soul, [only love or hate is here; want has been evicted] into the creation of time versus what can survive into eternity. Hate lives to fight with GOD, and will receive its reward. While LOVE lives to live with GOD, and find the value of respect, begins with joy, and ascends as purity does allow.

We then return to mental conceptions; and find in the treasury of what can life become: a reality of choice initiated by the foundations of truth. You cannot now escape the eternity of what you chose. Hate becomes “devil”. While love becomes dependent upon the truth of who you have chosen to be. Animals never experience either.

We then turn to search, the elemental question: why does truth hold power over existence? For those who have “temporarily escaped” into an alternate dimension; that is “beyond time”? The answer is: that you have traded time, for truth; and that truth will now begin to control you. Because truth cannot be less than true.

We search for the environmental awareness of existence; by assembling within Creation, there is a path that returns back into the moment “I/WE, became ALIVE”. It is a decision to participate here, and in your death; you will make that decision to return to life, by the path which does exist. Or you will leave life behind, in that instant: as time continues to devour what death now takes away. Your choice.

We search for the conception of life itself; and find in thought, we began our journey. Whereas movement reflects only on time; the essence of thought, is an infinite environmental awareness of truth. So the question is: having identified a passage into truth, by the question called thought: HOW, do we assemble the value of truth, into the creation of our own life returned to the existence of soul?

Here the question divides: into hope, respect, trust, courage, and truth; as elevated by love becomes our value.

LIFE IS: “an environmental structure”; which depends upon the participation of each element or essence of thought, that lives within. Only those who belong “to soul”, are allowed to enter; because there is no intent, and no decision to accept hate. TIME makes the reality of that decision: “you DO understand”.

Of elements and realities created by the spiritual world; I CAN guarantee to you, that the male and female environmental truth structures; are completely different, in more ways than you can imagine. I cannot guarantee to you; how they interrelate in eternity; I don’t know. But what I do know is: that none cross the line, it is not allowed. I do know, that I did cross the line between male and female; because the end result of it is; “a world I cannot recognize”. The difference being somehow I am involved in “work to save this world of time”; for life. A million ton boulder closed that crevasse, proving I cannot leave: no hope exists, a “truth”/ and there are none like me here. So, I guess hope has an endless variety to it; although I never hoped to enter the female world; “truth”. But it was my true decision: “this entire Creation of life, WILL NOT go extinct without a fight to save it; at least by me”. Somehow, that brought me here; because reality proved without question: that men cannot save this world/ their only true answer is war. And that is the end of life on earth; by their own choices. So, I had to look; where I did not belong: BUT only intended to ask the simple question: what would you do? Answer: “let women try”! A reality you would think, I could have come up with on my own: but, it was not so/ and had to be told. NO: I DON’T have a clue; “what now”; truly NOT in charge, not even of me; I don’t know why; “not who, what, when, how, where; absolutely none of it”? A complete surprise; “I feel different”.

 But I did deliver the message “change or you will die as a world”/ and that is, “the best I could do”. I am OK with that:  I did do my job.

As for you: the critical lesson is: do not lose hope, but let hope itself decide what truth will allow for you. Because losing hope, allows your life to sink into the grave; letting your view of life follow. Hope is not a want; as want indicates time rather than truth. Hope is an essence produced by the miracles of life and planet that you do identify with; as a participation proving thought. Within that thought, as seen throughout the planet: there is more than human imagination can ever be. Which means: regardless of male or female, the truth of life is the birth of a miracle; and we know not how far that truth can let us go beyond ourselves.

As for me: the essence of life itself, is love; and my soul identifies “a heartbeat” that is real, within that eternity of truth. Therefore faith says to me; that regardless of changes to my own existence; the journey into happiness will be real. What greater hope, “should I have”?  LOVE IS: the greatest treasure of this universe. 

As to this world however: whether you live or die as a world/ is not my concern; it is your choice. But as to female decides “time” now; “it is beyond my comprehension”/ could be practically anything; and I know not why. Its a quagmire, at least to me. I have no predictions; it is not my choice.

The reason; leaders choose war/ is to hide the truth of what they did do. War removes your ability to construct a trial, and discover what that truth is. Leaders want the military: because it hides the unemployed from competing with those who want to be rich/ and need to reduce the competition for that work and resource. Leaders fail the criminal intent; because it employs a large number of people/ and releases money into what is then called an economy. Leaders corrupt the courts; to gain control over society secretly manipulating it to their own desires. Leaders choose politics: to play games, and avoid solutions. Leaders want media to propagate their delusions; so you can’t defend yourselves from harm. Leaders want power; so they can prove “look at me/ listen to me; I am the superior one”. Leaders want pride; so they can scream “I am the WINNER/ and you are the loser”. Leaders hide in religion, to escape reality. Leaders become “nazi”; just to prove they can make you cry, as they fold and bend under the weight of university delusions. Leaders choose genocide: because the human dog pack, wants to play “with your bones”.

The greatest disgrace, are those who claim to be “gods; as is the reality of universities around this world”/ they are not more than Satan (death of a world).

The greatest curse is media (to divide and separate/ to incite one group against the other): which propagates “lets all believe, the university”/ nobody gets out of line [BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY]; we, the university cult; are gods. Manipulating/ tempting/ destroying/ denying justice/ and infiltrating the conscious decisions of humanity with greed, vile sewage, and the intent to control by focusing on “little things”/ instead of real world truth. As is our planet is dying/ and our world faces its future as HELL. As is overpopulation of humanity, and a thousand more threats of extinction: THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY REAL/ and do have a very predictable consequence for us all.

So the critical answer is: WE MUST IDENTIFY FOR OURSELVES, WHAT WILL AID AND ABET THE FUTURE OF LIFE AND PLANET; discarding the claims of pride, power, want, greed, and selfishness: so that LIFE ITSELF CAN SURVIVE ON THIS EARTH. By removing the threats “98% of which; the universities did make”.

LIMITED CAPITALISM IS: a foundation principle for that cause and result. The creation of limits and boundaries; which control all of humanity, so that none form themselves into an army against the rest.

WORLD LAW, AND THE REMOVAL OF ALL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION; is a foundation principle of that. To take the power of government away from leaders, who always represent only a few/ and give that power to the law, to control us all: with the decisions WE THE PEOPLE/ WE THE WORLD SHALL ENFORCE, on those who lead, and do the basic work of helping society, rather than hurting it for their own purposes.

CRITICAL LANGUAGE RESOLUTIONS: to enforce one language for all, so that we all understand, and defend OUR LAW.




The removal of universities from educational control: NO MORE INDOCTRINATION OF “university is god”/ no more letting them enslave, manipulate, control, tempt moderate, or in any version of any possible way: make our decision for us. As reality proves the truth: EXTINCTION IS THEIR RESULT.

BEGIN HERE! And find your brain.

The foundation of real change is:

  1. that we are all entitled to a job/ it is not a game, and the claim of winner or loser is removed.
  2. There is plenty of work rebuilding what universities leadership tore down: replanting forests/ insulating housing/ helping the sea/ ending global warming/ changing society to create a future/ educating every child without the religion of “universities are god”.
  3. Money is divided; “into food and foundation supplies/ versus playtime instead”.
  4. Resources are protected, there are no excuses for assassinating your children.
  5. Human expansion is over/ the population will be controlled; and there are NO new expansion of humanity into nature whatsoever.
  6. Trees are protected; ending the wood supply. To protect life and atmosphere from collapse.
  7. No more universities anything: we decide, and they will obey.
  8. No more media controls what society will believe or obey.
  9. No more political games: WHAT BENEFITS LIFE AND PLANET shall be chosen by its own truth. The curse of tainted evidence, and the plague of universities “expert” is over.
  10. NO more claims of “we must gamble all life on earth; because the universities say so”. Stepping across that line again; finds the guillotine, for your head. LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and it will not be lost to fools. SOCIETY WILL decide for itself, based only upon the evidence they search for and provide as true.
  11. No more mutilation of food, or its life forms/ no more poisoning of water, or destroying the infrastructure life needs.
  12. No more disrespect for the MIRACLES OF THIS PLANET; the putrid filth of a diseased corpse that is “university knows”/ shall be dismantled forever.AND THE WORLD SAYS: “WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”/ THIS EARTH CANNOT DIE! BUT REALITY SAYS: THE EVIDENCE PROVES, YOU ARE SATAN/ AND THIS WORLD IS DYING, because of you. And the decisions that you make. SO THE QUESTION IS: WHAT WILL YOU DO, WHEN TRUTH PROVES YOU WRONG? Because all the evidence of your influence as humanity on earth is: EXTINCTION “HIDES CLOSE BY”. Answer: you will be cannibals; because there is nothing left, but war. Or more simply: the return to life, WILL require you to surrender:
    1. money does not decide/ life does.
    2. Power does not control/ law does
    3. universities do not decide/ truth does, and the cost of being wrong.
    4. Pride shall be destroyed/ life is no longer a game you will play.
    5. Want ends; because living needs you to make justified and fair choices.
    6. Hate is separated/ and so are the human animals: because overpopulation cannot be justified anymore.
    7. Every resource, and every miracle of life: SHALL BE RESPECTED.
    8. The children shall NOT pay; for your greed, the sewage of your heart.
    9. NATURE RULES, not universities.
    10. You WILL reduce fossil fuel usage by over fifty percent, in less than 3 years.
    11. You will demand and create WORLD LAW, and enforce it, by removing weapons of mass destruction; which includes the universities laboratory, and all other hidden curses to life.
    12. You will understand: “not a worm, or a mosquito, or a hair, or a blade of grass can universities create”/ absolutely nothing, nor can they mutilate apart from adding chaos to what nature already did do. PROVING WITHOUT DOUBT; that you are not gods. NOR will you pretend anymore. As those who refuse are put to death. That will end, you have no option but extinction.