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first we must decide if the business goes forward. Vote would I invest

while it is feasible to initiate and run this business without financial aid; assuming it is embraced as a value to society.

I see no purpose in that; as I am 8 months from 70 years old; and have no great need “to claim it all”; and without wife or child. “excessive money” has no meaning. That, is Assuming business success: your choice to participate.



  1. NO MONEY is collected by anyone for this purpose: UNTIL THE DECISION IS MADE TO PROCEED; AND THEN ONLY ON THIS SITE, AND NOWHERE ELSE. DO NOT, be fooled. There will be a date listed here__________________. When (if early) or if, that starts. Check the domain name carefully; as people make typing mistakes; and thieves know that. To facilitate safety: this site is linked on the website I own; so click on that; when investing starts. And then click back onto this; if in doubt.

  2. This is SMALL INVESTOR FIRST. Or more distinctly ONLY, if enough small investors cannot be found; will greater numbers be allowed. Amounts: twenty or above dollars; will be considered minimum. Five thousand dollars will be the expected cap; unless higher numbers are required, for startup, due to participation is not being met. Total or current investments will be; established, before any investor money will be taken. EXPECTING TO PROVIDE: So that “nothing, you need to know; is hidden”.

  3. This is private enterprise; and these investments are NOT guaranteed, to produce a return. A return OF ANY KIND: WILL be based ENTIRELY upon: how well this, business does financially. NO, investor money; will be taken/ once the business has shown ITSELF, to be successful (no longer needing help)/ or IF failing (we stop here).

  4. However: with clarity of numbers and: professionally opened books to insure what is or is not true. Which can be investigated by anyone who pays for the audit by professional accountants. ANY TIME, after the first year. Your money should be/ is expected to be: treated fairly and with respect. But make no mistake: as with all investments, there is risk.

  5. THE NUMBERS, being offered:

    1. based upon solvency first: the business requires that all base line expenses shall be met. After ALL, these credible expenses are paid: whatever is left is the income. Which will include: that I the owner shall not take out money for income, during the first year. Shall not sell this business during the first five years: IF it is operating successfully at over 3 times more income than expenses. Or evade the cost of my own personal work (unless someone is hired to replace me: which is a legitimate business expense, at a realistic cost); or other need as may arise. Until such time as the investors get to be paid as well. However if the business does make 25% more than expenses in the first year; my originating paid out expenses; for start up, shall be returned to me at that time. MY WORK has value! As an integral part of this business: expenses incurred by the companion site are included. I,am financially stable, and this should not be a problem. You will be informed, if a medical issue or other changes that; on this site; such information will be expected. But bear in mind; “If I cannot/ then I cannot”; reality decides.

    2. Elements of business are: “various forms of advertising when needed/ or believed to be justified”. These are a secondary expense, and aligned differently than what is “required to operate successfully”; which includes “professional and justified help, utilities, web services, and so on”. The purpose of advertising is to increase business/ thereby increasing income. Investments are largely targeted to this purpose. And may or may not include “international operations”.

    3. YOUR investment: is required to be stationary, for one year. If it is needed, and financially can be returned by this business: upon demand by you, within that year it will not gain any interest. It is expected; the business will thrive; but not guaranteed.

    4. YOUR investment: is guaranteed to receive as a return for using the money, beyond one year. By the following schedule: IF THIS BUSINESS PRODUCES, more than three times its expenses (which includes all investments taken in) in that year. Then each investor will receive 25% interest on their investment, per year. IF THIS BUSINESS PRODUCES, five times or more than its expenses in that year. Then the individual investor will receive 30% interest on their money. If you do not take the dividend, or get out: the interest, will be rolled into the initial investment for you automatically. IF THE BUSINESS MAKES AND SUSTAINS, a 25% income over expenses: each investor will receive a ten percent yearly interest payment on their investment. So long as this is stable or better, within the business (not operating at a loss); for the first five years.

    5. For the first five succeeding years: dependent upon true business income: these three statements shall govern the return; if investments are left within the company for the full five years. Upon the five years anniversary, if successful: this business itself will be offered, for “public participation” through stock offering. At five years: I the owner shall own 51% of the business. But this is limited too: NOT owning less than fifty one percent control over the business/ if less is fair. Therefore I shall hold the controlling amount; within these terms: at the five year anniversary. But the rest of the stock, will be offered first to any and all investors who have remained with the business from its conception. At the initial price. (the least amount accepted is “one stock”) You will have a vote, after five years; with regard to the company, and what should occur from here. Based upon the financial success of the business: the better it does, the more say you shall have.

    6. Financial success means: the business is generating over ten million dollars in income per year; and is stable. If it meets this goal; the decision to allow or accept a public offering of stock: assuming that is a valid expectation. Will be given to the investors to decide if it will or will not be done. My option would be, to buy back your stock; at the going public price if I desired to do so; or sell mine at my own discretion.

    7. THIS IS: THE BASIS OF A CONTRACT BETWEEN US/ pertaining to this and only this business; should reality allow it to PROCEED. THIS IS A PRIVATE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, HELD COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM ALL OTHER FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF MY OWN PERSONAL ASSETS OR INCOME. OR, the legality intended is: any/ every investor agrees, they shall accept the same limitation, applies to them. That will require; a “law in agreement” to be found first. As a change to alternate legal methods of business ownership will occur if not.

    8. YOU AGREE: the alternative is: WITHOUT EXCEPTION OR EXCUSE: That in accordance with appropriate insurance for the purpose: as is an expense. A different path can be found. NOBODY (not you or me) shall be held accountable, for liabilities either expected or unexpected from this business. This is STRICTLY BUSINESS, your concerns financial or otherwise; are your own, they are not mine.

  1. IF THE BUSINESS DOES NOT DO financially well: at the end of each year. The business records of expenditures and income will be published on this site and you, the investors by majority vote; will be given the option; to close it out. Sell it if possible: thereby dividing whatever is left, “according to each investment (same percentage for all)”/ or continue on, hoping for better. It takes a majority vote among you; but I too have a vote/ I agree to listen carefully and respond honestly. If I do not agree, the business is failing. Then I must buy you out or sell my interest as well.

  2. SHOULD I DIE; prior to the five year decision. My personal ownership of this business; shall go, to the purposes and constructions of what is found within my personal work as is . Foremost would be the expansion of knowledge, that is shared understanding of the work itself; with international advertising as well. Those who are initial investors, and remain within the business, for the first five years; by not selling. Shall create the vote, and operate that; conceived of trust. Beyond five years; I may choose differently, as is my legal right.

although unlikely: this contract description can be changed slightly: with clear on site warning, of that specific change; until, prior too: public investing starts. At which time it does become locked by time, claims, and purpose.