It seems, that I will continue on; as is your need.

Of life and its moments, are the critical truths that become a foundation upon which our decisions are made. People believe (not religious/ merely I want this) is the primary cause of human behaviors. Leading to all forms of “living and its consequences”. Greed is the second most popular foundation; which becomes their excuse for all manner of living behaviors, which entangle people in manipulation, temptations, lies, stealing, cheating, betrayal, and more. But third is gender: the elevation of “I have a right” given by nature, to be this way. So the critical construction revolves around “male OR female”/ because they are not the same. Leading to all forms of sex or its perversion; as is becoming rampant due to university leads. The cult says; and the worshipers obey.

In review of male: it is clearly found that foundations begin at the rise of “what has caused this (the steps forward) to expand, into what it is now”? Whereas female says the opposite: which is “now we have this to contend with/ and I want to know “the steps backward”; which caused it to exist. Male forms the disciplines of life as a seed starts this/ female forms life from existence of order, and how that order affects me. What is the balance between them, isolates the behaviors of both into “moments” of our memory.

So it is moments that identify what binds two distinctly different lives together. The foundations which are then shared; deposit a moment within which you cared/ did not care/ respected/ did not respect/ wanted or accepted truth decides for me. Within that moment are pride and power and need/ the responsibility of who we are within ourselves, as a discipline we depend upon to shape our decision.

And then comes: “the herd”, and its concepts of morality, ethics, rights and righteousness, wrong, selfishness, violence, rape, abuse, ownership, and failure; which includes death.

The herd is: all that the mind collects, from interaction or any form of communication that sticks within your conceptions of life are now altered by their judgment. Making them “your judge”/ because the cost of life is loneliness; and the price of participating as a herd is: “we all think and act alike”.

Therefrom a quest is born in some: to identify and create a life beyond the herd, where from our own identity can rise above the water of “how we drown together; as animals of the same ship”. Those who accomplish the rise to life beyond a herd; find themselves ousted from the herd, because the herd cannot tolerate differences. As is seen in animal depictions of real life; when trouble comes, unless all do the same/ there will be chaos. Unless all are the same/ there will be chaos. Unless all think the same; the cost of not working together as if just one/ will be chaos. And chaos unlike the lies of evolution; always leads to death.

So the primary human motivation is death, the secondary motivation is loneliness, the third motivation is belief, the fourth is greed, the fifth is sexual, the sixth is identity, and the seventh is a quest to become “an independent existence” shaped by truth.

We then ask: WHAT is human? Clearly it is body, defined by time, used to identify the destiny you choose, with your existence. As confronted by the cost of living with realities imposed by the expressions of other living things; and in particular other human things.

Or more distinctly: body rises as the clear construction of what our limits and boundaries are going to be. The distance we are allowed to travel constitutes the experiences and expressions that we are allowed to have. The destiny of choice; is to build a home from what you know to be of value to you. And the cost of life is imposed; to underscore the consequences of what is true.

We then ask: WHY, are we given what we are given/ and why are others given more/ or less? Because it does make a difference, in the realities and costs of who we are; or can be! Life is not fair? Which asks the question: since each life is a gift (could not do this for ourselves)/ why are we not all equal? Why should I not be angry; that I did not get more for ME!

Since this generates the most elemental struggle for the religious; we look there, and find. That freedom does not grant you the same to all/ as that is not freedom, and each has their own choice. Each has their own body to do with as they choose. Each listens or learns or falls into a trap, or finds a way out; or uses their freedom to make decisions that predict an outcome chosen by you. The cost of these decisions are yours. The cost of living with others who choose for themselves is society. And the cost of not being justified or fair with each other is called crime. Non of which is the result of your Creation/ but consists of decisions humanity made in spite of what was: “of value to you and life or world”.

Therefore we know: that each decision which defies what truth would do, as is the basis of life itself: is from humanity, and in particular men. Because they used strength to rule this world; and that resulted in FEAR THIS, as is war. The end result of today is: EXTINCTION/ because fear is not enough to keep this earth of its life from death. It is only enough to produce WAR, after war, after war.

Faced with extinction: we turn back to the primary motivation of humanity; as is the foundations used; to identify what and why you choose as you do.

  1. Fear of death and old age: results in GIVE ME WHAT I WANT NOW/ everything, I want it all. Because death cannot be escaped; and old age is clearly not a friend. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT: NOW!
  2. FEAR of loneliness; causes the herd to form, and the resultant rules of predator and prey constantly push the herd together in tighter formations; to keep the predators out. Which demands: we must be alike.
  3. BELIEVING is, the elemental method of excluding those who seek to influence us/ by enforcing the rule: I have locked myself in with these wants (good or bad), and nobody but me, gets to touch or change them: PERIOD. They are sealed up, in the prison I call “home”.
  4. GREED says: if I were rich, everybody would have to obey me/ listen to me/ look at me/ and do whatever I wanted them to do: as is “slaves for me”! So people enslave themselves to become rich; and surrender their lives to the chains of money. And its cost as is: “theft (you owe me more)”.
  5. SEX IS the singular composition: that forces a decision beyond self. Reality however uses chemical addictions; that allow the individual to exert: ONLY about ME. Which is the beginning of violence: “NOT you/ ME”. Which then becomes lust in its lower animal (rather than hate) constructions. Or more simply lust is: I want to use your body, for chemicals/ but care nothing, about you. When the chemicals fail/ violence begins; because now, there is no escape “from who you chose to be”.
  6. IDENTITY shapes us into who we show to the world, as our own participation in this world. Disciplines control this, and how you let discipline or its alternate of I won’t care: shape your body and your living. Becomes the truth of where your heart and mind are. Broken and dissolving due to loneliness: no one cares/ no one shares “with me”. [religion failed]. Fighting to survive and do more; as is animal want for [trophy, toy, or trinket]. Or living within the balance of justice, to achieve fair play, and design both life and society by love; is our choice. “we, the people decide” for ourselves, by law.
  7. LOVE searches for Creation; because within the miracles of our body and life on earth; is the eloquent truth: “there is love here”. The consequence of searching for that “true love”, is then an acceptance of life, and being alive in the foundation of miracles did this. We then ask: WHAT are foundations, that they affect our lives and our search for purpose or desire? The answer is: “an anchor”/ where, and how; we stand our ground, when things go awry. So the critical question is: WHY, do we need an anchor? The answer: it is a boundary line, a limit to the things which go bad; as is, the consequences of decisions that are made. A line in the sand; which separates those who can affect us/ from dividing the decisions that do affect us. Or more distinctly: our purpose for life is determined by what motivates us to move and make a decision. Therefore without a purpose, because someone tampered with our desires: we lose control over our lives, and become despondent, insane, or without direction. Therefore the battleground of people trying to influence each other/ is controlled by the army which says: NOT beyond here shall you trample or invade. As to death: the body says, I won’t believe unless you prove to me that I am wrong/ and beliefs will not let you do that. So I am free to be what I chose to be/ regardless of the consequences or cost to others. Because they don’t count. As to loneliness: the mind believes, the righteous have already judged me/ and found me to be a loser in their game of pride CANNOT win; unless someone else will lose. Therefore the war against life, and existence is: I am more/ by making you less. As to belief itself: the battleground is within your own mind; because you have given up trying to defend yourself/ from those who can defeat you; even when they are wrong. So to retain individual control over my life; I am forced to hide within the prison walls, NOBODY is allowed to change; regardless of the evidence. NO ONE can come in here. As to greed: the constant surge is, “I WANT MORE”/ and in that abyss of wanting; there will come pride in winning/ power in judging/ and the tears in measuring “those fools” who will not obey our rules. Consequently, they deserve to be less/ and we can make them cry, by enforcing our truth: “we play god” with you. As to sex: the critical truth of it is found in three distinct behaviors: lust wants sex to use your body for me/ lust wants abuse to prove, I have power over you/ lust wants sex, to prove they cannot control me! The critical truth is, built upon 3 foundations: men love their penis/ women want property and ease/ love asks for truth, and assembles value as their chosen gift to each other. The critical truth has four definitions of care: respect enables us to desire each other. Hope lifts life into the dimension of sharing with each other. Love enables us to encounter sex as our gift to each other. And soul confines that love to its true desire, when the value we share is at its core, “a chosen joy” shouting we are ALIVE, in each other. As to identities; these all begin with gender related definitions of truth. They form within the forces we are allowed to use for or against each other. And relate freedom within the terms being chosen by you; as either judge, forming into hate/ or in contrast love will be chosen, and shared; because we care. Between the sexes of male and female: the value of differences intensifies and creates a new way of living within each one. When life leads with truth, instead of follows want; as is animal lives here. As for love; the miracle of life itself, we begin our search with a clear understanding: there is truth/ but there are lies as well. And the foundation of what we discover, is based upon what is truth defined (discovered_)/ or lies accepted? The critical conception of values is then determined by what is “the heart of life” for? [not the heart of living, as is shaping time]. We search the rhythms of our respect to distinguish what will define our truth, and find in love that the search is elementally about: what miracles mean to me? Not an anchor, a choice within desire. Therefore we ask of desire: are you my friend/ or my enemy? Because desire forms our living with self. That fact reforms the purpose of life: with the truth of self; and acts as our decision: to move in one direction or the other. To love/ or to hate; because they are complete opposites in truth. Love knows desire as respect formed by truth; in the shape of sharing, caring, hope, and value. Whereas hate knows desire as the lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism of those who want to play god. Do you see the difference? Love will find the spiritual world; if you are true to your purpose of finding Creation itself. But it is guarded by liars to keep you from entering/ and dying if you fail to remove ALL LIES within you FIRST. It is not for “those with fear, or beliefs”; you may die to eternity/ stay out. Nonetheless; if granted an invitation “once cleaned”; it is a very interesting place of many doors. But dangerous as well; as is proven by the truth of “a spiritual woman in me”. That is far more complicated, than you can imagine: which includes isolating me from time shared, by what is now a body beginning to change male into female. I know not how far that will go. But it links with the very serious compositions of what life can now be; and who will control that destiny. The question of life versus death, then begins to take shape; as differences in destiny are formed by shared compositions of life. Who you share your life with, has an impact on what your destiny can become. Or more distinctly, in my own situation: what was once simply male period/ is not threatening to be “simply female” period. Because spiritually I chose to enter the world of female; to ask a simple question. Unable to identify with that world, left me completely unable to escape. So change threatens change. In a similar reality: you have let this world enter the compositions of death/ by choosing to enter the university led world of mayhem and chaos lead by fantasy into the delusions of fools are now in charge of dismantling all that is governed by nature and truth: so they can play god, and use life and world for their toy or trinket. Claiming the trophy: “worlds biggest liar, ever born”. Your life is being threatened by change or die as is, the cost of their consequences. Because you asked: what can we do, that will provide more of what we want? And universities provided; by discarding truth, so the liars and thieves and traitors and terrorists can rule: choosing to end life and world; as is extinction. Liars shout: “we are gods/ we are greater than you; WE DID DO, what the people wanted; and they worshiped us for that gift”. We are gods, who do what the people want! But hidden behind closed doors; are the cost of what those changes do mean. The realities of life on earth: cannot survive what is being changed. Cannot tolerate the threats of universities did this; as begins with weapons of mass destruction, and the terrorists of government; who refuse world law, so they can play god too. And the people say: WE BELIEVE! But reality says: “lets review”; because we are “in their world now”. And the cost of that is extinction. Nonetheless: healthcare represents a “5 trillion dollar expenditure today”; which mathematically is $50,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers/ only workers pay; not babies or the rest. And their medicines have filled the courts with lawsuits; the cost of being wrong. While a majority of cancers and much more: are the direct result of chemical contamination at one moment or another; which violated the sanctity of body, and its universal need for compliance with what nature needs instead. Nonetheless: with greater food and water supplies/ machines to make life easy/ and healthcare which extends death to collect the reward of extortion; the population doubled in fifty years or so. Making life on earth unsustainable for us all. Or more simply: the purpose of every university is to take control over society; and replace every form of government with “only the universities can make that decision/ every single one; as is the claim EXPERT”. But lets review: we literally stand on the edge of extinction as a planet: and that is because the experts lied. Just as global warming proved: “we can hire an expert” to say anything we want: let the world be damned/ every child killed. NO ONE will care, “with a bribe they cannot refuse”; because fixing those lies costs too much. But not only do they want complete control over governments; they want complete control over media/ business/ agriculture/ military/ schooling/ courts/ sales/ industry/ workers/ foreign affairs/ and anything else that is the result of power or pride. One example of take over: is by the current election decision which allows no decision to be made for president. As both represent a failure to society: the perfect situation to remove democracy completely, and declare “the universities MUST be in charge now”. Or media saturation; YOU cannot make decisions for yourselves/ let us do it. Or business attacked and maimed by covid to destroy the owners, and replace them with foreigners; who need the alliance or will fail. Or agriculture; whose machinery is being shipped overseas/ resources of all kinds being thrown away/ credit proving equipment cannot be bought; so the end result is “only the corporation (owned by foreigners and fools; will be left”/ and they will run computer driven tractors and other robotic machinery reducing humanity to slaves. Etc/ etc/ etc. the insurgency is all but complete/ the only thing left is: to divide and separate groups, enticing one to attack the other [same as Israel did to Palestine: for genocide/ and civil war]. But hate is hate/ and there is plenty to go around. Which makes the educational track of universities for the last hundred plus years: HOW TO MAKE THE HUMAN LIVESTOCK DO WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO/ a very easy reach, with saturation media; and the entire school system used to indoctrinate the cult of universities are god. Cult means: NEVER question your leaders/ they will turn to hate you. OBEY/ FEAR/ BELIEVE. Memorize, mimic, and repeat: “the work” of a university diploma…. and its debt to enforce: SLAVE NOW. At our command, “winner/ OR LOSER”. Because the diploma controls it all, in this USA. But don’t worry: universities have been collecting the worst poisons/ diseases/ everything that can threaten and control you; “like covid”. And once they do find the right biological weapon; with a vaccine to protect themselves! All the rest will die; because there just isn’t enough planet left to support us all. And once the robots and computers are successful at replacing you: “humans just aren’t needed anymore”; goodbye. Don’t worry anybody that slips by; will be killed/ unless you want to be their prostitute; or like the entertainment called “fear factor”; the question is “how low/ degraded” are you willing to go for money, and look at me?Or at the other end of “Living dead/ or dying”:   is trump who gave them trillions to do whatever they wanted with covid/ and biden who followed as “Nazi’s do” taking power to prove democracy is dead, and no longer enforced for this nation. “cause experts” said so/ when no evidence of the reality by its truth; supported that at all. Nor was the investigation of who released the biological weapon against us; ever supported by either: “dead meat, between the ears”/ or traitor. Choose?BUT REMEMBER THIS: that while I do lay the blame down at the leaders feet; because they made that decision for you. It is absolutely true, that the vast majority of society WANTS; to play the game! So they can be winners/ or if they must be losers, with a grudge. Because that eliminates the need to understand life and make a better choice. They all yell: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and nothing else matters but that. They want: “the herd” to yell with them; so the mob it creates can declare war/ TO PROVE, “yes I can”. Making the leader far less a failure; because as is the game of all politics: “ELECT ME, so I can give you what you want”. The reality is: of animals at play (no consequences for us), not humans alive as is “we owe a duty for life and world”. To present it intact, “for the next generation”! A reality of universities fail life and world and truth of our existence; as with such things as evolution, “the insect brain solution”. “you can’t; build a life one piece at a time/ a living body needs all the parts NOW; or it dies. Chaos gives you nothing, and accidents are for fools and idiots.

    Human alive is love decides this; as is the basis and truth of duty shares the responsibilities of life and living; because we care. Proving respect is our value, just as honesty presents the truth must decide/ not want.

    Human dead or dying is: hate decides this as is the purpose of greed, to take it all as is “University in charge”. To be selfish (its all mine/ not yours), to be righteous (obey my rules/ or I will give you cause to fear), to be violent at all levels as is believe; (its just business/ or your life).

    The human animals discard these truths: because they want to play, they want more and easy and this is our group; and we won’t share. But there are reasons they don’t share/ as is the constant growth in population which proves: there is no answer for anyone/ until that population rise is zero, or less. And the cursed say: HELL NO, because they want the young to be their slaves. Even though they raped, ravaged, and ruined the future for every single one.

    The curse of society is: when nothing is real anymore/ because the fantasy of counterfeited money, has taken control. And all that matters is: “DON’T TELL OUR LIES/ THEFT/ OR BETRAYAL; because the terrorists have won”. As is; this USA,  today.

    The curse of this world is: that tyrants threaten and murder, trying to take over other nations. The tragedy multiplied: when the needs of those attacked, fail and the warriors who matter are thrown away. Because the rest said; we won’t care; to their shame.

    It is to the shame of human life; that life on earth is what it is/ because in this “man’s world”, the value of miracles has been betrayed by the cost of human greed/ the failures of human belief/ and the pride of human wants.

    I am: tired of that world, as this work indicates; and look forward to the conclusion of that definition/ because life is more than a game. The majority of men are forced to fight to survive; which drives them to poor and bad decisions/ as are women. Because a much smaller percentage: are the tyrants, traitors, terrorists, thieves, liars, failures, frauds, rapists, enemy, hater, violent, and cursed; who cause the vast majority of trouble on earth. But as history proves true: these lead life on this planet called “a man’s world”; for these reasons.

    So the critical link in these things, and how they come about is granted by understanding; pride assumes a leader, will make us winner/ in the game to take it all; because population increases and resource losses prove men failed life. So they war, and are driven to war; by the silent weapon called money.

    We then understand WHY? Answer: men want to win/ men discard truth and justice to take it all/ men play their game, to dissolve themselves of responsibilities (its just a game)/ but there are consequences. Which force them to face tragedy, or population rise/ and resource destruction: by stealing and killing the others. Because the end result of human male behavior is: someone is always stalking the others, with a weapon.

    To resolve each of these fundamentals is simple enough:

    1. no more leaders/ the law we enforce upon ourselves, our nation, and our world will decide. Ending war; the game Is over/ which a minority hate.
    2. To remove money as the ruler of this world, “just under more violent weapons”; is to remove by limited capitalism; the claim of being a ruler/ by distributing choices to all the people not just a few. The game is over/ which a minority will hate.
    3. To establish justice and fair play; is to recognize that equality comes from the understanding: we all have rights and freedoms which belong only to ourselves/ not to be enslaved by you. Which means: nobody gets to “play god over the rest”. The game is over/ which a minority will hate.
    4. To control the future requires: population control, as is zero and less population rise/ so that life can be stabilized, and therefrom secured as best we can. Ending the earth assault, that is destroying all life on this planet. Which a minority will hate/ because playing the game, of trophies, toys, and trinkets; is what they do.
    5. Protecting life and planet means: to remove the terrorists and traitors of “university plays god”. A reality of concentrated death/ the creator of HELL; that is 99% more horrific, than the worst in all of human history combined. The game is over/ you can’t claim to be gods; which the minority will hate.
    6. Creating boundary lines, that are enforced by international means through world law that defines “when and why”/ is a primary method of creating world peace and justice. YOU created your trouble/ YOU FIX your trouble; NOT us. As is the cost of failing to control your group population, destruction, future, etc. these boundaries MUST be to confine individual groups; because if they are not, the minority will be slaughtered; as is genocide: THE EASY way to more for us. Which the majority will hate; because the foundation answer for trouble is: ATTACK THEM.
    7. The foundation of life, requires us to think/ NOT to believe; but to accept what is true; so that truth itself can decide what our answers should be. The claim of universities is: they know! But the evidence of our reality says: “devil in disguise” as the threat of extinction is now everywhere. So the critical question is: WHAT IS TRUE? That cannot be done without knowledge, and knowledge comes from the evidence we can prove by reality does exist. Therefore the search for evidence, and the understanding of what that evidence really does mean: to the cost of being WRONG. Becomes the path beyond where we are; into a new and different world where the distinct differences between male and female are now equal. In the decisions for what our law as humanity on earth should be. Because want is dead; the game of men is over: human existence is threatened with true extinction; because we are too many people on earth to survive any other way than: LET THE LAW LEAD US ALL/ LET TRUTH DECIDE WHAT MUST BE DONE/ LET LIFE AND EARTH DECIDE THE DIRECTION OF SOCIETY; NOT money. And the world will change. As men in charge of what will soon be: complete and utter chaos/ that cannot be controlled or stopped; because that is what you chose. The reality is: we must change or die. Simple as that. Which means: IT IS TIME TO LET WOMEN TRY TO REDESIGN LIFE, in a new way; by law leads us now. NOT men or their money. We CANNOT SURVIVE; global warming [which requires turning off your air conditioner and MUCH MORE]. The curse of want, the pride of failure. We CANNOT SURVIVE; loss of ocean life [which requires completely different methods/ and fighting to keep that living environment alive]. We CANNOT SURVIVE; loss of forests the end of want; so that the atmosphere can be stabilized/ extinction of species stopped; as humanity deals with no or very little wood can be used by humans. We CANNOT SURVIVE; the mutilation of nature or anything else the universities do/ that is not absolutely intended to protect nature, and not interfere with life itself. We CANNOT SURVIVE; weapons of mass destruction/ which means world law MUST occur, and be internationally enforced by all of us working as one; by law, and within a courtroom designed primarily for leaders to be on trial. We CANNOT SURVIVE; mutilation of food, water, or any other practice which jeopardizes the future of all living things; as is the constant of university knows/ the creators of HELL on earth. We CANNOT SURVIVE; population expansion/ and it must stop in its entirety; and a vasectomy means the end of chemicals which make sex desirable. THE REALITY is very simple: WOMEN conceive of babies/ and it is their own realm which will govern population control: NOT MEN. We CANNOT SURVIVE; the curse of universities decide, indoctrinate, or in any conceivable way: have control over society/ or any part of life or living; as the evidence of their failures prove true. We CANNOT SURVIVE; the games of religion, “we are better than you”/ and thereby must identify what is true, so that truth can decide for us all. We CANNOT SURVIVE; when the future is dead/ and you cannot take their lives; just to make yours easier. By creating garbage mountains of shame on you. We CANNOT SURVIVE; hate, and it must be separated; so that the rest can find peace on earth. Forcing hate to resolve its own troubles/ within its own environment; by forcing you shall NOT cross this line.

      We CANNOT SURVIVE; the many methods of universities did this with regard to international trade/ and all the tragedy they have caused. From cities which do not function without endless resources consumed. To nations that do not function without endless resources consumed. To realities of all kinds CANNIBALIZING LIFE AND EARTH in a violent quest; to claim “we are gods”/ but prove only Satan instead.



    8. these are “things of the past”/ as the final days of male domination are left behind. to find in life and truth:  LAW, LIMITING POWER, EVICTING PRIDE, AND CONTROLLING WANT; are fundamental to our own survival.  “different ways/ require different leaders”.This is a finite world! And under universities leadership, every resource on this planet HAS BEEN RANSACKED/ RAPED/ RUINED/ or violated by the curse of men who swore: AIN’T NO CONSEQUENCES FOR ME; because the universities expert will say whatever you pay them to say. This is a finite world: with over 8 billion people on it; all screaming for more 24/7/365 days a year; with most believing they can live one hundred years to take what they want. A line of people 8 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG, and growing at over 80 million more people to feed over deaths every single year. A reality of people which says to the warlords of men: KILL A BILLION PEOPLE/ AND THERE ARE STILL 7 BILLION MORE TO GO! Which proves war is a fools dream. WE MUST ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF WHAT HAS BEEN DONE/ BECAUSE WE CANNOT CHANGE THAT, without causing extinction. So the critical question is: WHAT can be done? The critical answer is: THE ONLY SOLUTION MEN HAVE EVER HAD IS WAR/ and war is proof of extinction; because that is all you will have left. So the fundamental answer is: LET WOMEN TRY; because men will fail/ thousands of years of history, prove it is so. That does not mean women are better/ they are merely different. But we stand on the gate of HELL; and different is better than nothing!

      And all the people say: WE WANT, what we want/ and we sure as HELL AIN’T going to turn off our air conditioning, or anything else WE WANT. BECAUSE WE WANT IT/ DAMN you, for asking!

      REALITY however turns to you: and says, without the differences in temperature/ there is no rains as you expect, and crop failure is going to be rampant; which means YOU STARVE. Because that is what you chose.

      EVERY FIRE consumes oxygen; and soon you will know, YOU WENT TOO FAR; and will fight to breathe.

      The planet will lose control over its atmosphere/ and begin accelerating to “one thousand miles an hour”; because that is the rate at which this planet turns.

      And that is ONLY THE BEGINNING; which insures war, and identifies: THERE WILL BE CANNIBALISM; AS EXTINCTION TAKES CONTROL.

      Because that: is what you chose; as the consequences for what you want.

      And all the people say: if you make us afraid/ then we will just give up; because this task, to fight for life and world: is greater than all of us.

      LIFE replies: that it is your want, that did this. Your refusal to let truth decide, that carried tragedy, this far. And your pride that refuses to work for a future/ instead of laying down to die.

      HOPE REQUIRES: that you do your best for life and world, ending the tyranny of universities know/ as the evidence proves they are worse than wrong. Which leaves: the best we can do: is to identify what is true/ determine and define the price of being wrong. And then correcting whatever we can; because if we fail, extinction will take control.

      That is the choice. It is your turn to decide: if you live or die. Because the game of human men or women, can take whatever they want; is dead/ believe it or not.

      I, for my small part: have finally accepted, that I don’t wish to war (you can’t) with you anymore over anything of importance. You failed to listen/ and I failed to convince you, you must not do that!

      It is “spiritual female inside”; that brought me back from war, which I knew would never succeed (regardless of force used). Brought me back to law must lead/ truth must decide: want has no place, and pride is an enemy. Therefore the foundation of my own participation for the last few years especially; has been “by female guide”; even though I objected. She proved to be correct, and it was my job to complete the work required. Today I accept: there must be change, in order to survive. And that is true for you as well. Because truth is truth, and the evidence cannot be disputed as to our reality.

      YOUR EXISTENCE: requires balance to sustain life/ where universities ended all balance and pursued all forms of destruction; by playing god. Balance means: MALE AND FEMALE MUST WORK TOGETHER, because there is no other way. As EQUALS, but with female in charge; because DIFFERENT is mandatory, and cannot be dismissed. Which means men take a back seat; to the writing of law, and the purposes of justice: after thousands of years, you failed. Let women try. Because the answer proven by men is war/ and war is extinction; without any room for doubt.

      I, for my small part: “would never have believed; female would be in charge of me”/ I loved male “we were meant for each other”. Not a single doubt existed. But life is what life is; and the evidence is what truth can define: and our world is about to die, because of you. Male failed/ and required female inside to find hope for this earth, once more. That is: well worth the price, of letting her be in charge; without a single question! Simple as that. But it is a spiritual thing/ not a “fantasy thing”; which only proves another university disgrace.

      But even further change is required for you to survive. Even further change is required for me to survive: and I will hope for us all. Because as a world filled with living miracles; it is, “the least we can do”. And that is what truth does decide; for us all.

      NO, you don’t get to “dissolve governments” in order to take control and change the world/ that is impossible and wrong. What you must do, with or without their permission is to CREATE THE LAW WHICH WILL REPLACE THEIR LEADERSHIP: as we the people REQUIRE YOU, to do this for our nation and our world. Because law: governs the ruler. Limited capitalism removes excess money: which then governs the tyrant, and they lose control. Reality governs the people; but you must prove the evidence, and what it means to be wrong: in ways they cannot deny it. And religion of all kinds; which can support these efforts or deny them: stands on the edge of life or death/ as the people MOST in charge of proving there is hope. As with truth: the cost of being WRONG, is eternal.

      I, for my small part know: that throughout the decades; which started with the Cuban missile crisis. The foundation of my “male work” failed the realities of life and world; because your greed consumed you. While the foundation of change, as established “18 years ago” by the spiritual women inside of me: proved without doubt, to be substantially more correct consecutively; than I. Which means: truth has decided, “she must rule over us”. That, is elementally true, and no pride will change it. The future of I, is then up to her.   NO, I have no real clue; what that ultimately means.  it is simply, my choice: to let truth decide.

      So, we then turn to you: to ask the simple question? ARE YOU/ OR, ARE YOU NOT: going to surrender “greed enough/ want enough/ selfishness enough/ pride enough/ power enough/ failure and foolishness and fraud ENOUGH; to let truth keep you alive. Because the evidence does prove: at least in this USA; that the people of the past, chose lies to cover their greed/ chose theft to deny truth/ chose to kill the future and every child, by resource destruction/ chose pride over world law/ chose hate more than justice/ chose universities as god, over your CREATOR. Ending truth, with arrogance, apathy, and pure disrespect for life and world. Opening the door to extinction for our world. That has failed you; even if you do not realize it yet: truth is truth, and no amount of pride will change it. The liars will lie/ media will fail/ the politician will hide/ universities will scream silently/ but the end result is: LIFE OR DEATH for our world. Only true change can hope to stop that, as extinction begins to take control. Too late, is simply too late/ the curse cannot be stopped. Which means “now or never”.

      STOP BEING SHEEP, AND STAND UP/ sign your name: “demanding WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH”; FOR LIFE AND WORLD: or die.

      In this USA that would mean: “redress, our legal right and authority” to prove WE WILL DECIDE NOW! As is democracy in action.

      And the world says: “we must think about it”/ because real change is not what we want. But neither is extinction, and the evidence is substantial.

      So as a final conclusion “I hope”: reality says to you: TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE TO YOURSELVES: WHAT IS TRUE/ AND WHAT IS, THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG? Because nothing less, will identify knowledge sufficient enough for change. Regardless of what you choose.

      the core of it will be: that the more violent will scream NO/ because they fear losing “their excess”. While the more honest will declare YES; because we know, we simply cannot be wrong. But it will be the young who truly decide: without a world, or its resources/ there is no future, for a single one of us to live.

      And then there is the truth: that by injecting chaos into nature, “in worship of their religion called evolution”; the living dead, are mutilating NATURE ITSELF. Because the genetic code is the building of every body of life on this planet earth. Destroying the stability of that code is death, by horrors: a true fact! Religion calls it Armageddon. The cost of more humans is: WE HAVE NO WATER for you to drink/ as every source turns to tragedy, life turns to war. Because without water, we die; in three days: so it will be extremely violent; as is the biblical reference for this called “apocalypse”. And then standing at the edge of world war 3: comes certain HELL; as will be the use of weapons of mass destruction/ because with 8 billion plus people: it really is, “kill a billion/ and there is still 7+ billion to go”; and more.

      There is no place to hide/ on this planet where you will find no place to run: as the cost of being WRONG. Takes that away.

      And humanity SCREAMS: WE DON’T want that. But reality replies: it is, what you chose!