best we can
the disease of university communism: is the most blatant form of treason ever found in this USA
THE PLAGUE OF UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS; seeks to rob us of our rights

the foundation of equality, and the testimony to prove:  WE SHALL NOT be ruled.            DEMOCRACY DEMANDS WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE!      NOT our employees.

A COURTROOM: to prove, “the best we can”.

UNLIKE, “leaders, media, universities, and courts; I do not ask you to believe”. Instead: let only the evidence (not the expert) of what we can and are letting them gamble with; should decide. What is legitimate and fair; or a price too high to pay.        BECAUSE WE CLEARLY,    CANNOT go back!

As with all elements of the first amendment, and its purpose which is to insure the employees of government remain honest to their oath of office and purpose of value to a nation! THE IMMUNITY of fighting for what is right; falls against the politician/ you accepted the job; and it comes with oversight, and protection for those who construct a legal right or need: TO INVESTIGATE! That cannot be denied; nor can it be assumed; until the matter is defined by the evidence that is proven real. IN FAVOR OF THE TRUTH, we owe each other; the RIGHT to KNOW.

AS WITH inflation: which is stealing from the public by the politician; NOT a tax/ an outright theft. WE NEED TO KNOW, FOR LIFE AND NATION: WHAT IS TRUE.

Nobody gets punished for that; the universities are denied.


The foundation of the US supreme court is:


AND DENY all parties which threaten our lives or democracy.

UNLIKE the courts, leaders, media, and university denial (we can change it, with corruption) of constitutional responsibilities: the legal right to protect ourselves!

LIKE the judiciary, governmental employment means: YOU are not immune from your job as OVERSIGHT of others. THERE IS NO DUE DILIGENCE; OR DUE PROCESS; when trial is impeded by claims of defamation or other> you took the job, fully knowing the responsibilities. EITHER ACCEPT the investigation, and participate honestly: OR be condemned as a contributor to the crime. As is interfering with the truth.   WE THE PEOPLE, deserve truth: not beliefs!

Or, the fact: our democracy exists, “because WE THE PEOPLE decided change is needed”. As is the basis for first amendment redress of grievances/ as is OUR LAW; used to insist, WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE. Enforcing that requires a court/ which refuses to acknowledge the constitution exists: “by not uttering silence”/ not a judicial word (as hides in secrecy, from the law)”. Only denial.



Be it president, judge, official of any kind in any position: YOU ARE NOT “god/ government/ superior/ or entitled to make us all bankrupt, or demand we take a vaccine for covid; just because you say so”. YOU ARE THE EMPLOYEE, OF OUR GOVERNMENT, OUR COURTS, OUR LIVES, OUR NATION, OUR FUTURE; AND OUR SECURITIES ENTRUSTED TO YOU.

THAT MEANS: we do have the legal right to protect ourselves from harm!

As we see fit.    YOUR OATH; agrees, “you accept that”;

as part of your job.

OUR constitutional legal right: is to deny taxation, UNTIL THE LAW is kept> that law is redress. Our legal right to demand an open accounting from our employees: to examine and judge as WE THE PEOPLE, if they did or did not do according to the precepts and purposes of our democracy;as is formed by the constitution, bill of rights, and declaration of independence. NOT refusal to pay/ DEMAND FOR LAW, not rebellion:  OUR constitutional LAW, comes FIRST.  AS IS YOUR OATH.             “prove me wrong”:

and we will test the truth called TREASON.   

YOU or ME?  because this is not a game.


redress is the law as we the people: owners of this nation: interpret it to be. OUR RIGHT to intervene when we believe it is necessary

REDRESS:  is the law, SAME as everything else in the first amendment/ and it is NOT subject to judicial oversight or interpretations that devalue what has been done to establish our nation:  as WE THE PEOPLE CHOSE for ourselves.

And then comes:  the extreme HIDDEN taxation:  without representation that is “hidden inflation” caused by our employees breaking the law: stealing. By counterfeiting currency and debts in our name/ forcing payment through inflation they caused“that is a war”; because failing to get the taxes they wanted: our employees chose to  “take what they wanted, by an intellectual game (university says); with consequences”/ and then hand us their debts through currency inflation/ or debt creation that we cannot pay.  the war of greed, is then transferred again: to every child/ as their inheritance is destroyed. Why is that important? Because the two candidates running for office; both declared war against us; in the very same way: WE CAN SPEND ANYTHING WE WANT.  “slavery (I own it all/ you pay for it all: add up all the tax, debt, and inflation. proves everything); is against OUR law”. Etcetera, as is, just one of the causes for redress!  as to defamation: trump proves with every speech:  “doesn’t count/ if its political in any form or way”.

Or more simply, every serious threat is REAL, SO:   I said prove, do not believe! Because the price of being wrong is too high; to let this world survive.   And I DO;  refuse to die, or let this world be destroyed: without a fight.  Only the law fights; because war is chaos, and it can only destroy, what does have value.

university insurgency to overthrow democracy sits in the above claim that this is not the government or the law! instead: IT IS BOTH.

As is the constant of university insurgency: they deny the right and reality of our own CONTRACT TO UNITE AS ONE NATION.  AS WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION/ and shall not be divided by those who want to rule over us all!

THIS constitutional outline is the foundation of our government/ and it is the law we have imposed UPON OUR EMPLOYEES.  BY MAKING them submit their oath of allegiance to it.  It is in fact treason: to suggest this is not so!

You said: we believe/ therefore we don’t need no damn proof; because the universities are god, and the courts said: we cannot question our gods.    NOT EVEN:  WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD AT RISK OF EXTINCTION.  because the cult of university worship, IS so cursed; by arrogance, apathy, an true disrespect.

It is that simple!

But the people then said: “we don’t know enough to question the universities/ we will fail to understand”! But reality replies: as with “bringing the same fire here as is on the sun”. EVEN YOU, can understand “the cost of being wrong”: same fire/ same result; earth becomes a sun”. So even you can decide: IF THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE; are equivalent to what is needed: in order to GAMBLE WITH OUR WHOLE WORLD OF LIFE. Because even you can understand; “just sunlight from 94 million miles away, WILL burn your skin in summer: with radiation”. SO IGNITING THAT HERE, HAS CONSEQUENCES; WHICH PROVE, WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG! And yet machines are running every day: with the intent and demand: WE WILL IGNITE THAT NUCLEAR FIRE HERE. Claiming not enough gravity to sustain the fire/ but proving nothing, not even what gravity is. Denying laws that we do know exist; because it does not fit their delusion or pride of saying “we CAN be gods”; and control the sun. as fools do. WRONG IS EARTH BECOMES A SUN! SO DEMAND THE EVIDENCE: is their theory enough: because we all have to accept the price of being WRONG. IS INCINERATED, “A LAKE OF FIRE”, no longer earth.


“the cult of university says:  YES WE CAN”!   BUT REALITY SCREAMS:   EVEN THE TINIEST FRACTION WRONG/ AND OUR WORLD DIES IN FIRE, same as the sun:  which is exactly what they claim they ARE:  “GOING TO BRING HERE”.

And the world screams in “letters ten thousand feet tall”: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ and we don’t want nothing, we don’t want. But the evidence proves: that will not keep you or this world “alive”. it is that simple.

But reality whispers back: unless you accept the truth of your lives has changed/ all the chains that make it possible to survive, will be broken or lost. Therefore what you want, has absolutely nothing to do with your future/ unless your choice is extinction.

I guess the same is true for me; as I now actually feel like a girl (not knowing what that honestly means; in the real world of life and living). With ten thousand changes required; want is dead/ reality has taken over; and male appears to actually be “headed for extinction”. No, it was never my choice; in any way or form. No, I do NOT hope or intend to wear female clothes or “anything”/ no, men are absolutely NOT desired or desirable by me/ no, I don’t know what the future is going to be. I just know; life has changed. Like it or not is absolutely irrelevant.

So we both have to adjust; and no: it is not a choice/ unless you believe death would be better. It is not!

So: WHAT to do now? I have no clue for me/ but as for you it is much more simple. STOP KILLING THIS EARTH/ STOP KILLING ITS NATURE/ STOP KILLING LIFE IN THE OCEANS/ STOP LISTENING TO GOSSIP AND PURE MANIPULATION/ STOP STEALING, CHEATING, BETRAYAL, TERRORISM, STEALING, POISONING, POLLUTING, ENERGY BETRAYAL OF LIFE, PLAYING god, AND EVERYTHING ELSE THE UNIVERSITIES TAUGHT YOU TO DO. Stop population rise or die. Stop killing every chain of life. Stop all extreme experimentation; WRONG is forever. Stop assuming the children of fools can lead; as is university fraud. Stop wanting weapons of mass destruction or die. Stop letting fools lead. Stop the insanity. And “a billion more”; that you do for want: as is basically the religious version of “worshiping, what is called devil”. Stop evolution; the subterfuge of fools, failures, liars, and thieves who want to terrorize you. They have no proof at all. Stop disrespecting everything. Stop the indoctrination of every child with university is god; letting them steal your world and destroy your democracy, corrupt your courts and everything else they do; behind closed doors/ which media is used to remain sealed “so you cannot see”. Stop counterfeiting currency and creating debts no one intends to pay. Or just plain stop the intellectual war, that is universities “know”; because what they know is how to create the maze, so you don’t know what they are really doing to life and living and you; by propagating lies through media saturation. Which is the result of changes made due to universities. So, “start there”;because nobody survives if you don’t. This is a finite planet; with finite water, oxygen, heat absorption, finite land, finite abilities to survive and resources are not toys or trash to be discarded; AND MUCH MORE; all being destroyed by human want, under the claims of universities expertise (as now proven false). The future is not: where the ravaging of universities can get their claim of success/ rather it is where universities are found to be the greatest liars of all time; the abomination of where universities: assassinating both life and world, comes true.

As for me; life is strange, and I am trying to understand it! Its complicated.

I DO NOT understand; what that kind of real world change requires of me to be? It is so different, I don’t comprehend it. I know its here; I know I cannot escape; but I don’t want the change; and that makes it hard to even conceive of what the future might become. I loved male, female equal “just not me”/ just as you loved want; instead of truth or reality. Pretending as universities taught: “its all free/ we just create numbers and let the children pay; “by killing them”. And humanity said: “we WANT what we want/ to hell with them”/ as they all scream “no we didn’t”. And yet it is true; because there are consequences to every choice.

I guess we learn together: what will or will not survive, the demand:  “you WILL change”.  more correctly:   TRUTH WILL DECIDE, and whether we accept it/ defines if we can survive, what life needs for us to be.  NO, it is not evolution (the dysentery of failure and fraud_).  But the real world evidence of our own decision:  to let life lead/ or not.

WE MUST begin that journey, with what truth will allow; in terms of our own reality. YOUR REALITY IS; that demanding “government means: YES WE CAN”/ is a fraud. As reality proves with practically everything universities in charge (they educated/ thereby controlled what you think: every politician) did do; is tragic.

NO WE CAN’T; nor should we allow government to be so saturated with pride/ surged with power, into our lives; as to take control over our own thoughts or decisions about what living is intended to be/ or what it can be. As they proved to do with covid/ and media manipulation or propagation that claims: “university is god”/ or you can’t argue with the expert. Which is nothing more than a child; shouting “gossip; I found a grain of sand on the beach; look at me”. History proves it has never worked/ and it never will work: but humanity continues to go back to it; because they want what they want (I WANT TO BE RICH_); and refuse to accept what reality will allow.

And the people shout: I NEED THAT BRIBE/ or I cannot survive! But that is not true; as when reality proves you will take less or starve/ people choose to take less: because that is, what an economy is. What fails life and society is: when people are cast aside, because the competition wants more for themselves; and as with capitalism: they then take it. So limited capitalism is the answer: we decide by our vote/ what will be fair to us all.

Medical realities are not different: IF THE COST IS TOO MUCH for society to bear/ THEN YOU cannot have the treatment; and it does not matter how much money you make. This is a decision for society/ not for you: as is the law of these things, as reality decides; will determine what we can afford to do. Everybody pays a percentage; as is a tax; to remove privatization from medicine.

Criminal realities are very simple: with a guaranteed job/ you have no right to complain; or take what does not belong to you. And as with war: the demand TO MARCH, will provide the solution to many instances of crime. Aside from that the primary cause of violence is HATE. Therefore removal of hate is the solution/ and it is not so difficult to separate hate from the reality of what hate does do. That is the only level of conviction needed: IF YOU HATE/ then you are separated from society. To live only with those who hate like you.

War is for the people to decide/ the defense of a nation, “within limits” is for governments to decide; by law/ NOT leaders. Ending the claim of we need more; forever by international enforcement of that truth.

Education is for truth, NOT THE DEAD WASH of a university delusion/ no more fantasies allowed: this is a real world, and nothing but real world truth shall rule it. Because nothing but truth survives; and we cannot accept the failures so constant as with universities decide/ media enforces/ and courts never question the cult of “experts”. To their shame.

Endless changes must be made.

But endless changes need to be made in me too; and it is not easy to do; we begin with knowledge, because nothing less than that is a change for life. CHAOS builds nothing, as is the result of “lets just do something; even if its wrong”. Nobody cares is your curse/ everybody screams is your curse/ the failure to accept truth is your shame. So we do need to begin with knowledge as best we can. That is redress for you: an investigation, wherein WE THE PEOPLE control the judgment of what we are presented with. Demanding true penalties for those who attempt to “lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ terrorize/ or deliberately fail what we need to know”; in order to make a fair and deliberate decision for ourselves.

OR; “cut the hard shell cover (the fraud of expertise) off the invader/ and expose the truth: now we can stop what is killing us; because of you.” Ending media saturation of “university is god”.  As is redress in this society; “we decide now”. IT IS THE LAW! Of our DEMOCRACY!

START WITH NOTHING LESS: than trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun; HERE! AND DISCUSS BY THE EVIDENCE: WHAT IS THE REAL WORLD PRICE OF BEING WRONG. THAT IS YOUR JOB; it is not mine.

As to me; I am utterly without a clue/ however tits seem to be presenting “lots more information than I desire”. Time will tell how best to understand what has changed; or I fail. It is that simple.

“best of hope” for us both. “its all I got”.

And the people say: “we want what we want”/ you can’t stop us from what we want. Even if you have your own “troubles”/ that is no concern of ours. We won’t change, UNTIL reality forces us to change; that IS, “the end of our story”/ your demand we change too.

So, I leave you to your ending: what you desired from the beginning which is to take all you can take/ and discard the future as if it were trash; just like you do to every resource and chain of life, habitat, truth of existence, or whatever it is that truth needs for you to do instead. You want to be forced: but will wait until you have no chance left; to avoid extinction. Just as the people trying to ignite SUNFIRE here on earth will prove: too damn late now! Life is over.

I did for you; what was the best I did do for you/ NOT perfect by a long way. Could have chosen differently/ but did not. Simply best I did do; because the world itself deserves better than HELL decides now. To your shame. To women I offered to help; but you chose “I WANT TO BE RICH TOO”; regardless of reality or the future of life and earth. To your shame as well. Because as is the cost of being WRONG: this is not a game, and you know that to be true.

And the whole world of humanity says: “YOU CAN’T JUDGE US/ YOU ARE NOBODY/ YOU ARE WORTHLESS, AND BLIND; to what we want our world to be”. We have no faith in you; WE ARE BELIEVERS in what the universities can do! And we don’t believe you can do anything at all; because after all: we CAN ridicule you into oblivion.

But reality proves: for forty years, I have asked you “not to believe”/ but go prove the truth, and the price of being WRONG. EVEN WHEN CONFRONTED WITH; “BRINGING SUNFIRE” HERE TO THIS EARTH; which if wrong consumes this planet, and turns it into a sun: KILLING YOU.

AND THAT IS ENOUGH TO SAY: “you need to listen”. Because the machines exist; and one second too late is the end of your entire human time on this world. Just like genetic mutilation in worship of evolution is. Or a “thousand more”.

But you are believers; cult worshipers, who cannot question their leaders; because they are afraid of ridicule, and don’t want to be called “an idiot” for demanding proof. Rather than the propagation of media demands; “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”; the universities as god.

So I turn it back to you: WITH EVIDENCE OVERWHELMING; THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG! Your cult worship cannot hide you from the reality of being WRONG. And your time on this earth is limited to the spark of ignition; from those machines who will claim your world in a lake of fire; as is predicted. Because humanity throughout all of history: says, we won’t change; and the trinkets or glittering lights of university; have us entranced with the lies of media, who saturate & pretend we can be gods.

I DO NOT JUDGE YOU; the evidence does; and it screams EXTINCTION is coming to you.

OR MORE SIMPLY: SCREAM ALL YOU WANT/ BUT TRUTH WILL DECIDE. Your only option is to understand and accept: what the price of being WRONG proves: IS TRUE.     OR DIE,   because that is: WHAT YOU CHOSE.

Yes I know: you don’t want to be told “no you can’t”/ nor do I, as is clear if you read the document. But had I been allowed to quit: the message of CHANGE OR DIE would have failed in ways perhaps that could have been prevented. And that is not acceptable; so no you can’t was: what I needed to hear.

As to “being superior to you/ as is the claim of wanting more than the evidence of our truth”. I am not superior/ I am equal: pride shall not decide. Even so; there were options I could have used to say: “look or listen to me”/ but the end result of “one second too late/ and this world is lost; to a thousand things universities have done”. Proved to much to gamble with: so I continued to talk or question you and your cult worship. Because I don’t know the time or its method; of dissolving life on earth; as you do choose.

You are blind to reality; proving whatever you believe is whatever you believe; because no truth is required for that/ only want. But it will not save you from yourselves, or what the others did do; as reality does prove true.

You believe I should do more; and if GOD was on my side; you would then believe too. However that is not “biblically true”; as JESUS proved THE REALITY, of what people do. Power wants power, and they use hate to keep it for themselves; as is why HE died.

So, THE EVIDENCE IS OVERWHELMING; and you have your chance to change; and save this world from the cult of Satan. As will be proven; by your extinction: “destroyer of worlds”. Arrogance, apathy, disrespect, denial, and hate decides now. “your choice”/ not mine. I cannot help you with that; as it is the complete opposite of miracles in life; prove what love really is. JESUS identified the difference; and you know that is true.

So in HIS footsteps; of educating those who would listen and care; I too have whispered to those with ears: “fight for your world, or it will be lost forever”. Because the devil of “people playing god” is here, on this world.