You are, “a tragedy to me”; failing life and world, by choice. Nonetheless, I must hope for you; therefore I will lend a hand in this way. To reduce water flow from toilets; you should incorporate a tank below the toilet, that is fed by the toilet, with only tiny amounts of water per flush. An automatic discharge of all contents; is then released at once. Making the resultant flow bigger, but more consistent for the purpose of carrying the debris. WATER supply is: about to take over your world. As is, just one, in the constant of your failures, throughout this earth. FREE TO ALL, with the condition, you may not refuse others the same rights; the copyright is given to humanity, not you.

the constant is: the rotting corpse of university knows; has distributed deadly biological diseases across this world, into the hands of every terrorist, traitor, devil, and horror of what men do; which includes the disease of women who believe they can infiltrate the male world, by acting like them. The cost of that is Armageddon, as reality will soon prove true. “the critical failure”:  the disgrace and disrespect of evolution is your god; so says the universities/ and their cult worshipers SCREAM:  HELL YES, NO CONSEQUENCES FOR US.

But as always, or nearly so:  the universities are wrong, and covid is just a tiny crumb off the mountain that they built. While it is true; every biological nightmare that will be released or has been;  will suffer the eternal consequences of that. The reality of penalties, that are eternal:  will not save this world. Media leads, the diplomas blockade any and every attempt to put truth back in charge/ and you disintegrate into HELL. because in the end of it all is:  that is what you chose, beginning with evolution; “Satan in charge”/ and running its course of destruction with fusion igniting this planet into a sun. Soon to be true, because you just didn’t care. While every attempt to reach you;  is scalded with “don’t touch”/ or you will be cast out. But then, as people; of the cult called satanic worship of university (as is KILL this world):  you are, truly insane. AS the evidence does prove true, in this sewer of fools.   Because you let your world die, and your eternity be cast aside with “we believe in the universities”. to your shame, they failed life and world and you/ even killing your child, with their blessing; as is the cost of pure disrespect, apathy, and its arrogance.