The call for redress, as is a true and accurate accounting:

The call for redress, as is a true and accurate accounting:



The foundation of our unity; is built upon one single principle. That we will not be ruled by any man or woman. BY CONTRACTUAL LAW, in democracy: WE RULE OURSELVES. The Constitution 1,2,3 verifies this as “our government” [state] clarifying citizen rights versus duties of our employees/ NOT our rulers. The critical definition of our purpose, of our unity: as WE THE PEOPLE; is stated in our preamble. The critical freedoms established by amendment; as need arose. Critical ownership is ours as we the people own this nation; under constitutional law. The call for redress, as is a true and accurate accounting: of OUR government; PROVES ownership.

The ONLY change allowed to our constitutional government: is created by 2/3 acceptance of that change: by the states. OR as the people decide within constitutional truths. NO state or federal official employee: is allowed, to change OUR GOVERNMENT. That, is functional, real world treason.

us preamble

Critical truth is: that our world has changed. Extreme competition. Extreme weapons. Extreme experimentation. Extreme debts and counterfeiting of currency. Extreme resource damage. Extreme planet destruction. Extreme extinction rates. Extreme overpopulation. Extreme biological contamination. Extreme ocean, forest, water, land, and everything bad destruction; due to human decisions; as it is possible to conceive of, and worse. As led here by, the cult (never question your leaders) of “universities know”; BELIEVE damn you believe, fear, obey. As is the condemnation, of life on earth.

There is no future, without true change; for a single soul on earth. Leadership has failed. Which means: REDRESS, by TRIAL; to assemble and prove what is true: is our only solution for change.

IT IS THE LAW of this USA, that there is REDRESS of grievances according to the first amendment of our government “the contract of our unity: constitutional law governs us”. REDRESS is the removal of civil war/ by the legal defense: of bringing our leaders into court, identifying what is true: “no more believing”/ and then deciding for ourselves: what is in our own best interest as a state or nation. To the shame of this democracy: POWER TO THE PEOPLE, as is redress/ not rulers. Has never been used; because those employees who have power/ want to be rulers; and refuse it/ hiding in silence and distractions and locked doors. Primary to this treason is: “universities, who create the lawyers/ and tell them what to do”.

The difference: between the past and today is, communication and basic education has progressed to the point of making it possible, “for we the people” to decide. Primarily by the foundation laws we create/ but also, by our own, critical overlook in the courts.

To judge the judge: FRAMES DEMOCRACY, as ours/ not theirs.

The reality: Rather than hiring someone to make our decisions for us. Those who claim to be the government. WE, become the democracy of owners.

ELEVATING THE CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL RIGHT; granting ownership of this USA democracy, to WE THE PEOPLE. As is the first amendment legal authority (OUR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES): as is used, to demand a courtroom investigation: when realty knows, that our basic elements as a UNION OF PEOPLE. To secure our lives, our freedoms, our realities of living, our future: by acting in accordance with that law. To produce trial, RATHER THAN BELIEF: understanding, INSTEAD OF FEAR; as was the purpose of covid: and the wisdom of making our own decisions, rather than OBEDIENCE; to those who claim to be superior. Thereby proving as best we can, to ourselves: WHAT IS, AND WHAT IS NOT TRUE, “in all things”/ AND WHAT ARE: THE CONSEQUENCES for being WRONG. The literal RISK, of not being as democracy demands: “we rule ourselves/ by the law we accept for that cause”. NOT a vote for someone else to decide, how I must live/ but one vote, one citizen: on the law itself; as rules us all (without color, size, or violations of freedom beyond the scope of truth decides now.us first amendment

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support treason, the reality of giving away our nation and all its securities; to those who claim without ANY SUBSTANTIAL proof; “that a pandemic exists/ and they will sell us a vaccine for trillions of dollars”. As was accepted by leaders NOT working for us/ but cult worshiping “universities as god”. From the beginning: this has been a constant scam of history, “sell them snake oil”.

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support those who rebel against our democracy. Defying constitutional law, by refusing to allow that law to function and fundamentally decide the course of our nation. Which means leadership, has rebelled against their oath of obedience to our Constitutional demand; in order to get their JOB! NOT leaders/ employees assigned by oath, to complete and protect, what we decide/ NOT what they decide. As the preamble to the constitution states: our union shall strive to be.

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support anarchy against this nation as is the counterfeiting of assets/ and denial of debts; in order to give the power to alter democracy into. ONLY THE UNIVERSITIES decide. Removing from the people their legal right; to demand NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION shall exist!

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support, those who choose weapons of mass destruction/ an endless expenditure on the military; putting at risk our entire world. WHEN REAL LIFE, WORLD LAW shall exist instead, by our choice as a world. The failure to support and recognize, what PEACE ON EARTH, can be: is an insurrection. “the decision”; weapons of mass destruction, which establish extinction: HAVE been chosen instead of law or rights. The opposite of democracy purpose and truth.

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support the complete takeover of life and society; by the curse of media destroying all but the owners voice. The US supreme court in absolute tyranny; having sold that voice to the very few. And they do have: a monopoly over distribution insuring: NO ONE else shall be heard. A monopoly over every voice heard: “you will, or you will never work in this field again”.

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to support those who have instigated extortion over medicine. Extortion over the courtroom. Extortion over an education. Extortion over the work place: removing access to the majority; by conglomerations using that method of takeover against this nation. Leaving the people without, THE REAL WORLD opportunities to decide for themselves. A tiny few, own it all: with the counterfeiting currency provided by those who surged against us all: taking control of government” by destroying our own securities. To produce their own version of “now we can be kings/ queens”; or whatever the slaves can produce: as is “universities play god, with life, nation, world”. As is an intellectual war: an invasion of life, nation, state, family, work, heritage, sanity, education, religion, media, nature, everything; in support only of themselves.

IT IS, AGAINST THE LAW: to fully and completely destroy the future of life and planet; to take “everything” required to survive. And throw it away, insuring every child shall perish in HORRORS. They MUST HAVE; resources, chains of life, climate securities, values, realities, and decisions that support their existence. RATHER THAN the curse of experts: who led and the people chose: to create garbage mountains instead, trillions of tons of poisons instead, climate, ocean, oxygen, extinction, destruction, rampaging against life and nature, mutilation, EVEN TRYING TO IGNITE “lets burn atoms” on a planet made out of fuel.As is HELL; “WHAT could go wrong”? THE UNIVERSITY ANSWER; not to worry, not enough gravity here to sustain the fire. BUT if they are wrong, and solar gravity comes from the burning of atoms “just like on the sun”. EVERY LIFE IS INCINERATED. NO, going back.




IT IS AGAINST THE LAW: to occupy, and indoctrinate the children, in every school; with religious fantasy and delusions, as are fully attributed to “evolution”. The university religion; which offers, “believe us, because this looks like that”. WHEN REALITY KNOWS without exception: that a living body CANNOT be built one piece at a time; as evolution demands/ without so much as a tool, a brain, or any other reality of truth, proven by existence. YOU need it all at once; or the body dies! Religious anarchy is forbidden.

Religious insanity shall be removed: THESE MIRACLES OF LIFE AND PLANET; cannot be established without THOUGHT. Evolution, the fantasy of fools; claims “its all chaos/ accidents/ can’t prove what billions of years can or can’t do; so believe”. But the sun burns fuel, as is proven by radiation heat: and it cannot burn for billions of years; UNLESS it was previously “enormous”; and would have melted “earth too”.

IT IS AGAINST THE LAW; to enslave women with pregnancy they do not want. Their body/ their decision; no male may intervene: “off limits”.  IT IS equally true: that once the fetus becomes “fundamentally human now, instead of life forming”/ that right to choose ends; and society itself may demand: “this time, your choice/ but no more, is our right of choice”. Immigration in an overpopulated world: CANNOT be fixed without reality, taking charge. Zero population growth is our only choice.

A footnote: vasectomy means “no male ejaculation/ which means no chemicals involved”; the cause men want sex (think about it). A reality of life: only women can control population; “because even just one man, could cause pregnancy for very many females”. The result: men PAY women, to control.

below sent to leadership:

AS TO TAXATION; at least in this USA. The reality is; leadership has died, and there is no acceptance of law or democracy, by those who lead. Their religion; which is university is god/ all worship the universities; and their demand of evolution throughout every school (one of the greatest lies ever told). YOU ARE NEVER allowed to question; they are, your god; THEIR expert is your god; and they have a book to prove it. So the courts are fully corrupted/ the currency is fully corrupted/ media is sold to the rich and powerful alone decide; by hiring “their servant”/ manufacturing is destroyed for the middle class; producing monopolies throughout; to end the middle class/ horrifying risks are taken, which will become Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ people are tying to ignite a nuclear fire on purpose; with fantasy and delusions are only protection from turning this earth into a sun. Mass hypnosis is constant (as is make the people believe what they fear is coming true; so they will obey, without question). Failure on every side/ extinction all but certain. The assassination of every child by resource destruction. The oceans and all life on earth nearly complete annihilation. Overpopulation of humanity; means war. Weapons of mass destruction instead of WORLD LAW. The disgrace of animals in charge; as is the discarding of miracles are the evidence of life. Or more distinctly: the human chaff of “no life here”/ is represented by those in leadership; and their constant failure to life and world is nearing completion. Along with “a thousand more” realities of WHY THIS AMERICAN POPULATION MUST ENFORCE CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Our turn to decide what is, or is not in the best interest of our nation; as WE THE PEOPLE.

The plague of universities know; as have infiltrated, rebelled, and surged against democracy itself in this USA; is a constant disease; whose purpose is anarchy, and whose method is cult worship as created by media news. The foundation being: NEVER question your leaders of universities; they are gods/ they are expert/ they know, and no other can or does. The consequence being: complete failure of life in order to become “the obedient herd of animals, universities predict”. With taxation; the dead, damned, destructive, belligerent, corrupt, traitor, terrorists, bastard, whore and more; all follow the same road to government is our answer: give us THE POWER. While collusion against constitutional law/ conspiracy against democratic authority/ and the corruption of justice to form a new government of the few university decides. By counterfeiting currency, and laundering those lies of asset enlargement or debts don’t matter; through universities, military, banking direct or banking indirect as is wall street. So you know: demand for trial against these matters in the past. Produced by federal IRS on a ten thousand dollar tax claim: a $5,000 interest payment/

I paid the interest to prove this ain’t about the money. DEMANDING COURT (and they said “you bet”/ until they understood this is real; closed the door/ and ran away) and a $38, 000 penalty claim (lies and more lies involved; discarded). The purpose of waiting is to accumulate lies; for whatever time they spent in order to steal; by delaying, getting me to court. WHEN MY DEMAND WAS THE CONSTITUTION DECIDES; which they abhor. Choosing never to acknowledge the constitution exists. While media snored, AS IS the cost of religious zealots in charge of communication.  cult worshipers refuse all conception of reality or truth in life by justice. The state of IL irs demanded to walk by the money I said, here it is: BUT, take me to court/ or you steal it. So they attempted to steal a $10,000 vehicle; to sell it for $500. and then say: I owed them all the rest: of whatever they want; because they sold the vehicle for $500. I reminded them of grand theft felony, and collusion by the policing department; if they attempted it/ and they left. But this is the USA; where corruption is so flagrant and so vile: that lawsuits in 7th district federal appeals court are changed and lied too: by that court; to make them go away/ and the US supreme court, as well as congress; walks with them; upholding corruption, choosing lies; as the way of life, here in this USA. This is the framework of USA deceit, in the hands of “university knows”. The people who have commandeered life in this nation: shall be destroyed; so they can play “king or queen”/ and make the rest their slave. Even playing god with planet and nature. Even playing assassin: to every child and every living thing on earth; as do universities around this world. Failure “is a university diploma”/ traitor is a cult worshiper, who refuses to acknowledge “they aren’t god”.

People employed by the IRS are not gods, nor are they government: they are merely employees. As are the judiciary, police, president, congress and so on. People employed by the universities are not gods; nor do they have all the answers: except of course for “liar/ failure/ fool/ fraud/ thief/ cheat/ traitor/ terrorists, enemy, and so on. The media are not gods, nor are they more than “cult cheerleaders”/ using manipulation, propaganda, temptation, and control; to make you believe/ fear/ and obey; the universities are god. So, when you let them turn you away from nation, world, truth, and reality; they steal your life, and destroy your future; as has been done; to the point of extinction is near. The literal end of life on earth is near:  stand up, sign your name; what do you have to lose, but an enemy?  It is a war; death and deceit versus life, truth, and hope!    CHOOSE.

The judiciary and all of government employment is corrupt, and conspire to keep people enslaved. As is the example of a courtroom case demanding THE SAME level of financial and other punishment for all. As is consistent with the reality: a one hundred dollar fine, IS NOT the same level of punishment for a rich man/ as it is a poor man. IL appeals; proved to be so corrupt, I let the case die.

Because the courts as proven in trial after trial; by James Frank Osterbur versus state of IL or USA ; that failure of accept constitutional law, describes anarchy against this USA/ and even this state of IL. The outright refusal to honor democracy (we the people decide) by our constitutional law; is treason. The fundamental destruction of two first amendment redress lawsuits; as did appear before the US supreme court as docketed 08-1339 & 11-100 ; thrown away from the court secretary; is in direct violation of their authority to do so/ and constitutes rebellion. Risking our lives with genetic mutilation of life and humanity in the COVID fiasco of fools; driven by the cult of university worshipers: constructs a religious takeover of our nation, by those zealots who cannot question their leaders; is a cult. Risking our world, with ignition of a nuclear fire; by cult worshiping universities instead of identifying truths and realities and consequences for being wrong; is Satanic. Allowing the penetration of “biological warfare” into society itself, by university delusions/ and their attempt as proven by covid: TO GET RICH; is criminal in concept, and they blatantly extorted trillions; from our nation and world; to prove they could. Schools extorting/ enslaving/ indoctrinating/ destroying life, by removing realities that matter to living. Lies as supported by universities: which include the refusal to identify: fossil fuels prove Noah’s flood existed/ which means that at least half of what they teach; is wrong; about everything. The destruction of our freedom to decide for ourselves; as seen with covid; is a direct assault on this state and nation, by insurgents who have succeeded in taking control over government; an encroaching coup. The constant demand for insurrection by one group against another to produce a civil war/ and grant full take over by the military; for the purpose of an insurrection to destroy this USA itself, and convert leaders into tyrants. The vile destruction of everything polluted; or poisoned. FAILURE seen in every threat.

And we have identified; the first wave of purposes: IN DEMANDING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES SHALL BE ENFORCED; on our employees. Both state and nation.

A TRIAL FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AS WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS USA; in order to save our way of life; if it is literally not to late already. HOPE is what has been left; but it only goes so far.

Which then proves: I am withholding INCOME tax payment; for the third year to state and federal employees/ UNTIL they prove to OBEY OUR LAW, AND ESTABLISH:

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; which is first amendment right to redress of grievances as created by our democracy; for the purposes of defending ourselves; from an insurgency from within.

STILL denied my day in constitutional court:   THE LAW, must be observed. the law is redress!

I do NOT deny taxation; as a method for supporting democracy/ and will pay it.

BUT I DO DENY TO THOSE WHO REBEL AGAINST US/ EVEN SURGING WITH ANARCHY TO DEFY DEMOCRACY ITSELF; AS IS THE TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ or we die. Demanding in court: IT IS illegal for me to support terrorists, failure, fantasy, delusions, corruption, conspiracy against life and world, collusion to take away democracy itself: BY REMOVING CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY DECIDES/   as is DEMOCRACY, not our employees. While reminding you: the constitution gave NO RIGHT of interpretation; to the US supreme court to decide such a case as this is. WE THE PEOPLE, are the authority as owners here/ THAT WILL BE UPHELD. Or, if we allow it; then a 2/3 majority of the states must ratify any change. NOT the courts.

Www.justtalking7.info       www.brainfirst.info support these legally aligned matters. I am not altering constitutional law/ I am enforcing constitutional law: OR demanding the legal rights and recourse; of the trials stated above. IF THE JUDICIARY OF THE US SUPREME COURT, wishes, to prove the constitution is wrong. With their signature/ and detailed official response by law as is upheld by OUR DEMOCRACY.

This will be sent to IRS, WHITE HOUSE, and others; as I see fit to do that work/ in the next few days or weeks.


THE ELEVATION of DEMOCRACY; “…functionally known as to provide for the common defense….”; as is the goal of WE THE PEOPLE, throughout this world. Adheres to the critical role of LAW; by constitutional mandate.

Elemental to that law is the protection from tyrants in all nations; and their weapons of mass destruction. OUR ABILITY to adhere to democratic principles in that regard is: to accomplish, support, and identify: a WORLD WIDE VOTE of we the people throughout this earth. FUNCTIONALLY ACCEPTING; that our world requires EVERY LEADER; to adhere to the law of WORLD JUSTICE FOR ALL.. NOBODY joins or denies the authority of WE THE WORLD; by our votes/ we form our laws, and its punishment.

to ACCOMPLISH THAT; the law we must vote upon is: to remove or bring the leaders, who break or allow our law to be broken; to trial before the world. Based upon the laws we the people have selected to be our defense. Based upon the truth: THAT NO LEADER, is more than a citizen employed; to provide the service that is justice and fair play for all; as best we can. Therefore the foundation of world law is NOT against nations/ but against leaders. Functioning as: real world policing, from every nation; provided by every nation: to enforce upon the leaders of ANY NATION; the fact if you break our world defined law: we will come get you/ and take you to trial! NO EXCEPTIONS/ NO EXCUSES/ NO IMMUNITY/ OR REFUSAL; we the world shall come to get the leaders. BY INFORMING the military and citizenry of any/ every nation: that this is WHAT OUR WORLD HAS CHOSEN TO DO. “therefore stand down, or assist!” And unless there are weapons of mass destruction unleashed/ clear intent to attack outside your borders; BEYOND a leadership command. NO INTENT to damage or destroy more than what must be done to get that leader under control; for trial shall exist.

A reality of WE THE PEOPLE expression: that identifies, OUR LAW AS A WORLD, has nothing to do with nations. BUT IS IN FACT; the human search for JUSTICE, PEACE, AND A SUSTAINABLE REAL WORLD, based upon truth and fair play, NOT leadership or its excuses. A DEMAND: that every individual, is in fact; subject to critical and true laws to protect life and planet for us all. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Whosoever you have selected or will select; “even from the international community”; shall then take over, for the interim. TRIAL to occur/ begin within 30 days of incarceration if necessary. THE LAW decides; not less.

The foundation is simple: after thousands of years, “leadership” cannot choose to limit its power over people. Therefore people must prove their power over leadership: by proving the law WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE, shall be enforced on those leaders. TODAY with 8 billion of us/ facing roughly 8 thousand leaders across this world; who do the choosing. WE OUTNUMBER THEM; one million to one. That fact, established by WE ARE, “the military, workers, everything”: identifies, when the vast majority of us agree. WE DO HOLD THE KEYS, to changing our world for justice, peace, harmony, security, protection, values, and happiness for our world. BY ENFORCING OUR LAW, AS WE THE WORLD; shall now decide. NOT our former classmates, employees,/ who have failed us all.

REDRESS, THE FOUNDATION OF DEMOCRACY ITSELF; as is WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE; by ruling over the law, for ourselves. Leads this advance into the truth of what democracy; “the will of we the people, BY OUR LAW”; can do.

To those who suggest the proper venue for this action is within the courts: I HAVE BEEN removed from filing in both state and federal courts. An illegal act; but with evidence enough to prove: “what the real court is”.

SENT  1/5/ 2023,  TOO:

the president usa 1600 pennsylvania ave nw dc 20500

IRS 1111 constitution ave nw dc 20224

US supreme court 1 first st ne dc 20543

DOL 200 constitution ave nw dc 20210

DOJ office of legal council dc 20530

office of solicitor general 950 pennsylvania ave nw dc 20530-0001

state of IL 200 e capitol ave Springfield IL 62701

and others.   

   not sent; added below

because like this graph: one billion more in last 11 years/ can’t wait. pop graph

According to the IL state water survey:  only one inch of water recharge;  drains into the aquifer per 50 inches of rain. in permeable soil.

once the ogalhala aquifer ceases to produce water; the crops go away/ dust bowl returns/ no livestock can be raised/ and humanity must move as well. along with large portions of central USA, where extreme tiling is removing the water, from the aquifer/ and adding to the flood extremes. plus a thousand more threats, that cannot be overlooked; without horrifying consequences for the future.  Which means: people have a legal right, to choose for themselves/ even if they don’t want too.

Mathematically: the average semi truck driving 55 mph on the interstate, for one hour: will consume the oxygen needed for 124 people in a 24 hour period of time. IT IS the percentage of oxygen that matters; as seen on mountain tops. It is the heat released; NOT greenhouse gases that cause climate change.  OXYGEN IS AN ELEMENT; which means it is not “made”; it is released. Which makes it a finite substance; even if you can release it from water; you are burning fossil fuels with oxygen to do it.  Because ANY excess energy production; comes from fossil fuel.

Before you condemn truckers: reality says, “an economy car uses roughly the amount of oxygen needed for 30 people per hour driving on the highway. Which makes four “cheap cars”; the equivalent of a semi loaded; and you are delivering only 4 people. So 4 cars driving down the highway for 10 hours each: equals the ozygen needed in a 24 hour period of life: for 1200 people to survive. CAN’T BE? Investigate the “biosphere 2 project”; and learn. YOUR universities had contingency plans for everything, “but running out of oxygen”. Because like my dad, who pointed to a large tree and said; “that is all the oxygen I need for a year”, and believed that; as so many other do. But was wrong, and did not want to know why. Just like you. The average pickup uses the oxygen for roughly 50 people in an hour.battery

Natural gas is said to use MORE oxygen than coal. And a steam locomotive using compression for conversion is likely more efficient than even a new turbine. Wind and solar generate less than ten percent.

As proven with climate change; “you can buy an expert” to say anything you want; and people will believe whatever they want to believe. No proof required.  as with every other form of addiction: it is the end user, that causes the destruction to occur.

As is the reality of “fusion: purely fictional”; yet for fifty years; the people screamed: we BELIEVE the universities. Even though, they are merely your former classmates; and CANNOT “see within the sun”; which means its all a delusional theory, without substance or value. THAT RISKS OUR WORLD. WRONG IS LITERALLY, INCINERATION, “just like the sun”; as the reality of igniting atoms on fire will prove true.

The base line food source for the northern and southern oceans: originates under sea ice/ no ice, no food to sustain any other life in those oceans. Trawlers so huge and effective: that they take every single one/ emptying the ocean, by realities which will not allow life to rebuild or continue. That includes all predator fish. Pollution beyond imagination. And every year another one hundred million + humans is born over deaths; to make that worse. Lose ocean life, the death of every incubator/everything: and a billion human lives will be lost the first year. Cannibalism will erupt, and war will be unending.

Got an electric car: you are running on coal: because all excess electrical usage, comes from the least efficient means. While in fact the steam locomotive which ran on coal was replaced, because diesel was more efficient. Asking the question particularly when the drive is coupled to a turbine: is it really a good idea. Liars, just like the university people, “Marking/ tracking, all life on earth”, in preparation for their extinction.

Rsv in children: is it not probable, this is connected to the covid vaccine/ altering their genetic provided by nature: with “university knows”, DNA. Vaccine worked: their claims for the disease and more, are all fictitious, and unproven. Heart disease in women is not: it is extremely rare, throughout; until you get to 70 years old or so. Because nobody dies of old age; what a perfect scam, to get your money. REALITY says: NOBODY dies of anything other than “old age”/ past the median “average male or female died”; at this age. After all everything cannot bring in TRILLIONS of dollars; on a scam like covid. University led: traitors, fools, failures, thieves, cheats, terrorists, whores (only the money matters).

NATURE IS GENETICS (the builder of every body of life)/ your university geneticists argue when confronted with “what will you do when nature itself fails, from your chaos”? ANSWER: “not to worry, evolution will just create something else; in a billion years or so”! “to INSANE” to even answer; dead brains.

Reducing the immune response of genetic agriculture; by changing nature as with seed corn: to gain bushels over seed protection. Can mean only one thing is coming: a disease will consume the crop/ and it can spill over into other sub species of the same group. “corn is a grass; like rice, oats, wheat, and more”.

NOT ONE PROOF of evidence exists; in the claim of university physics to know how the sun works. HOWEVER numerous realities already proven true: identify that the sun is a nuclear fire, and the fire releases solar gravity. Which means ignition of that “lets burn atoms” fire: ends with our planet becoming a sun.

WE EAT LIFE, and nothing less. 8 billion people consuming one pound of food per day; eat 8 billion pounds per day x 365=2.92 trillion pounds per year. A one percent increase in population is 80 million more mouths to feed per year. A line of humans standing 3 feet apart= 24 billion feet= 4,545,454.5 miles of living people already here. And everything else, “eats life/ or needs space, sun, water, resources” too.

Putting the entire livestock population in jeopardy; “with everything put into one small box”, called factory farming. Just one disease, can wipe them all out; and we are too many people; to allow that life to recover; even for our own needs.bird flu

the atmosphere of our planet moves in a direct relationship with earth UNLIKE all other planets we know about. TREES and their leaves keep it attached/ no trees, means winds “like venus= 700mph. The destruction of men, is horrendous/ a curse upon this earth. Human means: “insanity with a chainsaw”.

Critical constructions of employee decisions, about this USA: includes opening the door to Fort Knox/ and any other claim of physical depository. So that the people understand; what is true, about their own securities. University control proves to be CRIMINAL at best.

INFLATION is the result of our employees spending more than they can cover or borrow: which results in increasing the currency numbers to cover their claim of solvency. So they can spend even more. BIDEN however is unlikely to top TRUMP; it just ends in different places. Money laundering is accomplished by giving it all to banks (so they can give it to the diploma or wealthy or foreigners), universities, or wall street. Media as always, reports only what power wants them to report; as all foundation media is owned by a few in this USA.

And the “university expert” leads all, educates all, governs us all; and creates “the essence of threat to us all; and the reality of now”. Our world, as is standing on the edge of extinction.

The fantasy of no consequences/ the delusion of “freedom without respect for life or planet”/ the imagination, of want overcomes truth/ the curse of extreme arrogance leads/ intentional mass hypnosis/ the traitorous acts of risking everything life needs; for a game/ the terrorism of weapons of mass destruction/ the horror of “claiming safety”, and altering the genetic structure of even every child; by using biological warfare “covid”/the insurgency against religion, with religion called evolution/ the blatant disgrace if enslaving society, for their purposes to play god. IS EXTINCTION.

After 247 years:  this nation does need to rebuild its constitutional contract; for better than this.

Trump gave to the very rich, with a little trickled down to others. Biden gives to the poor; with the debts ransacking the middle class; as those being bribed with welfare; simply discard society. The end result of each is: this nation dissolves, in a sea of debts that cannot be paid. The entire securities lost; but that has been going on for over fifty years, of shame in american governing by its employees.  Trump Most likely the winner; by buying a few electoral college votes. Biden by promising “university knows, will rule; its all free”.

Truman allowed roughly 2,000 atomic bombs to be exploded after world war 2/ (deliberately threatening the world) and allowed the military to hurry with dropping the second bomb; so as not to be deterred. Most likely the winner due to vote tampering; power wants this one.

Kennedy disguised his desire to build bigger missiles for warheads; with lets go to the moon. And chose Vietnam for preparations to world war 3.

Johnson refused to get out of Vietnam; finishing the creation of enormous debts

Nixon; started business with China; both a good and bad decision

Of all presidents: Carter is the only one who actually paid debts, and tried to return the nation to reality. Unfortunately, instead of simply devaluing the currency; to remove the fraud, lies, cheating, theft, failures, foolishness, etc. He tried to do it; by listening to others who wanted what they wanted; which was lie/ cheat: MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY. and then all the sewage of humanity said: “lets get rich; on inflation”/ so it all failed, taking many down with the cost of “university knows”. Who then gained it all by Reagan.

Reagan discarded reality, and gave the currency control over to “universities decide”; and they immediately gave themselves a million dollar raise. He then sold all the gold America needed to pay its debts; while refusing to pay a single penny on those debts.

The second bush; fears, and then invades and kills many

Clinton hides the truth, and claims victory

Obama; fails the nation, and plays games; but the people said: LIE, DON’T make us pay our debts.

The reality of course is: that as bad as thousands of nuclear bombs are; there is at least the chance it could be stopped. NO such opportunity exists, with biological warfare. OR the intent to make money “the old fashion way”; by extorting it, with a prepared disease; “buy our vaccine” or die! Or its next step: “kill them/ we are immune”.

And the people say, “we know”. But reality proves you only know what media tells you; nothing more. As to all disease; records are kept; and the real proof of disease is HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED; (this year compared to last; based upon population count) because that is harder to fake. ANYTHING can be called “the cause”; when trillions of dollars are being stolen.

Apparently the medical industry; was just not happy enough; with $66,400.00 billed to my insurance; for a one hour outpatient surgery (metal plate on broken bone). Did I forget to mention, they let me sit for 10 days, before surgery; and then wanted more; until I said prove it. Or charging student doctors a half million dollars; for an education; which points directly at universities and their “elite”, for cause; as always.

The math used by your reporting scientists is: that our population doubled in the last fifty years; 4 billion more to feed= 80 million more per year averaged out. Which is what they claim the 1% increase, is today. Yet there are 8 billion today/ not 4 billion: so what is the real increase in population? And if it doubled in fifty, it will double again in 25; how is that not so: except for the earth cannot support any more. And human population, must even be less. Your scientists know: we won’t survive, and are using biological weapons like covid; to identify how to make a vaccine to save themselves/ and kill you, with fake vaccine. Because someone has to die, for this earth to survive.  A PANDEMIC is proven by the increase in deaths; over and above immigration and population increases, or other specific aberrations. NO other evidence is substantial. REMEMBERING as in America: “everybody had covid”/ until they got your trillions of dollars and freedom to do anything to genetics they wanted. NOW no, because to prove a vaccine:  “nobody must have covid”; or fraud exists. The alternative to genocide:  is civil war, to keep the big weapons out: make these groups fight, and kill themselves!  OR true change in all of humanity, must occur immediately.

The foundation of our reality is: that extreme pride which is arrogance, has taken control over life on earth. Blanketed by “universities are god”; that fact of our existence has made changes, and is increasing those changes; NOW PROVEN TO BE; ending with our extinction, as the truth does show. The critical cost of that is: “for simplicity”; the serpent of old, has returned. Which means: in every crack, crawlspace, attic, hole, hiding place of any kind; there is an intent to attack; a predator waiting for you to get close. “devil of old”; Identified as a snake; because its means of attack are quick “a coiled strike”/ or the intent to make you fear, in order to squeeze all the breathe out of you. Or more distinctly: what you cannot see, because you are looking forward instead of down; at the places which move you forward; the primary points of living. As become our survival. As is: destroying genetic nature/ destroying resources/ poisoning the entire earth/ destroying life in the ocean/ destroying planet balance/ destroying every chain of life itself. EVEN TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS on FIRE; claiming its safe, “because they know”. But reality proves they have only fantasies, not proof. Arrogance expands pride, to the point of “I am god”/ rather than pride which says, “look at me, I am like god”. The constant, throughout history; of human downfall. And as history proves true: that just means HELL is coming; to whatever degree of violence is possible.

The human prey animal says: today is all that matters, I want everything now; to hell with the others; ME first. The human intellectual predator says: I can get everything I want; IF I can lead them into a trap, or a war with each other to distract them. While the common predator says; all that matters is I don’t get caught; so I will disguise myself; as something other than what I am. In contrast to that: “the human being alive in time and truth” understands, that truth does decide everything, and by looking honestly at the evidence of our reality. The ONLY choice we have is either to change ourselves for life and planet and a future we can survive. OR, to simply abandon this world to death, and all that hate will bring! As there are no other real choices left; our world is dying, by the choices people made; and there is no option but to save it from ourselves.

The unfortunate truth is: there is no greater place to hide and refuse “critical thinking of any kind”; than a university; even more so than common religious indoctrination! They own the book, and the book is god; which makes them god in their own mind; which proves NOBODY questions “their god”. And that runs downhill, into every school, in every grade in this USA. Failure surrounds us all, because reality is banned; and the universities create delusions among their fantasies; none more so than fusion “lets burn atoms”. So you end up with trump; who lives only to get “all the money”; because those who want all the money too: believe it will trickle down to them. But reality; based upon the creation of “claimed assets”; describes the trump years as a USA asset climb of $400 trillion dollars in 4 years (and the trump worshipers said; hurrah). But that equals a per person averaged asset rise of one million dollars per each of one hundred million people. IN EACH OF THOSE FOUR YEARS.

Pure fraud: nonetheless, the counterfeiting exists; and someone is claiming ownership of those numbers; PLUS all the credit for loans, to buy us out; that provides. “just not to you or me or us”/ they own, we lose. Want to know why the banks don’t want your money: “government” gives them money to use: they add another zero to the numbers; or more. Want to know why “government” keeps paying the poor to not work? The purpose is to enslave the middle class and remove their power to intervene in governing. The purpose of covid: to remove the power of the middle class and give it all to “university owns the world”. The purpose of media shouting “these people were unfairly treated, a hundred years plus ago”: The intellectuals, who hide from war; want a civil war. Too many people; as with all genocide; someone has to die. So you see: don’t really need an assault rifle to cause harm: just a voice, and a people willing to “FEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY”, damn you for not doing what you are told: your universities god has spoken; OBEY DAMN YOU obey.

wake up, and prove the consequences of being wrong. Because when the universities are playing god; “screaming NO consequences” for us.  But alas: your option to go back to life as it was,  WILL fail. And all that is then left; becomes a horror, and HELL.    Because genetics are nature; and the universities worship evolution; so they believe injecting chaos; “to prove evolution”; will be great.  Therefrom “becoming Satan” as a result. Multiplied by attempting to ignite “lets burn atoms”;  just like the sun.  Literally means:  wrong, and our planet becomes a sun.            And the people say:  “WE BELIEVE, the universities are god/ savior”; to your shame;  you are “truly wrong”.

Our nation is bankrupt and without truth in reality: due to the answer of every university is LIE DAMN YOU LIE/ STEAL IT; CHEAT; BETRAY; TERRORIZE (as is covid) they will never know! Our only answer in this USA is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; whereby we accept the cost of rebuilding our nation with truth; as learned in court: “best we can”. As to bankruptcy, IF WE CONTROL IT OURSELVES, as a nation; determined to reestablish a foundation for our own survival. CAREFULLY reassembling reality and truth decides; NOT an employee. Only then can we consider this nation survives, as do we. If not: you have handed over this USA to liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves; because you wanted the universities to be god. And they all said HELL YES; and then began to worship “Satan (play god/ destroy a world)” as their own god.

THE TRUTH that they are trying to destroy nature itself/ trying to destroy the planet itself, by igniting ATOMS ON FIRE; “just like the sun”/ poisoning the water/ destroying the oceans/ causing catastrophe in every conceivable way. IS FAR WORSE,

Than just the claim of promises made; which can never be kept. The more knowledge a predator has about its prey, the easier it is to attack and control that prey; ending its life, or pushing it into what becomes a trap. The bribes will end; the nation dissolve into chaos; and your only excuse is;  “you wanted life to be free”. Because your rulers wanted you to be slaves.

I remind you: that while I push for redress of grievances, “because you do not/ and life to change is short now”. THE REALITY OF IT IS; YOU WILL PUSH IT THROUGH; as truth and evidence prove, “one man cannot”. YOUR WORK/ NOT MINE, decides life or death of this world. Your world as you made it to be/ your death as you caused it to be. My contribution is redress: THE LEGAL DEMOCRATIC DEMAND FOR REAL WORLD EVIDENCE; so that no truth or consequence can remain hidden anymore. A CHOICE/ NOT “a sewer flush” to life and world; as has been designed by “universities play god”. Stop being a cult: question your leaders!

This is your world, not mine. For FIFTY YEARS, I have been telling you to stop destroying life and world; to a people who would not listen, because greed and selfishness consumed them/ or they ran away to hide from reality. YOUR TURN TO FIGHT/ I am done. STAND UP FOR YOUR WORLD, and sign your name. STAND UP FOR LIFE ON EARTH, and say, “I too” demand WE MUST KNOW what is true/ and especially the cost for being wrong! First on that list is the reality of people trying to ignite atoms on fire: AS IS THE TRUTH OF WHAT THEY DO. As is the reality of what a tomak is for. Plain and simple fantasies, built upon delusions; but the human cult of university worshipers: remains squished under their own pride (a hardened heart/a herd of animals)

wake up, and prove the consequences of being wrong.

And they are NOT alone in plotting chaos at every level. Roughly fifty projects to ignite atoms on fire exist/ millions across the world are mutilating genetics (nature itself)/ resources are traded for “garbage mountains”/ etcetera, and so much more; it is a true plague upon this earth.

And all the people SCREAM: YOU, CAN’T make me care/ this ain’t my fault, I just want what I want; that ain’t no crime. I won’t do it, I have debts to pay; THIS IS MY ONLY LIFE, AND I WON’T SPEND IT on anything, but what I want. TO HELL WITH YOU. NOBODY listens to me anyway, so I don’t count; SO I HAVE AN EXCUSE. And of course religion says, “just say a couple words, and pay the church, etc”; guaranteed the herd will be saved.

Alas, my only response is: fight for life and world, or it will go extinct; and that includes you. Even you, can see at least some of the evidence, “in your own eyes”; proves that true.

Every bribe/ counterfeited asset; not only provides for your march to extinction. But proves: Your child is dead; because of the choices you made: simple as that. YOU TOOK away their future, by throwing every resource away/ claiming, “I won’t pay”; behind their back; as traitors do.

Your child is dead; because of the choices you made: simple as that/ because your world will soon be dead, with truly fanatical risks, beyond the edge of sanity; and not an ocean of tears, will bring that life, nature, or world back. Nor can you change the “super diseases”. Nor can you remake life, that geneticists have crucified. Nor can you extinguish “atoms on fire”; and you know that is true; as is “just like the sun”.  the horror of experts is beyond description:  but it the difference between “those who kill everything if a disease is found”/ “nazi” in charge (the people so thirsting for power, they will hate anything they can find). And the man who gave the world back wheat. by planting thousands of seedlings, 99.999% of which were susceptible to a disease; but 4 individual plants were not.  from those plants, wheat returned to life. How vile, are those who kill it all; to insure nature CANNOT survive?  And the dead skeletons of university SCREAM;  “we can do that”; we CAN mutilate genetics!  But what they CANNOT DO, is return life to the state of nature built this, untampered with!  And the reality of that is:  JUST ONE, tiny infraction of their curse, to life itself: IS ENOUGH to destroy an entire sub species of plants or animals or life; and even threaten the entire species itself:  as is the difference between “corn and grass”.  Plants that feed fifty percent of life on earth.

The university version of genetics: is at the same level of reality and risk: that is defined by their version of “fusion”. As is pure fantasy and delusions walk here, as is extinction on earth. Can’t believe it: EVOLUTION is the clearest example of fools live here/ a lie from the beginning, a curse without question or doubt. With absolutely no proof of existence. OR, “noah’s flood”; proven true by the mass and distribution of so much life (a full earth) gathered together and buried en mass; as your fossil fuel. The only KNOWN method of doing that: flood waters, beyond our comprehension. WAKE UP OR DIE. Going to space: NOT without oxygen!

the universities will remain silent; or shout “fool”/ but they will offer no proof of reality; because it is all bad; the curse of the damned, SCREAMING “YOU DIE TOO”.   MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR CLAIMS, without the use of “foreign languages”/ to keep you silent.

And men say: YOU CAN’T BLAME US, we are no worse than those who came before; we are gods, the universities prove that! WE DID DO, what they could not: thereby endangering this whole earth!  As is congratulations: you became the biblical description of SATAN!  ALL hail the fools.  So, looking back into history; which does require religious text; the bible being adequate to that task. Finds the Jewish nation of men (perhaps the best, or worst; who knows)_: ARE IN FACT very little different than those men found today: liars, traitors, murderers, terrorists, genocide, thieves, cheats, fools, failures and so on. But the difference is: they were not enough: to destroy an entire world. Today you are.

Which leaves only one conclusion possible: LET WOMEN TRY, they cannot do worse than extinction of life and earth; as is the constant march of universities and the men into death; by playing god among those who support them as a cult. (experts leading to HELL). STOP BEING A HERD OF ANIMALS. Be alive as human is meant to be, instead. A note to women: DON’T be who you want to be, with pride and power like men. CHOOSE LIFE, HONEST JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, TRUTH DECIDES, VALUES WHICH SHAPE OUR DESTINY, BY LOVE, KNOWLEDGE NOT ARROGANCE, LIFE NOT DEATH FOR THIS WORLD. AND MORE. PROTECT THIS WORLD!

Alas, “the bill is due”.  MAKE YOUR DECISION.

Just so its clear: OVERPOPULATED, IS true and must be dealt with!

SIMPLE SAYS:  Reality knows, nature divides every species into subgroups of the same basic design: just like humans are. Nature causes them to group together by that design: so that the competition is narrowed, and groups other than human do not fight or compete with each other. As seen in nature: when different groups are too close to each other/ and suddenly attacked: they then fall over each other, breaking bones, and causing each other to die: because they do not move the same. Nature is correct/ man and media is not. Because the reality is: the vast majority of humans are animals; simply wanting/ fighting/ and judging each other for war; as history proves true. NOT as intended: being alive, in the search for life Created, as thought understands every miracle to be. As reality proves true: NO LIFE ON EARTH, is capable of Creating a single miracle found in living biology. ONLY the dead, playing god, and marching to extinction; as universities design. Limits and boundaries exist, to produce harmony and peace among the living. When threats come; groups join together/ and any outsider is considered to be a traitor or a curse; which means war breaks out in every group/ as well as with every other group; causing an apocalypse (war without restraint). Humans can do/ what animals cannot: want, pride, and power must die;to be human in you”.

As to aliens: I tell you with little doubt, that a binary (2 suns) sun system is evidence of a world just like this one; who refused to change. Who refused reality: and said, “we can, control the sun; we are gods”; and ignited atoms on fire. Just like you are trying to do, in order to continue having everything you want; without a cost.         don’t be so damn stupid!nasa

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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