The distance we will travel, until the energy is gone

The distance we will travel, until the energy is gone


Life in time, Is the distance we will travel, until the energy is gone/ or desire fails in us to complete the task of living. So the question is WHY does this task exist, and how do we survive if the energy is gone, and what is the value of life itself; as creates the desire of purpose?

Among these questions is: a relationship between life and energy that is sustained, to be among the living; therefore assigned with the task of being alive in time. Bridging the gap between life and energy is thought, and thought exists as a primary element used to contain that energy in order to become life itself. What then is life, energy, thought, and desire?

Life, examines truth, and participates in law; because the laws which govern our universe, also govern life itself. Therefore to achieve life, we must first identify and create our own participation within the law that applies to us.

Energy, is a value identified by movement; either as push or pull, that consists of change. Within that change is direction, and within that direction is a destiny either too, or from something which already exists.

Thought, constructs the definition of a direction as a decision, aligned with the decision to participate. Therefrom we arrive at knowledge as a relationship to the energy, used to direct understanding assembled by direction, to form a decision which is then consistent with the destiny that energy will impose upon our arrival at this form of existence.

Desire establishes existence with a choice. By our own decision, based upon the direction of our own destiny: we are allowed to create the identity of our desire. To become the purpose we have imposed upon our living.

Given these four relationships offer formations driven by life; the critical question is WHY should life exist? That turns distinctly to the creation of “I”, and asks: why should “I live”? Desire answers this, with the boundaries and limits of what am I? Having achieved that within the concept of identity, the ability to construct an energy reality, based upon law, that grants the formation of decisions. Then conceives of thought as the basis of why should I live? That question is dependent upon desire, and desire is formed along the direction of your choice; as is love or hate.

Hate is: the destruction of law, and therefrom the dissolution of energy as it dissipates into the vast universe to be lost forever. Hate is the function of death, and death hangs onto life, by its tangible intent to steal whatever it can from the living. But it is a fate sealed, unless what you did do: was cost the life of someone who loved honestly from entering eternity. HADES is your reward for that; which means eternal terrors for you. A tragedy to life and self.

LOVE IS: the alternate direction and destiny, whereby desire forms the basis of hope, and hope forms the foundations upon which eternity does define itself as unending; because there is a value to life and living with love. Therefore love is “the relationship with love”. Or more distinctly, the never ending association with life inside, that is shared with another to form an unbreakable bond forever. To achieve that, the purity of love must always answer with caring, respect, and truth.

As a formation dependent upon love; the critical test of purity then determines the reality of what can and cannot become eternal. Life exists, because beyond its own creation; there must be a desire to live. Love achieves that desire, as its purpose is truth (we must not waiver; the law keeps us alive), respect (we must accept the miracle life is, cherishing the dignity of being alive), value (by accepting the grace of our own decisions; life is ours, to achieve what we can define within ourselves), courage (being free, is not for the faint of heart; reality is truth), hope (the dimension of love, cannot be contained), heart (the dimension of love, expands within truth), and soul (the dimension of love, becomes MORE, when purity completes the journey “from the garden of heart, to the planting of what becomes the “most delicate and fragrant blossom” we can be. Thereby proving what love means to me).

Love is then the poetry of values shaped and formed by life, as it lifts beyond the fray of confrontations which would take it away. Energy is both friend and enemy; and as such remains forever a value to be shared, but also controlled without fear; in order to survive beyond time.

Within the conception is the lesson of my own life. Or more distinctly: one life shaped my existence in time more than any other. It should be noted: before entering into the more defined creations of this relationship, I asked “of life” is there greater love for me to come, in time? That answer was not given; but I accepted “then I will choose for, even just a little love”/ not other distractions are desired. But reality proved this was not the correct choice; because while love existed, she could not rise to the level I needed her to be. And because she could not surrender the love which she found in me; the end result of it was a fight to bring me down; to where she was not afraid. I could not/ but I could not allow her to fail; because she chose me at the beginning. So we were bad for each other. Until the final: “the only thing left is, the foundation of my heart”/ and that was never to be surrendered; as it is the basis or creation of my life.

The lesson being: “delicate and fragrant as a flower” cannot survive being treated as a possession. Freedom is essential, heart needs hope, just as love needs the care of what we honestly share in respect. It is not a game, not a possession, not yours or mine or theirs; it is our choice. Love will rise above truth, to become the essence of our home as one life shared. Whereas possession will tear that down, and freedoms without a right, will tear as if a predator to the living inside. I accept we both lived through it; but not without losses for each.

So let love be love, and lift each to the blessings of what purity can be. But if another will not come with you; “fear is a harsh reality”/ then you must not surrender yourself in that aid. We each make our own decisions. We each create the identity of our own lives; what we share is love: “the bridge between souls”. Or at least the timing, shaped by values we can share, that lifts and creates the garden of care, that elevates both our lives.

IT IS, absolutely necessary, to remember love is a gift (no longer yours/ you cannot take it back; unless they do return it to you). WHICH IS the cause of “heartbreak”, a very real truth.

So, as to me: being devastated by “Love is not enough”/ I returned to truth alone decides. And spent years rebuilding my life for the sake of love. Turning to GOD first; and forever more. A reality which then shaped both life and work, until tinnitus altered my existence to “just work”.

As all people do: finding myself too vulnerable, for living “without walls” to protect the love I needed to survive. No one was allowed to come close, ever again. But reality now proves true: life has changed so much, that the spiritual woman in me, is starting to tear those walls down {I can feel it true}. Making me again vulnerable to love. I know not how that ends either; “its complicated”, and at 69+ years old, “I do” wander why?

Her response: “it is not your choice”.

So, I will summarize this work, and all previous work: with the simple truth, “I did what I could do”/ as best life and world would allow it. What is left, is up to you to assemble into whatever you “did do”. Never perfect, my intent was to be adequate to the job/ and I hope that was accomplished. It was your job to communicate the reality of your own threats, your own needs, the protection of your own child; it was never mine. I am a messenger: required to deliver to whomever would listen, the fact “without true change in humanity, terrors will overtake you/ and extinction will come soon. “in your lifetime”/ making this your choice for life or death of this world of life.

In summary; “the universities have altered life and living and world, by your own demands”. The governments have disguised themselves with lies, and more to avoid realities/ presenting you with bribes: as you desired for them to do. The vast majority have screamed “MAKE ME RICH”/ and threw away life, to achieve it; making their reward “a garbage mountain on top, and a sewer of poison underneath”. You threw away life for every child; claiming “let them fight for life”. While religion hides from universities; because their leaders are from universities; and have made their choice.

As for me: life has made a turn, required for completion of my work/ but nonetheless, a complete surprise; with no clear ending in sight of any kind. A passenger now, in whatever life is left to me. Caught between male or female; as there is no in between, as defined by nature in truth. Which makes of me “a quandary” not even I understand. Just have to wait, as truth has its own version of time and need to know. I don’t know, but faith is true (accepting miracles are enough to know: GOD IS REAL), and I don’t need to know, more; “my CREATOR” will decide.

As to your individual life: “it is yours” to choose. But only truth survives, and there is no “middle” in eternity. One direction or the other, is all you get/ otherwise trapped or, dissolved as animals are.

I suppose I should include; if any love as suggested, might exist for me. The list is simple: No teeth/ bad ears/ a little money, but no debt/ some degree of threat, due to this work/ skin issue on scalp: not pretty, but fair, simple, and plain. Alas not even certain about body, “a spiritual construction, of not mine anymore”; don’t know why, its complicated. “the highlights” I suppose; including “got tits” (some men have bigger/ some women have smaller; absolutely no control_). The one thing I can tell you is: “nothing male about them”/ and that is the truth. I suppose; it is only fair to allow, “that my life is disassembled” and even the pieces are disappearing; leaving me with no clear future or means of “self”. The reality is “not as I was”; and I don’t know what that means to any relationship, other than not violent. As is my identity remaining. its complicated, you should understand that. That is not “a game” to lure anyone/ its just the truth. I have spent a great deal of time alone; always working, but I do feel confident in saying:  I can complete this journey on my own. But, LIFE reminds me, I am no longer in charge of my life. A friend would be better, but “few are available/ animals cannot be more than a herd, or pack”, and that is the truth. Work can replace isolation, but not a friend. There is work beyond this to do; but desire, and reality is required; however all life is alone, without love. Never intended “a diary”; but it seems necessary. I don’t know why?In keeping with that construction: “I grew up going to a Lutheran church/ began this journey at the 16th ave Lutheran church in DC (by surprise, some 40+ years ago)/ no longer attend because “belief is different than faith”. People are people/ want is want. Beyond that, although my relationship with this world remains constant/ my relationship with body (weird) & self (disassembled, parts missing, can’t put it back together), makes living very different. How it ends I don’t know. Feels a bit like floating on the sea alone, with no relationship to land: not fearful, but separated from life as it always was. The spiritual woman “of Revelation 12” is here; and within the boundaries of love. But her demand is to “save women on earth”;  I got in the way a bit; and she is not taking any more chances. So, I have become a passenger, in my own life. But my true desire is for this world to survive, by the honor of respect for  GOD  our CREATOR.  So, what is needed is needed; I try not to complain. My work as male has been done; YOU did receive the message; “change or go extinct”. What spiritual female has in mind; is entirely different/ and she refuses to tell me what it is; but “work is work”;  I assume, whatever it is will start soon. but no real clue “in the dark, so to speak”. Work did not include any “presto, its magic”. Rather, from one “element of truth”, to the next; the foundation of wisdom comes from understanding what is, or is not real. YOUR WORLD, is threatened with extinction; and that is more real, than you can even imagine. PROVE it is not so/ or die. Because there is no middle ground; where the herd wants to be. RISE above stupidity.

Whether there could be, or is “sex to share”; between female and I; as driven by the assertion “vulnerable to love”, is honestly unknown. Everything is “not mine (trust me, I know)” anymore; not male, not female; body unknown! It is a quandary, and I have no means to understand why. This is NOT a game, to get sex. It is simply the reality of “me”. NO, I do not know why you need to know? Although establishing; “a base definition”; is consistent with removing claims of ridicule, and assumptions; as will come. Let truth decide. Alas, animals cannot. Therefore this work, depends upon those who are alive “in the miracles of life”; rather than want.

To your shame; I must repeat, “female only”/ there is NOTHING available to men sexually here in me; and that will not change. LIFE, and living IS; Strictly between female and I.    Work is a separate thing, as is all that is NOT sexual: or, more simply “just plain male” as always; remains the same.

I will include for this site; intended to help humanity become real again. that of the ten or so people identified as determinant of whether to spend money and try to support this work for your own purposes. Only one could tolerate listening for the “two minute explanation”/ and he was just being polite. Reality over the years; “it is enough”. So, as with all other aspects of my work: you are too smart for me. Which means: use it if you can/ but I have given enough to know, as with all common beliefs, the gossip (a grain of sand is all I need or want; my mind is made up) will not let it come to fruition. So, it will simply remain as it is.

You are, who you are; and it is not my job to change that. It is yours!

Life calls me to testify: “that according to JESUS, no one comes to the father, but by him”. While I am not a religious man; I have faith in the truth, teaching, and testimony of life and eternity given by JESUS. According to the bible. So its clear: the bible is not my god/ as that is merely the collection of what men understood and wrote down. Jews are not “the carriers of that message”; and provided little more than a history of what living was like back thousands of years. Proving simply “Just like us”/ nothing has really changed in the choices of men.

What I do state in difference to Christianity is: that “believing in Jesus” is not the final say as to whether eternal life exists, as a choice; for humans on earth. “truth and love decide”. However as written: the purity of purpose, and the reality of desire forming in the faith that you have; in order to ask for eternity. Will be measured according to your choice in JESUS. Or more simply: while you may seek eternal life without JESUS. As written: you will not be allowed to see or approach, THE GOD OF LIFE , unless JESUS is part of your chosen identity. As is the interpretation of those words. The choice is yours, as is the cost of being wrong.

I did my job/ it is done! Beyond that, is a quandary, for me; I no longer own. But not for you: humanity must change, or it will die, along with this earth. That is the truth:  GO SEARCH to prove the evidence is wrong/ or accept reality by its own truth must decide.

As for me: I have been offered “a door into eternity”/ but it is without love; so I refused. That is: The cost of abandoning life on earth, rather than participating as best I can. My choice is: to sustain the presence of “spiritual woman”, on this planet; and work for her, as best I can. Of costs and reasons: respect knows, that she is more than I, and her love is greater than mine. But there is also the truth of men; and the clear and certain degradation of men and their wars, coming. The cost of which to all women is rape, ravaging, ruin, death, cannibalism, chaos, end of law, and even worse. As reality continues to prove: life will end! Because that is, what the majority of men will do/ have done, by the endless destruction, and vile defecation, that is “Universities play god”. When law is ruined/ life is dead. It will be little better for men; as they finish destroying life and earth; worshiping only want, pride, and power/ in one last extinction event.

So, the reality is: work till the end, and accept that the cost will be; “less than failure”. As best I/we, can. Your own destiny beyond time, rests upon your own truth; your choice for love or hate; as does mine.

The animals scream: “there is nothing but dust” in death/ play god while you can.

But the miracles prove beyond question: that life here is a gift of grace, beauty, and the strength of life itself/ so far beyond our comprehension; that we have no real clue, as to the elements of thought, or its true destination. Beyond JESUS, the only one written of throughout history, that changed a world: from hate, back to love. By proving what the difference really is. HIS description; that we are not merely Created and left behind: but are potentially eternal, by our own decisions for love. Grant the faith that GOD IS REAL. Accepting that fact, allows for the search, which asks WHY? As love itself replies: “because life without love, has very little value”/ but life with love, finds joy, truth, and law. As eternity needs for life to be.

Man animals, choose war, when they have destroyed everything they depend upon for life or happiness in their version of wealth. War is: LETS STEAL THEIRS/ and destroy what they need to survive; so we can enslave them. The cost of war: KILL THEM, and they won’t be back for revenge/ or to take back, what we stole.

LAW IS THE ONLY REALITY OF LIFE, WHICH GRANTS A FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN AND MEN who are alive inside; to create a future for themselves with rights and freedoms and foundations needed to be truly happy as love provides for those who do choose peace and harmony through living within “truth decides/ not want, pride, or power”. The difference is: value conceives of hope, and hope constructs the future of life and earth.

Do you see the difference?

Because your enemies: are working every day, to establish CHAOS and destruction of all things including law. So that; you are forced into hate or death. As is the cost of letting the curse of humanity (man animals: WANT is all that matters) remove your hope.

What women will become if allowed to lead: is purely a guess, as there are (women animals too). The only real question is: how many. Because as with war proven by history: the majority of men, are forced by violence to comply. Thereby losing the values of truth, love, and life. Therefrom, failing life itself, as is the fate of too many women too. Being spiritually alive inside. WHERE LOVE LIVES by truth. REQUIRES YOU to care! “the price, of living beyond death”.

REQIURES YOU TO MOVE BEYOND A CHOICE; AND MAKE A DECISION TO PARTICIPATE, as best YOU can; within the law. In order to save this world from extinction. Too damn late, is the same as “YOU chose, NOT to CARE. Eternity will remember. I guarantee it, as truth cannot be less than truth.   excuses, are worthless!

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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