The critical costs of living

The critical costs of living


LIFE, needs change. Reality demands that truth must define a different solution/ but that is irrelevant, unless hope remains for life and the living of those who must change to save this world. So, life says: “we begin with hope, and when that is accomplished; we accept that the price of evidence (not expert) “as best we can”/ will decide what we can or must do. Hope is a fragile thing, but it can be very resilient: giving back to life its purpose, by a desire for living. Some time back: I was infected with a harsh bacterial disease. It was a needle point into the blood vein (intravenous)/ which became a blockage, and heart issues/ which became a kidney failure (organ) (causing urine to seep through the feet)/ which required an antibiotic for a month. But then got better: however the disease transferred into a tetanus (mental) needle hole/ and while I could have caught it in time (I was) having some difficulties taking the antibiotic longer. So a month or so later; that infection became toxic; and began altering more bone structure; as indicated by a hard calcium shell (bone) over the top of its entry point. At which point finding “I could be crucified” by four different directions of body in crisis; I lost control over blood pressure/ and had to lie down and sleep in order to get it back. 4 months or so of antibiotics (don’t remember exactly). But did not help until I, physically cut off that calcium shell: which opened a direct line into the bacteria/ which I fed continually for 4 hours or so; until it took no more. And it finally healed. So: in terms of your “world health”/ I suggest to you, that we at least hope your situation was better than mine. And I remind you, that I am still here; and have both arms, etc.

So, is that hope? I suggest to you that it is. Because even though we must do the best we can, or die/ in the end, life or death is not up to us: because we are not gods. Simple as that, I was not frightened by dying/ but the method of dying caused me great concern; until I realized, I can only do, what I can do. So I did that, because life in time is worth living.

You need to do what you can do as well; because life in time is “worth living”/ and death offers no reward. It simply ends your options.

Hope first, and accept: we can do, what we can do/ and beyond that, will not be decided by “ourselves”.

Having established: that life is not simple/ and survival is not a game. The critical solutions to “this America” at this time is:

  1. we cannot allow the liars, traitors, and thieves any more time to destroy us with their ways. Promises of money must be removed/ by returning the currency count to what truth can support. Instead of allowing fantasies and debts to rule us all. Which means: we must have redress/ and we must accept that the currency count SHALL be determined by the citizen count: so that reality can determine what is fair. By using limited capitalism (our vote) to decide/ rather than their fraud and failures which destroy. “or more simply, nobody earns a billion dollars/ NOBODY”. Because that would mean: ten thousand people who have an income of one hundred thousand dollars each: owe one individual a year of their work; before taxes/ add taxes and its fifty thousand people who have an income of one hundred thousand each. OR if you make ten thousand a year: Its 500 thousand people who owe that individual a years work:  IT IS removed, with limited capitalism.  And what is fair becomes the decision of us all. NO it is not “everybody equal”; people earn/ and people fail, and they should not be equal. So there is valid and true conceptions for at least 3 times more than the least paid. We start again: but not from “war”/ with life, and with hope for a more fair and justified society.
  2. We cannot allow leaders to decide. WORLD LAW OR EXTINCTION is your choice. Make it so.
  3. We cannot allow extreme experimentation: the cost of being WRONG IS beyond your imagination. STOP THEM or it will be HELL.
  4. We cannot allow “endless things of university did this”/ because it ends with extinction. The consequence of playing god.
  5. We cannot allow, for the end of our world; by what humanity does do. You MUST stop. And that includes human population rise, global warming, and less. Truth must decide for us all/ no exceptions.
  6. We cannot enforce the law of limits and boundaries; without creating the independent nations which align with true “race enforced” realities. As is: this group belongs only here/ that group belongs only there. Because there is no other way to enforce: you did not obey your limits and boundaries as set by world laws for us all. And will be punished or rewarded as such.
  7. We cannot find peace unless we search and remove hate/ hate is the enemy. But want, as is the animal unleashed: is the prime motive for nearly all of human tragic behaviors.
  8. We can align our decisions with law; and enforce the courtroom IS OUR OWN; and the judge will obey, and be rewarded for doing what is right. Lawyers will fight for justice and society by law (all of us)/ not rules (just you). Punishments shall be consistent with the cause and the truth of what was done/ not a legal maze owned by the wealthy; who want what they want.
  9. No more propaganda/ no more media saturation/ no more “covid responses”/ no more mobs/ no more advertising anything but truth/ no more national or international banks/ no more welfare, a guaranteed job if you take it, and do it honestly. No more private healthcare or let government pay. No more taxation beyond truth. No more anything initiated by universities; as have failed life and world. No more GMO; cursing life and land. No more ethanol. No more irrigation, unless it is absolutely essential. “an endless list: to return life, and stop extinction; as is a choice.
  10. The evidence decides/ not your want. That does mean: all sides shall have their say: but with limited “short and distinct messages” which all should be able to understand. So that truth can come forward, and real world decisions can be made: by your own understanding of truth/ NOT beliefs.
  11. The value of “love and friendship” should never be lost again. which means the games people play shall end.
  12. True respect for life and world shall be found; or you will end. Such is what truth predicts for your world. It is a choice. Identify what has value.The very critical truth of hope is: that we are even in hope, dependent upon truth. Because only truth survives, and without survival; there is no hope. So, we the world MUST arise to take back control over our world; from the insurgency of “a university expert”/ who I remind you as with global warming: can be bought to say anything power wants for you to believe. Is changing democracy to suit themselves. Is destroying the economic realities of this USA; by invoking the rebellion that is as always, “only the rich can own anything/ only the superior ones decide/ the rest are all slaves; and will be called worthless; once their vaccine in ready to release unto themselves. But not you; because it is an overpopulated world. Humanity whispers I want what I want/ and I don’t want to fight against those who have all the power. But we are 8.2 billion people roughly; and we do have the power of ENFORCING LAW on our leaders. Therefrom the laws we make for ourselves/ and enforce for ourselves; becomes a new and different world. Because we can seek our own truth/ rather than let the rules of rulers divide and conquer us instead. It is a choice/ and there will be a cost. But it is far less: that what truth insists you are in fact “about to pay”. Finding your strength to remove the tyrant; begins with tearing off the armor: that keeps you out of forming a true democracy. That means: YOU WILL ENFORCE REDRESS, and you will create its definition by your own design; as I have given you the means to understand it. Your hope is: that together we can create the laws, that decide for us all. Enforcing that law on leaders, so they cannot rule over us with their own set of rules. Do you see the difference? WE ARE “the military of every nation”/ and by giving soldiers their own “bill of rights”/ as designed by we the people. They join us all in creating a new world for humanity and for life and for earth; as best we can. No more yelling and screaming/ no more blaming the others/ no more excuses or claiming it is someone else s job: it is your job/ and this is our world/ and we cannot allow the descent from our own survival; to go on anymore. Back to truth, defined by realities not want/ no more belief, only the evidence: not the expert. Can be used to identify what is true.

    The spiritual world gives “life its life”/ by conforming the basic element of force, by motion, to either male or female. It is the force that can rise again; even when motion has been taken away; as with death. So spiritual recognition of life says: what male has done, is male: “to refuse to let this world die; without a fight”! In contrast comes: what spiritual female has done is balance that fight with: to refuse to let this world or its girls & women die; without the hope of mercy, and the value of respect. Together they consist of a message from our CREATOR: that is, either this world of humanity WILL change/ or they shall go extinct. Because they cannot “play god” with life/ it is a lie, and all will fail; and become extinct. No human, includes the writer of this work!   It is, “a decision; to recognize, or investigate; a world, clearly in trouble”. It is a decision: to understand life cannot survive without truth; and that includes YOU!

    The question is not how: but rather the work, has been done!


    but understand:  NO going back.  LIFE   OR   DEATH!

    As the writer here, for both male and female:

    I do not know, if you have a day/ a year/ or ten years: it is not my job.

    What I do know: is the evidence of life and earth failing is real.

    The consequence of that is extinction.

    And one second too late; means there is no hope left.

    NOTHING is more certain of that: “than trying to ignite the same heat source here as is on the sun”. I guarantee it is an atomic fire; and you know that is true; as nothing else “that we know exists”; can do, what the sun does.

    Death is death, and anything living can die.

    IT IS, today; “A LIVING WORLD”!

    TOMORROW;  is your decision.  BUT no going back!

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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