The rules and realities of governing ourselves

The rules and realities of governing ourselves


the living brain: means life matters more than want”.

“the animal brain: means want matters more than life”.

DO you see the difference: “because universities do not”! And have led us all along the road of our own destruction; by altering what works for life, into what they believe, will give self, what it wants instead.

The cost: they are or did, destroy: “the living structures” of our survival.

university then comes to mean: WITHOUT TRUST/ but are serviced and protected; by the cult of believers who call them gods! nonetheless: reality does exist, and we must find our way! The claim of avian flu in cattle: is a thirst for more money/ more power/ more pride; to the universities! But on the other side of that is: raw milk should not be trusted at this time: because the reality is. While in the cow it is realistically protected/ but the human element of hooking up milking machines and all that is involved in that; DOES lead to contamination at times. Which can include introducing problems to the cow herself.

THE FIRST RULE of society is: WE KNOW, that some will do “unthinkable” things/ for a thousand different reasons: so WE MUST HAVE LAWS! Those laws must reflect the values of us all; so that the policing and judiciary need NOT rely upon their judgment/ but ours: as society decides for itself, what is fair and justified, within that law. A society that creates ITS OWN LAW; rules itself. But a society that creates rules to “crush the individual”/ creates rulers, and surrenders itself to tyranny.

THE SECOND RULE of society is: that humanity has not changed “in ten thousand years”/ because the same types of crime, continue to be the same types of crime: only the methods are different/ because tools change. What was a threat “a hundred years ago” is still a threat. Genocide is always a threat: because those who have little know: “if we kill you/ then everything you have is MINE”. Prejudice, bigotry, ridicule, and all the rest: for forms of “subliminal violence: testing the waters, for what if we kill you dead”? Making someone less: is the first step in genocide, “you are trash/ and I can throw away the trash! A reality, from the beginning of human life. Hate is the instigator of mobs/ anger is the revenge for “something, called unfair”.

THE THIRD RULE of society is: IT IS NOT our job, to create “winners and losers”/ altering reality by governing people. INSTEAD it is our job to create the laws of our government, by constitutional mandates; which limit the power of our employees/ and bind them within the boundaries of what WE THE PEOPLE have determined is our legal right to be or do as a society born into freedom; created by rights; and justified by liberty to control what we own as is the state of nation: through redress. WE WILL DECIDE NOW/ not you.

GUN TRUTH: “it is the bullet” not the gun that kills. Therefore changing the bullet; accomplishes the difference between 2nd amendment law/ or not. Hollow point RUBBER bullets can leave behind information that is useful; when registered.

Non-lethal bullets: allow for the caring of a weapon, with training to insure you KNOW; what is acceptable or the punishment you will receive.  NON-lethal means it works to do what it was intended to do. contrary to US SUPREME court ruling:  a machine gun is determined by how many rounds of ammunition any device can deliver in one minute. how many times a human must provide the actual trigger force. A bump stock does make the gun;  “indefensible: as it is true, you cannot overcome the ammunition being expended”. it is a machine, used to expend bullets beyond what people can or would do.

While the fearful either want a gun or want never to see a gun: the reality is; “with a billion guns” in the nation/ they are never going away. And it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE; that genocide occurs when one group has weapons but the other does not.

Reality will prove; carrying a gun will not protect you from being victimized: because the entire purpose of the predator is to take you by surprise; and that is universal. So they are far more likely to take your gun that you are to use it against them.

However it is also true: that people can intervene in a situation of violence; if they have a gun/ when otherwise they could not. So if you carry a gun, like police: your only real purpose is to defend someone else. But unlike the police: it can be hard to know who is the criminal and who is not. A mistake is serious.

It is mental health issues; that plague the nation. Those are not dealt with by claiming guns are the enemy: other forms of weapons are also easily available and just as deadly.

While in the real world: IT IS FAIR TO SAY, that nobody should need or want to carry a gun. In the real world it is also fair to say: if SOMEONE IS SHOOTING at you/ it is a value, to be able to shoot back to defend yourself or someone else. While that rarely happens; and people are killed accidentally. The foundation of the second amendment remains true: that GENOCIDE occurs “as with the american Indian”/ when your weapon is not equivalent to theirs. When too few own or know how to use a weapon: all “fall down”.

The claim of most gun owners is: RESPECT ME! The claim of most, “I won’t lock this gun” is: I cannot get it fast enough to count. The reality of leaving guns in vehicles or other is: IF YOU put a six foot cable on them/ then you can still use the gun in an emergency; but someone else cannot simply take it away. Because the cable is attached; and should sound the alarm if moved; releasing a chemical agent which marks with color and smell; is also a valid safety mechanism for identifying criminals. IF the cable gets cut; diffusers on the “bottom” of the vehicle, at the doors: SPEW out, “identifying materials”.

There is no “safe world”/ because the foundation of nearly all human behavior is want; and want is an animal: which then becomes “predator or prey”. The result of pride (I will win), and the cost of hate (I will judge).

The very critical truth of it is simply: “what is true, is always true/ and you cannot escape your truth: “young or old”/  because life will remember”. Reality decides:  facts are facts, “No, you cannot call back a bullet; once it leaves the gun”! Eternity exists; because truth cannot be erased. So the question is: WHAT will you choose, your truth to be? While mercy can cover some truth up with: “you did repent of this”.  Only purity is the basis of rising above self/ where life exists upon a very different level, than is human. The joy of truth is “happiness; when being ALIVE” means you participate in life itself”/ not simply body.

Mental health: revolves around the three primary elements of manipulation. They are “believe/ fear/ obey”. These are coupled to the three primary elements of human decision which is: “love/ hate/ or accept want is enough (animal/ instead of human)”. Loneliness then adds in the final decision: which is, or is not, “I cannot accept my life or living as it is”.

How you mix these inside; becomes your life/ and will identify your living. Because the end result of each forms a distinctive composite; of how you desire your life and living to be. Identifying purpose, by what you choose.

So, in order to accomplish a decision or destiny rather than a fate or consequence: we must own the disciplined reality of not only knowledge and understanding/ but the relationships which balance our own version of wisdom.

Knowledge comes first:

  1. love is the building of trust, by the elevation of truth decides; rather than me or you. Where there is trust, we identify someone we can in fact live with/ therefore the first step is completed; and what we do desire to be our truth rises beyond self; to become the destiny we have chosen to complete within ourselves. That path to decisions based within truth, to desire the destiny we have formed: is then measured against what you provide to me/ and I to you; which proves, “more than a friend/ can I, or you be”. Because miracles are more than a game. Therefore the search beyond self; is our own direction; and love illustrates the value of, and our respect for each other.
  2. Hate is the destruction of life and living, by introducing chaos in order to gain something called “self/ mine/ want/ or judgment”. Each of these is an element initiated by pride, and results in power over another individual. Therefore self illustrates “the superior one is me/ or I am jealous”. Mine considers everything should belong to me; so that I can play judge over your life and your needs. Want identifies the value of need, and controls “the playground” of how we get what we need in order to survive. While judgment; is the intent to play god, and thereby lessen the value of another/ and thereby introduce, “slave/ beg/ abuse/ prejudice/ mob/ and the variations called anger. To assert: I am the winner here/ or will have my revenge. War, thereby death: insures, you ain’t coming back: MINE now.
  3. Animal is a definition of predator or prey; and it illustrates the simplicity of life is now mine. Because I don’t need nothing more than to be left alone, in order to get what I want. Unless I fail; which then requires you to aid me; with whatever you have/ because I want it; and as a herd animal, I have the right to take whatever I can get. Animal wants sex, and uses the games of fighting to declare “my trophy/ not yours”.

We then establish what are the descriptions used to manipulate, and why do they exist? Belief comes first, because it is the most volatile, and expansive of the three. We believe in what we want to be true/ should come true, because we want it to be so; and as the “god (mine all mine) of my soul (life is a choice)”/ I GET TO DECIDE, for myself! Therefore every belief is a mixture of what you want, why you want it, and what you hope to achieve by that want in the living of your life. Which makes manipulating as simple as defining what it is that you want; and providing that want or a road to that want; IF YOU do this. How much you want what you want; decides the level of your commitment to the cult of your beliefs. Cult means: “never question your leader”/ which in the case of belief is ultimately “your own want”.

FEAR is the most intrusive manipulation of desire/ because it is the most primitive and therefore the most elemental choice: to protect myself/ OR, protect someone/ something else. Fear is then used as a wedge, to pry you apart from what you do desire to protect/ and when successful; then separates you from your own truth; as does become loneliness. Because you do stand alone, not even owning the value of your desire. Purpose then dies; and the foundations upon which we let our decisions be made is altered into: life or death is all there is, for me. And because fear originates in “some other living or dying thing”/ the blame for taking my life away from me: IS CAUSED BY YOU. Violence erupts, for those who continue the descent into hate. Which is: this is all your fault/ and I judge you not only worthless to me; but the trash that makes my life miserable. Which then needs to be “dissolved and thrown away”.

OBEY, is an alteration of fear and believe: because want is an illustration of animal/ and animal lives in a herd, and does whatever the herd needs for it to do; whenever a panic situation arises. In order to achieve that a hierarchy is formed; because those who protect us most/ should be first in line; and they insist. The consequence of it is: the designation of class (I am the superior one/ or not)/ elevation of wealth (mine all mine/ and I want yours too)/ consequences of slavery (I must/ or I die)/ depressions (I cannot have what I want/ this is unfair)/ mental instability (IF only I do this/ THEN I can win; “no, I failed; and cry”). Etc. the predator version is similar; but revolves around wanting violence and control over people, instead of wanting needs.

We then turn to loneliness: how do you measure your life and living? If you compare it to others/ then the others are judged according to “what they are worth to you”? If you turn against loneliness, and demand “I am god instead”: then arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect will follow; and turn into hate as the reality of loneliness is intensified by these decisions. If you accept life is a miracle, and our journey into the time of our living is a message; that aligns with what is most valuable to you? Then relationships will form, because value has many different meanings; and they will begin to include all of life on earth, and even more, as love surrenders want, self, and loneliness to the greater decisions of what is destiny, and how do we shape the value of soul into a heart that earns its place in eternity?

The message of love is then: “creation”, is more than we understand, and requires our best, to create “a living heart”.

The message of hate is then: nothing in this world is more valued than ME/ and I will own my world, and do with it all: “whatever I please, or pleases me”.

The message of animal is: “dust to dust”/ take what you can get; and let the others hear you scream, “I AM THE WINNER”. Or at least, I had a life.

Friends remember: “I am not here to change you/ nor are you here to change me”. Only the value of your existence can shape the destiny or journey that we share. Therefore our choice is: to express and experience, what we can share/ because we did choose to care. Accepting respect does not change truth; it merely adds what I can provide to you/ or you can provide to me; as our journey unfolds. Truth survives/ lies do not. So the question is: am I worth “the truth” to you?

There are an endless number of threats far worse than guns in this nation and world! Established by thieves, traitors, and terrorists; who have mercilessly raided, ravaged and raped the future for their own greed and selfishness. The reality of our future is bleak indeed. Governed by fantasy and delusions “courtesy of university/ and their cult priests of media; with no lack of public cult worship; we are faced with nature being injected with chaos/ earth being subjected to global warming and much more/ atmospheric detachment/ oxygen depletion, resource losses; and the exploding human population which is certain death to life on earth. Is only the beginning of failure due to university knows leadership. As is the evidence of this day.

And the people continue to believe; rather than accept what is true of our lives and our world. Hope remains but is diminished to the point of “now or never”. As reality continues to evict truth for war, which will include weapons of mass destruction; “we will take what we want/ because we judge you the trash; to be evicted from our lives”. As Israel and Russia lead/ with China hiding in the bushes waiting to shout SURPRISE. As the realities of water, and soon to be food curse us all.

So, now or never: accept your truth, and accept your behaviors will change, and accept your greed will be thrown aside, and accept what is true shall decide, and accept that selfishness gains nothing, and accept ten thousand things must be changed or we will soon be extinct. Because that is what you chose, by university (indoctrination of every child) leads us all.

Even accept that it is women who must identify how best to change and enforce our laws. Because men have led for thousands of years; “and simply cannot do it”. Because there are always those who will rip and tear life in peace, apart as predators do.

And while the majority continue to shout and scream: WE DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE NOTHING. The evidence is overwhelming; change or die/ it will be far sooner than you think. Because you have no clue; as lies rule this world.

Humanity screams: “we are gods/ better than any who ever walked this earth; because we have stuff”! But at no other time in the history of the world did extinction not only exist: but seem immanent as well. That does make you the most blind and arrogant and selfishness of any generation who ever lived. The most idiotic for believing in evolution; “where no real proof of any kind exists. The most vile for destroying the future for every child. The most ugly, with the disease of apathy and disrespect; as is those trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms fire” (no matter what they say). As is plainly if helium is being made by the sun/ THEN WHERE IS THE HELIUM? And so much more. You are ignorant and foolish/ failing yourselves and your world and your children: because you believe the cult of university gives you what you want. And they do; but with every truth there is a consequence/ and that has been hidden; as the cult itself screams, “we will die/ take all you can get: let the children fend for themselves”. Even though you took or destroyed everything they need.

That makes everything I could say: to remove you from your hypnotic trance, and cult worship has been said. Only the decision is left: LIVE, AND CHANGE; OR DIE, AND BE FOREVER EXTINCT, because you would not let truth decide what was in fact “real world evidence”/ nor would you investigate; not even at the cost of losing this world. As is so clearly OBVIOUS with trying to ignite atoms “just like the sun”. HERE on this earth, where everything is fuel.

AND THE “HUMAN” WORLD SAYS: why don’t you just leave us alone, we are happy right now/ and DON’T want to think about more than that! WE WON’T consider the consequences until they make us; “fight for our lives and change”/ as it has always been.

BUT THE REAL WORLD SAYS: today, the things universities do: do not allow for waiting. THE CONSEQUENCES are extinction/ and they cannot be simply taken back or changed to remove that extinction once the point of n return has pasted: “it is, then over forever lost; an entire world of life”.

SO THE WARNING IS GIVEN: that being human instead of animals; you must think beyond self/ and recognize this is no game. You must recognize that thought is “your only friend”/ and without thought to establish what is true: you are lost, and soon to be extinct. NOTHING warns of that better, “than those who claim they can control the same fire as on the sun”/ ABSOLUTELY BEYOND INSANE. So we start there: and we, the living brain: ask of humanity, WILL YOU PAY THE PRICE of being WRONG? Because that price is: “exactly like the sun”/ BURNING ATOMS, which reach out over 94 MILLION MILES; “with radiation”/ that will burn your skin, in summer/ or kill your life without ozone; and end this living world; “because all life can die”. Even this world! Humanity has taken upon themselves, to play god/ and death is: “all they can do”. The end result of men: is always war! Because war is chaos, and chaos tears down what men have built: so that all must start over/ by removing the tyrant. “best they can do”/ is today, the end of life as well.

Surrounded by threats of evidence so completely clear of extinction: that our only friend is “clarity of thought”/ as is “LET TRUTH DECIDE”. That we all die/ or we all change: because the consequences are real. And that is the choice. Investigate, be fair with truth/ and let the consequences of being wrong: identify what we can choose, as thought fights for a world we will survive. Instead of simple suicide; as is the human constant of want, pride, or power.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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