How addiction works inside of you

How addiction works inside of you


ADDICTED; realities beyond the simple truth of a choice.

Mental health and stability is built upon JUST ONE distinct reality: “that you respect life and world”/ as more than any human will understand. Mental insanity is built upon the certainty; “belief allows, you know everything you need to know”. Mental instability is the result of hate; as it moves through judgment into the realm of playing god. RESPECT IS THE SOLUTION TO “a living mind”/ disrespect is the reality of a dying mind/ judgment is the certainty of believing in what you want, instead of truth.

Or more distinctly: it is certainly for me, that sex is a chemical addiction caused by critical additions which rise due to the act of sperm transmission, and how that occurs. So at least for men and boys capable of that sperm: their world is built upon being addicted to that ejaculation. UNTIL, they realize the penis is NOT a toy/ and it is their own duty to organize themselves in such a way, as completes the disciplines necessary to balance what is both good and bad about the ability to have sex. The penis is a tool; and can be used to do what nothing else can: as is, to share “the distinction, which defines a heart, as more than just body”.

The difference between “addiction and love is: addiction is strictly for self/ while love is the joined journey” into what happiness;   “the rise of life, can be”.

Unfortunately, male believes “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am is enough”; got the chemicals I wanted/ so it must be good for you too. NOT so, as is the education “the penis is not a toy”/ and as a tool, to satisfy female takes much more than “you got what you wanted”. Share and care, and enjoy the benefit of respect.

Or more correctly: because it is likely that women find sex “as a chemical addiction as well”; we are all “addicts in one form or another”. UNTIL WE LEARN how to deal with the desire of chemicals, which do form an element of happiness; as is concentrated in self. Or more distinctly: while self is the intended truth of sex/ the reality of love exists in the destinies of finding in someone else of the opposite sex: the value of balancing life, with truth. Truth is: that opposites balance the forces which motivate and determine what our own choices are going to be. Therefore “male is intended to be with female/ and female with male”; as is the reality of a disciplined and orderly life.

we then come to addictions beyond the constant of our human experiences; by adding in, what people are trying to escape from. As every form of chemical concentrations (from alcohol and cigarettes; to whatever), ALL are used to alter the conscious existence of our lives: thereby is intended or desired to be “an escape”.

So the real question is: WHY ARE YOU trying to escape/ and WHAT is that escape giving to your life, that is not possible without it? Those are, “the only two questions that matter in addiction”. But your answer: is dependent upon two distinct things:

“YOUR ANSWER (not someone else s_) AND: “the living brain: means life matters more than want”. OR “the animal brain: means want matters more than life”.

DO you see the difference: “because universities do not”! And have led us all along the road of our own destruction; by altering what works for life, into what they believe, will give self, what it wants instead. DRIVING THE ADDICTIONS: which demand more for self, instead of life for all.

The cost: they are or did, destroy: “the living structures” of our survival.

By removing the cost of being WRONG; through the claim of superiority is proven by the prize.

Reality however: removes the excuses of what the others do/ and applies YOUR ANSWER; to what you do instead.   As is: once you learn, that “the drug controls you/ rather than you control self”: YOUR OWN DECISION, is immediately confronted by, whether you are going to accept this is to be your life or not? Some prove absolutely not/ and others cannot stand up against the drug, which now owns their living, and options for life. The critical question is: “are you going to live/ or are you going to die”; inside? Because that is the choice.

We then turn to WHY, are you trying to escape your life, by choosing want is enough? Because when humanity wants; each then turns to the realities of a herd creature (predator or prey)/ instead of a living creature, as is embedded with miracles, including thought: to search as life intended our journey to its destiny, should be.

Answer: the question of life has died, or been replaced with the cult continuum of together we cannot all be wrong. We believe what we want to believe/ and that makes it all “as true as it needs to be”; the basis of all religion. Truth is not religion/ it is called faith.

So we turn to faith, when asking what is the truth of our lives, and the cost of being wrong; when our choices turn to the things beneath what respect for the gifts that have been given demand? Answer; we become an animal, to fit into where we would otherwise not belong. And in that surrender of life inside; the need to escape, becomes real. As is addictions of every kind.

The question then becomes: HOW DOES WANT, interact with the values of our lives, to alter our existence, and redefine what living is intended to be? Answer: the competition of others, surges against us all. Because just like a herd; we can be found in the lead, or middle, or scrounging with the least possible resources for ourselves; because those who came first “took it all/ and even shit on what we must survive on”. Which makes life and living harsh. Every form of escape comes from this element of living on earth: except for fears, which illustrate “there are worse things”/ if you don’t like this one.

Addiction is not limited to bodily chemicals; as proven by pride/ one, if not the single hardest addiction there is. Pride forms along the same lines as chemical addiction/ it gives you what you want: to be considered superior, or at least equal to the rest. To allow the considerations of not equal or less; is the battleground of pride. What people think or say or believe about you; is pride when you want to control that by your own choices. Removing pride is to stop controlling that, which means stop manipulating; “and all the things people do” to control the others. And let people be who they are, which means their pride will then try to make you less/ so they can be more. The end of pride is the end of measuring others/ therefrom without judgment of others, there is no room for hate. Hate provides the basis for believing; you can be more/ if you make them less; and it extends into abuse, use, ridicule, and more. Belief is a want; and all want leads to making others less; so as to judge them/ which allows for “playing god”.

Which is the basis for all things evil. When chemical wants (screaming me, damn you me) combine with pride (I am the superior one who deserves what I WANT), which then combines with the judgment that removes all other life; to create the isolation of self: you are an addict. Which means simply: everything is removed but the search for an escape into a happiness that does not exist. Which turns to anger and crime. Which becomes depression (I don’t care/ what I want is not here) or hate (nothing is important but ME).

OR, addiction and pride are very similar (me,me,me/ want, want, want/ mine, mine, mine); the only difference is pride believes it is the winner/ while addictions believe they are the loser. Which means BOTH are playing the same game. Rather than accepting the meaning of life is more than this. LIFE IS A MIRACLE; that should be your first clue! GET OUT of self/ and find a world!  SHARE, the experience, and express care if you can.

OUR EXISTENCE, is then regulated by what can be found as a valued resource; for even the last creatures, who have needs just like our own. And the critical choices of those who come first in line; and what they take, rather than leave as life shared; because we chose to care. Humanity has proven: few care/ less share anything of real value; because that removes the prize and power of pride.

While there is an endless conversation of “elements” involved in human behaviors: this is the summary of primary choices/ and needs not be taken further.

The SOLUTION: is two part. LIMITED CAPITALISM, to make those who stand in front share with us all (by voting on the boundaries and limits they are allowed to take from us) NOT less than three times more (some earn it); but all have a say in what they own lives can be; as is consistent with the sanity of “self”.

The law of ALL: “currency is tied to the population count”. NO debt can be entered into: “until 50% of the expected expenses are accounted for”. MUST come first.

The ENTIRE purpose of limited capitalism: is to insure we, as society itself; cannot truly lose the game.  Taking away: most of the cause, “for hate”.

The SOLUTION: is WORLD LAW, thereby making our leaders obey our law, so that we need not fear their armies or war against us. By international enforcement of that LAW; by our own policing network of truth decides now. A reality that must be replaced every four years by new “officers of the law”/ that will bring leaders to justice worldwide. WITHOUT EXCEPTION; for who it is. Because if you do not come for justice in our courts. The only war we create: WILL be against the individuals who lead. Thereby demanding and enforcing: world law rules us all/ no exceptions. Our law/ our right/ our world: NOT yours.

THE entire purpose of world law is: to insure our survival as a world/ WE MUST intervene and control ALL weapons of mass destruction for ourselves. Thereby ending the threat of tyrants and fools; to control our own lives. By controlling leaders, and their choice over “we the world”.

IT IS loneliness; that alters “truth of life”, and its boundaries of what “can I/ or can I not do” to make myself happy? Because no matter what you do; you cannot escape yourself/ as is the reality of your truth, for long.

The answer is: to understand first, “that every truth is forever”/ there is no escape; as is the basis for eternal life. What is true cannot be changed; it can however be dissipated into oblivion. BUT IF YOUR TRUTH HAS VALUE; because that is what you chose your identity to be. Then it will survive, the environment of time; and become the destiny shared with respect; of who you truly are.

The critical answer for living; is less distinct. As we must deal with “all the others”/ in a constant battle for survival among those who struggle or simply want more; and use their intellect to shape our choices in their own favor. Because this is not dependent upon truth; each must learn to avoid the cost of being wrong/ as best we can. And search within heart, “for the rhythms” of a love we can and do share with each other. Loneliness is built upon the decision to isolate and remove yourself from society. But society also decides to isolate and remove people from participation/ which then brings sorrow and sadness, to those who have been cheated. Because it is pride that does this/ and nothing more.

The critical answer to happiness: is then to remove pride, by reducing want/ never measuring others as is power. And then choosing to be the best “I can be”; within the realities of what life will give to me. As every choice matters, and every truth does have consequences. Religion offers order and disciplines/ but balance is based upon truth, just as love is built upon trust. So unless you let truth decide/ no critical relationship of trust beyond self can form. It is love, that lifts the heart into soul, where happiness is born from the words and meaning: “I AM, ALIVE”!

Why is America and others UNHAPPY? Answer; because the greatest criminal (they can’t stop us) conspiracy (yes we can) throughout the world is usually government. Because their solution is money/ and if they cannot take the money away, with tax; they design intellectual traps as are debts and inflation/ to steal what they want; and claim “success”.

The reality of life is: money will not buy happiness/ but it will buy superiority, as is linked to power. And power will buy pride as is linked to every theft. And it will buy want, as is the descent from human, “into animal now”. But since money is a promise to pay: it all ends with depression, as reality returns to prove; “only truth, not want (the competition, there are too many; will fail the living): can survive”.

LIFE exists by thought establishes truth, designs creation, and becomes the path toward our destiny. Lies as is the constant of “government” trade the future, for “hurrah”, right now. Where war begins. Corruption establishes power, rather than democracy. Collusion establishes the army against us, as is an insurgency. Rebellion: this is not our law, becomes the anarchy of change without truth or its government of WE THE PEOPLE, as is democracy. And reality shifts to become the fate of what these wanted, rather than life decides by the evidence supporting truth, must choose instead.

We then turn: to, “the final issue”; there is no greater escape or intent to escape than is suicide. While truly critical health issues can be cause, and construct valid; for all concerned. The reality of anything less, is not functionally a suitable choice for life on earth. Because the end result of life is: that we must learn how to cope with our existence/ by its terms, not our own.

Death is the alteration of life, by ending its ability to construct or be identified as motion. No more options exist; this is where body ends. BUT LIFE is our relationship to thought, and thought is our acceptance of living within the values we do, call miracles. MIRACLE MEANS: we cannot know how this came to be, because it is clearly the result of thought so much superior to our own; that no concept of reality exists. “therefore we say: GOD did this”. Not knowing the literal translation of what that means in truth. Chaos means: the destruction of everything or anything complex; as is war. Accident means: “mutilation starts here”; as is the destruction of discipline, order, and balance is established here. While thought means: we have achieved an understanding of the laws which govern our existence, and applied them to the knowledge, which brings into focus what is wisdom. Evolution is then for fools or less.

LIFE on the other side of experience and expression is: the relationship we seek with what is the living discovery of freedoms, created by motion; and its creator called force. Or more distinctly what gives energy its motion is force, and force although confined by the expression of “static existence”/ is capable of making laws obey. So the question of human existence becomes are you known: “to be the truth of law” or not? Because if you are, then the value of known obedience to the input of forces, will be orderly and disciplined. Combining both forces with balance, so as to bring forth its result: “the creation of both time and its freedoms”.

We then return to suicide; and ask, why are you trying to escape yourself/ instead of learning how best to become, a participant; in the laws which govern all of this universe. Every miracle is a destiny of its own/ every thought is a translation of time into the living example of what ALIVE is intended to mean. Every consequence; dictates the cost of being wrong/ or the realities of being correct. Therefrom we learn by being human: that it will be love which separates us all, from the realities that are not completed by happiness. So choose love, and let it fill your heart with hope, because GOD is so far beyond our comprehension: nobody has a clue. Yet life exists, and that is proof enough: of all we do not know/ yet must exist, because this is real! The cost of that description is humanity does not care; but the living do, as is join them instead of a herd, or the failure that is predator.

This search is “within life itself”; and there is no better place to start, “than the life of JESUS”. Because he separates love from hate, and grants the potential that our existence is not limited by time; but the truth of our own love. Every miracle “speaks to love”; because we are FAR MORE; ‘than life had to be”; in order to prove what pride could do.

UNDERSTAND; that the beauty of what we do know; “is less than the reality of our own teardrop”. For wisdom says: given the diversity and truth of what has been given; there is no cause to accept less “than heaven” could exist. So much so; it is not a gamble, but a reality born in truth. What is less; is the result of human behaviors; and the animals they choose to be.

There is, “a purpose to life”; to identify desire by its foundation of delivery as is truth. Love measures motion to conceive of the development we gauge to be “passion”. But rhythms are more important; as they construct the boundaries of where we may travel inside the sanctuary of life itself. The limits of soul, explain: we are not yet ready, to become “more”. As is a good thing; because failures beyond time are not allowed. The universe seeks only those who can survive, and who will love with respect, the truth of what a miracle can be. So, we see within ourselves, the wisdom of completing the values of our heart; and honor the disciplines of soul, with the courage of our own participation. Because family shapes us, to be true; as purity becomes the home from which we “become born” once again.

the dead want what they want; because they did throw away life/ and time is all that will exist for them. The rotting corpse of hate; will interfere in “miracles”; with the intent to steal from “GOD”, by tempting or judging you. Every decision however, is “up to you”; and only the weak will fail. Mercy allows for life, but if you turn to hate; all that is left, “will not be life”. So prepare yourselves for truth, accept the limits of what being human can do; and ask for truth to be your guide. Because trust in what is true, creates a purity within soul, that will survive the test of being “Human”.

So we search for truth, and conceive of eternity for some; but understand, nothing about life or living is a game/ and every truth has a consequence. So be careful what you do; repenting when you can. Because to be wrong about “forever”; is a very serious thing to do.

The measure of love is not a question; because love either exists, or it does not. There is no middle, there is only the truth of what love means to you. Eternity recognizes this, and provides the solution: “to bind love, with its mate”. Regardless of value, love is a treasure of hope. So we ask of love, how best can we exist to prove what our own truth is? The answer is respect, and nothing less will do. Discipline says of love, that I will honor its responsibility so that order and balance may be known within our lives. But as with my own divorce, we are human; and with that comes the challenge of how people play with lives that are not their own. While none of us is “perfect”/ by any measure of truth: the reality of respect, is formed by truth. When we let lies decide, the reality of our love is compromised, and trust will fail. The lesson here is: let truth decide for you, not want; because more than a game, shares our own version of humanity. We are as time creates for us to be; we are not more than what remains of love; when time is complete.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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