Failure makes government a game

Failure makes government a game


IT IS THE LAW of this USA, that there is REDRESS of grievances according to the first amendment of our government “the contract of our unity: constitutional law governs us”. REDRESS is the removal of civil war/ by the legal defense: of bringing our leaders into court, identifying what is true: “no more believing”/ and then deciding for ourselves: what is in our own best interest as a state or nation. To the shame of this democracy: POWER TO THE PEOPLE, as is redress/ not rulers. Has never been used; because those employees who have power/ want to be rulers; and refuse it/ hiding in silence and distractions and locked doors. Primary to this treason is: “universities, who create the lawyers/ and tell them what to do”.

A line of 8.2 BILLION humans touching: center to center at one meter (39.4 inches)= 8.2 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG. Competition for everything is severe. The equator is 40,075 kilometers long around this planet. That makes 204.6 continuous wraps of humanity touching and standing on water “so to speak” at the equator of our planet.

Land mass of this planet “deserts and all” 196.9 million mi²

    1. 8.2 billion people divided into that area equals 41.6 people per square mile; “mountain tops” and all.

Humanity has: “ten thousand” major problems to decide: “immediately”. But not with politics/ with law, “the game is dead”. Not strictly as a nation/ but as a world; because we cannot turn back the clock: on what you did do, to change this world. REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES: NEED REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS/ governments fail. We must do it ourselves!  OCEAN LIFE: is being devastated/ and every plant life is being mutilated; along with livestock and more.  “playtime” is over.   1.9 acres (including where you live in cities) per human across the planet (crop failures, floods, droughts, insects, too):  which must provide food and water for all other life as well. IT AIN’T ALL A GARDEN/ and what you get has to last one year or more!


Everyday each human needs food and water/ uses the earth and oxygen/ 24/7/ 365 for what most hope will be one hundred years of living. And consume land for themselves;  each acre left;  is required to produce that need/ oceans are ransacked of life to keep you fed/ drinking supplies are poisoned and polluted; and your future is: “you chose to destroy/ therefore hell will come”. And then: THERE IS MORE LIFE THAN YOU, on this planet/ and without them; you are dead too.

8.2 billion people is a line going 8.2 million kilometers long; center to center at one meter each.

Hate incites a mob for revenge (as is trump): fools, failures, traitors, thieves, cheats, whores, terrorists, and believers all scream: “YES WE CAN/ go back in time”. BUT, all you get is chaos, death, mutilation, end of society, starvation and thirst: and those who cursed you. Walk behind to take away anything that is left: SO YOU cannot have it. LAW REMOVES REVENGE: and applies the search for justice: to those responsible for defeating our democracy with their insurgency. As will be found: the cult of universities was here; stealing all they could get (as is biden; for his army of insurgents: we want what we want)/ manipulating through media/ propagating believe/ fear/ obey through cult worship; and locking the door of every courtroom with power owns this. REDRESS IS THE LAW, AND IT DOES RETURN THE POWER TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, as we the people of this nation: by investigating the evidence, and throwing intentional liars in prison. IS THAT NOT BETTER? Than civil war? STOP listening to hate, a mob is a failure to life and world. CHOOSE LAW!

The struggle of human society is: “what can we do with this nation, to achieve what we, the majority all want: which is peace”? The answer is: to balance truth with reality, and allow the freedom to create what our nation will allow. To assemble the education that allows for that to be done, and remember that the future is not to be undone; by those living today. None of that is true for this USA today; as instead of peace leadership wants weapons not laws/ civil war rather than peace. There is no reality in the human greed and selfishness of insanity that has taken over this land: killing the nation itself to claim pride. All education is for “believe/ fear/ obey the cult called university as they indoctrinate every child. And every lie, theft, betrayal, and terrorist act of the leading majority which is the universities diploma: acts to destroy the nation and world and life on earth; as is the exchange from “death to satan” instead. pic 6-3- 2016 obama/ 6-3-2020 trump/ 6-3-24biden.  ONE TRILLION= TEN THOUSAND EACH/ PER ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS. Because only workers pay the bills!

increases to what we owe; claimed 6-3-2000
increases to what we owe; claimed 6-3-2004 asset rise in trillions
increases to what we owe; claimed 6-3-2008 asset rise in trillions
increases to what we owe; claimed 6-3-2012 asset rise in trillions
obama ends; 6-3-2016 trump begins presidency check against 2020
trump ends; debt 6-3-20 biden takes control 2020
increases to what we owe; claimed 6-3-2024 asset rise/ biden in charge: currency and credit claims; in trillions


while the currency/ derivatives grew by $571,580,245,784,441 TRILLION DOLLARS

SO WE KNOW, (DIVIDED EQUALLY):  that a workforce of one hundred million workers:  has accumulated $5,715,580. dollars in assets claimed over 24 years EACH!  WHILE they incurred an increase of $725,507.76 during those 24 years of unpaid debts ; EACH.  you got yours?           “the national debt”= what congress spent beyond tax collections.   Trump believes like Nixon: that the president has all the power/ while Biden believes like Reagan; “to hell with the damn debts/ we won’t pay nothing”.  this pic is from 6-3-1980 Reagan takes over $16 trillion in assets/ 4 trillion in debt; but his great contribution is:  “to sell all the gold out of fort knox”; and with media in tow: “not say a single word”/ even though they knew. I told them, as it was obvious: where do you think the gold came from; you bought? Reagan gives complete control over currency and debts to “the universities”/ who give themselves million dollar raises (and the people say: WE FOUND THE MONEY/ AND GREED ran though the nation), and any other financial thing they can think of; university collected/ and began building “fusion/ genetic collapse/ poisoning/ pollution/ and more”.  Along with all the weapons Reagan could buy. As is the shame of this nation, now in  “real world” bankruptcy; with no place to go:  “but HELL or truth”!

US TOTAL DEBT IS STRICTLY prior to 6-3-1980 16 trillion in assets is 0,000.00 per each of one hundred million workers.

With extreme experimentation they threaten extinction with real world tools and techniques. With extreme weapons they threaten extinction with war, and the failure of democracy, its freedoms and rights. With extreme delusions to divide the nation; and “Nazi in charge”: as with Trump and Biden in charge of the claim that was covid: “the universities want more”/ they proved to be worthless; a cult ridden puppet; who wants the nation dead. Both attacking the middle class with greed: “one hundred percent of your income, is NOT enough”. Biden discards inflation as “Your problem”/ and Trump did his best to create inflation during his term; SAME. Ask Trump: what are you going to do about inflation/ because civil war is his solution; and before you surrender to insanity: look at those places who have civil war. And remember: there are no resources to rebuild”/ you are done. The outright REBELLION against all things USA; was covid. all functional leadership, the responsible ones: for suicides/ homelessness, murders, crime, betrayal, terrorism, failure, fools, liars, and thieves. As the primary intent of university the cult comes to play: WE WANT IT ALL/ communism is our answer:  as is WE DECIDE EVERYTHING. you, have no say/ democracy is destroyed. As media propagates:  “the universities are god” as with covid: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; damn you to hell, for questioning  “your gods”.

US election 2024 is already a failure. Making REDRESS, as your only solution! But you refuse; because “you don’t want to pay”/ you want it all free; and to enforce that: hate screams, “I HAVE A GUN/ and I will take what I want; by killing you”.  WHO ALSO SAY;  then I will kill you too! BUT, there is no going back/ you raped, ransacked, ruined, betrayed yourselves, terrorized, and failed, life/ nation/ and world. Making civil war THE EASY ANSWER;  “I don’t have to tell you nothing”. Because the nation is now busy just trying to survive; as leaders  create war to distract and deny; truth shall decide!

Governments declare war, and create armies; because if they do not gangs emerge to take what they want/ by killing, lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism and more; “as the universities do/ under the cover of intellectual manipulation; the maze of entrapment”. But they cannot do it without money to pay the soldiers/ just as gangs do not hold together if there is nothing to steal/ or no one to kill. So money and competition are the real instigators of hate/ and hate is a thirst for power to judge, and then play god (as the universities do; with everything). Mental health then diminishes to a state of how can we escape our predators; the universities outwit us/ and have control: so like china over one hundred years ago; the prey kills the intellectuals/ and then suffer for it. Because not only did they clean out the house of hate/ they cleaned out the wisdom of those who did not hate; leaving nothing left but armies. CHAINS, and PRISON; are the preferred method of controlling the universities. PROVING WITHOUT QUESTION: THERE SHALL BE NO FURTHER EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION/ NOR, ANY EXCEPTION TO “NATURE KNOWS BEST”; WITHOUT OUR DIRECT VOTE AS A WORLD. Limited capitalism; controls the money/ and is insured true, ONLY BY gluing the money supply to the citizen count: NO exception: so that we all know what is true, for our living existence. By voting for how much we the people will allow: for these others to accumulate or control. NO MORE ESCAPING REALITY; TO PLAY GAMES.

WORLD LAW: eliminates the military, because it does not allow for leaders to declare war/ or armies to crusade over borders: WE THE WORLD, will intervene. With the law we the world agreed as humanity itself: this shall not be undone. NO weapons of mass destruction shall be allowed: a military force (completely disassembled of its army every four years/ and its entire leadership every 8) of all nations shall hold the peace/ by collecting and bringing to trial leadership: for the law to decide. Borders shall be upheld; and if you cause devastation to another nation/ we the world shall cause devastation to you; in like amounts. STAY WITHIN YOUR BORDERS; is the law. Enforcing that requires a “one world language”; as described by the people with disabilities who know what is needed. So that we do indeed understand each other. Preparations shall be made for helping those nations who are in trouble NOT caused, by their own decisions. Population rise is a decision/ and we hold you entirely responsible.

These are foundation principles: and by eliminating LARGE nations/ cutting them up into individual (this group belongs only here); you insure, we the world shall indeed police ourselves; and control the competition by controlling the law that is: YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELVES/ AND IT IS NOT “OUR PROBLEM”. Build weapons, and we will be the first to attack you: NO WAITING for you to attack us.

the critical destruction of unity that is, “the plague of university run elections/ and media flagged decisions”. Is the lack of democracy in all things; due to the constant insurgency, and destruction of democracy that is: university knows best.

The biden candidate: represents that insurgency and take over of government, which demands “university knows best/ communism is great”. While the trump candidate: represents the rebellion of money and power against anyone else having the authority to disrupt their decision to own it all. But in the end: what you vote for with biden is his vice president or inner circle who does choose for government. OR, with trump: you will get the hidden “hitler”/ as the reality of “turning the clock back to what we want”/ takes hold of life. Both then represent the same division of the nation, and its consequent civil war; as dictated by “the middle class MUST PAY FOR IT ALL”. Even though they cannot; as bankruptcy exists; in the greatest monetary lie of all; “reality don’t matter”. As the evidence does prove with both of these candidates. Trump “global warming doesn’t matter”/ Biden “immigration doesn’t matter”. BOTH saw covid: trump with fear/ not truth; and allowed  “the university elite” to CHARGE US:  $60,000.00 PER SHOT for their experimental vaccine; biden proved belief;  and both demanded obedience to the god of university; as they proved “pure greed”/ & MUCH MORE, as the cult took control: state and nation, and even world.  Prostituting themselves for fear, into obedience! Rather than identifying which university agent;  released biological war on us all! Not yet defined by the cost of what their vaccine will do to all of human existence: nazi (we hate you), to try the gamble for both. BOTH giving away nature itself; to genetic mutilation/ BOTH giving the world away to “lets ignite atoms on fire”; as is cult worshiping university as god. Because you cannot do less:  and believe the outright arrogance; that is “we can control the sun”.

BOTH LEAD: TO CIVIL WAR! And as it was, returns: the civil war is about money, and who has to pay for all these failures and fools who decided:  they didn’t need no damn truth/ we want what we want. Until as it always does:  leads to war/ rather than redress. which establishes: WE THE PEOPLE will decide now!  

There has always been slavery: someone takes what the others need/ and then shouts “give me what I want/ or you die”. its done with money today, and other things but always the same: one in control/ the other is not. Enforced by what you don’t want! Tolerated: Because the vast majority want to be RICH; even though that means enslaving the others. While truth allows: we will take the slavery completely away: with limited capitalism/ even though “real wealth” ends as well. BEST FOR ALL. As is the beginning of world law to remove unequal force from this earth.

So then “if the blind cannot lead/ and there is nothing left to claim a vote but the limited sight of selfishness”; how do we the people, survive?

Immigration has no solution beyond zero population growth for our whole world/ nothing less will do; and the most probable method is “the iud” for women. Because only women have babies. No effective method for men exists; because a vasectomy; ends sexual desire, because it destroys the chemistry of pleasure. Helping Africa for instance; from starvation: has no solution UNLESS ANY ASSISTANCE comes with mandatory birth control; because the earth is finite/ and we have no other solutions.

The answer remains: DEMOCRACY MUST BE SAVED; and neither candidate will do that/ as they have divided the nation into warring sides; and both stripped it clean of values and security; as are needed to rebuild. “two sides” of the same coin. One cannot see the other/ yet they are virtually the same; but faced, in completely different directions.

TO SAVE DEMOCRACY: YOU MUST CHOOSE REDRESS; our first amendment law that proves not only is democracy still our government/ but we the people are now in charge: and will decide what is truth or lie. What is the cost of being wrong/ or the decisions to rebuild that we must make. Redress, because without truth in your knowledge/ RATHER THAN belief in what media says: there is no resolution possible with law. Law requires truth; nothing less will do.

Truth is by the evidence itself/ no more experts to decide. The claim of expert is only to verify this is the best of evidence we can do/ and if they LIE or intend to manipulate and control: to prison they will go/ or death. Because this is no game.

Truth turns on the light; to identify what is wrong: that we can agree on.

Evidences is the reality we cannot ignore; and will prove the liars are wrong/ because consequences are born in truth.

The election is rigged to dissolve democracy; because neither purpose is society. Instead both sides want what they want, and the others don’t matter. Or more distinctly: trumps side wants life to be as it was fifty years ago (lets be rich/ steal the future); with nothing matters but what we want. Claiming democracy. And bidens side wants what they want; which is an insurgency to quietly destroy the middle class so they poor can have it all (lets be rich/ steal the present); claiming democracy. Both are thieves as are their followers. The only real difference is: the power of wealth, who want what they want versus the power of people, who want what they want. Both screaming: TO HELL WITH YOU. As is anarchy and disgrace.

But both are powered by university delusions, and its counterfeit currency; which funds everything; but society-balance.

Redress is democracy in action: as it dissolves the power of the governmental employee. By stripping away the illusion that they are “the government”/ they are not!

INSTEAD, we the people by the authority of our own law: demand an investigation to prove what is or is not true; about those who we have employed to make decisions for us. Redress is the authority: TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, what the direction of this state or nation is going to be. Because as WE THE PEOPLE UNITED in the common goal to balance ourselves with law/ rather than greed: we become the judge who now decides, by the evidence of redress in “court we own”; what will be true.

Redress comes with: every traitorous act/ every creep of terrorism/ every foundation of failure, fantasy, foolishness, delusion, arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and denial as has been the fundamental of what destroys us: will not only be revealed. But all the fantasies and lies, of what counterfeiting currency, and claiming debts “don’t matter”; as monarchs do: will end too. Presenting us all with bankruptcy/ and the opportunity to decide for ourselves: HOW BEST TO CLEAN UP “the university leads/ knows, disaster”. That is our truth.

As to elections: while the popular vote decides all but the presidency/ it does NOT decide the presidency: the electoral college does (which is all “university chosen”)/ as is the entire election process, and all of media, and all of banking, and all of government, and all of education; and all of everything as has been dissolving, by their choice; by their power to rule/ over our democracy, blinding our eyes. THAT MEANS: SINCE WE DID NOT ELECT “THE PRESIDENT”; that office is vacated by redress if we so choose/ and demand: DO IT AGAIN! As we direct you to do.

The universities; are proven to be NOT SUPERIOR; and in fact the evidence suggests: these are, the most greedy pandemic of failure and fraud; the entire history of man has known. So, it is not “the expert” that will save you; from themselves. But the truth of a courtroom “OWNED BY US ALL”: where what is true by the evidence, not the expert shall identify what we can accept as “the best we can do”.

In that “light of day”; we have whatever choice is left; to save our nation and our world from the truth of EXTINCTION.

It is the university diploma: which has guided US existence along the road to where we are today; no diploma/ NO acceptance, wherever leadership is. Like all religions; you got to pay the price to play “the leader”.

So apart from threats of extinction surrounding us all. The nation itself sits in the delusion of money; as lies, cheating, stealing, corruption and every behavior known to humanity is collected to lead and rule our lives as monarchs do.

Of bribes; created with laundered “crime money”: to keep you out of “government/ and leadership” (such as wall street) exists. The people with counterfeit dollars scream: “don’t you do nothing”/ we want our bribe. But the reality is; for all other citizens not playing the game of fantasy rules; a tax out of control. Such as: income average 14.9 , state of IL 4.95 , social security 12.4 , property I pay 21.6 , sales 10%, and miscellaneous 5% TOTALS “on average”=68.85 percent of your income. BUT alas, now comes $100 trillion dollars of debt= making each of one hundred million workers owes 10 million dollars! And then we add in 638 trillion in inflation as currency in motion: which grants that each of one hundred million workers IF THIS IS DIVIDED EQUALLY, SHOULD be worth 6.38 million dollars “in the bank”! You got yours; because somebody does have yours, and they expect to cash in every single dollar for resources and work by “their slaves”/ as monarchs do.

one hundred trillion debt is: one million dollars per each of one hundred million workers; before taxes.

Now aren’t they special: after all, who could organize a crime syndicate so vile as to take over governments and bribe nations into submission; by creating a cult that does all their thinking: than is a university?

So HOW DOES THIS ALL WORK? Answer;  they lie! Current claim is a 5.1 national jump in the cost of everything. But lets just use that: so the actual tax we pay jumps from 68.85 to now at their claim of 5.1 too=74% of everything you make goes to their tax, “we know better/ fund everything we want”. BECAUSE INFLATION MEANS:  OUR EMPLOYEES OVERSPENT, BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT COLLECT LEGALLY THE TAX THEY WANTED!  SO THEY JUST SPENT IT ANYWAY, and handed us the debt! which makes it a tax we did not authorize. A form of treason! How does currency work: IT IS VERY SIMPLE; go ahead add a trillion dollars to your bank account, who can say it is not real money in your accounting statement; UNTIL YOU TRY TO SPEND IT. Then real world resources and labor must participate with your claim. And not enough resources exist on this planet; not even for american greed/ how much less the quadrillions claimed by others. It is ALL A LIE. Literally. All hail universities: whose entire answer for governing was: “JUST LIE”.

And all the people say: WE KNOW EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW; WE BELIEVE! MEDIA TELLS US WHAT TO THINK! “the universities are expert/ they are like gods”. AND THEN its: DAMN YOU/ WE DON’T WANT TO PAY. “just make the children die instead”. REDRESS SAYS: WE, WILL DECIDE NOW. Simple as that.

It is the truth: that for the last fifty plus years, the universities in charge of government due to Reagan/ have been discarding everything including infrastructure: for their own projects and fantasies of failure and terrorism. Trillions for this/ trillions for that; disregarding life and world; for fantasies and delusions such as lets ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”. Trillion for lawrence livermore; where 192 lasers all point to one 10 cm spot:  “claiming 180 million degrees/ at 150 thousand psi” on that spot. Trillions for covid; straight to the universities elite. Selling off our manufacturing, resources, nation, everything to support their addition to pride “lets play god”. Counterfeiting currency/ and claiming debts don’t count; increasing and hiding taxation as is inflation without representation (can’t get enough, when bankrupt; so they use inflation instead of tax) to collect more. One trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people. BEFORE TAXES or expenses or whatever; spent by our employees as an insurgency against us all. No respect/ no truth/ no reality; just greed, power, and playing god with life and world; risking everything. Because of the fifty or so machines trying to ignite atoms on fire (regardless what they claim); being WRONG means; “same result as the sun/ here”. Claiming fusion: but there is no helium to be found on the sun/ even though they claim every btu is accompanied by making helium. THINK ABOUT IT.

Your UNIVERSITY cult gods are a fraud; and even worse, they are YOUR ENEMY. Because the evidence shows: imagination is not enough/ arrogance is an enemy/ apathy is a disease/ and disrespect is the result of believing in “we can be gods”. Even though Satan is all you get.

THIS IS NOT THE WORLD of fifty years ago: in countless ways! One of the most certain ways to recognize that is: nearly double the human population. Which means 8.2 billion by their estimate: is a line of people standing one meter apart: THAT IS 8.2 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG. Think about that, AND UNDERSTAND; “WE AIN’T NEVER, going back to what life use to be”. Period!

Humanity must change/ or it will not survive.


Current dollar GDP increased 4.8 percent at an annual rate, or $327.5 billion, in the first quarter to a level of $28.28 trillion. In the fourth quarter, GDP increased 5.1 percent, or $346.9 billion (tables 1 and 3).

divided by 333 million people citizens; lets say 50% are working 166,5 million: divided into 28.28 trillion= $168,849 dollars of income generated; per worker/ in this USA

do you suppose they are LYING; about REAL WORLD income? They created a maze out of the us statistical abstract so you cannot understand it in 2016. however just prior to that OVER FIFTY PERCENT of income in this nation was claimed to be “from the banks”. Do you suppose that is true? Use your own brain?

AND HOW did the banks get all that “claim of money”? THEY LAUNDER THE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE of universities:   get anything they want, by controlling government! where by counterfeiting currency; and pushing it out as a bribe (don’t ask nothing) through the outlets such as WALL STREET. AND MEDIA: TO INSURE “YOU BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY”! They have sustained: THE CULT of lies, liars, and frauds/ because the people said: “DON’T TELL ME NOTHING”/ I want, what I want. As is: let the children go to HELL! And let the people pay: “the interest rate” for all the universities want! BECAUSE ALL THE MONEY DOES GO SOMEWHERE: does it not? AND EVERY LEADER is a cult educated; university is god: graduate of “memorize, mimic, and repeat”/ GO ALONG, AND SAY WHAT WE SAY; or you don’t get nothing. but lifetime debts!


us debt/ all of us are claimed responsible for: 100.3 trillion dollars

us currency and credit derivatives: the currency in someone’s hand: 625.8 trillion dollars

and they can borrow against it;  as with wall street:  IF you have the credit/ you can buy $50 dollars worth of stock for ONE dollar.  ever wander where their money comes from?

“us national debt: ONLY WHAT CONGRESS OVERSPENT”= 34.7 trillion dollars

One trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people. BEFORE TAXES or expenses or whatever; spent by our employees as an insurgency against us all.

And humanity says: “we want what we want”!

But reality says: UNLESS you change for real, extinction will be preceded by HELL; THE END of everything that keeps life and world ALIVE.


because 8.2 billion people growing even at one percent is 82 MILLION more each year; WANTING EVERYTHING, just like you.

    1. billion people use up oxygen with every fire, and every vehicle, and every house, and everything they do; oxygen is an element/ an atom; and it is not made by anything on earth. It is released, and you will run out. As proven by the “biosphere 2” project.

The oceans are dying/ the planet itself is overheating (one degree too much, FOR JUST ONE DAY; and all life, dies). MOUNTAINS OF RESOURCES THROWN AWAY; just to prove your children will die, because of you. A trillion tons of poison/ and all water supplies running out. The atmosphere releasing from the planet which spins at ONE THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR on the equator: “gee, what could go wrong”. Failure as is the graveyard of “university knows”.

The struggle of human existence is: “what can I do with my life and body”? Based upon the dimensional definitions of your brain, this question is acted out in a variety of ways, but primarily “want is chosen for life: this means I am alive and participating, even welcomed”/ and pleasure or pain is chosen for body: this means, I am participating and entitled to say, “I did it/ you did not”.

So in both cases it is the participation that speaks out as to why; do you do the things you do. It is the entitlement of saying: “I am a doer”, that aligns with belief. The body is my sword/ or the want is my weapon. Because the brain needs to decide if you are a predator or prey; as is “the human animal”. Which means existence of life; is merely the evidence of time through motion. No motion/ no life.

Universities say: we are the superior ones/ because we have a diploma you don’t have (we did it/ you did not). But that has little or nothing to do with actually being ALIVE. So religion prior to university takeover of all human endeavors; constructed the duties and rules, that are intended to separate “time from life”/ and present the values of living as a choice between: human animal or human alive. As with all things the dredge of human manure as is the constant of university knows; seeks to reduce the existence of life to a disease, they then, can manage human interactions and beliefs, with lies.

So media is: the great communicator, and as with all “nazi” takeovers/ the communicator lives to manipulate with fantasies, propagate with delusions, control with imagination, tempt with “nature did this”, and compete with truth; by claiming the expert knows. By digging a hole beneath the septic tank of human knowledge/ so that the very worst of what can be told; is dredged out and smeared with media over our existence. Leading to every vile corruption that is possible for humanity to do. From biological weapon release as with covid/ to weapons of mass destruction in all categories/ to injecting chaos into genetic nature to force evolution, which is terrorism/ to igniting atoms on fire, as the means to end this living planet forever; and then there is much more; all courtesy of “university knows”. And the cult screams; you can’t say that about our gods. But reality says: it is true. Because in the final measure of what universities did do: the end result is with very little real support, the cost of universities far exceeds its worth. Propaganda being the disease of the brain initiated as: “lets be a cult/ nobody needs to think, but us”. WE THE UNIVERSITIES, who are gods; will tell you what our brain says; because you are not allowed to have your own anymore. The intellectual war begins; and fifty years later the proof of concept is upon us as the consequences arise: threats of extinction surround us all, as we face the end of life and planet; do to choices that were made.

So lets talk truth, beyond the realm of “universities playing god”.

We are a finite planet; and like cockroaches, humanity has multiplied beyond expectations to overwhelm this world with their existence beyond anything else that occupies “our living space”. Without population control there is no future/ it is that simple. But instead of facing truth; the universities elite build “spaceships”/ as they intend to create “like superman”; an exit strategy for themselves. Pure fantasy, and the curse of failure leads to death; and they care only for themselves.

We are running out of water; and universities leadership does absolutely nothing in preparation of that; but deny that it exists/ or offers “we can clean the water/ like on a spaceship”. But of course there is no real world means to do that/ and like everything about universities it is their imagination, and propagation of delusions that is their answer. Yet we die in three days without water, and they don’t care. Claiming “enough for us”/ as the politicians do.

We are killing every source of life and survival; every fabric of living existence; every foundation of our motions in time; every chain of life or living or existence or habitat or anything and anywhere you look: the rancid disgrace of university delusions are in effect. With one common denominator, being: as the cult of your gods; we are exempt from being threatened by these things. So you die/ and we will bask in our superiority, as we design the future being built upon genocide of “lesser people” than us. As with covid; searching for how to kill them all/ but with a vaccine only for us. How to enslave them with money stolen for a vaccine that has no value/ but exists as extreme risk for all life and living as a human.

There is nothing of human existence: that provides for a future on this planet. It is all cast aside; in the greed of human waste that is a dead world created by “university knows”.

So the change we need to survive: is very simply LIFE COMES FIRST, and THIS PLANET MUST BE RESPECTED; without exception. Unlike anything that universities do. Which means their place as a cult of consequences destined to HELL: is over.

And unless you realize that; extinction is not only eminent/ but very near to now. Begins our last days of living and world.

REDRESS: THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DEMAND, as a democracy: that “WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here”; and WE, WILL DECIDE NOW! BASED UPON THE EVIDENCE, not the claim of expert. AS BEST WE CAN! Recognizing real world threats/ REQUIRE REAL WORLD participation.


The demand to save our state or nation: is then ultimately far less.

Democracy means: to rule ourselves by the laws we create.

Democracy means: that we hire employees, to take care of “mandatory work” for us/ BUT NEVER, to be our rulers, as would be those who believe “they are superior” to ourselves/ as they are not. EQUAL establishes one vote per citizen. It does not means one ruler to decide it all/ or spend our securities/ our future: into oblivion.

CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT MEANS: “BY THESE WORDS, WE HAVE AGREED TO UNIFY AND CREATE A NATION”. Thereby the constitutional contract we have formed: DECIDES, what is fair and justified to demand: IS OUR LAW. Redress is OUR LAW! Both state of IL and USA nation.

The claim: of every university diploma is, “I have done more than guess, on this subject of merit”. Which is functionally true/ but mitigated by the truth: the majority of what a university does is “guess”. Only they claim, all of our imagination is built upon the people, who are superior to the others. Because they found a way to make their guess seem plausible; even if it is built upon fantasy. The claim of theory, “holds all things; same”. Yet to get funding: fantasies are turned into delusions, and delusions are built upon the expansion of lies.

Such is the reality of “fusion”/ an absolute, already proven lie; by Lawrence livermore labs in San Francisco 2012 at their trillion dollar ignition facility.

Such is the reality of evolution; a puke and vomit parade, used to destroy religion so universities can be gods instead.

Such is the claim of expertise; even though there is none/ because what they claim reeks of “imagination”/ not truth.

Such is the propagation of media; formed to create and sustain the cult of university is god. And so much more it is truly pathetic.

So we are left with: ARE YOU A CULT (which can never question your gods of university) OR are you a nation or world of life, WHO MUST QUESTION the reality and direction of their world; because the evidence has already proven to be: EXTINCTION IS DRAWING NEAR.

And nothing proves that more than: those who are trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on this earth; “just like the sun”. Which means WRONG IS: our earth becomes a sun/ and even destroys this solar system when it explodes, as is guaranteed. ONE SECOND TOO LATE, AND THEY CREATE THE PREDICTED “LAKE OF FIRE” just like the sun! NO GOING BACK, this whole planet is fuel; just like the sun.


one hundred and eighty million degrees at 500,000psi trying to initiate: LETS BURN ATOMS/ ON THIS PLANET MADE ENTIRELY OF FUEL.
THE SCIENCE papers expect: A 4 MILLION TIMES MORE expansion of energy upon ignition. Which makes a candle flame 62 miles high

just so its clear: I regard this as nothing to gain or lose/ there is no winning: because the foundation of everything required in redress: TO UNDERSTAND the truth. Is about the survival of life and earth/ the reality of threats so severe: we can all become extinct. IF you finally change what you do to protect life and planet/ THEN THAT is what you chose to do; because the evidence of our lives convinced you that want is not enough. Nor is believing the universities can play god; because most threats come through them/ and they are not going to surrender their pride without a fight/ as is the constant of human existence as an animal (their description). The only thing I fight or work to gain is: this world should survive, along with all its life; as best we can do what we can do; for what is left. Because you are killing life and earth; with your choices. So, I work for a world to survive/ and deliver the message: that humanity is the problem and humanity will change itself; or become extinct, by the consequences of what you refused to; let truth decide for you/ as is a choice.

Neither is this basically about leaders; one is much like another/ only pride and hate separate those who have respect with honesty. It is a choice; and the choice exists; because the majority of humans want to play the game of taking things from each other by, the “intellectual war” of money. Your game (playtime)/ not mine; as life proves to be intricate and valued beyond any game to me.

We live or die: by the things which threaten us/ no greater threats have ever existed. And truth knows; that those who try to ignite a nuclear fire as is the sun; are the greatest threat of all. Followed extremely closely by genetic mutilation, and so many more; as to prove it is insanity, fueled by arrogance; which brings us here. Unless you just want to call it “Satan” instead.

There is NO “I told you so” moment to come; EITHER we all have a future, because truth decided for us / or we all lose our planet,

and its exquisite collection of “living miracles”.

That is what you gamble with; and if you lose, you will pay the price;

which is extinction.

Belief is not enough. Only truth survives.

The journey of life: is to respect the value of every miracle that surrounds us all/ and accept the duty, to honor the living; by letting truth decide.

There is no greater miracle of living, than to accept; our blessing is the time we honestly and honorably spend together; with love.

That is: the best we can do, for life and world.

Unfortunately, as with me: I was so busy with my own life, this world; and its complications: that I lost sight of “being the best I could be”. For those who lived and loved; close to me. There is no going back: spend time with each other, as life allows.

and with just one dollar per every four you earn, spent by you (communism): then there is US healthcare, at 4.5 trillion=$45,000.00 dollars per each and every one of one hundred million workers spent per year. not sure if that includes “insurance”.  but as we find with “carle”; the critical cost is not with the heathcare worker/ doctors: WHO DO have to pay a half million dollar debt for an education. “courtesy university elite”. but the backside of wall street; where thieves feed the leech, by stealing from the public


And then we have all the other cult trained “intellectual monkeys”/ stealing from us in every possible way. as the corruption of never answering the question/ to hold you out of life and government; controls the maze. So people give up questioning their cult. as media propaganda; proves to be “too much” to compete with. Because they are trained monkeys; who believe.

only workers actually pay bills: 4.5 trillion is ,000.00 per year/ per worker/ per one hundred million working.

And the world says: WHY does GOD not just keep us in line; we deserve better than this! But that is not true, as it is “what you want”; until the consequences overwhelm; as is the result of freedom to choose. Alternately, it is true: that purity is simply purity, and cannot be corrupted with less; to sustain that truth. The result: humanity is corrupt, and without the resolution to change. Which provides only: LOVE OR HATE; to the question of mercy.

And the believer SCREAMS: I EARNED, WHAT I WANT! I followed all the rules, I did what I wanted to do, in order to claim the prize: I WANT.

But reality says: you never earned life itself, which means you never even began to assemble the proof of life, that is required to claim any prize of living.

Instead, the human sewage of “want, pride, and power”; controls.

TRUTH DECIDES: MAKE TRUTH YOUR CHOICE, respect your path: and mercy will come.

More deliberately; after 71 years of living among humanity; as an equal.

I have learned, that the vast majority choose: “to war, without war (politics, money, sex, education, possessions; anything)/ which always ends in real war”. Because you took too much, and left too little of what life needs to be fair. Because “yes I can”; has little to do with truth; and everything to do with want. Pride comes next, “I am the winner”; and then power, “I judge you”.

Today the curse of life which is arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; is led by a “university diploma; which hides the hate behind it”.

With complete disrespect for each child, each living species, and this earth;

you have chosen to war against life and world itself.

Granting “winner”; by assassinating the future. To your shame.

I warn you simply: change or be extinct, “forever lost”.

the terrible tragedies of any cult are: that once all the money is gone/ the people are not. and now you have to deal with the people who want what they want, and cannot have it.

Killing is the common result: as is war. The leader needs you to be gone (mine all mine) or distracted (to busy to look at truth) from their crimes.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.