Evaluating life

Evaluating life


There are, “foundation in life”/ the values, shapes, motions, and respect identified by reality that prove to be, “the best we can be”. But that requires a mental decision which then becomes the quest for truth, as then does drive us into the destiny we have chosen. Truth is the foundation of law, and law is the critical value that shapes the direction and distance of who we are, and what we are to become. Respecting that fact constructs the dignity of what or who we have been.

Humanity turns from life to pursue want/ because want is immediate/ and life is a process of building within the laws which allow you to survive. Want therefrom exists as what time can provide. While truth exists as what eternity will provide. The difference is massive, and completely different: not the same. Therefore we separate into the dimensions of “the human body decides”/ versus the law must decide by its own truth; as respect identifies to be our choice. So the critical question is: WHY, would anyone choose to belong to eternity/ when the reality of choices here in time, grant immediate relief from loneliness or want, by granting pride and power to those who compete to be “the best”?

The formal answer is: “evaluate life”, and identify if you will leave life behind/ to gather the claim of profit, for an immediate reward. Because if it is not sufficient to remove an eternity, which must be built; by your own decisions for law, not want; then the choice is clear. Unfortunately humanity ALWAYS wants: “to have it all”/ and spends their lives trying to take it all; so they don’t have to choose. But hate enters here, as the descent from time into the cost of want becomes clear. Love ascends as our own gift “returning life to GOD”. Hate curses that with violence, as they begin to understand what the true difference is.

Therefrom we know that the real world construction of life or death is resolved: based upon your choice to love/ or, to hate. What is in-between that fails to achieve real value, or cost; and is discarded. Which means most of humanity is not considered; for more than time. It is their choice; to want regardless of the cost/ to win regardless of a need to share/ to discard, without a right or law which precedes the decision to fall. Because the grace of life itself, is far greater than we can imagine.

As is identified by the truth of each miracle we know is true. Such as how many things does it take; for you to see? Does your body need to survive? The claim of chaos or accident is too putrid and vile to be considered; only a true liar falls in. And yet through media propagation, and education indoctrination from an early age; the curse of life, and living leads you. To your shame.

And the people say: WE WANT PROOF, that surrendering want, will somehow prove to be “a life beyond the grave”; where only real world happiness will rule?

The proof is: the evidence of our world, every miracle of life, nature, world, or reality that you do know, “could not be from human hands”/ tells us, “thought did this”; and invited us to join. But not without the proof of you; which enables thought to accept: you will be the happiness joined in the purity of living LIFE deserves to be. So some call this an impasse; where they say, without more, I won’t believe. Others say with religion, I believe in what I want will be true. And yet others condemn it as a lie, as proven by the grave: surrendering the gift of time, by proving this will never be again. and yet others accept that truth will decide, as thought leads us to understand; purity does not/ cannot be allowed: to dissolve life by corruption; as is here on this earth. Love is then the passage into purity, and those who take it, become a participant in “the best we can be”. Which causes human hate to express: I am not less/ as proven by judging you with violence. But the result of law is: if you take from eternity, even one/ then you will be judged by that violence forever “terrified” for what you have done.

And humanity screams: YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING; because they want what they want; and they don’t want to change nothing/ because pride says, “I can play god” too; as power is used to prove “yes I can”. But reality shapes the consequences of our lives, built upon the truth of what the vast majority will do. Nothing is more certain of the outcome of what you do: than is mutilating all of nature, in worship of university religion called evolution. Nothing is more certain of the extreme arrogance that is: believing you can “play god with the sun”/ as is the claim of fusion. Being used in an attempt to ignite atomic “lets burn atoms”: so we don’t have to change/ as is being done today. Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ HADES, igniting the lake of fire, as is earth becomes a sun/ apocalypse as is (war for water/ end of life); are all visible and true: standing at the door/ because you don’t want to change. From pure lies, back to truth will decide.

I have done for you what I could do for you; as “just one man”. I have done for you, what life allows, by the invasion of female inside; to balance what man does; in order to achieve the value needed to help life change. I have not been perfect, as is the reality of every human; but I have been diligent and did do “the best I could”. Which leaves us both with the conclusion: whatever you decide, is your fate or destiny. Because truth is truth.

If you do not find the proof of value, in love and law as identified even here/ then by all means you should simply find want enough; as time is all you will get. But understand that is not without value, “by love and respect” itself, as life and living does prove true. Even so: it is your decision. As to hate; reality suggests, if you limit yourselves to “the human animals”/ then what is predator and prey is elementally allowed; as a balance to that want. Beyond where the living are; is a “forever mistake”/ that will then terrorize you, for taking a life, from GOD !

and the world says: “you can’t scare us/ we don’t believe you”.

But reality replies: LIFE is not to be judged by me/ I am not “your anything”. Therefore I do not try to scare you, or make you believe anything you believe. My job is limited to: providing the message without true change there will be no future for life or earth. Because truth is bound to truth; and it cannot be otherwise. Your truth then decides, your concept of reality or its failures/ and if your truth scares you; that is functionally and truly not my fault: it is yours.

As for me: time is time, and it functions to allow the perception of what can be allowed by hope to influence our lives and our destiny. Only love matters to eternity, therefore love in its essence should be studied; to conceive of life by its happiness. That is not fundamentally tied to female or male/ nor is it the result of female and male: but elementally surfaces as the dimension, where thought intertwines with life, to become the ascension of joy. Hope surrounds this element of home, and grants the peace of a shared presence with truth. Conceived by purity, born by hope, and destined to care rather than separate.

So, “you go your way”/ and I will travel mine. Perhaps some of us will meet along the way. “living is like that”, a path beyond self, where life decides rather than “I”.

the question of living, IS NOT a question of want/ but of realities instead. You did not build a life/ you did not build a baby/ you did not design a world/ you did not create or sustain a life/ you did not give it freedoms or passions or heart or soul. But you act as if these were little things, that did not matter: or you would not be so gullible as to accept “universities as god”/ to your shame.

The disciplines of heart, create for us time, by the rhythms it controls. The order of body create for us a living, because they achieve survival by the laws of nature which control our existence. The balance of thought, strives to complete the foundations upon which we anchor ourselves to its truth; and thereby ascend within the balance of love, where hope arrives to take us home. But none of these things are for animals; as most choose to be; blinded by want, and the consequence of pride and power: people believe, whatever they want to believe.

So the values of respect, the kingdom of GOD is lost on most. Because they do not care about life; until death comes. They do not share the respect owed to the living; because want takes control. The do not realize; this existence is a preparation for eternity; rather than to get the most you can before time ends, and life is considered gone; because the body is.

So we seek to understand the difference between life and body, and realize that body like a house, is merely the habitat for living. While the life that inhabits that house, is a creation that lives by thought. But cannot sustain itself, without the force of energy; as begets motion.

We therefore exhibit motion as life formed in time/ but it is the force which provides the impetus of motion, which grants life. Each being separate: because motion is time/ while force is the basis of energy/ and thought constructs the laws which exhibit our freedom of choice.

The horrifying truth of our humanity is: that we have overwhelmed the planet/ destroyed the basis of life and living/ released so much heat that the global balance of temperature and wind resistance has all but ended/ poisoned, polluted, raped, ravaged, ruined, stole, threatened everything with extinction, and removed the threads of our anchorage to sanity. Thereby setting the stage for HELL (past the point of no return/ the living dead) to erupt.

Too many people, cult worshiping universities; proved to be the greatest crime syndicate ever formed. Exceeding nazi, and all who came before it. Because they managed to change in secret, the cost of consequences: in what people wanted to be changed. No greater fools/ no greater failures/ no greater threats: have ever existed Creating overpopulation beyond the limits of what this planet can survive/ creating air conditioning and heating; to consume the planet itself in numerous ways/ creating transportation with little effort, so as to accomplish “I am god”/ creating extreme experimentation’s to prove humanity believes it can be god. So “Satan appear”; as their truth of life. Which means to survive all these things must be turned back. Zero and less population growth. No more air conditioning or heating huge spaces. No more throwing every resource away. No more private vehicles and endless driving. No more “unchained university”. No more logging; planting instead (hoping to keep the atmosphere in place/ retain habitat a final refugee/ and so on). Just the beginning, as truth does not align with anything the universities have done over the last one hundred or so years. Which includes throwing evolution away, and so much more. Which includes the end of “the believer”; as is the cult of university worshipers: truth decides/ not want. World law takes control away from leaders. Limited capitalism takes control away from money. We find ourselves alive, rather than dead. Simple as that.

It is your choice: but make no mistake, you have torn down the planet to the point of ONE DIRECTION LEFT: LIFE or death. So choose?

Reality has proven: it is like the story told to me decades back. Once there was a young man who asked for help from his grandpa; who said, “sure there is some money on the bedroom dresser/ go take what you need”. The young one did, and did again, and did again; and then came back to his grandpa and asked for help. So he was told money on the dresser is gone. And the grandpa said: how did you expect to have something, when you need it; if you never put anything back? Moral of the story is: all of humanity took and took and took, and never once as a group put anything back. They simply chose to steal everything they could touch; leaving the future without a chance to survive. Last chance, to give your children life back. It is a choice/ but it is not a game. Play time is over!

And humanity says: “we want what we want”! But reality and knowledge agree: “you don’t want to be extinct, destroying this earth”/ and yet that is exactly what you are doing with your wants.

So it is a choice; to continue believing in universities as god/ or accept the universities did fail life and earth and child; causing extreme distress. Enough to insure extinction if not corrected “immediately”. Simple as that.

Reality states: dead is dead, and a living world can in fact die.

Knowledge states: what you want is irrelevant, because it has no meaning or proof of existence other than you. Understanding truth means, you understand want does not matter; and you are not gods, nor are the fools called university.

So we are then confronted with wisdom: as is, “you cannot change a believer/ because truth does not matter to him or her; only want”. The cost of that is: “the believer must stop believing; so that truth can decide instead of want”. It is that simple, when constructing the evidence of our reality. But the traitors, failures, and terrorists of universities have been working hard/ and the curse of media has been insistent: “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”; as is the constant of propaganda. So wisdom says: we must find a way, for humanity “to begin again”/ by cleaning out the disease of Satanic cult worshiping universities. And finding what is honestly true/ not covered in the filth of universities dysentery.

So we turn back to beginnings, as the only method conceivable: to change your heart from slavery (we don’t have to think about nothing)/ to the essence of being alive which is; to conceive of destiny, by choosing to think for yourself.

From the beginning: we learn that life in time is considered to be measured by motion/ if there is no motion as formed by energy/ then there is no life in this body. Which means time, even as life is a distance we measure as existence.

Energy the construction of motion: is an elevation of time exists: because of this, as is the basis of all living bodies of life. No energy to be used; “is a rock”/ so to speak. But even there we know that rocks have a latent energy, which can be used to exhibit time has a beginning and an end. As is the basis of life itself. Regardless of scale. Therefore the essence of life as time begins with energy, and when the energy fails; so does life.

Even so: we must recognize that energy is the evidence of motion, or the sustained potential of motion; and that is not the result of any kinetic action; as is the “einstein conclusion”. INSTEAD energy exists as the result of force; an inherent relationship formed by universal laws of existence, in space. These need not be discussed; merely recognized as the laws which create.

Life is the existence of “awareness”; which means to understand existence is more than a reality it is, my own awareness of self or environment or potential. As is the basis for freedom. Therefore beyond the conception of a universe, is what we call the beginning of thought.

Thought is creation, and it forms the beginning of life; because without freedoms, there is no assertion of self. But self is the result of evidence, and evidence exists because of truth. Therefrom we know that thought, truth, freedom, environment, and self will form the existence of what can be initially created: from the dimensions which then do exist. So time forms the basis of creation, by exhibiting dimension.

Dimension lives within the boundaries and limits of what can define self. Truth forms the freedoms of what can be identified by law. Environment includes “a universal knowledge”. While thought begins the journey, which then becomes the evidence of what creation can be. The elemental acceptance of force can be used for change.

Change controls the certainty of what “truth and its consequences” will allow. While want is allowed to contribute hope, by ascending into the creation of destiny can construct this/ it is equally allowed to descend into the fate of truth does not allow for this, it is a lie, that will cause death to occur. Humanity considers this a choice/ but it is a choice only if you are willing to accept death as its conclusion. And the world shouts back: WE ARE going to die/ why should we not want what we want NOW?

So, religion (we must find our own answers) attempts to answer that question with “belief: what we cannot prove by the evidence; is what you get to decide: but there are rules”. Therefore religion is: “rules and beliefs”.

Universities answer this question: by attempting to prove there are no limits or boundaries or laws which can stop us from getting everything we want. THEREFORE we are gods, and there is no future beyond death. So the rules don’t matter, and we can believe anything we want too. Fantasy rules, and delusions magnify “imagination” as our source of life.

BUT TRUTH SAYS: laws determine what truth and its consequences will allow, therefore by the evidence of that law: we know what our future can become.

Primary law is: that force rules change/ and energy is the result of force, NOT the other way around. Therefore when we conceive of life in time by energy gain or loss: we have evicted the primary element of why that energy existed in the first place which is force. You have negated the fundamental truth of thought is the existence of life; and it is a participant in force/ not energy. WHICH makes the construction of life itself, a relationship beyond the limits or boundaries of body; by its freedom to live within the constraints of what thought can become.

We then study the elevation of thought, and find in the spiritual realm of our existence as life: the essence of truth! Because truth is the basis of law, and law is the basis of life and time as one body of existence. The critical construction is: that humanity is NOT connected by truth to life/ but must form an alliance to survive. That requires a decision, that is not related to lies; and is conceived with respect for truth.

You now have a beginning, sustainable for you.

Happiness is a decision, with consequences that illuminate what we desire most in our relationships with other life. It is that simple; make a decision that allows for friendship, and it can reward you with that friendship, if life allows. Without the “light” of being “friend worthy”/ there is only the darkness formed by we cannot trust each other. As is the consequence and creation of numerous television and other media decisions: to create enemies instead.

So this world deteriorates by universities control and manipulation/ the result of media controlled by university propagation and election control to create division and then civil war; as the basis of national destitution: so they can take complete control; as “hitler” would do. A constant throughout history; as there is always a group intent upon tyranny, by enslaving you. The intellectual war is: to remove your options and make you beg; with the fear of what can go wrong, if the university is not “made your god”. The military war is to remove your options and make you beg: with the fear of murder, and pain. Basically same coin, just different faces showing.

Humanity continues to descend; on its search past want into pride and power rules all; with universities in the lead/ as they have been doing for over fifty years in this nation. By confronting religion (life should be about love)/ and making evolution (life should be about chaos and mutilation) your religion/ so they can be your god.

Returning to happiness requires that we return ourselves to the decisions which make friendship possible. That is not consistent with living life, unless we remove the traitors who chose to be terrorists; not friends.

We then ask: HOW can we be friends within ourselves/ when the cult owns the souls of every believer, who then expects “they cannot be wrong”? And are so proud, they cannot define themselves as a friend, because that would allow someone else to be equal?

My choice, was to accept whosoever would come, along the path of my life/ but always face the future as a decision based upon love. So that the direction of living, could not be changed by the reality of enemies who are also found along the path of time, and even beyond.

Truth decides is the path of life; simple as that. But you cannot be welcomed into the spiritual element of that existence, until you are fully defined within yourself/ because there is no room in truth for error; you must know, who you are; literal and true. As does require the search for life in you.

For those few who are able to accomplish that truth: the spiritual door can be opened if you search long enough to receive the invitation: BEYOND SELF, in the destiny of love, and beyond time; does not allow for pride, want, or power. Therefore these must also be defeated in you; or there will be trouble, as true confusion of self; changes your world into the delusions you chose rather than truth.

Nonetheless; the spiritual world has many values beyond the dimension of human existence, and lives within the respect of your participation as an honorary member of thought. The essence of life, not self.

As for me: all things went well/ beyond the first introduction past time. “a get the trash out”/ reality of choices required. But, that prepared me for truth; and I did well, by letting truth decide, a change in me.

To my surprise however: was the truth, I could not find any solution for life on earth to survive/ and then opened the door to spiritual female; “to ask if they had a solution”? The apparent solution was: “female will control male”/ as became reality over 18 years. And is now a relationship beyond change; a reality I could not imagine, for me. Yet truth was truth; and what I lacked in my search for a reality of a balanced change that would allow for life to survive. Was the balance of female, not here; as it should have been. She solved that; but I lost control; and now live two lives, “one is female, trading places (so I know)/ and one is male; at least for now”. WHICH does illustrate clearly: that not only does massive change must occur/ the reality of female participation, and male respect for female; in this world must change as well. The list is long; and offers no allowance for disrespect.

So while the spiritual world does offer solutions for “human existence”/ it also offers, realities which cannot be taken back from the decisions that you made. You are warned: be careful of what you pick. But as for me: this decision created the balance of this work, and provided the hope that something could be done. As it is true: I had run out of hope, for men in charge/ their only solution is war. And war is extinction. So it was the best decision I ever made for life/ and it was the worst decision for male: but the summary is. I am HONESTLY grateful that a solution was found (even if you won’t accept it; you did have a choice)/ and would have my life, as time exist in no other way. Certainly NOT extinction. I did do, what I could. Simple as that.

NO, I have not a single clue; as to “what my own future” is going to be/ its a quandary, laws have been broken/ realities have been changed/ miracles have been upset. A “billion changes”; without any understanding of what the consequences will be. But extinction of this entire living world is far worse; than any personal result could be; for me. So say I. It was my choice/ but truth adds, I have adjusted to the balance, and true value: of both male and female; and do not wish to leave either behind. Which is extremely complicated, and without my decision or right to decide.

The constant is: male and female are so elementally different, that they cannot be combined into one “life”. But they are so necessary to each other, that they cannot be separated from life/ and the end result is: a relationship that must be shared, because we chose to care, with respect for each other. Finding the common ground, to build a truly shared journey; in such dramatically different environments; is HARD. The battle is serious. But even though male has lost, the question remains: to be alive, we must share. But then comes the question: she has the power, to remove me, and then become me; and I don’t know if anything male, or even me, “could be left”? So with diligence, I report to you: that life beyond time; the spiritual world is first/ is NOT as simple as you believe.

I guess the answer is: that the female version of me is me, “from the opposite side of the line (she can enforce it); separating male from female (a very different experience and expression); but it is not me, as the life I had known”. Yet I am, “me, elementally the same/ but behaviorally as defined by existence is very different; its complicated”! Nothing to do with transgender/ homosexual/ or any other: simply different “same/ yet not the same at all”. It was not a decision of mine!

 The female spiritual existence who did invade my life; to balance “the fight for this world/ and create hope”. Is not me; but could be joined to female as is truth assembled with life. So, it comes down to her decision; where, my own eternity, and its re-creation; shall now be found. I don’t know? “its a quandary”. Life continues to become “so different”/ that I have no clue; other than peace is better than war. Is change eternal/ is it “just for you in time, some type of lesson”? It is hopeless; I, just plain; have no clue.

It is the disease of a biological invasion that removed strict; “disciplines/ order/ and balance” of distinctly male. Presenting me with the possibility of “being crucified on the inside”/ ended the barriers and limits of everything strictly male. But that opened the door to understanding life is more than “male”; therefore wisdom must decide; not want. To conceive of life beyond self: is to accept that life is more than male or female. The consequence is: to examine what is true, requires a different balance, an alternate level of respect, and a foundation that does not limit life to the order I have known.

Or more distinctly; as predicted in Revelation 17:3 (the beast is male) I have become “more her life/ her choice” than mine/ or, is female: “destiny”? So the question is: can female do better for this world, than male; as is the prediction of Revelation from chapter 12:1 (standing on the moon is standing on what is foreign: male) on? The end result appears to be: “we/ I, are going to find out”. Like it, or not; because she can shock male in me half to death/ if I don’t obey, “she decides/ not me”. Its complicated; she is literally “part of my mind; she knows everything”/ I have no clue. “the passenger/ she drives the vehicle”. More correctly; I am her ride/ her visible presence here. But it does not suggest or say; what she is going to do “with that beast, (male)”?


 I DO; understand this, “that the balance of peace, is far more deliberate in the realm of female/ and the balance tipping toward war, is far more deliberate in the realm of male”. PEACE IS BETTER, for life and world and child and all that live.   “we cannot go back”! 

The first eleven chapters of Revelation; are what happens if men remain in charge of life on earth. Given the realities of weapons of mass destruction and more; it is easily distinguished as to what that really means. The “second half” of revelation chapters 12+ are given to what happens if women are in charge of the law (you do have the votes). Because law, not money; rules the nations and thereby world. LIMITING MONEY, with “limited capitalism”/ and LIMITING ARMIES with world law: IS CHANGING THIS WORLD. But that is only the beginning of what is needed for life to survive. Believe it, or not.

And the world says: “my proof of life is me/ and what I want”. I will NOT sacrifice that for some lame ass delusion of what life could be/ truth says, NOW IS NOW. And I want “pretty/ rather than nature”. I want superior/ rather than equal. I want games/ rather than truth or its consequences: as is I WANT WHAT I WANT!

But the consequences say: HELL is coming, because what you want cannot be sustained. Pretty is a delusion outside of what nature does. And pride forms the basis of all human behavior; which we all know, most lacks value; and becomes a game which creates hate, and then war. TRUTH SAYS: you have removed the cushion of “this world takes care of you”/ and have created the constant that is: your failure to care, ends this world forever. A choice that you chose to make/ or not.

and the world says:  WE WON’T believe anything unless media or university tells us to believe!  “alas, they have no brain of their own”.

As to a world we can survive: only truth can decide/ not you or your want. But there are rules: happiness cannot be bought with money/ but “fair play and justified” income allows for safety to present, and safety; knowing this small decision is not going to make me starve; is an element of happy. So we must make people safe, by being fair and justified with our dealings among all of society. Beyond that the next most important element is a courtroom/ not a ruler; and we must judge those who judge us, so as to keep it as pure as possible. On the list of better for all: is hate must then be separated out; to live among themselves/ so that peace is in fact attainable. We must repair this world, and stop doing all the things university taught humans to do or believe or obey or fear or assume; as the disease of media propagation, proves true. It is important not to give up/ but it is equally important not to bury your head, and fail to recognize what is true; and the cost of being wrong. Because these two, are a graveyard if we get it wrong.

Critical to our survival, particularly as a democracy is: that WE THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND, “THAT LAW IS NOT A POSSESSION OF THE COURTS”/ they are merely the employees assigned the duty to create justice and fair play by using the laws that do exist; so that the human element can be diminished as much as it is possible to do. Balancing life with truth, by understanding it is respect for each other that keeps society intact.

OUR LAW IS REDRESS; the power to enforce constitutional control over our employees/ IS NO SMALL THING! Which is why the courts and politicians and others NEVER WANT IT TO BE USED; as that opens the door to true democracy by the rule of law. NOT the power of money or pride taking over society, and destroying whatever they want. As is the evidence of both current political parties in this USA.

We rule ourselves: by understanding IT IS THE LAW/ NOT, the money! That does in fact create and control our lives as a society. Which is why the courts are corrupted, when counterfeiting currency as if it were their own personal toy, creating debts that can never be paid, or the claim of assets that is pure numbers and nothing else. Makes the thief in charge/ the traitor is banker/ and the terrorist; controls what happens behind every door in government; as is seen with covid.

And humanity in this USA SCREAMS: don’t do NOTHING, we want to believe we are rich. NOBODY WANTS TO PAY/ DON’T DO NOTHING, LEAVE THIS ALONE. And yet if you do not do nothing as you want; your nation, your nature lives, and your world all die in the horror that you created; by your lies. Only truth survives; and you know that is true.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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