IGNITE what we need to know

IGNITE what we need to know


The cult of university knows: GAMBLES with all life on earth, 8.2 billion human lives/ all life/ and all future life/ and even the planet itself: ARE BEING GAMBLED; by those who claim “they can see inside the sun/ and know everything; they need to know”. BUT WRONG IS: their ignition of atomic fire “lets burn atoms”/ becomes a self sustaining plasma; “just like the sun”/ which will incinerate us all”.

and then there is: the atmosphere is detaching from the planet (as increasing winds prove). Because you have chopped down too many trees/ and global warming pushes up “MORE MASS” (like a hot air balloon). Which means more mass must be moved to keep it in time with the spinning globe.

So no matter how much you believe in universities: the price of being wrong “just like the sun”;  is we all burn/ even the solar system will be changed; as this planet will explode due to its topography. So in an instant of ignition: the believer shouts: “we are gods”! OR REALITY SHOUTS; “hades, the biblical, lake of fire” is here.

cities around the globe: running out of water/ tyrants claiming: “I will kill you all” with weapons of mass destruction/ one degree too much ends life; and more. Same as: why did the truly giant icebergs break off Antarctica: answer, “a rising tide floats all boats.”

EITHER WAY: WE THE WORLD DESERVE TO REVIEW THE REALITY OF THEIR DECISION/ AND  FULLY KNOW:  WHAT IT IS THEY DEPEND UPON; by playing god with the sun:  to say this will work?            demanding our vote/ now decides!        IS JUSTIFIED AND A DUTY.   

who cares if all the ice is gone from the ARTIC:   ALL, the sea life which depends upon the food source which grows under and on the bottom of that ice.

How is it NOT OUR DUTY; to understand; when we WILL ALL have to pay the price; “they are wrong”.

DRAMA is: “I want what I want/ and I want it all for free/ which means someone else has to pay”. Or you can’t have it/ so the manipulation, control, temptation, propagation, failures, and fools surround their goal; and little by little people are enslaved to do what the serpent wants them to do. Like the Kennedy speech “we go to the moon”/ had nothing to do with the moon: other than to cover up his desire to find a way to build massive rockets (so the nation did not complain); for his purpose; to deliver massive bombs to the USSR. History is filled with drama; and it is always the same: make someone else pay for me. The difference here is: the rotting corpse of universities; has exceeded the arrogance of being human/ and wants to play god with the sun; by shouting “yes we can”. But it is a death goal, beyond the comprehension of fools. The most wicked in all of human history; but geneticists are the same; and there is “great competition” for who can be the worst they can possibly be. Which proves: “after the leader is targeted, to stop; failure demands: armies are dismissed; to insure every university is leveled first”.

When asked: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO INSURE the fire can be contained. “your experts” declared; not enough gravity here/ so the fire will just extinguish itself. Your experts have declared; “its just fusion”/ but fusion is claimed to produce helium/ and they have known from the very beginning the sun does not produce this helium; which makes them wrong, and they know it.

WE NEED TO KNOW: TRUTH STANDS ALONE/ what they do fully and completely CAN PROVE WITHOUT “the shadow of a doubt”.Because IT IS OUR HOME; and there is no going back on ignition. IT IS: LITERAL    LIFE OR DEATH of our world! FOREVER.

YOUR CHOICE: IS IT NOT?  THAT LETS THEM CONTINUE WITH THIS EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION?   “the human version of SATAN” cannot stop itself/ the arrogance is too deep.  UP TO YOU!

“but lets review”:

It is competition that denies that facts of life, when reality is too severe; as it is today; people caught in the trap, then fail. The intellectual maze of failure that is “university leads”; is identified in the current US leadership trials. It is not about justice: but as universities do, “picking apart reality/ to achieve the maze of disorder; one penny at a time”. attacking each penny of evidence, as if it mattered. When like global warming: all that matters is “truth and its real world consequences”. NOT the curse of fools; who war against us all: to remove justice and fair play: “with pennies”. Pennies/ or RULES: “WE got you now”: is the method of overthrowing government, discarding society: and in particular democracy: WITH TYRANNY! as is proven by courtroom occurrences without merit. Which makes “the insurgency claimed of January 6″/ a non event: defending/ rather than attacking: [a herd incited into a mob/ by hate]. Because the tyranny; hate, is in charge: “just like trump”. The biden herd [incited to war as a mob/ by covid: death of life; by university plays god]. But, the cult don’t care: because all the raw sewage a university diploma can spew: is no match for the reality we now face.    the constant:  “with all blinders on”.

8.2 billion people; all wanting what they want/ fighting to win/ and judging each other everyday. To justify: “lies, stealing, killing, betrayal, mutilation, extreme experimentation, playing god and more”. As predators do. IS THERE NOT MORE LIFE THAN YOU?

IS: A line of humanity touching: center to center at one meter (39.4 inches)= 8.2 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG. Competition for everything is severe. The equator is 40,075 kilometers long around this planet. That makes 204.6 continuous wraps of humanity touching and standing on water “so to speak” at the equator of our planet.

Land mass of this planet “deserts and all” 196.9 million mi²

8.2 billion people divided into that area equals 41.6 people per square mile; “mountain tops” and all.

There is a television show called “alone”; which depicts a real world struggle to survive in a world without help; unless you call to end your want. What is important: is dealt with. But what they do not do, is leave “a life” to be friends with/ because “i alone” am important! Yet they all experience loneliness; because life needs life, to be happy. So don’t lock yourself away. Get out and participate; do what you can do; or accept the decision is spiritual, and your invitation: “to join beyond this world”; depends upon “your own truth for life/ not your want”.

The eternal question is: “what should we do with our lives?” The critical answer is: let love decide, because within the framework of values created by respect, we learn to be happy, and ascend in caring, to the universal choice: “when we share life, we gain in purity and truth”. Love is not a gift, it is a choice. But without the recognition of an environment which allows for love to exist; there is no truth beyond the point of survival must come first. The search for truth, or purity of life; must wait: because time cannot. It is our destiny of purpose to be born into this reality: eternity will remember your choice.

hate makes life a game: and discards reality to prove they can play gods.  BUT, LIFE, is no game; as is so clearly demonstrated by those: attempting to ignite a nuclear fire on earth, just like the sun”. On this planet made entirely out of fuel/ “just like the sun”. NO, second chances/ no going back in time; “no do it over or stop this”; forever. Just like the sun. “the cost for being WRONG”!   IS, a lake of fire; just like the sun.

Our world reeks of human disease; the arrogance, apathy, and disrespect of those who can be called “Satan”. Their decisions deny reality, their truth destroys what we need to survive. Their disrespect for this world and all its life; is the basis of horror and hell is coming; to deliver our extinction. EVERY form of inflation is used to curse the future: and insure every child will die, because there is no resource left.

Therefore as is the constant of my life; what is love must wait/ because survival cannot: it is our duty, to fight for this world, and not hide in religion or any other excuse to deny the facts in evidence; which give us no other choice. The world, the future, every living thing depends upon “value and truth”/ not delusion or fantasy, as is “university knows”.    as the evidence does prove, to our shame. 

LEST WE FORGET; the university geneticists “promise we can be gods”/ and yet their delusion is; that by injecting chaos into nature genetics; they can force evolution to come back/ and create something they can claim “proves we are gods”. But all they can do is destroy life/ and you let them.

And the world says: “YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING/ WE WILL WAIT AND SEE”; because you are nobody. YET ALL THE EVIDENCE IS PROVEN TRUE/ AND IT MERELY AWAITS: YOUR COURTROOM OF REDRESS AS IS THE LAW: TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE IS TRUE. But as is the constant of human existence under the disguises of men who want it all (TO HELL with the rest); ridiculing to distract, so they can kill more. REALITY waits for no man; and the truth is, as IS SO EVIDENT of those trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. WHEN YOU KNOW/ YOU BURN, AS DOES THIS PLANET. OR, by the fantasies of universities delusion; WHEN YOU KNOW, Armageddon (nature in chaos) cannot be turned back. Or WHEN YOU KNOW; the population cannot be fed/ NOR CAN they find water or be given water to survive: the APOCALYPSE has begun (war for water/ without end); because everything is gone. Or WHEN THE CURSE of human man: takes its final control USING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION; EXTINCTION IS REAL. OR TEN THOUSAND MORE; AS HUMANITY BECOMES, THE NEW TERM FOR “SEWER RAT”.

And then there are all the fantasies; such as this earth cannot be overheated by humans. Throw it in the oceans, nobody cares/ coral reefs cannot disappear/ ozone cannot disappear/ the magnetic sphere of our molten core cannot be failed by CERN/ we cannot use so much oxygen; we die/ we won’t run out of water, yet every large city is/ we cannot overpopulate this earth with humanity; but we do. Chernobyl cannot happen; etc/ etc/ etc/ ///////////////////// changing genetics in plants cannot end with a plant pandemic caused by humans; which ends all food production/ end of all chains of life which interconnect to give life what it needs to survive/ people will never use weapons of mass destruction (our saviors)/ USA cannot run out of money, even though universities took it all and gave you numbers instead/ covid cannot be used to steal (as was $60,000.00 PER EVERY SHOT at the beginning, with more; to the universities elite/ we cannot be given an election with no one to vote for, as is 2024, because the universities are in charge; your gods/ we cannot run out of resources, before we die; to HELL with the children; they are, the living dead/ and that is only the beginning.

Corruption is rampant in all forms of the judiciary, collusion is the backbone of politics/ and conspiracy the purpose of the election itself. Discussion begins with: YOU CANNOT be guilty of 34 felony charges; in connection with a purpose to hide something from the electorate/ only one or two is fair. IT IS the universities which create the illusion of justice by embellishing everything with fraud! Trump however is guilt of much, and does not consist of “valued leadership”/ nor does biden; who will likely die, before his term of office is over: leaving endless debts/ and pure inflation as his epitaph for the nation. Insuring his vp is your leader! NOTHING is valued by truth in this America: because it is a cult of university believers.

The constant being drama: which by all intents is meant to distract you from what is important to you/ to what is important to them; and remove your abilities to decipher the difference; the basis of every successful lie. Is, so that you in the end do what they want you to do. Because your decision is negated by their drama; as is “I am the important one here/ pay attention to me”. Corruption, conspiracy, collusion, distraction, manipulation, temptations and more; all use drama; to remove your decision/ to discard your truth: in order to achieve the superiority over you, that is “they matter more than you do”. It is not substantively true; as only truth matters to us all. Simplify, sort out what is important, and use order through discipline to balance what does or does not have value to you. Societies are the same; politics are the drama of our lives/ but they are not in our own best interest: ONLY LAW can do that. As we the people choose to create it. LAW such as is, “you are a soldier of merit”/ when you defend us all! BUT merely a mercenary WHEN you accept the decision to attack is enough to kill and destroy the lives of other people.

Or if we look back in time; “america” is the greatest traitor in history; as proven by the genocide of this entire human Indian population: “because they didn’t have guns”/ weapons too inferior to defend themselves”. BECAUSE the white european wanted EVERYTHING, for themselves; as is the constant of history, with men in charge. BUT THEY ARE BY NO MEANS “ALONE”!   Yes-sir “all gods”/ so say the cult of university knows, AND ALL ITS FOLLOWERS;  who believe they will get what they want.

The answer of men: WAR, as history proves true. The answer of politics: lets play a game; give just a little/ and take some in return. The answer of universities is: imagination is all we need/ lie, steal, cheat, (lets charge them a trillion dollars to do “a study”/ that never does anything; for life) betray, terrorize and above all prove we are gods; by destroying everything on earth. As the evidence does prove true. The answer of religion: “let GOD do it/ we don’t have to care”; just a little bit, to prove we are the superior ones. As the population increases: EASILY ABLE, to multiply by 3%= 246 million more mouths to feed each year.

Can women do better? Probably not, but there is no way to be certain unless they are given the opportunity to try. The constant curse: “there is no brain/ because humanity wants no brain”. Instead they want what they want; and they want someone to tell them; that what they want is great/ go do it all, take everything you can: as is the games people play for pride, power, and the consequences of hate. The world has changed 8.2 billion people or more prove that. “every compact vehicle on the road”; AVERAGES “for every hour of highway driving: the oxygen needed for 34 people over a 24 hour day will be used by the vehicle/ for every semi tractor: the average is oxygen for 124 people needed in that hour of driving; plus all the heat, pollution, and behind the scenes; of resource costs, for what it takes to make the vehicle go. It takes a great deal of energy to produce electricity; NOT an answer. And the world says; I WON’T CARE/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; to hell with you. As is the case in every cost and consequence of every choice university led humanity to make. But then comes the tragedies and chaos; of all the other things universities did do; weapons of mass destruction being “just one group” of many. As humanity hides its collective brain: from the truth of consequences are coming/ so they can race “to get everything they can”.

TRUTH HOWEVER KNOWS:   YOU GET WHAT IS TRUE, because every truth has a consequence/ and the lies and liars, are now, being forced by the evidence to reveal their shit.

So lets do the math: oxygen needed by 34 people per day; versus one hour of driving by a compact/ cheap vehicle for 8.2 BILLION people=241 million cars (one hour/ one day). Oxygen needed by 124 people per day; versus on average 8 hours of driving of a semi tractor; per day (working)= 8.2 million trucks across the world: each category makes it impossible for you to breathe “one day”, now. and then comes all the other fires humanity creates. So

each compact vehicle USES approx in one hour of highway driving/ what 34 people need to breathe for 24 hours.

And then comes the greatest terrorist nation to ever exist; as is this USA; and all its universities delusion: lets be SATAN. The greatest liar, failure and fool, as is “university knows”. The greatest fraud as is this USA is wealthy; NOT anymore. The greatest thief: “university”. The greatest deceit; media; “make them believe, fear, and obey”. The greatest curse; “the universities expert”. The least valued of all; “the university scam, lets make believe we are doing something”. The constant curse of universities religion; a foundation to it all, as is evolution. The greatest fear; “university plays god”. The greatest disease; universities own the cult of fear, what you believe we can do; enslaving the obedient to their delusions.

And humanity says: WE DON’T CARE, ABOUT NOTHING/ YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, and ain’t never going to change! Completely avoiding the evidence of not only a global warming planet (one degree over, and all life dies)/ but the truth of our atmosphere is becoming disconnected from the planet itself; and will soon be lost to the reality of “winds as are known on other planets near 700mph”.

THE DIFFERENCE: between now and the past. In the past men considered themselves “either predator or prey”/ and acted accordingly; until Christianity convinced them: “if you have a brain/ then you know”: LIFE IS BETTER THAN THIS. Even to the conception of love, can build an eternity!

TODAY; the universities religion of evolution convinced men, LIFE IS NOT better than this; the brain has no value: “to you/ only us”/ but we can destroy the future and steal their lives, killing every child. IF WE TAKE ALL WE CAN GET! “we can be gods”. And as the evidence proves true: humanity said, “hurrah”.

By sustaining FEAR in weapons of mass destruction. By forcing the propagation of experts who speak whatever power wants to hear/ and making the masses obedient to our every whim: BY DESTROYING THEIR OPTION TO REFUSE. Making them all “predator or prey again”. As is no human (ain’t no brain) here. A reality fully enforced: as is proven by trying to ignite the sun on this planet; to prove the scourge of human existence; is alive/ and about to take your lives forever into HADES (eternal torment).

They cannot stop themselves: “its their pride, power, and want” all combined in the slurry of sewage that is their lives. Which you provide.

YOU cannot extinguish their nuclear fire; “their claim: the sun has million mile long flames”! IT WILL INCINERATE THIS PLANET. “just like the sun”. The price for BEING WRONG! No second chances, ignition, which will be a self sustaining plasma; is the end.

And the world says: WE ARE TOO BUSY GETTING WHAT WE WANT/ “to be fooled by you”. THE UNIVERSITIES ARE god to us, and WE BELIEVE.

They can’t all be wrong/ and that means: YOU cannot be right/ regardless of the evidence; THE PROOF, “of a believer”. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. To hell with the future; I will die or get old/ AND I WANT IT ALL, RIGHT NOW.

BUT, I am not here to convince you of anything! I bring you this world of human existence: the message: CHANGE NOW, OR extinction will be your only choice soon.

I do NOT ask you to believe: but merely INVESTIGATE THE TRUTH/ and in particular this ONE THING; even you can understand! Those who believe they can play god and play with the same fire as is on the sun; igniting that here/ as the evidence is absolutely certain of! REQUIRES THAT THEY CONVINCE YOU OF “MORE THAN A THEORY”. So force them to explain and certify as “we cannot be wrong”; exactly how they intend to control the fire they create. Do not let them claim fusion as Lawrence Livermore labs proved it is not so in 2012 with their lasers. The sun does not produce helium as is evidence even you can understand. SO FORCE THEM TO ESTABLISH EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW THEY KNOW: THEY CAN CONTROL A NUCLEAR FIRE. As is the only reality of information we can prove is: the foundation of what happens on the sun.

IN COURT: YOU GO TO PRISON FOR LIES! BEFORE OUR WORLD, by the evidence of WHAT CAN BE PROVEN TRUE. No theories/ because turning this earth into a sun; IS NO GAME.

And the cult of fools say: WE WILL NEVER QUESTION OUR LEADERS/ they are gods, and WE BELIEVE. Let the children die/ the entire world be incinerated/ we DO NOT need to question our belief. WE BELIEVE, no brain needed.

So life turns to every child and says: TODAY is your day to fight for life and world/ because your elders cannot. They are immersed in the tragedy of their lives/ the curse of being betrayed; by their own greed. YOU WILL have to find enough “humans”, to enforce: WE MUST KNOW NOW!

BECAUSE there is no going back. Once ignition exists; this gamble is EITHER LIFE (now we can make more heat/ on this overheating world) OR DEATH BY INCINERATION, and all that is predicted; OF THIS EARTH.

The law is: YOU CANNOT ENDANGER OUR LIVES, OR OUR WORLD/ with your games! Which then demands: let the evidence be proven true.

To the young: “your elders have been living the same lie/ as men throughout all of history”. The male version: WE WILL TAKE WHAT WE WANT, KILL THEM, their lives, mean nothing; to us! WITH some women involved too.

But their rampage of ruin/ their war against life and earth: HAS BEEN AGAINST THE FUTURE; because machines and more intervened to allow: the lies are covered for now/ because the consequences are unproven.

YOUR FUTURE; because there is no life, without resources. No survival without the chains of living, that make it possible; for “their complex chemistry” to sustain other life, such as you. THEY GAMBLE and BELIEVE; because the lies have expanded their GREED, into unseen SELFISHNESS; as the earth becomes their toilet, and the future becomes their HELL. Because life is not a game, and the evidence is real; not uncertain at all.

So you have a choice, they could not make: because they want even more; as believers do. Just like you! But if sufficient numbers exist to: DEMAND WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG! TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. Then trial will come; if it is not too late. AND REALITY can then decide: what the future is going to be.

NO, I am not here to take away “everything you want”. I am here to remind you: THIS IS A FINITE PLANET, and humanity has destroyed its future! Leaving us all with the choice: EITHER FIX THIS, OR DIE, AS A WORLD!


as best we, this entire world;  can!

And the elders all say; HOW DARE YOU!

WE, ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG! WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ JUST LIKE EVERY GENERATION THAT HAS EVER LIVED! Yet we are like “gods” to them/ BECAUSE WE HAVE TAKEN, as a majority what we wanted; for our own lives/ WE HAVE A RIGHT. The law is on our side.

But the world has never had 8.2 or more BILLION PEOPLE on it before/ AS IS THE CHOICE YOU, AND YOUR UNIVERSITIES MADE! Discarding every consequence, for every truth of change you made. A human line of living existence; who takes or burns or whatever it is you do: that is literally standing “center to center; at one meter”: A LINE THAT DOES NOT END FOR 8.2 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG. Growing everyday/ on this very finite planet; that can no longer survive what you do.

SO YOU DID CHANGE THE WORLD, as you say! BUT YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING: that will keep this earth alive! INSTEAD every decision of the cult and its believers: “GREED IS OUR god”! Has been to push life and world aside; so you can have more. EXTINCTION IS COMING/ and it is that simple. Because you did change this world/ and to keep it alive: YOU MUST CHANGE YOURSELVES NOW. Removing excess greed, want, pride, power, and more! And humanity says: NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

But the evidence of your failures/ the curse of your beliefs; says: EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN, unless you change. The choice ends soon!

The elders continue to scream: “we want what we want/ and we want what we want until we die/ THEN, you can fix all these threats of extinction for yourselves”. Because they hide from truth, and run away from reality: believing “dust to dust” ends their existence/ as if the body alone was life.

They hide in the closet of a burning house/ and their claim of “believing what we believe is enough”; will fail. But their ending is their choice; the only question remaining is: to the young, WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE? Because you cannot have what your parents threw away/ it is forever gone. YOUR CHOICE, is to protect and share about what is left; that we can rebuild, repair, renew, and cause to live on.

Stand up/ or dig your grave. Because truth has no mercy/ it is, what it is!

and the world says: WE ARE BUSY WITH OUR LIVES/ and we want what we want; because we BELIEVE what we believe/ and choose to fear the universities will only fail us; if we stop believing in what we want. Rather than what is true, as the consequences prove by the evidence is real.

So after “45 or so” years; of a lifetime spent, in trying to make you understand: “the consequences are real, and they stand for extinction”. We are now down to the final truth of humanity: can the children stand up for, their own lives?

Because that; as is extinction: WILL become the price of being wrong.

I HAVE NOT asked you to believe me; that is worthless/ we all know you can’t.

INSTEAD, with the evidence beginning to surround you with truth: you are asked to INVESTIGATE THAT TRUTH, because you will NOT survive being WRONG. IT IS, “YOUR DUTY”, to life and world. Not to me, I did my job.

And the world says: “we are doing great”/ NOBODY has to believe you!

As is the constant distraction and ridicule: of misdirecting humanity, from the cost of being WRONG. Like the claim of fusion already proven wrong/ igniting an atomic fire; has no “going back”/ wrong is extinction. And you know that is true. But the believer says: “we want what we want/ we don’t need no damn brain: the universities are god”. As is the end of life on earth. To your shame.

The reality is: that when finding NO solution in men which would save this world/ because their primary, always solution is war. World war 3 is extinction, and it sets on your doorstep.

Causing me to search for “what would women do”? Finding no help, I searched the spiritual world, and found “female existence”/ the truth of what that means: “only intending to open the door to ask a question; what would you do”? Did NOT turn out as expected; but it was balance/ and that brought back hope. Finding in female; no interest in confronting extinction with truth, I have lost hope in female now.

Turning to the last truth of life; which is the young. YOUR LIFE IN TIME/ your stolen life as time. The end of your world as time experience or expressed in the human development of your own identity. Searching for: what can survive, because you choose to care? The end result of it is: either share the work/ or complete the task of finding ridicule for everything that threatens your lives on earth. It is a choice.

As to eternity itself; “I am certainly not your judge/ or your savior/ or your evil one”. I am merely a messenger (mailman if you wish); bring the truth. This world will not survive, unless dramatic and real life changes in humanity are made. It is not a choice; it is LIFE OR DEATH/ because you did, or did not care; to let truth decide for you. This now ends my attempt, to inform and enlighten, with regard to your future.

As for my future: eternity will decide. I WILL accept whatever it is! But as to this world, I am suddenly finding; it is simply better to live with peace/ than war. Consequently it seems, “that woman in charge is not so bad”. although I still do not know “what that actually means”; in terms of female truth?  NOT wishing; “just reality”/ without my decision in control.  I have no clue?

And the people say: “eternity is not real/ that, according to the universities; is just for religious fools”? And they do control religious leaders, with their diploma; which spreads the disease of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for all of life and world.

But time “measures things, and people then believe they can measure life”. Life however measures truth, and exists by the laws which create it; as a value created through thought.

There are no human based laws of our existence, that can measure life. Life is beyond the conception of human existence/ but universities claim they are gods anyway; by destroying whatever they can; in an effort to say “Yes, I can”. But like evolution; chaos builds nothing/ it only destroys; and the net summation of what universities have done for life and world is: to destroy.

So we turn to eternity; as a value and a truth, that has no element of universities within it/ as the arrogant, apathetic, and disrespectful are shut out. Value means: to share our destiny, with truth/ because thought carried us to care and respect: for the dignity of being ALIVE. So the question is: WHAT IS TRUTH? And how does that translate into life itself?

The answer is: we CAN depend upon truth, because it is, what it always is/ therefore a foundation that the ability to think can assemble into a construction. While life is, within itself, the definition of thought; as we begin to translate how forces unite or divide to become an element of our existence.

Eternity does not measure more than truth; it simply exists, as it is: which means beyond death you cannot change it. So the question is: how does life continue to exist, “in existence”/ when life is transient, as established by death?

The answer is: only body is established as worthless, or recycled; by death. What is life is established by thought; and thought is the basis and proof of Creation itself: which allows for those who are found to be “an acceptable truth/ capable of surviving forces”; to build again. because truth does survive, and thought is a participation in eternity itself; unless the living one, is dissipated by time into “forever lost”.

Life is the relationships we share. Friendships are about the people who care. Respect defines how we treat each other, regardless of what can be done: honest truth does win out. I did do “my part”.

I recently chose to “create more internet presence; for a few thousand dollars”/ and that went well, until suddenly it stopped (life can be like that/ but I do not know why). So I say to you: if you believe this site/ this work of let the games end: truth alone decides: THEN YOU shall find a way to help promote this site and its work; so that all may understand: we can make our own decision now. WITH REDRESS in this USA or other/ but by law; as there is no other way. To make or enforce our “united decision” that truth and its consequences shall be known. It is your decision. Some work has been done; hopefully it is enough.

I feel no other need to support you; it is your decision/ your life/ your death/ your eternity; not mine.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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