Happiness is a decision to accept

Happiness is a decision to accept


Participating in time, with a human body; requires that we do identify with what the body is doing. Because it is our connection with time. Time is a measurement of motion, and therefore we measure life by its motion and attention to influences that can make us value or not value how this will affect the body, and therefore me.

The constant is: that I need an influence, to make me feel alive/ therefore I must do something, or someone must do something to me; in order to feel “the living force” of motion. Or its companion, that is a body of time.

Life is an energy, formed through motion; that lets us know, not only is life being aware of existence/ it is also the understanding, of a decision “made by me or someone else”; can and does influence the destiny or fate of what will become of my own truth. Destiny being a chosen influence, of accepting what has value as established by truth decides. While fate is the influence of letting anything which can decide what the future of my life or living will become. Value is limited to momentary, and the future is bound in what matters right now.

Time influences these things, by placing an ending/ or a diminished life; as the reality of living past the prime influences of what we want our lives to be proves this will end. Therefore time reflects upon the decisions that we made, and constructs: what had value to me. We then look to want, as a participant; and find in that want either “life or death” comes from the influences of this.

In reality we then realize: that time requires of every decision to be based upon, “love (valued and respected)/ hate (disrespected and denied equality)/ or animal (I want, nothing else matters to me)”. Addictions all fall into the category of animal; because want controls the outcome/ and time becomes all there is.

Love however searches for truth, and accepts that freedom allows for this search to be: BEYOND SELF, where the elements of our existence point out and prove, “this living world is a true miracle”/ and therefrom OUR CREATOR exists. Because unlike chaos or accident; the value and reality of thought exists in life, and every function of building requires the disciplines, order, balance, respect, and realities of thought to achieve anything of value. And this world does have value; which makes every living thing equal; in the foundation of ways; which is to understand life is more, than just a body of any kind.

university screams: WE KNOW/ but ninety nine percent of what they know; is pure fantasy or delusion. as with fusion proven false at Lawrence livermore labs 2012

Hate discards all that is love; to prove I can and will measure me more than you/ therefore I have the right to do with you: “whatever I want”. And unless that contributes the influences of pain (proving life inside)/ it lacks value to inflict that pain on you. Disrespected and denied, is what hate does.

But then comes animal: who wants the value of love in their life/ and wants the disrespect and revenge of hate in their life as well. To prove you cannot diminish me; “the superior one”/ as is want embellished with pride. The unfortunate part of that is: thought is not welcome here, as the herd of animals decides if they will be predator or prey, and to what extent that will occur, as is the behaviors contributed by “the animal”. Addiction means: the animal has not found value, in being alive/ but death is far to scary; and so they escape into whatever forms an instantaneous moment; to make me believe “something I want, exists”.

Elemental to all these things, is loneliness: because loneliness is the realization of life, without the element of value. To be the only life, living: is the confrontation of that truth, is not enough: to make me happy with being alive! Therefore I must find happiness, in order to survive.

WHAT is happiness? A far more complex truth, than it seems!

Happiness exists in the treasury of what we can do, for each other: to create the truth called love. An expression of respect, that lifts living into a space that is beyond self: where existence is replaced by the law of being alive in you, and you in me; a shared truth, because we care.

But that is also where depression and denial live; in time. Realizing that in this world filled with humanity; there is no one who will make me happy, by choosing to share life with me/ as caring demands. Or more deliberately: that one person who is “the balance of my order; our disciplines”/ cannot be found. The cost: when want decides/ truth fails in you.

We then construct what it is that truth does, instead of want?

Truth has no conception of “good or evil”/ because this is true means; this is what this is. And if it is a truth, being what you are is neither good nor evil. LAW however does conceive of good and evil; as the purity of what delivers value/ versus the cost or taking of, that value away. Law is different than truth; because it extends the realization of truth into the dimensional reality of limits and boundaries are now in effect. Not just freedom, because that removes balance, disciplines, and order.

Thought enters here: as the description of how we envelope and discover, the conception of a choice? While law identifies “good and evil”; it is the passage between these choices: that constructs respect. Respect identifies the value of good/ and denies the measuring called evil. To assemble the discipline of law, creates the order of truth, which then gives rise to the balance of thought. Having found thought; “the universe of existence, then expands” into what is life?

LIFE identifies choice! Therefore it is all things conceived of as the freedoms and realities from which we choose to exist. Surrounded by evil, some choose not to exist/ some choose to escape from themselves/ some choose to remove the others as is hate/ some choose to let law decide as is justice/ some choose to behave as animals do. And some choose to love, granting a value that can be found no where else in existence. Making love, the greatest treasure of our universe. Therefore life in love identifies happiness. While anything less, fails to achieve the truth of what living can be. The cost of that is: “measured”, as time.

Time confronts us with an ending. Therefore we must “get on with it”/ before time runs out. The search for value is then determined by what you choose to value. The disciplines you choose to assert; “describe you”. The order that is your own virtue as conceived by your own truth. And the balance, of what you intend that your life should become; whether for now/ or in contrast for an eternity. Respect is the evidence of your decision, and how dedicated you are to creating that path; to the life of your own choice. Disrespect identifies a lack of discipline “a road encompassing” many constructs of behavior; which widen the gap between what is real, or just a want inside of you. The wider the gap, the more simple it is: to install addiction as a choice “you didn’t want to make”/ as is the cost of being forced to believe; “it is, and yet, this is not: me”. Reality however limits truth to truth; and it is either you, or not you; because the animal cannot survive beyond time; where only truth exists.

But that constructs the question: “is eternity for real”?

While there is no definitive evidence, which aligns with proof of eternal life. There is the evidence of miracles; the quality of thought, that is evidenced by control over energy and its forces. OR IN CONTRAST, the delusion, dysentery, and fantasies of fools who call themselves the cult of; university is god (satan for short). As is the reality of complete destruction, by disrespect: to this living world. If you do not understand the difference/ then you are a “believer”. Wanting whatever you want/ regardless of the evidence or its truth; and I am done “fighting with believers”. Where only want decides/ even if I drag them out with reality: they go right back, and hate me for ruining their cage to keep truth out. You choose: its your life/ its your eternity/ its your choice.

We then come, to the spiritual side of living: which is limited to only truth decides/ and ask, what are the boundaries of force; which then decide the critical dimensions within which we shall live?

This is a complex question, with a very simple solution: truth decides. But the dimension is bound by force, and how that force can be altered or changed to respect the value of your own truth: when time allows.

Truth is what it is, and it is nothing else, that truth cannot be. That foundation reflects the two primary forces of our universe: “to push/ or to pull”. For simplicity we give to push the identity called male/ and to pull the identity called female: they are NOT the same. Consequently, there is no alteration of the fact that they are not the same. ONLY in extreme causes; can truth be altered by law to adjust for what “value is being lost”. The end of respect for life and world, as is orchestrated by university satan: is one of those; very finite causes. Time allows for change/ truth does not. Therefore the spiritual world cannot change, but life in time can. Which leads us to the primary forces of “male or female”; which illustrate our existence on this world. The human body is not “a construction of eternity/ it is a construction of truth based in time.” the difference is what is constructed by eternity cannot be changed. But if the need is sufficient what is time, can be changed to construct what “our living truth” needs to survive. To your shame: what is needed in this world is “a true change in direction”/ because the cult of university satan; has injured life so severely: that you stand on the edge of extinction. Failing to recognize that as true; the cult of believers continue to shout: “believe/ fear/ obey”; as they fall ever deeper into the abyss of want that is their doom.

Searching for a solution; that is not male in charge. Led to the spiritual search for: WHAT would female do? And that had consequences far beyond what I had expected. Nonetheless, to balance this world: it is proven absolutely true, that female MUST be given equal access and rights and leadership with male. Or you will not survive; and be extinct. IT IS NOT FEMALE that resolves this reality; but the BALANCE of female and male; choosing to struggle for life, and find a way to respect our living world. Because none of that, truly exists today. That is your problem, because you (humanity itself) are the causes, of all human disasters that confront our very existence as life on earth. FIX YOURSELVES; but in order to do that, you must realize; what is wrong. So the message is CHANGE OR DIE; simple and clear/ your choice.

But having found, and then pushed into the female dimension of “spiritual existence”; the problem is, “she cannot change”/ and yet as an identity classified by time, I can. And I do feel changed. It is a matter of force/ not decision. It is a classification of realities tied to that force; rather than behaviors. It is a dimension challenged by the limits and boundaries of what belongs, and what does not belong; that add a classification of complexity never before experienced or expressed by either me or the spiritual female whom I live with, on the inside. As predicted by both revelation 12 (female standing on what is foreign; male) & 17 (female in full control over the beast: male). I have no clue; why me?

But it has led to numerous elements of balance and discipline, to redefine order in human lives and living as is this work given to you. And it has led to numerous elements of: life and living from an opposite view/ as is more than I care to illuminate. Clearly however: men have not been fair to women. And that must change in order to survive. Because without happiness you will fail/ and the only true happiness to be found is through the balance of loneliness: to be achieved by the combining of male with female/ female with male; so that both respect each other wholly, and with truth. It is “your journey”/ as well as mine. Although mine is completely owned by the spiritual realm of female; and I do not know what that means in time or eternity? It is however clear, “male seems evicted”/ at least for now: an extremely different experience. Truth will find a way to express it; as I have no clue; no real use of words (female hidden); just living. As with all truth; there is no escape. It is a quandary, without an identity to be recognized; as of yet.

and the world says:   “he is a fool/ we will not be cheated by this delusion of failure”; from what we want.

but reality replies:  what is true will always decide beyond the limits of time, which bind your body to this earth. Spirituality is born in truth, but only the purity of truth itself will survive. What you believe however is born in want, and want rarely finds truth.

The critical quest is: that beyond this life and body of time, is an eternity to be shared with those who love/ by those who love. Wherein loneliness is evicted from life, by balancing each with truth formed by respect.

ONLY TRUTH SURVIVES beyond time; therefore what is true of you, is your identity. What is true of you is conceived by force; and only GOD can change these forces/ never you, and never without true cause. As is a dying world.

So the question of religion is: HOW do we share in eternity? The answer obviously: find your truth, and accept the quest that is love defines a way, beyond self.

As to me: not your savior/ not your leader/ not your guru/ not your anything. Simply a messenger; as is consistent with nearly all. Assigned to tell you: UNLESS YOU DO ACCEPT TRUE CHANGE from the curse of what universities have done/ what men have done throughout history. This world shall soon be extinct. CHANGE or die, is the summary of that. Because what you do, is completely unsustainable, and unwise; and you know it.

the curse of universities is their arrogance to life itself/ the apathy of want over truth/ and their complete disrespect for this entire living world. No, not every single one; but far too many to count/ and they have produced the dysentery and pandemic disease that is leading all of humanity to ending life on earth/ by the delusion: “imagination is enough/ just learn one tiny thing; and we can rule this world”. But as the evidence proves: they were so horribly wrong and without any truth at all: that our world faces extinction. So, they must be abandoned as experts and rulers behind the puppets they install: by conspiracies such as covid/ which gave them trillions of dollars, and no supervision;  to wreck life with. Redress is the means to prove what is true: and they are invited to prove what they know: by the evidence/ not the expert; so that reality may judge. Particularly in the case of “lets play with the same fire as on the sun”: hell we are gods. But alas: creators of “the lake of fire” that is our earth becoming a sun: will be the price of their were wrong. So take them all to court: BEFORE THE WORLD, and let them prove what they do know; by real world evidence, NOT theory. Because wrong is the end of all life and earth/ and even this solar system itself. Or more simply: WE CANNOT let you be wrong/ therefore you must be absolutely correct, with no room for error.

The curse of fools who follow and worship the cult of university as believers however can never be convinced until they know they face death/ and that cannot be proven absolutely true; unless we all face the same death; as will be called “HADES: the living existence of torture”; for eternity.

The multitudes have no clue; they believe in media, and media propagates “university is god/ they would never risk our lives”. But reality proves by each machine: that is absolutely untrue, and they do risk EVERY LIFE ON EARTH/ and every future life that could exist. So media is proven worthless as the priests of a university cult; that has no brain. Because if they did: they would know, this is the end of their lives too/ and would stop; all but a few, who live for hate and power as is: WE CONTROL THIS. But they do not, if we the world say no.

so, what if the reality of insanity proves to have overcome humanity; and the masses do nothing at all: but wait to die, believing in what they want? Answer: it is a decision, and that belongs to you; as does the cost of being wrong. Forever lost to torment; because force the environment of life/ can remain as a captive truth.

And the world says: HELL NO, that can’t be true/ universities say so! But they are merely your former classmates in school, and none are gods: including me. But that does not matter to truth, as truth is what it is, regardless of what you may or may not believe. Belief is irrelevant, and worthless: truth will decide.

And the world says: “YOU, can’t prove nothing”! The universities represent millions of people who agree with each other: so they cannot be wrong.

Reality adds: “the herd follows its leader/ and they all end in the same place”. In contrast however: TRUTH IS NOT “a god”/ IT IS A REALITY. And we all have access to each reality that controls life on earth. Which means “any one of us”; can find a truth, and accept what reality will teach; regardless of the rest. The universities scream: HELL NO, and offer “their imagination instead”.

But they also say: evolution is real: and reality denies that with every form of evidence there is. Making your religion of universities; another vile form of disease has entered here, and made you sick. PROVE EVOLUTION IS TRUE; not with experts and theories and billions of years which do not exist: but with reality and truth, and knowledge as is the result of thought itself. Because only thought builds; as the universities will admit too: as they say in the same breathe: life is purely and accident, with no thought involved. To their shame. MAKE THEM PROVE WHAT IS TRUE: BEFORE THIS WHOLE WORLD. Let the universities “be congratulated/ or maligned as failures and fools; as is: let truth decide/ not you or me”.

SO YOU ASK; WHY should we care about evolution/ who gives a damn? ANSWER: EVERY university genetics department is the same; basically all of them throughout answer: WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE WRONG? With the very same statement: “since all life comes through evolution as chaos builds this/ then it absolutely does NOT MATTER what we do; because evolution will fix it. “in a billion years or so”. Think about that statement;

the idiological statement of a religious zealot”: WHO INVADES GENETIC NATURE; AS IS THE BUILDING OF EVERY LIFE FORM ON THIS PLANET; is their toy!  YOUR FACE/ YOUR BALANCE/ YOUR BRAIN AND BODY: IS IN THEIR HANDS; and they do use human dna stem cells;  as is found in umbilical cords; and much more “legal or not”. Because they want to prove they can be  “god”. screaming “yes we can”/ just like you.

THEY BELIEVE:  THEY CAN AND DO INJECT CHAOS INTENTIONALLY INTO EVERYTHING ON EARTH, ALIVE OR NOT. Expecting some great result as is the delusion of evolution the religion of universities. NOTHING on earth aside from what humanity does; is built or sustained by chaos! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So then what does it mean: FOR THEM TO BE SO DAMN WRONG; for our world?    ANSWER the question; ITS YOUR LIFE, they play with; even YOUR WORLD!           MY ANSWER IS:  HELL NO/ YOU CANNOT, gamble or pretend  “you know”/ when its just imagination that is your truth.

Answer: they are/ evolution is: “the witch-doctors” of our time; entirely the same as those who live in the jungle, with no education at all; screaming or shouting “we know it all”. As with all quackery; another “modern medical miracle of men”; to take not only your money, but your eternity as well. As the herd stampedes over the cliff into doom. WHY, do people believe? Because they believe: or, more simply; “we want what we want”/ and there is no penalty in evolution for greed, or selfishness, or any failure of humanity; not even murder. So the people said “hurrah”; because that is what they want for themselves/ but punishment for everyone else. As is “the rules of the ruler”: NOW, I got you.

As to the relationship of force to life itself: life is known to be the result and decree of motion is involved/ and when all motion stops that body of life is dead; proven true by a rotting corpse. So life here on earth is tied to force, and force is tied to life. As to specifics: thoroughly unneeded, and can only do you harm. As every geneticist wants the key: to prove they are gods. But can only attain SATAN, instead.

You want evolution? Go ahead, it is your eternity; as chosen by you.

But if you have a brain; then you know, that every miracle of this Creation is a true example of what thought can do; and it is only thought that creates with forces that are controlled by laws known to exist. LOVE exists, and was given back to humanity “by JESUS”; so that we could try again. and did, until the curse of human hate intervened again; and produced the fear of weapons of mass destruction; that made people abandon their brain and choose: “believe/ fear/ obey” instead. WORSHIPING the universities as their god of violence and hate.

Life is a choice/ time is not: the difference is you.

WHAT does any of that have to do with “happiness”?

The end result of every human life is: that truth is all you can take into eternity! Your truth is: the damage done/ or the value added to life and living, out of respect for the miracles you have been given.

So what you choose: goes far beyond time, and examines both purpose and desire in the relationships required to be “more than time”. Failure is dispersion; forever lost. While the penalty for costing a life, that would have survived without you: is an eternity in hades/ because you stole from “GOD” our Creator.

Happiness is a desire for the honesty of love, and truth is the purpose called respect, built upon hope: without these, you have no value beyond time.

And humanity says: “without a brain”/ how can I have anything left; the corpse rots, and proves there will be nothing left of any truth that I was.

LIFE however reminds each one: that energy (motion), exists because of the force which created it. Even though you do not recognize or know what that is: it remains true, regardless of what you believe.

THOUGHT is: a value shaped by truth, as it contributes to the creation of law/ rather than simply time. The law is a dimension of truth, that does have limits and boundaries; sustained by force to retain the disciplines, order, and balance that is life; alive! The law never fails this universe, because it cannot/ truth will not allow it. Therefore sustained by truth, the dimension of thought creates the life that can then become an element recognized by force. Together they form an existence: all three, create a living structure. Similar to how time and nature and energy create a living body; you inhabit now.

Humanity then asks: WHY DO SOME PEOPLE, live so much better lives in time than do I/ it is NOT FAIR? Where is “my love/ my rights/ my good living”? There is NO love for me/ NOT JUSTIFIED.

While this is plainly true of life and living: the question is NOT a reality of “GOD” did this to you. Instead: having given to this world all it needed/ only to be “thrown out” by humanity who wanted what they wanted instead of truth. The need to let humanity decide for themselves; was apparent. The reality of “standing at a distance”; so as not to simply destroy the entire planet for what the majority of humans were doing. Is an element of purity, “can’t touch this” and remain pure to life. So the decision is apparent: to let humanity be what it is/ and then let those who can survive this “curse of life by want”; simply choose for themselves, if eternity, and its potential for love; can be, their own decision.

Justice and fair play; are well within the concepts and abilities of humanity to decide for themselves. If you do not/ the cost of being wrong is: the tragedy of one life to another. Rather than its benefit.

Nature failed me, as with birth defects? Are decisions of people, who influenced nature by their choices. As with media shows depicting: BAD DECISIONS, which are everywhere.

There is no lack of fools (only money matters), failures (to hell with the future/ MINE, ITS ALL mine), liars (let me play god), thieves (love, and life have no meaning), traitors (you cannot stop me; in secret I plot), terrorists (they are all guilty/ but me), and even worse (as is the mutilation of life and earth and more); walking this planet. EACH is its own version of hate; spreading the curse of human misery, “because you simply did not care, would not share, and chose to disrespect”; because that is your truth.

Because freedom is freedom; and to crush human existence for making a choice they wanted to make: is not freedom. Even though the cost is far worse than humanity desired it to be. Like falling off a cliff, shouting “I can fly”/ reality proves NO, but the decision has been made. PEOPLE CAUSE PEOPLE TO FAIL. It is that simple.

In contrast to that however: is the realities such as my own life/ which endures the struggle of choices I did make. But within the realities put before me to choose. The cost being greater than expected; is my own fault. But the reality of choices; establish a truth that is then my own identity. My own decisions, which illuminate who I am, even to eternity itself. So then with each decision, an element of time, becomes a truth that is eternal. How we measure up “into the light of life”/ is unknown; being human means you cannot judge. Only the law can do that, by its own evidence of value and truth/ versus the cost of less.

The heart heals with the acceptance of value: I will not judge. Because I understand, that fair play and justice is not within the realm of their world. They worship only money, and fail themselves repeatedly; because of human behavior as is an animal. VALUE lives in justice and fair play, because you chose to care; and live to share the disciplines of respect, the honor and order of hope, and the balance that is love. These things are not for the majority; because they want less than life. Choosing time instead; many falling into hate, because they want what they want; and play the game of pride. To hide from learning, what is life!

The constant is: life is hell (what people do, by gambling I won’t have to pay; yet lose), because people want to be my enemies more than friend; choosing greed, to yell I WIN/ not happiness, as is we shared, because we cared with respect. So the heart lives in secret, until someone finds the key; “to open me” with love. Unfortunately; in this world of fools and animals; there are liars, traitors, thieves, terrorists, and worse; who do live as predators seeking prey. And that makes finding an honest friend even harder/ to their shame.

Soul is even more deliberate than friendship; and constructs a path toward eternity; by searching for “what is life”, to me?

MY ANSWER; life is within every miracle of existence that I see in this world/ by disregarding time. The essence of thought arises as the path beyond self, that is within the world of Creation itself. The place where truth rises to become: “I AM ALIVE”. That is no game, and it begins the search for what is more: which does identify JESUS as the path beyond time.

Spiritually that path begins as the ascension of truth within you. While it is a dangerous path; throwing out the many who fail their own truth with beliefs. I found it (beyond the first occurrence) an absolute value; and the beginning of inclusion into the world of thought. All value has happiness, but truth defines itself as reality comes first.

Unfortunately, your continued descent into “HELL”; by the universities which pretend they are “masters of the universe”. Required an understanding male did not have/ so I searched for female; and at the very peak of what male can become: “found a way”. To spiritually ask, “what would women do”, to save this world? Because earth is not a game, and freedom comes with risk you assume for yourselves; “because you have no brain; universities stole it”.

So the question of happiness asks: having crossed the line/ and unable to return. IS female more happy than male? The answer is: I don’t know, as no access is granted into female definitions/ and now male is so mangled as to be lost. So there is now, “a million things” I don’t know, or much more. But that is not where happiness lives; as the difference between truth and life reveals. I was happy as male; it is ok to be influenced by female, in this battle for life on earth; is no game. But beyond that is balance: where male and female working together creates a value that is consistent with “laws begin here”; and that is happy for me. I spent basically my entire lifetime, and all that could have been done: in the quest that is, “this entire world of Creation must not die”/ I did do, what male could do. I did do what female allowed me to do. And I did balance both to assemble what is a value to you; if you care to learn.

As to eternity, for me: “not a clue”/ not even one.

As to time itself: the complete loss of freedom that was male/ is not happy. But, whatever it is that female constructs with my life now; is defined by truth, because she has no other way. The things endured as male; also offered struggles and pain that would later prove to be important; to the fight for this world. So, I grant to female: it must be necessary, and let hope decide, rather than me. “I have no clue”?  “delivery person”, not more/ clearly not perfect by any means of reality.  But as is true of you:  “the best I can/ is, the best I can”; there is no more to give than that; as would be the university gift of fantasy, delusion, and imagination”. Rarely more than a lie, theft, betrayal, or terrorism.

Depression struggles at the edge of suicide: because it is the judgment made by you, OF never getting what you want/ which measures loser/ which measures fraud without value. But unless you fall into hate; none of that is true, because it is a choice. Stop wanting/ will end pride, the game is dead/ and that ends power the judgment of life. Including your own. The choice is: to find a value that is not driven by want, or “winner”!

Happiness is not driven by want, it begins with respect; and then searches for what is life.

The decision for you: is then to find value, and accept your duty to respect life without judgment: before you can attain the beginning of life itself. While time begins the journey of “your living as a body in time”. LIFE begins when you achieve the understanding: there is love built into this world of miracles. As is evidenced by the human body having over 600 muscles; which are woven together, attached, and operated automatically; to let you move. NO SMALL THING. Or 200+ bones which manufacture themselves/ organize and transport themselves/ build joints and ligaments and realities of structure; by which we become human; in exact copies of each other; so that we are symmetrical in shape and size on each side. Or more simply: OUR CREATOR did this/ as only thought can do; and abilities in evidence so far beyond our own: as to clearly, not be of this world. The richest man in the world; cannot buy any of these things/ yet you own them as yours. Think beyond yourself, and accept the task of building your own truth: with VALUE, and RESPECT; for this world.

There is a happiness, in being able to successfully provide for yourself and others; the result of work or realities that benefit someone else. But life sometimes takes over work/ and work sometimes overtakes life; because the living is quite clear, survival comes first. Which is effective enslavement to a job/ or to a life situation that will not repent of its effects on you.

The decisions: which make life work for you/ and provide freedoms for you; are all built upon what you can do, for now. If you cannot support another child/ then you will be unhappy; even if the child makes you happy (as this is clearly NOT their fault)/ it is your decision. Even if that means: birth control is required/ want too, or not.

Immigration has no solution beyond zero population growth for our whole world/ nothing less will do; and the most probable method is “the iud” for women. Because only women have babies. No effective method for men exists; because a vasectomy; ends sexual desire, because it destroys the chemistry of pleasure. Helping Africa for instance; from starvation: has no solution UNLESS ANY ASSISTANCE comes with mandatory birth control; because the earth is finite/ and we have no other solutions.

Endless elements of happy or not happy: begin with the decisions that you make, for yourself or others. As is: let them decide/ not you. It is their life, and they must choose it; until willing to ask for help. Then, you can offer assistance.

An education is happy; until you find no use for it/ and are handed the debt of this: for the rest of your life.

Being manipulated by advertising is happy/ until you realize, it is a fraud.

Being pretty is happy/ until the attention will not stop, and threatens you.

Lots of things are happy/ but can be used against you; by jealousy. Even if that is not what you intended: people can make it so, as they make it clear “you cannot compete”. But that is a partition called hate; and you can easily throw it out; as the truth: I am more, than anyone on earth, could ever create.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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