Business, the design of man

Business, the design of man


The realities of business; as proven by history and today.

The consequence is: when a war is not going on/ the weapon of choice is money. It is that simple; although the war with money is less violent to a body than is, other weapons of choice. It is however just as deadly; when the competition becomes extreme. When resources are plentiful; and realities within society are kind enough to grant peace: money is merely the trophy; “I win”. Each of these is a game, an invasion of survival; and need not exist.

So the critical question is: WHY do people war; “with anything”?

Answer: they want more than they have, to claim winner; they want to prove superiority, to claim winner; they want power, to claim winner. And they want control: to manipulate life and property and people; to prove they are superior. YOU are loser! When asked why? The answer is: “yes we/ I, can”. And that extends into universities around the world; as the march into death continues under the disguise “yes we can”. BUT, each of these are a game; a reality of choice/ an invasion of the requirement called survival; and that means they do not need to exist.

People want peace, and avoid confrontation; so as not to be disturbed in their march to more. Which means: EVEN if they know the consequences will be grim, for not confronting this truth. They won’t do it: because they won’t be disturbed in their own march to more. SCREAMING: I WON’T PAY, and silently running away to hide, so they can believe: “you, can’t blame me”. Shouting DON’T TELL ME NOTHING; because I won’t be involved/ and I won’t take the blame; even if my contribution is: GUILTY. This is a game, designed by individual people who want “to be rich”/ discarding the truth, that all wealth exists because you made the others poor. A reality that does not need to exist.


So lets talk money/ because war is simply the march to steal? The resolution: if we kill them/ they cannot take it back, or even blame us: because the witness is dead. A constant in all organized crime. None of that is a game; but it exists because “yes we can”: instills it as an option.

So we return to money: as the invitation to crime; because the law cannot be everywhere at once/ or know what is happening behind closed doors; where the mobster lives. Which brings us to the banker, investor, and such. Because without the money, elections do not occur. Therefore without the money: officials do not get elected. Making money, and those who control it: in charge of governments, and what they do: by insuring the judiciary “plays ball” with us. This is a game: and it elects to put money in charge of life/ instead of survival, and its option to do better if the resources allow.


While they are of no actual value in “Christianity”: beyond Jesus was Jewish! The leadership; Choosing to kill, when JESUS overturned the money tables, “for selling him”/ letting the people have it back. The “Israel/ Jew” leads the charge in understanding how war and money influence our world. A reality that kills, instead of finding equality a value.

While Palestine and Israel have a written history of nearly constant war: discarding all judgment (same, because war is war/ making each same is same). Palestine took control in the late nineteenth century; and threw Israel out. Making them traverse “the world” looking for a home/ rather than fitting in to participate as the others. AT LAST, our enemy is gone! The perfect situation arose with world war 1; proving to be the land of Germans were convicted as the trouble makers/ and sentenced to hard labor at no pay for their crimes. Which opened the door: to anyone with money; to invade and take over the German nation/ as the Jews did do. By being the bankers; they were able to steal and control foreclosure, and who took over the property, who got the loans; and thereby the nation. Nearly successful until world war 2 stopped them with hate. They repeated the method of taking control over the nation: with money, the intellectual war of bribes and don’t look here. Recreating Israel by that money and possession of property. A reality used: of disenfranchising the citizenry of this nation called the USA today. Prepared this time, and quiet as a mouse can be: they then took control by money. And having rebuilt over time: as is the constant of human existence, the men screamed: WE OWE THEM HATE/ and hate is what they grew; to become the war that is today. This is hate rules/ not life.

The reality being: hate proves to be hate/ and the cost of hate is always war; and revenge is never satisfied; until someone pays with their life. Guilty or not is irrelevant: “same”/ is what hate screams: because today, I can blame you. Which of course produces hate in those who have been attacked, and they want revenge back. Repeating the cycle of hate: throughout all of history under male domination of life on earth. Most of it being money related; or simply we want more/ or we ruined what we had, and now need more: because of population increases, or just plain greed; “fools in charge”. This is the game called “believer” as is I can want whatever I want/ and claim it is so: because you cannot prove me wrong: I WILL NOT listen.

So war is war: the playground of hate, “because we removed the law controls us”. Until the men mutilated and disturbed by violence find themselves willing to surrender their hate in order to survive. But the children are than taught to hate; and the cycle goes on: throughout this entire world/ with very few groups not involved. This is religion: the fight between sides, requires some form of balance.

So lets look at money: the business of putting society back together after war devastates and destroys what did exist? The foundation of what happens in war is: hate uses the back door to accumulate, or rape; whatever can be taken “for free”. Because the protectors/ owners, are busy with war, and cannot be bothered or they die. So the instigator of war; benefits the curse of failure that is war: by plundering, ravaging, raping, ruining, or owning what you fight to protect. Alas NOT yours anymore; “thieves in the midst of it all; searching behind closed doors; for anything they can find”. As is the constant of human male exhibition: I WANT IT ALL/ to hell with them! This is society; as it trumpets and accepts, the disease & disgrace of greed; shall win/ unless the people choose to defeat it.

Once war ends: the weapon of money comes out/ and you will do what you are told to do: or starve, when the resources are few/ and the competition is large. “its called pennies in charge”; because control over what is needed to survive, is a war expanding now: used, to benefit just a very tiny few. Gangs are hired (you want to be like them) to protect the owners of the money; and enforce obedience among the horde. This is the test: to decide who owns society: by shouting “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY. As media does do.

So then lets examine business? The greater stability of a society not in the midst of war; but functioning together as best they can. This is reality; and few want it to lead their lives/ because they worship the idea of being “rich”.

That means: the distribution of resources has moved beyond the few; and is now a value among many. But still resolved by whosoever controls the resource/ or needs something specific to be done; which they cannot do for themselves. Or more distinctly: wealth is created in three primary ways: control over the resource (pay or die/ I won’t care) others need or want/ control excreted over time, allowing for the cost of ownership (mine now/ to hell with you) to be less than its reward/ or collecting pennies for each and every laborer (I need this) you can control as in working for you. Unions help the laborer; but always fall victim to their success: as is like the car unions forcing their own business into bankruptcy. This is work, and work decides what our benefits will be; until the resources run out.

The exception is banking: wherein the government officials know, that we gain power through these; who control the majority of who gets what. Because the end result of society in motion is: we all want what we want/ and that makes the competition demand; the price will go up. The exception to this is university: wherein government overthrow, has induced and created the illusion of more (so as to pay themselves)/ by distributing inflation through the laundering of currency through banking and its affiliate curse of fools; “called wall street” (we can have it all; for free). Universities scream: LET GOVERNMENT PAY; and the people who want more all say, “yes lets do that”. Because want is all they want/ and they want what they want for free: so its hidden under the delusion “of fraud, betrayal, and theft”. This is organized crime, the surge to overthrow society itself; by using civil war to commit violence, and make the mob fight to survive; so as to pillage and plunder and ignite another round of “WE OWN IT ALL”.

Nothing is free: not the war between Israel and Palestine/ not any version or type of war/ as is the claim we can have what we want for free: by making the children pay/ not we can do anything we want; with no consequences/ not mutilating nature or playing god with the sun. nothing is free. Because every truth has a consequence.

So instead of business which is no longer of any real importance: lets talk reality instead. WE LOSE OUR WORLD, if humanity does not stop what it is doing! Simple as that; and you won’t know its too damn late now to stop the descent into hell: UNLESS YOU USE YOUR BRAIN. However in a world worshiping cult delusion; as is “university is god”/ truth says you own no brain, and are merely consistent with animal livestock instead.

SO, what can be done: to remove you from believing in the cult of fools, the disease of failures, and the tragedy of imagination is enough; because we have fantasies and delusions to spread the manure from being “too thick” (so you can’t realize, this is bad).

For nearly fifty years: I sought an answer to that in numerous ways/ but only found greed, and failure, and university is god/ media will tell us what we need to believe, fear, or obey. Because the evidence does not matter, and every truth is just a manipulation so we can’t have what we want; rejected.

The spiritual world granted balance to that work, which failed; but balance and proof of value in this work/ did not produce an acceptance of its primary mission or message: which was INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ IDENTIFY THE COST OF BEING WRONG.

And this world said: never, “university is our god/ media is the zealot priest who will tell us what to believe that universities say”. End of story. Because we want what we want/ and will never surrender that: just to save this world for any child. Because we can deny ANYTHING; with our belief, in what we want.

We then come to this day: which is life or death of a world; because reality says, the ending of your choice comes soon. And that makes this a life or death moment; for the animals/ who need to understand, “turn back to human/ or die”.

HUMAN REQUIRES: that you think/ rather than believe. That you let the evidence of life and truth; identify what is or is not a threat; so that you can construct a decision that is not controlled by “university plays god”.

OR, as the animal: “simply wants what it wants/ and don’t want what it don’t want: as with all herd behaviors, “fear/ believe/ obey”. Or the predators: constantly devising traps and disguises to “eat you alive”.

Universities:  Because they brought you here to this moment of “our world has changed/ and a dying world, is now literally needing us all to change our ways. And the world says: NOT until we have no choices left. THEN we will change, if we must. But a dying world; dies/ and like all other things, past the point of no return; will mean no recovery is possible. Truth decides not you; and the list of threat is very long. The curse of human existence, and its beliefs; distributed far and wide.

So what can be done? Because you fear everything but truth/ which you fear only when there is no place left to hide or run away from it. And that is essential to understand the evidence of change or die. I find in you nothing of value; that will bring you back from the animals you want to be. And that means this earth is lost forever; because you chose hell over life.

And the people; say: we don’t need you/ in fact, we would be better off without you entirely. Because YOU STAND IN THE WAY, of what we want/ and our happiness in getting what we want: which makes you the enemy.

Reality however replies: like your fantasy money, that is numbers without meaning, because they cannot be used on this finite planet. Your complete failure to accept “space anything” is about those who believe they will escape this planet when it completely fails; to inhabit another planet somewhere else/ but cannot. Or ten thousand things more.

So we divide: you demanding what you want/ I demanding INVESTIGATE OR DIE, because truth is not a want; it is a reality, with consequences; as are being seen everyday. Global warming and all.

And the world says: YOU CAN’T SCARE US/ YOU, are nobody; so we don’t need to listen to you. MEDIA will tell us what we believe/ and the universities will tell them.

So, I reply: I don’t scare you/ nor do I try. THE EVIDENCE DOES THAT; and it is, “only truth that knows” what it knows, because truth cannot be changed beyond this world of time. What then is your truth? What then is the truth of your world? What then is the truth of your future, and the future of life or child or earth: because this generation changed that. Into HELL, BECAUSE YOU, wanted what you wanted; and refused all reality.

Nonetheless; it is absolutely essential to retain hope/ until it is no longer possible to hope. Therefore, even though there is no evidence of your ability to survive; we will (the balance of male and female influences combined into one) continue the work for a bit anyway.

Or more simply: all business is built upon one single physical model. It goes: so long as there are resources more than we need. Business exists to satisfy: MINE ITS ALL MINE/ I WANT WHAT I WANT OR DON’T WANT/ AND WHAT I NEED DRIVES ME TO DO WHAT I BELIEVE I MUST DO, not to die, or be thrown away! These are the three elements of business; but the reality is: selfishness and greed operate the social structures from the inside. Therefore while most people are basically known by which group they belong too. The game of pride wants to make certain: “the trophy is mine/ so that all know I am the superior one/ so that losing, I have an excuse for revenge. Manipulations/ temptations/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ betrayal/ terrorism/ corruption/ conspiracy/ collusion/ denial of reality/ belief in wants/ tyranny/ slavery/ crime/ and all things that control the game people play; including “I can be god & judge you”; stem from the failure to be fair or justified in what I do.

That is the basic framework of why; throughout all of human history, only a patchwork of equality or peace exists. And never for long; because war (we lost the game)/ and now defy all law to make you pay: exists.

IF THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH RESOURCES; particularly not enough resources to survive/ therefore some are dying, and more are at risk. The demand for war arises: with the singular purpose of “WHY SHOULD WE DIE/ why not you instead”? Our children are more precious than yours/ our lives are superior to yours: so the ridicule begins, and whatever it takes to encapsulate you “as less/ therefore judged”. So that as the trash, your life is worthless/ and we are then, not guilty for taking it away. Lies expand, as theft continues; for what we want. Therefore weapons on both sides continue to expend the fortunes of every group; and deny peace to all.

IT IS, “the miners” that civilize society; because metals are the most important reality of making tools, and tools are the most important part of claiming more resources so we can have “things to sell”/ other than sex. Those who have nothing to sell: sell sex, because there are buyers for that. It is not a choice, other than to survive. Unless it is used as the means to purchase “addictions”/ which means survival has turned to escape.

Universities exist to monopolize life; by claiming they have “knowledge to sell”. Even if they only provide fantasy and delusion; people believe, and that is all it takes to promote a sale. Therefore advertising exists to produce that belief. Corruption exists to promote fear us. Collusion exists to establish an insurgency. And conspiracy exists to quiet and control the outsider who threatens to take it all away. Unions exist to protect; “the details” of what they do/ so that nobody else can compete. And schools exist, beyond primary needs: to house the competition: so they cannot compete, until later. Medicine exists to make living worth living again/ but being the perfect tool for extortion; it is, by making the government pay: whatever the universities extort.

Education of all kinds is a constant reminder: that the competition is severe; and so universities are used as the military was used: to keep the public employed “one way or the other”. Considered better than the military: because now, these people are indebted, and have become slaves to the “owners of banks”. But the owners of all banking and currency/ all debt creation except for the politician: is the universities: where the diploma proves “you will do as I say”. In complete control over the currency; behind closed doors, they launder the fraud and failures of government; into debts which can never be paid/ and inflation: a hidden tax, because all their efforts were lies, betrayal, terrorism, or stealing. While some of the stealing goes beyond whatever the universities want. A large portion goes directly into “wall street”: the gamblers paradise/ where it is possible to get rich for nothing. Because that is what inflation does. It counterfeits money, to be used as a constant bribe: so that the fools, are satisfied with their nation and their world being destroyed. Because they have more numbers; as is “go ahead add a trillion dollars” to your own bank account/ believe it is real. Because it is as real as anything else: until you try to spend it all. Only then, can you be proven to be LIAR/ and so long as no one else knows “your number”; who can say that?

So we turn to business itself: and recognize as with covid/ that our society is driven by the corpse of human disease that worships the universities as god. Nothing of freedom exists/ nothing of rights exist/ nothing of duty exists/ nothing of democracy exists/ there is no justice or fair play/ and the war of a constant US insurrection by universities propaganda released in media: remains hidden from view. But is the leader, without an election; as puppets are controlled with “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”. A constant of Nazi: “we will take what we want”. But the insurrectionists all use an intellectual war to take what they want; and while the difference is clear/ the reality is the same.

As to selling what you sell: reality proves it is strictly determined by access (how many resources are there) and what humanity wants to believe. If you don’t believe you want it/ you pass by. BUT if you believe the others want it/ you fight for it. Same, just different belief.

AS TO buying: it just depends upon the bribes, and who gets them: because nobody can defeat the reality in this USA of a counterfeiting syndicate who has literally added “roughly $600 TRILLION DOLLARS to the economy” of this America. You get the bribes; “got a diploma”/ you buy whatever you want. You do not get the bribes; you fail to survive and surrender your house and life and family; because you lose. Universities win, as they do control the bribes, and insure their business by demanding “whatever they want: as with covid: $60,000.00 per experimental vaccine per one hundred million doses/ and then much more. SO WHO DO YOU THINK GOT ALL THAT MONEY? Go find out.

lets be simple, about threats: that our atmosphere can be detached from the planet is clear: by measurements already done on Venus (700 mph) and others. Our planet turns 24,900 miles at the equator (1000 mph): which means our atmosphere turns with it/ or the winds never end. Global warming is like adding hot air to a balloon which then rises higher. Detaching the atmosphere: is the result of adding mass at a higher level; which then requires more energy to move it. Which acts as an anchor to the atmosphere itself; as the planet begins to lose its grip on our air supply. Cutting down trees, which were the primary means of connection: ends that connection. There are consequences.

It is absolutely essential: that you pump water from lower in the ocean over coral reefs to protect them as best you can. LIKE all living creatures: they need food too. It is absolutely essential that you use floating barges at sea/ with close tied visible nets surrounding them to protect the young; while feeding the fish you intend to capture with a trawler. By using dead human bodies prepared for fish food (all you got). It is absolutely necessary to use “directing tunnels” to let young salmon get back through the dam. It is essential; that you change a thousand things; or you won’t survive/ because this planet is dying; and it is that simple


no game/ no excuse/ no argument:  let the truth of evidence prove it is not so!

As for individual business and the realities of survival as a human being: the foundation of it all is very simple. If you do something I need for me/ then I owe and will do something of similar value for you: as that is fair, and constructs the balance of life in society.

But then comes pride; and the constant search for, “I can prove I don’t have to work, like you/ by intellectual traps”. Or more simply; “if I lie/ cheat/ steal/ tempt/ betray/ commit crime/ pretend/ discard/ or deny the work even exists; way beyond what is fair”. Then I have won; and you have lost. Which is the constant source of human behaviors; that bend and shape and influence our lives in society and beyond. Individuals search to win: so they can shout, I am superior to you/ worship me, listen to me, do what I want you to do; as is the basic description of nearly every politician.

So we have the judiciary to enforce; the livestock must do, what it must do or face the consequences of policing and prison. And pride says: “I can beat them at this game”/ some lose, some win, most fail; and find themselves facing a world that has gone by. While they were playing games. Because life is not a game; and one of the greatest tragedies of human existence is to be thrown in jail: while all the rest continue to build a life/ that you cannot. Making you into a loser when you get out, and cannot catch up; in any endeavor/ with only rare exception. Life is not a game; and those who play the game end up losing because as nearly every gambler knows: “the house who controls the game/ will win nearly every time”. Meaning YOU lose/ so there is crime, to fight back/ and there is welfare, to keep those who are less than violent from needing to fight back/ and there are those who take too much. And there are those; who work hard trying to win; but come to the end of life; with only work, or its reward to show. Most find that of little comfort; to their experience of life and living/ their expression of body, desire and purpose; is now mostly gone.

So the critical question of working for each other/ so that we need not do everything for ourselves; in order to survive. Comes down to the realities of what society can do for itself. Which is world law to remove armies and their rules and rulers/ and to create limited capitalism so as to divide the work & resources among all the people as equally as it is fair to do. Don’t want to work: you will be moved to locations/ where nobody wants to work; and we will entrap you there; to learn why we work. Failure moves you to the places of hate; where only hate lives: so that you are gone from our lives, and will live among those who are like you.

Rules make rulers/ and it is the rules that make armies out of gangs. No rules/ no tyrant/ no army. But there will still be gangs; because the lazy and hateful: want what they want, and killing is easy, particularly when you have the “weapon of choice”/ and they do not; as is genocide. So the element of crime/ and its policing will not be solved by world law; because that is between nations, not between individuals.

Individual law is not about rules! It is about the laws we all agree upon must be kept in order for society to be at peace! We cannot allow others to make those laws; because they are not “us all”. Therefore as society itself: we must make the laws we live by, and therefrom enforce for ourselves. By correcting those who fail our law, in all ways required. And that will become; for those who hate to be removed: the use of weapons, as needed: to remove them from our society. International cooperation can apply these means; to enable nations at peace. WHEN THE LAW IS FAIR AND JUSTIFIED.

We then come to peace as our reward only if it is peace that we deserve; because we all choose (the vast majority)/ to cooperate as people who work together, and take care of each other as is. WE ALL NEED A JOB/ it ain’t no game. If we all do the jobs we are capable of/ then we get to participate in a valued and fair society. Because we can, if the world itself, continues to live. Far from certain as universities have all but killed us outright, with their changes; their worshipers and cult of delusion, where fantasies rule life and world; cursing us all.

Nonetheless we must hope, and in that hope; universities fade from view/ and learn to help in; doing the things that life and world need to do.

It is media that can help us most: because through television in particular/ we can experiment with “reality tv”. Wherein we practice what society can do in small measures; so as to work out the kinks, and values; before we implement the reality. That is something they can do. But never do today/ because it is not considered entertainment; because the cult or herd of animals/ rather than human existence: “wants what it wants”/ and refuses reality, truth, and evidence to be believers instead.

That means: ALL BELIEF MUST BE STOPPED, and reality be assembled by investigation: as to what is true, and what is the cost of being WRONG? WE NEED TO KNOW, so that we can make real world decisions, that will survive; because truth decided instead of us.

Belief is not about religion: because religion is about what happens after you die/ or how you began as life in the first place; and each is considered free to decide that for themselves. “your life/ your choice/ your eternity”; not mine.

Belief about the real world practices of living and participation with our world is a completely different matter. Things like evolution a religion of universities is to be banned: because they have had their day/ and the cost of their delusions is an ending to our world. Strictly deceased; and not allowed in any form; which means you will remove it from existence; as best you can. Not because you aren’t free to believe what you want. But because you are NOT FREE, to destroy our living world; and it will be viewed as treason to bring it back.

We must do what we need to do; for living to remain on this planet. The human livestock will SCREAM; but they cannot rule anymore. Which means: take their rules away, no more “lines to cross”/ so they cannot attack you as individuals. Enforcing law instead: which is for all of us in this society; are the same. We all enforce that/ we all live that/ we all chose that; for ourselves; and for our world. So that we all work together for life and existence. Which means the end of weapons of mass destruction/ end of large nations who can challenge more than their share/ end of diverse nations; each to their own. DO YOUR PART, or we enclose you with the problems you created for yourselves: NOT our job. Because the reality is: too damn much competition for the same things/ ends life and world. all primary business should be considered:  the equivalent of a patient in the hospital/ not the emergency room; but in need of care now, not later. 

So we will separate, to become the groups that are functionally the same (as with all animal groups)/ and by international laws enforce: NEVER CROSS THIS LINE, or you will incur what the law of our world demands. Unless you, and yours; are, by provable facts: keeping the laws we all create for life and living in peace, on this living earth.

These are a limited influence of what must come; in order to survive. And humanity says: “we want what we want”. But the earth says CHANGE OR WE ALL DIE, IN HELL!  Because YOU CHOSE TO CHANGE THIS WORLD/ and now you face the consequences.

So choose: LIFE, or HELL? No going back/ no second chances: save this world or die. And you know that is true.

Speaking for “american business”: this is a land, now filled with traitors (we want everything; WINNERS, to hell, with all the rest), failures (let the world die; we got ours), fools (kill every child; we will die before they know), liars (believe damn you believe; as is the bribe), thieves (HIDE, from THE TRUTH/ close the door to reality), cheats (let them fear our conspiracy and collusion; weapons exist to make you cry), bastards (stab you in the back: with rules), whores (only money matters: power to judge), corruption (we can get away with anything/ they cannot stop us), criminals (behind closed doors: we own the courts), intellectual wars (kill this democracy: drawing a curtain with courtroom corruption), tempters (make them obey; creating a disguise), manipulators (make them fear; identify the maze of pandemic), propaganda (tiptoe into extinction; with blinders on), terrorists (no one matters but me; I play god), and more. All fighting to win, to prove their pride exists over the rest; as is the result of a universities diploma; demanding more (we are the superior ones; the brain among “insects”)/ as monarchies do. They live like the nobility/ but since they cannot share the same power; they want communism. And strive continually to tear down the second amendment: so that it is easy to destroy democracy forever; as is their mission in life. Because “they are the superior ones/ who deserve to make all the decisions; including yours”. Until they have all the power, and then judge you worthless; and seek your death by whatever means “a human toy” can be used for. As every emperor does.

The most vile of all nations? Hard to say, as there is such competition for that title/ but it is clear they want to be “in the running/ and are”. Destroying a world/ destroying nature/ destroying peace/ destroying government/ destroying education of the masses; with religious indoctrination of university is god/ destroying the future/ destroying the oceans/ destroying the planet/ destroying every resource/ destroying sanity; with the satanic embrace of “lets burn atoms; for fire”. Or more simply: who could be worse/ as the puppets play for trophies, and all life begins to lay down in fear of what will come: because these leaders could not question “their university gods”. Teaching all to do the same: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OEBY: or cry; as with covid. Using media to infiltrate and diffuse all concept of reason or reality; as is consistent with common (let nature decide) sense. The dead wash from the constant rotting corpse that is “university knows”; is the failure of everything/ as the evidence does prove true.

The belief of a cult, and all its insanity as worshipers provide; proven without a doubt truly insane: as not even the consequence and proof of reality that is: THEY CANNOT CONTROL A NUCLEAR FIRE/ OR ITS ALTERNATE: THEY CANNOT BE god; and recreate life by injecting it WITH CHAOS! Only death is their decision; and it means the entire world goes EXTINCT. So, no never has there been a more vile nation; but who stands up for better on this planet? Answer DAMN FEW. Or, only the living.

the greatest threat to life and earth is "the universities"; who created nearly every form of plague we face.


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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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