Substance, differences we choose

Substance, differences we choose


What is critical: because we cannot escape the consequences!

  1. universities say: “a nuclear energy source (4 million times more)” just like the sun/ will simply extinguish itself here. Because there is not enough gravity. WRONG means earth becomes a sun. They fail every test of truth. BUT THEY control trillions of dollars world over/ and won’t admit to being wrong: its their job, money, future, etc!
  2. Universities say: “genetically changing nature” DOESN’T MATTER/ because evolution will just fix whatever they do, “in a billion years or so”. Armageddon means: nature in chaos.
  3. No resources/ no life: the future is dead, every child lost.
  4. Apocalypse means literally: WAR for water. No choice.
  5. HELL means: without hope, all the chains of life have failed.
  6. Satan means: to believe we are gods, and cannot be wrong, when playing with life and world. To lie, or whatever it takes: to prove, “we cannot be stopped”.
  7. Hades means: the eternal punishment, for destroying a Creation of GOD! The consequence, for destroying a world of life! HOW, beyond death? Because death removes the body. Life is our connection to thought/ and living is our connection to the force which creates energy; NOT body, as is time!
  8. Your “university gods”; don’t know what solar gravity is/ don’t understand if the core of the sun is hottest, then the entire orb is “already involved”; and cannot sustain the fire. Don’t know where atomic energy is. Disregard their own claim: “sun fire is just two hydrogen atoms being united into a helium atom”. BUT THE SUN does not eject helium, and its very rare; even though suns are not. “more”!
  9. Your “university gods” claim evolution: “chaos, which destroys complexity/ accidents, which mutilate/ and thought does not exist until themselves”. Yet offer nothing tangible other than “this looks like that”. IT IS, the shame, and disgrace; of this nearly entire generation.
  10. LIFE exists; by the truth which forms laws as the foundation of our existence. Time equals the motion of energy, which is caused by forces called push and pull; the basis of an atom. Push is called kinetic/ and pull is called dark energy: for them to join and balance each other as atoms do. When that bond is separated: kinetic (proton) delivers the radiation which warms us/ and dark energy (neutron) is the gravity that holds a solar system together.
  11. Religion offers: the rules and disciplines of thousands of years in living; grants “this will help you in your life”. But to be more; they then offer beliefs in what they want. Faith seeks only truth to decide what our world/ our existence; can teach us.
  12. Heaven: is the consequence of our own truth, leading to the destiny we shape by accepting: the foundations of law, justice, and fair play; are our guide. Alas: “humanity wants” instead!
  13. An eternal home is MUCH different, and recognizes the disciplines and order of balancing thought (we all share this environment with each other); to create the assertion, I AM ALIVE/ becomes we are alive as one”. Force is used to identify that, as the living; and create the individuality of existence. Love, and the joy it brings; makes life itself, worth living!
  14. There are in time; the limits, realities, laws, values, respect, love, and boundaries; required, for us all to learn. That is what this world does, in preparation for a life beyond self; among those who earn it. As a consequence: for what they chose, and did do. Simple as that; we are miracles of thought and design, manufactured by the integrity of genetics, and formed throughout with energy. Universities are determined to KILL THAT, with their ways/ so they can assert themselves as the superior ones. Making diploma; just another name for nobility: we own it all/ we decide it all/ we judge and declare you less. Same/ same; as as throughout history, tragedies mount, because of what these did, or did not; do.
  15. So, the question is: WHAT IS LIFE? The answer simply: to understand, the freedom of choice. To identify the opportunities of change. To control the law, by your own decisions; for good or bad. And to accept the destination of good, creates a home for all who join in that effort to achieve happiness for all.
  16. The question of death: is simply, to disregard life and happiness associated with peace/ and choose want, contorted with pride, to use power for the creation of bad; to prove you don’t need no damn law. Because you are god. Ending in the dissolution of laws which keep you alive/ or the punishment of an isolation earned, where truth will decide your eternity.
  17. People ask: HOW do I earn “what I want”? Answer: you cannot, because life is not for sale! Realigning life with truth, lets you decide who you are, and what you do truly desire for your own future. If that is a relationship with love, “the treasury which makes life itself worth living”; then it is likely your life will go beyond self. As time fails you/ and truth is all that remains.
  18. So, what is truth? Answer: the existence, of reality. Where that truth then belongs in the order of life, the disciplines of law, and the balance of thought; is determined by what your own truth is.
  19. What is, living to life? Answer; to understand, that only truth survives; gives to each the insight, only truth will then matter in whatever it is you find beyond death of time (body abandoned). Your truth, your decision to enter into the life that is leaving your body; because time is what dies for you. So the critical question of eternity is: “your” truth, as is the identity formed by your own desire and purposes in living.
  20. What is thought? IT BEGINS, with the understanding of choices, and the freedom of being alive within the limits and boundaries of what life gave to you. Because we are not “god”/ and the limits and boundaries of life in time; are chosen by how people behave. Because they all basically said: “I want what I want”/ instead of truth. Want does not identify truth, it eliminates the search; for what is EASY instead. Thought accepts the journey, to create the limits and boundaries of what you give to your life. This is not free, because truth must partner with you; in order, disciplines, balance, and respect to accomplish anything of value; as is the environmental conception called thought.
  21. WHAT does it mean to be human; WHY are we here? Because the word “MIRACLE”, does TESTIFY to the fact, “this is no game”. The answer is simple: find value and happiness through the truth of living! Or not, as is the foundation to dying. But the reality is complex; because value and happiness are in direct confrontation with lies, human animal, and hate. So, the critical element of truth: separates and divides, by the reality of your choice. Creating what will then be defined; as your own identity. LIFE MAKES LIFE HAPPY, so the “universe”, seeks out the love which is found; true.
  22. And the masses of humanity say: I HAVE NO USE FOR ETERNITY/ I WANT WHAT I WANT TODAY; where I know, what has value to me! This is the basic foundation of animal; as is consistent with all animals: same ending for you too. Only love and hate form a different path! Love a treasury of life. HATE the isolation of death and destruction. Religion suggests: “pay us a little”/ and you get the insurance of “buying your ticket to whatever you believe eternity is”. But they are not “GOD”/ and it will not be so. Even so, some religion offers a value. JESUS offered the true differences between love and hate is a choice. JESUS offered; that those who chose love honestly; “would find eternal life”. And I DO, personally accept that as true.
  23. So, we ask: WHAT then is the path to life? Answer: the purity of truth, creates a path into the spiritual world that is beyond time. Where only truth survives the difference between self and reality. Beyond self, is a reality of truth beyond time. Because self is not a relationship with love/ it is a relationship with body instead. So in order to be pure, we must discard body, to form the alliance with disciplines that balance our heart with the force behind energy. Respect does this, with your reality. While hope reinforces the direction of your thought.
  24. Memories shape the value of our decisions. Those whose memories are of love, hold the keys for living beyond self. People whose lives were not “family of love” experiences/ learn to express themselves by the experiences they seek to identify what happiness is? Some turn to addiction of varied sorts, and a vast array of human behaviors that shout: “why not me”? The most critical of these is want: “I am going to get, what I want”. Which then overrides the reality of love; with greed and its consequences, of varying kinds.
  25. So we ask: WHY NOT “me”? The answer to that is freedom; the human demand to “let me decide for me”! Which is a truth of choice/ and every truth has a consequence of reality. So the journey of human existence; comes in all forms. But the question: “IS ME/ not them”? And the answer is: just like those who preceded you, you must choose your own life! Accepting the limits and boundaries of what life gives, to create what you will then create. As best you can. While there is no comfort in that. I can tell you, that life for me has not been simple or easy/ that I have lived most of my time in isolation, “with thieves about”. Tinnitus took much away. More or less poor; with some currency that is fantasy money today; in a nation with thieves, traitors, and terrorists in charge. BUT MORE than anything else; it is the spiritual gift of life; entered into with the cost of failure/ but learning HOW; that made me/ me. So, the next time I entered “spirit, instead of time”; life was good. But with complexity comes choices; and a dying world overran caution: and I opened the door to female truth. Never expecting it would change my life: I just needed to ask a question! Nonetheless, 18+ years later; I am being changed (its complicated). Not perverted, but as it turns out a prediction of Revelation 12 & 17.The bible defines the end of life, in revelation as:  last chance based upon the changes JESUS made to human existence: first 11 chapters, “men remain in charge (WAR)”. Chapters 12-22 the alternate decision which is to incorporate women equally with men, and let them (define the law) of how we will survive. How it ends for me I do not know! No clue. OR more distinctly: every life is different/ and it is impossible to know, “how it will turn out”. I can tell you for sure: not in my wildest possible dream, did I ever conclude “female in charge of me”. But, life is life; and truth will decide. Miracles “are a decision created by GOD “/ not you or me. So, who knows? Or more distinctly; a long list of BUT WHY, was included with time. Reality proved: “it was to learn why”/ so that I could teach you. Do the best you can; with what you have/ it is all anyone, with the honesty of love, can do.
  26. The lesson: one single decision can so dramatically change your life, it is impossible to predict what that might be. The one certainty of my existence, “was male”/ and the reality of today is; “no longer certain”. Just don’t know? And neither do you! Which is why people hide and run away from true decisions; because the consequences can be severe, and completely unexpected. But that is life, and we all must take the risk; based upon what is true inside of you. As for me: NEVER was there a second/ it did not exist; “for anything female in me”. But want can change that: finding no solution in male to keep this earth alive. The only hope left was to ask female: WHAT would you do? The end result of that decision; became this work. And it is throughout; the result of her hope, and the balance of what is male and female working as one. So it was the best decision I ever made for life, and hope/ and the worst decision for male I could have made. But a dead world, which is coming: destroys that complaint; and it does become “hope, for what female can do”; by law, instead of male. There is no comparison; a choice for life.
  27. IF, you discover life itself, inside of you/ THEN you will choose for a world, and not just for self. Because without a world to live in; “you are, the living dead”. Everything you choose matters; because the chain of life is distinctly, combined to create us all; based upon the contributions of all. NOT just human. We exist: because the creations which allow it, create complex chemicals which our own bodies need. Because the planet itself, shares with us the environment we must have to exist.
  28. IN CONTRAST TO THAT: are the consequences of everything “university changed”. Which now surround us with “endless threats” of our own extinction/ and death of this planet itself. Because of what humanity chooses to do: SCREAMING, “I WANT WHAT I WANT”. Instead of realizing it is truth that decides if we live or die. What is “university”? Answer; the greatest disrespect for life and planet this world has ever seen throughout all of history: TO YOU SHAME.
  29. CHANGE, REAL WORLD CHANGE; or you will be extinct. Because this is the “last chance” before the point of no return makes it impossible for our earth or its living existence of life: to survive. Because humanity chose: “not to care”/ and made universities its god instead of truth. To your own, eternal, consequences. The cost of being WRONG!
  30. AS for, “life and me”. Perhaps I am some kind of example for you/ or whatever it is, I don’t know. I KNOW: I am NOT your savior, enemy, priest, or whatever it is you believe! Simple as that. I am: “merely a messenger”/ and as such I do believe “who could not do that”? Nonetheless, it was my job; and I have finished what male intended; and spent his life in time, to do. WHY? Because I cannot let this world and all its life, and its future life: DIE/ without doing something! So, plain human or not; sometimes, it can be, “just a tiny bit more help” decides the fate of what can become “life or death”.
  31. COMPLETED, because only you hold the keys to your own future. Humanity changed the descriptions of life and living by choosing “university as god” instead. Believing the puke and vomit of evolution; to make believe life is not what it is. Humanity CHANGES: to let truth decide what can or cannot be our future! Because the truth is: “humanity always wanted to play god”/ and now you must, like it or not; because you did change what was easy to change. Truth however, will defeat you now by the consequences which are EXTINCTION; if you fail. So, “savior of life/ or devil by disguise”; you decide. Because the game is dead; you cheated life, too much.
  32. The future: RESPECT EACH OTHER! Share the burden, choose limited capitalism for your world. Care enough about life and planet to provide WORLD LAWS, as WE THE WORLD CHOSE THIS. And its international enforcement of: WE WILL bring any leader into world court/ where the beauty of internet usage; will allow us all to vote upon; “what will happen now”.
  33. Respect the differences between male and female honestly! Reality has taught me: those differences are SO FAR beyond anything humanity expects/ as to be from “different planets” entirely. NOT the same, at all! Period. Just like an atom is held together by two opposing forces; to balance each other, thereby sustaining time itself. Life is sustained by male AND female balancing each other out. Or, never again “male in charge”/ because history proves: THAT don’t work.
  34. Everything truth will allow is to be allowed/ everything truth denies, is to be changed as quickly as possible; in order to save this planet and its life! Simple as that.
  35. Ten thousand things “courtesy of university knows”/ is to be abandoned as the genocide of life and world. Because the evidence says it must. Which leaves ten thousand things, that humanity must decide for itself; because that is “the right thing to do”. NO WANT, just truth decides for us all. And that means: once you do get it right/ this entire world shall benefit from what truth itself can do.And all the people say: “IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM/ I DIDN’T DO NOTHING”; AND that is absolutely true. You didn’t do nothing to protect life or earth; absolutely absent, deserters one and nearly all. And all the people say: “YOU DO IT, YOU TAKE THE RISKS, AND DO THE WORK AND PAY THE PRICE”; and we will shout hurrah; for a second or two if you don’t take nothing from us. It is, “all you get”; because life or death is a matter of “wanting what we want”/ not reality or its truth. Because “beautiful or not/ rare and precious or not/ love or not; the reality is humanity can still feel lonely, even in a crowd. Which makes living less about truth/ and more about me. So the critical discovery is: that loneliness is the elemental driver of nearly all human behaviors. Or more specifically: “I want; to be the center of attention/ I want; listen to me/ play with me/ do what I say/ be what I want you to be; and so on”; because that makes me the superior one. And loneliness proves: it is not so/ which makes me loser. And I hate that.

    REALITY then says: we are equals in life, as living does prove true. The body or mind whether it was given much or little; is more life, “than you, or anyone; can measure”. Consequently we are equals, and none are superior. Simple as that! But when we are honestly equal; then the world is a miracle gift to the living/ and we are “the children” who inherited much. We are the living, in a crowd of life; harmony when at peace/ attacked when chaos takes control, and life becomes a mob, because of hate.

    And all the people say: “you are NOBODY/ WE DON’T like you”. You try to take away: WHAT WE WANT! But that is not true, as I merely point out to you: the cost of what you did do/ is the evidence of our world turning into hell. Extinction follows quickly.

    And all the people say: “you are NOBODY/ WE BELIEVE THE MEDIA IS OUR LEADER/ THE UNIVERSITIES ARE OUR SAVIOR”; and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. But I only bring you the message: if you will not change/ then you will become extinct. All life (genetically mutilated), and even the solar system (fusion lies) is at risk from what universities do.

    THE EXPERT” says; don’t worry/ go ahead pump poisons everywhere/ the water don’t care. But every commercial agricultural system of plant and insect control depends upon water: BECAUSE IT MIXES WELL. SO, then what happens to the toxin? All the industrial processes pretty much depend upon water/ and they mix toxins in it. All the waste dumped in garbage; INCLUDES highly toxic poisons (because there is nowhere else to put them/ and government employees don’t care). Or “Satanic (kill this earth) decisions” are everywhere the universities are. Agricultural spray planes; use very little or no water: cost, I watched a spray plane go over my house and the neighbors house; a week later about twenty trees were clearly dying; both places. They were healthy/ but media says can’t be: “university is god”/ and the cult is never wrong. “thirty years ago”; a toxic well injection site close to Chicago; was still injecting poison roughly twenty years after engineering said “it was full”. but then “its just a few million people”/ along with other realities of “experts” in charge; that refuse to acknowledge; THE HORROR in what they are doing; “in other ways” as well.  get lost we don’t care/ courts: “we cannot question the university” (subtitle; they are gods__).

    I will however remind you: that media manipulates, tempts, and propagates whatever power wants them to do; screaming as with covid “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”. Or on a less violent stage; they led women to behave like men/ and led men to get a vasectomy regardless of the consequence that is: “the chemicals which make sex pleasurable”/ are gone with the testicle’s. Leaving only desire in both male and female; because there will be no more sex with value. Feeling ashamed of their decision: MANY refuse to tell the truth, and let others pay the same price: because the TV doesn’t back them up. And as every cult knows: “the leader” cannot be wrong/ so shut up.

    NO, I do not have a vasectomy/ but a long time ago, I did withhold ejaculation: to find out. Without sperm; it is “just hot sticky work”. DO A REAL SEARCH; and learn, “just like all the other animals who have their testicles cut off”; sex ends, for you too. Simple as that, and it then does affect your mate.

    the most constant factor in divorce/ and even murder in marriage "you stole my life".
    this is not birth control/ because men do not have babies.

    REALITY IS REALITY, and mammal is mammal.
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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