Convictions, changing times; basic things

Convictions, changing times; basic things


While the supreme court can argue; “it is not cruel and unusual punishment” to restrict homeless encampments. It is cruel and unusual punishment NOT to provide a reasonable and realistic opportunity to camp as needed: where that is literally possible/ by providing REAL WORLD utilities and probabilities for work, to provide for honest real world needs. WE DO owe that much to each other. Like it, or not!

While the supreme court can argue: that it is not for an agency to decide what is or is not safe or fair for a business or other to do in terms of work and environment. IT IS fair: to assemble before the public and with all sides in attendance. To not only describe but enact for ourselves: WHAT IS FAIR, and substantially correct in our safety of self, nation, and world. Because history proves: no matter what it is, people; who say “yes we can”/ will do what they want to do. And that is true of citizens who work for themselves, or the public, or the corporation or anything that describes a chance to inflict others with their opinion. Pride and power seize the day; because they don’t care or share with life/ only hate.

Our world is dying; because those in power/ and too proud to accept the limits and boundaries of a changed world; because of truth and its consequences. CANNOT BE SUSTAINED in the old ways of doing what humanity does do.

We NEED to protect the environment, or we die/ because without this world working for us: it will turn to kill us instead. And that is a foundation truth.

We NEED to protect humanity, from hate/ because that too will turn against us all; and devalue life into chaos. Returning to the ways of “before JESUS came”/ which was filled with murder. Sharing and caring is literal and true, to what being a friend does mean to living.

As to combining government with religion: that is never wise. Because your religion does not match with my religion/ and you cannot teach my child what you believe; no matter how much you believe it. They have a mind of their own; and it should never be indoctrinated: with belief/ rather than truth. The difference is; you CAN believe whatever you want/ but only truth is truth, and that is always identified by the evidence, not your convictions.

Or as is the evidence of our time: people who use “the university” as their own religion/ demand that evolution is not religion so they can indoctrinate that into every child as a basis from which they introduce their own lives, to living. With the chaos and disgrace that “evolution is; fantasy, delusion, puke and vomit; the sewer of human imagination”. No greater evidence of DON’T combine religion with government; can be found/ it is pure disgrace of human existence; as is used to create a cult following “university has a book”/ that is god.

IT IS, however my own belief: that each religion should be allowed to offer their own conclusions to whomsoever wishes to attend in high schools; so that real world conclusions outside of parental controls can be enforced as “it is your own decision”. Because that is what religion is: your own decision/ your own future/ your own eternity; that cannot be substituted with anyone else. YOURS, because time is the completion of your own story; no matter what you choose. One single decision can dramatically change your life and future, and even your own eternity. So it is important to understand what humanity offers; “as the rules to living, that they found to be true, for over thousands of years”. Religion is the offering of rules; because a bad decision requires us all to start over, and begin again. RULES of religion, offer the most certain path; such as Christianity offers “love/ not hate”. Your choice. But make no mistake: religion is like a “mothers milk”/ to begin with. NOT to live with, beyond what you choose for your own life. Belief is want/ and want allows you to make up any truth you like: it is not truth, which has only one true answer; which then becomes faith. As to which is better: I think several: “presidential like debate” should be done/ so as to separate the different religions into what they believe is best, what they offer to all. Which in the light of day, and the concept of what is true or valued: the end result shall be found, and what is valued by all can then be known. That is fair.

LIVING is: the introduction of self, to the broad and realistic consequences of what thought can bring. While there are many ultimate decisions based upon that element of life: the reality by its evidence, DOES come down too, 3 choices: “LOVE/ ANIMAL/ OR HATE”. Love lifts the value of life into the Creation of elements which go beyond self, into an eternity. ANIMAL; exists as predator or prey, and thereby functions as want, pride, or power. HATE descends from life into the isolation called death, and wants to remove that category of failure/ by playing god, so as to believe “I don’t have to die”. Yet you already are.

We CANNOT LIVE as a world did with 4-5 billion people; 50-60 years ago. We are not that anymore. At well over 8 billion people on earth; by changes universities did make; or at least claim. OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED. The attack on resources, pollution, sewage, oxygen, heat, EVERYTHING; has doubled, and our planet cannot absorb what you do. WE ARE CREATING “A HUMAN HELL”. Because you refuse to care or share as is needed to survive. Greed has ruled for over fifty years/ and it is failure to life and world; as the evidence of our existence does prove true.

The young must stand up for their future; it is no game. And take control away from those who want what they want/ in order to rule over the future, and leave room to survive for those who can. DEMOCRACY DOES THAT WITH REDRESS: POWER TO THE PEOPLE; because our employees are found NOT being sufficient to our purposes or needs as a society or world. CHOOSING FOR OURSELVES, is at least not dying because of the others. How is that not better/ they built this dying world with experts. We must build a world that does survive with law.

Your only other choice is “dig your grave”/ you will need it sooner than you think.

NOT because I want you to fear; THAT NEVER helps define or decide what is in our own best interest. But because we the world, are running out of time. This is no game, and the cost for being wrong is literally extinction. So we must identify WHAT IS TRUE; and we must know the cost of being WRONG. So that the end result of our decision is literal and true/ even if it is wrong; at least we had our own say, by vote. In America: that is done with redress: IT IS THE LAW/ AND IT IS TREASON, to deliberately deny or obstruct the constitution, which is OUR GOVERNMENT.

As to homelessness: there are numerous realities involved, which cannot be ignored. Primary are food and water/ access to “human needs”; and a place to stay. There should be “donation methods” available to accommodate what people would provide: but distribution of these funds goes to the homeless/ by their vote, it is decided.

And reality measures.

There are endless realities of recycling, tree planting, invasive species removal (stop all “wildflower sales”/ and strictly limit horticulture), things the city needs such as elderly care. Simply REMOVE the dead head of university knows; and let truth decide how best to do it. There are endless realities of insulate it all better; that must be dealt with; and other methods of value that would help sustain a city. Those who do their job well; are measured as valued; and receive what will be habitable enclosures (very small rooms for sleeping) with community structures for the rest. Mobile community homes; which can be moved if there is honest trouble aligned with these. Empty lots are a prime example with surveillance; for policing purposes. A four sided enclosure of rooms for sleeping; with the center section reserved for human needs. Can be male or female or family or integrated or not.

This then becomes community, which stands next to family, in the search for what can we share to either care or sustain us all. Which does mean: each community gets to decide who lives there or not; WITHIN the limits of peace. Because hate shall not stay. Honorable, means I do have a right to be here: within limits of our reality.

The opportunity to work: is inherently necessary, and those who find themselves homeless are generally no less than you. WHICH MEANS; they do have something to teach each other. If given the means to do it. Education does make a difference/ which is why the educational realities of this nation are so damn poor. IF THEY KEEP YOU STUPID/ OR YOU JUST PLAIN GIVE UP; then they don’t have to complete with you, to be rich. Besides, it makes slaves available; so we can be more rich. The value of living is not being rich/ but the hate involved in getting to be rich; is an enemy.


THAT MEANS; WE MUST DO FOR OURSELVES, WHAT WE NEED TO HAVE DONE in order to survive. Because it is absolutely clear: “the universities have proven to be the greatest failures to life and world/ that history has ever known”. Pride and power will not let them surrender to reality. So you must make them understand: things will be different now. Because DEMOCRACY itself, is enforced. Redress starts that truth.

The greatest disease (hate) on earth; is a human male. The greatest value of life on earth is a human being human. The greatest animal on earth is a human male; because the foundation of predator, means always looking for prey. The greatest destructive force on this planet is male: because they refuse to leave enough/ to leave the best; to repopulate the earth; making deserts on purpose: creating a deluge of pollution, poison, tyranny, war, and more. So in a world on the edge of extinction; because of all you did do in worship of “university changes”; we now exist, with a future dedicated to HELL. Because of what men did do.

SO WE MUST TRY; and let female decide the future, by making laws that will generate the most likely path to our survival as life and earth. NOT because they are better/ clearly they are not. BUT BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT; and we must have different “to survive.” what has been done, did in fact bring us here in time. BUT what we need now is: justice, fair play, removal of competition and its pride, the end of unwarranted wants, the destruction of power and hate (can’t live here anymore), and the laws that insure no more destruction to our environment will come. It is that simple, and the cost of being wrong is your extinction from this planet.

IT IS necessary to instruct society: please understand, as is the consequence of parent and child/ it is almost never a good idea to interfere in “the young adults” life, when they are trying to discover how best can they create their own future. UNLESS THEY ASK/ do not interfere; because each life is different/ and each life must decide for themselves. When you push and prod; you can make them money/ but it will change their future; and that is not your right to do. So be there for support/ but remember to acknowledge: life is a journey, and their life is NOT your life to decide. Yes money is required, and they do need to understand that: they do need to recognize, “we all have to contribute something we can do”. But money is not a life/ it is merely a tool, and the best tool for happiness is: “I did choose this for myself”.

Same basic lesson is true for the homeless. While addiction REQUIRES: facing the things you are trying to escape. Want is not enough/ pride is an enemy/ and power searches for judgment; so that “it” can be superior. None of which sustain life.

Mental health: is the decision: to let truth decide/ by refusing want. Because without want, there is no real struggle other than survival/ which allows you to live or not. Without want there is no loser or winner, because pride does not exist. Without power there is no hate, no cause for revenge; to make you the winner/ instead of a loser in your own mind. Because the foundation element of life itself is: WE ARE LITERALLY; the essence of a miracle, given as life, and body; to you. Never forget you are the owner of that body, and must choose the direction for yourself. Which means: your body is not a temple of GOD, but a relationship formed with time/ and it is up to you, to survive in time; so that you can complete the values and truth; of an identity that is uniquely; you.

In terms of a reality world: what you believe is NOT of value/ because all belief is subject to want. So the distinction of how to keep this earth alive is now completely dependent upon what truth can decide, by proving the evidence or cost of being wrong.

In terms of living: it has never been my policy of thought, to include what is going on outside/ in favor of how whatever that is, is affecting the inside. So that the purity of who I am is not affected by the costs of who “you are/ whoever that is”. Because to remain separate from want/ is to remove yourself from the herd as well. Or more distinctly: the value of life is born on the inside/ and the costs of life, are born on the outside. Therefore to be “self”/ requires an existence that is not greatly influenced by the environment of living in this world. We are affected by love, hate, and “animal (predator or prey)”; but we live in the harmony or chaos, of how we let that affect our lives. Value knows love/ hate knows chaos/ animal knows the competition of winning or losing. Do you see the difference?

So the critical cost of life is determined by love, which honestly has very little to do with environment and is all about the people and life which surrounds us all. While hate has everything to do with the chaos of NOT getting what you want, and thereby using methods such as gossip or violence to sustain I am superior/ you are not. And animal which is the constant of living for “right now”; with trophies, toys, or trinkets to prove you are the winner or loser as time dictates by the evidence of want; satisfied for now. It never lasts/ and if you look; someone else is always winning another trophy to compete or destroy your own; “just like the dust settles on trophies past/ which no longer matter”. Separated from the influences of others; you need no escape from yourself. Sustained for living, will settle with: “enough is enough”. And value as is the honest treasure of “our universe”; cannot be separated from love/ nor can love be separated from its truth. In the rare cost of that occurring: the one who inflicted that much damage, is destined to Hades (hate intensified against you: the perpetrator of its chaos). “you, stole a life from eternity”/ therefore eternity will hate you back.

Of things learned: people make terrible choices, based upon want, pride, or power. The cost of that filters out onto the others, and greatly damages their lives. But it is not hate/ that is animal, and animals have a right to make their own choices. Even so; it is rarely right, “to take a child from its mother; even with love”/ she needs that child to survive. It is rarely right to convict and kill; because momentary lapses in judgment fail us all. Forgiveness is required/ for those who stop; but it is never free; as the costs will mount. We cannot be, what other people need for us to be in their own lives; manipulation follows, and it is unfair. We cannot survive ourselves, without forgiveness for what could have been done better; after all, nobody is perfect. But people transfer their hate; to those who establish peace/ because their lives cannot go on, if they don’t find a release apart from their own needs. Life is not fair, but that is because we live in time; the place where motion decides if we live or die.

As to me: I searched for several years, “for the spiritual world of life itself”/ and found within that creation of a choice: the foundation required was truth, and the purity of a living which dealt with YOUR choices. Once that was resolved correctly; it was possible to inherit “the door” into different elements or essence of life, which is governed by truth. Truth is the environment, and it has no mercy; therefore it is a dangerous place. But if you hold purity close; it is also a very elegant change in being ALIVE. I found no hope in male; this is the best he did do/ over thousands of years of history which prove “his final answer is war”. And that is not sustainable or wise/ making it impossible for men to lead anymore.

Female is all that is left; so I opened the door, “just to ask a question”. But was surprised; “naked female instantly came out/ stayed in view long enough for me to be “absolutely sure”/ and then ran off at tremendous speed: a second later when I opened the door farther; “that female”: crashed into (the base of my neck, so to speak; and entered my world too)/ pushing me into an environment I could not understand. So the real world warning is: BE CAREFUL which door you open in the spiritual world, and this one. Because living, is built upon the truth of what we choose. As to life itself; “I am overrun”, after 18+ years/ and it is that simple. All enter the spiritual world in death/ except for animals who die in the dust of a dissipating life source; which then vanishes forever. Some never escape the spiritual world, because truth will not let them; they failed life sources. Some go into eternal life, beyond self.

Life is a truth, not a want. Living exists, because the law of that truth, can be sustained by the realities which govern our existence. Truth does not limit itself to time/ that is a human thing. Nor does it bind itself, to your human existence; because without motion as is the evidence of time: thought remains, as the vital link which lives by the discovery of forces other than motion. Time is motion; which lives or dies, by the consequence of atoms; and how the energy held within is distributed or dismantled by chaos internal to the miracle of a human body. “when a car has run out of gas/ it stops: but that does not remove the fact it is still a car”. Even though, you cannot put fuel back into it; and revive a life. Life is not so different, in its dimension of discovery. But revolves around the constant conception of forces used to create change.

So the critical construction is: NOT so much, that a body dies/ but what is true of life beyond that moment? Truth decides, not you. Therefore what is true in you, being the identity you created: is true forever, as you made it to be.

We then discover the question: is truth life? The answer is no, truth is a dimensional environment that is used to separate the various elements tied to our survival; even in the universe itself. Consequently, there are things to learn/ to survive; it is not a game, or a trophy/ toy/ or other. It is life, and as is true of your life here: it is not “for free”. Forces must be dealt with by truth, or you die one last time.

Purity sets you free, to encounter and discover “everything that life is”. Less than purity is an anchor or a barrier to your existence even in eternity; because if not “confined”/ you will die from the consequences of your truth. Therefore what is true, must be honestly true; or it will release chaos/ and you will suffer for that. Every truth in you must be found/ and must be identified as your choice: not your belief, as is elementally tragic.

Some will ask: HOW, can he enter the spiritual world beyond death/ and come back? The answer is: death of body, and truth of life; are not the same thing. Some will ask: HOW, can a spiritual woman from another dimension “enter inside”? The answer is: we are separate/ sharing, balancing/ and then finding, to complete this work; she must be in charge. And she is; I have no say. As is consistent with the biblical references of revelation 12 (something foreign/ male) & 17 (beast/ man, or male). “its complicated”/ and you don’t need to know.

Some will ask: “WHAT, happens to you now”? I don’t know.

In contrast to that: it is true, male life and living are now abandoned; a past I cannot repeat. Is that forever? Not a clue. But for today, it is my truth; being pushed into a female world/ the entry door vanished, and I have no way out. Surrounded by things so bizarre I cannot even imagine them; the reality is, “I know” these “elements”, represent what female “feels”/ because of what the time of living has required. A complete mystery to me! “its complicated”; I am no longer in charge.

WHAT does that mean to humanity? Not a clue; my work/ my job/ my intent of life on earth: was to deliver the message “change or you will become extinct”. I have done that, with “spiritual female” help. It is completed; and I know not what the future brings.

As for you: remember that “hope is life”/ because without hope for the future, you lose your grip on truth. Truth decides, needs for you to value life, which gives us hope/ because love is worth the price of being alive.

Share, care, respect, truth, love, heart (you are worth the price), and soul (I am/ GOD IS, worth the price) are the evidence of “human”.

And humanity says: “THOSE WHO ARE RICH”/ have it better! They create their own little world, with whatever they want; which is what I want to do. Hate yells:
“I am the judge/ you can’t be more than ME”. EACH of these are certain, that eternity does not matter; only time does. It is their right; freedom is freedom.

I, on the other hand; conceive of life as begins in time; and stretches into the eternity of life itself; by understanding truth cannot die, but it can dissipate and be lost forever. Therefore the essence of thought confines us, to what we value most; so that we do not become lost in a universe that cannot give back “love”. Wealth is not love, as it requires “I am the important one”/ wanting is not love, as it requires “nothing is more important than me”. Hate has nothing to do with love, and sinks into itself as judgment descends upon you.

Or more distinctly the value of thought is love, and love is the value of living; and within that truth, there is an environment beyond self: that honors respect, and gives back whatever is true of you.

We are “a miracle of life and planet”/ which the sewer of universities made into a delusion of their own fantasies. Nonetheless life knows better, as do you. Every feeling, every touch, every bone or skin or organ or truth of life: testifies to the reality this is no accident. Just as diversity (universities hate); proves we can get along/ if we don’t compete for the very same things. Everything about life says: thought built this, by controlling the forces needed with law/ a design and structure beyond our own comprehension; as everyone does know is true. The curse of failure as is universities know; seeks to remove everyone from life, to become the tragedy of human animals instead. To your shame, and especially to theirs.

When we live within the miracles of life itself, the essence of truth aligns with the elegance of being “ALIVE”. To explain: very little of this universe, will ever know what I know of living. As is the truth of human existence. ALL the evidence of our bodies, ALL the evidence of life itself. ALL the evidence of our world, and even the universe itself defines our existence as “a miracle”. For me: the evidence of JESUS aligns with the truth of that miracle; and it is his testimony: dividing “love from hate” as is a choice. That creates the path into “a different life to come”.

We then recognize; that truth is the awakening of life itself, and understand, the disciplines of knowledge will provide the guide to what will come. NOT the claim of knowledge as is “university”; but the essence of truth, which forms the basis of wisdom instead. Life sees, with thought, “a universe beyond self”. And it is within that universe we become aware of what loneliness does mean. Love blankets the truth with value, through respect. And it is respect that builds the order of laws which form life as time.

The critical meaning of eternity is: to accept the destiny, even when you are not certain of its cost, or its design. Because love makes it worth doing.

We must do the best we can with living in time; it is not fair/ but that is the cost of freedom humanity wanted. Your choice/ your consequences; simple as that. Which does make the lives of some “unbearable enough” to wish or prove; they would rather be dead. Even so, in this world of life and death: the laws which govern it, must be obeyed/ or we all go extinct. Because there was no respect; a lost world, to the tragedy of disgrace!

human existence is a miracle

Added: because I wish you to realize just how magnificent the body is/ in a world, which will prove truth does not care.  can you build equal?  NOT without nature, and all it gave to you!

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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