learning, time and beyond

learning, time and beyond


Of human development; the most critical intellectual construction is, how to deal with wants/ versus needs. Want is an addictive construction, letting us escape into the delusion of choices/ while need is not, it is a reality we must pay attention too, or die. So the critical question is: what is a choice? While that may seem simple, it is not: because choices are comprised of what is true/ while want adds the fabrication of imagination, fantasy, lies, temptations, manipulation, propagation, gossip, and more. As is the result of want, combined with your own version of “what I need to survive; by being happy”. So the divide comes: between what makes you happy, and what makes you alive?

The addiction of “wanting to play like god”/ by making your own version of the world what you want it to be; is an escape from reality (an addiction) which does provide for our survival. The vast majority deny the reality of human existence which is to learn how to survive/ and choose to want instead. Which leads to pride (the formation of most human behaviors) and power the primary formation for the rest of human behaviors.

We can identify want: as all things that are, because want drives human society to do what it does/ to be what it is/ to assemble the realities of war/ curse each other with fantasies and delusions and imagination; where only truth can decide instead. So they fail, and truth then decides for them; as they dig through the rubble of failure and fool.

We can also identify lessons in life as are consistent with living; by going to the extremes of what “beyond time” will require; to be free. Which is an illumination of the basic transference of time, into eternity. Or more simply: time is built upon the interactions which build and transfer energy as a description of atoms/ and the chemicals which form due to that interaction. Or more discreetly: what is needed to survive as an elemental source of life/ is not want.

But standing in the essence of “atomic constructions”; biology is clearly only the beginning of where thought can go.

But life is not an intellectual game, and the construction of thought does not participate; as an animal exchange. So the truth of life asks for you to enter within the journey of creating an identity time can work with, and eternity can recognize, as with value. Only love does that. While truth is important, it is love that assigns value to the living and life of our existence.

The primary element here is TRUTH DECIDES/ not want.

Construction of anything valued is then based upon what truth decides in you. NO ESCAPE is required, you must face the elements of your existence and change according to what “an eternal life can be”. No more want/ truth decides.

Mental health; is a construction built upon the truths you have accumulated in your life and living. Because not a single truth can be denied, it is what it is/ even though it can be covered up with something of value instead. Being confronted with the choices you have made; is a reality of life we must all face/ no hiding from truth. But forgiveness is a reality, and it is the quality of your love; that has value. Because believe it or not; love is the most precious thing in our universe.

Removing want is the most basic premise of finding in life; the mental health you need to accept the limits and boundaries of what law and life will allow/ or require of you. Truth decides; gives us, each one the opportunity, to choose for survival: because truth cannot be changed. Time can be changed; which is the description of your human life: to participate/ learn/ and then choose who you are, by exhibiting that truth, as your life in time.

Love exists: because we choose to care, to share, and to respect within the dignity of being honest with each other. To hope adds a dimension of desire. To assemble a purpose, creates the foundation of your direction in life and living; where passions assemble for adding acceptance/ so that loneliness will die.

We now face the truth of: WHAT could eternity be for me/ you?

While that is extreme hard to untangle as a description humanity wants to hear. JESUS provided the only real clues. His testimony is granted: because he provided the real life evidence dividing love from hate. Which is elementally the foundation of direction and desire between truth and lies.

So what is true? We examine that as “family bound by love”/ the rest discarded as: NOBODY desires to live and eternity “with you, and your truth”. So family: the existence of life beyond time; is a depository of love creates the world we live in; as life becomes our living; and time ceases to exist. Because the forces which create the energy of time, are not governed by the existence of that “measurable movement”.

What then is “touch, sight, hearing, seeing, movement, smells, taste, freedom, rights, and all the rest”? Since each of these do not exist without thought: we leave it as a reality of thought to design in us, and understand in this creation of miracles called an earth. It is not only possible, beyond our conception: but extremely likely. Because as DNA proves true; nobody on earth designed this/ and it is clearly not an accident, and chaos merely destroys all things complex; as is its definition.

What then if family? “beyond loneliness, these exist in my heart”.

What then is GOD ? no answer beyond CREATOR exists. Beyond conception or words is all there is.


as to proof: of eternity exists? Other than our relationship to thought, and its values as seen in life. I have only the truth of my own existence to share.

I have told you: the spiritual world exists. I have told you, that it is possible to enter and participate in thought by your own desire: but with the danger, UNLESS you understand, what this truth is/ you cannot exit this dimension of truth; the law will not let you/ until you do.

I have told you: that confronted with men have no solution that can save this world. So I chose to search for and find “female spirit”. I have told you that “just intending to open the door to ask a question/ life on earth needed to know”; I was shoved inside, and cannot escape it. Simple as that. While after this the nineteenth year from that moment; all things male seem to be escaping me. Even though; that seems unlikely and impossible/ it remains true. So, what is to become of this body in time; is unknown? Not a clue; but I have told you it was predicted in Revelation 12 (standing on what is foreign: male, is me/ true): the child to be born turns out to be a new way of living life on earth: with world law to rule over leaders/ and limited capitalism to rule over money. Reality enforced as truth decides not you & 17 (in complete control over the beast; male, is me/ true) I don’t know why?. However I do believe this: that although “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear; so to speak”/ BUT the GOD WHO CREATED this entire world; can do anything HE chooses to do with His Creation; which is me. As to stories, beyond “its complicated; I have no clue how it all turns out”.

As to me; from a lifetime of learning/ to recently, an endless description of “I just don’t know”; ten thousand times, “no you can’t”/ nothing male is allowed. Hard to imagine, freedom gone; at least for me. No, nothing to do with hate; simply nothing to do with male; “abandon it”! I can’t refuse; she can shock me badly. this is: A view from the other side of life/ I am not allowed to learn/ just live it. However, when the evidence is overwhelming and true: never going to escape. There is no purpose in trying to keep anything male; that life is over; she owns it all. I don’t know why?

Many women are treated unfairly/ had their whole lives confiscated “to tragedy, no freedom for life or body”: is true! I apparently have no right to complain: 71 years old; etc/ but feel violated. “limits and boundaries gone/ no rights, no realities of my own”. I do not like it! My only hope for me; to finally finish this work; thereby hoping to be free once more? Just how it is. I suppose a tiny bit more of value is added here; due to that fact of not free to leave this alone. “its not dictation”/ I was, trained for the job.

As to you: I let you believe whatever you will believe, as did Jesus. Not my job, to change you: its your own job to choose your truth. Create your own identity. Mine is so elementally changed; as to prove, “not a single clue”/ it is completely different, than my  life used to be. I don’t know what that will mean/ other than different. life is different! Can’t explain it:  beyond my comprehension:  different. And becoming worse; changed.

The greatest discovery “in a personal life is”; to find someone you both, are willing and able to “spend an eternity with”. The relationship shared between “the spiritual woman and I”; is one of need. I needed to help this world survive/ and she needed to help female life survive; and we have used or helped, each other accordingly. I don’t know how it ends, at all! But it is consistent with my life, that learning is always done by living it. To understand, is then to know what life itself says. It is becoming clear to me; the spiritual woman and I, are not so different; in terms of truth. Our methods however are very different; but that is the difference between male and female. The current reality is: men must change, or there will be no tomorrows. Because unfair and unjustified; will no longer be tolerated.

as to protections for women: IT IS absolutely true, that anything that can be used by you/ can also be used against you. Therefore the primary defense: as is true of nature itself; is based within the certainty, some degree of “I don’t want this” will also occur. a skunk is a valuable lesson: in that he or she can turn back animals who would eat them. AS self defense is employed correctly.  methods for this are simple enough: but there has never been “women who cared”.


But truth says: your road to HELL is packed with weapons of mass destruction/ your decision to inject nature with chaos is Armageddon/ your failures and poisons will ignite the Apocalypse (war for water); and much more. EVEN to the point of igniting this planet into a sun. (lake of fire/ HADES) because you did choose what you chose/ and there are consequences to every truth.

But REALITY SAYS: that of tyrants there are less than one thousand in powerful positions/ backed by less than one million who hate this world; but want power to judge. So they enforce tyranny to get it. HOWEVER WE THE WORLD; REPRESENT 8.2 BILLION INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE OR MORE; and that makes a difference of 8,200 people for every one of them. So to even consider the idea that we cannot: requires weapons of mass destruction to be under their control.

The difference is: WE THE WORLD ARE THE MILITARY AS WELL AS EVERY CITIZEN; and what we are willing to fight for, does in fact become our world. WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY; it is the leader who falls next with any attack: so says WE THE WORLD INTERNATIONALLY.

It is the world who says: WE WILL RULE THIS WORLD WITH LAW/ AND not you. Because that can be our truth: IF WE ARE CERTAIN OF THE LAW, THAT WILL BE ENFORCED.


Because no matter what you believe: the curse of human pathogens that leads this world; WILL SOON USE all weapons of mass destruction/ and that includes your universities as well; who hold countless biological weapons. IT IS A CHOICE; WE FIGHT FOR OURSELVES AND OUR FREEDOM FROM WAR WITH LAW/ or you let them kill you and this earth; “a short time later”. Because as is so clearly in evidence: as history proves true: “tyrants are tyrants”/ and they have no respect for you.

SO CHOOSE: MILITARY AND ALL, and give them a soldiers “bill of rights”. So they can enforce OUR LAW, as a world/ regardless of their commander, a damn fool.

A SOLDIER defends their border from UNCALLED FOR aggression.

AND STOPS, before the claim of hate and murder, against all; is leveled as true.

A mercenary; attacks based upon whosoever pays. SEE THE DIFFERENCE? DO you understand the cost to you of bringing:  “chaos to life”/ it is eternal?  DO YOU understand:  contributing or even participating in the destruction of this world, by any chosen means is “an eternal conviction”/ without reprieve. 

DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR SOUL!    Choose only for life and world as a defender/ not an attacker.

Or, you lose your world forever; as the people who refused to care; about this entire CREATION OF LIFE!

DON’T BE “like the Americans”; where every injustice is justified by the courts/ counterfeiters and thieves run free/ every universities is a threat to our very existence as a planet/ the universities cannot be questioned in a courtroom “cause they are gods”. OR ANY OTHER DAMNATION of failure that is this USA, under the pandemic of universities lead. As proven by covid, and the Nazi curse of “lets inject all of biology with chaos”./ or bring fusion a lie; by igniting “LETS BURN ATOMS”. Claiming a nuclear (million mile long flames) fire will just extinguish itself! Or more simply the dead, and the terrorist: live here too; under the disguise of a diploma. where puke and failure live.

The biggest fraud throughout history is “the government”! There is no such thing; there is only those people who are assigned the task of helping society to survive and do well for itself. Compounded by the tyrants who take that away, so they can be rulers instead. In this USA: GOVERNMENT IS THE CONTRACT WE FORMED WITH EACH OTHER; CALLED A CONSTITUTION, and a little more documentation of what we unite to do or refuse to do. Thereby granting our employees a job to do for us; within these limits and boundaries of our contract.

Failure proves they do not do that. But increasingly deny that in order to continue the rape (everything is free; for us), ravaging (infrastructure or reality be damned), and ruin (as with covid; rulers in control) of this society by the traitorous acts of “counterfeiting currency and debts: www.usdebtclock.org. A tax they could not collect/ so a burden to cost us a nation instead.

REDRESS IS OUR SOLUTION: BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW. OUR LAW TO PROTECT OURSELVES, FROM A GOVERNMENT BEING OVERTHROWN BY OUR EMPLOYEES. WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO BE TERRORISTS BESIDES; as with mutilating nature/ and trying to ignite a nuclear fire (lets burn atoms) www.iter.org (just one).

As is, the foundation of “power to the people”; the courtroom is corrupt, because the lawyers control it. Thereby giving themselves the power of pride, as is the cost of tyranny. To remove that: we need to turn that around, giving to the people, the final say as to what is justified and fair or not.

DOING THAT; is simplified as: “let the judge decide the evidence and the law and present that to the jury in his or her summation of trial”. LET THE JURY listen, & THEN DECIDE if the judge has been fair/ or the law needs to be changed/ or the penalty is correct according to what society needs the law to do for us. AS IS POWER TO THE PEOPLE, by taking it from the judge.

NO MORE cruel and unusual punishments; as is a constant.

NO MORE; “you cannot question the expert”/ as is evil unleashed.

NO MORE; injustice, because the court is corrupt/ or the law has been tampered with.

NO MORE; “you don’t know a damn thing”/ and yet judge anyway; in areas you cannot.

No more: juries that do not comprise of half that are “roughly the litigants age”/ so as to give a balance of what society, and this group; faces today.

NO MORE EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION; because there is no going back to repair the structural  or elemental failure of life.

there is automated, factory line; genetic alteration of DNA against nature. no going back
university geneticists: SAID, NOT to worry, if we screw something up/ evolution will fix it; in a billion years or so
as always if it can be done: humanity will do it: armageddon means: nature in chaos
playing god intensifies after the influx of trillions of dollars from covid

Just like: there is no going back from igniting  a “lets burn atoms” nuclear fire

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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