death, discussion of truth

death, discussion of truth


Life asks: WHAT IS, the reality of death, as is evidenced by time?

Truth answers: “the end of motion and choice”. The body abandoned to ruin. And the disciplines of a brain ended; nothing is left to measure/ not even cold or heat or light.

So the question is: WHAT IS LEFT, of a life/ if anything?

Reality answers: that nothing is left of body; it is abandoned. However the force that gives to energy its potential for motion; remains as the foundation of life itself. So we are dependent upon that force: which has no “face in time to describe”/ to decide if this is the end, or a beginning?

Truth says: that is it thought which identifies life, rather than force. While force is our relationship with existence/ thought is our relationship with the participation that is being alive. So thought is, the freedom of life, and force is “the body of our existence”.

The question is then: what is thought?

The answer: a participation within the dimension of choices, from which the balance of laws arise to identify what the future will be; based upon truth cannot be changed. So what is true constructs what will become your home beyond time.

The question is then: WHAT IS truth?

The answer: the order of life. Or in terms of human: what you have created to exist as your own definition by the development of order, and what you chose; to become “the law” in you.

Laws rule the universe; because these give order to the balance of power and purpose beyond time. Your law, either commits to the values of living (love)/ or the death of living (hate)/ or you have presented no value at all, beyond time (animal).

So the critical question is not what happens to body; as it is merely recycled sooner or later; as elements to build with; not life recycled. But the truth of your disciplines, as they develop into the laws by which you do contribute to life beyond time/ or its demise. One direction or the other is valid. But if you have no definable direction; dissipation to be “vanished” forever.

The critical question is: is this an escape from “the addiction of time”/ OR, is it the beginning of what Creation had intended for you to be?

The answer to that: is built upon your own decision, to search within respect, for the value of life! If you found value, by truth expressing thought does this/ then Creation says, it is a beginning. However if you found no value, but chose hate: then it is the result of addiction ended, as dissolves into chaos. Or if you believe whatever you want is true; as the animals do: then your ending is/ life stops with time. Because that is what you chose.

I repeat the warning: when death comes, the body is lost. In that instant, YOUR CHOICE must be, to return with “LIFE, to LIFE”/ AS IS the participation of our existence; as is translated, within the realm of thought. If you fail to do that/ you join the animals and dissipate as do they; forever lost.

And the people say: HOW, can we believe you/ WHY should we believe; you are nobody!

My reply is simply: “we are all somebody/ regardless of the trophies won or lost”. The foundation of what can or cannot be accepted is built upon what is true. What is true cannot be changed/ therefore it survives, beyond death as the realities of what your life chose. Therefore truth remains in death. Just as thought remains within the realm of life; as thought is not decided by a brain which can only measure and respond. Thought is the elemental search for life, as must be encountered within the universe itself. Thought translates life into existence; which is determined by force. The universe decides where force exists.

Your relationship with thought defines if you are alive “inside”/ beyond where time can reach. Your relationship with the force creating energy; defines if you exist or not. Your relationship with truth identifies if you have value to life or not. If you have hate or not. If you are merely the cost and consequence of life in time, or not. As is the reality of truth: “it exists”. As is the reality of thought: “it responds to your search”. As is the reality of force: “the universe knows existence is real”. So the consequence of your truth is: your description of value, and that determines if you shall or shall not join “the family of life”.

As for me: I do not ask you to believe; want is irrelevant. Instead search for truth, and let it decide for you. Because only what is true of you, shall survive beyond time. In contrast: what is true of me has changed so dramatically; the balance between “male and female” is erased/

the scale has tipped”; and female taking over, now rules. Making everything that was true as male; a question I cannot answer anymore. “he seems to have died”; its complicated, not really female either; but growing tits. No decision of mine; no say.

I have no idea how it ends, in time or eternity. It is not homosexual (no male allowed/ no pretender allowed: the price is hades for you if you fail). It is not transgender or other. This is merely as predicted: in biblical revelation 12 & 17; and it does not say what the spiritual woman who controls is going to do: with the male she has captured? I have no clue/ but it will not be any form of surgery or other. Miracle, if changed; only.

It should be said: that as is the body corpse rotting away in death/ that is a warning to you: this is no game, the consequences are serious, and there is no reprieve. Death takes everything away from time. If you kill yourself/ then you die a murderer, unless the body itself has failed; which grants a reprieve from that judgment. If you kill another by accident or in response to their attack: it is a fact of life and living, we are entitled to protect our own existence. We are entitled to accidentally make a mistake; because that is what freedom is. No it is not fair. But morality (act like this)/ or ethics (think like this)/ or rules (do like this) is not a valid choice for others to make for you. Freedom is a right, but it comes with the truth of what you choose: which is where morality and ethics try to make you understand: this too is not a game. So, while freedom exists: responsibility, as established by respect: comes with it.

Apart from that, we are here until we are not. Children find a separate decision than adult. “judge not, lest you be judged” is a rule I do try to live by. And understand: your own life belongs to you/ but so does the life of every other one. We do not own each other: love however does give to each other, “our value, as is a shared heart”. Protect that/ respect that! Parenting does not change that, you are guardian/ not creator. Failure is severe; you chose, they did not. Nature provides according to what people have done; based upon the foundations and laws created for this world. Unfortunately, “the better body and mind, does win”; so every child does deserve that decision.

The value of being whole/ the value of tools and abilities to use for a lifetime/ the value of a sane mind, or even a pretty face; are all truly what everyone desires to be “their own reality”. Because it does, as with all health; make a difference.

But who is to say; what is best. There are tragic instances of “the best turned into the worst”. My parents were valuable, but did they measure up? Life and death should not be judged by people. But it is fair to say: a known hereditary disease should not be passed along. Let it end here.

And the people say: “we want what we want”.

But reality warns: at the brink of extinction, that will not occur.

Truth decides: or death!           CHOOSE.

Life, exists on the inside/ while time exists on the outside. Not because of atoms, but because truth is a visitor, from beyond what we comprehend as its moments. Or more distinctly; as galaxies appear to be formed as a “disk” having this structure due to the results of a pulsar blasting out anti-matter; which is “gravity” as its most basic source. Life has a structure, and so does time. One is created by force/ the other by motion. Each the compensation of cold, rather than heat. Cold is not the absence of heat, but the relationship of an existence formed; in the dimension of knowledge. Because without knowledge, there is no cold or heat or space to be confronted. Knowledge is then the beginning, and that makes thought a participant in Creation of all things.

So we ask then: WHAT is thought, and WHERE does knowledge come from, WHY “is truth a visitor”/ WHO assembled these things/ WHEN does life itself begin/ and HOW do we graduate into the realm of thought, as is eternity itself?

While these are elemental, “subjects of interest” to death; as the ending of life in time, is the ending of participation here. The foundation of movement exists as a primary construction required, before time could begin. That element of force, motivated to influence the future of our truth. Is subjected to the movement of you, and the influence on our future as a: “family of life, through love”. Or more simply; it is not necessary for you to understand the future/ so long as the truth you exhibit, is elemental to the direction and value, of all that life and living is. Hate is unwelcome and evicted; but less than valued, is simply lost forever. Because purity owns the gate of where we go from here.

US death rate from all causes 35-44 2022: 255 per one hundred thousand.

this is “america” where they no longer identify who died of heart disease/ so they can demand your money. BUT THEY DO identify, that old age is no longer a factor/ and as a result, they skew the numbers to get your money: and demand: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.

THE SAME is true for everything as university delusions demand more money and obedience to themselves;  the curse resides behind the doctors; where university hides as the predominate factor. Surging against life, truth, and democracy in this nation.

“only the expert decides”/ is the same as saying only the leader decides; as is communism.

“you cannot question the expert (cult)”/ is the same as saying “the leader is god”; as is communism.

“we can kill you; with weapons of mass destruction”/ THEREFORE FEAR US/ OBEY US/ BELIEVE WE SHALL DO IT!  is functionally and fundamentally, the essence of what religion calls SATAN.

so you have to make a choice:  to live free/ or to die by those who demand they will play god with life.

the corruption of courts, corruption of education, corruption of politics, corruption of media/ corruption of government/ corruption of money and securities/ corruption of infrastructure/ corruption called a DEAD WORLD;  all stem, “from a university decides”.
Wake up, say I, “to the herd of fools”: how do you think it got this far?     DEMAND REDRESS, and remove the tyrant of all things fail:  as is the leadership formed, and chosen by  “university knows”.  “trump and biden” are:  two sides of the same coin.  BOTH demand “steal it all, from the middle class”.   OUR TAX RATE IN THIS USA: IS OVER ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF INCOME.  “add it up; all of it”. and include the real world cost of inflation/ the additional costs which rise from inflation/ and the reality we ain’t never going to pay any of this debt back.  PURE FANTASY AND DELUSION. the game of liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, terrorists, and all that is evil.


The reality is: as it has always been.  “whether president of this USA/ emperor of China/ leader of Russia or any other”.   THEY ARE IN FACT;  “JUST PLAIN MEN”/ who only own the power we give them.  Same as Universities: “JUST PLAIN MEN AND WOMEN” WHO WERE OUR FORMER CLASSMATES!  not a single one could claim  “god” or expert of anything/ as is the case right now.     the evidence not the expert/ proves what is true.

in the real world: the common cold is a corona virus too.

this is four years of covid combined;  and it does NOT indicate what and how many various other causes of death WERE COMBINED with covid to create their delusion of lies:  demanding WE ARE gods;  “believe/ fear/ obey”.

THE COMMON COLD IS A CORONAVIRUS;  and does test as a coronavirus:  “do you see a conflict”?

inflation has a cause/ but it is only one of many.
financial covid costs 4,000.00 per each of one hundred million people based upon "university says".
world death rate by age

for balance against MEDIA INFLUENCE!

science direct heart
worldwide global population rise/ is far worse than the death rate
death rate for injuries
breast cancer stats 2
breast cancer stats
140 per 100,000 female deaths 2019/ and nobody dies of old age

and then we come too:  WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN MEXICO CITY (22 MILLION PEOPLE) run out of water?   WILL THEN NOT MOVE/ and will they NOT overwhelm the water resources there?

the apocalypse: means war for water. "three days and your dead".
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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