The constant reality of human behavior

The constant reality of human behavior


Of things to be understood; is the constant reality of human behavior. The animal wants: pride, and the power of saying “me/ me/ me, damn you ME”. And this extends, all the way down into conversations: which assume, “in just one or two words: you know everything, that I might say”. Or more simply “you can finish my sentences”/ because you know me, or more than me; and are just too smart to wait. Guilty in all or nearly all of human existence/ few grow out of it.

So, the constant of my work became: if you cannot get past the expectation of “I am god/ universities are god/ religion is god/ media is god/ power is god/ ridicule is god/ gossip is wonderful/ government is the power of god/ fear is god/ hide, hide, run away HIDE; in at least a few people out of one hundred. This is then a worthless endeavor; because they do represent the whole. And as time went by, I reduced that to about ten; because reality is reality; cults are cults/ and believers never need truth or evidence or consequences or anything; because they are secured in their own prison cell to keep all of that out. I WANT WHAT I WANT, end of story, for a believer; simple as that. You are who you are; animals worshiping universities because they told you, that you were animals, and free to do what animals do/ discarding reality, if there is food and water (no brain required); or fighting to prove superiority (to hell with you).


We add dating to that behavior; and find: although some degree of actual interest exists between people who find each other attractive/ the end result is, the cost of previous relationships; has a price. That price fails life and individuals; by interfering in the ability to take chances with someone else; which brings about alcohol, and other inhibitors as a means to “Let loose”/ and then take risks that are found too dangerous if sober. An entire industry of “letting loose” exists because of this fact. While some never forget; “being free” has a cost/ and are then reminded with realities that cannot be changed. To alleviate that: some women choose to “be free” in order to get pregnant; as eliminates the need called loneliness/ and then rape men into “twenty years of payments” for a child they did not expect. Some woman choose to demand payment; and the child resulting becomes “their payment” from government, who now supports them for the next 18 years. Some men walk away, from every relationship taking only what they want; because the chains of women, are not easy to break/ unless they just don’t care. Others fight with reality. Others make sex into a game, with trophies to collect. Others buy sex with trinkets or toys; to offset “what I want”. Others see sex as the evil inside themselves; as chemical addiction controls them; and they fail life; by choosing hate instead of love. The list is long, the reality is often grim. But for others in love, the best, that the best can be; will be found. So the search goes on.

Of things which make a difference:

  1. do not judge each other. It is not important, unless you do want more.
  2. Never forget: when asking for a lifetime, as is marriage intended. This is no small request; for either person.
  3. Try not to introduce pregnancy, it will only complicate a relationship.
  4. Do not manipulate each other, they may then manipulate you; and life becomes a game. Neither will win.
  5. Do not control each other; that is an early sign of abuse or to be used by the other.
  6. Do NOT accept jealousy in your relationship/ if not surrendered immediately; then find another. Violence lurks beneath jealousy(I cannot compete/ so you WILL choose me only).
  7. Do not choose your relationship based upon money; as money invades, and then controls; based upon want. So if you do want money; then understand their want is going to rule your life/ or your want is going to rule theirs.
  8. Love shapes romance into the “dance of rhythms”; whereby we do meet each other in ways that identify caring and sharing come with this respect for you, and me.
  9. Love shapes sex; into the defense of life, from those who attack and betray us all. Letting the intensity of “our lives shared; when truth describes value”; as present a refuge, from time, and its costs. If, the passion/ NOT LUST, to express happiness and hope does live within us both. Lust cannot do more than use your body; as reality proves “your life itself, is irrelevant”.
  10. Love honors family. To build, creates a home. To accept the responsibilities of sharing life and the living we must make as our own contribution here; defines what is true within our choices to care.
  11. Love remembers the destiny of our lives as one, but also remembers we share this world with more than just ourselves.
  12. Love is respect, as nothing less presents a relationship. Love is a truth, as nothing less will survive. Love creates a trust, which binds the compassion of hope, with the honesty of an identity proven to care.
  13. Reality shapes what we can and cannot do, or bring to any relationship/ because the truth knows: truth decides, not want.
  14. Value is the destiny of what we share; if it is love, then sex will ascend into the creation of heart, and heart will open the door to soul.
  15. Within soul, true happiness does arise; as we become the honored, miracle of life, that was given to each one.
  16. Participate with justice and fair play to all.
  17. Accept the cost of human existence is: animals are not the same, as “a human being alive in truth; by the essence of thought lives here now”. Life itself, lives only in thought; the recognition of “everything”.
  18. Accept GOD IS GOD , as every miracle proves true. Thereby giving your life to GOD is first ; so that trouble beyond recovery, stays away.
  19. Accept, that every step you take leads you into the direction your life will go. Letting you meet those who will participate “for good or bad” along the way. Freedom is a door; but when you go through it/ sometimes it will close; and you are then trapped. Remember this: that truth demands, “this is your reality” and cannot be undone.
  20. Young boys, just want to play with their “penis toy”/or, prove they can find “a girl; no doubt”. A few are constructing their future, and need time. Some will fall victim to this toy, is all that matters: some will not escape that addiction, and become dangerous to all females. Young girls, just want to prove they can catch a boy, and keep him if they want too.
  21. Young men and women, search or play games; until the game is no longer fun/ and the search is: life is/ love is: no longer a game.
  22. Older women want to prove they still can, be valued by the opposite sex (sex is optional)/ while older men still want to prove, they still are able to be used by the opposite sex (if I pay enough_). “children are expensive”/ and so is life; help me; yes or no.
  23. the people who are governed by a job to do; simply cannot discard that job, if it is too important. Just how it is. Doesn’t mean they don’t want a relationship; they just can’t at this time. A young woman joined me at a meal once; “to say hi”/ but I was just divorced recently; and absolutely could not be what she wanted me to be at that time. Not her fault; not really mine: just badly injured inside. Same is true for more. The timing and its purpose for each;  must coincide with reality. Even then, life may have other plans. Sex is not free: endless traps/ constant needs/ hopes and dreams for a lifetime. People who steal, use, abuse, and pervert; instead of love. People who only want a trophy, trinket or toy; not you; etc. People who will give you a disease. People who just want a child. People who tempt, manipulate, control; and play you for a fool. All of it, need not be; but humanity made it so; because they want a game/ instead of a life with the value called love. But even these cannot always be pulled from “their job”. Just has to be. And then there are all the other people involved: “they have to come along/ or be left behind”; and that price can be high. The finances come along; one way or another, it can make a difference. Health and so on. and if you choose to walk away: most fully expect, “to take half your stuff with them”/ and there are those who “bribe”, in order to achieve that contract. Never intending to live with you. Some need “to be fixed inside”. Some need to be fixed outside. The list is long.
  24. More distinctly; of the many women I met, beyond the state of abuse I endured; the cost of “a job” I could not release: I chose to misdirect instead of talk; easier/ walk away, instead of fall in; less tears/ let them believe, in order to choose a different path for themselves (this is not working for you)/ not remind a woman “you are lovely”, because I might have to prove that. And a long list of: dating even at its beginning is filled with the debris of where we come from/ and where we have chosen to go. So, “meet one hundred people”/ and if that is not enough, meet one hundred more. And if that is not enough: adapt to what life says, you need to do. IS THAT REALLY too much to ask: for a lifetime with someone else? If love were simple; the world would have been a happy place. It is not so much; because want tries to steal/ pride tries to own/ and power makes judgment, the assertion of all who call themselves righteous. Even though free, is free.
    1. The final word: dating is a precious depiction of what has value to us. By finding someone to share a life with; we achieve what many others do not. At least the beginning of “not lonely here”. But reality knows; dating is constantly unfair; as both male and female want; rather than accept “let truth decide” for us both. The common male; either falls into the trap created by female; and cannot escape without being unfair/ while all the rest make dating into a game, where sex is the trophy; and that is all they want; until old and left behind. While the common female uses sex as a trap, manipulating, disguising, controlling, tempting, lying, cheating; just like men playing games, try to do. Both sexes fail each other; and cause heartbreak. Which breaks marriage and life apart. Because the lesson is: life, nor sex, nor dating is a game. But animals want control, sex demands action; and the contrast is: being alive requires only truth can decide. I would have described female as; “the greatest treasure to be found in life; cherished by respect, and loved by truth”/ but reality altered that with “I just can’t stay; life itself is threatened”. And female became: a treasure to be considered dangerous; because what is inside, has become a trap on the outside. Thoroughly driven by taking possession instead of happiness. The job of a female is happiness. The job of a male is the courage; to be what you need to be…. “and that includes; saying NO, to woman; when truth or life demands you must”.
  25. Be as compassionate as you can be. Be as patient as you can be. Be honest with yourself, and do not throw that away, for someone else. Do not change yourself into something you are not. Do not bend more than they bend for you. Do not take risks you know are unfounded in the principle of happiness (we share/ NOT “I share”). Be free, but understand; that does not mean without cost. Be accepting; but remember that groups are groups for a reason; and it is more “happy for all”/ if you do not change that group, in ways they will not like. Same is true of all groups; because it complicates reality.
  26. Religion is about eternity, shaped from life; because we have no other form of reflection to construct a belief. But belief is a want, rather than a truth; and every want is the basis of every lie; so be careful. Do not interfere with religion, it is not your job. Do not judge, unless you accept the truth of miracles: proves GOD “beyond anything here”/ is GOD. That is your testimony, not more. Unless you accept JESUS was; by defining the difference between love and hate; was more. By identifying “each who chooses love honestly, respecting truth decides; as an identity of my own”. Then you do have more. But again: IF you accept it: “that reality saved this world from falling into hate”/ which means you are not allowed to judge those who do not come to love is more; than life.
  27. The failure: to identify “life IS A LITERAL MIRACLE”; is evidence of an animal/ whose only connection with thought is want, rather than life. Life requires the search for Creation, which enters within thought, as the acceptance of only truth can know. The very first step in that ascension from animal, to human being alive inside: is to accept that GOD is REAL. Because there are no alternatives to that; when reality identifies all that did have to occur, in order for us all to be “life on earth”. It is no game/ and it is no accident/ and it is no delusion of religion. Reality proves truth in miracles, can only be the result of THOUGHT DID THIS. And there is nothing on this earth, which accomplished that. So, the search begins. Without universities/ in spite of religions who “want what they want”: and turns only to truth, as the law of life.
  28. The behavior of the human animal is want, pride, and power; resulting in judgments (I am god over you). The failure to achieve that results in obesity (my life, has no goal; precious to me. A reality that can be changed.) depression (my life is not what I want), suicide (I am overwhelmed by loneliness), addictions (I want to escape life/ but not in death), anger (respect me), hate (I disrespect you), violence (I can play god), predication (the disguise is mine), extermination (nothing matters but me), destruction (YOU cannot have this either), tantrums (I want my childhood back), and more. Or more distinctly: for every action there is a reaction (sealed in time; animal), and since the animals all keep score; revenge in one form or another is common, and those who cannot take revenge on you, take it out on themselves or someone of lesser abilities to defend themselves. As is the transfer of judgment, dreams, etc: to someone who won’t fight back (safe for me).
  29. The life of a human, “the acceptance of miracles/ I won’t, belong to the cult of universities”; is strictly held to the disciplines, order, and balance; as respect identifies nature by its own truth; as miracles born of the same GOD .
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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