Life basics, learning to begin

Life basics, learning to begin


LIFE BASICS; start here.

With the singular word “worthless”! Because that word is one of the most dangerous elements of an individual life, that does exist. Nothing violent happens until someone is measured and judged/ then the claim of violence can be extended to you; as the rule of superiority decides. Hate is the exception; but it comes from worthless; and extends beyond self, as the final decision to find no value in living or life or world: therefore hate expands inside to declare self as worthless, and that becomes a violence to your heart & soul. Leading to all things evil. “DO NOT, attempt to save someone from their hate”/ you cannot do that, and it will lead to evil. Separate and let them acknowledge what is true for themselves.

Nonetheless, what is critical: is the decision to decline into judgment, which unleashes the demand for “I hate” (you brought me here)/ even if “YOU” had nothing to do with anything: other than you do exist. To be confronted with that reality, and recognize the consequences of where this is going: is to understand, your life is disappearing into vat of selfishness, that has consequences “far and wide” from this moment on. Greed appears here/ judgment/ violence/ anger/ evil/ hate/ traitorous decisions/ theft/ crime/ terrorism/ more all originate from the decline that begins with the decision to identify “something or someone” as worthless. Adding “ to you”, then orchestrates that this is your decision to judge/ and then your decision to enforce that judgment, by doing whatever it is that you design for the other. Which usually ends with; “I WANT, what I want/ to hell (all things of value to me, are gone) with you”.

We then exist: by the gift of life and body, a respect for the value of life. BUT FALL, by the critical truth: judgment is a disrespect for life and world and the opportunities to choose for yourself what does have value. Hate has no value other than to prove what does have value; is a choice.

But all other things, lives, etc: are formed within the apparent living space called being equal. Equal means: to accept our gifts, even if not the same/ are elevated by the fact we are each alive; therefore the same, as life sharing this earth can be. Life extends beyond being human, and arises to ascend beyond self; to participate in the values accepted that make life worth living; as is love.

We come to love, by choices made! To share because we care. To care because we respect. To respect by the honesty of truth decides, to understand “this world is a miracle of Creation”. To participate in that Creation, is to create the identity of our own heart and soul. So as to honor with hope, the essence of an “eternal way”; lives beyond self. Or more distinctly; the value of life loses its ability to cherish the future; if we don’t have love. Which makes of love: “the most valued treasure in this universe”.

We ask: HOW do we experience and express love beyond self; if self is all we have to experience or express our joy with? Discipline seeks the decision; to share our life with someone else, a life worth living comes from order so that we understand the essence of peace arises from here. But we need to confront and accept the value of law; to justify and create what is called “fair play”. These are then the elements of love beyond self. And our rise into the participation of soul, begins here.

Soul elevates the quest: to understand the basics of what life is? To then construct the foundation from which we rise into the essence of Creation itself; which is thought and its translation of force by law. The constant is law, because law rules this universe, and identifies who does and who does not belong here, where peace resides. Forcing a decision: based upon the identity you chose, as the values of your own heart.

We then isolate the existence of heart; to assert what is fundamental “to being ALIVE”? Here, the function of what has value begins to align into the discovery of elements! Each is assigned a value by heart; and each is aligned with the truth of who you choose to be. Body/ mind/ sex/ language/ thought/ property/ greed/ love/ truth/ manipulation; and all the rest. Function to complete the heart you chose. Or more distinctly: heart is the manifestation of “you”/ in life. So, WHAT are you?

A reality more distinct than WHO are you? Because who aligns with the basic realities of a living choice. While what defines your life choices.

The living choice is built upon your relationship with loneliness. Because loneliness will orchestrate decisions that would not otherwise be made. Causing and costing the consequences truth then tries to modulate into something else. Which means you hide from the truth of things you do not want to admit too/ and you celebrate the things you do want to admit too. But want is an addictive force; and it fights with heart, to achieve superiority over you: “the inner voice inside is want/ and it celebrates: only you”.

The addiction is then: to accept ONLY YOU are important! Is to turn away from heart and its values to love/ to become an isolation from life by living as equals; to choose instead, “only me”. Which ends with judgment, and becomes the measure of worthlessness; as reality proves “who can measure up to me”? Which then becomes someone has surpassed me; and that is not fair to me/ so I want revenge: as hate demands I AM the superior one; listen to ME.

We then ask: WHAT IS ADDICTION, that it can alter the course of my life/ and cause me to decline into death? Or more distinctly: WHAT IS WANT?

The answer is: that want modifies the existence of life, into less than it is. Which then allows humanity to believe it can be god, over the living/ instead of the Creation of GOD, is LIFE. Evolution is a prime example of that modification to truth. Choosing lies, and making up fantasies to support delusions; and imagine your life as god; is an addiction to evil.

The question is then WHAT is evil? The answer: everything that makes life less than its truth, which is this whole world is a living MIRACLE of existence. Clearly NOT the result of humanity/ and clearly NOT the possibilities of an accident: there is no chance of it. Evolution is: Pure fiction ! As are many thing coming from “universities”.

What then is a university? Answer, the culmination of man’s quest to become god ourselves; over everything. The cost of that is fantasy and delusion; not truth. Which is certain to end as extinction. Because no matter what you believe; the critical truth of life is law/ and if you break down the laws which keep us alive: life becomes extinct. Which is exactly what universities do; by trying to play god. As is the evidence of our reality.

science direct heart
worldwide global population rise/ is far worse than the death rate

NOBODY DIES OF OLD AGE:  “THINK ABOUT THAT”/ and understand they want your money, and the power to make you “believe/ fear/ obey”.

We then turn to belief; combined with want, describes the delusion that whatever I want, can be true; if I simply want it to be true “enough”. Reality proves that is not so; but the believer believes; by turning off access to everything that does not prove his or her theory is correct. Evidence is irrelevant; want controls belief.

We then align belief, into two separate realities: those that believe what they want as is “university plays god” and its cult of followers shouting “yes we can”. OR, the religious believer who aligns themselves with the group of followers, who believe “this is the right way we should go/ because it is a road long traveled by humanity; and that makes it the best we can do; for ourselves”. Each function of controlling the future by believing what you want to believe; is basically the same. But the reality is not: as universities and the like function to say “we have found a truth/ therefore we know (fantasy or not), the claim is “we are gods”.

While religion functions to say: “we have found a truth/ but no one can actually know; because the evidence of our beliefs cannot be proven with a foundation of fact”. So we call it belief in our religion.

The foundation of human facts: gives you the right to believe whatever you want to believe/ but advises with reality; that only truth survives beyond time. Because truth cannot be changed; it is, what it is, and therefore assembles the template of law itself; as is the governing body of life. Want is the desire to “GET WHAT I WANT”/ regardless of how it impacts life or world or self. As is the basis of all addiction. Or, as the herd screams true: “we want what we want/ and will do whatever we have to do; in order to get what we want”.

Here life divides: and while all the animals want what they want/ the dividing line separates, where sex leads the charge to take what I want; rather than accept the limits and boundaries of individual possession. Or more simply: rape becomes a failure of discipline/ so that order can be altered to remove the balance of what is true. Want takes charge, and the chemicals released by sex; control the outcome. But that creates judgment: because the body itself, belongs only to its true owner/ the value of life itself, that lives on the inside as an individual identity. It is your possession as a life/ and it is ONLY YOUR POSSESSION, which belongs to no one else. Making it true, that you are functionally and “legally” able to decide: whatever it is you will do with your body. NO ONE ELSE, just you. And that realigns want with crime/ wherever want controls, what is rape. There are elements of balance involved: as is decided by jury. But the end result of it is: one body/ my body/ not your body must rule our lives; until we share our bodies as a living example of truth discarding loneliness: for you.

Here we must realign reality with want; and accept “your possession/ is your possession”; and if that person wants to use their body for “perversion purposes; even claiming that nature made a mistake”. IT IS THEIR LIFE/ THEIR DECISION/ THEIR ETERNITY; NOT yours. So they can do as they choose to do; as an adult making and paying for their own costs of living life. Reality decides until that moment of truth: “completely in charge of self; and all its decisions and needs and consequences”, are certain now. Making your identity your own; regardless of right or wrong; possession is mine: covers “nine/tenths of the law”; for what is fair, in being a human body. YOU CAN NEVER own someone else s body. NO POSSIBLE WAY/ it does not happen, regardless of your want or beliefs.

So we then look at marriage and say: “you cannot own the body of each other either”/ it is a free gift, to each other. Which means marriage recognizes the payment that is: we share each other as a body given to your needs and mine. The consequence of that; aligns with the need to know what those payments are going to be: because in marriage there should be no surprises, in things that matter. Or more distinctly: “engaged to be married”, is enough to experience and express what your needs are/ and learn what will be the cost to you, for their needs as well. BEFORE the legal entanglement; OR CHILDREN result. It is not fair to them; to find a flaw in your decisions or expectations.

But from experience: marriage has flaws. Because want seeps in, as the realities of “what I want”/ overcome love in some cases. To prove want is more important than you. Or more distinctly; as with me and “a two year marriage”/ what I was not willing to surrender was “self” beyond the point of no return. It is a dangerous area of cost beyond what is a value to life. “she wanted” everything I could be/ and I wanted to remain; my own life in these decisions that go beyond what marriage can be. Or more distinctly: when young I believed, that humanity did not simply understand the costs of consequences certain to happen: in their ways. As is the evidence of our lives today. Believing that in ten years, I could return to a normal life; the work had to be done for “this world”. She wanted what she wanted; right now, and could not tolerate the spiritual side of me: its complicated. But the end result was: we wanted different things. She wanted “NORMAL”/ and I needed to be: a value for this world: NOT normal! I was proven wrong; because it became clear GREED, PRIDE, AND SELFISHNESS controlled all these decisions. AND HUMANITY was not going to change; because greed owned their soul/ not heart. Leaving the only solution to the insanity was: to use the law, which failed; because power wants what it wants. And then turning to “defeating the universities with truth, beyond their own”/ as the only option left. That too is complicated and involves “many things”.

The end result of it is: listen to what “your friend” is telling you/ and DON’T try to manipulate, tempt, or recreate them according to what you want. Not even if it involves life or death of a world; because that is not their own choice, and sacrifice always fails.

breast cancer stats
breast cancer stats 2

BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY is a constant of every cult. To prove: NEVER question your leaders.

The foundation of life is: THIS IS YOUR OWN CHOICE! No one else can live your life/ or has the right to intervene in what will become your own eternity; it is that simple. BUT YOUR CHOICE affects “my life/ our lives/ their lives”; and that turns the decision into a society of influence. The current malaise of “abortion rights” falls within these categories of life and living as society. PRIDE wants RULES/ because rules make the individual do, what I want you to do. By drawing a line in the sand so to speak; and then shouting you crossed that line/ and NOW I GET to decide for you. Making rules the ideal formulation for tyranny. It never stays where it should stay; rules are the essential ingredient for a failed society.

So lets talk freedom: YOUR CHOICE/ not mine or ours! BUT there is a catch, because in the case of pregnancy: your choice, decides for another life; and now that there are two involved and one cannot defend his or herself. Society gets to decide: BEYOND THIS POINT. But it is not to be considered a crime to have an abortion: YOUR BODY/ YOUR LIFE/ YOUR CHILD: your decision. Which does protect and defend all aspects of “doctor, and society related help”. However it is the truth of society as a whole; to decide by their vote: WHEN A PREGNANCY IS RECOGNIZED AS “clearly, identifiable human now”. And that makes it within the realm of society shall decide. Previous to that moment: it is entirely the woman’s decision. BEYOND that moment as chosen by society: we will intervene, by saying and preforming the necessary measures, “to insure you will not do this again”. But make no mistake: if society says that you shall not remove this child/ then society pays the real cost of living for that child: because the mother said no/ and you said yes.

Lets talk responsibilities: having been told “I am pregnant, roughly 15 times, whether we had intercourse or not”. WOMEN NEED TO LEARN THIS IS NOT A TOOL, for capturing man. NONE proved to be true, I CHECKED/ although it may be one “yes I am absolutely certain; can’t get pregnant tonight/ turned into; its the worse possible time to get pregnant; I lied”. And a trip to the emergency room; and an abortion pill was without doubt taken. She changed her mind/ she wanted to go; and I took her, while being told to wait in the car. SO AGAIN: REALITY SAYS WOMEN NEED TO CHANGE; and not use pregnancy as a weapon to enforce you are with me now; “forever”. It is not fair. CRITICAL TALKS throughout schooling must occur to establish the duty we owe each other. And that includes: NO YOU ARE NOT free to decide you are going to have a child/ EVEN IF I SAY NO; there are things I need to do first. Things we need to do first. Life and living duties we need to create before adding more responsibilities to our lives; which will change both our lives “forever”.

So lets talk sex: primary to this addition to life and living; is the innocence of NOT KNOWING how much you can influence another life, by this act of sex. Innocence is a primary elevation of happiness and hope in what life has to provide for our future. The end of innocence is a foundation for losing control over your body: because once you open the door, “up to whatever it is, you allowed”/ it is nearly impossible to close that door or go back again. THIS is how far we go! If you are honest and fair; the bedroom door will close, and “here we are”; as life beyond sex passes by. No small thing.

Having entered into sex: what is critical is, that chemicals will be exchanged. While I have only a reference of male chemicals/ it is clear to me, women “have chemicals too”; which does make them want sex. IT IS ADDICTIVE, so you should be careful with all drugs; including this one; which can dramatically alter your life. “boys” do NOT understand sex isn’t a toy/ until, they are faced with the consequences of having sex, and its drugs released into their body. The difference between boys and men is: “A MAN” understands the penis is a tool/ NOT a toy. And the value of it; is entirely dependent upon how well you accept the honesty of “a SHARED EXPERIENCE, we EXPRESS as one soul joined for now”. Or more simply; in its early stages of love/ not sex which is merely chemicals and addiction. BUT LOVE instead searches for a heart, and within those hearts; to care for each other honestly; is to bridge the gap between us, and find “loneliness, has disappeared”/ because I found a friend. Here the value of human sexuality between male and female; is surrounded by joy, and we do become alive in each other. Anything less is “just sex”/ and it has no connection to love. NO, I have not had INTERCOURSE for roughly fifty years, and little else, with nothing for forty years. Because life or death of this world was more important to me; and a child would cause “unavoidable consequences”/ which limit choices. So, just take my word for it/ or not.

Postpartum depression: IS THE SUDDEN realization of just how much life has now changed. Because this baby now needs everything from you. Including your freedom, your future, all your excess time, your possibilities, your image, your life; and more. While they do give all this back and more for most. IT IS NO SMALL THING, to surrender your life, to someone else. Love is required, or you will fail, at least in part. And that means: your life has changed.

It should be noted: NO, you can’t experiment here. As life has seen fit, to grant basically everything my ex-wife thought she wanted/ except for the male part. ITS A SPIRITUAL THING, a female in charge thing; as I lost; “its complicated”! Want does not exist. Male continues to mentally disappear, changed. NOT the same at all/ and this is not an invitation to “see, or find; whatever is left”. At 71 years old, and “not pretty”/ it seems unlikely any woman would try. But you have been told. I have absolutely no idea; what you could get? Clueless, so much has changed. But on that note: it is true, that men have no clue what female bodies are about. Never thought it was my job/ therefore irrelevant to me; but I must have been wrong.


Experimenting with work or life, REQUIRES: THAT YOU MUST KNOW, WHAT YOU MUST NOT DO: before you start ANY EXPERIMENT. Not theories and delusions as the universities do; particularly with “sunfire” or genetic mutilation. BUT BY REAL WORLD EVIDENCE OF THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCES, and whether they can or cannot be reversed; is essential to all wisdom. None of it is a game/ and everything “university plays god: absolutely is”. They play with life and world; with lies, delusions, fantasies, and imagination is all we need to know. But they are ABSOLUTELY WRONG; and the cost is our extinction; because they know damn little of anything OR THEY WOULD NOT DO WHAT THEY DO!

REDRESS IS THE LAW, AND IT IS OUR ONLY AVENUE BACK TO DEMOCRACY! to change the insurgency that is “university rules”/ as is today.

UN failed as it is/ because the law is a security council vote.
world law ends war, by international enforcement of OUR LAW over leaders
war calculator/ the price of wrong
ten thousand dollars x one hundred million workers= one trillion dollars
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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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