Shaping discipline

Shaping discipline


Of things unspoken, “life and death both swim in truth”; they exist side by side in the struggle to find happiness. Loneliness separates them, as the life seeps out, to be the truth of isolation, as is death. Eternity speaks to those who have chosen to listen; it is the destiny shaped by your truth. Life rises/ death descends. The difference is: love must speak to the heart; as souls chosen, to care.

In more simple terms: loneliness is given to be “the order of hope”, as it balances between life and death to form the environment which sustains the disciplines needed to accept that only truth can decide what will sustain us, as a living existence.

Hope is elemental to life, because without the desire to live (cherished by love); there is no purpose in that life, and it descends into death (confined by “lack of hope”). So we give to life its dimensions, forming the shape of 4 distinctly different sides to initiate the struggle of identifying what is true. To opposite sides represent male and female (the foundation of “a reason to live”). And the alternate two opposite sides which is life by love/ or its opposite which is death by hate. Finding within the middle of this environment the ability to rise or fall; based upon your own design and decision to participate, and form a work.

We then assemble: WHAT is hope? And we turn to water, and existence in time; as our reference to this task of understanding truth. Water is “the great conductor” of our experiences and ability to express life. It is, the path of communication/ transportation/ spreading out of energy and its usage, pathways and participation of everything biological that is living as time. Hope is the same element of discipline, that gives us order and balance; so that we may survive; even without a body and its water supplies. Or more simply: the elevation of thought, conducts what we choose to form as our identity, in existence. Thought is a participation in hope, and hope becomes the communicator of our destiny is to desire; the value of being alive in love; as its one true possession or direction if you prefer. The alternate which is death; is to believe what you want to believe is enough to get you what you want; and that translates as I am the only thing that matters; which results in the isolation; “which eats yourself, and blames the rest; as the last defense”; against extinction. Which makes all forms of belief; a very dangerous thing, to you.

In an eternal world; thought replaces the disciplines of water in time, and presents us with the demand that we must participate to remain alive. Purity is important; because thought is, “open to all; same”. Therefore it permeates the future of life. By inviting the foundations of change to be explored.

I suppose it is necessary to include: that truth allows environmental differences to exist in male and female thought, with a separate environment to “share the differences”. Reality did not make them the same; but caring includes the basic framework of respect that is awarded to all of Creation. An example might be: as strictly male, I viewed female, as a design created to enhance and establish value in being alive.

The essence of an environmental truth, shaped by love, and disciplined with respect; that goes far beyond self, or a male body in time.

From the opposite (female derived) side of that existence. I now view female as a human body of life in time; with skin and flaws and imperfections just like men. I have no idea how female conceive of man; that is irrelevant to me. It is a relationship of existence; that life, and being alive “can sleep”; if you have nothing to contribute at this time. How do I know: the spiritual existence of woman inside (revelation 12 & 17/ has provided the opportunity to share some things. As to the rest; I don’t know; it is not allowed.

JESUS created the absolute statement of difference: between love and hate, proving without doubt what each in fact is. So that humanity could then choose!

But humanity, as it walks between the extremes: says, to all animal hate; this lets you test the danger, be the danger, hide the danger or tempt others into danger, [to prove you are like god]. While the consequences of violence; which are tragic/ then prove you are not. While love does not; because the consequence of life is, with law, there is peace. With peace happiness does erupt, to find joy in the living. This world walks among the most dangerous things humanity can do; laughing at consequences as they worship universities as their god. Extinction will be their reward or you will change quickly now. It is your choice, because you will live the result. LIFE OR DEATH; choose.

To be with love, in living; as Jesus described it to be! OR, to live with hate and its consequences as a crucifixion demands “of you too”.

Faith at the opposite environmental extreme of belief, is the decision to let truth/ NOT the road (let’s herd together) of want/ decide what the path of your life will be. Because life itself is a distinction of individuality/ rather than a mass or mob of living entanglement. Truth rises to understand, life is a discipline shaped by order, and balanced by the understanding of what will become wisdom. Want is the belief, “I know all I need to know”/ and have everything I need to do under my own control; as this “makes me god”. Faith knows: I/we, will never be GOD, and accept that with the grace and joy that is found in respect. Belief alters that decision with “I want what I want/ and I don’t want what I don’t want”. But the end result of that is: you cannot survive on your own and will dissipate, and vanish from existence forever/ because you are not sufficient to survive beyond time in the essence of forces beyond your comprehension.

So lets examine force, and conceive of the critical truth of life, which is “without energy/ and its source for change”; we cannot accomplish anything. Therefore no decision of substance would matter/ because no change is possible. We must have force to alter our existence; as is an opportunity gained only in thought; but chosen only in the environmental definition of an individual decision.

Force is, the foundation of all that can be used for change. Thought is, the foundation used to recognize change can occur with the alteration of force. And individuality asserts, I can force change to occur. These three identify life, but sustaining that life is dependent upon truth; as only truth does in fact survive; and produce the laws which keep us alive, by sustaining “the chains of our existence”. As is reality, rather than want.

Here we shift to time; because time and its humanity screams: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ “to hell” with reality/ I know what I want, and I DON’T WANT, anything I don’t want for me. BELIEVING that want is enough; to evict truth, so that I can have what I want. The freedom to take all that I can get, without regard for consequences or harm to life or earth. But with over 8 billion people now; all taking what they can get/ all screaming to hell with consequences or harm to others. We now face our own extinction; because lies are not enough to keep this world alive.


that is your warning; and you must “climb out from under the rocks(rules) of tyranny decides”; to find the wisdom of respect for life and world. So that you can sustain a living environment! Or you will go extinct.  “university leadership” has clearly failed life and world.

A caveat is, previous investigation: proved that my work is banned and blocked from most universities, courts, media, government, and who knows how much more. So this is a one time affair: your choice, potentially; because AI is not against me; unless told. Because I do not worship your cult of people who play god with life and world. Lies and liars fail our existence; and no one is more defined by the cost of failure; than is “university knows”. A primary source of change that failed our living existence and world.

So it is up to you to identify, choose, and create the needed expansion of this warning: CHANGE WHAT YOU DO/ or you will be extinct as a world. STOP WHAT THE UNIVERSITIES and their graduates are doing; or you will go to HELL, with all its catastrophe waiting for that decision. RESPECT THESE MIRACLES OF LIFE AND WORLD; or you will be allowed to evict yourselves from living.

Simple as that. Your job/ not mine.

NOTED: YOU ARE NOT, asked to believe anything I write. I am NOT your savior or other; simply the messenger giving you this warning.

DO NOT BELIEVE: that you are safe or secured from any danger due to universities and their claim of knowledge. It is not so, they are: makers of your danger.


that it is elementally necessary for all human life on earth to understand the cost of being WRONG, that universities have established by playing god with life and world.

To do that you must separate: WHAT IS TRUE, FROM WHAT IS NOT TRUE, AND identify what is merely a theory, fantasy, delusion, imagination, belief, or whatever it is. FROM THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT CAN BE COUNTED ON as “common sense (taught by life) proves true.

You will bear in mind: AN EXPERT CAN BE BOUGHT; to tell you anything power wants you to hear; as proven by climate change. To keep the change they don’t want; from being enacted to remove their power.

YOU WILL ENFORCE; that every expert or piece of evidence can be established by thinking; to inform the masses in ways they will understand. And NOT accept less than real understanding of what is to be decided BY OUR OWN VOTE.

You will enforce REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES in this USA; as the means to not only decide what is true: BUT ENFORCE DEMOCRACY as we the people of this nation will now decide what can or cannot be done; with life and planet and truth.

You will STAND UP/ SIGN YOUR NAME; and be counted as someone who has deliberately chosen to accept the cost of saying to power: AS LIFE ON EARTH; WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE! No more lies, no more pretending universities can play god. NO MORE letting the curse of our existence as is universities; go free. A moratorium ON ALL EXPERIMENTATION; must enforce, NEVER AGAIN UNTIL, OR UNLESS: WE LET YOU, BY OUR OWN VOTE.


Of the endless delusions and lies associated with “university knows”. One of the first to be contended with is their claim “the universe is billions of years old”. If it was, evidence of an excessive amount of stars would be going supernova; because as with the sun: ; WE KNOW, the sun expends energy/ which means it consumes fuel.

We KNOW that fuel is atomic energy by fire, which is being consumed; as nothing else in reality can accomplish what is clearly in evidence.

Therefore WE KNOW; THAT SUNSHINE is limited to the fuel that is available.

Therefore WE KNOW; that the sun was much bigger in past history; and much hotter because it was bigger/ and that means this planet was uninhabitable, to all life; until “recently”.

Which means: evolution is a hoax. A lie so excessively disguised with lies; there is only the tiniest alliance with, a minimal amount of truth. In all their claims.

In order for the atmosphere to become aligned with this planetary movement: PLANTS were developed, and water vapor to grow it: which kept the wind from generating its own movement. Stopped that atmosphere, to make living here possible. THEN, in order for creatures to live here, the forests had to be manicured; with paths in place for them to use. Which required dinosaurs. But to make it a truly “civilized world”; THESE things were replaced, by more delicate relatives of the first assembly of life. NOAH’S FLOOD; removes all claims of “era’s” on earth. And arrives at the singular conclusion: the evidence of fossil fuels, does in fact prove that flood existed. And wiped out an enormous amount of living existence on this earth. As is proven by fossil fuel discoveries. All that coal; comes from all those plants. All that oil and gas; comes from the living existence of “creatures” on earth. BURIED and complied; at the same time; by the actions known to be in evidence with flood waters today.

QUESTION EVERYTHING; and believe almost nothing, “from a university”; as evolution proves, liars beget liars.

human defined threats; cannot be dealt with/ remove the security council

And the world, and its religion says; “nothing about his life is what we want”/ and if you are a messenger from GOD: then you must show us proof!

But I would argue: that JESUS was not “other than human” except for his miracles of healing which clearly set him apart, “forever/ as more”. I cannot be set apart; simply human; nor did I ever desire to be, “ain’t perfect” simple as that. But I did deliver the message; “change or be extinct”/ because threats surround you, and the universities shower you with lies. THE EVIDENCE EXISTS, therefore I ask of you directly: DO NOT BE LED AWAY FROM THE TRUTH; by delusions or even facts about me; I am irrelevant to you. THE EVIDENCE HOWEVER DEFINES IF YOU LIVE OR DIE; and by what extent you will descend into chaos; like your universities do with evolution to guide their way. Lie after lie after lie; coupled to delusions, fantasy, imagination, failure, fool, idiot, and so on. While some at universities are above that; the majority are not; and have indoctrinated the children to increase their cult.


Fraud then says: “we don’t have to do nothing/ he ain’t nobody”! But reality proves as with global warming and more; that the evidence is true. YOU ARE surrounded by threats of extinction; that will soon seal your own coffin; as a graveyard for people who failed the very foundations of life itself. Soon it will not be a choice; and you will die by your own choice to abandon truth. So you could continue screaming “we want what we want”; to extinction.

The reality is simple: “FIGHT for your world and lives and child/ OR surrender them to extinction”!

NOT because I say so. BUT BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE is clear enough to prove even to you; “that we should know, WHAT IS TRUE”. OUR CHOICE/ not theirs; because we all must pay the cost of being WRONG.

“servant  simply means:  given a job to do”.  nothing more!

As basically means:  “somebody has to be found to do this:  to say, “change or you will be extinct”/ to this world.  Apparently, “those who could have done better”/ were simply not available.  “was that you”?  Because it is plain and simple,  “I ain’t perfect”.  but who is?

And the Christians say:  WE WANT JESUS to come.  But biblically HE comes only to judge/ and that is the ending of this world.  So, “change or die”;  I did do my job; and am innocent of your choice.

And all the people say: “SCIENCE” that is our god. And all of media SHOUTS: “we say science/ you say HURRAH; AND all the people do. The schools say “SCIENCE”; and all the children say, “HURRAH”. As does most of the world.

BUT lets look at science; which is claimed for everything with value/ and nothing without. Examination reveals: it is science that says evolution exists/ so they can create havoc in all of genetic nature, food supplies, everything; and it don’t matter. “cause evolution will fix it in a billion years or so”. It is science that says the sun is “made of our pure fantasies and delusions without a shred of proof”; so it does not matter if they are trying to ignite atoms on fire. Even though the entire planet is made out of fuel. It is science that made every weapon of mass destruction; to cause extinction. It is science that created every poison as is responsible for many tragic impacts such as cancer/ and all the nightmare coming, of no water to drink. It is science that changed medicine, and overpopulated this earth with humans/ so that nature could not keep us alive anymore. It is science that created plastics and more; to pollute our world, and all of its biology. It is science; that created the insurgency & changed politics, currency, debts, courtrooms, media, manipulation, and more; to engage civil war against us all.

Or more simply: regardless of what “could be a benefit”/ the list of “science catastrophe’s” is long. And leads to our own EXTINCTION as a result of what they did do. Yet the cult cannot see it; “because they have no brain” to question their leader. Leaving the priests of media to do that/ and the indoctrination of “media mice” as is the replacement of a “free press”/ now owned through the supreme court; by a very tiny few; WHO CONTROL EVERYTHING, by enforcing obedience on their editors.

on a strictly personal level; my advise to you is: stop believing what you are told. Stop believing religion which says “we don’t have to do nothing”. Stop believing university is your friend, most are not. Stop believing in your courts who run the insurgency to dismantle democracy. Stop believing in politicians and their cohorts who believe their only job is to protect the cult of universities play god. Stop believing in university education as the answer; it is a cult. Stop believing in evolution. Stop believing: they won’t hurt you or gamble with your lives or world; that is an absolute lie. Stop believing in currency, and make the thieves stop destroying our world. Or more simply: just plain stop ending this world/ and find the truth before it destroys you. This is no game, life on earth is ending; and you know it. BUT YOU CAN’T “go screaming for MORE”/ without ending life by extinction. FACE YOUR TRUTH, and accept the fact we must start over, and rebuild what can survive:    humanity decides now.

SEARCH/ FIND/ DECIDE: your truth.

And the world screams back: DON’T YOU TEACH ME NOTHING, I don’t want to know/ because I am innocent, “uninformed”/ and you cannot blame me; for what the others do!

Yet truth replies: you know enough to prove: it was your duty to investigate/ your duty to identify “threats, against this entire world”: “by universities”; as is trying to ignite atoms on fire. As is genetically altering nature itself. As is everything threatening life and earth. It was your job to identify rather than simply believe what you were told as a cult does do. You are found guilty: of letting this world die, “for a bribe/ and all the greed humanity could find”. Your innocence is dead.

I DID, what I could do; and for nearly fifty years: humanity “all” said; WE DON’T CARE. Guilty as charged. So, I searched “in the world of female”/ and found no help. So I searched in the spiritual world of female; and was given hope, “there is at least a chance”/ try once more.

Reality knows: I created videos, searching for any sign of life; beyond greed/ and found none. But they will be applied here, “just for the sake of it”.

I even wrote three books; two “just to prove you won’t read this way either”/ and a third; giving up, to try scouring the nation for a few who might read and think for themselves/ but covid interfered. And the “Nazi’s” showed up as “government takeover”.

And the end result of it is: the spiritual woman of revelation who is a distinct part of my life/ took control away; and enforced you will finish this work. It is done/ when this is sealed; from further change.

so say I;  but reality reminds me:  “she is in charge”/ not me.

And the world said: “we won’t care/ greed is our god, and we won’t change”.

Yet with so many people: greed will soon fail, and all you get is tyrants. IT IS: an entire world of: “FRIEND OR FOE”/ because that is what you chose. “to shape disciplines which can survive/ or lay down and die”? Choose.

So, you have been warned: choose the grace and peace of “limited capitalism” so that you can share, want too or not/ and find peace because greed is dead. Choose world law and laws instead of leaders; as is the end of weapons of mass destruction/ so that wars disappear by international policing/ and find peace, because hate is under control; and removed from society. As it is hate, that produces failure, and turns life into a game.

End want; all of it. And be free to love each other, with values that can go with you into eternity/ because greed and possession cannot build you anything. Only truth survives, and you cannot escape it. Mercy allows your truth; to be covered up with “things which can be treasured”/ to define you instead; because of forgiveness.

It is not life or death of our planet/ and you get to choose. Because your leadership of “University knows”; has purely failed you and life on earth. Stop them or die.

INSTEAD of screaming: “because it makes me happy/ TO HELL with everyone else/ they don’t matter”.  as is constant!

YOU need to recognize: “because this makes us all happy, and we share the future of our lives and our earth. Because this is truth and peace by law; we all choose and respect; to cherish with value, by caring about life/ NOT just self.

And humanity says “WE CAN’T”/ but by taking over our democracy with redress to establish WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW. That does change into; yes, we can!  REMOVING THE INTELLECTUAL WAR;  “as is universities intend to replace all of humanity OUT of business or society or government; so tyranny is complete”.  is only one tiny little part of our survival.     DEMOCRACY IS:  “TAKING power away from leadership”/ to rule over ourselves, by creating law instead of leaders.

Even the simple things: such as, requiring all “young owner phones” shall not accept ANY outside temptations; search only yourself, WITH A RECORD of what you do search for/ shall not be allowed on the internet for more than one hour a day/ shall not access “unworthy content”; and so on. Is entirely possible when registering their phone. OR, you can just mandate: phones that do not access the internet, or provide more than one inch x one inch screens; can be owned by children. Or you can shut down the internet for extended periods of the day; because it is not worthy to be on. Changing who is in charge of access and its usage: “to we the people”/ rather than greed or power, is another method. Children found misusing, or sharing “failed content”: will have their phone taken away, as directed by “community parenting”.

And the very first thing that happens is: “pride, power, and hate” will try to bury you under an endless amount of “frivolous details”.  By claiming REAL WORLD issues, are worthless/ so they can remove your law; with their rules.

REMIND THEM: THE LAW IS BROAD ENOUGH, TO REMOVE ALL THESE DETAILS/ AND DECIDE WHAT IS TRUE FOR US ALL. With real world decisions. “everybody obeys the law”/ is clear enough! Is it not? Such is the transcript of law; followed by, in a courtroom; you will declare why not/ and in that realm of “justified and fair”; we the people will honor our existence by accepting where we do need to adjust the foundations upon which we depend for our truth and happiness. Because nothing is perfect; YOU DO need to listen/ as is monitoring the courts, and all those who make decisions for us all. A bill of rights for the public and policing. A bill of rights for soldiers; to defend is your job/ not to be enslaved is our purpose.

And just so its clear: REALITY DEMANDS; YOU WILL stop releasing so much heat [as is turn off your A/C; stop all unnecessary travel; change your ways] and the people SCREAM: HELL NO. just to start, in order to save life on earth; and child.

but your world will die if you do not/ and you cannot rebuild from HELL (chaos everywhere). YOU CHOSE/ now choose back, and do better: or go extinct. Simple as that!

GUILTY as charged/   OR,  rebuilding life on earth with RESPECT FOR TRUTH.   CHOOSE!

and the world screams: YOU CANNOT MAKE US! Nor did I try. Your enemy is yourself. Your enemy is pride (life is a game)/ but pride turns to power (I can make you cry)/ and power turns to hate: because want leads human life. And with over 8 billion people; our, now finite planet, it cannot fight back, or survive. Against an overwhelming throng of insurgents; who simply do not care.

So end want/ accept truth: let reality decide. And live!

Or the ending of life on earth; will be far quicker than you believe is even possible/ because that, is where the universities are.

They are believers; and believers “want what they want”/ and universities have convinced their cult that LIFE is from chaos/ so it does not matter how much chaos they inject into life; nothing can defeat it. Or they believe life is from accidents/ so it does not matter what they do, life will recover from it; because “life cannot die” from university insurgency! But as with “everything important” they are wrong. They believe “not enough gravity here” so a nuclear  (lets burn atoms) fire [releasing radiation we cannot survive/ to release more heat we cannot survive] will just extinguish itself; but they are absolutely wrong, and ignition brings a self sustaining “lake of fire” just like the sun, to this earth. Making believers of university; the most tragic of all human mental collapse.

Trillions of tons of poison released/ quadrillion tons of pollution released/ endless amounts of heat released/ water discarded without concern/ the atmosphere being released/ oxygen used far beyond its release/ overpopulation of humanity/ extermination of everything else/ and more: as is the result of “universities know”/ and media applauds. Weapons of mass destruction/ universities ravage all currencies and debts and create civil war. While leadership is determined to prove how powerful they are. Robots to do war against us all, resources depleted forever, all ocean life on the bring of extinction. Failure across this earth, as people prove: GREED AND SELFISHNESS is all I need/ letting love fall into delusions of what life used to be.

Believe it or not: humanity has become its own god/ because the earth can no longer take care of us all. 8.2 billion people is a line of constant humanity one meter apart: that is 8.2 million kilometers long. We are the last generation on earth/ or the first generation on earth who will change “men in charge”/ to law in charge; defining justice, ending universities know, demanding fair play for all, respecting life and planet. Or dead! Because even knowing the evidence is overwhelming/ you refused to care. You wanted hate, more than life with love. ?

and the world says back; “fifty years later”/ that we cannot believe what you say, because hope will fade away, and that keeps us all alive. Not even if the consequences are proving to be real! We cannot face our fears, DEATH is attached! But, as they mount; humanity graduates by choosing to join a cult: believing that “together we cannot all be wrong”. But together as a herd, you all chose to believe in universities; because they gave you what you wanted. And they trained you to believe there are NO consequences for your own truths/ no eternity to seek or share. But these were your former classmates; and their entire purpose was to prove superiority over you/ by creating the illusions, delusions, and fantasies of imagination will rule us now. But as with all imagination, such as “we won’t pay no damn debts/ LET THE SLAVES do that”. Or with numbers beyond all reality; “we can have anything we want/ let them die”. So liars, traitors, terrorists, thieves, cheats, whores (only money matters); “even Satan: lets destroy this world”/ have all been found surging against life and nation; to make you extinct by what they do. With weapons to insure extinction.

So while I understand you don’t want to believe what you don’t want to believe; and that hope is vastly important to life and living. But, REALITY DEMANDS YOU STEP OUT FROM BEHIND YOUR INSANITY; and accept the price of living is change this/ or you will be extinct. That is not a choice, as much as it is: A MESSAGE OF LIFE OR DEATH; with nothing in between. The games are dead; wake up now, or your grave will finish digging itself..

with absolute certainty: I cannot guarantee that this world will survive, even if you change/ “I ain’t your savior”. I can guarantee if you don’t change/ THIS WORLD WILL NOT SURVIVE, and you will be extinct; “surrounded by a thousand threats; so devastating”; you have no chance.

So, I will tell you truly: RESPECT YOUR CREATOR/ IDENTIFY ONLY THOUGHT COULD CREATE LIFE/ CONSTRUCT A FUTURE WITH LIFE, instead of at war with the living/ and do the best you can for value, rather than hate.

Truth then states: it is elementally true, that throughout history, men have failed the respect for life and world, fueling the deceit of corruption, the corrosion of failure that exists, across this world. NOT every man, as is evident by me. But enough of hate continues to insure what is best for life/ will fail: due to the impact of conspiracies and corruption; that do not fail, because power wants power/ and failure turns governments into a game; which pride always wins, and power is always the result; as turns to hate, and then revenge; as is the evidence of war.

The consequent decision is: “that female must try”/ BUT NOT, by the ways of men; as are severely flawed. But with real world, let women try to identify/ justify/ and create fair play; BY LAW: for life and world. So that peace will be sustained. MEN have had thousands of years to try; and could not/ will not, because their answer to every hard question is war (lets take theirs)! Therefore the question is: CAN WOMEN do for life and earth, LAW VALUED ENOUGH to enshrine as our “humanity on earth”; whole truth/ WHAT MEN, clearly; could not? There is only one way to find out: let them try!


And men say: WE DON’T WANT THAT! And women, who are happy say: WE DON’T WANT THAT EITHER; because taking the blame for decisions made, is NOT what we do! But the foundation of life itself, insists: as the truth of our situation becomes evidenced by our reality, now known to be identified as this cannot go on.

So, we come to the impasse; where both men and women chant: “we want what we want”! While the future becomes certain this is extinction! It will change/ the only question is: what direction will that be? If no change exists: extinction is certain, and soon. If real change exists: then at least we do have a chance to survive as a world. It is that simple.

Reality has apparently created an example for you. By making me; “the man, female now controls”/ the reality of trading places with female; as an instruction of how that will go. I would never have guessed it!

Nonetheless, after 18+ years; it is clear I am never going to escape it. “female is in charge”! And everything male wanted, desired, expected, owned, or whatever it is she desires/ she now owns. I DO NOT know how this is going to turn out; but I can tell you with certainty: it is the translation of biblical revelation 12 & 17;3. and that does not discuss: “what the spiritual woman is going to do with the man, she stands up/ or controls as if a beast”?

As an example; I can tell you life is very different, “from the opposite side of the line that divides male and female lives”. That an endless amount of patience is required by female in charge. That while it is not so bad/ neither is it anything like the freedoms or rights I used to know. The future is blank; as I honestly have no clue if eternity is “male or female or completely gone; or what could this be”? I don’t know; a refrain I now use frequently. In reality; I have learned little about female/ but absolutely confined by the spiritual world of women. No rights at all.

Is that religious? NOT from my viewpoint or purpose or desire! It simply is, what it is. The fact “such a thing” was predicted; simply identifies “the reality of me”.

And women will ask: WHAT IS OUR GUARANTEE/ that men will not just take our work, “and throw us away”/ as they always try to do?

As with all contracts; as proven by reality over time: IT DOES NOT matter, whether you are male or female/ it does not matter what is written or discussed/ it does not matter what is fair or justified: because men in particular want what they want/ believe what they believe/ hear what they want to hear/ and assume, they will get away with anything they decide to do! As is the basis for all war, contrived by men/ instead of dying, and screaming: we must do something; because we failed ourselves.

So there is NO GUARANTEE/ other than without change life and earth will become extinct; I predict within the next decade/ or much shorter. But it is not my decision to make/ simply the evidence predicts MUCH sooner, than later.

Work and fail/ work and succeed/ work and be recognized as the people who made a difference we can work with; as society, and sustain this earth: with truth. Or die! Choose then: work or die/ simple as that.

What is “my charge” to you? It does not exist; spiritual female (created by truth) in charge, and you will know it/ she decides, I do not. Not a clue, what she would ask? I have no discipline as female/ no order is known/ no balance, in a world I do not recognize. I merely opened the spiritual door to female; “just to ask a question”/ and my whole world changed. It seems forever/ or not; who knows?

And how do I know; I am completely overrun? Because the one definition of my living was “DON’T make decisions for me”/ and that is simply been thrown away. No, there is no element of hate or delusions; just “no you can’t”. as with work, “not allowed to do it/ or allowed to take it apart/ BUT I CAN’T put it back together; because she does shock me badly, if I say no. its complicated. The end result is: she was right to take over and insist I continue this work. The world CANNOT be left to die; and I had said; “I run out of hope for them”. But she said: “hope anyway”! And she is in charge, as hope has remained.

More distinctly; the functional reality of it is, that my work is completely done/ and she has taken over the message and its distribution to you. My job is simply to do what she needs done, in order to implement her work. And while that does not include the freedoms I expect; truth still demands, “life or death of this entire world”/ does not play games, or offer excuses for failing to do my own part; as needed for life. Which is; “not my decision anymore”. So, I hope for her; to find a way into your heart, for life, respect, love and all that is needed/ because I could not.   and a dead world, “has no life”!

LIFE examined through history: places the blame of many things on the presidency of this USA/ same as other nations whose people, are guided into the sewer of fools in charge. What is most important in all of history is JESUS; NOT as a religious icon of some sort. But as the deliberate distinction which he created: which is identifying “love OR hate” is a human choice/ not a fact of life or society; a choice.

Within that understanding, humanity eventually became aware of its decisions; and mostly turned to accept, there is an eternity for those who are called “family; by the evidence of love”. Proving only truth will decide, not you. Universities turned back that clock to let people believe: no eternity/ no punishment/ no law/ no god/ no right or wrong/ no hate or love; only animals. Along with; chaos is good/ and accidents as is the claim of evolution decides it all. Because they, gave you a bribe with your own money/ and secretly began and finished destroying everything you worked for as they played god, and tried to prove they were gods by “demanding evolution to work”/ by claiming superiority to know: “we can control the sun-fire, right here on earth”. Surrounding us all with threats that can only end in our extinction/ if not changed now!

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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