Hate leads to war

Hate leads to war


Men choose chaos, because they play games with life/ since only a few can win: the rest all lose. The consequence of that is: hate leads them to war. And when the focus is on leaders did this; those leaders choose to make war on neighboring nations or groups, as a way to give the hate more; so they will leave their own leaders alone.

The intellectual adds: with deceit and deception/ propagation of beliefs which form want or rights destroyed because of “you”; the herd focuses on “that group”/ instead of the perpetrators of “unfair”; which leaves the intellectual alone to rape, pillage, ruin, destroy, disrespect, deny, and lead life, to ruin. Intellectual does not mean “smart or wise”/ it means to continually seek and do, “yes we can”: instead of this is wrong. Always searching “for the back door, or hole to crawl though as is consistent with “the snake”. Although the creature is merely doing its job; the human is not.

So we turn to women to learn: their best option for life and living is found within the law. Describing what is right or wrong, and living within respect so as to demand the honor of justice protects life, and describes what is fair play. The games they play are individual: to describe relationships with men. But finding security only in law, and the acceptance of rights do belong to us all.

IN THE VALUES OF HUMAN EXISTENCE: are the summations of where do we belong? Each must decide that for oneself; because it is the creation of your own identity/ your own truth that aligns with the desire you hold most dear; as your participation in living. But people want; and in that want they do horrible things to other people, causing grief, failures, hopelessness, violence, and even worse.

SO WE COME TO LIFE ON EARTH: no longer leaves us the opportunity, to be whatever we want/ because yes we can, has become the consequence of extinction surrounds us all; with “ten thousand” reasons why this earth will not survive as a living world. Primary threats shown here on this site and my other site as well.


Today life brings me back to confront the medical industry with: FAIR BILLING IS REQUIRED. It was not my intent to bring class action lawsuit in this matter: but there are limits and boundaries held in place, which shall not be crossed without a fight; and they have reached mine. So soon we go, when the final change your mind has been crossed on June 15, 2023.

while this lawsuit once began recognizes the reality of public participation is the only dividing factor between: “win or lose”. That reality depends upon you; because corruption relies upon a “closed door”/ where the law is irrelevant, and power controls without limits called law: because humanity does not care. Even though you do; the critical test: people look from the inside out/ rather than the outside in.

want rises from the inside, and finds its lies by generating what is then hidden on the inside to disguise why you want what you want.

Living rises from the outside, and defines its honor first with respect, and then with truth decides rather than me. By the law proven with the evidence of consequences, and the realities conceived of as this is wrong. The difference is massive, because the reality is truth.

Your decision as an individual: is to recognize by looking from the outside of life with miracles; back to the inside of you. Where truth aligns your life, with the living that is either wants lead, or truths decide. Wants love to lie: demanding, searching, failing life and earth to take whatever can be stolen; as every lie is, and is intended to be; a thief. Truth in contrast is a discipline aligning life with law, in order to achieve harmony and peace in the living of life; by understanding only with respect do we/ I achieve the balance of being truly alive in values that include me.

You stand at the gate, even if you do not know it: of changing this world, to live by truth within its laws/ instead of war and its constant want. The method is redress of grievances: we the people take control over our lives, by understanding we can and will make our own laws, for life, living, world, and nation; protecting the future by letting truth decide what reality will allow; when governed by respect.

First is redress: to change medical billing and the business of medicine throughout/ to find justice for all, as is fair to each one. Power will say NO, and demand MORE: measuring you with arrogance, because pride wants to win the game. instead of peace, truth, or life; because life is not a game. See the difference?

BEYOND “fair play in medical billing”; as is required for redress to achieve that reality. THERE ARE ALL THE OTHER THREATS WE FACE AS A WORLD, or nation, or state, or child, or life on earth, or earth itself. The list is long; and if you surrender too soon/ your world will end. Because as it sits today, the evidence knows: your days to remain alive on this planet are numbered. YOU WILL CHANGE THAT; or you and this earth, will go extinct; because you just didn’t care enough/ not even to try.

And the people say, “I/ we, want what we want”; because that is what they do/ screaming, “nothing has changed”. But your real world has; even beyond the university is Satan/ and does everything it can to destroy life on earth; with mutilating nature, extreme experiments, poisoning everything it can across the world, weapons of mass destruction, and more. The reality remains: human overcrowding, is crushing all other life on earth/ leaving nothing for them to eat. You are next; leaving nothing but war and cannibalism that will not be stopped. Because your water supplies are in true danger. Ocean life is in true danger of extinction. EVERYTHING is in danger of collapse, because the universities said “yes we can” and humanity did. Ending every chain of life you depend upon too. Nothing survives without true population zero rise control. Nothing survives your want/ unless you accept reality has changed, and truth will decide now. It is that simple, or you die as a world; because the evidence proves it is so.

As for me, reality knows: the one foundation that will not go away is, men cannot save this world/ because in the final analysis, they always turn to war. War ends the last possibilities we can survive as a world/ and every part of that is bad: because this world cannot survive your destruction. There is little left to rebuild anything; and the horrors of war; kill peace.

That leaves women to lead, or we die as a world. NOT because they are better; they want what they want too: but the valued reality of their lives is/ the vast majority do NOT want war. And will do what it takes to dissolve that threat; if they lead, by law.

Unfortunately, life proved as “strictly male”/ I could not find that solution for this world. Just couldn’t do it. But the spiritual world “introduced me to female IS VERY DIFFERENT”/ and I am trapped, by that reality (its complicated). But the end result is: having lost all hope for men to rescue this world/ I did find hope in female could rescue this world. And began again; with consequences to me. That too, is complicated: with a completely opposite view of existence and realities that have been changed.

No, it is not your “homosexuality/ transgender/ whatever perversion of life and body some demand in their fantasies”.

But it is change, in the comprehension of life “is more than male”/ or more distinctly, living within the opposite view of existence: there are demands which exceed simple survival. Such as all women shall be treated equally, with justice/ the value of honor/ opportunities and all that respect should have always been. As the foundation of every living existence; DOES depend upon female. A reality compromised; by the curse of men, who believe themselves to be gods/ but are only the “devil; curse of life and living”: instead.

Change is mandatory, you have no choice, rule by law, justice, respect, values, fair play, and equality/ or face extinction.

YES I KNOW, you don’t want too; you want what you want.

Realities that are serious elements of what you expect/ as with me. But as with me (summer of 2019)/ faced with changes are mandatory; I turned inside, and failed to remember life is about more than I; failed to recognize others have their own set of problems which cannot be helped, or even known; if you get lost inside yourself (wanting what you want, instead of letting truth lead). But life insisted, and letting the spiritual world of female rules instead; is taking control.

There are benefits, “not angry, frustrated, or finding fault with humanity anymore; for killing this world” even if; I would never have guessed, to help this world, I would need to change too. You are who you are; given freedom, to that you can choose your own true destiny/ or fate, as is your right. Destroying a world is not your right; but when the vast majority do it; extinction follows by your own choice. That is not my concern: IT IS, “GODS WORLD”/ not mine. Truth is not what you want: but it is, what life needs you to accept or change.

Hate begins: when you “sink inside yourself”/ the further inside you go: the more, this entire world of life disappears, and living becomes only you; which does end in complete loneliness which aggravates hate into violence. The more inside you go: represents the steps away from life and living you are willing to descend. Various conceptions of suicide, abuse, deceit, lies, and worse; are all part of that descent: as life is measured, and you then become its judge.

The constant is: that people turn inside to protect themselves, from what they feel is an attack on life (not necessarily self). That does include boredom [I want more], prejudice [these won’t share], anxiety [no one cares], poverty [no place for me], enslavement do to choices made by someone [drowning in debt], arrogance [I am god], apathy [disrespect enlarges], religion [you can’t tell me what to think], loneliness [no one is my honest friend], and more. Which means everyone experiences some degree of “turning inside oneself”. Whether you stop the process of degrading life/ to return to the living; or end your life (nothing left but death; which is anger seething/ when allowed) by descending into hate: is an individual decision. To go beyond individual human experience; is to express the miracle: thought knows, life did not come by chaos or accident/ ALL THE EVIDENCE POINTS TO THOUGHT, and the reality of love is clear in gifts given to us. Which as always; points to universities who declare evolution is god instead; and shouts, “DAMN FOOL”, spreading sewage and indoctrinating children with death. To their shame; and yours for letting them do it.

Love surrenders time to become an expansion into the realities of being a miracle formed from love, and given the opportunities to express and experience what respect for that gift can do. The essence of desire forms from the ascent beyond time, into the eternity represented by thought controls life. While energy controls its ability to extend beyond the limits of thought to become truly free. Love knows: that friendship heals loneliness by sharing and caring for each other.

In contrast of that is media: which is a constant attack to disrespect and plague the world with pranks and chaos formed by we won’t care/ and the only things you share, are worthless or lies. The tragedy of universities “know”/ and lead the way.

It should be noted: that the primary element in chemical addictions (which includes sexual “discovery”) is, the descent inside; where reality turns, to this is “just for me”. That descent triggers the demand: I can have more, if I just do this again. But there are costs: those who understand, “i/ am now the enemy of my own life”; turn back to living, with truth bound to justice for all. While those who fail to accept “the costs are not worth the price”, continue their descent; until reality forces them into depressions that cannot be escaped. As it is with drunkenness, gambling, so on. Without the help of someone who will turn back their life in time back to: reality, the foundations of happiness and hope; not self/ comes first. The simple truth of living; [turn away from want] the simple truth of working [life is not a game]; the simple truth of someone who does care [friends do not judge friends/ they do however demand respect for life and law]; grants a reprieve, for those who are ready to accept it. Rape is a participant in this addiction; gone rampant. The descent is forever, if you do not repent. Repent means: you are “truly sorry”; which means the change in you will be permanent, to a life which cares, shares the hope of respect, and will no longer take.

Law surrenders some boundaries, if the limits require change. Law is a foundation upon which we do survive, because this is what the environment of living requires us to do. As with eating or drinking to keep the body alive/ the same is basically true of the choices we make. Responding again with the truth: there are only two real choices in life: making every decision is to love/ or every decision is to hate. While the majority scream, “we live with both”/ reality denies that, as opposites do not share the same existence or direction. Animals do, but they will never understand: MIRACLES are about more than time.

LIFE, is the greatest gift/ but then you must do something with it, or it does become “a passage to nowhere”! Consequently what you choose, is dedicated to where you do wish to go, with your existence, expressions, and experiences. There is never a decision allowed: to judge someone else, because it is not your life to judge. However, when one or a few gather together to make war on others; the law of living requires that they be stopped. Miracles are more important than pride/ life is more important than power: the decision of law is, “life itself must be protected”, even if a few individuals are lost.

Religion sees life: as a decision, “to believe what you want to believe, based upon what the herd in your particular religion has already decided”.

For universities that is evolution; “a fools world”. For other religions it comes down to: “how did life begin/ and what happens when you die”. Everything else is the basis for ethics and morality, in human behaviors.

Humanity itself however sees with religion: that they are somehow under the influence of “a GOD” more powerful than themselves/ and therefore life is, whatever “god makes you do/ or fails to do for you”. That assumes a knowledge; that none of us possess! As a consequence; I choose never to go there, where assumptions are made.

As for me: at 70 years old, I can honestly say, that influences beyond my own “seem to have been present” in my life. Realities shaped, to influence the education required of me; seem true. And when entering the spiritual world that is beyond time: things changed (as is required) to include the definitions of truth, acceptance, respect, trust, courage, value, love; and identity shaped by my own decision. However having entered the spiritual realm of female existence: everything changed, and the female ruler of that world, now owns me. It is a complicated reality, and you will never understand; as neither do I. But I will add this one dimensional element of living: there was a day, when I thought I had died (perhaps that is why)/ but life picked me back up, and told me to begin again. Soon after, I learned everything I needed to know/ and entered the spiritual world of laws rule life, as I chose. Until opening the door to female. The rule of spiritual law is: you may “choose any door of knowledge” that you wish/ but you may not leave that choice until you do understand: what is the truth of this existence. So, I suggest to you: that life is far more, than you suspect/ and it is no small matter, to choose “your life”, for an eternity; but as time and body itself, is all but irrelevant to that choice.

Female is an entirely different world; and I experienced no reference to it at all: leaving me completely at a loss, for how to leave. The core element of me inside; remains male. But the “envelope of my living existence” has become a reality governed by the laws and rules of female; ITS COMPLICATED/ I cannot escape, it is impossible (enclosed). NO, it is not mind control: I am the owner of my thoughts/ BUT she can make me stop, turn around, or even more as owner of this body: “complicated/ not insane by any definition”. She makes me experience the “female view” of life. YES, I know, “you can ridicule, etc”.

 Apparently I represent change in this world; from male to female in charge. A cost of men guiding life on earth, to extinction; as is, the consequence of leadership by men and their universities. While that was never me: reality chooses to eliminate war, with women in charge. To inform, either change or go extinct: with what or who, is available to form a different way beyond this time of destruction. Before it erupts in the only result possible: our world turns into HELL/ as is the cost of men, and their university cult, “screaming yes we can” in charge. Even though, they know better; and are choosing death with, and by horrors instead. Universities now hold numerous methods of disease, to destroy all life on earth/ men now hold numerous methods of destruction to destroy all life and earth. Humanity, as is men, holds the keys to completely overtake this world, and finish destroying everything needed to survive; as they have been doing. While women are the reality of population control or not; the end of life; by consumption/ turned into cannibalism; if you refuse to stop. While you laugh and ridicule me; the truth says, “either stop, and change what you do/ or you, as this entire living world; will die”. SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, of your reality.

Not your savior/ not your prosecutor/ not your religious guru or other: being male demanded “I was a messenger to you: with change or die”. Being “female related” now; the spiritual woman who controls that (as predicted in biblical Revelation 12, I brought you keys to a new way of life by law rules/ truth decides; what this world will be”. In 17, “reality insists I obey her; as is consistent with verse 3 “the beast being male”); asks women to participate in changing this world: before men collapse human existence into HELL; and take them with it. That is not a game/ neither is population control; as we stand on this earth, surrounded by threats of extinction that are real. They have lost their right to lead: because of that reality. Stand up, or you lose your right to life, because you refused to care. You refused your duty to save this world; as is the only other reality of truth/ in that decision!

As to biblical conceptions and predictions: you must remember that men wrote these things as a result of influences they experienced in their lives. Some spiritual, but contaminated with human expectations or beliefs. So you must pick through them to be confident of what is “the message” given here. As to me: reality knows that I represent men, and the cost of what men have done throughout history to women in this depiction as a beast (the scarlet beast covered over, in ANGER words). I have no idea why me/ as I am responsible for none of that: but I did open that door, and find the female world VERY angry with men. So “here I am”/ while the spiritual female depicted is “a treasury” of values proving she is to be taken seriously. But men HATE THAT, and defile her presence in me with ridicule and derision; as is the reality of those who demand to keep their authority and their power over this earth, “with weapons (horns) and guile or deceit as is (the seven heads working together).

Or more simply: men, with power and pride will work together to remove and refuse, a new world order that lets law decide instead of them. By any and all means possible! But women are given “men like me”; who desire and live for the law must rule us all, and we have no choice but to comply with realities that force us to change.

Even if we do struggle with the realities of changing life on earth, with you: through justice and truth for all, preparing the path that is freedom and fair play for everyone. Demanding war must end/ and weapons of mass destruction shall be removed; and so on to accomplish that truth.

When the truth understands: without that change our entire world shall soon be extinct. Our world shall turn into HELL, as the truth of men and their weapons and ways are unleashed; to become “the environment of Satan” has arrived. A word depicting the catastrophe of men who cannot undo, what they have done. Killing life and planet with their arrogance, apathy, and pure disrespect; forever.

The choice is made clear: so choose. Fate you have no choice/ these are the consequences. Or destiny; we did our best to make life happy, and at peace with truth through law and its discipline, order, and balance; as is so evident in miracles called life. As respect for our CREATOR grows.

The element called “our own identity”/ is chosen by the desire of our truth. Or more distinctly, my desire remains: this world must not die without a true and honest fight for life and earth; distinguished by what is right, sane, and defined by justice, peace, happiness, and harmony.

In contrast, your desire as time has allotted it to be by the evidence which was constant, is: screaming, “i want what I want/ give me what I want/ I want to be rich; and chose to throw away life and earth”.

The consequences for us both: we do stand at the gate of extinction/ OR CHANGE for this world. One way or the other is all that is left. The “middle ground, is dead”. You will die as a world, without true change! If I die, by human decisions; that would be bad for you/ because I do represent that change delivered to you. The intervention, to save this world; by “elements beyond time”/ granting the knowledge required to do better as a world. Making me the messenger/ not the owner of that truth. YOU HAVE, already been saved by biblical JESUS delivering to you, the true differences between love and hate (IS YOUR CHOICE)/ as an example each of us, recognizes as real. By JESUS identifying: that an eternity does exist, for those who love as truth, peace, and happiness. For those who hate, and cost the GOD OF OUR CREATION (a life that would have shared love, in truth as an eternity; but for you) as is the curse, of an eternal war of terror, against you: which YOU will not escape. The middle ground of animal dies here on earth; may be extinct/ if you let “your university Satan” turn this world into HADES, for you too: by igniting a nuclear fire “just like the sun”. Because you just didn’t care enough to stop, and think: the consequences are real. I, for my part, bring you the news: to think about the consequences, of what humanity is doing to life and earth/ especially by “university plays god”. What it means: TO BE WRONG! Causing chaos, to life and earth; as they worship their god of evolution; as fools do.

Religion wants perfection; exactly what each group expects, or nothing can be true. That is certainly NOT me. But I tell you the truth, that as a messenger, I do NOT need to be perfect/ only determined “to get the message, through”; and I have done that.

Humanity wants what it wants/ and they all want to be rich: which means they must make the others poor/ because that is the price. Consequently you want what you hate.

Every child wants a future; but look at your garbage mountains/ and the resources which sustain life have been destroyed for at least a billion people, in the future; without cause. Other than the game, “look at my toy/ trinket/ or trophy”.

Universities simply want to play god with everything, including you. Which is why they attack and disassemble everything you depend upon for life, society, nature, energy, etc. Because they want you to be “their slaves”/ who worship them as the superior ones. But will end that as all tyrants do: with murdering you.

So, I will say to you simply: that I am not here to be “whatever you believe”/ because beliefs simply construct what you want to be true, is what you believe; truth be damned; as with the delusions, fantasies, and failures of so many. Instead truth allows; that I could be “the son of man”/ as that is male described as someone who brings much information that none have ever seen before; which I have done. That expectation: should then be over/ because the evidence of this world approaching extinction is real and true and without doubt. So, it literally is now or never! I have no interest in “definitions which fit your purpose”/ my purpose is to deliver the message: CHANGE OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. Is what I have done. However your version of that will not include: “anything, remotely” conceived of as being trapped within the female dimensions of spiritual existence; as am I. But that does not preclude the work done before; which would not exist without that female spiritual influence, to balance your reality of destruction; with renewed hope, perhaps female can save this world. I lost hope for you, as strictly male: men always choose war/ and suck the others in. I am not a religious man: which means, I am not bound by your rules, governed by your moralities or ethics humanity has designed/ or controlled by the behaviors of a herd who shouts we cannot all be wrong. I am not a believer/ (only truth decides); in religion, although it has merits in some. But tragedies in others: people want what they want. I find no merit in university religion as is evolution. There is no blanket statement of this is “bad or good”; as value exists in some of it. But truth knows: that human living is not simply “black or white/ nor is it gray”; because being human allows for a wide variety of influences. Some of which threaten life and living; creating decisions, that search for value, even protect life; rather than simply obeying social laws. Truth must decide as best “I/we can”; some decisions will be wrong/ it is a fact of life, that other people add in to what you or I do; altering intent, by judging. Assuming “they know”; with even the tiniest bits of evidence. Evidence MUST be defined within its own reality, as the question constructed by consequence, paths life needs/ roads, the herd will follow, or cost of being wrong.

Truth is a consequence of both order and discipline, as balance decides what is justified, by understanding, knowledge begets wisdom. But it is also: sometimes very easy to discern/ and sometimes a very narrow path beyond what is visible to accept direction leads to life. The quality of our wisdom, whispers happiness lives here, but only if you do understand; the cost of being wrong. Life has needs, as do bodies. To decide: what is true for someone else, is a dangerous thing to do; realities can be hidden; liars exist. Requiring be true to yourself: first! But do understand, to assume they lie/ is to gamble: when life or death is real. Want is an enemy (selfish by description); let truth decide as best you can, where the heart leads you to be. NEVER forget; opening a door/ means, it is now hard to close. A need does not mean: you owe. It only means: love will ask. Be fair: you owe it to your own life, and living/ to those who depend upon you. To decisions which cannot be undone: know your own truth/ or do not proceed.

More simply: there is no great freedom in discarding the rules, morality, ethics, and behaviors of religion/ as has been the bulwark of society throughout history. These things make the decision for you (I KNOW); leaving you to believe you are free, because they chose, not you. In contrast to that: the spiritual realm has taught me, “EVERY DECISION you make is a foundation upon which your life will proceed/ or be denied”. Consequently no one can make any decision for you, and there are no rules by which you live by: only you and your own decisions. Preparations for this level of discovery, this reality of identity; leads me to choose, “I will prepare”/ rather than falter or fail. Freedom is only free: if you accept your choice decides, little else is accepted beyond time. “you must be you”; and live the cost of that! As is described in: “opening the door, to the female realm of existence”. Can’t go back: it was a decision that I made.

Of things “unfair”; is the truth called changing me. I no longer know what is justified, because male is being corralled, and not in charge / while female, tells me nothing; so I just don’t know. Making it seem, that I must learn the hard way apparently. Nor do I know what that means either; it is,“a life erased/ and identity being dissolved”: as reality continues to change; becoming something, or someone else, as yet unknown. Male Life is dying, but female is rising: I don’t know how it ends; and refuse to assume. Perhaps this stops soon/ perhaps it continues/ “a thousand possibilities” not a clue; it is not going to be a decision that I made. Which is another “quandary of its own”. I just do, the best I can; it is that simple.

 I am a person who has faith the truth will decide and guide me to what, and who: is “the CREATOR of miracles”. And have followed that path, as best I could.

The difference between life and death is NOT, “what you believe”/ but what truth can present to thought, as the evidence of your existence. While freedoms are exhibited by energy controlled, by the relationship of your own identity, with life. Time is “merely an incubator”; to establish your own truth. Life is a participation that requires your direction to be true: either to love OR hate/ as they are enemies, who cannot walk together (prey and predator). So GOD , as life beyond this world: separates them forever. Soul is: “our combined thought”, lives in this dimension, so we are never alone. While heart is: “our combined love”, so the relationships we share, inherit truth; will always be our friend. “the middle ground of earth”; is for animals, who said of themselves; that this is enough “for you”.

Life then, is created by thought; while thought is Created by GOD as the foundation upon which we live. ENERGY is a discipline which identifies order revolves around laws. Therefore we balance that order with our own disciplines; to become a value shaped by law we inhabit. The CREATION OF MIRACLES; explains, life is not completed, so long as the decision to add “family” remains.

the message has been delivered/ my job is done. And I am now free to participate in a lawsuit/ that was not my choice: but does need to be done. Simply because of the damage they do. I am reminded: that my decision is qualified by the spiritual relationship I have with the “female dimension”; regardless of what you believe. “its complicated”.

Greed cannot stop itself; a decision is required, which requires the evidence shows hate.

Anger has a cause which seems justified “to the owner”/ even if it is all lies. Hate does not, it is a decision to judge “worthless to me”.  A reality that descends from life, into death. Proving the demand to WAKE UP; is needed/ or you will be lost.

As to me: I will live the truth of my own existence, doing the best I can within the environment of my living. To live among the miracles, “is human”/ to live among the animals, is to believe want and fear drive your life to be predator or prey; that is not me. JESUS showed humanity that what we do is a choice; “to love/ or to hate”; and that does include those who “obey the leader”/ even if it is your life. War is not an answer, it is an excuse: to hide what leaders have been doing/ or society has failed to do. Because time is not the end of existence: it is merely the end of body, as destiny shapes “truth does not die”/ therefore what is true in you matters.

People want to talk, as is the expression and experience, of time shared with you. So they make up stories, assume the evidence “of a particle equivalent to a grain of sand is enough”/ and identify themselves by what they believe. Claiming to know; yet knowing only what media tells them to believe; as is given to media by universities. Thought does not include that; and thought is life beyond time: therefore given that truth survives beyond time, what or who are you?

Your days of peace on earth are ending quickly now; as truth knows anger is everywhere. The crush of humanity wanting more; will not be denied its fight. The end of life and earth and child, has all but been concluded: because you wanted a bribe more than a living “with peace on earth”. Even so: you are given one last chance to make different decisions/ before extinction consumes you and this planet which will soon be dead. And yet your only concern is: “to ridicule me”. To your shame.

I regard existence as neither “male or female”/ that is nature, and it is not a toy. Life is the essence of what is called “I” in each. I is, a relationship with energy and thought, disciplined by order and balance; to establish respect completed by its love for this Creation of miracles we do share, as time allows. Male and female are opposites of a different dimension in energy, sharing the same environment; but knowing a different life. Crossing that line is all but impossible; making those who claim to have done so with their perversion into liars. While I have claimed to having crossed that line, into the female world: “just to ask a question”/ NOT to change places, but to help life survive. Find myself losing identity, to a world I do not know; and never intended to join. Nonetheless, joining male to female, thereby working together for roughly 12 years had value; to life and world/ as that became the work that was true to living here on earth. Joining male and female together as equals; to survive what has been done: is your only way forward, just as it was mine. Only without the consequences that are spiritual by its own truth.

Laws separate energy into “push or pull”/ just as life separates the body of existence into male or female. Each is a force distinguished by its own merits. Each has a distinct job to do; in the survival of life. But the question of: thought is life, revolves around destiny, the desire to live as truth designs your heart to be. Truth elevates love as the basis, as the essence of why live at all? The answer being, that love is worth the price of our existence, and its acceptance as the basis of thought revolves around the soul which gives us direction. Whatever eternity needs for life to be, is granted by those who live within the respect for miracles as they are. Life is a gift; and it is my intent to give back, as best I can. Regardless of this world, or its beliefs.

IT IS, absolutely clear to me, the force needed for survival of all life on earth is one of pull together (female)/ not push apart as is, constructively male. Male brought us all here/ but to survive: the end of war must come, and that does require leaders be replaced with laws formed by we the world shall now decide/ not you. Instead of games as is the pride of men/ and power which is the judgment produced by men/ or wants as elevated by university rules: the critical truth is simple. If we do not choose for life and planet, comes first. This living world will now die. If we do not choose for limits and boundaries as reality designs, instead of want: this living world will now die. If we do not choose for love as a majority seeking peace and harmony by our deeds: this living world will now die. It is a choice, and since men led to extinction: the burden and duty/ the responsibilities and care of that choice is now extended to female instead of male. Because as the evidence does prove: you cannot survive what is being done, with men in charge. So, I needed female understanding/ which women refused. So I opened the door to the spiritual truth of female; which had consequences way beyond what I intended to conceive of. Or more distinctly: the only way to understand female/ is to be female. And I still don’t know what that ultimately means? But, “the spiritual woman in charge” helped me design this work, for you. The cost is irrelevant/ a living world, of truth and miracles, conceived by love; rather than a dying world; is not.

And the people all say: I WON’T believe this world is in jeopardy of extinction/ NOTHING MUCH has changed; we won’t all die, and you can’t make me believe we will. Because I want what I want/ and the evidence does not matter, so long as I get what I want. BUT THE EVIDENCE DOES MATTER, and the realities we face are not a description of choice anymore. OVERPOPULATION is real. Weapons of mass destruction are real. Global overheating is real. Resource destruction is real. Habitat extinction is real/ chains of life being destroyed are real. Ocean life in jeopardy of extinction is real. Mutilation of nature, by university plays god, is real. Extreme experiments destroying this earth are real. Cannibalism and HELL is coming: are without doubt. Water supplies are in jeopardy. Atmospheric loss is coming; as reality detaches our atmosphere from this planet; to accelerate; as is the earth circles at over one thousand miles per hour. And more, all real/ all changes/ all realities that remove your want. Because past the point of no return when you CANNOT deny any part of that anymore: is a death sentence, because you cannot change any of that anymore either. Death walking, is you. The universities said: “yes we can”/ and humanity knows, “yes you did”/ changing the balance and realities of life and earth. Now surrounding us all, with extinction is coming soon. What you believe is irrelevant/ what is true, decides.

But alas; people hide from truth and reality in their wants/ close the door to the cost of being wrong, by their beliefs/ and live by choosing to believe in games, rather than accept there are limits and boundaries we must not discard. When confronted: power is used to judge, and the consequence of that is a herd, which screams: “we can’t all be wrong”. Media is the scepter of authority, describing what you believe is true/ but reality says: by the evidence of everything that is wrong; they failed your lives. Even to the point of “debts which cannot be paid/ and inflation that is beyond your imagination, in this USA; because you threw away your world, and your child: for a bribe, as is laundered in wall street/ university/ medicine/ military/ and more. Believers buried by want, in the cemetery of your own design. SHOUTING, let the children pay! And they will. Because want is dead/ or your world is extinct. And all the people scream: “you cannot scare us”! WHO ARE YOU, to say such things as these; and the cursed shout “devil”. But reality says: the evidence is real, go to court and prove what is true/ the cost of being wrong: as is your right particularly under redress of grievances. But humanity replies: “we are believers”/ we don’t need no damn evidence, we know what we want. As the world continues to descend into extinction, because you are “believers”.

The human animals want more “stuff/ superiority/ pride/ and power” to prove they exist; and you must “worship them, as the winner; or one to be feared”/ not they you. Human hate wants you to die, just like they did, in fear. To escape fear: people turn to hate. Making fear the ultimate enemy of human existence. While other things invade and change/ deceive and manipulate/ want and play games with life and living; it is fear that consumes you most. Accept the truth, that time is merely an incubator: living is a destiny shaped by what you chose, even for an eternity. For those who entered life, as a miracle of truth, gives love. We will all die/ accept it as your fate: CHOOSE JESUS, as your guide, because the end result of living is to own the distinction, “of this is me”: I chose love!

Choose: does love and thought evident in miracles identify, “this earth is not, all there is”? Or as animals; this time is all we get; ending with decay and dissipation. So nothing matters but me! Or as hate demands; “fear, through violence; will take you with me”.

CHOOSE: we all know, that time versus eternity, proves time is irrelevant; if life goes on. The consequence of that is why religion exists: DOES life go on past eternity? But the answer is hidden; because the reality is: you are not allowed to make your decisions based upon an expectation of eternity! YOU ARE: allowed to make your decision based upon the truth of who you are/ and why you desire life; as is the construction of family, by the honest and true, decision to love.

While all deaths are blamed on “god”/ all mutilations and birth defects, are blamed on “god”: your reality is freedom, and with freedom comes the decisions which end in death or bodily disasters. As with covid; choosing or letting yourselves be bullied into believing their vaccine is to your benefit; by letting universities change, the DNA of genetic life (nature) in humans. How bad that decision was, remains to be seen; as realities invade life structures, timing, passages, infrastructure, transportation and shape of bones; and so on. Chemical contamination of life and earth/ pharmaceutical contamination of the body/ radiations created by men/ cost of poisons/ EVERYTHING as universities spread their chaos throughout life and planet; to claim they can be gods. Because you let them.

The realities of life and body however prove: there is no chaos here/ no accidental combinations of anything to support or create life or body. Leaving only one true conclusion of our existence is: born from thought/ and comprised by the control over energy that we exhibit as our freedom to move. Nothing else can be proven true. Nothing can prove that thought did not create this, other than the belief of lies, failure, fantasy, and fools. Truth decides: GOD EXISTS. While JESUS provides: that we were not merely Created and left behind: but have the option to search for truth, and apply ourselves to love, as the respect chosen to give back to our CREATOR, the love given to us. While predator and prey offer distinct elements of what can be done with life/ it is clearly not everything as looking over all life on earth subtlety states: “look at what can be done, here”. Provides a clue as to what could be done: where our Creator LIVES.

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Jim Osterbur
REALITY PROVES: YOU CANNOT BUILD LIFE "ONE PIECE AT A TIME"/ got a heart, you need blood; and everything else. ONLY THOUGHT can build life; "miracle/ not chaos"! Life shares its moments with time; but only truth shares its existence with eternity. Without love, life dies and eternity fades away. But every miracle of life as is every life without exception proves love. Jesus proves love, and invites those who do love into eternity; by their decision to respect: I accept. Not because of religion; but the evidence of love in both miracles and the choice he made to identify we do have a choice: to love/ or to hate. everything in between that is merely want; and want is behaviors "of an animal". I did do, what I did do; for life and world/ everything else is up to you. THE EVIDENCE OF OUR WORLD; demands, we will go extinct without true change. "This site" conceives of REDRESS, our first amendment legal right to decide for ourselves/ as the solution we need to investigate, and prove what is true. BEFORE it is simply too late now.

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